Proceedings of the 2016 6th International Conference on Machinery, Materials, Environment, Biotechnology and Computer

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Comparison of Different Models for Higher Harmonics Resonance Analysis Between Traction Networks and High Speed Train

Hu Cao, Yuping Liu, Runze Zhang, Shuihui Liu, Fei Lin
With the rapid development of high-speed railway technology, more and more countries enjoy the convenience which travels with high speed train.Most of the high speed train running on the railway use distributed power technology, the converter on the train get power from traction network to supply the...
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A Group Key Management Scheme Based on Random Transmission for VANET

Liang Pang, Da Wei, Qi Zhao, Jianqi Zhu
Group key management plays an important role in ensuring the safety and reliability of the VANET (vehicular ad-hoc network) over the channel. Through considering the characteristics of VANET communication and topology, a VANET group key management scheme is proposed based on random transmission which...
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Maximum Torque Control of Induction Traction Motor Based on DQ Axis Voltage Regulation

Guobin Sun, Shujia Mu, Hua Li, Fei Lin
In the high power traction driving system, induction motor is widely used with its advantages of strong structure, high reliability and low cost. When the voltage source inverter is used as the driving device of the induction motor and the motor speed exceeds the rated speed, it is required to consider...
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Theoretical Analysis of Biogeography Based Optimization

Aijun Zhu, Cong Hu, Chuanpei Xu, Zhi Li
Since the computation ability of computer improves dramatically, a lot of new meta-heuristic methods arise. All those algorithms are originated from some mechanisms in nature, and are similar in structure and widely used to solve global optimization problems. However, evolutionary algorithm, such as...
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Stiffness Matrix of Timoshenko Beam Element with Arbitrary Variable Section

Leiping Xu, Pengfei Hou, Bing Han
Timoshenko beam with variable section is widely used for the sake of good mechanical behavior and economic benefit. In order to improve analytical accuracy, stiffness matrix of Timoshenko beam element with arbitrary section was founded. According to the relationship between geometrical deformation and...
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Design and numerical simulation of an immunoisolation perfusion co-culture bioreactor for expansion of NSCs

Kedong Song, Siyu Jiang, Jiaxin Tian, Zeren Jiao, Yiwei Wang, Jiaquan Zhao, Tianqing Liu
Considering the immnuoisolation from the neural stem cells (NSCs) and endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs), the requirements of the carrier, shear tolerance and other factors, this study designed an immunoisolation perfusion co-culture bioreactor system, by dynamic perfusion culture environment of its...
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Study of rigid Bolt Joint in Beam-column connection of Gabled Portal Frames

Xuan Guo, Xiaoxin Zhang
The mechanical model analysis of the rigid joint of the key beam column connection of the portal frame of the industrial building is given in this paper.The structure form of joint has great influence on the stress state of high strength bolt connection.The calculation model of bolt is matched according...
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Study on Mechanical Behaviors of Orthotropic Deck of Highway Bridge

Bing Han, Qianhui Pu, Leiping Xu, Shili Yang, Liangjun Chen
In order to investigate mechanic behaviors of the orthotropic deck welding conformation details of highway steel bridge, take Zhongdu Yangtze River Bridge located in Jiangjin of Chongqing district as an engineering background, the 3-dimension spatial section model of steel box girder was firstly established...
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AS3 Multimedia Animation Demonstration Design in Flash CS4

Ping Liu
Multimedia animation demonstration, as a broad market development prospect and important application field of Flash animation, has a very important significance and value in the field of education teaching. Combining high school knowledge, this paper gives a detailed overview of AS3.0 features in Flash...
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Positive solutions of some nonlocal fourth-order boundary value problem with dependence on the first order derivative

Fei Yang, YuanJian Lin
In this paper, By the use of a new fixed point theorem and the nonlocal BVP Green function. The existence of at least one positive solutions for the nonlocal fourth-order boundary value problem with the first order derivative
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A Design of Power Supply Circuit Module of Fuse General Tester

Longtao Hu, Tiansuo Fan, Dongguang Zuo, Ding Yuan, Fengchen Li
In order to solve the problem that conventional single IPC tester exists a universal machine a difficult test, a large space and other issues, the researchers designed a new fuse covers a variety of common tester, according to several types of fuses and general target test tester itself different actual...
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A Circuit Design Based on high-speed serial communications data transfer network communication interface module

