Proceedings of the 3rd Jogjakarta Communication Conference (JCC 2021)

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Winning and Political Communication Strategies Ibnu Sina-Arifin Noor in Election Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Banjarmasin in The Era of The Covid-19 Pandemic 2020

Bachruddin Ali Akhmad, Sarwani, Sri Astuty, Muhammad Muthahhari Ramadhani
Banjarmasin Pilkada 2020 is enlivened by four pairs of candidates for mayor and vice mayor, namely, candidate number 1 Haris Makkie - Ilham Noor, candidate pair number 2 Ibnu Sina - Arifin Noor, candidate pair number 3 Khairul Saleh - Habib Ali, and candidate number sequence 4 Ananda - Musyafa Zakir....
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Management Strategy of Online Radio: Post COVID-19 Pandemic

Corry Novrica AP Sinaga, Nurhasanah Nasution, Elvita Yenni
This paper aims to determine the strategy for managing online radio after the COVID-19 pandemic. As a stand-alone online radio, not a collaboration streaming radio with conventional media, Move online radio has a broadcast format similar to radio on FM channels. Broadcasts news programs, talk shows,...
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Regional Government Communication Strategy Dissemination of Covid-19 Policy Information (Preventive Communication Policy Model to Overcome Covid-19 as a Wicked Problem)

Supriadi, Andi Alimuddin Unde, Muh. Akbar
This study aims to obtain information on how the Regional Government’s Communication Strategy for the dissemination of covid-19 policy information in Polewali Mandar Regency. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative with a case study approach. The results of the communication research...
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The Effectiveness of Therapeutic Communication Through the Mobile Alodocter Application on Customer Engagement

Rizki Cipta Satria, Martha Tri Lestari
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of how effective therapeutic communication is with customer engagement through the Alodokter application. This study uses independent variables or therapeutic communication, namely listening, open-ended questions, repeating, providing information, and concluding....
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Analysis of the Diversity of Learning Media for Cocoa Farmers in an Effort to Increase Economic Productivity in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era in South Sulawesi

Tuti Bahfiarti, Arianto, Andi Alimuddin Unde
Cocoa is the leading product in the Sulawesi Corridor. In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, cocoa farmers are still trying to maintain and increase the productivity of their cocoa plants. Cocoa farmers maximize learning media to develop themselves and their groups. The focus of learning is how to plant,...
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Data Journalism: How the Data is Visualized

Ansar Suherman
The existence of data in modern journalism is necessary to present the objectivity of reporting to the public. Modern journalistic methods that rely on data obtained from creeping and biometric data allow journalists to write their news. Ensuring the accuracy of data is the main thing that journalists...
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Crisis Communication in the Early Phase of COVID-19 by Indonesian Government Body

Narayana Mahendra Prastya, Masduki
Early phase become the critical period in crisis, because the public anxiety and confusion is very high. This condition increases the public’s need of information from official sources. This article aims to discuss the official statement from: Indonesian Ministry of Health and Indonesian National Board...
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Health Communication Efforts to Prevent Stunting in the Pandemic Era in Trenggalek Regency

Monika Teguh, Rachmah Ida, Ratih Puspa, Eduard Avilla
Overburdened health facilities, disrupted food supply chains, and loss of income due to COVID-19 could lead to a sharp increase in the number of children with stunting in Indonesia. Therefore, accelerating the reduction of stunting during the Covid-19 pandemic is still the government’s priority. The...
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy and Company Image During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Adhianty Nurjanah, Nuryakin, Dyah Mutiarin
At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, a CSR program launched by a company plays an essential role in reducing the pandemic impact on both the health, social and economic sectors. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) has established a BRIlian CSR program, a program of assistance and economic empowerment of rural...
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Corporate Narrative Strategy During Covid-19 Pandemic

Rindang Senja Andarini
The complex impact of Covid-19 has put many companies in a crisis situation. Companies are forced to issue policies that are detrimental to their employees, customers and the general public. Several previous studies have shown that a narrative strategy through a Chief of Executive Officer (CEO) letters...
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The Digital Silk Road and Chiglobalization: A Post-Epidemic Information and Communication Technology Alternative Project

