Proceedings of the Conference Towards ASEAN Chairmanship 2023 (T-A-C 23 2021)

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Factors Influence Blockchain Adoption in Supply Chain Management Among Companies Based in Ho Chi Minh City

Hieu-Ba Nguyen, Luan-Thanh Nguyen
In recent years, the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have threatened supply chain management. Blockchain technology has emerged as the resource that is used to mitigate the challenges caused by the COVID -19 pandemic. This study aims to figure out the effects of the performance expectancy...
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Bibliometric Analysis to Encourage the Development of Digital Economy Scientific Studies

Sri Sarjana, Mahsa Amira Anindya Najib, Nur Khayati
Digital economy is an effort to strengthen economic activity through the development of digital data by utilizing information and communication technology. Digital computing technology has been developed in various forms of digital platforms through internet-based business development to support the...
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Human Capital Development Through Reinventing, Retooling and Reskilling Strategies

Learning from 20 Multiple Cases

Lukman Raimi
For mitigating the ravaging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economic interests of employees, employers, and governments, this paper discusses three human capital development strategies of reinventing, re-tooling, and re-skilling (3Rs) as effective ways of stimulating the economy including saving...
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Digital Literacy SME West Sumatra Province

Vivi Ukhwatul K Masbiran, Syafrizal Syafrizal, Aisman Aisman, Rita Diana
The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt almost all economic sectors, including Small, medium enterprises (SME). The significant changes that occurred during the pandemic were the demands for the acceleration of digital transformation, and the mastery of information technology seemed to be an absolute necessity,...
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The Existence of Women as a Pillar of Economic Resilience of Middle-Class Community Across Civilization

Case Study: Women Traders of Traditional Markets in Tambakboyo District

Faridlatus Sya’adah
This article aims to discuss the role of women traders of traditional markets in maintaining the economic resilience of families in the Tambakboyo sub-district as part of their active participation in keeping the economic resilience stable of society and the nation. Patriarchal culture places women in...
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The Employees Turnover Intention During Covid-19: Do Commuting Stress and Burnout matter?

Martinez Dewi, Liza Agustina Maureen Nelloh
Commuting stress inflicts employees’ mental and physical pressure during the pandemic of Covid-19. Therefore, the government encourages companies to change the working system from working from the office to work from home. Hence, not all companies could imply work from home system, yet certain companies...
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The Antecedents of Purchase Intention of Millenials and Zillenials on Preloved Apps in Indonesia

Muhammad Rizky Naufal, Liza Agustina Maureen Nelloh
For many years recently, the Y generation (millennials) and Z generation (Zillenials) have brought changes to consumer buying behavior, especially for the online market. Customers can migrate from traditional shopping activities to online shopping on e-commerce, which is a handy technique for them. Several...
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Digital Economic Model to Encourage National Economic Recovery During Covid-19 Pandemic

Mercurius Broto Legowo, Fangky Antoneus Sorongan, Steph Subanidja
The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has occurred in almost all industries, including the banking industry. The uncertain economic conditions since the pandemic have disrupted the economy of a country. In Indonesia, in particular, the government is making efforts to encourage the recovery of the national...
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Digital Economy Inclusiveness Information System Model to Encourage National Economic Recovery: Recover Together, Recover Stronger

Mercurius Broto Legowo, Deden Prayitno, Budi Indiarto
In the last decade, the Digital Economy has experienced significant development and has the opportunity to become the main driver of the economy in Indonesia. The Covid-19 Pandemic has a strong influence on economic instability especially has a significant effect on MSMEs. The Indonesian government has...
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A Systematic Literature Review: Green Supply Chain Management Performance of Palm Oil Products

Rabiatul Adwiyah, Yusman Syaukat, Raden Dikky Indrawan, Heti Mulyati
Indonesia is one of greatest producer and exporter of palm oil. The statement is evidenced by data from the Central Bureau of Statistics for 2021 stating that Indonesian’s palm oil export reached US$ 18.44 billion or IDR 258 trillion in 2020 and grew 18.43 percent compared to the previous year. In addition...
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Sustainable Financing for Instrastructure Development to Support Tourism Connectivity: A Systematic Literature Review

