Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Innovation and Education, Law and Social Sciences (IELSS 2019)

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A Study on Improving Ideological and Political Education in Private Colleges and Universities

Hong Hu
This paper analyses the affinity and pertinence of Ideological and political education in Colleges and universities from two aspects, including the content of affinity and pertinence, the measures of affinity and pertinence. It is hoped that through the analysis and discussion of this paper, we can promote...
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Study on Livable City Construction from the Perspective of Eco-aesthetics

Yuxuan Dai
With the development of economy, the process of urbanization in our country is accelerating, and the model of city is expanding. Livable city is a human settlement facing the future harmonious society. The connotation of livable city is rich. With the development of society and the change of human needs,...
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Study of Building the Emergency Logistics Supply Chain based on the Reliable Technology

Lei Ding, Jinjin Zhou
Emergency logistics is an important channel to provide important emergency and relief materials for public health events and sudden natural disasters. With the continuous development and improvement of social economy, improving the supply capacity of emergency logistics and improving the supply chain...
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Research on Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Art Practice

Juan Liu
Based on the perspective of higher education, this paper explores the path of integration of Ideological and political education and art education, with a view to standardizing and promoting the teaching effect of art education on the basis of existing ones, and further realizing the position of cultivating...
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Research on Process Assessment of Ideological and Political Theory Course based on Cloud Class Platform

Yuanyuan Wang
In view of the problems existing in the current traditional assessment model, a process-based assessment model of "dual-subject, three-stage, task-driven" is constructed. Under the background of "Internet + education", through the implementation of the whole process assessment mode of blue ink cloud...
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Tentative Discussion on Teaching Practices of Basic Specialized Technical Course against the Backdrop of New Engineering Driven by Scientific Research

Wenzhi Liu, Aiting Li, Weiguo Li, Liqun Li, Wenli Luo
The Mechanisms and Machine Theory, a basic specialized technical course required for undergraduate students of mechanical majors at the authors’ university, occupies an important position in the teaching plan for talent cultivation in higher education. To achieve a modernized teaching system, it is imperative...
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Universal Grammar Plays a Minor Role in Second Language Acquisition

Zhanwen Song
Based on Chomsky, Universal Grammar (UG) refers to the common principles and features of human language. This essay aims to indicate that UG plays a minor role in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) through providing a series of supporting ideas. These ideas contain (1) the knowledge of second...
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Social Force 3D Evacuation Model based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Yunliang Zhu, Baoyu Ding, Junfeng Bao, Zisen Mao, Xinghu Teng
This paper proposes a social force three-dimensional dynamic crowd evacuation model by combining the ant colony algorithm with the social force model, improving the heuristic function and updating method of pheromone, as well as adding the target heuristic function and the fallback strategy. Compared...
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Discussion on Professional Course Teaching in Sino-German Cooperation Project

Jinwei Qiao
With the Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025 both explicit the strategic route about how to update modern manufacturing industry. In order to realize the strategic goal, both countries had changed the demand on human resources, especially those who master both Chinese and German language, as well as...
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How Semantic Radical in Chinese Language Facilitated Inductive Reasoning

Xiaoxi Wang, Xie Ma
Sixteen healthy undergraduate students were employed to explore how semantic radical in Chinese language facilitated inductive reasoning. Pseduo Chinese characters were employed as experiment material, have of them with right orthography and half were wrong. Participants were asked to do the inductive...
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Research on Emergency Supply Plan in Disaster Relief

Jiayi Huang
The determination of material supply plan in the disaster relief process has an important impact on the later relief work, the goal of this research is to Build a mathematical model to draw up a plan of emergency supply to meet the demand for resources during the disaster rescue process. In this paper,...
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The Establishment of Network Teaching Platform Model based on UML

Hongjie Tang
As a visual modelling language, UML relieves many problems of software development, and it improves the software developing process by object-oriented analysis and design method. In the background of network teaching, this paper establishes a model of network teaching platform based on UML. Combined...
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Adjudication Framework for Construction Disputes

Dan Li, Xiaoting Kang, Hao Xu, Yihua Mao
Complexity existed in the civil engineering field, especially when considering the power and responsibility relationship among the contractors, subcontractors, owners and various stakeholders. Numerous engineering disputes are inevitably lead. Meanwhile, the judgement logic hidden in the adjudication...
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Three Dimensions of Research on "The Reformer China" of Macao in the Late Qing Dynasty

