Proceedings of the 2016 6th International Conference on Machinery, Materials, Environment, Biotechnology and Computer

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Effect of Long Aerobic Exercise on Bone Mineral Density in Elderly Patients with Osteoporosis

Qiang Liu, Longling Xiao
Purpose: Inquiry is not the same effect on the long aerobic exercise on bone mineral density in elderly patients with osteoporosis. Methods January 2013-January 2014 in our hospital 120 cases of senile osteoporosis patients in this study, according to the motion duration were divided into control group...
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Intermittent hypoxia training effects on rat skeletal muscle SDH

Qiaozhen Yan, Fangtao Liu, Jianfu Zhu
Based on 72 SD male rats were intermittent hypoxia training, observe its quiet state three hours after, immediately after exercise, and exercise changes the activity of SDH in skeletal muscle. Found that in the condition of the three, the rat skeletal muscle SDH has obvious changes, and presents the...
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Research on incremental load power bicycle exercise on bone mineral density in patients with osteoporosis

Fangtao Liu, Qiaozhen Yan
Objective to explore the effect of incremental cycle ergometer exercise on bone mineral density in patients with osteoporosis. Methods 60 cases with osteoporosis in 2013 January-2014 year in January in our hospital as the research object, according to the different treatment as control group and observation...
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Acute Incremental load Movement Before and After the Red Cell Immune Function and T lymphocytes and Their Subsets Change Research

Mengyan Zou
Objective To study the paper acute incremental load movement before and after the red cell immune function and the change of T lymphocytes and their subsets. Selection methods in January 2014-May 2014 in our hospital outpatient treatment of 122 cases of patients as the research object, the elbow vein...
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Hormone replacement combined with the prevention effect of aerobic exercise on osteoporosis of postmenopausal women

Jianfu Zhu, Qiaozhen Yan
Objective to study the preventive effect of hormone replacement combined with exercise on osteoporosis of postmenopausal women. Methods 70 postmenopausal osteoporosis patients in our hospital obstetrics and Gynecology treated according to different therapeutic methods were divided into treatment group...
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Discussion on urban road traffic congestion algorithm for automatically determining

Shanshan Qu, Zhikai Cheng
Abstract: Compared with expressway, most of the traffic flow in urban road network can be denoted as interrupted traffic flow. Based on the currently employed equipment for traffic flow collection and traffic signal control in urban roads, different types of traffic flow in urban roads is analyzed with...
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Research on Big Data Management and Storage Based on Linux Container

Jing Yang
These years, a new generation of virtualization technology, aka Linux container,is becoming more and more popular. Linux container is a lightweight virtualization techªnology which providing resource isolation with little performance overhead. This paper designs and implements a solution for Big Data...
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Research on Virtual Laboratory Platform Architecture Design Based on Internet

Jing Zhang, Xin Pu
With the deepening reform and expanding college enrollment in China's higher education system, the traditional experimental teaching has been unable to meet the needs of today's higher education development. Based on the original network engineering laboratory, based on the introduction of virtual simulation...
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Study on the Parameter Model Affecting Coal Consumption Rate in Coal-Fired Boiler

Qingbei Qiao
It is of great realistic significance to optimize operating process and control energy consumption for production segment in thermal power plants. First of all, this paper proposes the analysis model of the energy consumption of the boiler operating parameters, and then according to the definition of...
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VCL Construction and Optimization Based on Vmware Private Cloud

Qinghua Sun, Jianhai Yu
In this paper, the characteristics of computer practice teaching universities and research requirements, analysis of cloud computing and virtualization technology, noted that the use of virtualization technology on campus to build cloud-based platform for virtual computer lab (Virtual Computer Laboratory)...
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A study of 3D Strike-Zone Design and Its Track Based on Kinect v2

Ching-Tang Hsieh, Li-Ming Chen, Ku-Chen Huang, Meng-Shiuan Pan, Hsing-Che Liou
An increasing number of researchers have begun to use depth sensors in their studies due to the drop in sensor prices in recent years. In computer vision, depth provides a wider range of useful information. In sports, baseball and softball pitchers are typically unable to self-evaluate their throw quality...
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Taiwan Sign Language Recognition System Using LC-KSVD Sparse Coding Method

