Proceedings of the 3rd International Seminar and Conference on Learning Organization (isclo-15)

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Hedonic Shopping Motive As A Routinization Habit On The Consumer Purchase Decisions At Starbucks Coffee

Lia Yuldinawati, Adelia Ayuningsari
The growth of the middle class who have various lifestyles, one of them is consuming coffee in modern coffee shops. Coffee consumption in Indonesia since 2010 - 2014 had increased.The steady increase of the Indonesian people' s purchasing power has made Starbucks wants to keep increasing the numbers...
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Leader Negotiating Style in Learning Organizations : A Qualitative Study of Teacher Education Institutes in Malaysia

Mohmad Yazam Sharif, Shahrizal Badlishah
The aim of this paper is to show some findings on the leader negotiating styles among institutional managers in Malaysia. The managers selected were from Malaysia' s Teacher Education Institutes (TEIs). TEIs are under the jurisdiction of Malaysia' s Ministry of Education. Some years ago, these institutes...
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Building World Class Talent in Oil Refining Industries. The Path to Excellence

Gusman Adiwardhana
Building an operations capabilities can unleash tremendous efficiencies and performances improvements that link directly to company' s profitability. Scale and apathy often combine to make it seems difficult to change how these ongoing development activities are carried out to reap the maximum potential...
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The implementation of talent management : a case study in an organisation having an integrated talent program

S.M Dominic, D.L. Runde
The aim of this research is to review the implementation of talent management in an Indonesian company context and to investigate the effectiveness of the current talent management model and practices. This is important because in Indonesia, the quality and human resource capabilities are still under...
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Not Commanding But Persuading And Shaping That Make Learning Organization

Sammy Kristamuljana
Generating a willingness to learn from an individual is not a straightforward task. The same applies to an organization which is a group of people that collectively try to achieve mutual and agreed objectives. Consequently, the strategic leaders who initiate the learning process should raise the "sense...
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The Influence of Decision Makers' Global Mindset to the Company' s Internationalization Behavior (a Case Study of a Telkom' s Global Talent Program)

Agung Sutanto, Indrawati
The Global Talent (Development) Program or in short GTP is one of the important Telkom' s human capital programs. During the GTP, every participant had to do a three months overseas job assignment, in order to provide them with sufficient yet real international business experiences. The overseas job...
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Wrong Way, Wrong Decision Making, How Come?

Dini Turipanam Alamanda, Husni Amani, Cut Irna Setiawati, Lazuardi Miftahul
Indonesian-Deutschland Car Community (IDCC) is a community formed and membered by the owners and fans of the German manufactured cars, particularly BMW brand. The community is based in Bandung. The 2015 IDCC National Conference was an essential activity and became the top priority since any decisions...
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The Influence of Personal Factors, Organizational Factors, and Technological Factors in The Use of CIM Toward Employees Knowledge Sharing in PT. Jalan Tol Lingkar Luar Jakarta (PT. JTLJ)

Bimantoro Kushari Pramono, Ade Irma Susanty
This study aimed to acknowledge how big is the personal, organization, and technological factors, and moreover to acknowledge how deep is the effect influenced by personal, organization, and technological factors in the use of CIM towards employee' s knowledge sharing in PT. Jalan Tol Lingkar Luar Jakarta....
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The Influence of Leadership Style, Organization Culture, Work Motivation and Work Satisfaction Towards Staff Performance in Bank X in Jakarta

Farouk Ibnu Ishaaq, Waseso Segoro
The bad staff performance of the company caused poor company performance. In this research, Bank X experienced a decrease in its net income in 2012 which was caused by the increase of its operational load towards the operational income. Bank X noted a 24% less net income compared to that of 2011. This...
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The Future of Business and Business School Pedagogy Reconvergence

Adrian Teja
Business world is constantly changing in a different way that the past had low predictive power to predict the future. In the last ten years, new business paradigms have gained the tractions. There are new business strategies to remove business constraints as much as possible, for rehumanization the...
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Flexible Organizational Structure for Learning Organization : Case of the Indonesia Open University (Universitas Terbuka)

Agus Joko Purwanto
The Indonesia Open University (Universitas Terbuka/UT) ) was founded in 1984. The aim of founding UT is to provide higher education through distance learning. UT operates throughout Indonesia and abroad. With student population reached 313 thousand, UT is a complex organization, which requires effective...
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Determining the Tuition Fee per Credit Hour by Learning Experience and Implementation of Activity Based Costing (A Study at A Private University in Bandung)

