Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Business and Management of Technology (ICONBMT 2021)

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Analysing Youtube Mid-Rolls Advertising Factors on Watchers’ Purchase Intention of Online Travel Agent During Covid-19 Pandemy

Dani B. Saputro, Janti Gunawan, Bahalwan Apriyansyah, Prahardika Prihananto
The use of mid-roll advertisements on YouTube keeps on increasing, along with the increasing number of YouTube viewers. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused people to spend more and more time on social media such as YouTube. Online Travel Agent industry has been one of the business...
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Conceptual Framework of Smart Banjar: A Synergize of The Micro-enterprise, Microfinance, and The Banjar Institution

I Dewa Made Adi Baskara Joni, Shamsul Anuar Mokhtar, Bazilah A. Talip
The Banjar government system in Bali is believed to preserve the tradition and culture of the Balinese people. The Banjar has existed since the 10th-11th centuries. Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, Bali’s economy in quarter 1 of 2020 experienced negative growth of -1.14%. Transactions that occur to...
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E-Commerce Gamification: The Effect of gameful Experience (Gamex) and Game Design on The Self-brand Connection

Ika Diyah Candra Arifah
The potential of e-commerce is vast in supporting consumption-driven Indonesian economics. E-commerce has also become the leading marketing platform for SMEs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although supported by growing and dynamic e-commerce start-up ecosystem, Indonesian e-commerce still has several...
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Exploring Women Ecopreneurship: A Preliminary Study from Lombok - Indonesia

Janti Gunawan, Berto Mulia Wibawa, Imam Baihaqi
Entrepreneurship is offering alternative employment and economic development for a country. From the sustainability perspective, woman ecopreneurs propose an avenue for climate change mitigation and progress toward gender equality. However, there are limited studies about ecopreneurs in Indonesia, especially...
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Sentiment Analysis Based on Quality Aspects in Effort to Improve Quality of Indhome Product and Services PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk

Reza Hermansyah, Riyanarto Sarno
The fierce competition for product quality in the telecommunications industry makes every company compete to provide products that are acceptable and liked by the public, including PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk with one of its superior products, Indihome. To find out the advantages of a product or service,...
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Non-Container Port Services Bottlenecks Identification Using Process Mining and Simulation Analysis

Alvin Syarifudin Shahab, Mohammad Isa Irawan
The number of loading and unloading processes is one of the port’s main business processes. In carrying out loading and unloading services, there are fundamental indicators used as performance evaluation of a port in Indonesia, namely T/G/H (Ton/Gang/Hours) for the non-container performance of loading...
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Android Based Employee Performance Assessment System Using Management by Objective (MBO) and Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS) Method

Adnin Diba Purnomo, Mohammad Isa Irawan
PT XYZ is a company in the digital field in Indonesia. According to PT XYZ, Employees are people who work for a company that is the key to a company. The success or failure of the organization depends on the performance of the employees at the company. PT XYZ’s current performance evaluation is using...
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Public Perception for the use of Digital Wallet in Indonesia using Social Network Analysis

Desanty Ridzky, Mohammad Isa Irawan
The development of financial technology is currently growing by payment transactions can be done easily using digital wallets, so customers do not need to use cash to make some payments. The competition of fintech service providers in Indonesia is getting more competitive, based on the varied services...
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Technology Acceptance Model Analysis of M-Banking Using UTAUT 2 Method

Rr. Putri Intan Paramaeswari, Riyanarto Sarno
The high demand of user satisfaction becomes a benchmark to develop the technology, one of them is Mobile Banking (M-Banking). Along with the development of user needs, it is necessary to improve and develop the M-Banking Technology itself so that it is expected to provide more to its users. This issue...
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Application of UTAUT2 for Analysis of Use Behavior Management Information System (SIMBMD) in Regional Government XYZ