Anang Masduki, Panqiang Niu, Mochamad Faizal Rochman, Muhamad Sulhan
Peper aims to answer how new media, the internet, and BRI projects are related. The second tries to uncover the concept and purpose of the digital silk road. Third, describe how the idea of Chiglobalization initiated by China is in the digital silk road scheme. This type of qualitative descriptive research...
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Online Communications in Medical Mobile Application: Customer Complaint’s Assertiveness During Covid-19 Pandemic

Kussusanti, Ruvira Arindita, Gayatri Atmadi, Nursalsa Arifah
Digital technology has made things easier for people during the pandemic especially for accessing health services. They can consult with a doctor, order medication, and make appointments for laboratory examinations via the application. This research aims to understand the assertiveness of medical mobile...
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Klinik Kopi’s Digital Narratives to Maintain Digital Marketing Communication During Covid-19 Pandemic

Ayu Amalia, Erwan Sudiwijaya, Bagas Prawira Indrajati
Website and visual-based-social media has developed a while ago, nowadays, website and social media adopts series of new practicality, together, website and visual-based-social media could perform as educational media to promote social cause, thus, perform as educational media to promote coffee culture,...
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Hybrid Communication for Sustaining Health Social Enterprises During Covid-19 Pandemic

Mohamad Ghozali Moenawar, Muchammad Nasucha, Alma Mandjusri
The global pandemic encourage inventor and scientists to find the solution to overcome the problems. Hybrid is not the new term, nevertheless this topic always interesting and significant to be discovered and explored particularly in our today circumstance, amidst pandemic covid-19. The exploratory qualitative...
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The Elements of Social Media Marketing in University During Pandemic Covid-19

Nadia Wasta Utami
Social media is the right solution for the promotion of various fields in the midst of a pandemic. The same goes for marketing at universities. Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) as one of the most popular university in social media among the best private universities in Indonesia, uses the @uiiyogyakarta...
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Social Marketing of Muslim Women Organization Against Covid-19

Tri Hastuti Nur Rochimah, Hajar Nur Setyowati
This study is very important to explore how faith-based nonprofit organizations develop social marketing programs for prevention of Covid-19. There are not many studies on prevention programs that focus on role of religious groups in Covid-19 prevention efforts, even though this institution has a very...
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From Mass Panic to Social Recovery: A Review on Indonesian Netizens in Dealing with Covid-19

Fathul Qorib, Sulih Indra Dewi, Akhirul Aminulloh
Corona outbreak has brought a disaster in Indonesia, both to physical and mental health. Within six months, 1,155 people have been infected by the deadly virus. Less than a month after the first Indonesians identified positive Covid-19 on March 2020, 9 million tweets on corona virus emerged in Twitter....
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The Multiple Role of Fisherman Women in the Covid-19 Pandemic in Jakarta

Sa’diyah El Adawiyah, Agus Hermanto, Tria Patrianti, Alfa Taufan, Hanny Marselli
The total population of Indonesia is 265 million people, 131.9 million are women, and 30% of these live on the coast. Women on the coast of Indonesia have both strengths and weaknesses. Food security of coastal fishers’ families in Indonesia is an essential issue because Indonesian coastal life in the...
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Customer Relationship Management of UD Mapan Kediri During COVID-19

Louisa Christine Hartanto, Aisya Fairuz Mumtaz, Hilda Yunita Wono
Indonesia is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that produces rice and consuming rice for staple food. The most region that produce rice in Indonesia is East Java. Kediri City included in the 15th highest region that produces rice in East Java. High production of rice and needs of rice makes UD Mapan...
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Mitigation of Covid-19 in The Framework of Communication Science

Jonas KGD Gobang
The covid-19 pandemic has struck the world and engulfed many victims of all nations in the world including Indonesia. The end of this condition is unpredictable. It demands human beings to struggle for survival and to free themselves from covid-19 restrains. Some efforts can be made to prevent covid-19...
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Analog Broadcasting Transmission in The Digital Age: Development of Community Radio Management Model “Suara Edukasi Kulon Progo”