Andi Hardianto, Marimin Marimin, Luky Adrianto, Idqan Fahmi
The tourism sector is the sector that has been most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is due to travel restrictions to reduce the spread of Covid-19. One of the efforts for economic recovery in the tourism sector is to increase tourism competitiveness through infrastructure improvements. Indonesia...
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The Digital Economy Growth and Prospect in Indonesia During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Yuliana Yuliana
The COVID-19 pandemic hit the economic growth in all of the countries, including Indonesia. The Indonesian economy fell to minus 5 percent in 2020. Many countries try to develop a digital economy by transforming into digital e-commerce to boost economic growth gradually. Therefore, there should be some...
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Strategic Management Accounting Practices in the Knowledge-Intensive Economy: Evaluating the Role of Intellectual Capital

Marjea Jannat Mohua, Wan Fadzillah Wan Yusoff
Globalization, economic volatility, and technical improvements lead to substantial changes in the business landscape due to the transition from the industrial to an information-based economy. Therefore, the study aims to investigate the association of how intellectual capital (IC) can be measured inside...
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Digital Bangladesh and Productivity: Stagnation or Development?

Lamina binta Jahan, Wan Fadzilah Wan Yusoff
In several markets around the world, digital channels have become key merchandising designers. Consumer choice, producer efficiency and competitiveness, and citizen participation from all walks of life are all aided by the usage of digital media. Digital Bangladesh is undoubtedly the government’s most...
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How Business Innovation Affects a Company to Improve the Organization, Entrepreneurship, and Business Model

Jamaica Gaile Dagan, Muhammad Raihan Rafi, Yen Bon Sia, Salsa Dilla
Business innovation is essential to every companies in order to survive in current and future generation. This paper focuses on the three aspects of innovation namely organization’s sustainability, entrepreneurship and business model innovation. The main purpose of this study is to analyse how innovation...
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The Strategic Role of Top Management Team (TMT) Digital Orientation in Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry

Muhyudi Muhyudi, Mira Maulida, Komang Aryasa
Indonesia’s manufacturing industry accounts about 20% of the country’s GDP, while the country has also an opportunity to capture a bigger share of global manufacturing activity. The major challenge is productivity. Thus, Indonesian manufacturing industry needs to step up its productivity through transformation...
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Organizational Behavior After Pandemic COVID-19

(Study Case McDonald’s)

Martina Martina, Jovie Palos, Fadhya Putri, Khairiyah Kamilah
Organizational behavior is one of the key points to running a business that can make the operation more effective because it studies human behavior and how people interact with the organization itself. The massive spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced all business industries, and it’s also impacting...
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Evaluation of Pertamina’s CSR Implementation in Relation to the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals

Farrahnugraha Makkuraga, Andi Hardianto, Fadhilah Ummah, Jean Michelle Eñano, Nur Hasanah
Pertamina as a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) manages oil and gas management activities to strengthen the state’s presence in carrying out the mandate of the constitution should maintain the Sustainable Development Goals of Indonesia. Pertamina implements corporate social responsibility to achieve at least...
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Profitability Response of Sharia Banking on Macroeconomic Variable Conjunctions in Indonesia with Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) Approach

Syarief Gerald Prasetya, Waluyo Waluyo
Bank profitability can be determined by factors that can be controlled by management and factors beyond the control of company management. The factors that can be controlled by management are factors that describe the policies and decisions of the bank’s management itself, such as fundraising, capital...
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Business Innovation: Magicbox for Fast Train in Southeast Asia

Abdurrahman Fathurrazzaq H, Sri Utami Widyawati, Mslly Mia KP, Liezel G. Cabanatan, Lau Chun Jiang, Raden Isma Anggraini
With the increasing demands for mobility comfort, Magicbox offers the guaranteed safety and high quality of goods for storage and delivery. Guided by its 5-side value: Logistics, Advertisement, Easy Mobilization, New Experience, and Affordable Price, it is set to create a new platform for technologically-inclined...
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The Literature Review of Potential Challenges Facing by Global Food Industry in the Era of IR4.0

