Proceedings of the International Conference on Science and Engineering (ICSE-UIN-SUKA 2021)

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Causal Loop Diagram Model Analysis Approach to the Factors That Influence the SIR Epidemic Model

Mathematical models can be used to predict the spread of infection of a disease in the future. We developed the SIR model by adding the application of a healthy lifestyle’s factor (that related to people’s behavior) which is expected can reduce the number of the infected individuals. The analytical approach...
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Determining Optimal Solutions in Learning Outcome Using One to One Fixed Method

Elis Ratna Wulan, Dindin Jamaluddin, Wildan Noor Ramadhan
General assignment problems include n tasks that must be assigned to m workers where each worker has different competencies in completing each task. This research discusses the problem of solving minimization case assignments using a new method, namely the One-to-One Fixed Method. Completion of the One-to-One...
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Bayesian Competing Risk Model for Medical Data

Nadya Devana, Sarini Abdullah
Problems considering group assignment is often found in health area, where the groups represent whether a patient will be recovered or not, at high risk of relapse or not, and many other. While the occurrence of these events could be modelled using classification methods, more insights on the time of...
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Optimization Transportation Problem Using Generalized Unified Tabu Search: A Study on Ginger Distributions in Java, Indonesia

O.M Wijanarko, D Ertiningsih
In a minimization problem, there are some operational costs, such as transportation costs which are not negligible. In this research we discuss a transportation problem and propose a comparison of the generalized unified tabu search and the branch and bound algorithms. One of our concerns is the geographical...
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Smoking Model Incorporate Anti-Smoking Campaign, Nicotine Gum, and Treatment

Heni Widayani, Putri Lestari, Usman Palagay
The dynamics model of smoking is a system of nonlinear differential equations of first order. The dynamics model of smoking consists of five subpopulations, namely potential smokers, light smokers, heavy smokers, smokers who temporarily quit smoking, and smokers who permanently quit smoking. The mathematical...
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The Relationship Between a Fractal Fα –absolutely Continuous Function and a Fractal Bounded p – variation Function

Supriyadi Wibowo, Christiana Rini Indrati, Soeparmi, Cari
Wibowo et al. proposed the concept of the fractal Fα –absolutely continuous function and the fractal bounded p –variation function of order α where 0 < α < 1 and 1 < p < ∞ on a fractal set F. In this paper, we study the relationship between those two functions. In particular, we represent...
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The Technical Approach for Measuring the Performance of the Malaysian Shariah Stocks During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Noor Saif Muhammad Mussafi, Zuhaimy Ismail
The COVID-19 outbreak affects all aspects of life including stocks trading. This paper aims to highlight the performance of Malaysian Shariah stocks during the COVID-19 outbreak by employing modified Reward to Variability (mRVAL) and EMA (Exponential Moving Average). The analysis of individual stocks...
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Biodiversity of Symbiotic Microorganisms of Caulerpa racemosa from Lemukutan Island, Indonesia and Its Antibacterial Activity

Warsidah, Rizky, Mega Sari Juane Sofiana, Ikha Safitri, Sukal Minsas, Melia Trianasta, Susi Sumanti
Symbiotic microorganisms usually have the same secondary metabolite activity as their host. The aims of this study were determine the biodiversity of symbiotic microorganisms from Caulerpa racemosa grown in Lemukutan Island, Indonesia and evaluate their antibacterial activity. Thirty eight bacterial...
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Chemometrics Analysis for the Groundwater Quality Assessment in UIN Walisongo Semarang

Kustomo, Rasidah, Daru Oktaviano
The purpose of this study was to analyze the quality of groundwater in terms of physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters at three campus locations of the Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Walisongo Semarang, Indonesia then the results were compared to the Regulation of the Ministry of Health of...
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Molecular Docking Study of Active Compunds in Ginger as Inhibitor Against Covid-19