Tiansuo Fan, Longtao Hu, Dongguang Zuo, Fengchen Li, Bing Zhou, Hao Chen
Automation control and other consumer devices, industrial control and other fields, external communication interface many devices is still low speed serial port, but the low-speed serial inherent disadvantages: inability to concentrate, comprehensive, accurate and real-time monitoring data, which requires...
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An Intelligent Biogas Digester Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Hao Chen, Qianyun Chu
Biogas is deemed as a kind of superior and renewable resource. It is urgent for Supervisory Departments to adopt a real-time monitoring system which may process data promptly so as to reduce the potential danger and improve the level of automation. In this paper, an intelligent biogas digester monitoring...
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"Three Preventions" System Design Based On Single-Chip Microcomputer (SCM)Control

Jiaxiong Wen
With the rapid development of social economy, Science and technology level are increasingly improving, especially accelerated pace of life, People demand for fireproof, anti-theft and anti-gas equipment is greatly increased, and for theft, fire and other accident monitoring and alarm system requirements...
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Intelligent Optimization of Urban real-time traffic route based on Improved non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm

Ming Zhu, Bo Su, Gangmin Ning
Urban traffic is a real-time change, so the traditional serial algorithm cannot satisfy the requirement of traffic scale and condition changes. Therefore, this paper proposes a improved non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm for route optimization problem of multi-objects. Firstly, through the analysis...
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Prediction method of landslide disaster in southern China based on multi attribute group decision making

Siyuan Zhang, Weizhong Ren, Xinxin Zhang, Haikang Liu
According to prediction of landslide based on grey vector machine model, the landslide is affected by multiple factors such as soil layer structure and these factors show complicated non-linear relation with landslide, while it is hard for the traditional model to reflect the non-linear complicated relation....
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Complex Projective Synchronization of Complex System With Disturbance

Zhizhong Chen
In this paper, we propose complex projective synchronization method to realize synchronization of two chaotic complex systems with disturbance. Base on the theory of the Lyapunov stability, we design adaptive feedback controller to realize complex projective synchronization of master-slave chaotic complex...
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Solving Multi-Sensor Multi-Target Assignment Problem Based on Compositive Combat Efficiency and QPSO Algorithm

Gongguo Xu, Xiusheng Duan, Wenhua Hu, Hailong Zhang
Aiming at the multi-sensor multi-target assignment (MSMTA) problem under complex air defense combat environment, a new MSMTA model is proposed with the compositive combat efficiency of the identification, tracking and positioning stage. And then, the quantum particle swarm optimization (QPSQ) algorithm...
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Research on Doctor-patient communication and care mechanism from the perspective of narrative medicine

Ping Qu, Jiguang Li, Jinhui Wu
The report of the 17th National Congress of CPC will take the "people first" as the core of scientific development concept. With the upgrading of science and technology and the progress of medical science, the "people first" shall be more required by medical science. As future medical workers, we shall...
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Wireless Mesh network routing protocol based on multi - routing metric

Xin Huang, Junhui Bai, Zhihong An
Node positioning system can quickly determine the position of the multiple nodes. On how to improve the performance of multiple nodes localization, multiple nodes localization algorithm based on integration of subframe estimation and cluster analysis is proposed. First, a signal is divided into 8 subframes....
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Network security analysis of weighted neural network with association rules mining

Ziqiao Wang, Weinan Fu
This article applies Co-S3OM semi-supervised learning algorithm to intrusion detection field and proposes specific semi-supervised network intrusion classification scheme. In accordance with different type of attack, different mark samples are selected as training set to complete initialization of three...
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Road Network Traffic Congestion Evaluation Simulation Model based on Complex Network

Chao Luo
To deeply analyze the dynamic evolution process of traffic congestion on road network and provide policy analysis tools for traffic congestion governance, the article proposed a traffic congestion evaluation simulation model on based on complex road network. By introducing section impedance concept into...
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Distributed Fusion Filter for Networked Multi-sensor Systems with Unknown Measurement Interferences and Packet Dropouts

Bo Qi, Shuli Sun
This paper is concerned with the design of distributed fusion filter for networked systems with unknown measurement interferences and packet dropouts. A Bernoulli distributed random variable is used to depict the phenomenon of packet dropouts. Without any prior information about the interference, a recursive...
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Accelerated sonic fatigue testing methodology for reliability assessments of aircraft structure based on linear load intensification

Chao Qu, Wenchao Huang, Dingwen Gao
In term of sonic fatigue, initiation tests are commonly stopped at 108 cycles assuming that a fatigue limit exists, whereas feedback experience from in service aircraft has shown that structural elements can fail even after 1011 cycles. Thus, it is important to explore the gigacycle fatigue domain and...
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Petri Net Verification of Service Composition Mechanism based on Hierarchical Service Overlay Network