Rhamadina Fitrah Umami, Mohammad Isa Irawan
Regional government financial reports in Indonesia, especially in district XYZ are currently entering a period of quality improvement. This is indicated by the increase in the number of regional government Financial Reports that obtain Unqualified Opinion from Audit Board BPK RI. This success is certainly...
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Sentiment Analysis Based on The Aspect of Culinary and Restaurant Review Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Support Vector Machine to Improve the Profitability of Culinary Business and Restaurant in Surabaya

Drajad Bima Ajipangestu, Riyanarto Sarno
Food is always close to us, along with the growing population, the food business will continue to grow. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, even though many people stay at home, they occasionally want to buy their favorite food outside the home, whether it’s buying directly onsite or online. The aspect categorization...
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Standard Operating Procedure Optimization of Resource Level for Hospital Waste Handling Using Hybrid DES-ABM Simulation, Genetic Algorithm, and Goal Programming

Danica Virlianda Marsha, Riyanarto Sarno, Kelly Rossa Sungkono
The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused several changes in healthcare services carried out by hospitals. Covid-19 has caused increasing waste generated from medical activities and operational service activities, in which the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been adjusted due to new regulations...
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The Effect of Behavioral Biases on Risk Perception

Ninditya Nareswari, Geodita Woro Bramanti, Aang Kunaifi
Behavioral biases can lead investor to have investment decisions that reverse with the principle of rationality. It also cause investors to have bias in risk assessment. This study aims to test the role of behavioral biases (sentiment, overconfidence, salience, overreaction, herding, and disposition...
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Effect of Openness to Change, Empowerment, Customer Orientation, and Marketing Innovation to Resilience and Survival of a Convenience Store Business in the Midst of Covid-19 Pandemic

Teuku Rian Aulia, Budi W Soetjipto
This study aims to enrich the understanding about what elements can shape organizational resilience as a key factor in the survival of a convenience store business in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. By using PLS-SEM as quantitative method complemented with qualitative analysis from interview, this...
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The Role of Psychological Capital, Trust, Ambidexterity and Strategic Flexibility on Organizational Resilience and Survival in Dealing with Covid-19 Pandemic

Dina Widiana, Budi W Soetjipto
The emergence of the Covid-19 Pandemic unexpectedly put the world in an era of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) which made many organizations struggle to maintain their survival and bounce back to gain competitive advantage. Previous research studies shown resilience plays an important...
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Embarking the Republic of Indonesia National Police (POLRI) Investment on Overseas Postgraduate Education Eminence

Bilqis Oktaviani Putri, Vegyta Tresya Putri Sukmana, Nadila Pradana Fahyan
The Republic of Indonesia National Police (Polri) is infested with a prominent function for maintaining public order and safety for Indonesian livelihood. Yet during the swift flux of world order and development challenges evolving in the technological and industrial revolution, Polri postures a prevailing...
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TQM Implementation in an Indonesian Remanufacturing Company with a Long-Term Relationship with Customer Satisfaction and Business Performance

Bayu Cahyono, Sumarsono, Dena Hendriana, Gembong Baskoro, Henry Nasution
Total Quality Management (TQM) implementation highlights two critical components of daily management and policy management that must be guaranteed to assure customer satisfaction and corporate performance. The researchers concentrated on the success of TQM adoption through internal management diagnostic...
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The Effect of Working from Home During the Covid-19 Pandemic on Human Capital Organizational Effectiveness in an Indonesian Heavy Equipment Company

Edhie Sarwono, Gembong Baskoro, Sumarsono, Dena Hendriana, Henry Nasution
The goal of this study is to determine the impact of Work from Home dimensions on Organizational Effectiveness dimensions, as well as superior and subordinate perceptions during pandemic Covid-19, by employing an inferential statistical method and descriptively empirical corporate data analysis. During...
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The Effect of Increasing Mechanic Competence via Competence-Based Curriculum on Product Support Performance in Leading Indonesian Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