Priyagung Dhemi Widiakongko, Darmawan Alisaputra, Tawatchai Kangkamano
Molecular docking of the active compounds of ginger (Zingiber officinale) has been successfully carried out. This study aims to examine the potential inhibitor of ginger’s main active compounds in spike proteins on the COVID-19 virus. A total of 4 main active compounds in ginger, namely alpha-Curcumene,...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Polyacrilonitrile-Fe2o3 Membrane Nano Composites for Oil Refinery Liquid Waste Separation

Malikhatul Hidayah, Dyah Fitasari, Anwar Ma’ruf, Ruswan, Nadhifah
Synthesis of nano-composite membranes using a phase inversion technique with polymer polyacrilonitrile-fe2o3 membrane for the separation of oil refinery effluent by coating using crosslinked PVA obtained results about the effect of the concentration of nano-composite polyacrilonitrile-Fe2O3 membrane...
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Synthesis of ZnO/ECB (Eichhornia crassipes Biochar) as a Sustainable Efficient Photocatalyst for Photodegradation of Reactive Black-5

M. Mulyatun, Wirda Udaibah, Siti Hafidzotur, Hamdan Hadi Kusuma
ZnO/ECB photocatalyst (Eichhornia crassipes Biochar) has been synthesized to be applied as a photocatalyst in the degradation of Reactive Black-5 dye. ZnO/ECB photocatalyst was synthesized by the coprecipitation method with the ratio Zn(NO3)2.6H2O:ECB (M:w) 0.25:1 (0.25MZnO/ECB); 0.45:1 (0.45MZnO/ECB);...
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Design and Implementation of Non-Invasive Telemedicine System for Detecting Cholesterol Levels in Blood as a Solution during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Tria Nurmar’atin, Heni Sumarti, Muhammad Ardhi Khalif
Excess total blood cholesterol can cause heart vessel disorders, stroke and the most fatal can cause death. Checking cholesterol levels should be done regularly, especially for someone who has reached adulthood. The implementation of a telemedicine system by utilizing digital technology provides convenience...
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A Design of the Second Generation of UIN Sunan Kalijaga’s UV Fluorescence Spectro-Imaging System

Frida Agung Rakhmadi, Widayanti, Rochan Rifai
Research on design of the second generation of UIN Sunan Kalijaga’s UV fluorescence spectro-imaging system was done. The purpose of this research was to make a design of the second generation of UIN Sunan Kalijaga’s UV fluorescence spectro-imaging system as a development of the first generation. This...
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Alternative Industrial Fuels in Indonesia from Urban Waste Treatment Using the RDF Method Through Bio-drying

Albert Yansen
This study examines the potential for RDF production from a mixture of municipal solid waste (MSW) using bio-drying technology to be used as an alternative fuel industry in Indonesia. The most suitable waste for the production of the RDF method is waste that has a high carbon content after being separated...
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Comparisons of Different Regiments in the Treatment of Covid-19 in Kpk (Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa)

Madeeha Shah, Iram Maqsood, Rabea ejaz, Saira Saleem, Amber Shaheen, Noor Jahan
The COVID-19 pandemic broke out in December 2019 because of SARS – cov. As of November 24, 2020, more than 59 million cases were accounted in all over the world, causing more than one million passing. Covid 19 is portrayed by incendiary disorder such as fever, coughing, breathing problems, agony, and...
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Photocatalytic Bacterial Inactivation Using Bi-doped TiO2/Kaolinite Under Visible Light Irradiation

Anthoni B.Aritonang, Ajuk Sapar, Annisa Furqonita
Bismuth-doped TiO2 immobilized on kaolinite (Bi-TiO2-K) were prepared via sol-gel method, then calcined at 450oC using kaolinite as the matrix and Bi (NO3)3 as the Bi3+ cationic source. The obtained Bi-TiO2-K photocatalyst were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD), infrared absorption spectroscopy,...
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The Evaluation of a Website for Participatory Water Quality Monitoring of Rivers in Indonesia