Elizabeth Tiur Manurung, Arthur Purboyo, Yulia Trinita
One criteria to achieve the sustainability of a university is when all fund needed can be fulfilled well. And to reach stable university financial is by determining an accurate tuition fee for the students. So then, this research has an objective to determine the Tuition Fee per Credit Hour per Student...
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Indonesian Employees' Writing Skills, Linguistic Intelligence, and Critical Thinking Levels

Iis Kurnia Nurhayati, Siska Noviaristanti, Tonda Priyanto
Former studies have shown that the ability to write should be supported by high reasoning capability called critical thinking. Separately, previous studies also show that the ability to write must be accompanied by proficiency in the language called linguistic intelligence. This paper presents research...
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Exploratory Study on Learning Organization : A Case Study in Faculty of Economics of a Private University in Jakarta, Indonesia

Nita Handastya, Levi Nilawati, Andy Susilo Lukito Budi
University is a center of knowledge that produces both ideas and thinkers. However, can such an institution be automatically called learning organization? Learning is, according to Senge (1990), the only means of survival in this changing world. In a hierarchical organization such as a faculty, many...
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Organizational Change Dynamics : A Learning Organization Process toward World Class Organization

Dyah Puspo Mukti, Nidya Dudija
Change is essential for every organization to survive and grow through environmental changes. Having the strong urgency does not make the organizational change management easy. The purpose of this study was to describe the learning organization process of a private university towards "A World Class University"....
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A Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Initiative in Universiti Utara Malaysia : The Role of In-class Teaching Consultant

Mohmad Yazam Sharif, Mohd Hasanur Raihan Joader
The aim of this paper is to show some findings on the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL) initiative in Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), a specialized management public university in northern Peninsular Malaysia. UUM is regarded by some scholars as an example of a learning organization. Funds...
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Early Adoption Characteristic of Consumers' Behavioral Intention to Use Home Digital Services in Indonesia

Gadang Ramantoko, Gioliano Putra, Maya Ariyanti, Novi.V Sianturi
This research examines the factors influencing the consumer adoption of Digital Home Service in Indonesia. UTAUT conceptual model of adoption was used to study the adoption characteristic in early market. The model was then empirically tested by employing survey data that was purposively collected from...
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The Influence of Innovation Factor towards Smartphone Adoption within the Circle of Private College Lecturers in Bandung

Khairani Ratnasari Siregar, Indira Rachmawati, Farah Alfanur
Nowadays, smartphones and wearable devices are parts of a broader computing offering that include connected screens in the workplace and in public spaces. User experience designs will be of a critical importance. This phenomenon affects individual, organization lifestyle including educational industry....
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Organization Behavior On Corporate Venture Capital

G.N. Sandhy Widyasthana, Jann Hidajat Tjakraatmadja, Dermawan Wibisono, Mustika Sufiati Purwanegara
Digital related businesses are growing significantly globally and increase 20% on average from 2014 to 2020 and dominated with new rising startups based on Silicon Valley. The financing model implemented by those startups is using Venture Capital (VC) model. There are a lot of numbers VC in the world...
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The Impact of Intellectual Capital on the Financial Performance of Non-Financial Services Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange within 2010-2013

W. A. Lestari, A. Krisnawati
This study aimed to analyze the influence of intellectual capital on the financial performance. Intellectual capital is an independent variable, which is represented by the Value Added Intellectual Capital (VAICTM), and financial performance is a dependent variable, which is measured by Return on Assets...
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Riding Pattern Analysis of Taxi Passengers (A Case Study of a Korean Taxi Company)

Fransiskus Tatas Dwi Atmaji, Kwon Young Sig
In an urban area, including Seoul city, many people prefer to use taxi as one of the choices for fast, convenient and flexible transportation. Based on the data provided by one of the taxi service call companies, X, in Korea, this paper proposes a taxi passenger riding pattern analysis at Seoul city,...
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Antecedents of Expatriate Performance in Short-term Assignment : An empirical study on the relationship between Individual Factors and Expatriate Performance in Short-term Assignments

Eko Budi Harjo
International assignment has become a significant concern for both MNCs' business and individual' s career growth, therefore necessary efforts have to be taken in order to reduce expatriate failure and to ensure expatriate success. This study aimed at explaining the relationship between individual factors...
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The Effect Of Customer Relationship Management To Speedy/Indihome Customer Loyalty And Strategic Implementation In Telkom E-Service

