Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Machinery, Materials and Information Technology Applications

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Improvement of Image Matching Method based on Gray Value and Contracting Mapping Principle

Yuncong Sun, Zongshun Hu
General image matching method is faced with many problems like the selection of template and mismatching. In order to solve these problems, in this paper, general image matching method is improved based on contracting mapping principle, matching is implemented by finding the fixed point between images....
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Numerical Simulation Analysis of Influence of Explosive Performance on JPC Molding

Kui-wen Cui, Shuang-shan Mi
In order to study the impact of explosive performance on JPC molding, simulation software of AUTODYN-2D is used in JPC molding. Numerical simulation analysis of influences of five different explosives on JPC molding is performed. Method of determining the molding time is proposed. Two main results can...
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Linear and Nonlinear analysis of Cardiovascular Time Series during Different Sleep Stages

Lianrong Zheng, Yifan Li, Weifeng Pan, Kunyang Li, Guanzheng Liu
Sleep is a complex phenomenon involved important modifications throughout life and changes of autonomic cardiovascular control. In present study, we aimed to analyze the influence of sleep stages on cardiovascular activity. Firstly, heart rate variability (HRV), pulse rate variability (PRV) and pulse...
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The study of the structures of the biomacromolecules in solution with correlated X-ray scattering

Shengjun Liu
The correlated X-ray scattering (CXS) was introduced and compared with other methods which were used to study the structures of the biomacromolecules in solution, such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), electron microscope (EM) and small-angle x-ray scattering (SAXS). Then a key step which was used...
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Multiscale model for progressive damage prediction of carbon/epoxy laminates under thermal-mechanical loading

Wan-lei Liu, Xin-long Chang, Xiao-jun Zhang, You-hong Zhang
A multiscale model based bridge theory was proposed for the progressive damage analysis of carbon/epoxy laminates under couple laser and mechanical loading. The ablation model was adopted to calculate ablation temperature changing and ablation surface degradation. The polynomial strengthening model of...
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Safety Simulation Analyses for Shot Solid Rocket Motor

Hong-bo Liu, Xin-long Chang, Kuan Hu, Chun-guo Yue
In order to study the safety of a shot SRM, a simulation model was established. Ignition and growth reactive flow equation was applied to describe the ignition process of the impacted propellant. The process of SRM being shot was simulated numerically by use of nonlinear finite element method of fluid...
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Online SOM-based level set model for image segmentation

Xiaomin Xie
In this paper, a novel region based active model integrating self organizing map (SOM) for image segmentation is proposed. The SOM is utilized to describe image intensity distributions in an unsupervised way and establish the entire weights set of the neurons. Then, the weights are divided into two branch...
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Machining accuracy retainability prediction of machine tool based on least square support vector machine

Qiang Cheng, Baobao Qi, Bingwei Sun, Guobin Yan
The accuracy retainability is becoming an important performance index of machine tool, and how to improve it is a tough problem faced to manufacturers and users. Generally, it needs to measure the errors termly and repeatedly during the specified period to analyze the timeliness machining accuracy retainability,...
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Research on Propeller Characteristics of Tip Induced Loss

Yang Song, Peng Shan
In the design process of modern advanced propeller or prop fan, tip induced loss has been the foremost cause of power cost and its natural of difficulty in quantization also causes the deviation of power on the design point. Based on the former research and combined BEM method with the Tip-Loss Factor,...
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Protection Scheme of Distribution Network with Photovoltaic Power Supply Based on Partition Protection

Cuilian Tang, Hui Zhang, Yan Hou, Qi Zhou, Junhua Li, Lunzhong Huang
Taking into account the development trend of distributed photovoltaic power generation, there will be a high permeability of PV in the future distribution network, and the traditional three stage current protection will be no longer applicable because of the malfunction or rejection. In order to maximize...
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Analysis on the electrical conductivity of microstructure of the solar panels power supply system of gelatinization equipment