Teguh Setiono, Dena Hendriana, Henry Nasution, Gembong Baskoro, Edi Sofyan
The amount of product support determines the availability and readiness of heavy equipment. Product support as after-sales service is essential for customers to ensure that the heavy equipment purchased is always ready to use and generates optimal output. Leadtime and mechanic speed in resolving equipment...
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Choosing an Intervention for Implementing Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) in a Building Construction Project

Yohanes Eka Prayuda, Sumarsono Sudarto, Edi Sofyan, Gembong Baskoro, Aditya Tirta Pratama, Henry Nasution
The value of construction works in the country has increased over the last five years, as has the frequency of workplace accidents, which increases the consideration of safety issues in the industry, including the listed private construction firm. Over the last three years, its revenue growth has been...
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Why Did Borrowers Apply For Debt Restructuring During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Hafidz Syihab, Zuliani Dalimunthe
The Coronavirus pandemic impacts Indonesia’s economic activity and increases bank loan default risk. Therefore, the Financial Services Authority regulates the provisions for restructuring credit facilities for debtors directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic. This study is to analyze the profile...
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The Impact of Forest Damage Due to Human Economic Activities on Water Availability in Tahura

(Case Study in R Soerjo Tahura East Java)

Abdul Hamid, Tri Weda Raharjo, Herrukmi Septa Rinawati, Kristian Buditiawan, Farhah Izzah Dinillah, Bahalwan Apriyansyah
Grand Forest Park (Tahura) is a nature conservation area for research, education, recreation, and human welfare. However, many Tahura such as Tahura R Soerjo in East Java is experiencing worrying conditions due to the exploitation of forests as a source of support for the community’s economy. In Tahura,...
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Identification of ITS Student’s Behavioral Intention in Using Campus Web-Based Services Through UTAUT Approach: Case Study

Adinda S. Billa, Satria F. Persada, Bahalwan Apriyansyah
There are things that are interesting to research regarding the provision of web-based services to institutions such as campus namely the Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) as an option in contrast to serving understudies during Coronavirus. Through the UTAUT approach this research will describe...
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The Effect of Consumer Intrinsic Factors on Impulsive Buying Behavior in Online Marketplace: Case Study of Shopee Consumers

Emilleo B. Erlangga, Satria F. Persada, Bahalwan Apriyansyah, Shu C. Lin
With the fast expansion of online purchasing, particularly in the online marketplace, a better knowledge of impulsive online purchases is becoming increasingly crucial. Using Shopee customers as a case study, this study examines the impact of elements in an intrinsic factor, such as personality traits,...
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Quality Investing in Indonesian Stock Market

Kautsar Primadi Nurahmad, Irwan Adi Ekaputra
This research examines whether quality investing in Indonesian stock market could generate abnormal return. The quality score is calculated from following criteria: profitability, growth, and safety. From the quality score, we construct portfolio of highest quality stocks, lowest quality (junk) stocks,...
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The Importance of Mineral Industry (Smelter) for the Future Industrial Development in East Java

Sungging Pintowantoro, Fakhreza Abdul, Yuli Setiyorini
East Java is the second largest province which contributes to the national Gross Regional Domestic Product, which is around 14.57% in 2020. The processing industry sector contributes almost 31%. So, it can be concluded that the processing industry is the main economic pillar of East Java. The mineral...
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Customers Purchase Intention in Social Commerce: A Descriptive Study

Prahardika Prihananto, Satria Fadil Persada, Bahalwan Apriyansyah, Maria Paquita Naulia, Yogi Tri Prasetyo, Shu-Chiang Lin
As the use of the internet has become massive, social networking sites cannot be separated from the lives of Indonesian people. Social networking sites have succeeded in facilitating online business activities. That fact drives social networking sites to transform their function and features to become...
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Early Warning Of Organizational Ethical Culture In Accounting Fraud

