Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Information Systems and Computing Technology

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A Feedback based Probability Selection for Frame forwarding in AVB switched Ethernet

Ang Gao, Yansu Hu, Lixin Li, Xu Li
In order to support real-time quality of service in time-sensitive and time-tolerant coexisting network in Ethernet, a set of IEEE standards for transporting and forwarding real-time content over Ethernet are proposed that known as Audio Video Bridging (AVB). By bandwidth reservation and priority isolation,...
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A new algorithm for wireless network nodes effectiveness

XiangZhong Wang, Moyi Duan
According to the network congestion caused by node failure, presents a measuring node effectiveness evaluation index. The index for the long correlation properties of the actual flow, respectively using the autoregressive moving average (Auto-Regressive and Moving Average, ARAMA) model and linear fractional...
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Attitude Determination based on Common Reference Clock GPS/BDS Dual Antenna

Lei Zhang, Wen Chen, Chao Yu, Danan Dong
There is a technique innovation in GNSS receivers. That is to say, the common reference clock is adopted in more than two GNSS receivers and the carrier phase single difference can get the same technical effects as the double difference. This paper expresses in detail mathematical model method and some...
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Performance Analysis of Full-Duplex Decode-and-Forward Two-Way Relay System

Ganning He, Lixin Li, Jie Fan, Zihe Zhang, Xu Li, Zhibin Xu
This paper considers a full-duplex two-way relaying (FD-TWR) system, where two terminals transmit and receive simultaneously with the help of a full-duplex relay node. We propose the transmission scheme for decode-and-forward (DF) protocol using the differential binary phase-shift keying (DBPSK) modulation...
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Two-Way Denoise-and-Forward MIMO Relaying for Land Mobile Satellite Communication

Jiao He, Lixin Li, Jie Fan, Huisheng Zhang, Xu Li, Cai Wan
In this paper, a two-way denoise-and-forward (DNF) multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) relaying scheme for land mobile satellite (LMS) communication is proposed. We first describe the system model of two-way DNF MIMO relaying and the channel model used in LMS communication. Secondly, we use binary...
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Using Guided Filtering to Improve Gram-Schmidt Based Pansharpening Method for GeoEye-1 Satellite Images

Xu Li, Yiming Zhang, Yanan Gao, Shigang Yue
Gram-Schmidt based spectral pansharpening is a well-known scheme for fusion of panchromatic (PAN) and multispectral (MS) images. However, it relies more on the relative spectral responses between the PAN and MS sensors, which may easily suffer from spectral distortions. To deal with this problem, we...
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A new mix together algorithm for wireless network state

Moyi Duan, XiangZhong Wang
This paper propose a new fusion method (Signal Fusion based on signal Wavelet transform and Date Association, SFWD), its purpose is to performance issues by the signal generated by the influence of interference resolution process in the wireless network transmission. Firstly, based on wavelet transform...
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A Review of Guided Filter Based Pansharpening Methods

Yanan Gao, Yiming Zhang, Xu Li, Lixin Li, Ang Gao, Pan Yu
Pansharpening aims at injecting the spatial structure of the high resolution panchromatic(PAN) image into the low resolution multispectral(MS) image. In order to overcome the shortcomings of the existing methods that can not extract the details of the image accurately, some pansharpening methods based...
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Camera Calibration and Error Analysis Based on MATLAB Calibration Tool

Yan Cao, Jianghao Fu, Yu Bai
According to the calibration principle of the MATLAB calibration toolbox, the transformation relations between four coordinate systems used in camera calibration are analyzed. On this basis, MATLAB calibration toolbox is used to simulate the corner point calibration algorithm of the checkerboard, and...
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Cathode Modification method for electrolytic machining of face gear

Yongming Wang, Yan Cao, Yaru Shi, Liang Huang
In view of the difficulty of cathode modification, this paper proposes a new method based on the theory of equilibrium gap and cathode modification. Firstly, the mathematical model of cathode modification of face gear is established and different normal vectors of cathode surface are selected. Then in...
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Design and Implementation of the Knowledge Parts Library of Aeronautical Standard Parts Based on CATIA

Qiang Li, Yan Cao, Jiang Du, Nana Zhang
With the object to reuse the design data and method of the aviation standard parts, the method to develop the knowledge parts library of aeronautical standard parts which can be expanded dynamically and seamless integrated with CATIA is researched with the MBD and parametric technology. Based on the...
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Development and Application of Database System for Rubber Material

Ningfei Wu, Yan Cao, Yu Bai, Hu QIAO
In order to quickly and comprehensively understand some rubber material data, the three layer system structure based on B_S model develop database system of rubber materials by using ASP technology, the Windows7 operating system, IIS7.5 as Web server, Dreamweaver CS6 as the development platform, SQL...
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Epicyclic Gear Train Parametric Design Based on the Multi-objective Fuzzy Optimization Method

Nana Zhang, Yan Cao, Jiang Du, Qiang Li
The research can achieve multi-objective fuzzy and multi constraint optimum design of epicyclic gear train which has large transmission ratio, high power, high efficiency and simple structure, compact epicyclic gear train with multi-objective fuzzy optimum method.Based on analyzing of structure types...
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Equivalent Channel Parameters for Polar Coded Cooperative Relaying

