Proceedings of the Unhas International Conference on Social and Political Science (UICoSP 2017)

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The Trend of Opposition Political Parties in Sustaining Democracy: A Comparative Study of Nigeria and Malaysia

Sakariyau Rauf Tunde, Ainis Azreen, Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani, Ummu Atiyah Ahmad Zakuan
Democratisation wave is a global phenomenon that cuts across countries within the international system. Democracy has become an acceptable system of government which is believed to be the hope of the people. Nevertheless, the relevance of political parties in any democratic arrangement cannot be over-emphasised....
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Perindo: The emergence of The Business Party in Indonesia

Ahmad Zaki Fadlur Rohman, Laode Machdani Afala
This paper tries to explain the phenomenon of the latest political party model development in Indonesia. During this time, the study of the party model is often based on social cleavage and electoral orientation. But, ahead of the 2019 election, there emerges a new Perindo party whose the root of formation...
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Traditional versus Modern Procedures of Village Head Election in Indonesia

Andi Alimuddin, Andi Gau Kadir, Rahmatia Yunus, Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, Ms Seniwati
This research focuses on the traditional versus modern methods in conducting the election of the head of a village in Indonesia. A village head has a major role in organizing and managing community interests. In participating in the election of the village head, a village head must deliver his the programs....
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Political Socialization Media of Selayar Islands General Election

Andi Gau Kadir, Dr Nurlinah, Mr Rahmatullah
This paper aims to identify the most influential political socialization media in shaping the political culture of maritime communities in the Selayar Islands District. The research method used is a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods with data collection methods in the form of surveys,...
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Pragmatism in Public Policy: Study on Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Banten Province

Dede Sri Kartini, Rahman Mulyawan, Neneng Yani Yuningsih
An Ideal Public Policy is also described as pragmatism in public policy, based on this concept, this research will observe and analyse whether Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has already classified as ideal policy or possess pragmatism value. Pragmatism in this context is describes as an ethical...
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Integration of Local Values into Bureaucratic Reformation of Local Government Agencies: An Effort to Establish Good-Governance Practices in Gorontalo Province

Ismet Sulila
This paper focuses on integration of local values into bureaucratic reformation of government agencies in Gorontalo to establish local good-governance practices in Gorontalo province. This study uses descriptive qualitative approach. The data for this research are collected through observation, in-depth...
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The Practices of Local Government in The Border Areas: The Perspective of Contextual Bureaucratic Approach

Akbar Silo
A number of strategic issues become the basis for problem-mapping in the framework of policy design and implementation of adaptive development in border areas. In terms of government, concrete steps are required to address the classical issues commonly arising in simultaneous and aggregate manner in...
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Big Data Utilization in The Dynamic Governance Concept: Case Study of Indonesian Society's Shifting Consumption Pattern

Vivi Varlina
In recent weeks, many observers have commented on the terms of macro and microeconomic data anomalies. These observers mapped out the conditions, attempting to draw the connection between the facts and the data. Interestingly, there is one issue that allows the emergence of data anomalies of the nation's...
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Collaborative Planning in Policy-Making Process in Bandung City

Antik Bintari, Idil Akbar
Collaborative planning is the process of decision making where all stakeholders involved and construct a solution to solve problems together and formulated in an agreement. The city of Bandung has been implementing this collaborative planning, one of these is the innovative program for development and...
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The Implementation of Bandung Smart City to Improving the Welfare of its Citizens

Idil Akbar, Budi Sutrisno
This research aims to identify and perform critical analysis of implementation the concept of the Smart City based on 6 large indicator namely Smart People, Smart Economy, Smart Environment, Smart Government, Smart Living and Smart Mobility. While the special targets to be achieved is mapped institutions...
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Guidelines to Reduce Traffic Accident Rate of Migrant Workers in Sansai District, Chiangmai Province Thailand

Patcharaphong Akarametagul
This research study guide lines to reduce traffic accident of migrant works in Sansai district, Chiangmai province. The research model and its development were combine through qualitative and quantitative research. Using structural interview method and data were analyze with content analysis. The result...
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Coral Reef Fisheries Resource Management in Taka Bonerate National Park Based on Constructionism Perspective

Munsi Lampe
This paper is aimed at exploring the complexity of fishery resource use of Taka Bonerate coral reef zone from the past to the present when it has become a National Sea Park. The complexity of phenomena comprises dimensions of diversity and variation of technology, change and continuity, types of ideological...
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The Actualization of Local Cultural Values in Governance Leadership of Palopo City

Andi Lukman Irwan
This paper aims to determine and describe how the understanding of government leaders about local cultural values, how the actualization of local cultural values in government leadership, and the influence of structural positions in actualizing local cultural values in Palopo city. Data collection methods...
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Global Demands, Local Response: Tourism and Indigenous Capitalism in Bayan, Lombok Island

