Proceedings of the International Conference on Ethics in Governance (ICONEG 2016)

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The First Digits Analysis Until the Fifth Benford Law in Financial Statement

Teguh Sugiarto, Amir Indra Budiman, Iin Rosini
research aims to explore if there is fraud in a financial statement, use the Act stated that Benford's distribution number the first digit until the fifth will follow the trend of lower number. Research methods-in this case study authors use the first digit until fifth of the analysis of the numbers....
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Computer Mediated Communication in E- Marketing of Indonesia University Education

Heni Nuraeni Zaenudin
The interaction between the communicator (the seller) and the communicant (the consumer) is represented in the form of textually message. Non- verbal message constitues facial expression, gesture, and voice intonation. The emotion symbols found in the textual message are usually used to complete textually...
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Identifying Business Ethics Manifestation in Ecopreneurship Implementation: Study from Fish 'n Blues Enterprise in Indonesian Fishery Industry

Cut Irna Setiawati, Zidnie Ilma
Fish 'n Blues is an enterprise in Jakarta headquarter that concerns the role as supplier and retailer of environmental seafood products. This enterprise adopts Ecopreneurship principles in business activities in front of parties such customer, fisherman, government, and third party called expert environment...
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The Effect of Vertical and Horizontal Trust on Voluntary Tax Compliance (An Experimental Study)

Ivonne Helena Putong, Arsono Laksmana, I Made Narsa
Every country, with a voluntary tax collection system, should consider the potential tax evasion. The economics of crime approach which is expected to increase tax compliance is still constrained by considerable amount of administrative costs. Trust-based regulation can reduce the social costs for taxpayers...
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Innovation Strategy and Business Model For Batik SMEs In East Java Indonesia

Sri Wahyu Lelly Hana Setyanti
In recent years, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in Batik industry has significant contribution for the development Indonesian economy. Innovation strategy and business model are the biggest challenges for the SME to increase its business growth. The objective of this research was to analyze the effect...
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The Role of Consumer Satisfaction in Mediating the Effect of Consumer Preference on Consumer Trust in Purchasing Cluster Housing in Jember

R. Alamsyah Sutantio, Siti Komariyah
This paper is part of an ongoing dissertation that aims to analyze the mediating effect of consumer satisfaction in the relationship between consumer preference and consumer trust. The finding is a concept and is offering the model of the effect of consumer preference on consumer trust that has not been...
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Work Performance of A Village Head: Investigating The Role of Job Satisfaction, Workload, and Work Stress

Ade Karina, Dewi Prihatini, Sri Wahyu Lely Hanna Setyanti
Are work performance of a village head determined by job satisfaction, workload, and job stress? Using Structural Equation Model (SEM) method, several hypothesis were investigated in this study. Population of this study is all 226 Village Head in Jember Regency with sample selected as of 127 respondents....
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Communication

Poppy Ruliana, Marlinda Irwanti
The purpose of this paper is a study on the idea that organizations are aware of the importance of the stakeholders objectives especially in improving profits for the company's business through corporate image and reputation. The important factor to boost the image and reputation is through the ability...
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Instilling Values Character Education Through Playing Role Model in Learning History

Anzar Abdullah
This paper aims to describe the history of the efforts of teachers in instilling the values of character education through learning model "role playing" in school. Efforts were made so that the values of character education integrated into history courses through the learning model "role playing". In...
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Improving Education Quality Through Learning Paradigm in School

M. Zulkifli
The aim of this study is to describe the quality of education through the learning paradigm at school. The technique of writing is through the theories of education and learning in schools, and analyzed in descriptive qualitative, by considering the triangulation technique, source, and time. The results...
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Analysing Character Education Values at SDIT Al-Qalam Through Song Lyrics

Fahmi Gunawan, Zulaeha Zulaeha
Children learn through playing and chanting. Children's song lyrics can help building good characters in their early of age. They can feel the presence of song lyrics as a media for accompanying their play activities. This research aims at exploring character education values at al-Qalam Islamic Integrated...
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Character Education In Primary School Students Prepare to Face Challenges of The 21st Century

Sita Ratnaningsih
Nowadays, education is no longer to provide information to students, but rather to prepare learners to become active 21st Century critical thinkers. Character supportsand enhances their thinking and understanding for it permeates the world in which their live. It also plays a vital role in the construction...
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Attachment as Character Education in Boarding School