Yu Qiao, Yanmei Zhang, Hengyue Jia
This paper proposed a hierarchical service overlay network framework (HSON) based on the analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the present service composition network framework and the characteristics of service composition applications, and studied service composition mechanism based on HSON.....
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A Mix Block Compressive Sensing Algorithm for Image Processing

Ruipeng Luan
In order to solve the problem of high cost and high time consuming in the traditional algorithm of compressed sensing technology, a mix block compressive sensing algorithm for image processing is proposed in this paper. Image is divided into sub images by mixed block strategy in the process of scanning,...
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An Anomaly Recognition Algorithm for Financial Data based on Self-Organizing Fuzzy Rule

Xuebing Feng
Financial data has the characteristic of nonstationary, nonlinear and low SNR. Due to the lack of financial data anomalies training set, which results in greater difficulties in the intelligent algorithm on financial data anomaly recognition. Therefore, an anomaly recognition algorithm for financial...
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An IDEA-BCC Model for Performance Management of Scientific Research

Nuonuo Shang
Aiming at the practical problems in the performance management of scientific research, an IDEA-BCC model based on the combination of kernel function mapping and the BCC model in the traditional DEA method is proposed in this paper. Taking the annual research input and output data of the scientific research...
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An Underwater Imaging System Layout Method based on Minimum Illumination and Contrast Calculation

Guixin Sun
Underwater imaging is an effective method to measure the moving objects in water. Based on the attenuation characteristics of light in water, the underwater imaging system layout method based on the calculation of minimum illumination and minimum contrast is proposed in this paper. This method as underwater...
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Design and Implementation of Alcohol Concentration Monitoring System Based on MCU

Qingru Lu, Hui Huang, Debin Chen, Haiyan Xin
With the development of science and technology, intelligent products becomes more and more popular. Alcohol concentration monitoring system based on the MCU STC89C52 and gas sensor has many functions such as alarm by sound and light LCD display function and so on. The system can set different thresholds...
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Wireless Multipoint Temperature Detection System Design

Hui Huang, Debin Chen, Qingru Lu, Haiyan Xin
In the industrial, agricultural production and daily life, the measurement and control of temperature occupy a very important position. In this paper, it mainly introduces a kind of temperature measurement system which can be collected at multiple points, and the collected data can be transmitted to...
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Research of DOA Estimation Based on MUSIC Algorithm

Liwei Huang, Huiqin Chen, Yulin Chen, Haiyan Xin
This paper studies MUSIC algorithm in direction of arrival(DOA) estimation of signals, expounds the principle of this algorithm, conducts simulation for uniform linear array with Matlab, concludes that MUSIC algorithm has different performances in estimating direction of arrival with different number...
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Research of e-Learning Platform based on Open Source Framework

Na Zhang, Jia Wang
The gradual development of Java EE architecture promotes the research and development of e-Learning platform. The research status and future development trend of e-Learning platform are analyzed, and the NEO Framework is proposed. NEO Framework based on Java EE architecture, many open source frameworks...
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Oriented to cloud service environment Multi dimension query of English Network

Jing Liu, Zhenyu Ma
The arrival of the information age makes people more and more exposed to the multimedia information, and the multimedia teaching based on the visual audio and graphic images has been widely used. On English multimedia teaching information in text data content analysis and retrieval technology is relatively...
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Integration Key Technology Of Smart Parts

Rongmao Zheng, Jinyan Yang, Yuehua Xu
The Smart parts are the trend of the development of IOT, which means the parts have the wisdom nodes, and use wisdom nodes to record all kinds of parts description information or run state. Smart parts can to solve the smart device access, control, and information conversion and transmission problems...
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Study on stiffness characteristic of hydro pneumatic suspension system

Peng Zhang, Yongchao Li, Pengzhen Li
The influence of different structural parameter on the stiffness characteristics of hydro-pneumatic suspension system has been simulated with MATLAB/Simulink software. The simulation results indicate that the hydro-pneumatic suspension system has the nonlinear stiffness characteristics. The dynamic stiffness...
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Self-adaptive Video Target Tracking and Application based on Particle Filter

Fankun Meng, Hao Tian
In order to promote tracking and positioning accuracy of wireless sensor network node and reduce energy consumption further, a multi-objective congestion-degree differential optimization and Bayes quantification variation filtering and estimating WSN tracking and positioning algorithm is presented in...
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Research on Dynamic Equivalent for Hydropower Generator Group Based on Phasor Measurement Information Part I:Theory and Method