Huihui Yan
The Reformer China of Macao in the late Qing Dynasty aggregates rich historical data, whose research has become a striking topic in recent years. As a descriptive study of aggregation of historical materials, the academic connotation of this research topic has not been fully explored, and the academic...
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Research on the Reform Path of College Career Guidance Curriculum under the New Situation

Mingyan Fu
In recent years, with the increasing number of college graduates, the employment situation of graduates is increasingly grim. In order to help students, build career awareness and find a job when they graduate, career guidance curriculum is becoming increasingly important as a carrier to promote employment....
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Analysis on Paul’s Personality Development from Freud’s Personality Structure Theory

Gaimei Zhao, Yaodong Wang
Personality is a mental mechanism to control people’s behaviors. By using Sons and Lovers as the research material, based on the theory of personality structure by Freud which can construct multilevel personality to explore inner world of the people, the thesis makes an analysis of Paul’s Id, Ego and...
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Reform of Cooperative Education Model for Mobile Application Development Specialty in Higher Vocational College

Jing Wang, Xiaofei Liu, Meiman Li
The purpose of this study is to deepen the integration of industry and education through School-enterprise cooperation, explore innovative training mode of mobile application development professionals, reform and practice in personnel training orientation, curriculum system construction, teaching methods,...
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English Phonological De-fossilization Study

Lei Shi, Hongguo Li, Ying Ma
Phonological fossilization is an obvious shortcoming of oral English. Most wrongly pronounced sound elements are easily fossilized but hard to be De-fossilized, the paper shows the methods to find out how to De-fossilize in the pronunciation of the foreign language learning in China and demonstrate the...
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Design and Research of Intelligent Art Products for Children

Tianxue Wang, Shuofei Liu, Yi Liu
Artificial intelligence and interactive technology have benefited all aspects of life. Science technology has rapidly entered the field of children’s education. Transformation of children art education industry is closely linked with modern science technology. According with the law of children’s growth...
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China’s Choice of Laws for Cross-Border Tour Contract based on the Principle of Protecting Tourist Consumer

Zhiyuan Wen
Cross-border tourist is a kind of consumer; cross-border tour contract belongs to consumer contract. The principle of protecting tourist consumer should carry through the choice of laws for cross-border tour contract. Considering the legislation and juridical practice of China, compared with EU legislation...
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The Social Context of Pei-yang Pictorials’ Modernism

Yan Yin, Shuo Ma
Pictorial is an important form of mass media in modern society with its unique features. This paper mainly analyzes the social context that contributes to the modernism of city pictorials with thorough introductions of the social and historical environment. The quintessential modernism reflected in media...
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Review on Home-based Care for the Aged in China -- Visualization Analysis based on Citespace

Ming Zhou
In recent years, with the deepening of the aging of population in China, the academic circles pay progressively attention and conduct more and more researches on the care for the aged mode. Home-based care for the aged, as one of the main cares for the aged modes, has become a hot topic. This thesis...
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Study on the Current Situation and Optimization of Thematic Reading Promotion in University Libraries

Jiliang Wang
Thematic reading promotion is an important measure to promote reading for all and build a learning society. University libraries are important positions for promoting reading for the whole people. Thematic reading activities are one of the important contents of University libraries. They mainly focus...
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The Expression of Folk Art in Film and Television Animation

Lingling Long
Chinese folk art is rich in resources, and a variety of folk-art shapes provide useful nourishment for the creation of animation art. This paper mainly introduces the different categories of folk-art modeling, the commonness with film and television animation, the rich expression in animation works,...
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The Development of Freeze Animation in the Era of Digital Media

Qi Min
Freeze animation is an important branch in the field of animation, which has been developed for more than a hundred years. Its expression media are rich and diverse and have unique material characteristics and artistic beauty. However, with the continuous development of digital technology, fixed animation...
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Analysis on the Development Trend and Application Technology of Digital Museum

