Proceedings of the 2015 International Symposium on Material, Energy and Environment Engineering

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Research Advance in the Use of Catalysts for Sludge Pyrolysis

Yang Xu, Guori Dong, Fang Chen, Hongyong Li, Jibin Wang
In recent years, the discharge amount of all kinds of sewage is increasingly increased, and therefore the handling problem of sewage sludge, an inevitable product of sewage treatment, has drawn more and more attention. As a new type of sludge treatment technology, the production technology of bio-oil...
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The Research Progress on the Synthesis and Application of Microporous Coordination Polymers

Yan Qin, Yu Xiao, Pu Huang, Yun Zhu, Ming Yi
With the deepening of research, microporous coordination polymers, as a new type of molecule based materials, show potential application prospect. They have pore structure diversifications, high specific surface areas, unsaturated coordination sites and coordination mode diversifications, and their performance...
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Analysis and Research on Mineral Hyperspectral Features

Wei Wang, Jinlin Wang, Kefa Zhou, Zhixin Zhang, Shuguang Zhou, Sihui Duxi, Mengjuan Wu
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Technology in geological prospecting, spectral feature information extraction and other aspects have made significant progress, and a lot of achievements. Compared with the traditional geological survey, mapping prospecting, geological mapping using hyperspectral have low...
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Study on the Preparation Technology of SiNx Thin Film by PECVD

Huawei Xu, Zhiyuan He, Qingli Huang, Dongxiang Luo, Jianyao Hu, Linyong Fan
To prepare SiNx thin film with good compactness, fast deposition rate and stable performance, plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) is adopted to study the influences of different technological parameters on the properties of SiNx thin film. The experimental results indicate that SiH4 and...
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Effect of Ball Milling on the Electrochemical Properties of La0.7(Mg0.25Ti0.05)(Ni0.85Co0.15)3.5 Hydrogen Storage Alloy

Shujun Qiu, Xingyu Ma, Errui Wang, Jianling Huang, Hailiang Chu, Yongjin Zou, Cuili Xiang, Fen Xu, Lixian Sun
The influence of ball milling on the structure and the electrochemical properties of La0.7(Mg0.25Ti0.05)(Ni0.85Co0.15)3.5 hydrogen storage alloy was investigated systematically. The XRD results show that the main phases of the alloy are a (LaMg)Ni3 phase with the PuNi3-type rhombohedral structure and...
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Studies on the Determination of Formaldehyde in Squid and Bummalo

Xuan Zhang, Xiaosheng Shen, Yun Hua Hui, Cong Kong, Yuan Wang, Bing Feng, Youqiong Cai, Dongmei Huang
The paper tends to study the determination of formaldehyde in squid and bummalo by HPLC. The calibration curve in the 0.5-50.0 µg/mL range was obtained and correlation coefficient was 0.9993. The detection limit was 5 mg/kg. Endogenous formaldehyde in bummalo and squid as well as the change rule of formaldehyde...
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Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction for Soluble Antimony(III) and Antimony(V) Speciation in Leigongteng by Hydride Generation Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry

Jinrong Feng
A simple and rapid ultrasound assisted extraction method with hydrochloric acid for antimony speciation in Chinese traditional medicine leigongteng was developed. Antimony(III) is selectively reduced in a citric acid buffer solution at pH 3 in the presence of antimony(V), where no reduction of antimony(V)...
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Numerical Simulation on the Impact Damage of CFRP Laminates with Different Porosities

Aying Zhang, Dongxing Zhang, Mingzhe Qu, Kai Yu
The influence of the porosity on the impact damage of CFRP laminates was investigated. A finite element analysis model is established by using ABAQUS software combined with the sudden stiffness degradation model. The failure criterion of the impact damage of the fabric fiber reinforced composites is...
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The Impact Damage and Medium Leakage of CFRP Laminates with Different Thickness

Aying Zhang, Dongxing Zhang, Mingzhe Qu, Kai Yu
The effects of thickness and impact energy on the impact damage and the medium leakage of CFRP laminates were studied in this paper. Impact tests for the CFRP laminates with the size of 600 mm×700 mm with five different thicknesses were subjected to the impact energy levels from 5 J to 65 J. The matrix...
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Research on the Damage Assessment of Carbon/Epoxy Composite Laminates at Different Impact Energy

Aying Zhang, Haibao Lu
The influence of the impact energy on the impact damage of the carbon fiber fabric reinforced epoxy composites laminates was investigated. Impact tests on the carbon/epoxy composite laminates with the size of 600 mm×700 mm were conducted with different the impact energy levels from 5 J to 65 J at the...
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The Controllable Synthesis of Silver Nanowires by Using the Polyol Method with Trace Agent

Hongli Guo, Guangjian Xing, Zhixin Yang
Ag nanowires were successfully synthesized by the polyol process with the addition of trace amounts of HCl and HNO3. In addition, the relationship between the final morphology of the silver products and the reaction parameters, such as the quality ratio of HCl and HNO3 were studied detailed. The results...
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Transparent Electrodes Fabricated via Graphene and Silver Nanowire Hybrid Films