Ching-Tang Hsieh, Hsing-Che Liou, Li-Ming Chen
Sign language, for deaf-impaired people, plays an important role in communication. In this paper, we devise a Taiwan Sign Language recognition system. We use the Kinect2 sensor to get data from 94 sign morphemes shown once by 4 people, and extract hand shape features and trajectory features from depth...
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Ching-Tang Hsieh, Cheng-Yuan Chiang, Ting-Wen Chen
The sparse algorithm for sparse enhancement is more and more popular issues, recently. In previous research, the sparse algorithm for sparse enhancement will spend much time, so we propose LC K-SVD(Label Consistent K-SVD) to reduce spending time. We focus on the White Gaussian Noise. The experiments...
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Research on RMS Data Analysis and System Construction of Digitized Forces

Haiqing Wang, Ping Gu, Zengguang Wang, Wei Zhang
The collection of Reliability, maintenance and supportability (RMS) data is the important basis for preparing to construct and deploy equipment support system and its support resource. It has an important significance for the construction of digital troops. This paper begins with the analysis of the...
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The wireless sensor network of the family environment monitoring system research

Zhiqin Qian, Kai Wu, Zhuming Bi
With the rapid development of all the modern IT and as well as people's living standards improve, there is higher requirements of their environment so that smart home emerged. At present ,air pollution is more and more serious,it has affected people's normal life. In this modern world, people pay attention...
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A Research on an index of Taxi Resource Allocation in "Internet Plus" Era

Minghao Yan
This article studies the extent of "Supply/Demand Matching" of the taxi resource allocation under the "internet plus" era.We set up indices, analyze supply and demand. In order to analyze the extent of "Supply/Demand Matching", with referencing the demand-supply model of micro-economics, this article...
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Aircraft Landing Queue Scheduling Model on the Fight Delay Problem

Xin Zheng
This paper aiming at the traffic control of fight to solve the problem of fight delay. To reinforce the traffic control, we build the aircraft queue scheduling model, which include two sub-models. When the amount of landing flights exceeds the runway capacity, the problem can transfer to the traveling...
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Design of SAS real-time image display based on FPGA and DSP

Junxian Wang, Junnan Li, Weidong Wang, Jing Wang
In order to improve the performance of real-time, stability and high-resolution display of sonar signal processing system, the article designs and realizes a kind of mobile phone screen real-time display system based on FPGA + DSP, with The FPGA, DSP and SSD2828 device as the hardware core. It fully...
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A Precise Position and Orientation Algorithm Based on IMM-SINS/GNSS in Aerophotogrammetry System

Jingxin Liu, Yun Bai, Yang Ji
Aiming at the difficulties of high-precision position and orientation system in aerophotogrammetry system, drift error in traditional Strap-down Inertial Navigation system, noise characteristic mutarions in integrated navigation system, an algorithm based on IMM-SINS/GNSS Kalman filter is proposed. The...
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Analysis of dual clock detection probability Random Multiple Access Protocol

Zhi Xu, Yifan Zhao, Hongwei Ding, Shengjie Zhou, Longjun Liu
In wireless sensor networks, traffic load moment node are changing ;the basis of CSMA protocol for idle channels not do effectively. To address this problem, analysis the lack of basic CSMA protocol, in order to improve the utilization of CSMA protocol idle, we come up with a new protocol which is the...
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Analysis on the Situation of Water Scarcity in Beijing City Based on NARSD Model

Wentao Feng
Water Scarcity is a problem which draws the world's attention all along. Beijing, the capital of China, is an over-exploited region when it comes to water scarcity according to the UN water scarcity map. So this paper's major concern lies in developing a model that can measure and estimate the water...
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A new variable step LMS algorithm and its application in blind satellite signals filtering

Jiao Dong, Kai Xu
The variable step LMS algorithm can construct appropriate factor and adjust its filter parameters to achieve the optimal filter. But for the blind signals whose frequency bandwidth is different largely, the traditional variable step LMS algorithm can't meet the requirements. To design a new effective...
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Power Big Data platform Based on Hadoop Technology

Jilin Chen, Nana Liu, Yong Chen, Weijiang Qiu
The utility industry has entered into big data era as the construction and development of smart grid. It becomes more critical to store and process the big data efficiently, and to make effective utilization when the power big data are massive complicate. This paper analyses the status of power big data....
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Research on Distributed Network Communication Based on ICE Middleware

Yonggang Li, Jinbiao Zhou, Libing Guo, Yi Wang, Ruihai Yi
In connection with features and requirements of distributed system, this paper presents a solution of network communication based on ICE distributed middleware. This solution not only achieves efficient network communication in heterogeneous environment, but also realizes functions in the distributed...
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Research of Improved Ant Colony Hybrid Algorithm