Shaorong Tu
With the development of science and technology and the change of the times, all kinds of industries are innovating the scientific and technological labor of network production. Museum is the base of popular science education and plays an important role in enriching people's spiritual life. It is the...
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Exploration and Analysis of the Way to Cultivate the Craftsman Spirit of College Students in the New Era

Wenjun Li
China belongs to a large population country. If we want to transform our country into a powerful population country, we should let "Made in China" develop in the direction of "Created in China", so as to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as soon as possible. At present, China has put...
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Analysis of the Spread and Development of National Music in the New Media Environment

Sixuan Su
At present, China's economy is in the stage of rapid development, China's science and technology are constantly developing and updating, new media also frequently appear in people's production and life. New media is a new form of communication and trade, which can bring great convenience to people's...
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Discussion of Alphabetic Words in Chinese

Junqing Gao
The emergence of alphabetic words in Chinese society is a noteworthy phenomenon. How can these words exist and evolve? What are the inevitability and rationality, what are the aspects in the use of alphabetic words that need to be regulated, and what attitudes should we have for these new words, these...
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Research on the Important Position and Realization Path of Practical Teaching of Ideological and Political Theory Course in Colleges and Universities

Anna Kang
ideological and political theory course is the main channel and front of ideological and political education for college students, among which practical teaching is an indispensable and important part. However, the practical teaching of ideological and political theory course is still a weak link. Therefore,...
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Innovative Talents Training Practice based on Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Experiments

Mingjian Sun, Hai Du, Jianfei Sun, Yi Shen, Liyong Ma
Experimental teaching is an important part of practical teaching. There are several problems in traditional experiments used to verify classroom knowledge. First, the contents are obsolete and too far away from the actual life of students. Second, the experimental equipment and content cannot meet the...
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Research on Higher Mathematics Teaching Model based on Computer Aided Teaching Method

Yunna Han
With the continuous development of modern computer technology, more and more fields are beginning to use the latest computer technology. The application of computer technology in the daily subject teaching of colleges and universities has been popularized. Especially in the field of higher mathematics,...
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Research on the Cultivation Mechanism of Student Work Brand of Colleges and Universities based on the Background of Double First-Class Construction

Yong He
As an important symbol for measuring the work of “first-class” students, student work brand of colleges and universities plays an irreplaceable role in promoting the cultivation of top-notch and innovative talents in colleges and universities, which is a strong support for the construction of “double...
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Research on Influencing Factors of College Students' Choice of "Further Study" based on Coding Technology

Ye Zhao
With the progress of society and the continuous development of economy, science as well as technology, China’s demand for talents has been increasing in both quantity and quality, which has led more and more college students choose to apply for the graduate school. Most graduates think the postgraduate...
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Research on the Main Path of Cultivating Craftsman Spirit in Higher Vocational Colleges

Hongfa Shi
The cultivation of craftsman spirit and its integration into higher vocational teaching practice have become a common understanding for improving teaching quality, promoting the healthy development of higher vocational education and achieving the goal of talent cultivation. It is the pursuit of vocational...
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Exploration on the Large Class Enrollment and Classified Cultivating of Computer Specialty

Dong Liu
Specialty diversion is a key link in the reform of the training mode of large categories of enrollment talents. As an example, South China Business College of Guangdong Institute of Foreign language and Foreign Studies, this paper probes into the diversion of major enrollment majors for computer majors,...
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A Study on the Setting of Business English Curriculum based on the Analysis of the Market Demand

Suping Jiang, Shufen Guo, Yangming Chen, Biqing Li
The transformation of undergraduate colleges and universities has a huge research significance. However, in the process of transformation, the dilemma of some talent training models is gradually exposed. For example, the mechanism of running a school is backward, the teaching staff is not suitable for...
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Study on Employment-oriented English Teaching

Jingwen Yang
Higher Vocational Education is a competency-based vocational education, with the purpose of cultivating employment-oriented, competency-based talents. College English teaching should also be employment-oriented in order to cultivate practical talents for the society.
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Study of College English Reading Teaching from the Perspective of Schema Theory

Zujun Chen
Reading teaching is an important part of English teaching. Traditional College English teaching has always been based on teaching students’ words, grammar, sentence patterns as the main content, and the teaching effect is not ideal, so we must actively carry out the reform and innovation of teaching...
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Analysis of the Humanistic Connotation in Japanese Food Theme Movies and TV Series