Adang Darmawan Achmad, Syarifan Nurjan
Boarding school is the educational institution where students not only learn, but also residing and living together at the institute. This research is a field reseach designed to determine analysis in the characteir formation of students in MTs-MA Boarding School Foundation Assunnah Cirebon, withused...
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Family Support from the Perspective of Drug Addicts

Farah Syazrah Mohd Ghazalli, Norizan Abdul Ghani, Berhanundin Abdullah, Wan Mohd Yusof Wan Chik, Zulkifli Mohd
Rehabilitation process is a challenging stage for any drug addicts hoping to free themselves from the chain of drug abuse problem. Support from family members are critical at this stage by providing them the necessary motivationthus ensuring a successful recovery. The purpose of this case study is to...
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The Approach of Conflict Resolution Education to the Governance Management

Mujib Hasib, Muthia Mutmainnah Darmuh, Dwi Dian Permatasari, Zulfan Nahruddin, Muchlas M. Tahir
This study used a qualitative phenomenology approach thatis to describe and represent the experience of the informants about the conflict in Sub-Rappocini Makassar. Data analysis, data reduction, data presentation, drawing conclusions were cunducted. The results showed the police cooperated with various...
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Tweeting and Click: Internet and New Social Movement in Indonesia

Ahmad Ismail
Social movement happened intensively since the last decade which its uniqueness is done by internet technology. What happened actually is not just about the innovation of internet technology 'itself' - furthermore, it's about the civil activity. "Gerakan Akademi Berbagi" which based their movement in...
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The Reconstruction of Police Legal Culture to Interpreting Law in the Democratic Era

Christina Maya Indah
Within democracy in Indonesia, it is necessary to judge the police's accountability. This sociolegal research had a purpose to analysis discourse on the construction of social reality of police's legal culture within the law interpretation, which was related to police power. There was found a discourse...
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Study on the Transition of Land in the Palih Baru Village

Suprapto Suprapto, Brian L. Djumaty
In this study used a qualitative descriptive method to describe the dynamics that occur when people make buying and selling land. From this research there were some problems encountered such as; 1). Certificates owned by the community do not have a clear boundary location. 2). National land agency does...
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Muhammadiyah Ideology: Affirmative Action For LGBT Based On Nawacita

Ardian Bakhtiar Rivai
It is clear that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender is new phenomena in Indonesia which is make a new controversy today. There are two perspective which debate about how society to accept and reject this phenomena. This study aims to promote the idea of affirmative action for LGBT in the school....
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Synchronization Between Act of Governance Administration and Act of Administrative Court to Develop Good Governance

Ayu Putriyanti
This paper aimed to analyze Act No 30 The Year 2014 of Governance Administration is the material law to Acts of Administrative Court, as we knew the Acts No 5 Year 1986 of Administrative Court as procedural law . Some articles in Act No 30 Year 2014 are new and as guidance to implement the governance...
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Strategies of Improving Women Participation in Legislative Institution in East Java Province

Ani Purwanti
The dynamics of women participation in legislative institution of Bangkalan was significantly degrading. The result of 2014 legislative election in Bangkalan was "zero" which means there were no women winning the votes, the only regency in East Java which does not have any women representatives. Culture,...
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Identity as Shortcut to access Power of West Papua

Marlon Arthur Huwae, Adolof Ronsumbre
Identity as West Papuans used to be associated with physical appearance and surname. It is not politically debated until the implementation of Special Autonomy Law in 2001. The study aimed to analize about importance to be natives of Papua is highlighted. As the laws give prioritization to the natives...
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Intercultural Communication Between Traders and Buyers in Perbaungan Market

Rita Destiwati, Junardi Harahap
Human beings are in constant communication, and always do a lot of activities that has everything to do with communication. In thecommunication process, humans are always in touch with others who have different characters from one to another as well asdiverse cultures. And in communicating, people are...
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Junardi Harahap
The evolution in the field of health care has been going on for quite a long time in the Indonesian society. The development of the evolution of health care in the city of Bandung, Indonesia, has developed in line with the development of the city itself. Research question in this study focuses on the...
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Fostering Community Awareness in Preventing and Handling Pedophilia

Trini Handayani, Nia Kurniawati
From January to May 2015, National Commission of Children Protection has received 500 reports of children sexual abuse cases, and Indonesia is also mentioned as the tourism destination of pedophilia doers (CNN Indonesia, 5/7/2015). This descriptive qualitative study is aimed at investigating the parents'...
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Postfeminims and Femvertising Issues on Mountaineering

