Proceedings of the 1st UMSurabaya Multidisciplinary International Conference 2021 (MICon 2021)

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Preventive Efforts of Psychosocial Physical and Mental Health Problems Due to COVID-19 Through the Implementation of Psychosocial Mental Health Support

Eka Budiarto, Rita Rahayu
The decreasing prevalence of COVID-19 does not necessarily indicate the end of the pandemic. Various efforts to maintain this condition as well as to strive for zero COVID-19 cases are essentially needed. Those efforts include improving physical and mental health of the community that can be done by...
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“TIS Biscuit” with High Content of Amino Acid and Mineral to Prevent Stunting

Erika Puspita, Meilla Dwi Andrestian, Siti Mas’odah
“TIS Biscuit” (cowpea tempe seluang fish) is a high protein and calcium snack which is important to prevent stunting. Stunting is a chronic malnutrition known as short toddlers. Increasing the stunted toddlers can be prevent according to adequate protein and calcium intake. This study aims to determine...
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Identification of Informed Consent Implementation in Midwifery Services: A Description Study

Nina Zuhana, Eka Budiarto, Lia Dwi Prafitri, Rini Kristiyanti
Midwifery services must be provided by midwives by implementing legal ethics in midwifery. This ethics can be fulfilled by giving informed consent before performing midwifery services. Informed consent is obtained by giving information about the midwifery services that will be provided to the patient...
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Relation Simulation with Midwife Handling of Emergency Obstetry Successfully

Wiwin Mintarsih Purnamasari, Fifi Safiroh, Helmi Diana
Severe pre-eclampsia and hemorrhagic postpartum were main causes of maternal death in Indonesia which could not handling appropriately by midwife as health worker. One of effort to decrease maternal death cause by emergency obstetric is a training skill by simulation to improving midwife responsive skill...
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Comparative Analysis of Microfiltration Membrane Pretreatment Materials for Treating Hospital Wastewater

Imam Santosa, Daria Br Ginting, Enro Sujito
In general, hospitals in Indonesia treat wastewater using a biological method, namely an aerobic anaerobic biofilter system. The anaerobic aerobic biofilter Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) system in the hospital consists of a screen tub, fat catcher tank, initial settling tank, aerobic biofilter pond,...
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Affecting Factors of Midwives’ Perception of Challenges in Midwifery Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

Fitriyani Fitriyani, Risqi Dewi Aisyah, Eka Budiarto
The emergence of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has an impact on access and utilization of health services, including obstetric health services. The impacts perceived as challenges by midwives are midwifery services arrangements with the lack of availability of personal protective equipment, increasing...
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Utilization of Giant Taro Stems (Alocasia Macrorrhiza L.) as a Basis for Fragrant Lemongrass Massage Lotions

Rani Rubiyanti, Nur Aji, Muhammad Taufiq Anwari, Nissa Ramdian Azzahrah
Indonesia's geographical location causes Indonesia to have a diverse flora with many benefits. One of them is sente (Alocasia macrorrhiza L.). Sente is known to contain glucomannan. This compound can be used as an excipient in pharmaceutical preparations such as gel formulations and emugators. This...
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Oxytocin Stimulation Massage (PSO) Is Effective in Overcoming the Anxiety of Breastfeeding Mothers and Promoting Milk Production

Tetet Kartilah, Sofia Februanti
Breastfeeding is a natural process in the mother’s reproductive cycle that needs to be maintained for its quality and continuity for 2 years since the baby is born. Postpartum psychological changes and feelings of not being able to breastfeed properly encourage an increase in adrenaline production which...
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Deep Breathing Relaxation Techniques Can Improve Oxygen Saturation Value, a Decrease in Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure

Ai Cahyati, Kusmiyati, Sofia Februanti
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is a condition in which an abnormal cardiovascular heart cannot adequately pump blood to meet the metabolic needs of the body’s tissues. Complaints that are often felt by CHF sufferers are shortness of breath, easily tired during light activities, increased blood pressure...
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Design of Adolescent Reproductive Health Telemedicine Sihati an Effort to Improve Adolescent Health in the City of Tasikmalaya

Siti Patimah, Sri Gustini
With a large number of teenagers population approximately 14,7 million people, Indonesia has a potential asset for the present and future prosperity. Teenager is one of the most critical periods in the human life cycle. At this time, there are physical changes as well as behavior and attitudes changes...
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Disaster Emergency Preparedness for Pregnant Mothers and Family Audio Visual Media Feasibility Analysis in Karangnunggal Tasikmalaya

Yulia Herliani, Sinar Pertiwi
Background: Disasters cannot be prevented, because disasters can come anytime, anywhere and to anyone, even undetected and can take many lives. The community needs to obtain complete information about disaster problems, so that victims can be minimized. Women are included in a vulnerable group and require...
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Health Promotion Media Applications for Midwives About Maternity and Infant Care in Disaster Emergencies