Huabo Shi, Gang Chen, Lijie Ding, Hua Zhang
In order to simulate the dynamic characteristics of small hydropower group more accurately, a method of dynamic equivalent for hydropower generator group use phasor measurement information is proposed. Using the idea of weighted aggregation, aggregate parameters identified in different temporal and spatial...
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Research on Dynamic Equivalent for Hydropower Generator Group Based on Phasor Measurement Information Part II: Application in Real Power System

Huabo Shi, Lijie Ding, Hua Zhang, Gang Chen
In order to make the dynamic equivalent method for hydropower generator group based on phasor measurement information more suitable for the actual grid. A index use tie-line power oscillation to evaluate disturbance intensity is presented .Based on this index, consider disturbance location and it's distance...
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Determination for mine construction project time and its parameters using network planning technique

Fengshan Han, Xinli Wu
Mine construction is a large complex engineering projects, it include a large number of roadway engineering in underground, the ground construction and a large number of electrical mechanical equipment installation engineering, These engineering projects restrict each other and contact with each other,...
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Comprehensive Evaluation Method of Transformer Area State Based on Hopfield Neural Network

Dong Wang, Fei Liu, Jing Fu
The intelligent distribution network is a kind of complex system, which is affected by many factors. The establishment of evaluation indexes and method of transformer area is the basis for further scientific planning, construction and management of distribution network. Based on the advantages of neural...
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The economics of sustainable residential building in Australia

Lefeng Liu, Changjiang Liu
Sustainable buildings have been commonly considered as more expensive than traditional design building. Public has concerned about actual economic return of energy efficient building. This study tries to analyze economical return of sustainable residential building in Melbourne and what is rational decision...
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Design and Simulation of Phase Locked Loop Circuit Based on VCO Optimization

Dengxu Liu, Yuqin Yao
This Paper stars from the basic working principle of PLL, obtains the mathematical model of PLL based on the traditional PLL structure, and analyzes the phase-locked loop tracking performance, acquisition performance, stability and noise performance, and other performances of PLL. This paper describes...
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CPSO algorithm based parameter optimization for power system damping controllers

Xi Wang, Pengfei Hu
Wide-area PSS (power system stabilizer) and HVDC (High voltage direct current) modulation are effective damping controllers in power system. With conventional parameter tuning method, the damping of the non-dominate modes would be impaired or new poor damping mode would be triggered. In this paper, the...
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The introduction of disturbance observer in power system

Xi Wang, Lijie Ding, Hua Zhang
Most controllers used in power system such as PID controllers are based on linearization without considering the external disturbance. In this paper, the disturbance observer is introduced in HVDC control. Firstly, the model of HVDC system considering the disturbance is established. Then disturbance...
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Research on a Low-Harmonic Nearest Level Modulation Method for Modular Multilevel Converters

Pengfei Hu, Xi Wang, Lun Tang
Modular Multilevel Converters (MMC) have been widely applied in medium- and high-voltage applications such as High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission. Hence, the modulation method which can generate low harmonic waves with low losses is quite suit for the HVDC condition. This paper proposes a...
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Study of Computer Network Security and Its Countermeasures

Jun Qian, Song Guo
Computer technology is developing rapidly, so that the development of today's society can not do without information network. Since the information transfer computer network involved in all areas of finance, science and education, and military, which contains significant economic or national interests,...
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Research on Database Application Performance Optimization Method

Jiangang Zhang
Optimization of database systems for the normal operation of the whole system plays a vital role, but it is a very complex task. The final decides the database performance database availability. A database can be up and running, but if you want to take a long time to return results, then their use will...
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Research on MCU Motor Control

Mujun Chen, Jianjuan Zou, Haiyan Qiu
Motor control system has a simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance, etc., across the range of applications, including industrial sector. As a single-chip processor motor control system greatly reduces the cost, but also greatly simplifies the wiring of the PCB, PCB layout makes it easier....
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Study of Cellular Immune Function and Regulation Measurement

Qingfeng Wan, Wenbin Zhang
"Cellular immune system" concept first proposed in 1981 by the American scholar Siegel. 20 years of domestic and foreign scholars have done a lot of research and found that there are many cells and immune-related substances, and have recognition, adhesion, concentrated, anti-antigen, the antigen transfer...
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Study on the Performance of Decorative Colors and Materials on Ceramics

