Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Material Science and Applications

724 authors
Zhou, Run
The Comparative Analysis between Truss Aqueduct and Cable-stayed Aqueduct
Zhou, Tian-Guo
Influence of Er on Microstructure and Properties of Al-0.2%Zr-0.06%B Heat-resistant Alloy Conductor Prepared by Continuous ECAE Forming
Zhou, Tian-Guo
Finite Element Analysis of the Continuous Dynamic ECAE Forming Process of Al–Zr Resists Heat Alloy
Zhou, Xing
Organic Compounds in Paper and Plastic Food Packaging
Zhou, Xing-Yin
Warping Effect to Bend-twist Coupling Characteristics for Box Spar of Wind Turbine Blade
Zhou, Y.
Design of the Lightweight Structure Inspired by Beetle Elytra and Its Mechanical and Thermal Properties
Zhou, Ying-E
Parameters Determination of GTN Model and Damage Analysis of Aluminum Alloy 6016 Sheet Metal
Zhou, Z.C.
The Vacancy-hardening Properties in Water-quenched Fe-Al Alloys
Zhu, Bin-Qing
Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity of M–doped CaBiO2Cl (M = Ag, Co, and Ni) under Visible Light
Zhu, De-Lan
Effect of Modifiers on Injection Molding of Waste Polyethylene Drip Tape
Zhu, Hong-Xiang
Kinetics of Carboxylated Bagasse Hemicellulose Adsorption to Cd2+
Zhu, Hua-Jing
Determination of the Fluroxypyr Ester by HPLC with Internal Standard
Zhu, Hui-Qiu
Application of Decision Tree and Neural Network Algorithm in Water Quality Assessment Forecast
Zhu, Jiang
The research Status of Steel Reinforced Recycled Concrete
Zhu, Jiang
Performance Analysis of Interior Beam-column Joint of Buckling Restrained Brace Reinforced Concrete Frame
Zhu, Yan-Fei
Research on the Key Technologies of a New CNC Turret Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine
Zhu, Yan-Wei
Study of Heat Flux Sensor Test Containing Metal Phase Change Heat Sink
Zhu, Yue-Hong
The Preparation and Fluorescence of Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles with Triphenylamine Derivatives
Zhu, Yun-Peng
Hot Compression Deformation Behavior of the Mg-5Sn-2.5Pb Magnesium Alloy
Zhu, Yun-Peng
Deformation Mechanism of Mg-4Sn-1.5Pb Alloy
Zou, Hai-Feng
Facile Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Silica Submicron Rods
Zou, Ling-Li
Research on the High-Temperature Strength of Heavy Drilling Tool in the Rough Machining Process
Zou, You-Qin
Optimization and Models of Decalcification from Bighead Carp Scale with Citric Acid by Response Surface Method
Zou, You-Qin
Process and Models of Decalcification of Bighead Carp Scale by Hydrochloric Acid