Intan Cahya Ningrum, Bavaani Balakrishnan, Ciara Mae U. Agasino, Kevin Pinondang Parulian Manurung, Raden Isma Anggraini
This paper contributes to the existing literature by reviewing the potential challenges facing the global food industry in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0). Even though many industries have been driving productivity and income growth through digitalization and automation, the development...
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The Ability of Social Entrepreneurs to Solve Issues During Covid-19 at Okiagaru Farm, Indonesia

Chairani Putri Pratiwi, Rabiatul Adwiyah, Agung Hari Sasongko
Covid-19 is a recent global crisis in which economic issues are becoming increasingly unpredictable and the number of unemployed people is rising. The negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic may complicate the settlement of Indonesia’s primary development economic concerns. Need-based entrepreneurship...
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Balinese Perception on Acceptance of Biotechnology and GM Crops

Dase Hunaefi, M. Syaefudin Andrianto, Yuli Sukmawati, Puput Noerfitriani Muzzayyanah
Genetically Modified (GM) crops for cultivation actually has been applied in many countries including Indonesia. However, sometimes facing limited acceptance by consumers because of some reasons. Bali one of the Indonesian strategic islands with agricultural local wisdom also has controversial perceptions...
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Why Start-ups Fail: Cases, Challenges, and Solutions

Anastasia Kusumaningtyas, Edgar Bolo, Istianah, Steward Chua, Mahendra Wiratama, Nyayu Lathifah Tirdasari
This study revealed the top three characters of failed start-ups by analyzing five cases from unfulfilled market to team disharmony. This paper proposed three purposes. First, to analyze the primary factors why most start-ups do not succeed. Second, to identify the challenges faced by the leaders in...
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The Strategy of CSR for Post COVID-19 Era


Wanda Kharisa Ristyanti, Mayrani Tika Mulyana, Priscilla Maulina Juliani Siregar, Nur Nadhirah Saiful, Arbi Abdullah Saleh, Yap Charlyn Joy Ballona, Nyayu Lathifah Tirdasari
PERTAMINA’s commitment to sustainability can be seen by meeting some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) field practice during the COVID-19 pandemic, PERTAMINA focuses on moving directly to survive and adapt to the situation. This study aims to propose...
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Adaro CSR Program Evaluation Towards Indonesia Green Economy

Shandra Widiyanti, Salsabila S. Khadijah, Mohammed A. M. Qaid, Sofyan A. Tambunan, Krisna A. Ginting, Lokita Rizky Megawati
This study aims to describe and analyze the evaluation of the implementation of its Corporate Social Responsibility in Indonesia (PT Adaro Energy Tbk), as Adaro is one of the biggest mining companies in Indonesia using a strategic planning perspective. The method was Information according to the company...
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Comparative Analysis of Sharia Stock Mutual Fund Performance in Indonesia and Malaysia

Galuh Athira Hasanah, A Dewantoro Marsono
The purpose of this study is to determine the difference between Indonesian sharia equity mutual fund and Malaysian equity mutual funds. The population used for this study were all sharia equity mutual funds registered with the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Malaysian Securities from...
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Financial and Economic Viability of Pumped Storage to Strengthen the VRE Development in Indonesia

Kahhar Hawari, Phaik Nie Chin, Ahmad Danu Prasetyo
Pumped Storage Power Plant (PSP) is a new technology in Indonesia and will be installed to provide peak power to the grid. The existing power plant used by Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) to provide this peaking power in Java-Bali Grid system is Gas Fired Power Plant (GFP) that uses Compressed Natural...
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Elevating Innovative Entrepreneurship Amidst the Global Pandemic: New Opportunities and Challenges

Ristyanti Wanda Kharisa, Aguinaldo Samuel, Khalisa Mutiara, Hazim Muhammad Rifqi, Adhitya Rahmana
Entrepreneurship refers to the concept of developing and managing a business venture to gain profit by taking several risks in the corporate world. Entrepreneurs are often known as a source of new ideas, anticipating needs and bringing great new ideas to market. Innovation in entrepreneurship is a new...
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Green Finance for the Era of Post COVID-19: A Systematic Literature