Zhixin Yang, Ang Zuo, Hongli Guo, Guangjian Xing
The transparent electrodes were fabricated via graphene and silver nanowire hybrid films using vacuum filtration method. The influence of raw material concentration on the structure, morphology and the properties of the thin films were studied. With the content of silver nanowires and graphene increase,...
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Development Features and Fractal Research of fold structure of No.5 Coal Seam in Chenghe-Second Coal Mine

Zhipei Zhang, Yi Cheng, Jia Wang, Xingyu Wang
According to the collected geological data, this thesis has systematically summarized the development feature of folds of No.5 coal seam in Chenghe-Second coal mine by counting and analyzing the setting of regional geological structure and characteristics of mine geological structure. Based on the above-mentioned...
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Application of SCS-CN Model in Runoff Estimation

Dake Wang, Liangqiong Qin, Bao Chang, Mingxing Wang, Weihua Zhang
Runoff calculation is an important part of regional runoff forecast and water resources evaluation model. The Soil Conservation Service (SCS) curve number (CN) model developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Resources Conversion Service (NRCS) is the most popular and widely applied model...
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Graphene-Wrapped Fe3O4 Anode Material for High-Performance Lithium Ion Batteries

Yu Jiang, Zhongjie Jiang, Meilin Liu
The encapsulation of Fe3O4 particles in a graphene shell to form a core-shell structure is a promising way to improve the electrochemical performance of lithium ion batteries (LIBs). The continuous graphene shell may enhance the electrical conductivity of the electrodes, facilitating current collection...
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Natural Fiber Thermal Insulation Materials from Fire Prevention Point of View

Linda Makovická Osvaldová, Stanislava Gašpercová, Martin Petho
Natural fiber thermal insulation is rarely used in the Slovak republic. This low usage might be caused by various factors such as mistrust of new materials from the point of view of thermal insulation installation or of their behavior in case of fire. The paper focuses on the problem of their reaction...
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Preparation and Properties of a Composite Grinding Aid for Steel Slag and Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

Mimi Chen, Fengqing Zhao, Tielin Fan
This paper presented the design of a composite grinding aid for steel slag and granulated blast-furnace slag with glycerol distilled residue as main raw material. Several commonly used grinding aids were investigated and the optimal formulation of the composite grinding aid was obtained with the mass...
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Preparation of Multi nitrate molten salt and its properties tests

Wei Zhai, Bo Yang, Maodong Li, Shiping Li, Mingliang Xin, Jinmei Lin, Lian Wang
In this paper, by adding different additives in Solar Two molten salt in order to form multiple composite molten salts. And testing the thermal performance of mixture molten salt can be comparatively analysis of the modification effects of different additives. The melting point and latent heat of mixture...
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Template-Free Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanorod (RuTi)O2 Composite Cathode for Hydrogen Evolution in Alkali Solution

Kun Xiong, Lin Zhou, Xianming Zhang, Xiaoshu Lv, Guangming Jiang
A novel nanorod (RuTi)O2 composite cathode has been prepared via a facile and controllable approach. X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and linear scanning voltammetry (LSV) were used to scrutinize the electrodes and the electrochemical performance. The results reveal that the...
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The Effect of Precipitants on Ce-La Solid Solution Prepared from Mixed Rare Earth Chloride by a Co-Precipitation Method

Xue Han, Hongrui Hao, Ronggui Guo
Ce-La solid solution were prepared from mixed rare earth chloride via the co-precipitation method using various precipitants: urea, Na2CO3, NaHCO3, (NH4)2CO3 and NH4HCO3. The effects of the precipitants on the physicochemical properties, crystal structure and morphology of the Ce-La solid solution are...
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Study on Preparation and Stability of Sultamicillin Tosilate-β-Cyclodextrin

Xiangqun Xu, Yihui Ping, Jian Xiong, Lin Cheng
Preparation of sultamicillin tosilate -cyclodextrin inclusion to study the stablility. Method: the contents of the inclusion compound of the mixture were determined by the method of saturated aqueous solution. The content of the mixture was determined by UV spectrophotometry and the content of the mixture...
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Preparation of Lincomycin-β-Cyclodextrin Complex by Ultrasonic Method

Xiangqun Xu, Jie Yang, Youquan Zhong, Huayu Wang, Nian Hong, Lin Cheng
To study the best process conditions for preparing ultrasonic lincomycin -cyclodextrin inclusion. Method: Choose the usage ration of Lincomycin hydrochloride with -cyclodextrin, the inclusion temperature and the time of reaction as the main factors, and use the inclusion yield as evaluated indicators...
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Carbon Nanotube Network Structure Induced Shape Memory Behavior Changes of Liquid Crystalline Polyurethane

Yueting Li, Huiqin Lian, Wei Chang, Benzhe Wu, Yupeng Liu, Junlin Ma, Junwei Ma, Jierui Wang
Liquid crystalline polyurethane (LCPU) was used to develop shape memory nanocomposites. The carbon nanotubes were introduced by melt mixing to improve the shape memory property of the LCPU matrix. The dispersion of CNTs and shape memory behaviours of the nanocomposites were also studied. The XRD shows...
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Exploration of the Possibility of Ionic Polyurethane used as IPMC Substrate

