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Three-Dimensional Transient Electromagnetic Forward Modeling In Direct Time-Domain by Vector Finite Element

He Li, Xiu Li, Weihua Yao
In this paper, the direct time domain vector finite element method was used to forward three-dimensional transient electromagnetic fields excited by loop source. From Maxwell's equations met by time domain electromagnetic field we can directly export the double curl equations met by electric field, and...

The Application and Reflection of Sports Simple Stroke in Autonomous Learning

Zhuo Wang, Wentong Liu
As the first form of human visual language, simple strokes use highly general means to extract the typical characteristics of the image of objects, to create a geometric, simple image of the various. Sports simple strokes is simple, vivid, humorous, and a handful of pens which can deliver rich language...

The Impact of Internet Financing on Commercial Banks -A Case Study of Savings Business

Fan Gu, Jiahong Li
The rise of internet financing in China has brought considerable changes to the life style of people. It provides easier ways for different kinds of payments. It also derives other financing service such as on-line saving, online-lending, etc., which has impact the old structure of finance in China and...

Analysis of Self-Disclosure Dimension on Motivation of Regeneration Empowerment of Cocoa Farmers' Children in South Sulawesi

Tuti Bahfiarti
Self Disclosure cocoa farmer children is expected to influence the empowerment regeneration motivation by changing mind, feeling, and consistent behaviour as cocoa farmer. Self disclosure activities divide feeling, information or intention with other people both descriptive and evaluative. Self disclosure...
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Differential Inclusion Neural Network for Compressed Sensing

Zixin Liu, Yuanan Liu
The issue on neural network method to solve compressed sensing problem is concerned. Combined with optimization technique, nonsmooth analysis theory, differential inclusion theory, and set-valued analysis method, a classical approximate compressed sensing model with dense noise is transformed into a...

Tanjung Batu, Bebar the Potential of Tanjung Batu, Pekan Pahang as an Ecotourism Destination

Mohd Akmal Rohiat, Abdul Rasid Abdul Rzzaq, Amran Hamzah, Mohamad Zaid Mustafa, Azman Hassan
This research paper explores the Tanjung Batu's tourism resources to explore any activities and features to become a potential ecotourism destination. In order for the tourism destination like Tanjung Batu sub-district of Bebar as ecotourism destination; the main factor will be the tourism resources...

Research on the Relationship between Regional Culture and Street Furniture Design

Yu Qian
This paper is to clarify the interaction between regional culture and street furniture and introduce cultural symbols to furniture design. First of all, this paper analyzed the status quo of street furniture and focused on the two problems in its design- being unsystematic and lacking regional cultural...
Proceedings Article

Factors Affecting Women's Motivation to Perform a Cervical Cancer Screening Test

Henny Dwi Susanti, Setyowati Setyowati, Yati Afiyanti
A disease that attracts world’s attention and results the high mortality rate is cervical cancer. Lack of motivation is also caused by the ability of health workers to deliver and provide information early prevention of cervical cancer is not evenly distributed and properly socialized in addition to...

Standart Assesment of LSP-P1 For Students Dress Making in SMK Negeri 5 Malang

Sri Sulistyorini, Purnomo Purnomo, Agus Hery Supadmi Irianti
SMK graduates are ready-to-use workers at the intermediate level, a person's ability must be proven in completing work or task according to established performance standards. Package Expertise Dressing SMK Negeri 5 Malang, conducting competency tests through LSP-P1 SMK 5, to answer the needs of workers...

Research on the Construction of Teaching System of Tilting Classroom based on Mobile Terminal

Yanrong Liu
Based on the "mobile terminal design and development course" in the traditional teaching mode students can only passive class, unable to implement the problem of personalized teaching, analysis of the flip classroom this new teaching model of the reversal characteristics, demonstrated in the mobile terminal...

On the Role of Career Planning in College Students' Employment Guidance

Bo Gao
With the development of the popularization of higher education, the employment of university students has caused extensive social concerning. This paper discusses the need to strengthen the career planning education in the college employment guidance, and focusing on employment is not a graduation issue,...
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Characteristic Analysis of Surface Subsidence in Deep Mining

Xikun Chang, Rongfa Wang, Jinchen Zhang
Based on the monitoring data of surface subsidence in 230 mining area of Tangkou Coal Mine, the surface dynamic subsidence characteristic under deep mining subsidence and the maximum subsidence velocity were analyzed. The results showed that: in the deep mining that exceeds 300 meters, the ground surface...
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A Comparison of Second-Order and High-Order of Finite Difference Staggered-Grid Method in 2D P-SV Wave Propagation Modelling using Graphics Processing Unit

Irchan Bani Hasym, M. Sudarmaji, M. Sismanto
A comparison of second order and high order (4th, 8th and 12th order) of finite difference staggered-grid method on 2D P-SV elastic wave propagation has been conducted. The comparison plot of numerical dispersion and accuracy among each order has been generated to show the stability condition. CUDA C...
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Comparison and Analysis of CAPM and BAPM Models

Xinke Ju
By means of theoretical and empirical analysis, the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) and behavior asset pricing model (BAPM) were evaluated. The time series regression and cross-sectional regression were established with the empirical data from Shenzhen and Shanghai stock markets in the last two years....