Xuan Ma, Meng Zhu, Lixin Li, Xiaocong Wen, Jiaying Yin, Jing Li
In a polar coded cooperative relay system, the channel parameters play a very important role in the overall system performance. In order to find the optimal channel parameter which is suitable for polar encoding and decoding, and to optimize the system performance, a equivalent channel parameter (ECP)...
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Influence of SLA rapid prototyping process parameters on the forming

Yaru Shi, Yan Cao, Yongming Wang, Liang Huang
With the development of modern industry, Modern die technology is developing in the direction of high precision, high life, high productivity and complex structure. Therefore, the development of new die design and manufacturing technology is imperative. Light curing rapid prototyping technology is the...
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Localization algorithm of Bluetooth sensor network

Maoxiang Ji, Yao Yao, Chunxia Zhang, Weiyong Jiang, Lei Zhang
The indoor positioning technology is the most important research field in the location based service (LBS). RFID, ZigBee, Bluetooth and UWB are popular technologies in the indoor positioning system. However, thesingle technology cannot realize the high accuracy. Bluetooth sensor network continues to...
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Modeling and Evaluation of Milling Cutter Processing Capacity Based on Relational Algebra

Weiwei Ma, Yan Cao, Leijie Fu, Yu Bai
In this paper, facing the problem of tool selection in the machining process, an evaluation model of machining capacity of milling cutter, which is based on the method of relational algebra, is established. First, affecting processing capability factors are integrated by modeling. Second, these factors...
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Research and Implementation of PID Algorithm for Quadcopter Based on RT-Thread

Quan Huang, Lixin Li, Huisheng Zhang, Ang Gao, Wenzhong Yan
In order to solve the problems in quadcopter system, such as real-time response, heavy workload and difficulty in control, this paper applies the embedded real-time operating system (RT-Thread) to the quadcopter. The PID algorithm has been considered in two structures in respect of the optional control...
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Research on 3D Parametric Modeling Technology of Template Parts Based

Bei Chen, Yan Cao, Jiang Du, Miaomiao Zhang
With the object to improve the design efficiency and quality of general parts through the research and analysis of parametric modeling hierarchy, the parametric modeling technology is summarized. This method can be used to build reusable templates part based on CATIA, the research results of this paper...
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Research on Reliability Distribution Technology of CNC Lathe HTC2050

Miaomiao Zhang, Yan Cao, Zhou Fang, Bei Chen
By studying the reliability distribution of CNC lathe, it is possible to solve the problem of poor reliability and short life of CNC lathe, which can also reveal the weak links, key elements and components in the system design. The mathematical model of NC lathe is established by using Arlins distribution...
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Research on the Design Process of High-speed End Mills

Yuanyuan Kang, Yan Cao, Zhou Fang, Guixiang Liu
In order to establish the general principles and general standards for the design of high-speed cutter, this paper summarizes the research and application status of high-speed end milling cutter. It is concluded that the high-speed end milling cutter is designed only from the high-speed cutting mechanism,...
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Soil Moisture Estimation Based on GNSS-R Signal

Pengwei Yu, Lei Zhang
The GNSS signal which is reflected by the surface of the object carries the physical characteristic information of reflecting surface. Global navigation satellite system reflection (GNSS-R) is an emerging area of GNSS applications in the field of microwave remote sensing using multipath reflected signals....
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The Design and Implementation of Data System for Magnetic Alloys

Jing Wang, Yu Bai, Yan Cao, Hu Qiao
Based on web, an integrated Magnetic alloys database system has been constructed, by adopting a three-tier architecture such as B/S and using advanced technologies such as ASP and SQL. The system has several advantages such as friendly interface, simplicity, easy to use and understand, functional integrity...
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The Establishment of Three Dimensional Parametric Model of End Mill Based on MBD Technology

Mingyu Lei, Yan Cao, Yu Bai, Qiangfeng Wang
The dilemma of tool design and manufacturing in China is analyzed, and a new way of coping strategy is put forward. By introducing MBD technology into tool modeling, the expression frame of MBD data set in tool modeling is expounded, and the concept of parameterization is introduced in the new MBD model...
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The Feasibility of Conventional Beamforming Algorithm Based on Resolution for Internet of Things in Millimeter Wave Environment

Yuehong Guo, Lixin Li, Xiaocong Wen, Ang Gao, Yatai Liu
With the densification of Internet of Things (IoT), the IoT application will benefit a lot from a wide range of unused bandwidths Millimeter wave (mm wave) frequencies. Through the general theoretical background, this paper puts forward several conventional beamforming algorithms in the mm wave environment,...
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Thermo-mechanical Coupled Simulation Analysis of Solid End Mill on Milling Process

Yan Cao, Xinhu Liu, Leijie Fu, Yu Bai
In the milling process, the temperature and milling force have an important influence on tool life, so the prediction of the thermo-mechanical coupling field is very important. According to the actual cutting characteristics of solid carbide end milling cutter for processing T10 carbon tool steel, the...
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A WSN Architecture Based on SDN

Qiaozhi Xu, Jie Zhao
In this paper, we introduce software-defined networking (SDN) into wireless sensor networks (WSNs) for saving energy and smart management. We propose a generic architecture for the base station in a software-defined wireless sensor network. We also propose a general framework for a software-defined wireless...