Shijun Li, Yu Han, Hongjun Gu, He Gong, Jian Li
In order to extend the application of ant colony algorithm (ACA), many scholars combined the ant colony algorithm with immune algorithm (IA) or other algorithms to solve the problem of slow convergence. To fully solve the too long search time, easily falling into local optimization, slow convergence...
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The techniques for computer security intrusion detection based on Preserving Embedding for Anomaly Detection

Chunxia Zhao, Linjing Wang, Fan Liao
Computer security has been attracting more and more attention ,since intrusion detection have become a significant threat in recent years. The techniques for intrusion detection are generally classified into two categories, which are anomaly detection and misuse detection respectively. In this paper,...
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Water quality Prediction Model Based on fuzzy neural network

Fan Liao, Chunxia Zhao
This article proposes a dissolved oxygen prediction model for water quality about aquaculture to solve the problems like low accuracy and poor robustness of traditional prediction methods about water quality based on principal component analysis (PCA), fuzzy neural network(FNN), and differential evolution...
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Research on Performance Evaluation of Ecological Environment in the Construction of Index System Audit

Xiangjun Pu
Environmental performance audit has become an effective management tool for environmental management. In this paper, it takes the concept of ecological environment and ecological environment performance evaluation as the breakthrough point, combined with the evaluation criteria of government environmental...
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Implication of Social Media on the Students' Academic Performance in campus China

Fan Kang
The study examines social media: its implication on academic performance of students in campus, China. The researchers considered the influence of social media on students' attitudinal disposition, academic performance, accessibility and their social lives. The study utilized a survey method using the...
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Numerical study of parallel pipeline homogeneous Flow Model

Zunqiang Zhu
To research the parallel pipeline system of household solar collector pipelines,we use the FLUENT software to simulate the parallel tubes numerically .We proposed that we can reduce the pressure drop and improve the flow distribution uniformity of parallel tubes by changing the connection angle. Comparing...
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A Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme over Finite Prime Field

Liwang Bai, Qiqi Zhao, Yuqing Lan
Data security of small & medium-sized banks in transmission, storage and even calculation in cloud environment challenges traditional encryption technology. Nevertheless, homomorphic encryption technology could meet users' needs in data privacy and cloud computing resources simultaneously. Current homomorphic...
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Positioning technology based on the shadow of the Sun

Yumeng Wang
The mathematical problem of the changes of the shadow length of the straight bar according to the passage of time can be solved by transforming the problem to solve the sun elevation angle corresponding to the time. The sun elevation angle is determined by the local time and Sun's declination. By using...
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The application of the space analytic geometry in the concrete example

Kanru Cheng
This paper will aim at calculating parameters and solving its optimization problems of folding desk, according to the given plank and the size of the folding desk, deducing the calculation formula of the machining parameters making use of the geometrical relationship, establishing the multi-object programming...
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Model for Determination of Candidate Schools

Yulan Shen
The Goodgrant Foundation is devoted to the educational performance of undergraduates attending colleges. A series of realistic, sensible, and useful mathematical model are established to determine the optimal investment strategy of the Goodgrant Foundation. In order to determine the candidate list of...
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The Simulink of Social Communication Networks Based on An Improved Scale-free Network Model

Zhengyifan Chen
Information is spread quickly in today's tech-connected communication network and we want to know more about the communication networks' relationships. In this paper, an improved scale-free network model of social communication is introduced to simulate the evolution of social communication networks....
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The dissemination of news in Social Communication Networks

Zhengyifan Chen
Public interest and opinion can be changed by news. So, it is necessary to study the The dissemination of news. In this paper, an improved Small World network model is introduced to simulate the dissemination of information so that the characteristics of the dissemination of information can be figured...
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Intelligent window and its application to anti haze

Yumeng Wang, Ruonan Xue, Xue Wei
The current urban air quality is deteriorating. Especially in northern China, air quality has become a hot topic. How to improve indoor air quality raises our interests. Our research team hasdeveloped the device switches the anti-haze window automatically under WIFI control by using filtering screens,...
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Micro droplet distribution monitoring system based on imaging of stroboscopic and delay

Bo Huang, Yu Liu, Ming Zhong
Micro droplet dispensing has great potential in biopharmaceuticals, drug screening, printed electronics and other fields. Its distribution speed, size, and direction is the main factor affecting the quality of the distribution, but it is too difficult to monitor these parameters above when the droplet...
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Combining ROI-base and Superpixel Segmentation for Pedestrian Detection

