Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Politics, Economics and Law (ICPEL 2016)

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How to Build Guanxi Quality: An Empirical Investigation in China

Jia Shen, Xueling Lee
China is a guanxi-oriented nation. Compared to the Western relational marketing concept, Guanxi incorporates the notion of ganqing and renqing. Based on its unique cultural and institutional backgrounds, Chinese guanxi is a mixture of the affect and instrumentality. This article posits and examines a...
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Research on the Influence of Customer Experience upon Brand Loyalty of B2C Website

Yi Yang, Yao Cai
In order to enhance customer's brand loyalty of B2C website and improve customer's repeat purchase rate in the website, this research based on the perspective of customer's online shopping experience. To conclude the influencing factors of consumer's brand loyalty to B2C website: website experience,...
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The Future Reform and Optimization of Insider Trading Law in China

Jie Xie
The purpose of this article is to analyze the legal theory and complex practical issues related to the anti-insider trading legal framework. Comparative methodology is utilized to explore reasonable routes to optimize the Chinese insider trading law through integrating some developed rules established...
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An Analysis on the Farmer Specialized Cooperatives in Mountainous Countryside-Based on a Field Research in S Village

Shunjie Li
Farmer specialized cooperative in mountainous rural area is a bridge between farmers and market. In view of its current status, the paper uses methods of analysis, interview survey and comparative analysis. Based on actual data, the paper puts forward the establishing procedures, features and operation...
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Interests Analysis on Compulsory license in the Field of Renewable Energy Technology

Meirong Guo
In this paper, the notion that compulsory licenses are relevant with the extended public interest was discussed. For example, climate change and environmental pollution are related with transnational interest; resource depletion is related with generation's interest. Therefore, the interests in the field...
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Test for Contagion with Applications to Equity Markets

Yu Ling Hsiao
We empirically examine the episode of extraordinary turbulence in global financial markets during the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007. The analysis focuses on equity markets captured by daily movements for ten countries based on changes in correlation and coskewness of contagion tests. The results show...
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An Analysis of Main Affecting Factors on Chinese GDP Growth and their Influence Mechanism

Yufeng Huang, Shaojing Shen
In order to understand the main problems of Chinese GDP Growth, the methods of factor analysis, multiple regressions and hierarchical clustering are used to analyze the influences of consumption, investment, export and import on GDP growth, based on the economic data of 31 provinces from 1998 to 2013....
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The Pragmatics in Cross-Cultural Communication

Xiamei Peng
Cross-cultural communication is an inseparable part of linguistic theory and application. The present paper discusses cross-cultural communication from a pragmatics perspective. The first section of this paper is a brief introduction to the study of cross-cultural communication. Differences between communicators...
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A Study on Early-warning of Enterprise Financial Crisis Based on Mixed Multiple Classifier Prediction

Mingrong Deng, Anqi Chen
To help enterprises to know how to spot signs of problem and crisis ahead of time, and get forewarning and intervene in advance so as to safeguard survival and development of the enterprise by reversing the passive and disadvantageous status, we creatively divided them into healthy financial companies,...
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On the Second Major Reform of European Court of Human Rights

Taixia Shen
This paper studies the second major reform of the European Court of Human Rights, which was mainly brought about by the entry into force of Protocol No. 14 to the European Convention of Human Rights. It firstly analyses the main contents of Protocol No. 14, then compares the statistics around the implementation...
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The Relationship between Employment and Pension Insurance and Its Influencing Factors

Youmei Wang, Wei Wang
Employment is the basic means of worker's survival, is an important source of social wealth, and is the basis for social stability and growing presence. Pension insurance is a guarantee of better employment and an important part of entering the aging society. Between employment and pension, there are...
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Study on the Evaluation of the Balance System between Cultivated Land Occupation and Compensation

Yukun Guo, Jiayi Wang
As a basic system in China, balance system between cultivated land occupation and compensation exposed some problems in the implementation which needs to be improved. In view of its implement effects, the paper uses methods of comprehensive analysis, field survey, statistical analysis and case analysis...
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Potential Infrastructure of Dynamic Consistency for Sustainable Development of Urban and Rural - Strategic Path of Urban and Rural Planning with Chinese Characteristics

Jigang Zhang, Mingyin Deng, Bo Zhou, Xin He, Xiaoyu Gan
In order to ensure the future strategic safety of sustainable development of urban and rural construction, this paper, based on the new characteristics of urban and rural development in China along with the associated theoretical and practical exploitation over the past ten years at the beginning of...
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Comprehensive Scores of Legal Risk by Using Clustering Analysis

Ying Zhang, Dongsheng Xu, Juanjuan Geng
To evaluate the legal risk of big enterprise in China for the sake of avoiding unnecessary loss, multivariate statistical analysis method was adopted. In the evaluation process, a criterion which contains 967 observation points was raised. All the 967 observation points were carried out by priority setting...
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Study on Marxism Faith of Contemporary College Students

