Proceedings of the 5th Open Society Conference (OSC 2023)

Conference name: Proceedings of the 5th Open Society Conference (OSC 2023)
Date: 13 September, 2023
Location: South Tangerang, Indonesia (Hybrid)

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are glad and pleased to welcome you and all the participants to The 5th Open Society Conference 2023. It is an annual conference held by the Faculty of Law, Social, and Political Sciences. The theme of this year’s conference is “Empowering Technology: Humanities, Business & Political Perspectives in VUCA Era”.

As we know, today the world is changing rapidly. This has created a sense of urgency to embrace this change for the sustainability of both individual and corporate existence. The name of this future world on the brink of change and transformation is Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA). Current phenomena include the rise of artificial intelligence, which can impact education and workforces, fast-paced businesses, and other advances that create VUCA. Understanding theVUCAworld, adapting to it, and focusing on the opportunities rather than the challenges are the basis of sustainability. This issue becomes fascinating to discuss from various perspectives and see how we could utilize and empower technology to mitigate the risks. On that account, through this conference, we would like to present an embodiment of an academic forum to disseminate ideas around the world.

With this conference, we aim to provide an academic platform for the global dissemination of ideas. It offers a valuable opportunity for lecturers and students to engage in a knowledge-sharing environment centered around the seminar’s theme. To cater to diverse research interests, we have organized the topics into seven subthemes:

This symposium raised the theme “The Innovation Chain: A Contribution to Society and Industry” and was attended by 324 presenters from 14 countries, including: Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Japan, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Australia, Kazakhstan, Scotland, Germany, Hungary, France, and Brazil.

1. Strengthening Bureaucratic Reformation Toward Society 5.0 Era
2. Managing Business & Taxation in VUCA World
3. The Digital Utilization in Engaging Communication Issues to Respond the VUCA Challenges.
4. Empowering Digital Library and Archive of Information Fulfillment in 5.0 Society
5. Translation and Technology: Rethink, Research, and Innovate
6. Legal Risk Management of VUCA
7. Society and Technology: Promoting Public Awareness in Digital Era

In bringing this conference into reality, we prioritize quality as the building bricks of the foundation, on which we lay our effort and hard work. We accomplish quality through different aspects of the conference.

We ensure it through double-blind peer review and clear criteria for abstract acceptance. This stringent selection process, guided by 33 outstanding reviewers from diverse institutions in Indonesia and abroad, distilled 132 abstracts into 76 full papers. This thorough selection process makes this conference the best venue to discuss various topics in humanities and social sciences.

To ensure all authors get high-quality publication opportunities, we strive for impact by collaborating with many nationally accredited journals and a well-known global publisher Atlantis Press for publishing in the proceedings. Furthermore, the impact of our conference is also ensured through the spread of our authors, who not only come from Indonesia but also from other countries.

We strive for prestige by inviting distinguished speakers who are experts in their fields. We have four panel speakers from three different countries, both academicians and practitioners, who can make the discussion more engaging from multiple perspectives. To draw ideas and thoughts on efforts in exploring how technology can be empowered in the VUCA Era, we invite the participation of conference guest speakers, academics, researchers, and practitioners from various scientific and institutional backgrounds.

In terms of service quality, our committee is dedicated to prioritizing the participants’ best interests—ensuring their comfort and support throughout the conference. Additionally, we recognize and applaud outstanding papers by conferring awards for the best paper and best presenter.

This conference is the result of the hard work, support, and dedication of several parties. We wish to thank all the committee members who together made the conference possible. The committee has been working throughout the year to propose sessions, review a record number of submissions, answer queries, arrange the schedule, and respond to last-minute requests. We also would like to extend our gratitude to FISIP Universitas Padjajaran and FISIP Universitas Jember for their invaluable contributions as co-hosts. Last but certainly not least, we thank all the authors and reviewers who form the backbone of this conference.

Thank you all for gracing us with your presence. Your participation is highly valued, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy the conference!

The Committee of the 5th OSC 2023