Ji Ma, Jingjiao Li, Zhenni Li, Li Ma
Pedestrian Detection is a hot topic in recent years, which is attracting a large number of scholars. The detection models are developing from simple models to complex models and the detection accuracy has been greatly improved. DPM(deformable part model) become the best pedestrian detection model and...
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Design and Research on the insulation system of high altitude live working vehicle

Yinbo Du, Li Tan, Lei Xia, Hong Xiang, Dahong Wang
The aerial electric operation vehicle is to meet 10kV and the following live line maintenance work. The insulation system is basically equipped with electric operation vehicle, equipped with one of the most important at the same time. Insulation system including insulation and isolation insulation protection...
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Optimization of Extraction of Galangin from Galangal by Response Surface Method

Min Zheng, Zheng Peng, Jihua Li, Lijing Lin, Shaodan Peng, Xiaobing Huang
Based on the single-factor experiments of galangin extraction from the galangal,the experimental variables,the ethanol concentration(X1),extraction temperature(X2),extraction time(X3),and ratio of thanol to raw materia(X4) were estimated and optimized by the response surface methodology (RSM) .The statistical...
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Preparation and characterization of FA conjuagted MPEG-PLA polymer nanoparticles loaded with 10-hydroxycamptothecin for sustained drug release

Huijuan Liu, Jinbing Yang, Xiangrui Yang, Shichao Wu, Mengmeng Jia, Liya Xie, Zhenqing Hou
Suboptimal pharmacokinetic properties, such as poor water solubility, limited stability, and severe side effects, still limited the therapeutic efficacy of drug for cancer chemotherapy, but there has been many strategies to improve these properties. In this paper, we combined several methods in a single...
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Improvement on geometric deflection rate formula of double-bent screw tool

Jianbin Wang, Hingshan Xiong, Yan Zhang, Hongqing Lu
To accurately predict and design deflection rate of screw tools is one of the key technologies to steering drilling. The artizaoxiel cle based on the principle of minimum potential energy, considered the influence of clearance between the side-wall and the stabilizer on deflection rate, gives a definition...
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The technology of material management and control of the production preparation execution in SMT production line based on digital recognition

Jincheng Cheng, Aimin Wang, Yan Ge
Aimed on the problems of control of the whole SMT production line, the technology of material management and control of the production preparation execution in SMT production line based on digital recognition is proposed. Firstly, the framework of this technology is constructed. Then the three key technologies,...
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Research of overshoot phenomenon in frequency control

Xianbo Meng, Jianguo Yao, Feng Li
Frequently overshoot phenomenon is appeared in the regulation of active power of some areas, which is not conducive to the reliability and economy of power grid. The reasons of overshoot are discussed and improvement measures are proposed.
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Innovative Research on user's experience with Xiaokaxiu

Yonghai Yu, Jiao Chen, Jinsong Zhang
Xiaokaxiu is a video-shoot application that offers entertainment functionality and helps users record their funny videos. This paper, by analyzing its present situation and users experience, concludes its needs for entertainment and different levels of pleasure, and then puts forward some follow-up innovative...
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Ship weather routing based on modified Dijkstra algorithm

Xianming Zhu, Hongbo Wang, Zihao Shen, Hongjun Lv
Ship weather routing is used to obtain a shortest time path or most economical path considering weather condition. Many approaches have been studied to solve ship-routing problem, and Dijkstra algorithm is quite practical among them. A modified Dijkstra algorithm using structure matrix and single linked...
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The Study of Hydraulic Brake for The High-Speed Train

Thi hoai t Hu Vu, Jin Chun Song
During the process of improving train speed, carry capacity and quantity of cars for each train, the most technical challenging task for an engineer is dealing with the braking system. Besides using common braking technologies such as electric brakes, air brakes and eddy current brakes, we need to study...
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Narrow-wall slotted waveguide array antenna with low cross-polarization filter

Guoan Xiong, Jin Pan, Boyuan Ma
A narrow-wall slotted waveguide array antenna with low cross-polarization filter is presented. The horizontal polarization (HP) is the co-polarization for narrow-wall slotted waveguide array antenna, while the vertical polarization (VP) is the cross-polarization. High level cross-polarization reduces...
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On-line Measuring Method of Power Frequency Impedance Parameters for Asymmetric Transmission Lines