Taufan Umbara, Maya Ariyanti
Based on the results of a survey conducted by the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Provider (Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia/APJII), it was discovered that the internet subscribers in Indonesia in 2014 grew by 30. 49%. There was a paradox if we compare the growth of Speedy/Indihome Telkom...
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Evaluation of Election Cost-Value for Money Based Toward Good Government Governance

Alfira Sofia, Budi S. Purnomo
The General Election Commission (KPU) as an official institution in charge of the election in Indonesia has a substantial mission in realizing the successful elections. To support the execution of its duties, the Commission acquire an enormous budgets from the state budget. Responsibility of using these...
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A Framework for Conceptualizing Customer Experiences Management in the Hotel Industry

Bachruddin Saleh Luturlean, Grisna Anggadwita
The hospitality industry has an excellent investment potential. The tourism sector is closely related to the hospitality industry, where the growth of the hospitality industry cannot be separated from the development of the tourism sector, and vice versa. The rapid development of the hospitality industry...
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Proposed Integrated Performance Management System for Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education in Indonesia

Emilia Stella, Dermawan Wibisono
As a developing country, Indonesia still concentrates on better and sustainable quality of life. With that condition, Indonesia has to implement knowledge transfer. The model has shown the importance of knowledge transfer produced from education system, especially from higher education which produces...
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Applying Learning Organization Approach for Translating Strategic Goals to Business Performance (The Case Study of an Oil and Gas Company)

T. Alvin Papatria
Indonesia is in very serious situation today; oil production is going down, exploration success rate is not as expected and cost recovery is rising up. New technology application is urgently applied to increase; oil discovery and exploration success rate and keep low the cost recovery, unfortunately...
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The Differences of Online and In-store Impulse Buying Behavior using Stimulus and Response Model

Damayanti Octavia
Impulse buying is buying directly without planning triggered by stimuli from the external and internal environment with the purpose of pleasing yourself. Impulse buying can take place in the store and online. Online and in-store impulse buying has differences in environmental stimulus. This paper Prepare...
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Conflict Resolution Using Graph Model for Conflict Resolution: Case Study Majalaya' s Textile Industries Waste Pollution

Dini Turipanam Alamanda, Husni Amani, Hani Gita Ayuningtias, Deden Syarif Hidayatullah, Tito Raddy Perdana
This study is aimed at analyzing conflict resolution using a Graph Model for Conflict Resolution (GMCR) approach and the research object is waste pollution case by Majalaya' s textile industry in the upstream area of Citarum river in Bandung regency. GMCR is used to describe the optimal solution to obtain...
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Bandung Electronic Center : Consumer Attitude toward Smartphone and Tablet PC

Husni Amani, Harry Lutfi, Dini Turipanam Alamanda, Grisna Anggadwita
An increase in complexity of current communication needs makes humans require more sophisticated communication tools than before. Through a high need for gadgets, many electronics centers emerge in many major cities in Indonesia. The purpose of this research is to identify the profile of consumers in...
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The Effect of Industrial Competition Intensity and Capabilities on Business Strategy and Performance : A Case Study of Internet Service Providers In Indonesia

Nurul Hermina, Yuyus Suryana
The business performance within the Internet industry in Indonesia needs to be upgraded. The main objective of this study is to analyze the influence of Industrial Competition Intensity and Capabilities on Business Strategy and Performance within the Internet industry in Indonesia. This study has utilized...
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Developing a Research Framework : Lessons from Malaysia's Hotel Industry

Yashidevan Saththasivam, Dr. Mohammad Yazam Sharif
this research attempts to analyze the effect of employee motivation on work performance in hotels in Malaysia. The elements used under employee motivation are pay, job security, working environment, career development and recognition. Work performance is the dependent variable whereas employee motivation...
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Measuring Organizational Performance of Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Printing Industry (Bandung, Jogjakarta, and Bali) using SCOR level 1 Opportunity Gap

Herry Irawan, Ratih Hendayani, Dodie Tricahyono
Every business, including SMEs should be ready in facing the globalization, such as Asean Economic Community (AEC) 2015. For most SMEs in developing countries such as in Indonesia still have low productivity, they need to increase their performance. This study was focused on how to measure the organizational...
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Volatility Modeling Using ARCH/GARCH Method : Aplication on Asia Pasific Index