Yanou Hu, Huiqin Lian, Yueting Li, Wei Chang
In this study, polyurethane elastomer containing sulfonic acid based was synthesized by two steps. Poly(tetramethylene ether) glycol with 2000g/mol number average molecular weight were used as soft segment, 4,4-methylenebis(phenyl isocyanate), and 1,2-dihydroxy-3-propanesulfonic acid salt were used to...
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Effects of Oil Spill on Activities of Enzymes( SOD, GOT and AHH) in the Shrimp Penaeus Vannamei

Hongwei Wang, Fang Cai, Chunlong Zhao, Yaping Ma, Jing mei LIU, Yu Fan
With the Penaeus vannamei as experiment object, study the effect of oil on activities of enzymes (SOD, GOT and AHH) in the shrimp P. vannamei in different oil concentrations and time. Analyze the change of enzyme activity of shrimp polluted by oil through microplate reader and reagent. The results show...
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Molecular Dynamics Simulation on the Separation of Ethanol/Water in the New 6FDA/mODMS Membranes

Wei Zhao, Wensheng Deng, Zhipeng Zhao, Miyi Li, Zhiping Zhao
It is well known that 4,4'- hexafluoro isopropylidene-phthalic anhydride(FDA) has higher permeability and selectivity. It is contributed to –CF group contained in polyimide structure material. In this study, the diffusion properties of a,w-bis(3-aminopropyldimethyl) oligodimethylsiloxane (ODMS) fragment...
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Adsorption of CO on M-doped(M = Ca, Ce and Pr) Monoclinic Zirconia(111) Surface: A First-Principles Study

Hongchun Luo, Chunhua Zeng, Dong Tian, Hua Wang, Yunchang Fu
Structures and catalytic activities of CO molecule on monoclinic ZrO2(111)(M = Ce, Ca and Pr) surface has been studied by using density functional theory (DFT). Calculations indicate that on the stoichiometric ZrO2(111) surface, the preferential adsorption structure is the Zr-CO configuration. The adsorption...
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Effects of nonylphenol on expression levels of GnRH-like polypeptide in Cipangopaludina chinensis

Hongwei Wang, Fang Cai, Xiang Liu, Guang Wang, Yuan na Wu, Yiwei Liu, Amena Hasan
Nonylphenol plays the role of estrogen in influencing male organisms in water much higher than the female biological. It is typical endocrine disruptors and does harm to biological reproductive system. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) is a sex hormone-containing nerve decape-ptide.The main physiological...
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The effects of Roxithromycin on the Activity of APND and GST in Cipangopaludina Chinensis

Hongwei Wang, Duanbo Cai, Yiwei Liu, Wen Zhao, Fang CAI, Yapeng Ren, Ze zhong LI
Cipangopaludina chinensis which is a kind of benthic invertebrates was taken as experimental invertebrate. In the condition of the Roxithromycin, the activity of APND and GST abstracted from the liver and kidney tissues of Cipangopaludina chinensis to investigate the effect of Roxithromycin on the biochemical...
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Experimental Study on the Single Factor of Hydrogen Peroxide for the Degradation of Aniline

Yongguang Bi, Minxia Huang, Shiting Deng, Hong Yu, Xue wei Chen, Xuemei Liu, Hai lan Huang
This paper wastewater aniline reaction solution, the first reaction was added H2O2 degradation, changing the initial concentration of aniline were simulated wastewater, amount of H2O2, reaction time, pH value, investigate the effect of aniline degradation efficiency, the experimental results show : degradation...
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Experimental research on single factor Enzymatic Extraction Polysaccharide barley

Yongguang Bi, Yumin Li
This paper discusses the factors Enzymatic Extraction barley polysaccharides investigate the effect of hydrolysis time, hydrolysis temperature, enzyme dosage, solid-liquid ratio and pH value of the five factors of barley polysaccharide extraction rate, the results show : with the increase of hydrolysis...
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Optimization of Enzymatic Extraction Barley Polysaccharides Orthogonal Test Method

Yongguang Bi, Yumin Li
In order to optimize Enzymatic Extraction barley polysaccharides parameters, the use of orthogonal test to optimize their processes, affecting the cellulase barley polysaccharide extracted five factors, the maximum temperature hydrolysis, the solid-liquid ratio on minimum. The impact of the extraction...
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Extraction of Total Polyphenols Kelp Optimization Test

Zhong Wang, Yongguang Bi, Xuewei Chen, Xuemei Liu, Hai lan Huang
In this study, seaweed kelp as the raw material, the use of ultrasound-assisted method of extraction process kelp total polyphenols were discussed. Research on the single factor affecting the total polyphenol extraction: ultrasonic time, ultrasonic power, ultrasonic temperature, ethanol concentration....
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Study on Film Drip Irrigation of Maize to Dynamic Changes of Soil Temperature

Zeyu Liu, Yong Wang, Zhou Yu, Xing Li, Dihan Luo
On the observation data of maize under film drip irrigation in different depth of soil temperature and air temperature, analyzed the change status of film mulching and no film mulching field maize at different depths temperature, the study of the dynamic changes of soil temperature in different growth...
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Effects of Construction Waste Composite Powder Materials on the Strength and Shrinkage Performance of C20 Concrete

