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Correction to “Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Economy (UPRE 2022)”

The publisher regrets that the volume number was wrongly allocated during the production process. The issue has been corrected with correct volume number (Current Volume Number - 654; Correct Volume Number - 217). The publisher would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused. DOI of original article:...
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Peer-Review Statements

Bashlay Sergiy, Yan Wang, Seyed Alireza Athari
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Comparative Study on Barrier-free Environment Construction Policies in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

WanYan Li, JunYi Li, Hao Guo
The urbanization process around the world nowadays focuses on the concept of “people-oriented” construction, and the construction of barrier-free environment is the practice of it. In this paper, we selected the accessibility policies of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and based on the four-dimensional...
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Application Research and Analysis of Management Accounting in Enterprise Strategy Based on FAHP Model

Xuan Deng
On the basis of summarizing the previous research directions and results of management accounting, and referring to some literature, this paper designs an index system for the application research of management accounting in enterprise strategy, which includes the first-level evaluation indexes, including...
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A Research on Problems of Use of Social Capital in the Field of Natural Resources Based on Public Policies

Yuqi Yang
Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is one of the important models for attracting social capital. The joint investment in public products and services by the government and social capital is conducive to reducing the burden of government debt and preventing and resolving financial risks. The central and...
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Hydrodynamic Analysis of Hurricane Passing Through Single-family Houses with Three Different Roof Designs

Guangxi Maonan Bamboo Weaving as an Example

Zhenghao Li
Over the past decade, hurricanes caused by climate change have become more frequent. The aerodynamic performance of the house becomes increasingly important. This paper attempts to have a hydrodynamic analysis of the flow field form of wind around some single-family houses that are in different roof...
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The Integration of Cultural Tourism Inheritance and Derivative Design of Non-Traditional Handicrafts under the Perspective of Rural Revitalization

Guangxi Maonan Bamboo Weaving as an Example

Yirong Wei
Under the convergence pressure of globalization and the strong impact of a strong culture, the inheritance and development of traditional handicrafts of the Hanazukhat ethnic group face a great dilemma. In this paper, based on the vision of rural revitalization and cultural tourism integration, the aesthetics...
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Urban Economic Development Level and Real Estate Market in Mainland China

Linpeng Zhang
The real estate industry is the pillar industry in Chinese mainland at present. The impact of the real estate industry has been continuously discussed in the academic circles. This paper will choose one aspect of the level of urban development, that is, the level of economic development, as the influencing...
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With the Impact of the Coronavirus, Will Family Loans in the Korean Real Estate Market Become a New Financial Crisis?

Yunli Chen
Affected by COVID-19, the land business has been incredibly loose to advance the improvement of the land business, which has prompted another financial issue in South Korea. The objective of the current government is to control the development pace of family credits beneath the financial development...
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Parsing the Hand Gesture of Traffic Police Officers by Using OpenPose

Maogen Fu
Nowadays, as self-driving cars become more and more popular, more features should be added to the whole function of self-driving cars. One of them should be the ability to parse the hand gestures of traffic police officers. To fully bring self-driving cars to reality, such a feature should be discussed...
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Analysis on the Role of Human Capital in Blocking the Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty in Poor Areas from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization -- Based on the Questionnaire Survey in Some Areas of Tibet

Tianrui Jing
This paper analyzes the role of human capital in blocking the intergenerational transmission of poverty in poor areas from the perspective of rural revitalization. It systematically analyzes the impact of educational background and health stock in the stock of parents’ human capital on the stock of human...
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Research on Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

Sijun Ye
The article first introduces the development history of the dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCT), then analyzes the structure and working principle of the DCT, compares and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the DCT and other automatic transmissions, and discusses the key technologies in...
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Optimization of Alternate Turn-Back Interval in Urban Rail Transit Station Based on Genetic Algorithm

Qingjun Chen, Jiacheng Liu
The turn-back interval is a key indicator that affects the operational performance of urban rail transit. In actual operation projects, most of them are optimized and adjusted for the train running interval, and less attention is paid to the analysis of the turn-back process and the optimization of the...
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Comparative Study on the Development of Sponge Cities in China in Recent Ten Years

Chunxiao Zhu
The development of society has caused serious damage to the natural environment, which made the frequency of extreme weather events have greatly increased. Sponge city has the ability to store water, trap water and recycle water, which gives it huge advantages compared with traditional cities. By analyzing...
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Review of Inductive Power Transfer