Budi Dwi Arifianto, Citra Dewi Utami
The existence of a blank spot area for internet signals and economic limitations are obstacles to the online learning process as happened in the Kokap sub-district, Kulon Progo, DIY. Community radio offers a solution, but problems related to managerial constraints and the quality of human resources become...
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Effectiveness of the Interpersonal Communication Between UD Glory Owners and Cocoa Beans Suppliers after the Pandemic

Hilda Yunita Wono, Chris Reynaldi Thoha, Burhan Bungin
Parigi Moutong Regency is one of the districts in Central Sulawesi with nine cocoa consumer companies in Parigi City and five companies that could not compete and eventually closed. This study wanted to see the various elements and effectiveness of interpersonal communication between the owners of UD...
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Interpersonal Communication of Parents in The Pandemic Covid-19 in Forming Childrens Personality in Medan City

Sigit Hardiyanto, Fadhil Pahlevi Hidayat, Faizal Hamzah Lubis
Corona disease virus or better known as covid-19 is a frightening specter for families because this virus can result in death if it does not limit social interactions in carrying out various daily activities. The focus of the above problems is how the interpersonal communication of parents during the...
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Meaning of Violence and Sexual Abuse of Women During Pandemic Covid-19 Times: Analysis of Sara Mills’s Critical Discussion on “ASA” Short Movie

Sheila Rizka Ramadhania, Yuri Alfrin Aladdin
Violence against women is a global issue which in Indonesia is still very worrying. According to the Annual Notes by the National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) published on March 6, 2020, it said that the number of cases reported in 2019 increased by 6% from the previous year....
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Covid-19 and Netizen: Encoding-Decoding by YouTube Comment Space

Nur Inayah Yushar, Alem Febri Sonni, Muhammad Farid
This study examines netizen’s reception by focusing on the interpretation of the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 that show in the YouTube video “Gotong Royong Digital”. Research method adapted Stuart Hall’s encoding-decoding model to the online space, it will analyze the comparison between the...
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Television Journalist: The Challenge of Mass Communication Post the Covid-19 Pandemic

Puji Santoso, Faustyna
This study aims to determine the extent of the challenges of mass communication science played by television journalists who are members of the North Sumatra Indonesian Television Journalists Association (IJTI) who are an important part of the mass media. Television journalist is a profession in journalism...
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Communication Crisis Practice of Culinary Tourism Publicity in Post-Covid19 Pandemic

Faustyna, Rudianto
This paper aims to discuss the practical activities of post-pandemic crisis communication 19, a Public Relations person is challenged by his communication competence to synergize the practice of crisis communication in the field with what is published in online media at the Paloh Naga culinary tourism...
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Social Reform and Changes in Communication Behavior of Yogyakarta People After Pandemic

Fajar Dwi Putra, Dani Fadillah, Chi Wang
Pandemic shakes the world, all aspects are broken, destroyed and even lost. Economic sectors are rendered powerless in the face of pandemics, social levels weaken, incitement arises, triggering behavior changes. On the other hand, Yogyakarta which becomes a miniature of Indonesia is morally and ethically...
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Women’s Image on Youtube Content “Sexual Price Survey”: Gender Identity Perspective and Artificial Intelligence

Nur Dahniar, Safrin Salam, Achmad Suherman
The purpose of this study is to evaluate and find YouTube video content that violates the principles of gender justice and evaluate and find forms of legal protection for the rights of commercial sex workers who are used as content on YouTube videos. This study uses a socio-legal research type. The focus...
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The Development of Mobile Journalism in Indonesia during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Filosa Gita Sukmono, Fajar Junaedi
The Corona Virus Disease-19 (Covid-19) pandemic has changed the practice of news coverage in journalism. The reason is that Covid-19 is easily spread and transmitted through the air. Journalists are faced with the dilemma of covering the news and the risk of contracting Covid. Mobile journalism, which...
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Elderly Motivation in Smartphone Purchase