Jian Zheng
The main topic of reincarnation colors and different materials used in the performance of ceramic appearance, were ceramic color performance with a special technique, combining ancient beauty and modern beauty, this study as a starting point.
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Study on the Development of Shopping Software in the Application of Computer Technology

Yanzhen Cao
Information network is the trend of development of modern society, computer technology is relatively mature led to the development of corresponding industries, shopping software development process fit people's mode of life. Beginning in 2010, shopping cart software has now become a theme software to...
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Analysis of the Multidimensional Space form and Expression Pattern of Book Design

Genqi Li
Life books and the people closely related to the book is an example of human learning, a broad sense is the ability to show the crystallization of human civilization history and culture; from the narrow sense to let people learn from previous experience. With the development of the times, people look...
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The Application of Shape Rule in Web Page Design

Yi Shan
With the continuous development of society, the network has become an important mode of contact with people's lives. Web design from the simplest design pattern is now transformed into colorful web effect. Web design is the most important application of the law is the law of the shape, the shape of the...
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Research on Technologies and Applications of Embedded Internet

BingJie Liu, Jianhong Ren
As the appliance of embedded internet is more and more abroad, the embedded internet technologies have become the focus of the electronics research in the world. This paper discusses the concept and key technologies of the embedded internet, and presents the actual applications of the embedded internet...
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Analysis of Virtual Local Area Networking Technology

Zheng Zhang
VLAN technology is widely used in construction and management of large-scale advanced network. With the wide use and development of VLAN, LAN networking becomes more flexible and convenient. In this article, we elaborate the working principle of VLAN, from the perspective of broadcast domain splitting...
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Application of 3D Visualization Technology in Virtual Reality

JianLan Ren, Jianhong Ren
Virtual reality system allows users to start from their own point of view, and take advantage of natural skills and related equipment for the generation of virtual world objects to browse and interact. In virtual reality platform, 3D visualization technology plays a vital role. In this article, we carry...
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The Application of Computer Information Processing Technology in the "Big Data" Era

Zhihui Liu
The next era of big data, computer information processing technology for processing large data stream processing model and the model is divided into two types of batch mode, computer information processing large data including extraction, analysis and interpretation of data in the three big work. Facebook...
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Machining of complex cross-sectional profile parts based on NC

Yongqing Zhou, Bo Wei, Shaoye Xue
In order to achieve the manual programming of complex cross-sectional profile parts,the use of curve fitting, use mapping software to draw the outline of the curve, the contour is segmented, with minimum condition arc or straight line to fit the line segment to give the arc endpoint coordinates and the...
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High Performance Internet image Server Design and Implementation

Genyuan Zhang
How to provide cost effective, high performance image patch query and image patch analysis implementation is one important issue for internet image server design. In this paper, we present one novel approach to internet image server design and implementation. Like most modern internet image server implementation,...
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A New Method For Removing High-Density Salt and Pepper Noise Based On Decision-based Based Algorithm

Nan Yang, Shi Yan, Xueting Jing, Tianqin Cui, Xiaodong Du
The thesis proposes an improved median filtering algorithm for the restoration of images that are highly corrupted by salt and pepper noise. The proposed algorithm (PA) replaces the noisy pixel with the median of the already processed pixel values by changing the processing structure and using iteration...
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A Strong RFID Authentication Protocol with Confidentiality and Anonymity for EPCglobal Class-1 Gen-2 Tags

Zhicai Shi, Yihan Wang, Changzhi Wang, Shitao Ren
RFID systems are some typical resource constraint systems and lightweight authentication is considered as one effective method to ensure their security and privacy. The EPCglobal Class-1 Gen-2 tags are popular RFID tags and this kind of tags has some on-chip computing resources. Based on these on-chip...
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A Better Personalized Image Searching Algorithm

He Huang, Guang feng Sheng, Jing jing Du, Xu Lei, Tao Zhang
Searching engines become the major tool for information retrieval of users with the rapidly increasing Web information. Traditional search engines can't completely evaluate users' search aims. It will lead to retrieval quality decline and increased cost. The paper proposed a better personalized image...
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Study of the formant and duration in Chinese whispered vowel speech

Yue Zhao, Wei Lin
Study on the acoustical characteristic is important to speech and speaker recognition in Chinese whispered speech. In this paper, the characteristics of whispered speech are introduced and the acoustical characteristics in Chinese whispered speech are discussed. There is no fundamental frequency in the...
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Application of Domestic Virtualization Software in Electric Information System

