Proceedings of the 5th Open Society Conference (OSC 2023)

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Daryono, Widiyanto, Ardik Ardianto, Indra Pratama Putra Salmon
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 5th Open Society Conference 2023 during 13 September 2023 in South Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. These articles have been peer reviewed by reviewers, the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief,...
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Empirical Evaluation on Cloud Computing in Oil and Gas Industries in Bahrain

Zorah Abu Kassim, Buthiana Nabeel Ebrahim Ali Hasan
Cloud computing has gained importance in Bahrain with the introduction of government “Cloud First” policy. This study investigates factors that affect Cloud computing technology adoption in oil and gas industry in Bahrain. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is used with Theory of Reason Action (TRA)....
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The Empowering of Technology and Innovation for the Sustainability of Intangible Resources in Malaysia Through Open Distance Education

Chiam Chooi Chea
Technology has “two sides of a same coin”. Technology and digitalization transformation are inevitable in the 21st century because it has been in every aspect of life, where 21st century is called a time period known as VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity), due to its robust, and...
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Uncovering the Landscape of Sharing Economy Research Amid and Beyond the Pandemic: A Bibliometric Analysis

Putu Chris Susanto, Martino Wibowo
As an emerging business model, the sharing economy (SE) or collaborative consumption is subject to volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA)—including during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet amidst the global pandemic, an increasing number of studies on SE were conducted. This literature...
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Comparative Analysis of The Establishment of Village-Owned Business Enterprises in Karawang and Bogor Regency: Policy, Organization and Business Dimensions

Tatang Sudrajat, M. Dadi Priadi, Yuyun Yuniarsih, Ratna Deli Sari
Residents of rural communities, most of whom work as farmers, have a low level of socio- economic welfare. Various regional policies, including those in Karawang Regency and Bogor Regency have been issued, including regarding Village-Owned Business Enterprises (BUM Desa) in the form of regional regulations...
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Adoption of QRIS as a Digital Payment Mode in the Culinary Subsector: A Conceptual Framework Study

Adisthy Shabrina Nurqamarani, Sarah Fadilla, Ari Juliana
Promoting the use of digital payment and ensuring financial inclusion is crucial in an era where digital transformation and changing behavior change at an unpredicted pace. One of the approaches done by the Indonesian Government Association to streamline digital transactions and enhance financial inclusion...
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Central Bank-Issued Digital Currency: Digital Yuan and the Party-State’s Control over the Financial Sector

Chaiwat Wuthinitikornkit
The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has announced the intention to launch the digital yuan, officially called the Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP), for the public use. The inception of the DCEP raises some important questions. How would the DCEP impact China’s existing economic model? How would...
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Opportunities and Challenges for Developing a Tourism Village Based on Local Wisdom in The Era of Society 5.0

Ramlan, Siti Hajar, Agung Saputra
The diversity of culture, customs and natural beauty that belongs to Samosir Regency has made this area known as a superior tourist area from North Sumatra Province. These advantages have become a great opportunity for Samosir Regency to be able to develop and advance in the tourism sector in the era...
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Assessing the Impact of Digital Information Literacy Workshop among Open University Malaysia Postgraduate Learners

Shahril Effendi Ibrahim, Thirumeni T. Subramaniam, Md Rosli Ismail
The Open University Malaysia Digital Library promotes digital information literacy skills among its learners by organizing frequent workshops. The aim of the workshop is to improve learners’ digital information literacy skills. This paper presents the findings from the investigation on the impact of...
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Paving the Way for Inclusive Digitalization in Indonesia: Policy and Governance Perspectives

Ida Widianingsih, Subekti W. Priyadharma, Gustaff Hariman Iskandar, Abdillah Abdillah, Ahmad Zaini Miftah, Qinthara Mubarak Adikancana
This study aims to explore the shape of inclusive digital transformation policies within the governance of the Indonesian government during the pre-pandemic and post-pandemic periods of Covid-19. The study employs a qualitative-exploratory method through a survey mapping policy from the perspective of...
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Open University Malaysia Experience in Assessing Experiential Learning using Kolb’s Model

Jaspal Kaur Naranjan Singh, Jagdave Singh Avtar Singh
As the world grapples with the pervasive effects of VUCA across various facets of life, including shifting job requirements, the question arises: To what extent can current education adequately equip learners to thrive in a VUCA world? Hence, this paper conducts a comprehensive assessment of learners’...
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Tourist Satisfaction: The Influence of Tourist Attractions, Tourist Facilities, and Social Media Marketing

Rafiqi Dzil Fakari, Wheny Khristianto, Djoko Poernomo, Suhartono
Tourist destination managers must be prepared to face changes in tourist behavior caused by the rapid development of information technology in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era. This study uses a quantitative approach that aims to investigate the relationship between tourist attractions, tourist facilities,...
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The Development of Coastal Marine Tourism in the Era of VUCA from a Blue Economy Perspective: The Ambon Case

Mawar, Abdul Rahman, Agus Hermanto
This research was conducted to analyze the development of coastal marine tourism in the era of VUCA from a blue economy perspective: the Ambon case. The approach in this research is qualitative. Meanwhile, the data collection in this study includes: FGD, interviews, and documentation. The results of...
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Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty of Automotive Lubricant Products E-Commerce Platform in Malaysia

Nor Azlan Saidon, S. K. Piaralal, V. S. Rethina, Nor Munira Mahmood, Wan Nurshaida Othman
This paper investigates the factors affecting customer loyalty of Malaysia’s automotive lubricant product’s e-commerce platform within the context of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) elements in the market, including the impact of COVID-19 and internet penetrations on customer...
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Exposing the Digital Utilization in Communication and New Media from 2018 to 2022: A Bibliometric Analysis

Nina Karlina, Riki Satia Muharam, Ahmad Zaini Miftah, Anry Firmansyah
This study’s objective was to examine international research trends in communication and new media research that were reported in journals that were indexed by Scopus from 2018 to 2022 and were written by academics from all around the world. We examined publications in the Scopus database using bibliometric...
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Agency Behind the Vortex of Power: Unveiling the Endeavors of Digital Labors in Opposition to Digital Capitalists

Irsanti Widuri Asih
This paper delves into the manifestation of digital capitalism through the lens of Gojek, a prominent exponent of this paradigm. Gojek serves as a notable exemplar of digital capitalism, emblematic of the platform-based sharing economy model. Initially confined to ride-hailing services, Gojek evolution...
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Enhancing the Local Brand Sneakers’ Performance through a Formulated Marketing Strategy

Dwi Rahmawati, Muhammad Danang Prasetyo, Priyantono Rudito
Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are among the more diverse groups of business actors operating online. NAH Project is one of the SMEs that use digital business as their model. The brand began to gain popularity among consumers across the country, including Indonesian President Joko Widodo, thanks...
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How is Economic Literacy and Consumptive Behavior? Through the Role of Student Learning Outcomes in Economic Education in Jambi Province

Yasir Riady, Zuhri Saputra Hutabarat
This article will reveal the level of economic literacy, academic achievement, and consumption patterns of students focused on economics in the province of Jambi in Indonesia. This quantitative research was put to the test with the use of regression analysis. The Department of Economic Education in Jambi...
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The Impact of Translation Technology on the Translation Process: Rethinking, Researching, and Innovating in the VUCA Era

Andre Iman Syafrony
Translation and technology have been evolving in parallel in the past few decades, and the pace of change has accelerated in the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) era. This paper explores the latest trends, research, and innovation in translation and technology in the VUCA era. It covers...

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Daryono, Widiyanto, Ardik Ardianto, Indra Pratama Putra Salmon