Ikma Citra Ranteallo, Imanuella Romaputri Andilolo
Feminist ideas deal with women struggle and fight for gender equality. Post-feminism has gone beyond that. This movement idealizes women living in individualistic ways based on liberal agenda. Some Nepali women organized their visions on the base of education, empowerment, and environment, and set off...
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Legal Culture of restorative Justice in Juvenile Criminal Justice System in Indonesia

Nur Rochaeti
Children have different rights specifically with the rights of an adult human. Based on Act No.11 of 2012 on Juvenile Criminal Justice System describes the judicial proceedings against juvenile in conflict with the law. This study aims to address two issues: firstly why it is restorative justice be required...
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Management of Customary Marine Rights in Regional Autonomy Era in Kei Islands

Sri Wahyu Ananingsih
Customary marine rights are owned by the indigenous community to manage marine in their territories. This research aimed to understand challenges and opportunities of customary marine rights management in regional autonomy era in Kei Islands. Some interview studies were conducted to understand the challenges...
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Supremacy of Ethic: National Law, Customary Law and Islamic Law Collided

Ida Susanti, Tanius Sebastian
Indonesia is a Nation that embraces many different ethnic groups. Each of them has its own customary law, which has been implemented for centuries. Even though Indonesia is regulated by its rules of law, for the private matters, some customary laws and Islamic law are still applicable. Problems are arisen...
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Reformulation of The House Regional Representative:How to Recruit and Authorize based on the State System of Indonesia

Ratna Herawati
This study was examine the authority of the DPD in the state system in Indonesia and reformulation authority and the recruitment of DPD in the state system in Indonesia. The problem is analyzed using Post-positivist paradigm with a different approach, namely legislation, conceptual, and comparative study...
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Protection of Malaysia Small Farmers Under the Plant Variety Law: an Appraisal

Murshamshul Kamariah Musa, Zuhairah Ariff Abd Ghadas
Plant genetic resources (PGR) is one the most important genetic resources in the agricultural field. PGR play a vital role towards the betterment of global nutrition and health. This article discusses Regarding the appraisal of Protection of Malaysia Small Famers Under the Plant Variety Law. The Revolution,...
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Person With Disabilities Protection Prospects Against Discriminatory Behavior

Lita Tyesta A.L.W.
This research aimed to determine the prospects of persons with disabilities protection against discriminatory behavior in Semarang. The research method is normative and empirical legal research using the laws approach (statutory approach), and the conceptual approach. Results of the study found that...
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Markets & Its Development Post-Earthquake; A Portrayal of Traditional Market Space Distribution Inequality in Padang, West Sumatra

Zusmelia Zusmelia, Firdaus Firdaus
In recent years, social and economic researchers have spent considerable efforts on investigating the impact of Sumatera Earthquake to socio-economic climate in Pasar Raya Padang. They try to find out the development policy of Padang city government where it is the prime resources giving the impact the...
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Content Analysis of Indonesian National Security Architecture

Surwandono Surwandono, Masyithoh Annisa Ramadhani
This paper aims to explain the relationship between the traditional and non-traditional security threats that Indonesia is facing, and the policy options undertaken by Indonesia to address them. Given the growing concern about the existing security threats, it is important to evaluate the national security...
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Content Analysis on Disaster Diplomacy Regime in Indonesia

Surwandono Surwandono, Ratih Herningtyas
This paper aims at analyzing some governmental regulations on disaster issues to understand government disaster diplomacy practices. Indonesia as a country that has significant levels of exposure to natural disaster. Unfortunetely, important government stakeholders on disaster issues are lack of understanding...
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The Age of Personalized Parties: Survival and Revival of Party Personalization in the Philippines and Indonesia

Arya Budi
Given the fact that both Indonesia and the Philippines are considered to have procedural democracies, this research sets out to seek how dominant features of party organization are exhibited and why such features emerge or prevail in both countries. In doing so, this research assesses the party leadership...
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Governance in Comprehensive Partnership Between Indonesia and Malaysia

Ludiro Madu, Aryanta Nugraha, Suryo Wibisono
This paper suggests that comprehensive partnership could eliminate existing potential conflicts between Indonesia and Malaysia. Involving more non-state actors, promoting non-political, informal, and direct links could strengthen Indonesia-Malaysia relation. Those characteristics of comprehensive partnership...
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Russian Foreign Policy: A Window of Opportunity in Southeast Asia