Cong Hu, Yixuan Tang, Yang Guo
Aiming at the increasingly expanding business, large server maintenance amount and high maintenance cost, the Anhui Electric Power Corporation decided to carry out information system hardware resource pool construction based on advanced information technologies such as cloud computing and virtualization...
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Network performance evaluation algorithm based on BP neural network

Qi Liu, Xiyue Wang, Yiyong Lin, Ling He, Yunzhi Huang
In this paper, a network performance evaluation algorithm is proposed based on BP neural network. This system collects 8 network parameters in a local area network, and classifies the performance of network into three states: excellent, good and unqualified. Verification and analysis results show that...
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Design and Analysis of Servo Actuator Control System Based on ARM

Xin Yang, Qingwei Bo, Changsheng Zhou
A servo control system and servo position signal acquisition system based on PHILIPS ARM7 series kernel LPC2292 were designed. The principle and construction of the position control module was discussed in detail. The accuracy of controlling system was verified using Matlab code. Results show that the...
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Research on logistics handing agv picking route optimization method based on improved genetic algorithm

Juntao Li, Yan Hao, Yinhong Liu
Establish logistics handing agv operating environment model by using the grid method, and the picking route optimization model based on grid environment model. By analyzing the qualitative factors in agv "goods to person" picking system, present an improved genetic algorithm combining qualitative and...
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A Novel TOA Estimation Method for UWB Multipath

Chunling Tang, Jianqiao Yu
The energy detection(ED) receiver is a practical solution for time of arrival (TOA) estimation in ultra wideband (UWB) ranging,Nevertheless,this method is vulnerable to the interference of noise and other wireless systems.In the study,we propose a novel method based independent component analysis(ICA)...
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Detecting Temporal Social Communities for Content Dissemination in Indoor Environments

Bowen Yu, Yu Zhang, Yuwei Xu
Mobile social computing services such as location-based services and cooperative computing services are emerging for mobile devices. Those services promise to give us more opportunities to enhance social connectivity with neighbors and nearby places. This paper focuses on the issue of how to be aware...
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Energy measurement for mobile phone's datacompression and transmission

Bowen Yu, Yu Zhang, Lubin Li
Cloud service has been widely used in people daily life for its convenience and security. In general, there are two sub processes in the course of the interaction mobile devices and cloud servers: data compression and transmission. In this paper, we present a test methodology for evaluating energy cost...
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Parallelizing Count-Min Sketch Algorithm on Multi-core Processors

Bowen Yu, Yu Zhang, Lubing Li
In this paper, we present a novel method that exploits the great parallel capability of multi-cores to speed up the famous Count-Min sketch algorithm. The proposed parallel Count-Min sketch algorithm equally distributes the input data stream into sub-threads which use the original Count-Min sketch algorithm...
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H Filter for Continuous-time Systems With Measurement Losses

Xibin An, Bing He, Gang Liu, Haoshen Lin
The H filter for continuous-time linear systems with measurement losses is studied by using lose ratio. The optimal strategies of the filter are provided and its optimality is proved. Then, the necessary and sufficient conditions of the optimal strategies are solved. Finally, the effectiveness of the...
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A Novel Cascading Failure Model on City Transit Network

Tao He, Ning Zhu, Zhenshan Hou, Guixi Xiong
Urban public transportation network is a typically complex network and the local fault of network often leads to serious systemic impact, causing cascading failure. Research on cascading failure of the bus network, is advantageous to understand of the potential key individuals of the network, so as to...
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The research and design of network management system of assets in schools

Lingli Mo
This paper, based on the analysis of the business process and characteristics of the users of school asset management system as well as the functions of asset management system, develops a suitable asset management system model through two-dimensional code technology, aiming to provide technical support...
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Design of photoelectric pulse device based on Bluetooth

Qiang Liu, Lianghua Lou, Tao Zhang, Yongyun Zhu
The principle of using photoelectric sensor to detect the pulse waveform is introduced. A low cost photoelectric pulse detection device is designed, which can improve the pulse detection circuit. In addition, the pulse signal waveform display PC is designed by using C# language, and the pulse waveform...
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Design and Application of Alarm Light Circuit for Intelligent Management System of Coal Mine Equipment

Xingshan Li, Jian Lu
The intelligent management of the coal mine blasting equipment storehouse can regulate the storage of the explosive material by the real-time monitoring(temperature, humidity, pressure and vibration) of the storage environment of the blasting equipment. Fingerprint identification was used for opening...