Dongshan Feng
There appear many problems of Marxism faith among contemporary college students. In terms of internal issues, utilitarian and realistic of faith are critical. In external matters, belief diversification and blind following are obvious conflicts. Above mentioned problems will affect construction of socialist...
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Impacts of Big Data Marketing upon Consumption Freedom and its Reflections

Wanting Shen, Han Wen
Boosting of big data has brought social changes on various aspects. Big data ethics is not only about the privacy and security, but also has impacts on consumption freedom. According from the big data's impacts on consumption behavior, this paper summarized the characteristics and the marketing reforms...
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Motivations in Developing inter-language Talk: A Study of Vocational College Business English Major

Jian-na Wang
Motivation in second language learning is indispensable and significant. In order to improve the motivation in inter-language talk and develop oral English competence, this paper presented the study of motivation in inter-language and focused on how much the motivation in developing competence of inter-language...
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Analysis of commercial bank customer's financial consumer behavior based on brand factor

Yi Yang, Pengfei Wang
Our country unceasingly intensifying competition between the banking sector, Bank is taking measures, in order to seek the way of business under this pattern. Therefore, this paper started from brand factors to analyze consumer behavior, in order to enhance the competitive advantage of commercial bank....
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On the Paths to Cultivate International Talents under the Background of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road

Xiaolong Li
The initiative of the Silk Road economic belt and the 21st century maritime Silk Road not only brings us new opportunities for economic development but also brings us new challenges to our talent market. The key to cultivate qualified international talents lies in the cultivation of training cross--cultural...
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The Research on Low-Carbon Level of Shipping Industry Based on Fuzzy Algorithm

Yan Li, Ye Liu, Qingbo Huang
The low-carbon sea transportation is characterized by "marine shipping and emission reduction of load and unload on the ports of call". It suits the historical trend of development, and is the objective requirement of the sustainable development of China's shipping industry. The level of low-carbon sea...
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Study on the Path for the Construction of China's Rural Credit System

Gujun Yan
Accelerating the construction of credit system in the countryside is an effective way to meet the fund demands of the "agriculture, countryside and farmers", because it helps to prevent credit risks, improve farmers' access to credit, and reduce the cost of financial transactions. In the long run, to...
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Tianxia-Country-Family, Huaxia-centrism, Unity: State Concept of Traditional Chinese

Lei Wang
This paper argues that the traditional China is a "state", and has its own specific national concept. There are three important state concepts in traditional Chinese heart. One of which is Tianxia-Country-Family, and the second is Huaxia-centrism, with the two aspects of geographical superiority and...
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Application of Balanced Scorecard in the Enterprise Performance Evaluation

Huiping Huang, Huimin Huang
The present study is designed to describe the application of Balanced Scorecard in Jinan Iron and Steel Company. Performance evaluation system is constituted by the financial quantitative performance evaluation and management performance qualitative evaluation. Balanced Scorecard is Integration of Non-financial...
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Path-Dependence in Chinese Arbitration Law

Lanfang Fei
China's early institutional choice of arbitration institutions caused it to become locked-in and resistant to change. The paper reviews how the path-dependent nature of Chinese legal reform determines the specific characteristics of the Chinese arbitration system. Moreover, it reveals that outer forces,...
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Legal Regulation of the Advertising Blocking Feature-A Chinese Perspective

Lanfang Fei, Peng Zhou
Ad blocking tools have become part of the unfair competition debate in China. Leading Chinese online video companies have initiated several lawsuits against Web browsers and software developers that provide add-ons or similar tools that let people avoid advertisements. Chinese courts have taken a strong...
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Discussion on the Teaching Method of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

Feng Wang, Xiaoping Xu
In order to improve teaching quality and boost teaching reform for the course of probability and mathematical statistics, some practical research on the curricular contents, teaching method etc are discussed in this paper. In view of the particularity of the study object in the course of probability...
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DPRK's Foreign Trade and the Issue

Chengwen Kang
DPRK's foreign trade, of which the structure has the characteristics of exporting primary products, importing industrial manufacture and exchanging resources with products, is easily influenced by domestic and international political circumstances. On the fundament of summarising the DPRK's foreign trade...
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Research on the Ecological Protection of Trans-Regional Lake Water Resources from the Perspective of Game Theory

Hao-wen Feng, Wei-min Ouyang
Lake Water resources is public goods in the usage property, the ecological protection process of trans-regional lake water resources is actually the supply process of public goods. According to the economic strength of the administrative regions around a lake, we use the method of game theory to divide...
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The New Development of China's Maritime Security Strategy Thoughts Based on the View of 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road

Jiahua Tang
The 21st century is the time of ocean. Under this background, China has proposed the idea of building 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road, which makes Chinese maritime security strategy enter a new stage of development. Based on the information of 'One Belt One Road', there are some core points through the...
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The Impact of Media Coverage on the Agency Costs-Evidence from Chinese Listed Manufacturing Companies

Yiyang Lin
Taking manufacturing industry as an example, this paper aims to analyze the effect of media coverage on the agency costs from multiple agency cost perspective. Using the data of Chinese A-share listed companies from 2010 to 2014, this paper creatively analyzed the media environment differences and regional...