Minghui You, Xinyu Yu, Qixiang Sun, Liping Yin, Shijun Li, Xue Li, Jingsheng Liu
Diode is the foundation of semiconductor devices.This paper analysis the electrical conductivity of microstructure of solar panels in the Power supply system of gelatinization equipment. We discussed the formation process of PN junction, theoretical analysis of electrical conductivity.In this paper we...
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Analysis and Design of Amplifying Circuit Resisting Temperature Disturbance of the Food Material Electric Heating Equipment

Minghui You, Xinyu Yu, Qixiang Sun, Liping Yin, Shijun Li, Xue Li, Jingsheng Liu
Food material heating equipment need to resist temperature interference amplifier circuit. Although the collector current has increased when the ambient temperature rises, but the partial amplifier circuit to make adjustments quickly to suppress the increase in the trend, making the collector current...
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Analysis and Design of an Amplifying Circuit for Gelatinization Equipment

Minghui You, Xinyu Yu, Qixiang Sun, Liping Yin, Shijun Li, Xue Li, Jingsheng Liu
Gelatinization equipment need to resist temperature interference amplifier circuit. When the ambient temperature increases, although the collector current increases, but the partial bias amplifier circuit to make adjustments quickly to suppress the increase in the trend, making the collector current...
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Monitoring corrosion of steel bar using ultrasonic guided wave

Xi Liu, Lei Qin, Xiaochang Ni, Xiaojun Zhu, Shifeng Huang, Xin Cheng
The reinforcement corrosion was monitored using ultrasonic guided wave. The amplitude of ultrasonic guided wave could response the degree of reinforcement corrosion. The experiment was carried out to monitor the corrosion process. And the results indicated that ultrasonic guided wave could monitor reinforcement...
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Autonomous Navigation System of Hexapod Robot based on Fuzzy Neural Network

Shuang-hong Li, Ling-wen Kong, Qiao-ling Du
A closed-loop autonomous navigation system based on fuzzy neural network is proposed to deal with the autonomous navigation issue of hexapod robot in unknown environment. The closed-loop system is designed in order to optimize the output performance. The navigation algorithm is designed to combine fuzzy...
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Human Shape Recognition Algorithm Design Based on Hu Moments and Zernike Moments

Weiguo Chen, Jinchuan Lu
The invariant moment feature of target is taken as an important approach to human shape recognition. This paper gives a general review of Hu moments and Zernike moments in human shape recognition, and utilizes the minimum distance classifier to classify some moving targets. By comparing their characteristics...
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Predicting the Semantic Related words based on Hidden Markov Model

Fuping Yang, Huafeng Gu
This paper presents a method of predicting the words with semantic relation based on Hidden Markov Model (HMM). Two words are set as an observation sequence, combined with HMM and the corpus, which has taken some works in Natural Language Processing, to calculate the most probable sequence with semantic...
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Design of Long Distance Network RFID Reader Based on ISO14443A

Yue Wu, Linli Zhou, Yue Duan, Lei Liu, Huifang Bao
This paper introduces the design of 13.56MHZ long distance RFID reader based on ISO14443A protocol. The hardware block diagram and the software flow chart of the reader are given. According to the experiment simulation, the sending signal and the receiving signal waveform are shown. The processor uses...
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On the Lattice of Convex Sub-lattices of a Lattice

Yi-Hui Zhang, Miao-Ling Wu, Kun-Lun Zhang
In his classical work imply that [1], G. Gratzer had asked that for what equational classes , and imply that (see Problem 1.10 in [1] ).In the present note, a necessary and sufficient condition for such classes will be given.
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Development of Integrated Starter-generator Test System Based on Virtual Instrument

Lijie Chen, Yanmin Xu
Integrated starter-generator (ISG) used in the hybrid power system is becoming more and more popular. In order to meet the test needs of ISG hybrid electric vehicle powertrain, the ISG hybrid assembly test platform based on virtual instrument was developed.
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The Application Research Of 5G Wi-Fi in the Medical Monitor