Arunrat Jinda
The article has analyzed the foreign policy of Russia in the Southeast Asia which developed according to dynamics of the international processes, with the purpose to strengthen political stability and to expand influence of Russia on the modern world. The developments of the foreign policy doctrine attended...
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Conflict in the Border Region Between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Usman Pakasi
This research was aimed at identifying potential sources of conflict in the RI - PNG border territory, a case study in the Skow-Wutung border area, Muara Tami district, Jayapura city, Papua province. The study had been an in-depth analysis, using a qualitative approach, adopting the phenomenology strategy....
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Maqasid Al-Shariah as a Parameter in International Treaty

Mohd Afandi Salleh, Abdul Majid Tahir Mohamed, Mohd Lotpi Mohd Yusob, Fazidatul Aida Mat Yazid
Generally the main essence of the Maqasid al-Shariah (objectives of Islamic Law) is to avoid the evil and uphold the public interest. In the present Westphalia state system, it is inevitable for the Islamic countries to engage with the international treaty. However, there are several provisions in the...
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Indonesia's Foreign Policy and Multi-Track Regionalism

Ade M. Wirasenjaya
This paper aimed to elaborate the orientation of Indonesian foreign policy in the Jokowi era by focusing on two main determinants. The first is regional determinants that lead to the emergence of multi-track regionalism in line with the lauch of the ASEAN Community. Although the ASEAN countries still...
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The Acculturation of Local Culture and Arabic Culture in Manado of North Sulawesi

Rosdalina Bukido, Laila F. Bamastraf
Indonesia has many cultures. Those cultures come from local culture and foreign culture. Now one of the cultures growing and thriving is Arabic culture in the city of Manado. The acculturation processing of Arabic culture entranced to Manado was through trade and syiar Islam. This article aims to explore...
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Islam Nusantara Rhetoric Among Intellectual Elites of Religious Organization

Dini Safitri
Nahdlatul Ulama (NU)'s rhetoric on Islam Nusantara, became a topic widely discussed among Islamic organization, especially in new media. NU's rhetoric faced few negation from another Islamic organization. one of them are Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) who used their official website to offer counter rhetoric....
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Efforts to Increase Public Welfare Consciousness Through Pay Zakat Rice Crop

Nasri Hamang, Irmayani Irmayani, Amaluddin Amaluddin
This paper examines and discusses how to improve people's welfare Pinrang, South Sulawesi through an awareness for rice farmers in paying zakat rice yields. Pinrang a rice-producing districts are very large by the amount of rice area is very spacious. If this huge income collected zakat on it regularly...
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Biaya Seikhlasnya or Sincere Tariffs in Public Service: Citizen"s Responses Towards Vague Corruption Practices

Aris Chandra Pradikta, Burhan Ali
Corruption in organizational theory has been understood through formal law violation and power abuses frame. However, the proposition in organizational perspectives are gaining criticism as failed in capturing local culture of societies. This research presents cultural sides of corruption in order to...
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Three Power Pillars Synergy In Waqaf Empowerment

Cucu Solihah, Hilman Nur, Dedi Mulyadi
Cianjur is one of regencies in West Java, with it's waqf potential, it could be pilot project in waqaf empowerment, therefore the Islamic philantropy activities could be beneficial for prosperity and humanity. Waqf empowerment could be conducted through three power pillars synergy concept including the...
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Conflicts of Religious Believes and Cultural Practices Among Muslims

Ibrahem Narongraksakhet, Mohd Afandi Salleh
The conflicts and violence in southern Thailand provinces could be traced back in 19th century and continue until today. The linkage between Islam and culture of the people in that provinces served as a means of defining the identity of the Malay-Muslims. The study contends that beside the main factors...
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Promoting Shariah Governance in Corporation: Special Reference to Shura

Zuhairah Ariff Abd Ghadas, Hartinie Abd Aziz, Nazri Ramli
Al-Shura or consultation is an instrument for reconstruction and reform, mentioned in the Qur'an and suggested in the practices of the Prophet and his Companions Muhammad (PBUH) Generally, it is a tool used by Muslim scholars and rulers or caliphs in arriving a decision or ruling on particular matters...
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Learning and Service Quality in Islamic Higher Education of Minority Muslim Bali

Ismail Suardi Wekke
The development of education, especially universities, both public and private is required to always develop science and technology. Therefore, the function of higher education is very strategic in improving the quality of resources, both human resources and infrastructure of education. Higher education...
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Good Governance and Pro -Active Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in Indonesia

Martono Anggusti
The measure of a Company's success should be determined by not only reporting a profit, but also by its COrporate Social Responsibility (CSR) implementation, such as good governance, social responsibility, ethical behavior, environmental initiatives, and ways of creating long term sustainable development....
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Managing Village Governance Based On Mutual Assistance (Gotong Royong)