Yuhang Jiang
Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) technology has been gaining popularity all around the world for the last few decades. It is gradually becoming an indispensable part of people’s lives. This paper will evaluate IPT technology from two general aspects: current development statement and future development...
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Exhaust Aftertreatment in Diesel Engine

Take Nanjing and Xi’an as Examples

Luechen Wang
As diesel engines are pervasively used in the transportation industry, the supervision and requirements on the exhaust emission from diesel engines are becoming stricter. Automobile manufacturers and exhaust designers are aiming at the development of diesel engines’ exhausts to match the standard of...
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Comparative Study on the Coupling and Coordinated Development of Smart City Construction and Urban Ecological Environment

Take Nanjing and Xi’an as Examples

Yuzhen Xue
In the process of urbanization, the rapid economic development inevitably brings environmental pressure, and the current problems of environmental destruction and ecological deterioration are becoming more and more prominent. “Smart City” relies on modern information technology, integrates resource advantages,...
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Design of Station Map Model of Urban Rail Transit

Yujin Du
The station map model is the basis of the ATS simulation system, and the establishment of the model is related to the computing efficiency of the whole system. By analyzing and comparing the search strategies of the undirected graph and the directed graph at vertices, this paper proposes a directed graph...
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Analysis of the Users’ Reactions to Taikoo Li Sanlitun and Their Experience of the Effects of Covid-19 on Customers in Choosing a Market

Taking B City of Yunnan Province as an Example

Chenguang Liu
When experiencing the epidemic period, people prefer different markets compared with before. The traditional markets are losing their dominant status while some open-air markets are becoming the first choice of most customers. Writing this article to figure out what factors foster people making this...
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Research on Risk Prevention of Investment in Poverty Alleviation Development Fund

Taking B City of Yunnan Province as an Example

Jingzhuo Zhang
Nowadays, under current national conditions, economic growth is slowing down, structural contradictions are becoming more prominent, and the willingness of social capital to invest is decreasing. As the government’s financial pressure increases due to its serious debt, it is hard for government investment...
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SF EXPRESS Automated Robotic Sorting System Based on Machine Learning

Xinyu Li
With the rapid development of Internet technology and the gradual expansion of logistics coverage, online shopping has become the preferred way of shopping. Facing the increasing volume of parcel express delivery, logistics companies need to efficiently complete the sorting of parcels. This paper aims...
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The Effect of the Salinity of Water and its PH Value on the Concentration of Dissolved Oxygen in Regular Tap Water in Singapore Based on Winkler Titration Method

Xinwen Xu
In today’s world, humans have breached several limits in contaminating our already-fragile ecosystems and biospheres, affecting land, water, air, flora and fauna, and producing pollutants in copious amounts due to industrial development, urbanisation and excessive use of fossils fuels due to surging...
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Application of BIM Technology in Road Engineering Management

Qilin Ou
With the development of information technology in recent years, the level of software and computer has been fully developed. At the same time, the integration between various industries is also gradually strengthened, and industrial integration and informatization have become the mainstream trend. As...
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Brief Analysis on the Application of “Four Modernizations” Plants in the Reconstruction of Green Space in Yangpu District

Guangqiang Zhai
Through the research method of combining theory with practice, this paper first summarizes the concepts related to “four modernizations” plants, and explains the introduction and characteristics of four modern plants; The degree of application in the 6 public green space projects further describes the...
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Has Urban Shrinkage Slowed Down Haze pollution?

Xiaohong Liu, Xiaobo Wang, Tianrui Dong
Urban shrinkage index was calculated with data about the urban population of 250 prefecture-level Chinese cities from 2012 to 2017. In total, 55 shrinking cities were selected. First, the impacts of urban shrinkage on haze pollution were looked into in theory. Second, the spatial distribution and spatial...
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Research on Inland Water Area Search & Rescue Planning and Key Issues in Shaanxi Province

Yahan Hu, Minglu Ma
Shaanxi Province is defined as a non-water-network area, such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs, park water areas, etc., which are not connected with the main river system, and less developed in terms of the search and rescue capability. Once a major waterborne accident occurs, the water search and rescue...
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Intelligent Mining Method of Enterprise Management Information Based on ID3 Decision Tree Algorithm