Dianing Ratna Wijayani, Dwi Ratmono
This research aims to find accounting fraud in financial statements that occur in banks in Indonesia. This type of research is qualitative, using primary data. The sample is determined using the purposive sampling method with a total sample of 265 respondents to employees of banking companies. This research...
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The Role of Innovative Work Behaviour as The Mediator Between Inclusive Leadership and Subjective Career Success

Yasmin Chairunisa Muchtar, Yeni Absah, Isfenti Sadalia, Elisabet Siahaan
Achieving the desired standard of career success is currently moving towards a more dynamic direction, where individuals are trying to define their career success. This research aims to analyse the relationship of inclusive leadership on subjective career success mediated by innovative work, as well...
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Employee Performance Analysis: The Influence of Local Wisdom-Based Communication Strategy And Employee Engagement on Employee Performance

Yasmin Chairunisa Muchtar, Linda Trimurni Maas
Good communication is an important tool in improving the quality of superior performance and maintaining good working relationships within the organization. In the District of Samosir, a communication strategy that incorporates elements of local wisdom will strengthen employee engagement, which in turn...
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Conjuncture Fluctuation Effect from Commodity Supercycle Pattern

Empirical Case Between Velocity and Risk Factor on Return Cryptocurrency in Indonesia

Isfenti Sadalia, Nisrul Irawati, Rico Nur Ilham, Abdul Nasser Hasibuan, Mangasi Sinurat, Saharuddin
This research type is quantitative version with population, particularly 5 cash of cryptocurremcies with the largest market caps in Indonesia, specifically Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin in Indonesia. Varians data in this examine is time series facts taken from January 2017 to December...
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Opportunity Funding Model to Increase Economic Value Added MSMEs Sector at Moment of Pandemic Covid-19

How to MSMEs Sector Practice Using Acceleration Board and Initial Public Offering Method in Indonesia

Sugiharto, Linda T. Maas, Isfenti Sadalia, Rico Nur Ilham, Mangasi Sinurat
The pandemic Covid-19 definitely has an impact on diverse sectors, especially in the monetary sector and of course additionally has a big effect on tourism, the change zone, enterprise such as Micro, Small and Medium establishments (MSMEs) in Indonesia. creative merchandise have wonderful capacity so...
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The Impact of Strategic Intelligence on Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Organizational Development

Isfenti Sadalia, Nisrul Irawati, Isdiana Syahfitri, Nindy Erisma
MSMEs are important for a country’s economic growth, yet they are underrepresented in Indonesia. Furthermore, because of its tremendous growth, this sector has the potential to make a significant contribution by generating job opportunities, increasing foreign exchange, income, and sales tax, and giving...
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Descriptive Analysis of Environmental Performance, Sustainability Report, and Access to Finance

Ninditya Nareswari, Geodita Woro Bramanti, Maydawati Fidellia Gunawan, Aang Kunaifi, Nugroho Priyo Negoro
This research aims to identify environmental performance, role of external assurance in sustainability reports, financial access, the quality of sustainability report disclosure and external assurance of a company. The samples are Indonesia non-financial public companies which are listed in the Performance...
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The Analysis and SWOT Strategic Development of Tourism Sector in Samosir Regency

Rulianda Purnomo Wibowo, Isfenti Sadalia, Isdiana Syahfitri, Nindy Erisma
Indonesia government has an aggressive strategy in promoting potential tourism area to increase the national revenue and to develop the local economy. North Sumatera is one of the provinces that had been designated as a centre of tourism industry with Lake Toba as the main tourism site attraction. There...
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Digital Marketing to Support Business in Covid-19

Jaka Permadi, Herfia Rhomadhona, Winda Aprianti
The existence of Coronavirus which is known as Covid-19 and The Government’s decision to implement social distancing to deal with the spread of Covid-19 has changed people’s lifestyle including restricting restaurants and cafes to serve dine-in. These restrictions affected a decrease in the business’s...
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Smart Vest Prototype for Sitting Position Correction

