Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Research, Implementation, and Education of Mathematics and Sciences (ICRIEMS 2020)

323 authors
Wibowo, Nugroho B
Structure Interpretation Using Gravity Spectral Analysis and Derivative Method in Grindulu Fault, Pacitan, East Java
Wibowo, Nugroho B.
Microtremors Measurement Around Dengkeng Fault Line in Central Java
Widiyawati, Yeni
The Development of E-Worksheet Based on Project to Promote Student’s Creative Thinking and Digital Literacy Skills
Widjajanti, Djamilah B.
Comparison of Contextual and Scientific Approaches to Improving Student Achievement and Emotional Intelligence
Widodo, E.
The Effect of Virtual Laboratory Application of Problem-Based Learning Model to Improve Science Literacy and Problem-Solving Skills
Widodo, Untung
Reaction Order Parameters of Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio, and Platelet-to-Lymphocyte Ratio as Markers for Colorectal Carcinoma After Chemotherapy
Widowati, A.
Integrating the Beauty of Herbs Zingiberaceae into Science Learning Through Nature of Science Within the Active Learning Approach
Widyastuti, Baiq W.
Effects of Worked Example on Experts’ Procedural Skills in Solving Geometry Problems
Wijaya, Ariyadi
Examining Middle School Student’s Lower Order Thinking Skill
Wijayanti, Indra K.
Developing Learning Set with STEM-PBL Approach to Mathematics Connection Ability and Student’s Learning Motivation
Wilujeng, I
The Content Validity of Scientific Literacy-Based Diagnostic Assessment
Wilujeng, I.
Physics Learning with E-Book Using Problem Based Learning (PBL) Model to Improve Image Representation Ability of High School Students on Optical Material
Wilujeng, Insih
Feasibility of STEM Teaching Kit for Heat Material Through Simple Technology Design
Wilujeng, Insih
Analysis of Critical Thinking Skill Through Conceptual Change Model Learning Assisted with PhET Simulation
Wilujeng, Insih
Investigating the Need for Ocean Literacy in the Indonesian Science Classroom
Wiyarsi, Antuni
Inquiry Learning Using Local Socio-Scientific Issues as Context to Improve Students’ Chemical Literacy
Wiyarsi, Antuni
In-Service Chemistry Teachers’ Prior Knowledge Regarding STEM Integration in High School Chemistry Learning
The Influence of Guided Inquiry-Based Learning Using Socio-Scientific Issues on Environmental Awareness of Pre-service Chemistry Teachers
Yovita, Seriana
Analysis of Students’ Difficulties in Answering Questions on the Chemistry National Standardized School Exam in Kupang
Relationship Between Vital Signs, Hemoglobin Level and Iron Consumption Pattern With Learning Concentration
Yulis, Putri Ade Rahma
Molecular Characterization of Riau’s Mascot Flora (Oncosperma tigillarium)
Yusvinda, Mustika N
Structure Interpretation Using Gravity Spectral Analysis and Derivative Method in Grindulu Fault, Pacitan, East Java
septiani, Vina
How Are the Students’ Biology Conceptual Knowledge and Procedural Knowledge in Padang City?