Kushandajani Kushandajani, Puji Astuti
Law No. 6 of 2014 on Village constructs village authority in four areas: managing village governance, implementation of rural development, coaching rural community, and empowerment of rural community. Those are the basis of village governance, including the organizational structure of the village government....
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Humanity Governance at local level: A case in Insurance Program for Tappers in Indonesia

Denok Kurniasih
Local potency development becomes a substantial aspect to improving local competitiveness. Indonesia leading sector commodity is palm sugar. Its production depends on worker productivity known as penderes or tappers (a man who take coconut water for making a palm sugar). Their job has a high risk, so...
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Inconsistencies of Traditional Village Policy in Banyumas Regency

Sofa Marwah
This research and community service-based paper aim at assessing sustainability of the preservation program of five traditional villages in Banyumas in the context of the implementation of The Law No. 6 of 2014. Banyumas has five traditional villages, namely Pekuncen, Cikakak, Kalisalak, Gerduren and...
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A Relationship between Local Government and Civic Groups on Budget Planning in Malang City

Salahudin Salahudin, Vissanu Zumitzavan
Local government, from the executive (regional head and the administration officials) through to the legislative members (parliament), fully controls and directs the major body of budgetary policy. Consequently, budget policy does not incorporate citizens' needs. This research aims to study the relationship...
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Sustainability of Relationship between Business and Political Actors in Local Government Election

Fitriyah Fitriyah
One component of a candidate's spending that caused high cost in direct election was the practice of money politics. In this context, the candidate's access to financial resources becomes essential. Political funding was needed in large numbers, creating spaces for the businessmen to become political...
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Community, Social Capital and Development Policy in Code Riverbanks

Cahyo Seftyono, Rina Noviyanti
Social capital has the important role in common policy and developmental issue. Development requires public involvement and government initiative with two ways policy communication based on "trust" and "social network". In Kali Code riverbanks- Yogyakarta development, which is geographically disaster-prone...
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Institutionalization of Good Governance Strategy in the Process of Legislative Elections

Riska Sarofah, Bambang Eka Cahya Widodo, Alim Bubu Swarga, Sakir Sakir
Legislative elections in 2014 in West Java still raises many issues, such as the exchanged voice mails, administrative and criminal violations of the election, the high number of abstentions, and so forth. These problems show that the values contained in the concept of good governance are not implemented...
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Transformational Leadership in Nonprofit Organization

Ayuning Budiati, Diani Indah, Idi Jahidi
To achieve its objectives, the success of the local government as a nonprofit organization, is determined by the success of the leader. In the case of City of Cimahi, leader success in achieving its objectives, reflected in the type of transformational leadership that is able to influence and mobilize...
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Rural Capitalism in Special Economic Region of Tanjung Lesung

Dede Sri Kartini, Neneng Yani Yuningsih, Rahman Mulyawan
Capital owner play the role as controller for regional development. This is the center of capitalism, while governments only formulate regulations without monitoring how a rural area should be developed. Ironically, capitalism is supported by public policy. Tanjung Jaya Village once a rural area, now...
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Women's Political Participation in Indonesia's Reform Era: Local Government Perspective

Mudiyati Rahmatunnisa, Dede Mariana
Women's political participation is defined as the actual and equal involvement in the implementation of various government activities, whether through election or appointment. Various studies have shown that the quantity and quality of active involvement of women in public life is essential. The study...
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Revitalizing Nationalism Through Commemoration Day of Historical Events

Rina Hermawati, Caroline Paskarina
This paper aims to examine the dynamics of citizenship and identity formation through historical, social, and ideological-based model of commemorations day. Implementation of various activities to commemorate historical events or national days is often seen as a symbolic and serves as public ceremonial...
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The Impact of Corruption on Domestic and Foreign Investment in Indonesia

Devi Oktiani
Corruption in Indonesia is a recognized problem which reduces the investment benefit and government effectiveness. The corruption level is indicated as Corruption Perception Index (CPI). The statistical analysis measure the correlation between CPI and domestic direct investment (DDI) and the correlation...
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Political Branding, Public Sphere/Space and the Corruption of Communications

Bambang Sukma Wijaya, Andi Faisal
In the 2014 Indonesia's presidential election,the frenetic of imaging communications and persuasion fulfilled the public space and sphere, involving not only the election campaign team of each candidates but also public participations at large. Using discursive approach with Habermasian's public sphere...
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Innovative Leadership Ridwan Kamil in Social Media in Bandung City