Cuizhen Xue, Aiqin Shen, Xueying Zhao, Hui Li, Chenguang Wan
To explore the feasibility of using construction waste composite powder materials in the small concrete member, this paper studied the strength and shrinkage performance of C20 concrete under different construction waste composite powder materials dosages. The results show: C20 concrete had the highest...
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Effects of Different Densities on Cadmium Accumulation of Cerastium glomeratum

Lijin Lin, Chunyang Liu, Jun Shi, Mingan Liao
The effects of different densities on cadmium (Cd) accumulation of Cerastium glomeratum were investigated through a pot experiment. The results showed that the root, stem, leaf and shoot biomass of single C. glomeratum decreased with the increase of densities of C. glomeratum seedlings (1, 2, 3, 4 and...
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Nitrate Control Technical Progress in Water Treatment

Lei Fang, Qi Zhu
Leaching of nitrate compound ground runoff loss and nitrogen element resulting in the pollution of groundwater. Most areas in China with the groundwater as drinking water consume excessive amounts of nitrate the damage to the human body is various therefore removal of nitrate in water is urgent. At present...
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Discussion and Analysis on Measurement Methods for Mould Friction during High Efficiency Continuous Casting

Yong Ma, Fangyin Wang, Bohan Fang, Wei Gui
The friction between the mould and slab has important influences on the process of continuous casting and the slab quality. In this paper, based on the continuous slab caster under hydraulic oscillation, the measurement methods of mould friction are studied. The extraction and realization of friction...
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Phase Separation and Electrical Resistivity of Liquid Cu-Co Alloys

Fengxiang Guo, Wei Wang, Qiwei Wang, Jian Yuan, Lei Li, Huilue Jiang, Zhonghai Zhou, Xuelei Tian
Undercooling of Cu-Co alloys is achieved with the help of glass flux technology. Electrical resistivity of Cu20Co80 and Cu60Co40 has been detected during the cooling process. In undercooled liquid, an inflection in resistivity is well accompanied by a turning point in temperature-time curve, which is...
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Influence of Super Absorbent Polymer on the Mechanical Property of High Performance Concrete

Junhong Shan, Shaowu Guo
The mechanical property of concrete will be effected when the SAP added in concrete. This paper study on the law of SAP content and amount of additional water which influence mechanical property of concrete. The results show that the effect of SAP on the early compressive strength of concrete is greater...
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Combinatorial Processing Study for 0.7(Bi0.95La0.05)FeO3-0.3BaTiO3 Ceramics Produced by an Aqueous Tape Casting Method

He Zhu, Guoxi Jin
0.7(Bi0.95La0.05)FeO3-0.3BaTiO3 (0.7BLF-0.3BT) ceramics with pure perovskite structure were produced and packed from an aqueous tape casting method. The effects of pressure and temperature, during the tapes lamination process, on the bulk density and dielectric were systematically investigated to obtain...
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Hydrothermal Aging Life Model of Composite Solid Propellant Based on Modified Arrhenius Method

Yongqiang Du, Jian Zheng, Wei Peng, Xiao Zhang
By combining with the quantum mechanics theory on the relationship between the electronic equipment aging reaction rate and temperature-humidity, a hydrothermal aging life model based on modified Arrhenius method is established with the propellant mechanical properties as the research object. According...
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Study on the Textured CaBi4Ti4O15 Ceramics with Sc Modification

Mingfengyu Ma, Guoxi Jin, Deqi Zhang, Qianqian Zheng
Sc3+ doped textured lead-free ceramics of CaBi4-xScxTi4O15 (CBScT) were prepared by oriented consolidation of anisometric particle method with tape casting while the plate-like powders were produced by MMS method. The higher dielectric constant and lower dielectric loss were obtained as the x=0.2. The...
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Study on Tertiary Infilling Adjustment Optimized Well Spacing at Super High Water Cut Stage

Lin Li
In view of the features of the remaining oil after a period of production since secondary infilling adjustment of water flooding development oil field, that is, low quality, uneven planar distribution and high vertical dispersal, study on tertiary infilling adjustment optimized well spacing has been...
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The Numerical Simulation Study of the Impacting Factors of the Produced Gas/Oil Ratio

Zhenhai Jiang
In the conditions of pressure maintenance when balanced injection and production rate, produced gas-oil ratio should remain stationary. Conversely, take Sabei oilfield as an example, along with the development entered high water cut period, the value of its produced gas-oil ratio increased significantly....
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Analysis of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Damage

Yinquan Hu, Xiaobing Wu, Guorui Hu, Qiheng Fan
Charge-discharge experiments of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery packs have been performed on an experimental platform, and electrochemical properties and damage mechanism of LiFePO4 batteries are also analyzed in extreme cases. Our results indicate that over-charge has little impact on utilizable...
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Research on Ignition Characteristics and Factors of Biogas Engine

Yanyan Wang, Xingyu Liu, Jianguo Yang, Yitao Shen, Xiangyun Feng
A three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics model coupled with chemical kinetics mechanism was established and validated on an actual biogas fuelled engine. Arc and kernel tracking ignition model and coherent flame combustion model were implemented and applied to capture in-cylinder ignition and...
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Study of Rotating Axis Dynamic Characteristics