Sinar Pertiwi, Yulia Herliani
Almost all regions in Indonesia are prone to various forms of disasters, both disease and natural disasters. This is because Indonesia is one of the countries in the world located on the ring of fire. The incidence of Covid 19 in the world reached 20 million cases and in Indonesia 130,718 cases with...
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Potential of Some Plants as Bioinsecticides of the House Fly (Musca domestica)

Mei Ahyanti, Prayudhy Yushananta, Sarip Usman
Diarrhea is still a health threat because it causes illness and death, especially in toddlers. Diarrhea will increase due to consuming food contaminated with microorganisms, including through the intermediary of flies. The use of chemical pesticides can impact vector resistance, non-target insects, and...
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The Effect of Giving Shiatsu Massage on Dysmenorrhea Pain in Tasikmalaya Health Polytechnic on 2018

Uly Artha Silalahi, Ir Ir Khaeriyah Prapahlawati
Menstruation is a situation where the endometrium is released in the form of flakes and bleeding due to the release of the hormones estrogen and progesterone which drops and stops causing vasoconstriction of blood vessels which is immediately followed by vasodilation. (Manuaba, 2009) During menstruation,...
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Takakura Model Waste Composting Performance Analysis

Linda Barus, Ferizal Masra, Suami Indarwati
Composting with the conventional method takes a long time so it is less effective to overcome the problem of accumulation of organic waste. Therefore, it is necessary to find another method or method of composting that is more effective to overcome this problem. Currently, it has been found EM4 (effective...
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Correlation of Serum Ferritin Levels with Creatinine, Sgot and Sgpt Levels in Thalassemia Major Patients

Fatwa Hasbi, Harpolia Cartika
Thalassemia major patients receive regular blood transfusions every 2–5 weeks, to maintain pretransfusion hemoglobin levels above 9–10.5 g/dl. In patients with thalassemia major, continuous blood transfusion can cause iron overload by increased serum ferritin levels. Accumulated iron is toxic to many...
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Effectiveness of Ginger Jelly Candy to Reduce Intensity and Duration of Primary Dysmenorrhea in Adolescents

Qanita Wulandara
Dysmenorrhea is one of the most common gynecologic complaints experienced by teenagers and more than half of menstruating women. The adverse effects of dysmenorrhea affect the psychological and economy aspects. The purpose of this study was to analyze the differences decrease of intensity and duration...
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Formulation and Evaluation of Sprue Gel Preparations of Betel Leaf Extract (Piperis betle L.)

Minda Warnis, Ilham Marsandes, Atun Rohayati, Besse Mawaddah, Dewi Marlina
Sprue is a disease that is often found in daily activities due to infection with the fungus Candida albicans. The community uses betel leaves to treat sprue by chewing the betel leaf until it is crushed, leaving it in the mouth for a while, especially on the affected area. The chemical content of betel...
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Development of Pingit Education Model for Increasing Knowledge and Behaviour of Prospective Bride in Stunting Prevention

Meti Widiya Lestari, Atit Tajmiati, Priyo Sulistyo
Stunting in toddlers is the result of multi-factor causes, both pre- and post-natally. Stunting is an intergenerational nutritional problem, stunting babies are born to women with a history of malnutrition during pregnancy, then are born with low birth weight or premature babies who are very at risk...
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The Influence of School Health Unit Development on Increasing Adolescent Knowledge About Reproductive Health in Junior High School 4 Tasikmalaya

Herni Kurnia
Adolescents are in their infancy and experience many changes, one of which is emotional changes, making them aggressive and easy to react and wrongly determining attitudes towards stimuli. Problems of dangerous behavior in adolescents to create a process for the next generation that can optimally follow...
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Risk of COVID-19 Morbidity on Government Public Health Center’s Doctors

Harimat Hendarwan, Anton Suryatma, Syachroni, Galih Ajeng Kencana Ayu, Mujiati, Amir Su’udi, Rosita, Agustina Puspitasari
Deaths from COVID-19 in doctors are the highest of any other type of health worker. Ensuring the protection of health workers is an important thing of every country as a strategic response to the Covid-19 crisis. Tracing the cause of death and the assessment of the risk of Covid-19 morbidity in doctors...
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Relationship of Anxiety Level of Pregnant Womens in the Covid-19 Pandemic with the Attitude to Preventing Covid-19 Transmission

Pepi Hapitria, Betty Kristianti
Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is an infectious disease caused by the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV2). Coronavirus-19 (Covid-19) has been declared a world pandemic by WHO. Coronavirus has created stress and anxiety for pregnant women. Pregnant women should take the same precautions...