Ranchen Yang, Xuan Yao, Weichen Yang
Traditional off-line line parameters measuring is complicated in operation and has poor applicability. And the symmetry of line parameters influences the choice of on-line measurement methods. Generally, it's is asymmetric. Therefore, the paper proposes an on-line measuring method of power frequency...
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Short-term Load Forecasting Based On Geographic Information System

Tong Li
Short-term load forecasting is inevitable and important for electric power management.In order to predict precisely and reliably, the forecasting model is established combining Genetic Annealing Algorithm and Support Vector Machine, which respectively improve partly search capability and possesses more...
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Research On Light Pollution

Xiaomei Zhou
In recent years, urban construction sped up constantly,the exterior design of urban lighting system and building attached great importance in order to make the city more bright beautiful. Even if at night,lights are illuminated brilliantly, become city's scenery, moreover many buildings use the glass...
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Fault Cause Description Model: For Training Simulation

Peng Wang, Xingxin Li, Jinna Jia, Yaxiong Zhu
Fault diagnosis model is the core of virtual simulation and hardware-in-loop simulation training, which has become a hot spot in current research. Construction of the fault description model of the virtual simulation training and hardware-in-loop simulation training is an important theoretical support...
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Experimental Investigations and Numerical Simulations of the Relationship between Tool Geometry and Cutting Chatter

Hang Yuan, Min Xiao
This paper is armed at researching the suppression method of cutting chatter. The occurrence of chatter is strongly influenced by the tool geometry. In this paper, The numerical simulation results are in good agreement with the Experimental investigation results. The results show. Tool geometry is the...
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Research on fault of turn to turn short circuit of rotor winding of large hydro generator

Meiqi Song
With the rapid development of hydropower, the fault of roto winding inter-turn short circuit of large hydro generator set is more and more obvious. We did the research of fault mechanism of turn to turn short circuit of rotor winding of hydro generator, and concerned the condition of saturation of the...
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Design of a Tea Garden Antifreezing Control System

Biqing Li, Yan Li, Chongjun Yang, Shiyong Zheng
The design is based on ZigBee network communication module, which is mainly composed of power supply, master control, display, temperature acquisition, key control section, howler alarm and so on. It mainly uses ZigBee network to monitor the temperature value of collection point. The temperature is collected...
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An adaptive container code character segmentation algorithm

Yajie Zhu, Chenglong Liang
Container character segmentation is an important step of the container code intelligent recognition system, which greatly affects the subsequent character recognition work. In order to quickly segment a variety of container characters, an adaptive container character segmentation algorithm was proposed...
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Optimization of Prognostication Model about the Spread of Ebola Based on SIR Model

Xueer Bai
Aiming to help eradicate the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the article optimizes the classical SIR model which works on predicting the spread of infectious diseases, providing insight into not only forecasting how the disease continues to develop but also what measurement should be taken. The models...
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The Optimal Strategy During Bath

LianHao Sun
The bathtub water will get cooler during washing because of the heat loss, so we have to add the hot water to make up the loss and reheat the water. However, the bathtub capacity is limited, so the water will overflow when exceeding the capacity. In order to solve this problem, we developed a model of...
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The design for 18/12 Pole of External Rotor Doubly Salient Permanent Magnet Wheel Motor for Electric Vehicle

Haiyang Wang, Qi Ge
The paper,taking a Honda SUV vehicle tires as an example,designed a outer rotor 18/12 pole doubly salient permanent magnet wheel motor and briefly introduced the design principles for the motor size and the material selection for the main part of the motor . This paper also used Ansoft software to do...
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Study on the Transmission and Transformation of the Impurities in the Reductive Decomposition Process of Phosphogypsum

Bin Zhu, Liping Ma, Dalong Zheng, Guipeng Ma, Yan Lian, Jie Yang
To enrich the basic theory of the reductive decomposition process of PG(phosphogypsum), emphasis was laid on the exploration of the impact of the main impurities on the process. Firstly, the simulation computation was done on the systems of pure gypsum mixed with coal with or without impurities under...
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Research Progress on the Resistance of Roof Greening Plant

Shuang Liu, Changchun Yuan, Ting Xuan, Ziya Chen
Roof greening has a series of advantages to improve the urban ecological environment. The roof greening plants resistance to the environment research is one of the scholars research priorities. In the text, the research progress in the studies of roof greening plant resistance are analyzed. Found that...
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Multi-Level Screening Identification for Lunar Impact Craters