Xiaopeng Li, Lanzhen Chen, Yaohuan Sheng
In this paper, 5G and 4G networks were measured and compared under different distances and disturbances. It was found that the 5G Wi-Fi high-frequency communication improved the transmission rate, bandwidth and capacity of the electromagnetic wave. Ultra-dense network and large-scale use of the antenna,...
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The library and information field's mass data trend research

WenJun Cai, GuanChun Xu
Under the mass data background, the library and information field is connected with the mass data more and more closely. To reveal the library and information field's relation with the mass data and its future development trend, the library and information related mass data collected in the CNKI is taken...
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Constructing a New Mechanism of Library and Information Service under Big Data Environment

GuanChun Xu, HuiYu Guo
In the first ten years of the 21st century, the rapid development of Internet technology has changed people's daily study and life, and also provided abundant resources for scholar's research. The data resources become the important part of scholars' research. Knowledge economy has produced a lot of...
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Nonlinear Vibration Response Analysis and Experimental Verification of Thin-walled Structures to Thermal-acoustic Excitations

Yun-dong Sha, Jian Wang
For the nonlinear vibration response problems of aerospace thin-walled structures to thermal-acoustic excitation, the theory of structural-acoustic coupling and the coupled FEM/BEM method were used to analyze dynamic response characteristics of super-alloy thin-walled rectangular plates with four edges...
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A Wi-Fi Wireless Localization Method Based on Local Linear Regression and Position Weighting

Yongjun Zhang, Haixu Guo
A kind of Wi-Fi wireless location system has been designed and implemented in this research. The system is based on a combined method of local linear regression and position weighting, which develops the traditional ranging algorithm based on RSSI and improves the positioning accuracy. The result shows...
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Customized Distribution Automation System based on Wireless Ad-hoc Network

Yixin Zhou
Aimed at the shortcomings of the existing single-function management systems of electric power marketing management at present, the energy acquisition and operation management system based on the integrated services distribution automation terminal is proposed, through using wireless ad-hoc networks...
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Research on the Numerical Method and Parametric Study of Constitutive Model of Modified Double Base Propellant

Hongli Wang, Jinsheng Xu
In order to characterize uniaxial mechanical properties of modified double base propellant, a one dimensional form of viscoelastic-viscoplastic constitutive model is derived. In order to solve the first-order ordinary differential equations (ODEs) consisted by viscoplastic flow rule and internal state...
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Effect of pulse wave shape on Taylor cone jetting behavior in electrohydrodynamics micro jet process

Bo Xing, Chuncheng Zuo, Yebo Lu, Fengli Huang, Libing Zhang
The effect of pulse wave shape on Taylor cone jetting behavior in electrohydrodynamics micro jet process has been investigated by using the ethyl alcohol solution. The square wave, trapezoid wave and triangular wave with different amplitude have been used in the experiment. The sequential images gathered...
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Web Based Visualization of Digital Mock-Up with Standardized 3D Formats

Xiwen Zhang, Gang Zhao, Yong Yu, Sheng Dai, Wei Wang
Nowadays, parts of complex products are usually developed by different suppliers distributed all over the world. To share the 3D model timely and improve collaboration efficiency among the business partners, it is necessary to support the web based visualization of DMU. Among the widely used standardized...
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The Optimization of Flush Atmospheric Data System Sensors Placement

Zhenxin Huang, Zhenyu Jiang, Leyuan Sun
This paper is pointed at the optimization of flush atmospheric data system sensors placement, and developed the optimization methodology based on the non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm II (NSGA-II). First, the physical model of sensor system is analysed, then, designs the objective function and...
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High Accuracy Low Cost RTK/SINS for Land-Vehicles

Yayang Cheng, Tongyue Gao, Shihao Zhu
Many situation demand a high precision, low cost and robust navigation for Land-Vehicles. Real Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite navigation is a technique that can provide up to centimeter level accuracy. But in the condition of poor visibility of satellites, the function of RTK is limited. To achieve a...
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The development and research of video on demand system based on Streaming Media Technology