Li Dai
Humanistic connotation emphasizes the attention to people, respect the value of person as a spiritual being. It mainly refers to the maintenance of human dignity value and fate of the pursuit and concern, is a universal human self-care. In the food theme films and TV series, food serves as a medium to...
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Research and Practice on Reforming Higher Mathematics Teaching in Independent Colleges — Based on the South China Business College of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Yufang Zhu
Based on analysis of the factors affecting the teaching and reform of higher mathematics in independent collages, this study proposes basic rationale and measures for reforming the teaching of higher mathematics in independent colleges and clarifies the reform objectives to be achieved.
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Research on Application of CLIL Interactive Mode in College English Teaching

Shan Da
Based on the current situation of CLIL research at home and abroad, this paper analyzes the application of CLIL mode in college English teaching. In the past ten years, the CLIL teaching mode has been widely used in the teaching of college English; it can enhance the English application ability of college...
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The Custom of Sacrifice in the Collecting Episodes in Ernan

Junmin Liu
The collecting episodes related to the custom of sacrifice in Ernan in the Book of Songs mainly appear in Caifan, Caipin, and Guanju. In this kind of collecting episodes, water is an important component of the collecting location and symbolizes the ritual and rule; aquatic plants are the main collecting...
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Research on the Way of Integrating Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture into New Era Culture from the Perspective of Cultural Confidence

Hong Hu
Entering a new era, we are in the decisive stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also an important stage for us to realize the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Promoting cultural soft power, building cultural self-confidence and realizing cultural power...
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Research on the Realization Mechanism of University Library's Educational Function from the Perspective of Great Ideology and Politics

Fengtao Zhao
This paper discusses the great role of University Libraries in the quality education of college students from the perspective of Ideological and political education, and how university libraries should exert their own advantages to promote the process of quality education of College students. The idea...
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Discussion on Humanistic Nursing Education based on Healthy China Strategy

Rui Meng
Humanities nursing is the essence and essence of nursing, and how to implement humanistic nursing education is a subject of great concern. In order to cultivate the talents of application-oriented nursing to meet the health needs of the people, educators should actively promote application-oriented curriculum...
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Analysis of the Teaching of English for Specific Purposes based on the Language Common-core Notion --A Case Study of Lexical Teaching

Xiangni Mu
ESP (English for Specific Purposes) is an English course based on the specific purpose and specific needs of the learner, such as Business English, News English, Medical English, Legal English, Travel English, Financial English, Accounting English and Real Estate English. In recent years, with the continuous...
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Chu Hsi’s Educational Thought of Autonomous Learning: A Theoretical Analysis

Gengsheng Xiao, Yaoyao Xiao
Chu Hsi was one of the representative scholars and educators in ancient China. Based on his own learning experience and teaching practice, he proposed a series of profound and influential educational theories and pedagogical concepts, which until now have been sparkling with ideas about autonomous learning....
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Strangers & Stakeholders: Taming Hollywood in China since 1994

Yongchun Fu
This paper examines the regulation of Hollywood movies in 1990s China. Through exploring primary materials including comparison of the original and censored version of film text, interviews, and Chinese and English newspaper reports, the regulation of Hollywood films in the 1990s is shaped by an ambivalent...
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Study on Communication Ethics Relationship based on New Media Environment

Zhi Li, Yuemeng Ge
In the age of information explosion, the dissemination direction of new media is developing towards diversification and convenience, and the content of dissemination is becoming more diversified. In people's daily life, information security, information distortion, information pollution, information...
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The Application of Structural Analysis in the Long Sentences Translation of French

Meiling Yang
Learning a language, they are bound to face to transform the language into their native language. In Chinese-French translation, long sentence translation of French is a difficult point, so this paper is mainly based on material collected by daily translation practice, probes into the declarative French...
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Exploration of Heuristic Teaching Model of the Course "Outline of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History" Combining with Specialty

Zhimei Yang
The combination of indoctrinating teaching and heuristic teaching is a way for teachers to guide students to actively participate in the teaching process, consciously grasp knowledge, improve their ability and stimulate their creativity in accordance with the objective law of teaching objectives and...
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Exploration and Innovation of the Teaching Evaluation System of Logistics Engineering Technology Major under the Modern Apprenticeship