Eka Sulistiyowati, Shofwatul Uyun
The research on developing a water monitoring website had been conducted in the Integrated Laboratory UIN Sunan Kaliljaga, Yogyakarta. The output of this research a website titled ( In this paper, we evaluate the website by involving the community as the users. The community then...
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Algorithm of Assessment System in MOOCs Learning: Literature Review

Sumarsono, Sutrisno, Agung Fatwanto
Assessment of learners in the MOOCs online learning platform creates problems for teachers in using appropriate assessment strategies. The change from the traditional face-to-face learning model to the MOOCs online learning model does not necessarily apply traditional classroom assessment strategies...
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An Implementation of Profile Matching Method to Determine Agricultural Crops that Suit the Land

Aziz Fuady Negarawan, Maria Ulfah Siregar, Agung Fatwanto, M. Didik R. Wahyudi
The suitability of land conditions and crops is one of the factors that affect agricultural productivity. To get maximum results, agricultural crops must be planted on land that has the right conditions for crops to grow optimally. Lack of knowledge about land characteristics often makes farmers grow...
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Analysis of Backbone UIN Sunan Kalijaga Network Development in Yogyakarta Using Comparison of Static Routing Protocol and OSPF Dynamic Routing

Rahmadhan Gatra, Bambang Sugiantoro
The development of information technology, especially computer networks, both in terms of Local Area Network (LAN) and the Internet network within the Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University, Yogyakarta is needed to support the exchange of data or information between units, faculties, and universities....
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Crystal Structure Modelling of Magnetic Material On Computational Study

Aprilia Dewi Ardiyanti, Tanzilal Mustaqim
Computational research has been developed recently. One of the research is in the study of material physics. The computational study uses to make a model of the crystal structure which is difficult to do experimentally. In this study, the pymatgen module was used to compute the crystal structure of magnetic...
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Digital Forensics Investigation on Xiaomi Smart Router Using SNI ISO/IEC 27037:2014 and NIST SP 800-86 Framework

Dedy Hariyadi, Mandahadi Kusuma, Adkhan Sholeh, Fazlurrahman
The factual conditions reinforced by research data show the increasing number of connected smart devices in a house. The interconnection of these smart devices is able to form a smart home ecosystem with capabilities in the form of file sharing services, multimedia services, access to the internet network,...
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Popularity Survey Governor Candidate of Jakarta in 2017 from Social Networks

Muhammad Galih Wonoseto, Felix Ngobigha
This paper proposed a system to survey candidate popularity for governor of Jakarta in 2017 from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Trends. While traditional surveys take days or weeks to complete, the system demonstrated results instantly and continuously. This paper aims to measure the...
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Genetic Diversity of Rhizophora Apiculata Blume in Banggai Kepulauan Inferred from Sequence-related Amplified Polymorphism (SRAP) Marker

Seni Kurnia Senjaya
Mangroves are among the most productive and biologically important ecosystems in the world, providing many services that bridge processes in the ocean and land. One of the species of mangrove forest in the Banggai Kepulauan is Rhizophora apiculata Blume. Regional development and climate change pose a...
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Social Behavior of Macaca Fascicularis Raffles (1821) at Various Age Levels in the Banjarnegara Ex-Situ Conservation Area During Pandemic Times

Dian Muthi Fitria, Najda Rifqiyati
Macaca fascicularisis one of the nonhuman primates that live in groups with many males and females (multi male multi female group) so that interactions between individuals often occur. Despite having a wide distribution, M. fascicularis continues to decline in population. One of the efforts to protect...
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Cashier Work Posture Analysis Using Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) and Quick Exposure Checklist (QEC): A Case Study in QRS Pharmacy

Rahma Fariza, Riska Dwi Oktalia
Good posture can be an indicator of increased work productivity. This study was conducted to analyze work posture and to determine the level of risk of the upper body posture when working as a cashier at a QRS pharmacy. The research method is used in determining the object of research, collecting data,...
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A Critical Review of Potential Development of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems at Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Support Clean Energy in Indonesia