Ming-Hsiung Ho, Pinning Wang, Jungpeng Yeh, Pinghui Lee, Yanxiang Lai
This study checks and analyses the design of a disk braking caliper bench testing machine, to testify its moving characteristics. The analysed objects include rotating axes and four weighting disks. The first procedure is to use the design software SolidWorks to build axis and weighting disks models....
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Optimized analysis of the clean depth waste heat utilization system in coal-fired power plant

Fengping Pan, Jia Luo, Yaqing Zhu, Weijian Huang, Lingling Shi, Kai Su
In recent years, as a consequence of the rapidly increasing energy price and more and more stringent energy-saving and emission reduction policies, many effective measures have been taken by the majority of the coal-fired plants in China, including improving the power plant efficiency, reducing the unit...
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Non-invasive Technology Research on Identifying and Locating Short-circuit Fault for Power Supply Network

Xianxu Huo, Yongbiao Yang, Jiancheng Yu, Tianchun Xiang, Jie Song, Jinming Wang
Non-invasive fault monitoring and locating system due to the low installation and maintenance cost and non-invasive the use house has become an important development direction of load short-circuit fault identification and positioning. The paper constructs the overall architecture of non-invasive electricity...
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Forsythia Flower as Natural Photosensitizer for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

Zhenghao Liu, Jinjin Zhao, Liyu Wei, Bing Qiao, Jiao Liu, Wenna Wang, Xiaoyan Du, Tengkun Li, Lei Wang
Pigments of Forsythia flowers were facilely extracted. Ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) absorption spectra of nanocrystal TiO2 film sensitized by Forsythia dyes, and photoelectric property of natural dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) confirmed that the strong capacity of Forsythia visible light absorption,...
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Experimental Study on Emission Characteristics during Combustion of Single Bamboo Pellet

Haobin Peng, Guohua Chen, Yuesheng Li, Zhiming Jiang, Mengquan Yu, Yunquan Li
Some specific bamboo pellets were combusted in a tube furnace individually in different constant air flow rates (3,4 and 5 L/min) and at various temperatures (800, 900, 1000, 1100 and 1200 ), in order to investigate the dynamic emission characteristics during various respective combustion processes....
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Mechanics Analysis of 110kV Suspension-Type Composite Insulators in Ice Coating and Wind Loads Conditions

Xinze Zhao, Zhicheng Fu, Meiyun Zhao, Lei Wang, Yang Wu
Composite insulators are insulation parts which are used to withstand power load and all kinds of stress applied by wires in transmission lines,the stress offen cause fracture and brittle fracture of core rods in the operation.In this paper,composite insulators, running in the ice coating and wind load...
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Design and Implementation of Power Harmonic Monitoring System based on Robust Kalman Filtering

Tingting Huang, Ming Bai, Zhenxian Zhang, Yongqiang Ye
The inverters consisted of Power Electronic Devices are widely used in dredger, which makes Dredger Power System lots of Upper Harmonic. In order to achieve precise harmonic monitoring of cutter suction dredger power system, the paper proposes a power harmonic monitoring system based on Robust Kalman...
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Synergetic Effect on Syngas Yield and Energy Yield during Co-pyrolysis of Sewage Sludge and Rice Straw

Yanfang Miao, Yuwen Zhu, Lei Zhang, Jiujun Yang
This study focused on the co-pyrolysis of sewage sludge and rice straw in order to improve syngas yield and energy recovery potential. The singular pyrolysis of sewage sludge and rice straw was firstly investigated under varying operating temperatures. Then the synergetic effect on yield of combustible...
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Whole Process Investment Control of Power Grid Project Based on Closed-Loop Feedback System

Liaoyi Ning, Dunnan Liu, Jinyuan Liu, Lihang Ji, Xuefeng Wu, Ce Xiu
With the development of economy, the demand of electric power is higher and higher. At the same time, the development of various types of power grid makes the investment of power grid projects more and more, but there is no complete and effective way to monitor the whole process of power grid project....
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Research on the Application of Series Capacitor Compensation for Typical Medium Voltage Distribution Network

Ge Xu, Shiwu Xiao, Xiaoqing Xiao, Likun Li
Series capacitor compensation can improve the operating parameters and transmission capacity of transmission line,it has been put into use in power system for many years.There is a common problem in Chinese distribution network that terminal voltage of the line is lower and instability which is caused...
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Optimization Method for Grid Purchasing Electricity Under the Constraints of Low-Carbon

Dunnan Liu, Yuhang Ying, Haichao Wang
World widely speaking, power industry plays an important player in the carbon emission and the carbon emission reduction field, and it is also the main part of the carbon trade market. Carbon constraint in electricity market will profoundly transform the original model of the power generation and electricity...
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Torque Control Strategy for Battery Electric Bus

Jianyao Hu, Juan Wu, Hemeng Peng, Qingli Huang, Dongxiang Luo, Linyong Fan, Zhiyuan He, Huawei Xu
As battery electric vehicles are gaining more and more popularity in the Chinese market, the role of the energy management system in the drivetrain is escalating. In this paper, the driving control strategy of a battery electric bus is presented. Applying a fuzzy logic control (FLC) algorithm, the output...
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The Summary of the Thermal Protection Test Technology Using High Temperature and Supersonic Gas Jet