Kristio Rapi, Safiah Maisarah, Sekar Ayu Firdausia Rambe, Wibisono Chandra, Adhitya Rahmana
Green finance products are needed in the era of post Covid-19. Unfortunately, studies to synthesize, summarize and identify green finance for future research and formulation of policies in the banking sector are rare. This study presents a systematic literature review of green finance of banks in the...
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A Systematic Literature Review on Corporate Social Innovation Towards Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Sudarmawan Samidi, Muhammad Wildan Amarullah, Hanna Zulaikha, Anastasia Shinta Kusumaningtyas, Khowaja Abdul Jawad, Ani Nuraisyah
This study aims to systematically review the existing studies on the relationship of corporate social innovation (CSI) with sustainable competitive advantage. Through a systematic literature review, the study selected 26 papers and performed a descriptive analysis of the literature to address the following...
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Does the Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibilities Have a Positive Impact on the Company’s Business Sustainability?

Case study of PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk

Nugroho Setyo Utomo, Clara Thalitakum Ezra, Goh Zhongji, Grace Palamba, Annisa Ramadanti
PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk (Unilever) is a consumer goods company that has a high commitment to implementing the principles of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) throughout the company’s value chain. Unilever has developed a Unilever Sustaining Living Plan (USLP) since 2010, with objectives: 1) improving...
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Corporate Social Responsibilities: Business Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Sustainability Action Through Information Technology

Ahmad Giffari, Dania Samoda, Hui Hong Lee, Mutiara Khalisa, Annisa Ramadanti
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on economics and contributed to an unprecedented reduction in business sustainability around the world. The COVID-19 countermeasures prevented people from crossing the city and forced them to work from home, resulting in the daily income disappearance. Currently,...
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Sirplus: The Market of Unshapen Food to Minimize the Food Loss

Gilang Rajasa Korda, Fenny Wirabudi, Alfonsia Ligouri Marsen Febriyana Danu Perwito, Mark Gil C. Adorna, Agustina Widi Palupi
People usually doubt the quality of unshapen food and they believe it contains less nutrition. Two billion people were affected by hunger or did not have access to sufficient and nutritious food, on the other hand approximately one-third of edible food is lost or waster every year. The Sirplus market...
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Mandatory CSR Policy in the Era of Covid-19 Pandemic

A Case: Indonesia, Malaysia and Nepal

Rashmee Shilpakar Rajkarnikar, Ahmad Syarif Munawi, Adela Fortunada, Balqis Balqis, Nur Farisha Ilya, Agustina Widi Palupi
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the well-being of people and countries around the world, with major implications for public health, society, safety and the economy. It has posed challenges to firms and organizations with regard to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The debate...
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The Role of Nano Influencers Through Instagram as an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Rafki Chandra Wibawa, Chairani Putri Pratiwi, Hasna Larasati
Digital marketing is one of the most preferred forms of marketing after the Covid 19 pandemic. The younger generations are using digital marketing extensively, and they are also using it by middle and older generations. Marketers are using digital marketing to market their products and services. Due...
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Role of Waste Bank for Household Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Waste Treatment and Corporate Social Responsibility in Indonesia

Eko Setyo Nugroho, Shaly Wanda Hamzah, Abdulmajeed Yahya Moqbel Saleh Alsabahi, Wahyumi Illahidayah, Ziaulhaq Zaland, Khairiyah Kamilah
The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious issue the world presently facing. Various ways have been taken to take over this COVID-19 pandemic in hope that the economy of the people affected by this pandemic can be back to increase. On the basis of this reality, this study aims to explore how companies or organizations...
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Value Relevance of Accounting Information in Sustainable Finance

Yuni Pristiwati Noer Widianingsih, Doddy Setiawan
This study aims to provide empirical evidence related to the relevant factors of accounting information that need to be considered in Sustainable Finance for companies listed on the IDX. This relevance will be following the concept of sustainable finance if the information used as the basis for predictions...
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The Moderating Role of Political Connections in the Relationship Between Board Characteristics and Intellectual Capital Disclosure

Belal Zidan Rimawi, Wan Fadzilah Wan Yusoff, Abu Sofian Yaacob
In light of the modern knowledge-based economy, companies have become increasingly dependent on intellectual capital. Companies have increased their dependence on intangible assets and changed the structure of their traditional assets. The traditional accounting standards and financial statements failed...