Moh Sarifudin, Baiq Wardhani
The growing of global tourism industry has transformed the lifestyle of traditional society into modern one, as the case of Wetu Telu people living in Bayan village, in the northern part of Lombok Island. Our research finds that global demand of tourims has put the people and the culture in jeopardy...
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The People Empowerment Pattern In Pesantren Environment: A Case Study about Community Around Pesantren in West Java, Indonesia

Izzuddin Musthafa, Dedih Wahyudin, Betty Tresnawaty
Pesantren develops in line with the mission of the community organization. Nahdatul Ulama (NU) produces many boarding schools with very strong NU characteristics, as well as Muhammadiyah and Persatuan Islam. Each pesantren affiliated with a particular organization generally has its own nuance of interest...
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Empowerment Model of Urban Poor Households: Policy Innovation and Poverty in Palopo City, Indonesia

Dr Nurlinah, Andi Gau Kadir, Andi Lukman Irwan
This research analyzes the policy of community empowerment program conducted by local government by studying poverty and policy innovation. The main argument from the basis of this research is innovative local government policy needs to be further examined as part of policy evaluation. The objective...
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Winning Public Trust in Multi-Actor Bargaining: A Case Study of PT SMART Strategy in Facing Allegation of Environmental Destruction through RSPO

Devita Prinanda, Vinsensio Dugis
Winning public trust is an important element supporting the continuity of a firm or corporations, as public acceptance could guarantee profit to come in. Hence the loss of public trust is a serious threat for a corporation. For corporations, many factors could end up in the loss of public trust, and...
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Analysis of Self-Disclosure Dimension on Motivation of Regeneration Empowerment of Cocoa Farmers' Children in South Sulawesi

Tuti Bahfiarti
Self Disclosure cocoa farmer children is expected to influence the empowerment regeneration motivation by changing mind, feeling, and consistent behaviour as cocoa farmer. Self disclosure activities divide feeling, information or intention with other people both descriptive and evaluative. Self disclosure...
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Traditional Social Security in the Fisherman Communities in Small Islands and Coastal Region South Sulawesi

Mahmud Tang
This paper discussed about traditional social securities in solving the problems which is faced by the poor in the fishing communities. This data is obtained from the results of our early research in the Salemo and Sabangko small islands Pangkep regency and in the coastal Madello village Barru regency....
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Houses for The Poor: How Local Culture Supports The Housing for The Urban Poor in Ternate - North Maluku

Safrudin Amin, Andi Sumar Karman
In Indonesia, attention to culture as a potential resource for community development has become an important discourse in social policies, community development, and even in academic discourse since the end of 1990s. However, not many evidence have been shown of how the strength the local wisdom is able...
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The Patterns of Sociocultural Adaptation of Migrants in The City of Ternate, North Maluku

Ms Syamsiar
Studies on adaptation of migrants in a new urban environment have widely been explored by researchers from various perspectives and disciplines. Most of the studies focus on how migrants from socially less complex society, be it rural areas or less developed countries, adapt to a more complex urban or...
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The Meaning of Collective Identity Amongst Muslim Women: The Case of Persaudaraan Muslimah (Salimah) in Makassar

Nuvida Raf, Prof Partini, M Supraja
Democratization has opened a channel for Muslim women to speak out their needs as citizens. Since Muslim women are not one entity, a number of religious movement organizations increases along with the rising of Muslim consciousness in practicing Islamic values. Establishing these organizations are a...
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Strategies to Address The Loss of Local Art and Wisdom in Indonesia

Muhammad Farid, Sudirman Karnay
This paper aims to analyze traditional art as local wisdom used as medium for communication to disseminate messages related to moral, ethic, social intercourse, and religion as well as to analyze obstacles found in traditional art. Approach to communication media is expected to discover potencies of...
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Change of Function and Role of Coastal Women in Biangkeke Village Regency of Bantaeng

Hamka Naping, Dr Safriadi, Icha Musywirah
The phenomenon of shifting the functions and roles of women from the domestic sector to the public sector is a logical consequence of the development of science and technology, as well as the growing ideology of capitalism and liberalism up to the countryside. The fishermen in the formerly isolated and...
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War 3.0: The Indonesia Challenge Against Hoax, Hate Speech and Social Media Abuse

Mr Sirajuddin, Sitti Utami Rezkiawaty Kamil, Sutiyana Fachruddin
Social media as part of the information communication technology, provides a space to argue on thoughts that had not previously been disclosed. It is moving very fast and become a new space of expression for the society. The phenomenon of social media today is increasingly widespread, not only become...
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Twitter, Mobile Device and Citizen Journalism