Bin Yuan
With the continuous progress of the construction of digital campus, the learning resources are no longer limited to text, images and other static form, students prefer visual and audio dynamic multimedia resources, using streaming media technology to develop teaching resources VOD system, provide teaching...
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Improvement of Graph based Named Entity Disambiguation

Xiao Yang, Su-Juan Qin
Named entity disambiguation (NED) is the task that mapping the named entities appearing in the text to their correct corresponding in the knowledge bases (KB). This paper presented a disambiguation approach based mainly on graph ranking by combining the PageRank and LSI(Latent Semantic Index) model....
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Small Target Detection and Recognition based on Template Matching

Tiansheng Zhao
A small target detection and recognition algorithm based on template matching is proposed to quickly detect and recognize small targets in a video whose size are from 10ž10 to 40ž40 pixels in complex background. Existing approaches cannot detect and recognize small target whose size is less than 40ž40...
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A Method for Evaluating Efficiency of Electronic Equipment with Environmental Impact

Lanlan Gao, Jianwei Shi, Junxian Liu
It is extremely important to evaluate the efficiency of equipment. There are some papers studying the method of evaluating efficiency, while they don't consider environmental impact. In this article a method for evaluating efficiency of electronic equipment with environmental impact is put forward, based...
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Maklink Graph in Conflict-Free Airline Network Designing

Yi-Ye Zhou, Deng-Kai Yao, Qian-Rui Sun, Qi-Ke Wu
This paper focuses on the issue of designing of conflict-free airline network Based on the free connecting lines and undirected graph structured by Maklink Graph method, a free airspace model was established, which provided alternative air passages for restricted airspace of airline network. Take the...
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Octopus: A Flexible, Efficient MPSoC Prototype for Non-linear Interference Cancellation

Luechao Yuan, Chuan Tang, Cang Liu, Zuocheng Xing
Many non-linear (NL) interference cancellation (IC) algorithms characterize vector based operations instead of matrix operations, and their performance can be further improved by a proper sorted preprocessing of the channel information, e.g., successive interference cancellation (SIC) and Tomlinson-Harashima...
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Research on Air Traffic Center Control Effectiveness Evaluation Based on Cloud Model

Weijun Pan, Yuexiao Pan, Chuyang Yang, Qinghai Zuo, Jie Luo, Qingyu Zhang
In order to convert the qualitative description to quantitative concept of effectiveness evaluation of ATCC (Air Traffic Control Center), this paper selects artificial, automation equipment, management and operation environment as effectiveness evaluation factors based on cloud theory, and established...
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Design of Global Positioning System Based on Single Chip Microcontroller

Yong He, Yanan Chen
This paper introduces a kind of GPS positioning terminal device with the STC89C52 microcontroller as its control core in detail. This device consists of 52 single chip microcontroller and some peripheral circuit, GPS modules, liquid crystal display module and serial communication interface, and can show...
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An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Training Airspace Planning

Jiacheng Ma, Dengkai Yao, Guhao Zhao
Airspace planning of tactical training is a centralized planning, which is typical for Air Force tactical training. Because of the complexity of airspace and the diversity of training courses, artificial packing can't guarantee the utilization rate of airspace. Due to the irregularities of airspace,...
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Image compression via K-means and SLIC superpixel approaches

Xiaolin Luo
Image compression is a key component in the transmission and storage process of image data. The major objective of image compression is to reduce the irrelevance and redundancy of the image data in order to store and transmit them in an efficient form. One of the practical approaches is to reduce the...
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Student Achievement Prediction Based on Factor Analysis and BP Neural Network

Hongchen Guo, Junsheng Liang, Zhiqiang Li
The study proposed in this paper analyses the problems existing in the college course score prediction methodologies. Because of diversity and multiple choices in course selection, the analysis of college students' course score can be quite complex. This paper proposes a student achievement prediction...
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Safety Analysis of Lateral Interval between Military Training Airspace and Civil Route