Jiaheng Chen, Zhankai Li, Xiaolin Tian
This study proposes a Multi-Level Screening Identification algorithm for the automatic extraction and identification of impact craters based on CCD image. Considering of the comparatively low robustness of traditional algorithms, we design analytical hierarchy process in the new algorithm. First of all,...
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Specific Emitter Identification based on the Energy Envelope of Transient Signal

Fei Zhuo, Yuanling Huang, Jian Chen
Specific Emitter Identification (SEI) is the method to identify the individual radio emitter using the transmitted signals' characteristic called Radio Frequency Fingerprint (RFF), which are originated from transmitter imperfections. A novel SEI approach to extract transient fingerprint features of energy...
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High-altitude anti-falling device

Xin Zhang
"High-altitude anti-falling device"is a set of automatic device preventing high altitude objects from falling. This automatic device mainly consists of three parts, the falling object detection and recognition system(ODRS), the action control system and the pneumatic structure system. It is a good combination...
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Study on Electrical Properties of Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Method

Ang Li, Qingguo Wang, Wei Cheng, Yan Wang
In order to develop environmental self-adaptation electromagnetic protection materials, VO2 thin films with different thickness have been prepared on high-purity single-crystal Si substrates by Sol-Gel method. A phase transition testing system was manufactured based on static high voltage source and...
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Network Efficacy Evaluation Based on AHP for Network Security Situation Assessment

Zhichao Yuan, Shan Yao, Chunhe Xia, Shuang Xiang
How to accurately find the risk existing in the network in time and rapidly put forward response plans put forward becomes a core issue in the new era of network security. Real-time quantitative assessment of network security situation due to its real-time problem discovery and reference value of assessment...
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The Comprehensive Assessment of Dam Risk Consequences Caused by The Dam Failure Based on The Set Pair Analysis

Zongkun Li, Qi Li
The comprehensive assessment of dam risk consequences caused by the dam failure is difficult because of the uncertainty, inter related and the non unification of the risk consequences. For this problem, combining with the existing laws and regulations of dam failure accidents classification rules, this...
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Choose And Use Describing Standards Of Fault Diagnose Describing Model

Fengxiang Zhu, Xingxin Li, Jinna Jia, Yaxiong Zhu
As the nucleus of driving the fault diagnose' virtual simulation training and the semi- physical simulation training,Fault Diagnose Describing Model has been one of the hotpots nowadays. However, regarding the different machine different style fault diagnose, different machine same style fault diagnose...
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Data Mining Technology And The Research And Analysis Of The Algorithm

Qiyu Han, Panqing Wang, Shuo Wang
At the age of "Big Data",the information has the characteristics of large volume, high complexity, fast growth and so on,as a kind of data processing, data mining is the key technology of the information of the era of "Big data" .The technology of data mining involves a lot of relevant research methods.This...
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Resources Overview of solid waste

Xiaomei Zhou
Solid waste is harmful to human waste, but also for the development and utilization of secondary resources. This paper outlines the industrialization path of various solid waste and solid waste recovery using industry has great advantages in resources, solid waste resource technology were discussed....
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Research on The Characterization Methods of The Sealing Performance of The Bolted Flange Joints Under The Dynamic Loads

Ping Wu, Lanzhu Zhang, Chaowen Zhu
In order to research the relationship between the change of bolt strain and the acceleration of pipe flange, in this paper, the vibration experiment platform which was a floating bolt flange pipe system under different bolt pre-tightening force was built. Experimental results show a high correlation...
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Construction of g-C3N4/Ag/TiO2 composite microspheres with enhanced photoelectric performance in dye-sensitized solar cells

Haoran Yan, Guoqiang Yang, Jianxin Wang, Bo Feng, Ke Duan, Jie Weng
In the present work, a novel heterostructured dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) was fabricated by using simple spin-coating steps. g-C3N4 and Ag modified TiO2 microspheres were used as the photoanode materials. The aim of this study was to modify TiO2 microspheres by using g-C3N4 so as to retard the recombination...
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A new efficient and environmentally friendly deodorant floor drain

Liyao Bu
Floor drain is mainly used in bathroom and kitchen, play the role of drainage. However, after deodorant floor drain device failure, it becomes a floor drain vent, sewer smell manure elements, carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide and other poisonous gases emitted into the interior space of the human...
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Design and Implementation of Power Control Programming Interface