Arif Supriyanto, Agustian Noor, Yunita Prastyaningsih
In this study, a vest was created that can provide early warning to user about the wrong sitting position to prevent the risk of health problem due to the wrong sitting position. This research was divided into two parts, namely the hardware part and the software part. In the hardware section there was...
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Analysis of Online Learning by Using Usability Testing During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hendrik Setyo Utomo, Veri Julianto, Ahmad Rusadi Arrahimi
Online learning is defined as learning that takes place without direct or face-to-face interaction between lecturers and students, but rather through the use of the internet. Even if students are at home, lecturers ensure that teaching and learning activities can take place. The solution, lecturers can...
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The moderation of stock performance on the influence of corporate governance toward comprehensive income in the period of covid-19

Rina Pebriana, M. Riduan Abdillah, Maulida Hirdianti Bandi
This study aims to find empirical evidence regarding the moderation of stock performance on the influence of Corporate Governance on Comprehensive Income. The independent variables used in this study are corporate governance as measured by using the corporate governance index. Dependent variables in...
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The Relationship of Social Media Networking and Human Resource Recruitment: A Literature Review

Syarifa Hanoum, Josua Hasiholan Munthe, Prahardika Prihananto, Aldi Arhab, Dwika Zain Magenda, Muhamad Ady Nugroho, Oktavihana Manalu
Social media networking such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, have created higher possibilities for a candidate to get their career goals. Several studies have prov en that social media networking is convenient and practical for employers and job seekers. Social media networking allows...
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The Influence of Strategic Leadership, Intrapreneurship Orientation, and University Support on the Commercialization Capability of Academics in Higher Education at USU

Inneke Qamariah, Yasmin Chairunisa Muchtar
This study has an objective to to analyze the influence of Intrapreneurship, Strategic Leadership, University Support on Commercialization Capability of Academics in Higher Education at USU. The sample in this study is an active lecturer at the Universitas Sumatera Utara who has conducted research in...
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The Effect of work Conflict and Job Stress on The Human Resources Performance (Case Study: Maintenance & Engineer Division at PT. Paiton Operation & Maintenance Indonesia)

Ni Gusti Made Rai, Nabila Silmina, Helmi Fitrananda, Syarifa Hanoum, Puti Sinansari, Bustanul Arifin Noor
PT. Paiton Operation and Maintenance Indonesia is a business enterprise engaged withinside the subject of steam energy technology and is the most important in Indonesia. In carrying out the company’s operations, there are obstacles that can trigger internal conflicts due to a decrease in incentives for...
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Developing Design Concept of Sekawan Sejati Tourism Area Location: Narmada District, West Lombok Regency

Andy Mappa Jaya, Agnes Tuti Rumiati, Janti Gunawan
The development of tourist- village areas has been listed in the National Tourism Development Master Plan contained in the Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 50 of 2011. One of potential tourist area is the Sekawan Sejati area which is located in Narmada District, West Lombok,...
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Literature Analysis of Halal Supply Chain

Management in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

Dewie Saktia Ardiantono, Imam Baihaqi, Mushonnifun Faiz Sugihartanto, Arman Hakim Nasution, Gde Dharma Ardyansyah, Muhammad Ubaidillah Al Mustofa
The halal industry has attracted worldwide attention from both the government and the business sector. Industry Halal is in demand by Muslim countries and the majority of countries’ non-Muslim population. The increasing interest of the world community to consume quality halal products not only because...
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Maturity Level Risk Management in State-Owned Enterprises

(Case Study: Perum Jasa Tirta II)

Puti Sinansari, Syarifa Hanoum, Ilham Rinaldi
Risk management is the company’s efforts to prevent damage that may arise to the company’s business processes. In a state-owned company, usually risk management is not something that important because the company have very minimum risk from the support of the government. As the time goes by, this perspective...