Qi-ke Wu, Deng-Kai Yao, Gu-hao Zhao, Ting-ting Zhu
in order to reasonably optimize the military training airspace and ensure the safety interval with civil aviation routes, the paper adopts the improved ellipsoid Event model to evaluate the lateral separation between military training airspace and civil aviation routes. After the lateral position deviation...
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Design Suggestions and Economic Analysis of Light Frame Shear Wall

Jie Bai, Quanrui Luo, Feng Chen, Jiansong Yu
Based on the results of the nonlinear parametric analysis interview, some design suggestions of light frame shear wall are put forward from studs spacing, height-width ratio of wall, the size and position of the openings. In addition, a real example is studied and analyzed on the design and optimization...
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River as the major source of Cr in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Ming Wang, Xiuqin Yang
Based on investigation dada on Cr in May and August 1979 in Jiaozhou Bay, we analyzed the content, distribution of Cr. Results showed that Cr contents in 1984 in surface waters were 0.10-112.30 g L-1 and were meeting Grade I (50 g L-1), II (100 g L-1) and III (200 g L-1) in National Sea Water Quality...
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Remanufacturing and Benefits Analysis of Construction Machinery Hydraulic Valves

Dong Xu, Jie Zhang
It is known that China is a country with rich natural resources and vast territory. Even though, the resource stock is declining in the growing process of every industry. Focusing on current resource lackage situation, recycling on resources attracts more attention from the public. Reproducing is one...
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Working Mechanism and Its Application of Mechanical Principle Decomposition Symmetry

Zhimin Qiu, Hui Chen
In the symmetry of mechanical system, we explored and made researches of related applications and the roles of mechanical principle decomposition symmetry, applied it to the real innovative product design. We established principle of space-time symmetry and principle of effect symmetry in the mechanical...
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Main Exploration on Technical Measures for Machinery and Equipment Lightweight Component

Yi Jiang, Miao He, Li Xu
Machinery equipment lightweight component weighs a lot in machinery equipment design and production. It can efficiently improve equipment's performance in environment-protection and energy-saving. Researches and progress in lightweight component has drawn extensive concern from many experts in China...
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Application of Computer Database Technology in Information Management

Jing Cai, WenFeng Chen
Application of computer database technology in information management is growing widely along with the rapid development of society. This development can not only efficiently improve the computer database running performance, but also clear out the whole information management system. This paper conducts...
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Uniformity changing process of Cr in waters in marine bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang, Zhikang Wang, Xiuqin Yang
Based on the investigation data on Cr in waters in Jiaozhou Bay in May and August, we analyzed the spatial and temporal distributions of Cr. Results showed that the horizontal distribution of Cr in May was inhomogeneous, yet in August was homogeneous. Cr contents in marine bay were undergoing a process...
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Research on Information Security for the Solution for Controller of Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM)

Yong Zhu, Ruwei Cui, Yingang Yang
By means of analyzing the Controller of CMM and its information model in the net, this article obtains the flimsiness and requirement to defend attack of the system. This article researches the interface of communication and communication protocols in the application layer of the main Controller of CMM....
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Key Nodes Detection of Aviation Network Based on Complex Network Theory

Congliang Tu, Minggong Wu, Xiangxi Wen, Cheng Han
In order to detect the key nodes in the aviation network, a node detection algorithm is proposed. In view of the fallibility of previous methods, this algorithm integrates the improved closeness sorting algorithm and the importance evaluation matrix. Firstly, the model of the aviation network is constructed....
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Research on Reliability Evaluation Method of Core Processor Software System Based on Component

Zhongwei Chen, Songyang Du, Xiaoxia Li, Qian Guo
The integrated electronic information system based on the core processor uses a large number of components which have been finalized or commercially developed, and the system structure is so complicated that common reliability evaluation methods cannot be directly applied to the system. To solve the...
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Research on Software Reliability Evaluation Model Oriented Final Software Testing Process