Song Liu, Yi Liu, Hailong Yang, Yucong Zhou
High performance cluster need to consume lots of power. High power consumption is an important factor that restricts the development of system in both technical and economic ways. The power control technology has become a hot issue in the area of high performance computing systems and data center management....
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A Context-Aware Model for Smart Space

Xianhu Tian, Yong Xie
With mobile and pervasive computing prevails increasingly today, applications and services in smart spaces should quickly sense the context and adapt to context changing in highly dynamic environment. Personized services are also needed. Now many context models were build according to specific smart...
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Introduction to Virtual Reality Technology Application in Medical Education

Yinan Yang
Since the theory of virtual reality unfolded before our eyes, computer technology and interaction technology develops. Virtual reality technology gradually applied to a large amount of field, and brought its remarkable results. As an integral part of human life, medical education is drawn people's attention...
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Design of Multifunctional Intelligent Car Based on Bluetooth Remote Control

Ru Nie
Wireless remote control robot car could play a special role in the hazardous environment operations and search & rescue personnel. A multi-function smart car with Bluetooth remote control is selected as my graduation thesis subject. The design of the system hardware circuit schematic and PCB diagram...
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Vehicle appearance feature recognition based on image

Deyang Shao, Chao Xu, Shixian Luo, Bo Feng, Long Jiao
Now, the highway toll system still uses a single license plate recognition, this method has a problem of inaccurate identification. For this kind of situation, this paper put forward to increase the appearance of the vehicle feature information and can improve the accuracy of recognition. In this paper,...
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Fast Method for Rectangle Detection

Cheng Wang
In this paper, we introduce a fast method for rectangle detection. For any object has closed curve in a digital image, it is easy to calculate the geometrical center of the object. Hence conveniently find its width and length, area, diagonal line length, etc. If the closed curve is really a rectangle,...
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An Iris Recognition Algorithm of Multiple Features Extraction and Fusion

Bo Liu, Zhen Zhang, Long Li
In this paper, an iris recognition algorithm of multiple features extraction and fusion was proposed, which was different from the classical iris recognition algorithm that focused on a single texture feature. Firstly, the collected iris images were preprocessed. Secondly, features of preprocessed images...
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nstruction of Solar CCHP (Combined Cooling, Heating and Power) Appliance

Luonan Qiu
This appliance falls in CCHP, generating electricity, heating and refrigerating by photo-electronic effect and photo-thermal effect of solar energy. This appliance consist of butterfly mirror, terminal emitting optical fiber, surface light emitting fiber, thermosyphon, water-cooling system, solar cooker,...
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Analysis of Tea pesticide residue standards and testing methods

Jing Chen, Jia-ming Rui, Xiao-rong Liu
Tea has always been China's traditional agricultural crops, and is one of a large number of agricultural exports. However, in recent years, China's tea exports encountered the biggest problem is pesticide residues,developed countries or regions to limit pesticide residues in tea standards have hindered...
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Evaluation of water availability ability based on Dimensional Dynamic Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model

Jianchun Liu
In this paper, Dimensional Dynamic Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model[1] is devised to evaluate the water availability ability. Water availability can be understood by two main aspects: environment and economy. In the modeling process, the evaluation can be transformed into two-dimensional form. Dynamic...
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Optimization Model of Cylindrical Resonant Cavity Slot Aiming on Radiation Reduction

Yang Liu
This paper mainly studies the optimization design method of annular slot in the cylindrical resonant cavity. Firstly, we illustrate the microwave resonant cavity perturbation method and radiation power's influence on the cavity; then using HFSS to simulate the radiation power calculation, in order to...
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Research and Algorithm Improvement of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Direct Torque Control

Gang Wang
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) has been widely used in many fields for its advantages of small size, high efficiency, simple structure and low noise. In order to further improve performance of PMSM, it is necessary to do further research of its control strategy. Therefore, this paper mainly...
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The emulsification characteristics research of produced fluid in weak base alkaline-sufactant-polymer flooding

Di Wang, Yujia Jiao
The emulsifying characteristics research of the produced liquid in weak base alkaline-surfactant-polymer lay the theoretical foundation for the process ofoil-water separation and the choice of operating parameters, this paper mainly researchs the degree of emulsification of produced fluid, the properties...
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Video Shadow Positioning Technology

Zhicheng Huang
This paper mainly studies the technology of accurately positioning the imaging position through the changes of shadow length in video. 3D modeling software SketchUp is applied to conduct hidden line processing on images and obtain the actual shadow length of objects in the video. Take into account the...
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Application of data fusion in the main station of power acquisition system