Qixin Gao
The construction of teaching quality evaluation system is particularly important in the talent training of modern apprenticeship, which is an important basis for the quality diagnosis of talent training; it is the key to improve the teaching quality by actively constructing a diversified training system...
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Thought on Traditional Culture and College Chinese Teaching

Yanan Cui
The Chinese nation has a glorious civilization history with 5,000 years, the traditional culture is broad and profound, and it contains rich humanistic spirit and value, it is the power source for the times development and social progress. College education, as the highest level of national education,...
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Analysis of the View of Time and Space in Chinese Classical Gardens

Xiaogang Chen, Huaiyu Feng, Hui Lin
Classical garden is an important carrier to embody the view of time and space in ancient China, and the attention of ancient gardeners to the view of time and space undoubtedly affects the concept of space-time construction of Chinese classical garden and makes the static garden create the change of...
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Study on the Talent Introduction Policy for the Sustainable Development of Islands

Yuncheng Deng
One of the key factors in achieving sustainable development for islands is to ensure the availability of sufficient talent. As the ‘Western Region in the East’, China’s islands face the situation of inactive development and are in urgent need of talent. However, except for very few islands, most have...
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Research on the Application of Folk-Art Elements in the Teaching of Visual Communication Design

Yubin Wu
This paper focuses on how to inherit and develop folk art, introduce folk art into the teaching and practice of visual communication design specialty, and cultivate students' national aesthetic interest. On this basis, the value of art education is studied in order to make the precious folk-art cultural...
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Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of MOOC in Chinese Universities

Xiaoai Shen
In the past six years, MOOC brings new opportunities to the teaching reform of colleges and universities in China. However, many problems of MOOC in the universities of China need to be further explored, such as curriculum construction, platform operation, the enthusiasm of teacher and student, the participation...
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Preliminary Exploration of Calligraphy Elements in Chinese Movie Poster Design

Zhongyi Shi
The design of movie posters is one of the most important forms for film promotion. It not only directly conveys the information of the film to audiences, but also presents the audience aesthetic spiritual enjoyment. Calligraphy is an important part of Chinese traditional culture as well as a symbol of...
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Study on the Communication Strategy of Propaganda Film of Armed Police Force from the Perspective of New Media

Junwu Kuang
The propaganda film of the Armed Police Force is an important means to spread and shape the image of the army to the society. In the social information exchange, the propaganda film of the armed police force, as the cultural chip of soft power, plays an equally important role with the display of hard...
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Research on the Evaluation of Key Ability of Application-oriented Talents in Local Universities and Colleges based on Establishing Emerging Engineering Education

Jin Feng, Shudao Wang, Huali Guo, Hongwang Zhao
Shaping the key ability of applied talents adapting to regional social and economic development is an important goal of talent training reform in local universities and colleges under the background of new engineering. Local universities and colleges should be guided by social needs and identify the...
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The Feature of Bashu in Li Bai's Poems

Yanni Xu
Li Bai lived in Sichuan as a child and left as an adult for decades. This experience influenced the formation of his character and style. Thousands of years later, Li Bai ranked one of the celebrities of BaShu culture. BaShu regional culture, with its unique geographical features, dialect system, folk...
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Research on the Reform of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges-Taking Qingdao Huanghai University of Mechanical Major as an Example

Xiaoyan Li, Hui Xu, Fengxin Sun
Along with deepening of reform and open, strengthening the Party construction work has become an important part of college development nowadays. The ideological and political education is a "pioneer" of Party construction work. It is very clear mentioned in the 19th Party's report that ideological course...
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The Impact of the Artistic Style of the Buddhist frescoes on the Composition and Modeling in the Northern Dynasties to the Early Tang Dynasty -- Taking the No.169 Grotto of Bingling Temple, Dunhuang Grotto 275, Grotto 254, Grotto 285, Grotto 249, Grotto 321, Grotto 428, and Grotto 297 as Examples

