Proceedings of the International Conference on Economics and Business Studies (ICOEBS 2022)

Conference Name: International Conference on Economics and Business Studies (ICOEBS 2022)
Date: 15 January 2022
Location: Virtual and Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Surakarta, Indonesia

The conference is the fourth annual conference held by the Faculty of Economics and Business (Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis), Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia. ICOEBS is a part of the International Summit on Science, Technology and Humanity (ISETH). ISETH welcomed more than 600 participants and involved committee members as well as speakers from more than nine countries. This year’s ICOEBS received 120 submissions out of which only 69 papers were invited for presentation. This shows the competitiveness of this year’s conference.

The conference started with keynote speeches. The first speech was delivered by Prof. Moha Asri Abdullah PhD of International Islami University Malaysia (IIUM) who presented the potential of the global halal market and the creative industries after the Covid-19 pandemic. The second keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Wijayanto of the Indonesian Embassy, Washington DC, USA. Mr. Wijayanto discussed the prospects and challenges of entering North American creative industries.

During the panel session, the presentations were divided into 3 tracks: Business, Economics and Accounting. These tracks were further divided into a number of sub-track panels. Each presenter was given 10 minutes to do an oral presentation in English. This allows more focused and deeper discussions on each of the presented papers provided by the peers. The discussions as well as the peer-input became valuable improvement points for the paper.

The proceeding below is a compilation of selected papers within ICOEBS scope and focus. The papers below are in the areas of marketing, management, finance, accounting, corporate governance, small medium enterprise, hospitality, and organization. Readers are hopefully able to find insightful research articles and novelties in Economics and Business studies. ICOEBS would like to express our gratitude to the advisory board who provided the conference valuable advice. The success of this conference also owes to the immeasurable effort shown by the committee members and editors. ICOEBS would also like to thank the anonymous reviewers whose inputs are especially valued.

Finally, but most importantly, ICOEBS would like to present our special thanks to authors and contributors without whom this conference would be impossible. We are fully aware that this conference is still far from perfect. We would appreciate your valuable feedback and suggestions for future ICOEBS.

ICOEBS 2022 Committee