Raidah Intizar
People have been engaged in citizen journalism for a long time, and in the era of internet and communication technology becomes rapidly advanced, the compression and convergence of ICT technology were all combined to support for citizen journalism practice. What is more is Twitter that affords mobility...
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Learning Media to Enhance Learning Motivation of Poor Fisherman Children in South Sulawesi Province

Jeanny Maria Fatimah
Learning media utilization have important role in every phase of learning process, so learning materials which taught by teacher need to be visualized in a more realize, especially to enhance learning motivation poor fisherman children in coastal area of South Sulawesi. Learning by using media can facilitate...
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Online Social Movement: The Revival of Civil Society in Indonesia

Ahmad Ismail, Pawennari Hijjang, Hardiyanti Munsi
The development of internet technology especially in the penetration of social media usage in Indonesia gives a significant impact in the dynamics of civil society in social movement. Looking at the case of the Akademi Berbagi Movement with a point of view as a social movement, it is important to emphasize...
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Hair and Female Identity: Reading Women's Hair in The Mass Media

Sitti Murniati Muhtar, Muh Iqbal Sultan, Andi Subhan Amir, Sitti Nurfajriani Syam
This article discusses the importance of women hair as an identity symbol in relation with the development of information technology and industry. Women hair has became a commodificated human organ. Advertisements of some hair cosmeti products that showed beautiful image of celebrities' hair have bother...
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Twitter of Jokowi: Analyzing President's Social Network

Nurul Ichsani, Andi Subhan Amir
President Jokowi has highest number of followers on Twitter with 6.761.730 followers that implicates intensity of the interaction with his followers, as well as implicates number of social network that formed. This paper aims to determine the social network on President Jokowi's Twitter. Tweets of President...
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The Philippines-China Asymmetric Relations and Possible Scenarios in The South China Sea

Bruno Hendler
This paper proposes a scenario for solving the stalemate between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea using Brantly Womack's Theory of Asymmetry. The central hypothesis is that, given the asymmetry of material (economic and geopolitical) capabilities between the two countries, it is possible...
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Classifying Middle Powers based on their Regional and Multilateral Roles: Differentiating Middle Power Enforcers, Assemblers and Advocators

Nur Luthfi Hidayatullah
This article tends to examine the roles of middle powers in regional and multilateral affairs, in order to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the currently debatable 'middle power' concept in international relations. Middle powers are states with moderate influence and strategic importance...
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Global Indigeneous People Political Movement in National Context of Indonesia: A Nationalism and Human Rights Approach

Andi Ismira
This paper goal is to analyze driving factor of indigenous people human rights restoration global movements, and how does its practical model becoming dynamics in Indonesia, using, Nationalism, and Transnationalism approach. In Indonesia itself, almost all of indigenous communities, are being overshadowed...
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Accomplishing The Sustainable Development Goals as A Method in Women Confronting Terrorism

Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, Ms Seniwati, Andi Alimuddin
This paper focuses on the accomplishment of the sustainable development goals as a method in women to confront terrorism. Women have the crucial role in confronting terrorism. The purpose of this study is to investigate the efforts that are made by local governments in achieving SDGs. In the achievement...
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Indonesia- Nigeria Foreign Economic Relations: A Partnership for Economic Development

Ismail Bello, Kabir Umar Musa, Asma'u Isyaku Dutse, Muktar Bashir
Bilateral relations between Federal Republic Nigeria and Republic of Indonesia is traced to 1965 when Indonesia opened its first diplomatic mission in Sub Saharan Africa in Lagos Nigeria, Nigeria reciprocated in 1976 by opening a diplomatic mission in Jakarta. Since then Nigeria-Indonesia has enjoyed...
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Scaling-up Motivation of Southern NGOs: A Case Study on Internationalization of YCAB Foundation

Fitri Rofiyarti, Vinsensio Dugis
Activities of Non Governmental Organization (NGOs) around the world vary by degrees, as do their relationships with international organizations, corporations and other civil society organizations. Until recently, it is widely accepted that NGOs that able to operate internationally mostly coming from...
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Empowerment of Women as a Form of Soft Power to Prevent the Terrorism Action

Ms Seniwati, Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, Andi Alimuddin
This paper focuses on the empowerment of women in preventing the terrorism action. The empowerment of women is one of the forms of soft power. In preventing the occurrence of terrorism, which required not only hard power but also soft power. The activity is one form of the empowerment of women in preventing...
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The Dynamics of Internet Access Among Autistic Childrens Parents

Ragil Tri Atmi, Fitri Mutia
Parents are the main factors to support the growth of childrens autism, but many parents still are embarrassed and shut herself away from her social environment. The Internet helps to do self actualisation and developing group owned by her children. The Internet is also helping them to access about the...