Taking the Xi’an Daming Palace National Heritage Park as an Example

Ying Liu, Zulkefly Abdul Karim, Norlin Khalid, Fathin Faizah Said
The intelligent mining method of enterprise management information is time-consuming in the application process. This paper designs an intelligent mining method of enterprise management information based on ID3 decision tree algorithm. According to the definition features of normalized feature vectors,...
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A Study on the Social Performance of Cultural Heritage

Taking the Xi’an Daming Palace National Heritage Park as an Example

Yiheng Cheng
Cultural heritage is a historical relic of human natural and social activities. It is also the treasure of all of human civilisation and a reflection of the historical, social and cultural background. At the same time, cultural heritage also reflects the social economy and culture. As the official palace...
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Fund Valuation Analysis of Regional Industrial Economies

Empirical Analysis Based on 3660 Samples From 15 Funds

Linhao Li, Xin Wei, Ziteng Xu, Ying Xia, Jingjie Zhang
With the development of China’s economy, a regional pattern has gradually formed in which the eastern region takes the lead, the western region actively promotes, and the central region speeds up its development. However, there is still a great imbalance in regional development and the regional economic...
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High-Rise Building Preservation – A Comprehensive Method with Material Innovation

Yang Shen
The treatment for high-rise buildings is significant, while the number of skyscrapers is increasing at a higher rate year by year. A comprehensive method is put forward in the paper to discuss its feasibility in order to develop customized strategies for high-rise building preservations worldwide. Digital...
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Research on Supplier Comprehensive Evaluation Model Based on TOPSIS - Gray Relational Analysis

Chunwei Shi
With the increase in the price of raw materials and the cost of transportation and storage, people pay more and more attention to the ordering problem of production enterprises. Therefore, how to choose a better supplier becomes the focus of the moment. This problem is essentially an evaluation decision-making...
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Artificial Intelligence: Guards of Panopticon System

Yunkun Zeng
Artificial intelligence penetrates into every aspect of our life. The government is integrating AI into political work by connecting AI and the panopticon system is one of the most common ways of managing society today. This paper studies what AI can do in social management and whether AI is suitable...
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Study on New Combined Asphalt Pavement Structure

Yichen Fang
In modern times, new asphalt pavement structures have become a hot topic of concern in the road and urban road construction industry. If the new asphalt combined structure can be used in road construction, it will provide key help to improve the performance of the pavement and guarantee the quality of...
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Protection and Development of Traditional Korean-Chinese Villages Against the Background of “Beautiful Countryside”

Jingxin Zhang, Songhua Gao, Yuan Zeng
Ethnic minorities are the national memory of China. How to pass on this memory is an important proposition for the protection and development of ethnic minorities today. Taking traditional Korean-Chinese villages as an example, this paper studies the landscape planning of traditional Korean-Chinese villages...
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Sustainable Development of Atmosphere and Water Resources: A Case Study of the UK

Shaokun Wang
Nowadays, the air and water resources are seriously polluted, and achieving sustainable development is particularly important. This paper will introduce the historical and current situation of atmosphere and water resources in Britain and their sustainable development strategies and provide some inspirations...
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Analysis of the Market Response of the Shared Accommodation Industry

Linlin Han
Nowadays, more and more tourists choose to use A application and other travel software to book shared accommodation instead of traditional hotels. In recent years, shared accommodation has developed rapidly. This research focuses on the reason of choosing A application. The purpose of this research...
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The Impact of Rising Sea Temperature on Coral Reefs and Possible Solutions

Based on Super-Efficiency DEA and Malmquist Index

Jiali Li
The creator illustrates that oceanic warm wave events on coral reefs are physiologically interesting from how coral dying has been caught on to date, in that warm wave circumstances cause speedy coral colony passing and quick coral skeletal deterioration. It is watched that El Nio and La Nia occasions...
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Measurement and Analysis of Green Harnessing Efficiency of the Yellow River Basin

Based on Super-Efficiency DEA and Malmquist Index

Tiantian Wang
The meaning of green governance can effectively resolve the problems that lead to unbalanced and insufficient development and make green governance a feasible way to achieve a better life for the people. Based on the connotation and characteristics of green governance, this paper constructs a green governance...
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Research on the Current Situation of Sustainable Development Communities in the New Era of China - - Case Study from Baicheng New Community of Jilin Province

Bo Xu
Since the 1980s, the concept of sustainability has been widely mentioned and recognised as well as been applied to the construction industry. As a country with a high demand for sustainable development, China’s present situation in urban space has full research value. Based on the comparison of China’s...
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Analysis of Regional Financial Risk Identification and Prediction Under CVM-GM(1, N) Algorithm

