Proceedings of the 1st International Conference of Management and Business (ICoMB 2022)

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Analysis of Job Performance from the Perspective of Volunteers for Tourist Village Development

Abdul Azis Safii, Ari Kuntardina, Latifah Anom
The main problem with social programs such as tourist village development is that the individuals involved have the option of making the program their main job or just a side activity. Therefore, there is a strong indication of less participation and performance of the tourist village managers. This...
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Antecedents of Work Motivation and Their Implications for Work Performance

Danang Wahyudi, Erni Ummi Hasanah, Tsulist Anna Mushlihatun
This study aims to determine the effect of placement and workload on work motivation and its impact on employee performance. Respondents in this study were part of the Sleman Regency Government employees with a sample of 196 respondents using the proportional stratified random sampling method. The analysis...
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Business Feasibility and Development Strategy of Oyster Mushroom Farming in Pandowoharjo Village, Yogyakarta

Bernadus Tresno Sumbodo, Torikul Mujamil, Dudi Ducati, Siti Rochmah Ika
This study aimed to determine the feasibility study of oyster mushroom farming in Pandowoharjo Village, Yogyakarta. The present study also seeks to identify a suitable business strategy for oyster mushroom business farming. Pandowoharjo is well-known for the location of Jejamuran Restaurant, a unique...
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Comparative Advantage Analysis of Electrical and Electronic Equipments (HS 85) in ASEAN+6

Ignatia Bintang Filia Dei Susilo, Aso Sukarso, Ishika Shabrina Putri, Dinda Lestari
Technology advancements have the ability to boost productivity and create new markets. High-tech products will occupy a significant role in international trade along with the advancement of technology. Therefore, studying the comparative advantages of countries over technological commodities is essential....
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Does Self-congruence Mediate Brand Familiarity on Brand Attachment?

Nurul Myristica Indraswari, Nonik Kusuma Ningrum, Bernadetta Diansepti Maharani, Rosni Ab Wahid
This study investigates how actual and ideal self-congruence regulate the relationship between brand familiarity and brand attachment. Quantitative research is part of this study. In this study, 200 respondents in total were used, with the sample method being purposeful random sampling. Structural equation...
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Farmers’ Interest in Land Utilization for the Development of Melon Farming with the Drip System: Case Study in Gunung Kidul Regency, Indonesia

Retno Lantarsih, Uma Nuraini Fajri, Untoro Hariadi, Putri Perdana
The younger generation's disinterest in working in the agricultural sector has developed into an obstacle in the process of cross-generational agricultural succession. It is essential to ensure the regeneration of the agricultural sector. This study aims: (1) to determine the interest of young farmers...
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Firm Value, Financial Performance, and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Indonesian Banking Industry

Siti Rochmah Ika, Nurhidayati, Joko Purwanto Nugroho, Ari Kuncara Widagdo
This research aims to examine whether a company's financial performance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting affect the value of the banking firms listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). This study uses 33 banks as a sample for three-year periods from 2016 to 2018, resulting...
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How Do Websites with a Sustainability Concept Affect Consumers’ Repurchase Intentions?

Yulia Hamdaini Putri, Hera Febria Mavilinda, Mohammad Adam, Zakaria Wahab, Mucshin Saggaff Shihab, Islahuddin Daud
A The website is a media promotion that is widely used by consumers today to find product information before making a purchase. In this case the concept of a website should be directed and measurable, for example skincare companies using websites to build a company image and encourage customer repeat...
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Implementation of E-Commerce During the Post Covid-19 Recovery in Increasing Sales Volume on Jewelry Gold Gallery Brotoseno 2 Nganjuk

Prasetya Tri Mahendra, Indrian Supheni, Mustafidah Mahardhika, Dela Ahtasindi Satrila, Dyah Suswanti Respatiningtias
In this study, the aim of this study was to prove that the implementation of e-commerce during the post-Covid-19 recovery period was able to influence the increase in sales volume at Jewelry Gold Gallery Brotoseno 2 Nganjuk. The researcher uses a quantitative approach in proving the truth...
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Intention to Visit a World-Famous Tourism Village in Bali: The Role of Destination Image, Self-congruence, and Destination Personality

Usep Suhud, Najihah Hanisah Marmaya, Suddin Lada, Umi Wahidah
This study examined the effect of destination image, self-congruence, and destination personality on visit intention, with the case of Panglipuran village in Bali, a village which possesses national and international achievements. Data was collected in Bali and Surabaya. The participants were selected...
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Level of Stress Among Employees in the Local Government Unit of Batac: Basis for Intervention Programs

Krismary Sharmaine D. Yapo
This study determined the Level of Stress among Employees in the Local Government Unit of Batac: Basis for Intervention Programs. This study used a descriptive research design, and it described the profile of LGU employees in terms of the following personal and professional variables: name, age, gender,...
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Money Attitudes, Mental Accounting, and Compulsive Buying Behavior Among Football Supporters