Ainur Rochmaniah, Elisha Widya Putri, Totok Wahyu Abadi
The cellphone company has produced a variety of more innovative and sophisticated smartphones each year targeting all consumers, from children to the elderly. More than 10% of smartphone users are elderly. This research aims to analyze the effect of motivation of the elderly and brand image on smartphone...
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The Adoption of Facial Analysis Application Innovation for Post-Pandemic Beauty Product Marketing Communication

Imanuel Deny Krisna Aji, Hilda Yunita Wono, Patrick Pramono, Safira Afifa Aljihan, Ayu Anggraeni, Kuncoro Dewi Rahmawati
Entering the post-pandemic era encouraging major changes in the product marketing communication environment. One of the things that is starting to show progress is marketing communications for beauty or body care products. More specifically in beauty products and facial skin care. Especially with the...
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Communication Management of Covid-19 Survivors in Indonesia

Nani Nurani Muksin, Mulkan Habibi, Tria Patrianti, Hendra Hidayat, Rahman Djalun
A COVID-19 survivor is a person who recovered from COVID-19. Various valuable experiences can be used as lessons from COVID-19 survivors, especially communication experiences in healing and post-healing process. The purpose of this research is to make sense of the experience of Communication Management...
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Pilkada Surabaya During Covid-19 Pandemic: The Spectacle Beneath Political Campaign

Gabriela Laras Dewi Swastika, Namira Al Qotrunnada
During Covid-19 pandemic, two candidate pairs for the mayor of Surabaya were taking advantage of social media and cyberspace to conduct online campaign. TikTok and Instagram are two social media that were intensely used in their campaign. The campaign period happened from September until early December...
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Fans’ Satisfaction on Watching Virtual Concert During COVID-19 Pandemic

Fatimah Solihah
Since COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, virtual concerts have become popular among live performance audiences. It is different from general concerts, the ticket holders do not come to the venue to watch the performance directly with other visitors, but rather through a computer monitor or mobile phone....
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Multiple Exposures of Risks: Disaster-Prone Societies in the Time of the Pandemic

Muzayin Nazaruddin
Taking the case of the local communities on the slopes of Mt. Merapi, Indonesia, this study examines the social construction of risks within the disaster-prone societies in the time of the pandemic. The empirical basis of this study comes from longitudinal qualitative research with the local communities...
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Public Perception of Public Relations Campaign of PT. MRT Jakarta in Increasing Self Awareness from COVID-19 Spreading Risk

Juan Malik Frederick Turpyn, Dyla Aulya, Muchammad Nasucha
The never-after Covid-19 pandemic makes every sector more innovating and working more optimally in carrying out its duties. Each company’s PR team campaigns and runs programs to attract public sympathy. Pt. MRT Jakarta has been publishing through digital media and conducting pr campaigns directly to...
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Digitalization of Sports Event During Pandemic Covid-19 Era

Meistra Budiasa, Heddy Shri Ahimsa Putra, Sugeng Bayu Wahono
Sporting events during the pandemic Covid-19 era face quite a challenge. Various sporting events are held mostly in virtual, but some are held on a limited. Through various digital platforms, sports events can survive the Covid-19 pandemic era. the Digitalization of sporting events has become a new phenomenon...
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Covid-19 Pandemic, Personal Branding, and the Corruption of Communication

Bambang Sukma Wijaya, Jurica Lucyanda, Muhammad Taufiq Amir
as an individual strategy for professional career development, personal branding continues to be pursued by various groups, even during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, including academics. However, it is not uncommon for personal branding efforts to be accompanied by the communication corruption practices,...
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The Effectiveness of University Instagram Account as Information Media for Students

Dwiyan Mayangsari, Mufid Salim
Technology is proliferating, and social media is getting more accessible for everyone to access. Coupled with the many applications available, making social media a communication tool that is widely used to obtain information. One of the most widely used social media among young Indonesian is Instagram....
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Interpersonal Perception of Veiled Woman