Bin Qi, Ning Tian, Yanghui Zou, Lisong Zhang, Wenzhong Lou
The thermal protection test can be done by high temperature and supersonic gas jet, which plays an important role in promoting global thermal protection system development over the past few decades. The principle, characteristics and applications of the test method are presented. Furthermore, the development...
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Optimization of Automatic Power Monitoring and Control Method in HVDC Projects

Yanhong Shen, Rui Zhang, Haoran Huang, Guohui Rao
The construction of UHVDC (ultra high voltage direct current) transmission integrates the regional power grids into a whole grid in China, which increase the importance of power grid stability. Automatic power control helps operation personnel reduce the burden of work, but it may also take the power...
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Power Supply of Video Monitoring Device Used for the Cable Operation, Maintenance and Management

Xilin Zhang, Dan Pang, Weiyan Shao, Zhenhao Wang
The power supply is used for operation, maintenance and management of the cable line in engineering, the cable circuit applying power supply device could carry on energy by induction, we have designed the AC-DC altering circuit, energy discharge circuit and protection circuit and so on, the reliability...
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Research and Development of High Voltage Circuit Breaker SF6 Monitoring Terminal

Zhenhao Wang, Xifeng Hou, Jingming Zhu, Peimin Xie
A integrative high voltage circuit breaker SF6 monitoring terminal device is designed, researched and developed the sensor circuit and radio frequency wireless transmission circuit, real-time online monitor the density and water content changes of SF6 gas and the trace leakage of the gas, then transmit...
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Modelling on Bus-Transfer Current and Enclosure Current of GIS

Feng Xue, Yida Sheng, Haitao Li, Chaoming Wang, Siwei Wan, Chunsheng Ma
As the continuous development of social economy, a large number of gas insulated switchgear (GIS) has been put into use for its advantages. In order to prevent disconnector faults during the process of substation switching operation, it’s important to measure the bus-transfer current to monitor the running...
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Methods Research to Calculate Equivalent of Environmental Cost in Power Industry

Junmei Wang, Ma Chao, Guo Lin, Chuncheng Gao, Dunnan Liu
Power industry as an important means of primary energy consumption occupies an important position In coal consumption and pollutant emissions, and causes a great impact on the environment. It is particularly important to define environmental costs while Environmental costs account for a heavy weight...
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Research on On-line Monitoring Device of Circulation in High Voltage Cable Metal Sheath

Deqing Tan, Han Bai, Keqiang Sun, Zhenhao Wang
We have designed an integrated high voltage cable metal sheath circulation online monitoring terminal. The open-type current sensor, the circuit of data acquisition and the circuit transceiver of radiofrequency wireless has been researched and developed, real-time online monitor the changes of high voltage...
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Switch Operating Mechanism Box Integrated Wireless Temperature Monitoring Terminal

Zhenhao Wang, Hongtao Chen, Jianming Zhao, Xiangchen Meng
Switch operating mechanism box integrated wireless temperature monitoring terminal is designed and the sensor circuit, the heater current detection circuit, a wireless transceiver circuit, the control circuit are developed in the present invention.So the mechanism box temperature change can be monitored...
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A Study on Grading Early Warning Model of Distribution Network Investment Deviation

Hui Cai, Dunnan Liu, Long Zhou, Tianqi Tang
The grading early warning model of distribution network investment deviation can invest in distribution network construction project and provide scientific and economic management model. In this paper, factors that caused distribution network construction investment deviation has been identified effectively,...
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The Discussion on the System of Cross-subsidization for Large User Direct Power-Purchase in Electricity Market

Long Zhou, Dunnan Liu, Hui Cai, Tianqi Tang
With the deepening of the reform of the electric power system in China, the system of Cross-subsidization for large users’ direct power-purchase has achieved initial results. The domestic experimental work of large users direct Power-Purchase and the practice of foreign countries have demonstrated that...
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A Load Forecasting Analysis Method Considering Multiple Demand Side Resources

Long Zhou, Dunnan Liu, Zhanhui Xiao, Qiang Wang
Load forecasting plays an important part in power grid planning of grid company, this paper focus on the new load forecasting method under the effect of demand side resources, the potentials of all kinds of demand side resources are estimated by statistics method within a substation area to make the...
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Comprehensive characteristics analysis of Low Carbon - Environmental Protection Power Generation

Zhanhui Xiao, Dunnan Liu, Long Zhou, Qiang Wang
The first step to study environmental problems caused by power generation is focusing on electrical energy and carbon emission coordination scheduling and classifying the generating units by near zero emission, ordinary fossil fuels and carbon capture. And then make an in-depth analysis on electrical...
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Application of Inorganic Ceramic Membrane in Wastewater Treatment: Membrane Fouling Control and Cleaning Procedure

Yanjie Wei
Using the inorganic ceramic membrane equipment for wastewater treatment, the transit membrane pressure (TMP) raises with membrane fouling, interception efficiency declines, and operation energy consumption increases. These issues have been the main problems to be solved in the technology development...
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Haze Particles for Removal of Multiple Heavy Metals from Wastewater

Tingyi Liu, Yanqiu Sun, Zhongliang Wang
Haze has been a worldwide problem disturbing the daily life of human, and even causing a variety risk to human health. However, haze particles, normally named “air pollutants” and “toxic wastes”, were firstly used to remove heavy metals from wastewater with a high efficiency. The morphology of haze particles...
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Research on Electronic Waste Recycling—Liupanshui City as an example