MengIan Lei, Guanxu Wang
Financial risk is characterized by “bottom-up” and “accumulation followed by the outbreak,” and the study of core financial risk factors is important for effective identification and prediction of regional financial risk. In this paper, 16 financial risk-related indicators of Guangdong Province, China,...
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Analysis of Development of Transmission in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Zong Wang
Under the background of carbon neutralization and peak carbon dioxide emissions, most of the industries are taking measures to reach goals. As the pillar industry in the national economy, the vehicle industry is experiencing the transformation. Faced with the request of reducing emissions, the industry...
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Research on Students’ Classroom Behavior Recognition Based on Pose Information Extraction and Local Feature Segmentation

Chenyi Cong
Based on the extraction of human posture information, students’ classroom behavior will be identified after local feature segmentation. Because it is challenging to collect classroom behavior samples and the school students are numerous, the existing methods are difficult to obtain good generalization...
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Balanced Scorecard for the Execution of Strategies in Australian Economy

Hong Zhong
As potential international trade risks increase, such as political risk, financial risk, and the risk of Covid-19. The study presented in this article examined the balanced scorecard (BSC) as a component of a management control system for the purpose of executing plans in a big mixed economy business....
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Research on Chinese Rural Digital Inclusive Finance Innovation Based on Blockchain Technology

Ziqi Zhang
With the continuous development of digital technology in recent years, the potential productivity brought by new technology has gradually become a powerful engine for the development of inclusive finance. The integration of fintech and inclusive finance has reached an unprecedented height, where digital...
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Coordinated Development Strategy of Low-carbon Energy Planning and Spatial Planning under the background of “Multiple Planning Integration”

Zhang Weige, Chen Zhuolun
Due to the urgent needs of low-carbon city development and the goal of emission peak, China is facing the dual pressure of spatial planning governance reform and energy revolution at the same time, which also puts forward higher requirements for the development and construction of domestic energy planning...
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Features and Development of China’s Highway Investment Policy

Jie Shao, Jiaqiang Wang, Xinxin Yu, Guoyi Tang
The purpose of this paper is to propose suggestions on how to effectively solve the problems of insufficient financing funds in highway development, and how to make full use of the national highway investment policy in guiding funds allocation. It analyzes the interactive relationship between the growth...
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Research on Measures and Improvement of Fragmented Ecological Protection in Road Construction

Nairui Hou
With the continuous improvement of road construction, roads run through wildlife protected areas and areas of wildlife distributions have become more and more often. It cuts full landscape and broke the habitat of the wildlife which caused wild animals with high risk when they are passing through the...
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Research and Design Strategy of Pedestrian Space Quality in Shanghai under New Data Environment: A Case Study on Lingyun Community

Luyu Wang, Siyue Xu
People-oriented is an important requirement of new urban design.In Shanghai xuhui district lingyun street as the main research place, research based on multidimensional, multi-channel sources of data information, combined with the present design and transformation needs new urban streets, new demand...
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Synergistic Coupling Analysis of Digital Inclusive Finance and Regional Financial Development Based on FAHP

Based on the Current Situation of Cooperation between Cities

Siyu Liu
In order to explore the synergistic development relationship between inclusive digital finance and regional finance, based on the analysis of the synergistic effect of inclusive digital finance and regional finance development, the method of synergistic degree model of fuzzy hierarchical analysis (FAHP)...
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Research on Basic Status, Preliminary Analysis and Optimization Suggestions for the Synergistic Development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Based on the Current Situation of Cooperation between Cities

Wenqian Yang
GBA is an important growth pole for global economic development and a source of new technologies, new industries and new business models, and is a highland of innovation development in the world. With advanced port clusters, complete industrial clusters, developed city clusters, and the formation of...
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Identification and Analysis of Regional Green Finance Core Factors Based on CRITIC-AHM Coupling

Xinyue Lin, Cuiting Fan, Jincheng Zuo
Protecting the environment and green development is an important development strategy for China, and green finance has become one of the development themes of the times. In response to the problems of regional green finance core factors identification using traditional assignment methods, this paper...
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Research on the Law of Traffic Noise Influence

Pengfei He
It is well known that noise has been listed as one of the public hazards. As the number of cars goes up, the noise on the roads has been a serious disturbance to the surrounding buildings and citizens. So in this paper, some measurements of the noise assessment of road vehicles were discussed, like using...
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Renewal Design of Vacant Space and Concrete Framed Girder-Column Structures in Shopping Malls under the Rise of Vacancy Rate during the COVID-19 Epidemic -A case study in Fuzhou, China