Fitri Melawati, Riki Satia Muharam
Today, Politics is undergoing change, change means to provide opportunities for direct election of people who are not involved daily in practical politics can be a leader in the area, Ridwan Kamil position represents the opportunity. This used to be the leader should go into the bureaucracy or become...
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Adjustment of Local Regulation About Formation And Structure Of Local Government

Dewi Kurniasih, Neng Suryanti Nengsih
The government regulation amendment is always followed by adjustment of technique regulation implementation. Government Regulation Number 18 Year 2016 about Local Device has been ratified. Bandung Regency deftly attempting to adjust that Government Regulation with drafting a local regulation. Goals of...
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The Development of State Civil Apparatus

Muhammad Eko Atmojo, Nur Khaerah, Dyah Mutiarin
Human resources problems in Indonesia are: the distribution of civil servants who are has not been spread evenly based on competence, and there is still much accumulation of civil servants in areas city. This study attempts to describe and assess the role of regional employee agency special region of...
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Workload Analysis on Local Bureaucracies

Fernandes Simangunsong
The purpose of this study was to analyze workload of organisasi perangkat daerah (OPD) (local bureaucracies) in Bekasi regency. In this study, the workload of all units of local bureaucracies was measured by calculating the efficiency and effectiveness of each positions in local bureaucracies and required...
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Adaptive Governance: Implementation of Green Open Space Program

Muchlas M. Tahir, Zulfan Nahruddin, Dian Ekawaty
This study aims to find out how maximum the Implementation of Green Open Space Program in Makassar. It's a descriptive qualitative research, using the type of research fenomenology. Sampling technique used are purposive and snowball sampling. Data collection techniques used observation, interviews, and...
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Political Economy of Communication Policy in Indonesia

Dadang Rahmat Hidayat, Wahyuni Choiriyati
Indonesia is a Nation that embraces many different ethnic groups. Each of them has its own customary law, which has been implemented for centuries. Even though Indonesia is regulated by its rules of law, for the private matters, some customary laws and Islamic law are still applicable. Problems are arisen...
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Terrorism and Multiculturalism Issues in the Frame of the Mass Media in Indonesia

Junaidi Junaidi
This research sought to reveal how mass media in Indonesia frame terrorism and multiculturalism issues regarded to the need of the terrorists to make use of the media to publicize their acts. The purposes of the terrorism acts vary. They might be intended to get attention, to demonstrate their ability,...
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Ethical Issues of Local Government and Human Government

Syarief Makhya
In the era of Post-New Order government, the government has made strategic policies to build a democratic system of government and clean government. The policy is carried out by realizing political democratization, decentralization of government, bureaucratic reformation, and law enforcement. But the...
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Moral and Political Accountability of Local Representatives Body in Indonesia

Inna Junaenah
Collectively, Local Representatives Body (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah-DPRD) in Indonesia has function in by-laws making, supervision, and budgeting. Elaborating these functions, laws determine the rights and duties of member of DPRD in distorted way. Particularly, the member of DPRD has rights to...
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REPRESENTING POWER: Muhammadiyah in the 2014 DPD"s Election in Yogyakarta Special Regions, Indonesia

Husni Amriyanto, David Efendi
After the big bang of democratization, Indonesia has been employing a dramatic decentralization practice in Indonesia nationwide. Since 1999, Indonesia has been electing for representative council (DPR RI) and regional representation so called DPD RI in very direct way. This paper aims to analyse the...
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Absentia Voter in The Election of Regional Head in Situbondo Regency Year 2015

Rupiarsieh Rupiarsieh
Since the downfall of the New Order regime, the regional head election is done directly. Before 2005, it was ellected by the Local House of Representatives (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah, DPRD). However, since the effectuation of Constitution No. 32 year 2004 said that the regional head were chosen...
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Government Ethical Problems: Political Neutrality of Bureaucracy in Local Election

Teguh Yuwono
There are several interesting research results found. Firstly, since incumbent head of regency (called Bupati) takes part in the local election, it is inevitable that bureaucracy is used by the incumbent Bupati to win the election; Secondly, bureaucracy is on the position that it can not refuse to the...
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Political Ethics Versus Political Pragmatism: Political Voting Behaviour in Semarang Local Election

Hermini Susiatiningsih
In practice, there are not many attention paying to the consent of political ethic in local politics of Indonesia. The questions of how to win the local election are much more prioritized rather than to stop political immoralities. These political immoralities in the local election may refer to several...
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Women's Political Participation in Legislative Process of Regional House of Representative at Karawang District Period 2009-2014