Atika Budhi Utami
More and more women cover their body and face when they are in public places. This practice is a part of conformity to the Islamic law, according to those who wear veil. However, some other people are opposed to the argument that covering face or wearing a veil is an obligation. To make things worse,...
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The Meaning of Non-Verbal Sampur Motion in Gandrung Dance Banyuwangi East Java

Hery Bambang Cahyono
Gandrung Dance is one of the leading cultural tourism destinations in the Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. Now the dance is getting very broad attention from the government and from the Banyuwangi community. Held on Boom Beach which was joined by thousands of dancers with very charming clothes and movements....
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Effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in the Poor Village in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Choirul Fajri, Muhammad Najih Farihanto, Dani Fadillah, Fajar Dwi Putra
Gunung Kidul is an area in Yogyakarta which has become the object of many CSR programs for companies. The hilly area with 13 geoparks is fairly dry, and many of its poor people certainly need more attention from companies through this CSR program, to develop the potential of their villages. Since 2014,...
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Phenomenology of the Parkour Practitioner

Fatmawati Meokahar, Yoga Martilova
Parkour is a relatively new discipline, one of the new types of sports carried out by moving from point A to point B efficiently and quickly by beauty and safety movements. The majority of Parkour practitioners are among the youth. In Pekanbaru, this sport also gets a lot of attention from teenagers....
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The Importance of Partnership for Sustainable Social Marketing Campaign: The Case of the Indonesian Movement for Plastic Bag Diet (GIDKP)

Taufiqur Rahman, Khairatun Hisan
The Indonesian Movement for Plastic Bag Diet (GIDKP) is a movement that actively contributes to reducing plastic waste in Indonesia, especially plastic bags. This movement has a social marketing program called “Plastic Bag Diet”. GIDKP conducts its activities by targeting three parties to reduce plastic...
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Gatotkaca in Mobile Legend: Bang-Bang Game as Representation of Indonesia Culture

Louisa Christine Hartanto, Monika Teguh, Ryu Thetrawan Thie
Indonesia have a big challenge to maintain and preserve nation’s culture due to the diversity of its culture, also due to the modern technology that brings other culture to Indonesia easily. Indonesian teenager begins to forget about nation culture, and more like other cultures. The worst from the lost...
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Image and Cultural Taste of Consumption of Gender Products in ‘Non-Binary’ Gender

M.S. Aisyah Luna, Akhmad Irhami
The culture of consumption and postmodernism that is applied everyday causes an interpretation of self-identity and lifestyle. In this postmodern era, there have been emerging thoughts that are reconstructing existing thought patterns, including the culture of consuming gender. This Consumer Culture...
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Visual Naration of Reyog Obyogan Ponorogo in Bantarangin version

Oki Cahyo Nugroho, Deny Wahyu Tricana, Eli Purwati
Ponorogo has special traditional mask dance performance, Reyog Ponorogo. There are two versions of Reyog, Reyog Ponorogo in Festival and Obyogan. In Obyogan performance, they’re starting to leave the origin of the stories, and myths that lie behind the origins of Reyog itself. This research is an answer...
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Comparing Cultural Values of South African National Anthem of Nkosi Sikelel ‘Iafrika and Indonesia’s Indonesia Raya National Anthem

Suzy Azeharie, Michelle Gabriela
The research objective aims to compare the semiotics of cultural values between the South African national anthem of “Nkosi Sikelel ‘iAfrika” and Indonesia’s Indonesia Raya. There are five official languages for the national anthem of South Africa. While the national anthem of Indonesia, “Indonesia Raya”...
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The Modernization of Madura in the Style of Surabaya: A Study of Shopping Mall in Bangkalan

Ulul Albab LM Putra
This paper discusses the efforts of modernization that occurred in Madura with the development and functioning of a shopping mall in Bangkalan namely Bangkalan Plaza. This case is a part of efforts to the development of Madura to meet modernization. The analysis carried out focuses on the habitus that...
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The Alteration of Journalism Practice in Digital Era Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