Improve "national training plan" quality of primary and secondary school English teacher training Approaches

Wang Lijun
Improving the quality of teachers directly affects the quality of teaching, namely the quality of talents. The basic purpose of education is to nurture talent, so the teacher quality will have a very important role. National training program is a national key project to upgrade the quality of teachers,...

The Case-Based Learning Approach to Operating System Installation Subject Course

Siscka Elvyanti, Aziz Mujtahid
Teaching operating system installation subject course is a way for students to learn some aspects of computer and networking. Case-based learning is one of the main successful students centered pedagogies broadly used in computer and networking subject course. In this paper, a worked case-based learning...

The Readiness of Graduates Secondary Vocational School to Enter Labor Market

Elih Mulyana, Sumarto Sumarto, Bachtiar Hasan, Wowo Sunaryo
Secondary Vocational School (SVS) is designed to produce graduates who are ready to work. The observation conducted to some contractors in Bandung West Java, and obtained information about SVS graduates. The information is, they are not ready to work, but they can be trained in order to ready to work....

Research on the Performance of the Traditional Culture Art Element in the Plane Design

Keqin Huang
The emergence and development of graphic design in the world has a common law. They were created as commodity production, along with the science and technology progress, social development and the development. Brought about by the means of transmission of the progress of science and technology innovation,...
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Research on Portfolio Optimization-Based on the Improved Particle Swarm

Yuanbin Mo, Yunan Zhang, Yanzhui Ma, Fuyong Liu
Portfolio is one of research focuses in modern finance field. There are some kinds of assets to choose. How should we define the ratio of the portfolio in order to minimum the risk in the level of the established income, or at the established risk makes the benefit maximum. This paper introduces an Improved...
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Grasping Position Estimation for Prosthetic Hand

Rong Wang, Xiaogang Duan, Hua Deng
For multi-freedom prosthetic hand, grasping stability is very important. Force closure method is often used to determine grasping force of each finger. The space position information must be obtained to compute grasping force by using this method. However, for prosthetic hand, the space position is hardly...
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Fabrication and Evaluation of a 2000V-4A SiC Module

Xing Hu, Ao Liu, Gang Chen
A new 2000V-4A Junction Barrier controlled Schottky (JBS) diodes module has been fabricated using 4H-SiC. The module is composed of two SiC JBS diodes, and it is used for rectifying circuits. By adopting the proper SBD metal ,optimized structures and fabrication process, we succeeded in achieving good...
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The Management of Computer Room Research based on VMware Virtual Machine Technology

Wenbin Hu
Experiments in the computer teaching process often need to use a number of operating systems, which often destroy the computer room in common operating system. Maintenance of the engine room has brought some difficulties. If the traditional experiments to build a virtual experimental platform to complete...
Proceedings Article

Preparation of Diuridine and Dicytidine Pentaphosphates

Yue-Hai You, Shan-Shan Gong, Qi Sun
Two symmetrical dinucleoside pentaphosphates, Up5U and Cp5C, were synthesized via the activation of the P (V)–N bond. The key nucleoside phosphoropiperidates intermediate were obtained by a redox condensation method. The reaction of the phosphoropiperidate with uridine and cytidine tetraphosphate in...
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Research on Comparisons of Micro-blog’s Document Features

Jinyuan Zhou, Gaoyun Xia
The paper is to explore Micro-blog’s features, namely, whether it belongs to Document, the paper makes comparisons on definition, elements, information processing level, similarities and differences of ten documentary information sources, features and functions between Document and Micro-blog. The paper...
Proceedings Article

Analysis and Reviews on Tourism and Travel Mobile Apps of China

Zhiyang Jia, Ding Li, Fengzhen He
Mobile applications have become one of the primary ways people communicate, shop, organize their lives, play, and even work. About 40% of the world’s Android users are in China. There are many kinds of tourism and travel related app both available in the Apple App Store and various Android app stores...