Eka Yulyana
Supporting of women's participation in politics is legitimated in the form of the Law No. 10 of 2008 on general elections members of the House of Representatives, Regional Representatives Council, and Regional House of Representative. The potential of women in parliament in the Karawang district only...
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Sociological Impact of the Closure of Prostitution Business in Kedung Banteng to the Prostitute's Social Life

Dian Suluh Kusuma Dewi, Slamet Santoso
East Java free from prostitution has become the turning point that makes regional government of Ponorogo Regency intends to close any form of prostitution. In June 2015, Kedung Banteng, the only one prostitution business in Ponorogo, was officially closed down by The Minister of Social, Khofifah Indar...
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Participation of Ethnic Community Towani Tolotang in Deliberation of Development Plan

Ahmad Mustanir, Partisan Abadi, A. Nasri
This research is essential to find out how the community, particularly the ethnic group of Towani Tolotang, participates in the deliberation of development plan. According to the results of the observation, the involvement of community participation especially in deliberation of development plan is very...
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Social Capital in the Activities of Rite Manuba Ba Adat

Nina Putri Hayam Dey, Brian L. Djumaty
This research was conducted in the village of Batu Tunggal where activities the rite Manuba Ba Adat always done every year routinely, still executed properly and managed properly by custom. The article aims of the role of social capital in the activities of Rite Manuba Ba Adat Dayak Tomun Lamandau in...
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Pasang and Traditional Leadership Ammatoa Indigenous Communities in Forest Resources Management

Pawennari Hijjang
This article analyses forest resources management in Tana Toa, South Sulawesi, headed by Ammatoa. Keammatoan membership is divided inti Ilalang embaya or tradition area and I pantarang embaya or outside tradition area. The tradition allows possibility of empowering local institutions to manage forest...
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Local Knowledge of Dayak Tomun Lamandau About the Honey Harvest

Brian L. Djumaty
Culture is the result of a set of experiences provided by nature. like the local knowledge to harvest honey by society Tomun Lamandau, Central Borneo. This research uses descriptive qualitative method and data collection techniques including observation, interviews, and documentation. The results showed...
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Local Wisdom in The Management of Forests in North Lombok Bayan Indigenous People

Libasut Taqwa
In Indonesia, there are currently 57 million hectares of forest area controlled by indigenous people. 40 million hectares of which are still maintained. This is a comprehensive evidence of Indonesia's indigenous people role in keeping the forest in the midst of uncertain climate change. One of the indigenous...
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Symbolic Capital of Hindu in Local Islamic Sasak Ethnic Ritual in Bayan District

I. Wayan Wirata
Tradition and religion local Islamic Sasak ethnic ritual in Bayan district often use ritual symbols as sacrificial. The existence of symbols used is one of Hindu capital's identity in Panca Yadnya ritual, such as big ceremony (begawe beleq). Furthermore, in the social structure symbol of local Islamic...
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Causal factors contributing to participation in the elderly care of care-for-the-elderly-at-home volunteers in Thailand

Piyakorn Whangmahaporn
The main purpose of this research are (1) to examine the relationship between the motivation and satisfaction affects the participation in the elderly care (2) to facilitate comparison of the participation in the elderly care and different factors of volunteers and (3) to investigate facing problems...
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Increased Capacity Village Officials About Governance Administration in of the Village Administration

Siti Hajar
The increased capacity village officials about governance administration to embody professional government, creative, efficient is an activity that support the development of the ability village officials in managing village administration. Administration done by village administration Selemak, have...
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Ethics in Public Administration: Theoretical Foundation

Prayote Songklin
The main purpose in this article is to study the theoretical foundation of ethics in public administration. Methodology used in the study is a documentary research. The study found that there are three main groups of the theoretical foundation of ethics in public administration: (1) Rule-based ethics,...
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Pathology of Social Accountability in Civil Society: Cultural Commodification

Rutiana Dwi Wahyunengseh, Sri Hastjarjo
Democratic governance is adhered to the basic assumption that democracy upright through the involvement of civil society. Accountability perspective view civil society as a major actor enforcement role to uphold democratic values of equality, openness, fairness. A case study in the city of Surakarta...
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The Leadership Element Supporting on Evaluation Culture of Sustainable Capacity Building for Decentralization Project in Central Tapanuli District