Jiayi Luo, Zicheng Fang
Reinforce Concrete Framed girder-column structures is an important supporting system in concrete facilities apart from shear wall system. When necessary reinforcement is being conducted in response to increased loading, evaluation of influence on the seismic-resistance performance exerted by corresponding...
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Study on the Planning of Military Theme Park in the New Era—Taking the Planning of Baoji Military Theme Park as an Example

Chenguang Zhang
General Secretary Xi Jinping has put forward the national strategy of military-civilian Integration and development, and put forward new requirements for the planning and construction of military theme parks in the New Era. Bao ji is a model city of military-civilian integration. This paper introduces...
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Multidimensional Value Analysis of Market-Oriented Business Based on Project Benefit Calculation

Yihua Guo, Yanjun Xu, Li Kang
Facing the increasingly severe business pressure, it is urgent to strengthen the lean management level and promote the improvement of business efficiency and high-quality development of the company. However, at present, the company can only calculate the benefit level from the department level, which...
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Measurement and Analysis of Digital Economy Development Index -- Take Shandong Province as an Example

Xu Han
This paper takes Shandong Province as an example to measure and analyze the digital economic development index, which is important to research the digital economic development index of agricultural development cities. Firstly, three development dimensions of quality, scale, and efficiency suitable for...
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BIM Implementation for Temporary Medical Facility: A Case Study in Huoshengshan and Leishengshan Hospital in Wuhan

Qi Hong
In response to the novel Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, in early 2020, two new hospitals, Huoshenshan and Leishenshan, were established. However, traditional construction methods cannot meet the requirements of building in a short time. The construction of these two hospitals adopts the design...
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An Analysis of the Design Concept of Modern Urban History Museums from the Controversy Related to the Architectural Appearance of Ningbo Museum

Jiaying Yang
Wang Shu, China’s first Pulitzer Prize winner, designed the Ningbo Museum, which has been controversial since the earliest stages of the project, mainly due to its ‘neo-rustic’ appearance, i.e. the fusion of traditional construction techniques with modernist forms, and the compatibility of the Ningbo...
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Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm and Its Application on Bus Routing

Ruiting Chen
The shortest path problem is common in computer science and has wide application in life. The shortest path algorithm is designed to solve these problems and the most classic and useful one is Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm which Dijkstra introduced in 1959. This paper presents and analyzes normal...
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Research on the NGO-Government Relations in Chinese Environmental Affairs from the Perspective of Corporatism: Take Friends of Nature as an Example

Zhiying Zhu
After the socialist market economy model established in China, the interest demands of various interest groups have shown a trend of “multi-point triggering”, and the majority of the social organizations have begun to gradually participate in the process of public affairs. NGOs are among them and acting...
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The Impact of Economic and Financial Agglomeration on China’s Energy from Spatial Econometric Analysis

Taking Beijing Tianjin Hebei Capital Economic Circle as an Example

Yuheng Du
The rapid development of China’s economy has caused environmental pollution in China. This paper will explore whether the external economies of scale caused by China’s urban economic and financial agglomeration will affect the energy efficiency of cities and enterprises in the same industry in the city,...
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The Development of Regional Economic and Industrial Structure of Urban Agglomeration Based on Boston Matrix and Application Rules

Taking Beijing Tianjin Hebei Capital Economic Circle as an Example

Xiaohan Zhong
Urban agglomeration plays a role of growth pole in the development of regional economy. As an important economic core in the north, the development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei capital economic circle has lagged slightly in recent years. This paper constructs the industrial development status and structure...
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Exploration of the Spatial Distribution Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Traditional Villages: A Case of Shaanxi Province

Ting Li, Yan Liang, Wei Luo, Jin Zhang, Wenchao Dong
Rural revitalization is an important strategy in the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan in China. There exists a special category of villages - traditional villages, which are carriers of regional culture and customs; and have strong historical and cultural values. This study uses ArcGIS 10 to conduct...
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Digital Development of Agricultural Supply Chain Finance under Rural Revitalization Strategy

Liping Zhu
Digital development of agricultural supply chain finance can effectively alleviate the problems of rural finance suppression and farmer credit constraint, which have a positive impact on rural revitalization. This paper analyzes the main methods of agricultural supply chain finance digitalization development,...
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Research on the Innovation Capability Evaluation of Science and Technology-Based Large and Medium-Sized Enterprises Based on the Artificial Neural Network Under Coupling Weights