Zhongwei Chen, Zhihao Yu, Xiaoxia Li, Liang Xiang
In the traditional software reliability evaluation models, there are assumptions that the detected faults can be eliminated immediately and the new fault will not be introduced, which does not fit for the real final software testing process. This essay modifies the above assumptions, treats the detection...
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Hand Vein Recognition with Bag of SIFT Feature Model

Fuqiang Li, Tongzhuang Zhang, Yong Liu
SIFT, which is widely used for feature extraction in image recognition task especially when image rotation, translation, uneven illumination occur, has been applied in vein recognition task more widely. However, mismatching between intra-class and inter-class, which is unbearable for personal identification...
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Optimization of Conflict-Free Airline Network Designing

Yi-Ye Zhou, Deng-Kai Yao, Qian-Rui Sun, Qi-Ke Wu
This paper focuses on the issue of planning and optimization of airline network under PRD (Prohibited Area, Restricted Area and Danger Area) avoiding, in a way of hierarchical and quantitative design. According to the principle of Maklink Graph method, the issue of optimization of airline network was...
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Hand Vein Recognition with Single-layer Feature Learning Model

Haoyu Wang, Xiaomin Liu, Bingguang Chen
Performance of feature extraction and representation, sticking point of image recognition task, will directly influence the accuracy of final recognition. The traditional feature extraction algorithm of vein recognition is based on the sufficient prior knowledge of analysis on vein information characteristics,...
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Design of Decision Support System for Soil Testing and Formula Fertilization based on the Intelligent Agriculture

Yue Qi, Yueying Leng, Min Wang, Yinan Hu, Yane Bai
This paper citation network analysis scientific knowledge mapping tool, which called CiteSpace information visualization software rendering, obtained China's development of intelligent agriculture, hot topics and research trends in recent years, at the same time design a system based on Intelligent fertilization...
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Research on Patent Strategy of Intelligent Agriculture and Automobile Electronic Information Industry in Jilin Province

Yueying Leng, Yue Qi, Min Wang, Xinhui Guan, Yinan Hu, Yane Bai
A patent database about intelligent agriculture and automobile electronic information industry is established in this paper. Then select the data of Jilin Province and establish another patent database. Based on the two patent databases, we can find that the number of patents in Jilin Province in this...
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The Influence of Crack Parameters on the Static and Dynamic Frequency of Wind Turbine Blades

Yonggang Liu, Yazhou MaO, Dongying Li
In this paper, the static and dynamic equations of the blade are derived, the comparison between analytical method and finite element analysis results. Finding the error of the two methods is less than 1%. The influence of the distribution characteristics of the blade crack on the static and dynamic...
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Construction of Mathematical Model for the Bending State of Braided Wire Rope

Ping Zhao, Hui Wang, Xiangsheng Tian, Xia Zhao
The characteristics of spatial structure and winding forming principle of braided wire rope under bending condition are analyzed. Establish the local coordinate system of the wire rope strand and the center line of the strand.The transformation matrix of each coordinate system is derived by using the...
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Building structure topology optimization

Xianjie Wang, Yong Sun, Mengjie Xiang
In this paper, a new estimate criterion is introduced to make the optimization process reasonable and credible, and it has a good control effect for the convergence of solution. An improved optimization program is exploiting for the directed building structure by means of a distinction design between...
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Dissolved Oxygen Control for Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Processes by ADRC

Li Meng, Xuelian Zhang, Yanping Gong, Xiaowei Han
In this article, Active Disturbance Rejection Control (ADRC) is proposed for the control of the activated sludge wastewater treatment processes. Simulation results show that the dissolved oxygen concentration can track the set value with non-overshoot and short settling time as possible by ADRC. Under...
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Fractional Order Control for Aeration of Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Processes

Li Meng, Xuelian Zhang, Ashu Wei, Xiaowei Han
In this paper, the design scheme of fractional order proportional integral (FOPI) controller for the second order plus time delay model of aeration of activated sludge wastewater treatment process are presented. It is found that the two controllers designed by the proposed tuning method not only make...
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Auto-detection of arch curve from dental meshes

