Proceedings of the SSEME workshop on Social Sciences and Education (SSEME-SSE 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Jia Li
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the International Conference on Social Sciences, Economics, Management and Education--workshop on Social Sciences and Education (SSEME-SSE 2023) during July 8-9, 2023 in Wuhan, China (Virtual). These articles have been peer reviewed...
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Nurturing of Application-oriented Foreign Language Talents in Local Tertiary Education in China: An Outcome-based Perspective

Haiyan Wang
In response to the transformation of higher education in China, some local universities put forward new requirements for applied education. Lately, a widespread dispute arose regarding the training of talented individuals in the field of foreign languages. The focal point is whether the training should...
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Practical Exploration and Research on Industry-Education Integration in USST

Lie Zhou, Jingwei Xu, Weier Situ
This article summarizes the current research status of industry education integration at home and abroad, and explores the methods and achievements of cross industry education integration at Shanghai University of Technology. It analyzes the bottlenecks of university industry education integration and...
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On Poverty Rates: The Influences of Government Expenditure and Tertiary Industry in Rural Areas in China

Guanxiang Chen
Poverty is a critical issue that requires attention that not only on a global scale but also on a national scale within China. As widespread societal challenges, the issue of poverty has profound implications for the well-being of people and development of nations. This study aims to examine the influences...
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College Students’ E-learning Quality Influencing Factors and Improvement Strategies

Jiamin Tian, Xiaoyu Zhang, Ze Liu
After the outbreak of Covid-19, in order to avoid the impact of the epidemic on teaching and learning activities, educational institutions around the world are trying to leverage the internet to make extensive use of numerous technological tools such as computers, tablets, cell phones, and the Internet...
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The Realization of Cooperation between Internet Platform Enterprises and Flexible Employees

Xingyu Pu
The platform economy has prompted the development of internet platform enterprises. Platform enterprises have to some extent solved the basic survival problems for flexible workers, their own cost reduction and efficiency improvement problems, and the difficult issue of stable employment in society via...
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Research on the Factors Influencing Financial Managers to Purchase Internet Financial Products

Na Liu, En Deng, Li Zhou
With the emerging technology boom represented by cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., people are increasingly willing to buy Internet financial products online. Especially comparing with traditional financial products, the low threshold advantage of Internet financial products has...
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Research on Teaching Innovation of Automobile Construction(II) under the Background of Professional Certification

Caixia You, Xiaowei Xu, Feng Qian, Neng Zhu
Engineering education certification is a basic way of professional evaluation of higher education, which emphasizes the student-centered educational concept. Based on the goal of ensuring that the rights and interests of the educated target are better reflected, according to the teaching practice experience...
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Quantitative Analysis of Heroic Epic “Manas” Translation Research in China

Yuting Zhou, Adalaiti
Manas has attracted wide attention from academic circles at home and abroad for its high academic value on epic. It has been translated into multiple languages and spread around the world. There are not only translations in English, German, Russian and other foreign languages, but also several translated...
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A Systematic Review of the Antitrust Compliance System in the Platform Economy

Yang Liu, Zhi-ying Ye
The compliance system characterized by the operator's initiative to follow legal norms has its unique instrumental value in the economic development of the new era. Although China has initially established an antitrust compliance system, the frequent occurrence of new types of monopolistic acts...
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Exploring the Optimization Path of Internal Control in Financial Sharing Center of Construction Enterprises in the Context of Digital Economy: A Case Study of an Iron Construction Group

Xiaoyan Jiang
In the context of digital economy, it is particularly important for a railway construction group to use big data platform and information technology to improve the financial management of enterprises, optimize the internal control of the financial sharing center of the enterprise group, and enhance the...
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Critical Aspects of Financial Support towards the Development of the Agricultural Sector of Ukraine

The paper substantiates that the reliable food supply of the population is strategically dominant for strengthening the food and, also, the national security of any country and its sustainable development. The purpose of the article is to substantiate the essence of the state financial support for the...
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Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Employment Prospects of College Students under the New Economic Normal--Human Resource Management as an Example

Nuo Chen, Ying Li, Jiaxin Chen, Jing Chen
The employment situation under the new economic normal is severe, which has a certain impact on the employment of college students. In this study, a regression model was established using principal component analysis in the context of the new normal of economic development. A quantitative analysis was...