Ahmad Maghfuri, Cakrawati Sudjoko, Budiawan Sidik Arifianto, Yanif Dwi Kuntjoro
Energy needs are always increasing in various sectors of life. Indonesia, which is below the equator, has extraordinary advantages, one of which is its high potential for solar energy. With high sun exposure throughout the year, Indonesia has the potential to use it to generate electrical energy. One...
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Conceptual Model of Relationship Between Transformational and Passive Leadership, Safety Knowledge, Safety Attitude, Riding Confidence, Risk Perception, and Risky Driving Behavior

Yunata Amjad, Novie Susanto, Naniek Utami Handayani
In 2020 the development of online public transportation in Indonesia increased significantly. There will be 21.7 million registered users in Indonesia. Online motorcycle taxis are public transportation that is in great demand by the public. But besides that, the high number of motorcycle accidents and...
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Planning Activities and Maintenance Time Intervals of Induction Machines using The Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) II and Age Replacement Method

Case Study: CV. Sumber Baja Perkasa

Trio Yonathan Teja Kusuma, Muhammad Khaedzar Assagaf, Fidia Deny Tisna Amijaya
CV. Sumber Baja Perkasa is a company engaged in manufacturing metal smelting and printing which can produce various metal products such as pulleys and brake wheels. In this study, the object studied is an induction machine which often experiences damage during the production process. Damage that occurs...
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Proposal Improvement to Increase Equipment Effectiveness and Reduse Waste Levels in SME Plastic Straw Prodecer with a Total Productive Maintenance Approach and Waste Assessment Model

Shanya Dekrita Jauza, Indro Prakoso, Ayu Anggraeni Sibarani
The existence of waste in a production line causes production equipment and production systems to be ineffective and inefficient. It’s the same with an SME that produces plastic straw products in a city in Indonesia. BNL50 machine that produces plactic straw, often experiences problems such as breakdowns...
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Quality Improvement Proposal of Spun Pile Using Six Sigma Method at PT. Adhi Persada Beton

Intan Arizka, Dorina Hetharia, Anik Nur Habyba
PT. Adhi Persada Beton is a subsidiary of PT. Adhi Karya (persero) tbk, which produces precast concrete, including spun pile. There was a problem in spun pile production; the average percentage of spun pile defects was 0.71%, exceeding the company standard, which was 0.5%. Therefore, this research was...
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Smart Trash Can: Innovation of Automatic Trash Can with Arduino Uno-Based as an Effort to Support Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Action

Rizki Maharani Aqilah, Azzati Sahirah Elfahmi, Rahma Fariza, Riska Dwi Oktalia, Bambang Tri Wahyudi
Garbage is an item that we encounter every day and often causes problems. Based on statistical data from the 2020 National Waste Management Information System, in the City of Yogyakarta the highest percentage of waste by type is organic waste consisting of food waste with a percentage of 50.21%. One...
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The Implementation of the 3R Principle on the Household Solid Waste Management in Sleman, Yogyakarta

Ridayati, A. Yunastiawan
The urbanization process has caused several problems, such as clean water, environmental degradation, and waste management, especially in the peri-urban area. The solid waste management system is a type of basic urban infrastructure that often faces the problem of overcapacity in the peri-urban area....
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GIS Mapping Based on Spatial-Temporal Model Estimation Affecting COVID-19 Outbreak in Kalimantan

Sifriyani, Idris Mandang, Fidia DenyTisnaAmijaya
Innovation of Spatio-temporal analysis specifically for the geographically Weighted Panel Regression model with the development of geographic-weighted functions for spatial and temporal interactions. Map the GIS based on Spatio-temporal model estimation for the factors that may provide influence on the...
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Jakarta Composite Index Model Before and During COVID-19 Using CNN-LSTM

Yogi Anggara, Epha Diana Supandi
Deep Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is the development of multiple layered neural networks. There are many sectors that deep learning can be applied to such as computer vision, natural languages processing, and even time series data forecasting. One of the...