Haifeng Lin, Tao Liu, Guang Chen, Rui Zhao
The data of the electric power information acquisition system can generate mass data by the accumulation. It is a question to store the data as the increase of sampling frequency. Facing the data properties with large scale and larger gathering density, it will be less efficient if the past technology...
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Attitude Estimation Algorithm and Verification based on Binocular Vision of Micro Aerial Vehicles

Yongqin Wan, Xi Zhang, Lijing Li
Aiming at the navigation of Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) in the natural environment, an algorithm is studied to measure the attitude of MAVs based on binocular vision. Binocular images are taken by calibrated binocular camera. The image feature points are extracted by Harris algorithm, feature points are...
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The spread and eradication of Ebola

Meng Li
The world medical association has developed new medication to stop Ebola and cure patients whose disease is not advanced. In order to offer an optimal plan to optimize the eradication of Ebola, we establish a mathematic model based on the spread of Ebola virus disease. The first model is based on Susceptibility...
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Comparative analysis of data management system

Chengdu Yin, Hongli Jia, Lili Gao, Xin Lin
Based on the traditional data management system and big data management system was introduced, the comparative analysis of the traditional data management system and big data management system from the aspects of thinking method, data storage technology and data processing technology. Make people realize...
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A low-power, long-life and energy-saving method for cold data storage

Xiaoqing Jiang, Qinruo Wang
As a sharp increase of global data, energy consumption of data storage is becoming more and more prominent. According to the data access frequency, about 80% of data is not be accessed. For these data, the paper proposes a low-consumption, long-life and high-security method which uses high-density, large-capacity...
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Coal Mine Gas Early Warning System Based on Fuzzy Data Fusion Technology

Xiaoming Wu, Chao Xu, Yue Ma
The process of exploration and production in coal mines have many potential dangers so the coal mine safety problem has become the focus of social concern.Mine gas early warning system is an important measure that guarantee coal mine safety production because coal mine gas explosion is an important cause...
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Optimization Model of Cylindrical Resonant Cavity Slot Aiming on Radiation Reduction

Yang Liu
This paper mainly studies the optimization design method of annular slot in the cylindrical resonant cavity. Firstly, we illustrate the microwave resonant cavity perturbation method and radiation power's influence on the cavity; then using HFSS to simulate the radiation power calculation, in order to...
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Pulse Electrocoagulation Applied on Dyeing Wastewater Decoloration Treatment

Jinrui Xu, Xiaoxiao Lu, Wanlin Zhang, Chen Chen, Tian Xu, Wei Wu
This study examined the possibility to remove color causing-compounds from effluent by pulse electrocoagulation. For better result, this work is focused on the comparison of energy saving effect at different current density, pulse frequencies. During the pulse electrocoagulation experiment using sacrificial...
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An efficiency and security study of alage- water Separation by Electrocoagulation/flotation (ECF)

Xiaoxiao Lu, Liang Tian, Tian Xu, Jinrui Xu, Wei Wu
The occurrence of algae in the water sources is a worldwide environmental health issue. Electrocoagulation/flotation (ECF), as an efficient, safety and environmental friendly algae removal technique without additional chemicals, shows obvious advantages on energy conservation and environmental security...
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Interval-valued grey fuzzy based groundwater remediation management under uncertainty

Lixia Ren, Li He, Xi Cheng, Zheng Wang
This study is to develop an outranking method to identify compromised groundwater remediation strategies based on interval-valued grey fuzzy sets in 10-year and 20-year periods under uncertainty. The interval-valued grey fuzzy sets that could quantify the ambiguous nature of subjective judgments, have...
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Design of Transmission Device for A Two-speed Automatic Transmission of Pure Electric Vehicle

Jinqin Tang, Yulin Wang
Requests based on the small pure electric automobile lightweight to the pure electric automobile two grades of automatic transmission transmission devices carries on the design. Including transmission gearbox transmission system the computation and main gear box design of scheme of arrangement and gear...
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The Optimization of Logistics Distribution Route Based on Dijkstra's Algorithm and C-W Savings Algorithm

Dan Ding, Xin Zou
The optimization problem of vehicle distribution routing could be summarized as vehicle routing problem (VRP). The paper simply introduced logistics distribution VRP, established the corresponding optimization model of distribution routing by Dijkstra's Algorithm and Savings Algorithm based on MATLAB...