Zhiwei Zeng, Mingzhe Hu, Jiangli Long, Denghui Ji
According to the present situation and trend of industrialization of electronic waste at home and abroad, combining the reality of Liupanshui region of electronic waste recycling. This paper studies on the technology and process of electronic waste recycling being basic on the precious metals which recover...
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Experimental Study on Boiler NOx Emission Characteristics Basing on Power Plant Efficiency

Guang Zeng, Shaozeng Sun, Zhenqi Ye, Zhiqiang Zhao, Yijun Zhao, Jie Leng
Nowadays, NOx emission was taken more and more seriously, Emission standard of air pollutants for thermal power plants was enacted newly by Chinese State Environmental Protection Department which is considered to be the strictest NOx emission standard up to now, but similar to other NOx controlling regulations...
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The Effects of Agricultural Wastes on Degradation of PAHs and Abundance of Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria and Archaea in Soils

Xuemei Han, Chen Cheng, Qingxia Duan, Hui Wang, Xiwei Li, Donghao Wei, Rui Zhang, Helian Li
The effects of agricultural wastes on degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(PAHs) and abundance of ammonia-oxidizing archaea (AOA) and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) in PAH-polluted soils were determined by liquid chromatography and real-time quantitative PCR. The results showed that addition...
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Study on the Thermal Environment of “Cool Alley” in Chinese Historic Settlements

Li Tang, Nan Zhang
Chinese historic settlements are striking testimonies to the architectural civilization of China. Based on the concept of ‘letting nature take its course’, these settlements promote harmony and unity between architecture and nature, and embody the ecological wisdom of our ancestors. Many of the planning...
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Source Identification, Emission Characters and Tendency of Atmospheric PAHs in China: A Review

Youping Shou, Xin Li
PAHs are widespread environmental pollutants, which originate mostly from incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and organic materials. Due to their well-known carcinogenic and mutagenic properties in humans, PAHs are a concern to more and more people. This review serves as a database to analyse the major...
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Investigation on the Natural Occurrence of Semicarbazide in Macrobrachium Nipponese prawns

Yunhua Hui, Xuan Zhang, Huijuan Yu
There is a suggestion that semicarbazide (SEM), the marker for the illegal veterinary nitrofurazone (NFZ), can naturally occur in some crustaceans. There were increasing occurrences that SEM had been found in Macrobrachium Nipponese (M. Nipponese) prawns during the routine quality controls testing for...
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Research on Establishment of an Index System for the Low-carbon Industrial Parks in Wuhan City

Yanyan Huang, Jingjing Wang
Along with an upsurge in the construction of eco-industrial parks in China, research on the appraisal system of industrial parks has become a focus of public concern. With low-carbon industrial park as an object of study, this paper proposes a setup procedure and specific construction method for index...
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Estimating Benefits of Deep Retrofit Scenarios Based on Passivhaus Standards in the Residential Sector of Waterloo Region

Qi Wang, Paul Parker
This paper investigates the potential benefits of deep retrofit scenarios on the energy consumption of houses in Waterloo Region. The building envelop is the primary focus, especially upgrading wall, attic, and foundation insulation. The sample houses are divided into six categories based on their construction...
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Unconscious Design and the Natural Qualities of Bamboo Furniture

Wenying Dong, Jiamin Huang
Combined with the features of bamboo, to discuss how to release the qualities of bamboo using the unconscious design skillfully, and show "humanism" of bamboo furniture to achieve harmony between man, machine and environment.
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Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Waste MC nylon Using Zeolites in Subcritical Water

Wei Wang, Linghui Meng, Kunyue Leng, Yudong Huang
In contrast with the conventional physical methods, the sub- and supercritical hydrolysis is not only a more environmentally friendly method to recycle the monomer casting nylon (MC nylon) wastes, but also a more feasible way to produce the corresponding monomer. In subcritical water, MC nylon was decomposed...
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Patterns of Understory Plant Diversity in Response to Transmitted Solar Radiation in a Subtropical Forest

Xiaorong Jia, Runxia Huang, Yi Zhou, Zhiyao Su
In order to reveal how transmitted solar radiation affects understory plant diversity patterns, we carried out plant census in a subtropical forest in south China. We determined canopy structure and understory gap light regimes using hemispherical photography. The results showed that a total of 206 species...
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Research on the Demarcation of Provincial Initial Emission Quotas and the Emissions Trading

Huiqin Jiang, Sixiang Huang, Yang Miao, Jianqiang Bao
The distribution of China's energy resources and consumption is trending to reverse. Inter-provincial cooperation from of energy transforms form transporting coal to building coal-fired power, electricity transmission and natural gas transmission. That led to the increase in total emissions and environmental...
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Capacity Estimation of Soil Organic Carbon Pools in the Intertidal Zone of the Bohai Bay

Tianyu Mao, Tingting Shi, Yajuan Li
Based on the data obtained from the field survey in the intertidal zone of the Binhai New Area of Tianjin Bay in October 2014, the distribution characteristics of soil organic carbon pool in the intertidal zone were studied. The results show that the highest organic carbon content of soil is 22.913g/kg,...
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Review on the Technology and Application of Lead Contaminated Soil Remediation