Irni Yunita
The purpose of this study was to estimate the volatility model of Asia Pasific Index such as LQ45 (Indonesia), HSI (Hongkong), KLSE (Malaysia), STI (Singapore). The best ARIMA model for Asia Pasific Indexes are : LQ45 ( ARIMA (1,1,26)), HSI (ARIMA (14,1,14)), KLSE ( ARIMA (17,1,1)), and STI (ARIMA (17,1,11))....
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The Analysis Of Learning Organization Implementation On The Participants Of Business Development Management Training 2014 In PT. Pos Indonesia Bandung Head Office

Biyan Sandhy Gutawa, Ade Irma Susanty
This research describes the implementation of learning organization in PT Pos Indonesia Bandung Head office using five dimensions of Learning Organization by Marquardt, which include the dimensions of learning, organization, employee, knowledge, and technology. This study is a descriptive research using...
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The Phenomenon of Islamic Learning Organization: Choosing an Appropriate Qualitative Method

Mohmad Yazam Sharif, Ammar Al-Qolaq
The objective of this paper is argue the possible qualitative method to undertake a study on a new phenomenon called the "Islamic Learning Organization" (ILO). An earlier paper was presented in an international conference in Kazakhstan in July 2015 discussing the conceptualization of ILO. To implement...
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The Corporate University Landscape in Indonesia

Hani Gita Ayuningtias, Annisa Nurbaiti, Grisna Anggadwita, Mediany Kriseka Putri
Corporate university phenomenon are not new, General Motors began the GM institute in 1927. After that corporate university growth quickly until 1900s when number corporate universities increased to 1600. Today, it is reported the 2400 corporate universities exist. Some 80% of Fortune 500 companies either...
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Industry Attractiveness and Knowledge Management on the Formulation of Competitive Strategy and Parternership and Its Implication on Coffee Company Performace in Aceh

Muhammad Adam, Hendra Syahputra, Benny Gunawan
This research examined the influence of knowledge management and industry environment on coffee company performance in Aceh using competitive strategy and partnership variables as the intervening variable. This research used quantitative model conducted through descriptive and verified survey (causal...
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A Study on factors determinant of satisfaction in the use of e-learning on Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk

Rozak Laksmana Abdulkadir, Ade Irma Susanty
Nowadays, e-Learning is one of the media that becomes the mainstay of several companies in Indonesia. Service coverage, speed, ease of measurement, effectiveness and efficiency are some of the reasons why e-Learning is thus expected to be the solution of delivery and media dissemination of knowledge...
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Generation Y E-Learning Satisfaction Measurement for Corporate Learning Improvement. A Case Study of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia

Sri Praptini Rahayu, Dyah Diwasasri Ratnaningtyas, Yunizar, Yudi Azis
The implementation of E-learning in corporate organization is a digital way to develop employees' competencies. User satisfaction is used as an indicator to measure the implementation of e-learning in the corporate environment. Business transformation of the company towards digital business is done as...
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Which is More Important? Halal Label or Product Quality

Harie Lutfie, Erdita Puspa Puji Suzanti, Osa Omar Sharif, Dini Turipanam Alamanda
The purpose of this study is to analyze which one is considered more important by Muslim consumers when they make a purchase decision, halal label or product quality? Wardah cosmetic product was chosen to be the object of the study, samples were taken from as many as 100 people who have joined Wardah...
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Colonial Mechanism on Plantation Organization : Case Study of Women Worker Marginalization in West Java Plantation

Roro Retno Wulan
This paper engages in a controversy that colonialism does not end although the colony had been declared their freedom, it is exist across time. The residual effect of colonial domination on Indonesian culture can be proved in plantation area. The victim from this colonial mechanism is women labour. Colonial...
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The Learning Center for Excellence Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership (ExCEL) in Higher Education : A Conceptual Model

Sisca Eka Fitria, Mediany Kriseka Putri, Grisna Anggadwita, Hani Gita Ayuningtias
Learning Center for Excellence Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership (ExCEL) is an organization formed to develop students of higher education environment in innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Higher education is a place to create and develop new entrepreneurs; to support this purpose...
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Gaining Competitiveness in the Global Business World through the Implementation of International Human Resource Management

Eko Budi Harjo
Telkom' s vision to become a dominant telecommunication player in the region brings Telkom to expand its businesses internationally. The effectiveness of human resource management policies and practices across national boundaries has become a key strategy for Telkom to achieve competitive advantage in...
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The Role of a Key Account Management' s Code of Conduct in Improving Learning Culture of the Account Managers: The Case of VICTORI Code of Conduct at TELKOM Indonesia