Study on reverse technological spillover from outward direct investment

Yao Yao
The outward direct investment from developing countries has been growing rapidly. Unlike conventional foreign direct investment motivated by cost reduction or natural resource, the developing countries aim to obtain advanced technology from investing in developed countries. Home country could benefit...
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Grouping and Biological Toxicity Analyzing of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers based on Space Conformation and Molecular Symmetry

Long Jiang
In this paper, the quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) model of biological toxicity (-lgRBA) for 209 kinds of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) was established from view of substituents descriptors and quantum chemical parameters firstly. Then, they were divided into different groups...
Proceedings Article

Use Genetic Algorithm to Sliding Mode Control of Active Power Filters

Jian Wang, Jian-Ping Sheng, Rui-Qi Gong, Shi-Yun Jin, Ye-Hua Xie
In order to improve the defect of active power filter (APF) based on the sliding mode control (SMC), which will be always chattering at high frequencies, we proposed to take genetic algorithm into the optimization of controller parameters. And at the same time, the theoretical basis for the design of...

On Term Translation based on Translational Examples

Ran Gao
A term is the carrier of ideological and cultural communication. Nowadays, terms are created at a speed in step with scientific and social development. Resulting from global integration, term translation plays an important role in international contexts. This paper takes a cue from translational examples...

How Teachers Comprehend and Support Children's Needs to be Scientists

Anita Yus
This paper talks about a research result conducted to investigate how twelve teachers of early childhood program comprehend the constructivist theory of Piaget, and how they inquire, how the children acquire and construct a number of knowledge through occurred interactions. This is a qualitative research...
Proceedings Article

A Broadband Conducted Emission Behavior Modeling Method of Active Devices Based on Vector Fitting Theory

Xi Chen, Yao Chen
This paper present a methodology about building the active device broadband behavior model that can prediction of its conducted emission accurately. The architecture of the model is composed of two sub-models: the Passive Distribution Network (PDN) sub-model and the Internal Source (IS) sub-model. An...

Research on the Informal Institutional Changes’ Impact on the Governance of the Small-scale Rural Public Resource-Taking the Well Governance of L Village as an Example

Li-Rong Zhong, Yong-Zhong Yang, Bi-Hui Xie, Dan Luo, Ming-Hua Lin
The lack of property rights of China's rural small-scale public resources results in excessive use, and even exhaustion of public resources. Based on this, the paper takes Ostrom’s game model of public resources for reference and uses evolutionary game theory tools to analyze the influential factors...
Proceedings Article

Research on Information Fusion Frame and Its Military Applications

Minghu Zhang, Hongyu Yang, Xuelian Bai, Hongmin Chen
For the sake of implementing effectively detection and rapid exact identification for the chemical agents in sea-battlefield, the automatic detection technique using the neural network(NN) information fusion for the chemical agents, is studied. Firstly, the information fusion treatment model and system...
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Revised Unified Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of ARIA

Yixin Zhong, Weijia Xue, Daoguang Mu, Xuejia Lai
Unified Impossible Differential (UID) crypt-analysis is a systematic method to find impossible differentials for block ciphers and there are large amount of cryptanalysis results coming out by using it. ARIA is a Korean block cipher expecting no impossible differential chains on four or more rounds....
Proceedings Article

Effect Of Education On Life Quality Of Hemodialysis Chronic Kidney Failure Patient In Dr. M.Yunus Hospital Bengkulu City

Haifa Wahyu, Fitri Lina Vioneery, Liza
The life quality being a noteworthy measurement after the patient undergoes renal replacement therapy such as hemodyalisis or renal transplantation. The life quality of associated with chronic kidney disease, but also associated with lifelong therapy. As a result, the life quality of the hemodialysis...

Enhancing Communication Capabilities in Discussion as an Effort to Improve Learning Outcomes: Implementing Lesson Study in Basic Chemistry Class

Army Auliah, Muhammad Anwar, Mr. Hardin
This study is a quasi-experimental study that aims to determine the effect of increasing student communication skills in discussing students' learning outcomes in basic chemistry learning. The indicators of student discussion skills include: (1) conveying messages well, (2) using clear language, (3)...

Cigarette and Waterpipe Smoking are Associated with the Risk of Stroke in Lebanon

Maya El-Hajj, Pascale Salameh, Samar Rachidi, Amal Al-Hajje, Hassan Hosseini
Pages: 62 - 70
Cigarette and waterpipe (shisha and hookah) smoking are main public health concerns in Lebanon. We aim to assess the relationship between smoking and stroke, mainly waterpipe smoking, to better apply preventive and therapeutic interventions. A case-control study was conducted at five tertiary private...