Tunggul Sihombing
Evaluation capacity building has become a hot topic of conversation, activity, and study within the evaluation field. The evaluative culture has studied from a perspective of the characteristics of evaluative culture leadership through evaluative actions of commitment, information on the outcomes needed,...
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How Local Authorities Implement Decentralization Policy on Education Sector

Ella Wargadinata, Mesy Faridah Hendiyani
Education is one part of decentralization policy started in 2000 in Indonesia to raise quality of education services. This study examines some of major premises of its implementation among four cities. The aims of how the local governments managed education sector under their responsibilities, it will...
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A Nation and Bureaucracy: An Indonesian Case

Ayuning Budiati, Diani Indah, Idi Jahidi
Indonesia is a big nation which has hundred millions population and thousands of islands. Indonesia as a nation is still facing obstacles regarding inefficient and ineffective bureaucracy. For example, many investors are reluctant to conduct business in this country due to collusion and corruption activities...
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Political Parties and the Indonesian Policy of Women Political Representation

Ria Angin, Himawan Bayu Patriadi
This study discusses about implementation of policy focussing on dynamics of its targetted groups. It adopts the case of the implementation of women representation policy. Studies of policy implementation mostly see any formal implementer as the vocal point of the policy target groups, which are generally...
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Thoughts and Practices on Public Policy Making and Accountability in Era of Khulafa Rosyidin's Government as a Concept, Theory and Model of Public Administration

Tjahjo Suprajogo, Suryadi Suryadi
There is theoretical and conceptual crisis and empirical problems of the modern public administration especially in the public policy making and accountability that represented by Old Public Administration (OPA), New Public Administration (NPA) and the New Public servce (NPS) paradigm and the New Public...
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Aspects of the Construction of Housing and Settlement In Indonesia

Nina Karlina, Riki Satia Muharam
Settlement development in both urban and rural areas in Indonesia is essentially to create the conditions of urban and rural to be livable, safe, comfortable, peaceful and prosperous and sustainable. Settlement is one of the basic human needs. The government is obliged to provide an access to the public...
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The Analysis of Foreigner Satisfaction and Service Quality of Immigration Office Padang

Dasman Lanin, Nailuredha Hermanto
The aims of this research were to see the influence of immigration service quality on foreigner satisfaction that was assessed by using Citizen Satisfaction Index (CSI) directly and the influence of it when it was interfered by equity and disconfirmation. Quantitative method was used to approach these...
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Strengthening Good Governance through Institutionalization of SATRIYA Codes of Conduct: A Lesson from Yogyakarta Special Region

Ambar Teguh Sulistiyani, I. Made Krisnajaya, Agnes Sunartiningsih, Kristi Yuliani, Muammar Yuliana
Bureaucratic reform in Indonesia has been developed on the principles of good governance which include efficiency, effectiveness, responsiveness, accountability, and ethical conduct. In Yogyakarta Special Region, the provincial government put emphasis on improving personnel capacity and competence as...
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Capacities of Agents of Change in Promoting SATRIYA Codes of Conduct in Yogyakarta Special Region Government

Ambar Teguh Sulistiyani, I. Made Krisnajaya, Agnes Sunartiningsih, Muammar Yuliana, Kristi Yuliani
Institutionalization of SATRIYA codes of conduct has been an integral part of Yogyakarta Special Region government's efforts to improve their capacities in delivering public services. SATRIYA is now a subject of massive and intensive socialization and internalization carried out by the Bureau of Organization...
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A Problem Mapping of Public Sector Personnel Management Road Map in Indonesia

Amy Y.S. Rahayu, Pantius Drahen Soeling, Krisna Puji Rahmayanti
This study aims to analyze implementation of human resource management in Badan Kepegawaian Negara (BKN) and construct a road map of public sector personnel management in Indonesia based on BKN case. This study uses post positivism and conduct research between 2013 to 2015. The result finds compensation...
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The Construction of Good Governance Model for Sub-District Goverment of Nagari in West Sumatra

Muhammad Fachri Adnan, A.I. Rafni
This paper discusses about the construction of good governance model that is compatible with the sub-district administration of nagari in West Sumatra. It is based on the research conducted at three sub-district administration of nagari such as Limo Kaum in Tanah Datar Regency, Cupak in Solok regency,...
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Analysis of Labor Force Management to Arrange the Affective Employment Policy in Indonesia

Wahyuningrat Wahyuningrat
Labor force is the strategic resource and competitive potentiality for nation, but still many of the labor force management practice that has not placed the labor force as the strategic resource. Through the management practice analysis of labor forced it is hopefully it can formulate the effective policy....