Patricia Robin
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed every sector of human lives and that also happens in journalism practice. In theoretical level, the definition of journalism still the same. It is a process to report events with the aim of exposing the truth to the audience. However, the practice of journalism has altered....
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Instagram and a Aa Gym’s Persuasive Communication During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Wininda Qusnul Khotimah, Sri Mustika
This research discussed about persuasive communication of a popular Indonesian Muslim preacher, Abdullah Gymnastiar (Aa Gym), who urged his followers in Instagram to adhere government recommendations during covid-19 pandamic. Recommendations include wearing mask, social distancing, frequent hand washing...
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The Role of Indonesian Mainstream Media to Fight Against Covid-19 Hoaxes

Puji Rianto, Titin Setiawati
The main focus of this research is analyzing the role of mainstream media in fighting covid-19 hoaxes in Indonesia. The research is conducted using qualitative method. Data is collected from various sources, mainly mainstream online media sites which provide fact verification canals. The study finds...
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Communication Campaigns in Addressing Household Waste in KB Village Regency of Deli Serdang North Sumatra

Lusiana Andriani Lubis
The purpose of the study was to analyze the communication conducted by village government officials in realizing the community was coping with household waste produced by the family. This study uses interpretive qualitative, research samples at two (2) locations namely Karang Anyar in Beringin Subdistrict,...
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Use of Twitter for Covid-19 Information Dissemination by Muhammadiyah Covid-19 Command Center

Fajar Junaedi, Filosa Gita Sukmono, Erwin Rasyid, Qholiva Yuni Fadilla
The Covid-19 pandemic has become a global problem. In Indonesia, since the beginning of the pandemic, Muhammadiyah has taken a policy to prevent the spread of the virus. Muhammadiyah established the Muhammadiyah Covid-19 Command Center. To communicate the prevention and handling of Covid-19, the Muhammadiyah...
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The Relationship Marketing Communication Strategy During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Islamic Schools in Yogyakarta

Subhan Afifi, Puji Hariyanti
This paper investigates how educational institutions implement relationship marketing communication strategies during the Covid-19 pandemic. The theoretical framework used is a model that integrates the development of marketing relationships with marketing communication practices. The approach taken...
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The Use of Social Media Platform and Ecommerce as Marketing Communications Tools During Pandemic Covid-19

Istisari Bulan Lageni, Agus Hermanto, K Bawon Erso
Nowadays, thread for a company not only about sales only. More than that, along with the times and enforcement of the free market, a company should have to compete to raise the brand on customer’s mind. As we know, the purpose of marketing is to sell goods and services through attractive packaging, competitive...
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Muhammadiyah Norms in the Dimensions of Communication Actions for the Covid-19 Task Force Team

Erwin Rasyid, Moch Imron Rosyidi, Ansar Suherman, Muhammad Najih Farihanto, Ade Putranto Prasetyo Wijiharto Tunggali, Hari Akbar Sugiantoro
For more than a century, Muhammadiyah has demonstrated its essential role by being present amid society in various sectors of life. Muhammadiyah, as an Islamic da’wah organization, is not solely concerned with religious activities. Muhammadiyah is a progressive Islamic movement that is also concerned...
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Digital Media-Based Nutrition Health Communication Model

Mufid Salim, Fasty Arum Utami, Husni Bramantyo
The rapid development of information and communication technology impacts many fields, one of which is healthcare. Healthcare information can be delivered according to the needs of the public with more convenient services. Thanks to the developments of digital media. This paper aims to develop a model...
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Organizational Communication Management of The Jogokariyan Mosque Prosperity Council in Improving the Professionality of Mosque Management

Muhammad Najih Farihanto, Yusup A. Prihantoro, Dias Regian Pinkan
Jogokariyan Mosque is one of the mosques located in Yogyakarta. This mosque has its own uniqueness compared to others. This uniqueness lies in the communication management of the organization from its management. Due to its uniqueness, the Jogokariyan Mosque was awarded an award as a good example by...