Jingwen Qiu
From the end of the 5th century to the beginning of the 6th century, in the middle and late Southern and Northern dynasties, China had close trade and cultural exchanges with India, Central Asia, South Asia and other places, and the Chiaroscuro in western painting was transported to Dunhuang through...
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Affecting Factors Analysis of Adolescents’ Acknowledgement of Personal Data in China in the Big Data Era

Tianjian Sun
The swift development of information technology brings people to the big data era and put the issue of personal data privacy on the agenda. This research focus on the affective factors (gender, age, living environment, school type) of adolescents' acknowledgement of personal data privacy in China. The...
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The Dislocation of Identity and Responsibility of Jing-Ke, Prince Dan and Qin-Wuyang in Jing-Ke's Assassinating the King of Qin

Zhuo Wang
The evaluation of historical figures often changes with the times. Contemporary students often wonder whether Jing-Ke's "valuing justice over life" is only "the dead foolish loyalty, irrelevant morality"? Returning to the interpretation of the content and combining with the analysis of historical materials,...
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The Development of College English Teaching based on Multimedia Teaching

Feng Wang
The traditional English teaching methods in colleges and universities can no longer meet the requirements of the development of education in the new century. The multimedia technology and network with information technology as the core are widely used in various fields of college education, especially...
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Research on VR Technology Innovation in Teaching of Mechanical Manufacturing and Design Major

Ying Lei
The structure of mechanical equipment is compact and complex, the traditional teaching methods are not easy for students to grasp the structural principle as soon as possible, virtual reality solves this problem with its realistic effects, high timeliness, and safety and economy. This paper applies virtual...
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The Construction of Teaching Team of Programming Course Group

Jing Chang
This paper mainly introduces the concept, practice and achievements in the process of teaching team construction of programming course group. This paper puts forward the establishment of scientific teaching team structure system, enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of team members, establishes...
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Research on the Reform of Sensors and Automatic Detection Technology Courses based on IOT Environment

Jiangping Nan, Kai Zheng, Juanjuan Wang
Every modern project involved Internet of Things sensor almost inseparable from a wide variety of sensors. In the process of using information, the first step is to obtain accurate and reliable information and using sensors is the main means to obtain information in the field of nature and production....
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Study on the Status of Spiritual Care Needs of the Elderly in the Old-Age Care Institutions in Ningbo

Guijuan Liu, Suding Fei, Wei Ge
[Objective] To understand the status and influencing factors of spiritual care needs of elderly people in old-age care institutions. [Methods] Using the convenient sampling method, in January to June 2018, the spiritual care needs questionnaire was used to investigate the spiritual care needs of 230...
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Semiotic Study of English Text

Jinshun Long
Researches show that semiotics is both a kind of theory and a kind of methodology. Contemporary semioticians study signs not in isolation but as part of semiotic sign systems. They study how meanings are made, concerned not only with communication but also with the construction and maintenance of reality....
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Artistic Characteristics of Dynamic Interaction Sculpture Design

Yang Cao
Throughout the research on the development history and representative works of dynamic interaction, the paper starts with the concept of change, concept of time, concept of space, concept of power and concept of media to analyze the artistic characteristics of dynamic interaction sculpture design. In...
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The Current Situation of the Health Care Management Talents Training in TCM colleges under the Medical-nursing Combined Model and its Countermeasures

Weiyu Jiang, Xin Song, Shuangyan Yu
With the development of China’s social economy, the trend of the aging population continues to intensify. It is expected that China will become one of the countries with the highest level of Population Aging in the world rapidly by 2030. As a result, the problem of health care and endowment will become...
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Study on Endogenous Population Growth and Effectiveness of Fertility Policy -- Theoretical Framework based on Dynamic General Equilibrium

Meng Zhang, Yang Liu, Jing Cheng
Assessing Fertility Policy effectiveness by the theory of endogenous population growth will provide the theoretical references for universal two-child policy. We have established a dynamic general equilibrium mode includes family, business and government, 3 kinds of Fertility Policies about quantity,...
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Research on the Reform Method of the Teaching and Examination for Erya Online General Course under the Background of “iGeneration”

Huining Zan
The reform process of the teaching and examination for Erya online general education course during the last 7-years at Tianjin Polytechnic University is introduced in detail, and the effect is evaluated by data analysis. Furthermore, the prospect of network teaching is proposed based on the learning...
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Research on Optimization of Passenger Flow Organization in Passenger Transport Stations during Peak Period