Muhammad Subhan Iswahyudi
Key Account Management (KAM) is a term started as way of improving selling techniques to a few key customers/major accounts (Barrett, 1986, Millman and Wilson, 1995). It is more strategically oriented than sales-oriented or relationship-oriented because the importance of the key customers. The strategies...
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The Effects of Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Organizational Climate, and Job Satisfaction on Lecturer' s Commitment at One Public University in Jambi

Ali Idrus
The purposes of this research were to verify the personality traits consisting of conscientiousness and agreeableness as personal factors along with job satisfaction and organizational climate as the environmental factors affect organizational commitment and to compare the organizational commitment of...
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Technology Commercialization Office Role in Technology University. A Case in A Technology University in Indonesia

Didin Kristinawati, Atik Aprianingsih
University is the source and stock of science and technology expertise. Besides, there is a need of university technology transfer to society (Todling, 2006). Statistically, only 10 from 100 research ideas are continued into research project, and only 2 from those 10 has commercialization potential,...
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Business Model for Wi-Fi Infrastructure Provider

E.L Dwianti, M. Ariyanti
Wi-Fi Infrastructure Provider can promote their Wi-Fi Infrastructure to Other License Operator such as ISP and Mobile Operator. Wi-Fi Infrastructure Provider, as a learning organization, should be able to change its behaviors and mind-sets as a result of experience an organization to achieve competitive...
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Analytics as a service : Framework to Assess Whether There Is Any Winning Value Proposition

Gadang Ramantoko, Tri Widarmanti
A firm learns through analytics. Analytic which started as business intelligence two decades ago has turned the firm into data driven companies. Analytic metamorphoses it self into service where the term analytics-as-a-service (AaaS) comes from. Analytics that are provided by consultant to a firm - to...
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Behavioral Intention to Use Services in Indonesia

Indrawati, Daduk Merdika Mansur
Nowadays, Internet access becomes popular all over the world including in Indonesia, telecommunication operators are fighting to attract as many customers as possible by providing fast, reliable, and wide internet connection. PT Telkom as the biggest telecommunication operator has been trying to become...
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Impact of Organizational Culture to Information Security Triad

Puspita Kencana Sari, Rully Satriawan Deniharza
In many organizations, the implementation of information security management have some barriers. Some of them are related with the employees, such as resistance and lack of awareness to make information security policies and procedures. Those things can be influenced by the organizational culture. Therefore,...
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Pro-Social Behavior Analysis through Online Social Marketing with Three-Dimensional Credibility Model

Gliseria Jeannika Siauta, Indrawati
Marketers' current main concern is about how to build stakeholder' s pro-social behavior. For 2015, this phenomenon has created the nickname "year of pro-social brand." The global demand for organic personal care products were over $7.6 billion in 2012, and it is expected to reach $13.2 billion by 2018....
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Using Big Data in Learning Organizations

Desi Tri Widyaningrum
Nowadays, Learning Organizations should consider big data as a strategic business asset. The benefits of big data analysis include increased cost efficiency, revenue growth, and competitive value in the market. Shorter product cycles, global competition, and increased workplace differences are the factors...
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The Effect of Trainee Characteristics and Organizational Environment on Individual Performance for Effective e-learning Context

Zakariya Belkhamza, Muhammad Madi Bin Abdullah
The emerging development of information technologies has significantly contributed to the learning organization enhancement, in which many organizations still find a great challenge to fully optimize the use of e-learning by their employees in order to enhance their individual performance. The objective...
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A Cyber Politics : The Transformation of Marketing Politics in The Cyber Age

Dedi Kurnia Syah Putra, Lucy Pujasari Supratman
As the oldest study after philosophy, communication studies is currently listed as the forefront of the development of the global media environment. The emergence of new media presents a conventional media convergence phenomenon, starting with the appearance of the internet and mobile communications...
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Analysis of Cyber Learning Application Implementation and Use of E-learning Content for Learning Quality Improvement in Higher Education (Case Study at Sultan Agung Islamic University-UNISSULA)

Muhammad Khosyi'in, Nuzulia Khoiriyah
The implementation of e-learning has become a demand for Higher Education, with the provision of the management of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA) which require the lecturer to upload teaching material on the application of Cyber Learning, the lecturer was able to maintain the intensity of...