Lina Lan, Xiaojie Sun
With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, and lead pollution of soil area in our country, blood lead happened frequently in recent years, the lead pollution of soil is a problem that cannot be ignored.This paper briefly illustrates the soil lead pollution present situation, summarizes...
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An Inventory Analysis for Estimating CO2 Emission in End-of-Life of Single or Independent Building

Gi Wook Cha, Won Hwa Hong, Kang Min Kim
In this study, an inventory analysis was conducted to estimate the CO2 emissions in End-of-Life (EOL) of single and independent buildings (SIB). For this purpose, EOL were subdivided into the dismantling stage, the waste transportation stage and the waste disposal stage. And the CO2 emissions estimation...
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The Application of Fluidized Bed Incineration for Sludge Innocuous Disposal in Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil Remediation

Xin Li
Fluidized bed incineration is an innovative combustion technique in soil environmental remediation. It was specifically and effective for the sewage sludge remediation contaminated by heavy metals. In this paper, the sludge incineration technological process was mainly studied. There were 3 methods of...
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Mechanism Design for the Joint Control of Pollution

F. Xue Zhang, J. Wang
From the perspective of the central government, this paper analyzed that the externality of pollution control would lead to market inefficiency, and studied the implementation in dominant strategy equilibrium and sub-game perfect Nash equilibrium. Study found: Market inefficiency came from private information...
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Optimizing Needs Fresh Air for Healthy Microclimate

Zdenek Galda, Jiri Labudek
The aim of the experiment was to verify the CO2 concentration in the indoor environments in different flows of fresh air per person, based on the legislative requirements of the Czech Republic and the European Union. The experiment was performed in a passive house at the Faculty of Civil Engineering,...
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Method for Mixed Gas Detecting in Coal Mine Based on Improved RBF Neural Network

Ruiqing Mao, Xiliang Ma, Yong Wang
Aiming at the problem of the coal mine rescue robot's perception of toxic and harmful gas in Coal Mine, The cross sensitivity of partial gas is reduced by using double gas sensor, and the influence of the variable factors such as temperature and humidity is considered, The improved RBF neural network...
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Causes Analysis on the Pollution of the South Lake in Wuhan City Based on Fault Tree Theory

Chaoyang Liu, Jingdong Zhang, Fei Li, Bing Wang, Zhenzhen Qiu
South Lake, the second largest lake in Wuhan, has been polluted seriously in recent years. Unfortunately, specific reasons for the pollution phenomenon impose an insurmountable hurdle. To address this challenge, we used the fault tree theory as a effective tool to conduct comprehensive analysis of the...
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Analysis and Research on Influence Factors of Anaerobic Ammonia Oxidizing Bacterial Activity

Xiaoyan Tian, Ke Feng
This paper probes into the anaerobic ammonia oxidation startup phase and the concentration of nitrate nitrogen, PH and temperature on the start stage, and the effects of nitrogen, the results show that:(1) The nitrate nitrogen concentration and enrichment of anaerobic ammonia oxidation bacteria biomass...
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Spatial and Seasonal Distribution Study and Correlation Analysis of Aerosol and PM2.5 in Beijing City Based on MODIS Data

Wei Ye, Wei Song
The inversion of aerosol optical depth (AOD) of Beijing in each four seasons of 2014 year was carried out in this paper. The results show that, in seasonal distribution, the AOD of Beijing city was lower in winter and spring, stable in summer and autumn. In spatial distribution, the AOD is large in the...
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A Study on Water Resource Allocation in Jiaokou Irrigation Area

Mengna Li, Rui Liu, Hui Qian, Xiangyi Meng
To solve the current problems occurred in Jiaokou irrigation area, and to realize sustainable utilization of water resources, this article proposes several water resource allocation plans, based on water supply and demand calculation in the area. A model is used to simulate these plans. The results shows...
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Influence of waterway dredging engineering on Water Ecological Environment and Countermeasures

Changbing Liu, Hongxia Xiong, Wei Huang, Yu Lin
During waterway dredging engineering due to the disturbance of construction operation on water, the original substrate will change and suspended solids will concentrate sharply in a short period of time resulting in the change of local ecosystem and river habitat landscape and bring adverse impacts on...
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WASP Model-based Optimization on Water Quality Monitoring Section in Ningxia Segment of the Yellow River

Xiangyi Meng, Jingwen Qi, Hui Qian, Mengna Li
According to the hydrographic features and current data of Yellow River’s Ningxia Sector, this study uses WASP model for water quality simulation and selects three pollution indexes COD, NH3-N and TP, conducting analysis on the spatial change characteristics of these three indexes. On this basis, the...
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Outside 3D Integral Fin on stainless steel tube forming and Multi-Factor Experimental Analysis

Xiaoxia Zhang, Xiuli Qiu
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Analysis and Comparison of Urban Air Quality Management in China, Korea and Thailand

Ronghua Xu, Yanpeng Cai, Jun Zheng, Hong Wang
In the past few years, the problems of urban air pollution became increasingly serious in many countries. In this paper, the comparison and analysis of air quality between developed and developing countries, such as Korea, China, and Thailand, were proposed. In detail, the state of air quality, state...