Ziqing Ye, Xiangcheng Qin
Science and technology innovation capability is the core competitiveness for the long-term development of science and technology-based enterprises. In this paper, we construct an evaluation system of innovation capability of science and technology-based large and medium-sized enterprises by taking listed...
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Discussion on the Smart Grid and the Impacts to the Renewable Energy Implications

Ke Xu
The burning of fossil fuels has brought too much burden to the environment, while renewable energy can effectively alleviate this situation. However, the process of achieving power generation in the grid is limited by certain specific conditions, such as wind power, hindered by weather conditions. Therefore,...
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Research on Ecological Protection and Restoration of Lijiang River Landscape in Guilin, Guangxi

Yi Li, Wenjun Zheng
Guilin landscape is the best in the world, and Lijiang River Basin is one of the most important landscape axis in Guilin landscape, so the landscape planning of Lijiang River Basin and its coast is particularly important. However, in recent years, the ecological environment of Lijiang River Basin and...
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Simulation and Optimization of Picking Operations in Supermarket Front Storage

Zhihong Tian, Liangliang Chen, Mumei Xia
Order picking is a core aspect that affects the operational efficiency of a front storage. In this paper, a front storage of a supermarket to-home business was taken as the study case. Key operational data such as layout, SKU, staffing and order volume were analyzed. Then, the picking operations were...
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The Analysis of Energy Consumption and Pollution of Shenzhen’s Buildings

From the Perspective of Momentum Investing, What are the Factors That Determine the Volatility of Stock Prices?

Xinlei Ao
As one of the four major economic development centers in China, Shenzhen is the first city to reform and open to the outside world in China. It is faced with serious ecological damage resulting from intense development and environmental pressure. According to the data, in China, building energy consumption...
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Does Momentum Investing Works in Chinese Stocks?

From the Perspective of Momentum Investing, What are the Factors That Determine the Volatility of Stock Prices?

Xiping Huang, Yuhuan He, Hechen Jia
In this paper, we first used the 12-minus-1-month, 6-minus-1-month, and 3-minus-1-month momentum strategy to analyze the stock price of the SSE Composite Index (000001.SS) and created scatter plots to show the negative linear relationship between different momentum period’s return and subsequent one-year...
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Analysis on the Willingness of Farmers to Continue Participating in the New Round of Project for Conversion of Cropland to Forest and its Influencing Factors

Coming from the Data of Heqing County in Dali Prefecture and Zhijin County in Guiyang City

Zhi Ling, Liu Yan
Farmers are the main participants of the Project for Conversion of Cropland to Forest and studying their participation willingness or decision-making behavior is one of the important tasks given by the sustainable development of the project. Taking Heqing County in Dali Prefecture and Zhijin County in...
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Research on the Deficiency and Development of Rural Credit System Construction in China

Liping Zhu
The construction of rural credit system is a basic project of the construction of new socialist countryside, which can effectively improve the regional financial ecological environment, make better use of credit information resources, and realize the win-win situation of rural economic and social benefits....
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Research on the Causes and Effects of Chinese Mask Price Fluctuation During COVID-19

Xintong Chen
Around 2019, COVID-19 broke out rapidly in world. The infectious disease spread immediately and the whole world was influenced. The economy, one of the victims, was largely influenced and went through a recession. However, mask industry adversely received an increase in its production. Therefore, this...
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China’s CO2 Emission Prediction by Population and GDP Based on MLR and BP Neural Network

Yaning Zhang
Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission is the amount of greenhouse gas emitted in processes, such as trading, production, or transportation. With the industry development, carbon dioxide emission grows significantly. However, too much CO2 emission will cause a series of environmental issues, such as climate warming,...
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Do Energy Intensive Companies Prepare for the National Emission Trading Scheme? Evidence from a Nationwide Survey in China

Shuai Gao, Bin Li
Using the data collected from 420 companies in energy intensive sectors that would be included in the national ETS, this paper examines company preparation for the national ETS in China. The results show that ETS pilot companies have an overall better awareness and higher ability in carbon management....
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How Evergrande Defaulted: Positive Feedback Mechanism Subject to the Debt-Fueled Model in Chinese Real Estate Market