Effect Of Nasyid Art Education On The Establishment Of Santri’s Attitude In Darul Ihsan Islamic Boarding School

Zainal Arif, Mrs. Zulfitria, Mr. Mahruroji
The purpose of this research is to know the effect of nasyid art education on the establishment of santri’s attitude in Darul Ihsan Islamic Boarding School Cimanuk Pandeglang Banten. This research was conducted in Darul Ihsan Islamic Boarding School Cimanuk, Pandeglang, Banten. This research involves...

The phenomenon of leadership in the modern world

Mariya Fleychuk, Iryna Moyseyenko, Tatyana Khudyakova
This paper focuses on the main features of modern leadership. The authors analyze historical and future tendencies of leadership development. Moreover, we focus on the phenomenon of leadership in the modern complex and globalized world. The paper scrutinizes the latest findings in psychology and emotional...

A Study on E-Commerce: How Does It Have an Influence on Purchase Decision?

Hari Mulyadi, Dewi Pancawati Novalita, Novelita Damar
Travel India Professionals is currently facing a problem that has an impact on the declining consumer’s interest to purchase through E-Commerce in Viator. Efforts were made to improve purchasing decisions in Travel India Professionals by increasing E-Commerce which includes Transaction/cost, Interactive...

Spatial Relationship in The Great Mosque Of Surakarta

Anung Studyanto, Wildiena Wangwulan, Ahmad Faizin
Surakarta city has several mosques that are included in the conservation efforts, one of which is Masjid Agung Surakarta (The Great Mosque of Surakarta) which is a mosque built by the Sultan's Palace. Surakarta Great Mosque was built by Sunan Paku Buwono II in 1763 AD or 1689 of the Javanese year and...

The Effective Strategies of Implementing Chinese Elective Courses in Senior High Schools

Wenqing Chen, Huajian Yang
Elective courses have become the focus of attention in the new curriculum reform of high schools. The effective implementation of elective courses has also become the top priority of this curriculum reform. The implementation of elective courses and the effect of their implementation have a direct impact...

Study on the Motivation of Cruise Tourists in Sanya

Yingchao Zhang
In recent years, cruise tourism has become a new star in China's tourism industry. With its huge consumption and the huge driving force of tourism-related industries, cruise industry has formed a new tourism economy with attractive prospects. As an important tourist seaside city in southern China, cruise...

Development of Low-Rise Investment-Construction Projects Based on the Principles of Public-Private Partnership

K. Filiushina, N. Gusakova, O. Dobrinina, A. Yarlakabov
The subject being examined is the development of low-rise residential construction. The aim of the research is the development of investment activity methods in low-rise residential construction by means of public-private partnership projects. This article is focused on the method of low-rise construction...

Local Wisdom as a Reflection of a Multicultural Education in Learning Indonesian Language and Literature

Gusnetti Gusnetti, Romi Isnanda
This paper discusses about the local wisdom that can be used as a reflection multicultural education in learning language and Indonesia literature. It will be a basic to reach one of national education goal, creating young generation with character. Then, it also contributes to form of group identity...

Companies Financial Performance and Macroeconomics Condition, How They Relate to Share Price

Doddi Prastuti, Pristina Hermastuti Setianingrum
The idea behind this research is that theoretically macroeconomics condition as well as financial performance together should correlate with companies stock price. The main purpose of this study is to know how strong is the correlation of companies financial performance and macroeconomics condition to...

Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure and Earnings Management

Silvy Christina, Nico Alexander
The aim of this study is to examine the influence of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility disclosure on earnings management practice. Corporate governance measured by board of director, independent board and institutional ownership. The population in this study consist of non-financial...
Proceedings Article

Physical Fields as Derivative of Deformation of Rock Massif and Technology of Their Monitoring

V.B. Zaalishvili, Kh.O. Chotchaev, T.T. Magkoev, D.A. Melkov, A.V. Nikolaev, V.B. Svalova, I.G. Arkhireeva, B.V. Dzeranov
Conditionally the process of stress-strain development of the medium begins with dislocation in crystals; then it runs with the formation of a zone of rock fracture and ends with the collapse of the massif (fracture under natural conditions). Each stage of the stress-strain development or the change...

Application of Immune Genetic Algorithm on Standard Library Building

Chunxia Yuan, Ke Yao
Based on the analysis of standard system construction current situation, this paper proposes an improved genetic algorithm by combining the fuzzy neural network and the immune genetic algorithm, which can be used to solve the standard feature vector clustering, and better overcomes the premature phenomenon...

The Influence of Parental Support on Student Engagement through Self-System Processes

Sulisworo Kusdiyati, Dwi Agustin Nuriani Sirodj, Yuli Aslamawati
Nowadays studies concerning student engagement, examine the aspects of self-system processes individually. However, little knowledge of how all aspects of self-system processes influence student engagement together. To fill this gap, researchers conducted a study aimed at analyzing the effects of parental...