Daoyuan Wang
In the situation of the rapid development of railway transportation and the growth of people's travel demand, how to improve the transportation capacity of railways under the existing conditions has become a serious problem for railway passenger transportation in China. In view of the characteristics...
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Survey and Analysis Report on the Use of Mobile Phones by Higher Vocational College Students

Juan Xu
With the development of information technology, smart phones have become a necessity for most people, especially the younger generation. As a younger generation of intellectuals, college students can be said to be the main force in using mobile phones. In order to better understand the mobile phone usage...
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Study on Opening Embedded Teaching Service in Library of Military University

Ying Zhang
This paper begins with library supplying service for teaching, analyzes the practical significance of opening embedded teaching service in library of military university, discusses the implementation process of opening embedded teaching service, and summarizes several important problems about opening...
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How Should the Old Name Change its Appearance? -- Taking Guangzhou Yanfang Photo Studio as an Example

Xiaoqin Yu, Lingli Zhao
Guangzhou Yanfang Photo Studio is a long-established photo studio in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau. It was photographed by Sun Yat-sen and Mr. Lu Xun. However, due to relocation, rapid equipment upgrades, and soaring costs, the business was bleak and gradually faded. This article takes the Yanfang photo...
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To Construct the Working Mechanism of Education-Oriented Cooperation Create "Double Funnel" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Beibei Jiang
Colleges and universities should maintain ideological and political education work through the whole process of innovation and entrepreneurship education and teaching, and gradually build a "double-funnel" college innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem by building a mechanism of education-oriented...
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Research on the "1+1+4+6" Training Model of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Female Talents of Financial Management Major in Shandong Universities

Xuan Cao
The major project of transforming new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province requires the cultivation of high-quality innovative and entrepreneurial talents, which inevitably requires the cultivation of financial management professionals to keep pace with the times. In terms of the practice of training...
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Strategies for Cultivating College Students Self-Regulated Learning Ability in Literary Translation Teaching

Zhulin Han, Jingya Yang
Literary Translation is a compulsory course for senior translation majors. It aims to enhance students’ perceptual and rational understanding of literary translation, familiarize themselves with the translation methods of different literary genres, and cultivate their appreciation and translation ability...
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Research on the Medical Representative Against the Context of China’s New Medical Reform

He Zhang
The medical representative has been controversial in China since it appears, and it has become an important part of China’s new medical reform. Since the medical representative was officially classified as an occupational category in the revision of the Standard Occupational Classification, the definition,...
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Research on the Combination of Industry-university Research of Central Shanxi Plain Folk Arts and Crafts Culture based on Cultural Ecology

Xiaolu Chen
The paper adopts the system of cultural ecology, the overall theory and research methods, starting from the relationship between nature and human-society, and regards the Central Shanxi Plain folk arts and crafts as the "core body" and the Central The dynamic relationship between the folk arts and crafts...
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Some Thoughts on the Integration of "Chinese Dream" into Ideological and Political Education of College Students

Wenjun Li
Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held, General Secretary Xi Jinping has mentioned the "Chinese Dream" more than 60 times in his important speeches, and vividly analyzed and discussed the content and characteristics of the "Chinese Dream" and the way to realize...
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Exploration on Comprehensive Reform of Professional Title Evaluation and Personnel System in Colleges and Universities under the Background of "Streamlining Administration and Delegating Power, Strengthening Regulation and Improving Services"

Liwen Zeng, Yixiao Song
The decentralization of the evaluation right of college teachers' professional titles is an important measure for the reform personnel system of colleges and universities in our country. Under this background, this paper deeply explores how colleges and universities to construct matching post management...
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Three Dimensions-three Periods Research on the Professionalism of Research Tutor in Primary and Secondary Schools

Jiaxiu Guo, Xiaomeng Hu
Research travel has become an important form of primary and secondary education, and research tutors play a vital role. Based on interviews with research tutors, tourism enterprises, students involved in research and some experts and scholars in this field, this paper discusses the qualities that research...
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Application of Innovative Flipped Classroom Teaching Model in Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal Course