Taking Qaidam Basin as an Example

Bochao Ma
Evergrande is selected as the research object to analyze the rationale of the default of Chinese real estate enterprises in 2021. This paper fills the research gap of the mechanism triggering default of real estate enterprises by interpreting the drawback of their debt-fueled business model and positive...
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Analysis on the Efficiency of Green Development Policy in Resource-Based Regions Under the Low Carbon Background

Taking Qaidam Basin as an Example

Yatian Liu, Shengxi Ding
Based on the time series data of the green development policy of the Qaidam Basin in my country’s resource-based region from 2011 to 2019, this paper uses the data envelopment analysis method to construct a super-efficient SBM-DDF model to measure and analyze the efficiency of the green development policy...
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Research on Construction and Development of Green Airport

Xiong Li, Xiaoqing Chen, Ziyun Liu
The construction of green airport is the key way to realize sustainable development, efficient operation and environmental integration. The basic characteristics of green airport included: resource saving, environment friendly, efficient operation and people-oriented. On the basis of investigating the...
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Correlation Analysis and Countermeasure Research of Mismanaged Plastic Waste

Zhan Wang
Poor management of plastic waste will endanger the marine environment, species diversity and human food chain with unknown consequences. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to identify the places where Mismanaged Plastic Waste (MPW) is growing rapidly, then take timely measures. This paper makes...
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In the Short-Term Global Economic Environment: How do the Consequences of Covid-19 Affect Inequality in Income Levels Between Genders

Qiren Wang
This paper focuses on whether trends in the world economy have had an impact on gender inequality resulting in income inequality between men and women. This paper is examining which variables are significant causes of the existence of the gender income gap, in the context of negative world economic growth...
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The Development of Commercial Banks under the Internet of Things

What is the Way Forward?

Yuet Fan Aiden Tsoi
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new paradigm that combines aspects and technologies from different approaches to form a system where the real and digital worlds meet and continuously interact in symbiosis. Using IoT in commercial banks can visualize and integrate financial information flow, capital...
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New Energy Vehicles, as Represented by BYD.

What is the Way Forward?

Mengwei Liu
This article examines the global market for new energy vehicles represented by BYD in a global context of green energy, focusing on competitive advantages and global positioning strategies as the main focus for overview and analysis. Literature analysis, statistical data analysis and market research...
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Provincial and Industry Analysis of the Impact of Epidemic Control Measures in COVID-19 on China’s Carbon Emission Level

Keyi JU, Wenhui LI, Lei HE, Qin YE
COVID-19 (Covid-19), which was discovered in 2019 and spread to this day, has caused huge loss of life and property to all countries in the world, disrupting everyone’s normal work and life. A series of blockade and control measures set by the Chinese government to fight the epidemic have cut off the...
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A Comparative Study of Nike’s Marketing Strategies in China and the U.S.

Xirui Zhu
The article researched the similarity and differences between the marketing strategies Nike used in China and the United States. Through SWOT and Segmentation, the research conclusion is that Nike collaborates with American and Chinese celebrities and famous athletes to promote their sale of production,...
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Review of New Sewage Treatment Processes

Mengyang Zhang
At present, the world is still in a shortage of fresh water resources, and the increasing sewage treatment standards reflect the importance of governments to sewage purification. This paper proposes an integrated sewage treatment method. The main pollutants in sewage are COD, BOD5, SS, NH4+ -N, TN and...
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Scenario Analysis of the Impact of Moderate Energy Price Correction on Carbon Peak

A Discussion on Taking the Enterprise as the Adjustment Object

Keyi Ju, Lei He, Wenhui Li, Qin Ye
On the one hand, the distortion of energy prices can’t objectively reflect the characteristics of energy externalities, and on the other hand, it weakens the regulating effect of price lever. And it makes the phenomenon of high energy consumption and high emission continue to exist, which is not conducive...
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Suggestions on the Way Government Policy Tools Play a Role in China’s Low-Carbon Economy

A Discussion on Taking the Enterprise as the Adjustment Object

Zili Huang
In the context of vigorously developing a low-carbon economy and facing the realistic situation of “double carbon goals”, the government, as the leader of a country’s economic development, should play a leading role in policy. However, at present, the relevant policy tools of our government still have...
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Ecological Benefits, Environmental Perceptions and Green Behavior

Zhang Lu, Song Jianing
Global natural environment is deteriorating day by day. The citizen’s environmental awareness and behavior is so important to solve environmental problems. Based on the situation of human cognitive on the natural environment, we proposed the concept of “ecological economy”, and establish the “ecological...
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Research on the Impact of Automobile Exhaust on Air Pollution