Wika Harisa Putri, Sungkono, Angelia Pribadi, Wulan Fitri Annisa, Clara Wuri Vitaningsih
Financial behavior, especially among the specific community, is the researcher's concern, which is related to how psychological responses in the form of money attitudes and mental accounting can influence compulsive buying behavior in members of the football supporter community. Some exciting things...
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Perceived Supervisor Support and Performance: The Mediating Effect of Person-Job Fit

Ignatius Soni Kurniawan, Hunik Sri Runing Sawitri
In this study, person-job fit serves as a mediator to examine the impact of perceived supervisor support on job performance. In the Special Province of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the study focused on permanent lecturers at private tertiary institutions. Accidental sampling was used to collect data during...
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Procedural Fairness, Organizational Commitment, Dan Organizational Citizenship Behavior

(Case Study: Tamansiswa Women's Organization)

Jajuk Herawati, Selamet Hartanto, Tri Suparyanto
This study aims to examine the effect of procedural fairness on organizational citizenship behavior mediated by organizational commitment, thus consisting of one exogenous variable, one endogenous variable, and one mediating variable. Categorized as quantitative explanatory research, this study utilized...
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Service Experience, Loyalty, and Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry and Its Impact

Lusia Tria Hatmanti Hutami, Henny Welsa, Ilada Sarttatat
This study aims to examine the effect of service experience on loyalty mediated by satisfaction. The results of this study indicate that service experience has a positive and significant impact on loyalty and satisfaction. The result of the research also indicates that satisfaction does not affect loyalty,...
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The Effect of Long-Term Debt and Operating Cash Flow on Investment Opportunities

Ardian Prima Putra, Pristin Prima Sari, Johannes Maysan Damanik
This study aims to empirically prove the effect of long-term debt and operating cash flow in the Indonesia Stock Exchange from 2015 to 2017 on company investment opportunities. The analysis applied a quantitative method using IBM SPSS 20. The results of the F-test show that long-term debt and operating...
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The Effect of Quality of Services and Facilities on Patient Satisfaction During the Covid-19 Pandemic at Puskesmas Berbek Nganjuk Regency

Ika Novaliana, Dyan Arintowati, Muhammad Bawono, Devy Aprilia Ningtyas
In this study, the aim of this study was to prove the influence of service quality and facilities on patient satisfaction during the Covid-19 pandemic at the Berbek Public Health Center, Nganjuk Regency. The researcher uses a quantitative approach in proving the truth of the research by using a significance...
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The Existence of Post-pandemic Wedding Organizer Services Through the Role of Brand Image Mediation in Social Media Marketing, Promotion, and Service Quality Toward the Decision to Choose Wedding Organizer Services

Septi Kurnia Prastiwi, Zakky Fahma Auliya, Nur Wening, Rahmadona Atik Indriasari
The Covid-19 pandemic has an impact on wedding organizer services, many business actors have suffered losses due to the cancellation of wedding service bookings, the retreat of wedding reception events to a reduction in the number of guests so that they experience a decrease in sales turnover, amid competition...
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The Relationship Between Green Marketing Mix and Purchasing Decisions: The Role of Brand Image as Mediator

Antonius Satria Hadi, Niken Permata Sari, Ardhi Khairi
Green marketing is any activity that will be carried out by a company that will minimize environmental damage. Green marketing consists of 4 marketing mix elements namely product, price, place, and promotions. Green marketing has the goal of improving relations between industries and their environment...
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The Role of Distributive Justice, Procedural Justice, Interactional Justice on Organizational Justice and Its Impact on Affective Commitment at Street Trader Employees Palagan Street Km. 4–9 Sleman

Prayekti, Ratri Wisnu Pertiwi
The purpose of this study is to examine the role of distributive justice, prosedural justice, interactional justice on organizational justice and their impact on affective commitment. As the population in this study are employees of street vendors on Jalan Palagan km. 4–9 sleman. With the sampling technique...
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What Drives a Firm Innovation Success? Insight from Indonesian Firms Experiences

Ratih Kusumawardani, Johannes Maysan Damanik, Yuyun Yulia
He current study investigates determinants of innovation success among Indonesian firms by exploiting Indonesia Innovation Survey (IIS) data. Currently, insights on on different factors that influence innovation success of Indonesian firms is relatively few. Therefore, the current study to shed the lights...
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Will Customers Pay More for Green Products?

Nonik Kusuma Ningrum, Antonius Satria Hadi, Jeanette Gaoat Dials, Putri Dwi Cahyani, Ratih Kusumawardhani, Nurul Myristica Indraswari
This study addresses how environmental concerns affect the willingness of customers to pay more for green products. A quantitative approach with a survey was used to gather the data. This study results show that only loyal customers with environmental concerns have the willingness to pay more for green...