Haixia Wang, Mingliang Zhang
Flipped classroom reformed the traditional teaching model, which realized the reverse innovation of the teaching process and showed the incomparable advantages of traditional teaching. Flipped classroom model emphasizes students’ active involvement in learning process. Based on the analysis of the existing...
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Study on the Whole Challenge System of Public Security and Judicial Authorities

Yuwen Quan
The challenge system is a kind of lawsuit system widely established in the legislative activities of modern countries, whose purpose is to ensure the legitimacy and fairness of the judicial procedure. Our country has designed individual avoidance of natural persons, which has some shortcomings compared...
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Resource Integrated Urban Design Method in Regulatory Detailed Planning

Li Yuan
In order to promote the rationality of urban resource integration process, an urban resource integration method based on repeated game control scheme is proposed in the Article. Firstly, construct the optimal model of urban integration decision-making, quantify the operation level of dominant factor,...
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Investigation and Analysis of Northwest Universities Teacher’s Physical Sub-Health Status and Its Influencing Factors-A Case Study of Chang'an University

Jiahui Zi, Dan Chen, Xiao Geng
Objectives: To examine the prevalence and influencing factors of physical sub-health among Northwest Universities Teacher. Design: In research, using several methods (including literature material law, questionnaire survey, and mathematical statistics) to give the physical sub-health status, lifestyle...
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Study on the Airflow of Chinese Mandarin in Mandarin based on Glottal MS-110

Jing Wang, Yonghong Li
In this paper, vowels of Mandarin Chinese are selected as pronunciation materials. According to the data of pronunciation time, average airflow velocity and airflow collected, the pronunciation time, average airflow velocity and airflow of [y] [u] are relatively large. It can also be seen that the pronunciation...
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Research on Copyright Protection of AI Creation

Shujing Zhang
While it is now common for artificial intelligence to be involved in creative work in the news and visual arts, AI creation faces the ideological and institutional barriers of Intellectual Property Law only protecting human creativity. Therefore, the copyright protection of the AI creation has not formed...
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Comments on the Characteristics of Running Private Undergraduate Colleges and Universities in Shaanxi Province

Haifeng Li
By using the method of big data induction, this paper analyzes the education and teaching data of nine private undergraduate universities in Shaanxi in recent three years, and obtains their respective running characteristics, advantages and shortcomings in common, which can provide a reference for the...
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Influence of Teachers' Organizational Justice on Teachers' Anomie Behaviors: The Mediating Effect of the Psychological Contract Breach

Xiangqian Wei, Xue Feng
In order to explore the relationship between teachers' perceived organizational justice and teachers' anomie behavior in primary and secondary schools and the mediating role of the psychological contract breach, this study investigated 350 primary and secondary school teachers by the questionnaire. Results...
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An Analysis of Metaphorical Expressions of Game and Symbiosis in Paddington Bear I and II

Zhixia Yang
In Paddington Bear series, the director uses metaphorical narrative techniques to describe the experiences of Paddington Bear after he immigrated to the UK. The abundant expressions of metaphors, symbols, contrasts and other rhetorical devices have greatly enriched the connotations of the two films....
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Countermeasure of Activities abroad of Chinese Terrorists from the Perspective of Social Movement Theory

Jianguo Zang
Chinese terrorists have engaged in terrorist activities in Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, other countries, and regions around China since a long time, which is becoming increasingly fierce after the civil war in Syria in 2011. The study mainly discusses the countermeasures from the perspectives...
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Research and Practice on Talents Training Model of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Strategic Emerging Industries under Modern Apprenticeship System: A Case Study of Internet of Things

Fan Yang, Yutai Rao
The most direct dilemma facing higher vocational education in developing innovative entrepreneurship education is that time is not enough. It usually takes several years for an innovative entrepreneurship project to be innovative, incubate, and eventually become a commercial one. In view of this problem,...
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Study on the Influence of College Teachers and Students Matching on Graduate Knowledge Innovation Behavior

Ziqiang Li, Wei Li, Youcheng Chen
With the advent of knowledge economy, knowledge innovation is more and more important for economic development, and graduate students in China's the knowledge innovation plays an indispensable role. Through the analysis of teachers and students, and analyze the knowledge innovation of concern, constructing...