Juntian Su
With the rapid development of social economy in my country, there are more and more types of vehicles, which brings convenience to people’s daily travel, but the exhaust gas formed by motor vehicles not only seriously affects the atmospheric environment but also endangers human health. Therefore, in...
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A Review of the Impact of Central Bank Digital Currency on Currency Internationalization

Yuan Zhang
With the deepening of the pilot of central bank digital currency (CBDC), research on digital currency at home and abroad is developing continuously. However, when it comes to the impact of CBDC on currency internationalization, there are still many differences in academic discussions on this issue. It...
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Exploring the Relationship Between Environmental Degradation, Obesity, and Economic Growth

Can Zhao
Environmental degradation and obesity are becoming severe since the beginning of the 21st century. Meanwhile, some of the researchers mentioned there should be relationships between economic growth and these two problems respectively. The evaluation of validation of Environment Kuznets curve and Obesity...
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Analysis of the Impact of the Epidemic on the Luxury Goods Industry and Countermeasures

Qingyi Shen
Covid-19 has had a profound impact on various industries. This article analyzes the impact of Covid-19 on the luxury industry and presents possible solutions to mitigate the current industry downturn. The following conclusions can be drawn that the sudden shock of the pandemic causes slower economic...
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Experimental Research on Consumption Decision-making to Improve the Traceability of Supply Chain in Modern Agricultural Industry Chain

Ziqing Ye, Shan Zhong, Chaoyang Wen, Junyu Zhang, Tianxin Fan
Improving the traceability of agricultural industrial chain supply chain by establishing traceability system with technical means has many application scenarios and high application value in agricultural industrial chain supply chain management, which is of great significance to the development of agricultural...
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The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Developing and Developed Countries

Estimation and Analysis Based on Panel Data of 275 Cities

Peilun Ma
The essence of the financial crisis originated in developed countries is the instability of the economic market and the imbalance between supply and demand. The direct reason is the lack of regulatory financial innovation in developed countries, that is, excessive credit creation [1]. The spread of the...
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The Impact of China’s Low-Carbon City Pilot Policy on Reduction of Carbon Emissions

Estimation and Analysis Based on Panel Data of 275 Cities

Yichen Shi, Taizhe Huang
Are rigid constraints are necessary to meet carbon reduction targets? The study used data from 275 prefecture-level cities in China from 2006 to 2016 to establish a two-way fixed-effect DID model that passed the parallel trend test, heterogeneity analysis, and robustness test to investigate the impact...
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Factors Affecting IPO Premium Rate of Chinese Listed Companies

Yueheng Wang
With the continuous enhancement of China’s economic strength, the status of China’s stock market in the world market is also gradually rising, and the phenomenon of IPO underpricing in China’s stock market has gradually attracted everyone’s attention. IPO is the activity of an enterprise’s initial public...
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Review of Habitat Loss and Biodiversity in Poyang Lake Region

Guanming Guo
Biodiversity mainly includes species diversity, genetic diversity and ecosystem diversity. The diversity of species is an intuitive manifestation of biodiversity, and genetic diversity is the basis of biodiversity. Biodiversity refers to a stable ecological complex formed by the regular combination of...
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Overview of the Development of Design Guidance of Building Public Open Space

Ying Shi, ChuYue Chen, Ying Pan
With the advancement of urbanization, the demand for public space in China is increasing. But at the same time, the carrying capacity of urban public space is insufficient. Public open space is in urgent need of transformation. Therefore, a kind of urban public space located in the interior of the building...
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Development Trend and Construction Path of National Carbon Market Under the Background of “Carbon Peak” and “Carbon Neutralization”

Xiaoxuan Zhang, Yanyi Sun, Wenjing Ruan, Yu Wang
Establishing a national carbon market and improving the market trading mechanism of carbon emission rights are important ways to achieve the goals of “carbon peak” and “carbon neutralization”. Under the background of strengthening the construction of ecological civilization, combined with the specific...
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The Design of Comprehensive Scoring System of SCM Course via CIPP-CDIO

Chen Diao, Bin Wang, Guanfeng Li
Under the background of the education reform in domestic universities, the effective evaluation of students’ course process is a crucial problem. Utilizing the theory of fuzzy inference, a comprehensive scoring system of SCM is designed in this study. The students’ course process can be properly evaluated...