Ting Wu, Libing Zhang
Building the form of dental arch is of great importance for orthodontic diagnosis and treatment. This paper presents a novel automated method for detecting the arch curve from dental triangular meshes with minimal user intervention. The feature region between gingiva and teeth were firstly extracted...
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3-D numerical simulation of influence of twin pile group loadings on neighboring railway subgrade

Dong Xiao, Guanlu Jiang, Fangdong Gao
In order to investigate the effect of twin pile group loadings on nearby existing railway subgrade, elastic plastic model was established by adopting finite differential method based on a practical case. It is proved by comparison with field monitoring data that the numerical analysis of the influence...
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Research of Ofloxacin Based on Terahertz Spectrum

Song Zhang, Xiai Chen, Xiaohong Gu, Qiang Wang, Ling Wang
The absorption coefficient, refractive index and optical fingerprint characteristics were acquired by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy in the range of 0.4~1.5THz of the capsule drug ofloxacin. The results show that ofloxacin had multiple absorption peaks with different intensities within the frequency...
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Accident Analysis of Equipment System Based on the Event Sequence Diagram and Fault Tree

Xin Ren, Yuan Li, Tie-ying Wu, Kan Zhang, Li Ma
The application of ESD_FT(Event Sequence Diagram and Fault Tree) method in accident analysis of equipment system was discussed in this paper, a new ESD basic event launched by internal fault tree was proposed, and the ESD_FT analysis model of the equipment system coolant loss accident was established....
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Research and Development of Electric Energy Efficiency Management Experiment System

Songxue Hou, Wei Wu, Shunchao Wang, Yu Hu, Ming Fa
The research and development of the electric energy efficiency management experiment system aims at elevating the related technology and management level of energy efficiency in Hubei Electric Power Company by means of constructing the electric energy efficiency management experiment system. In this...
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Analysis of the Evolution Process and the Control of Southern China Devonian Reef

Jiancheng Li, Daizhi Kuang, Wenshi Li
In the modern archaeology study, Devonian in the South China is an important research course mainly on Devonian reefs in south China, taking the existing data of the Devonian reefs in south China and related research materials as the main materials of the study, complying map of reefs in different periods...
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Wuqiang Zhou, JingWei Li
A FOCUSS-based subspace method is proposed for blind channel identification, which is robust to channel order overestimation. Based on the sparsity of the desirable channel estimation to order overestimation, a weighted constraint is used to search the sparse solution, combining with the lp norm FOCUSS...
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Digital Image Processing of Urban Complex Thermal Environment

BaoShan Cao
the acceleration of global warming and urbanization progress has greatly contributed to the city building thermal environment problems, which causes the attention of people. However, because it involves many aspects, such as, it covers the architectural layout, building materials,trees greening,etc....
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Min-Max decoding for non binary LDPC codes

Dan Feng Zhao, Jiahui Meng, Hai Tian
with the increase in requirements on fiber-optical communication system by people, transmission quantity has been increased. In order to guarantee quick and effective fiber-optical communication, people have to use LDPC codes to implement correction modulation, of which, the ability of non-binary LDPC...
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Sports Training Decision Making Method Based on AHP and Evidence Theory

Yao Bi, Qingbin Wang
As one of the highlights in Olympics, sports events always have significant impact on Olympic Strategies due to their levels and have become key programs in the world. Sports events in China have made further development in recent years and created outstanding achievements in many national and international...
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Formulation of Scheme for Sports Training Management Based on System Dynamics

Yao Bi, Ling JIA, Qingbin Wang
In China, the sports exercise of college students is generally learned in sports class and mainly dominated by amateur workout, which is in a disordered state. This paper introduces the supporting system of aid decision making on sports training of college students established by adopting data warehousing...
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Adaptive tracking and recording method for dynamic real-time WiFi fingerprint positioning

Liang Dong, Dong Liang
The overall performance of fingerprint positioning system will be improved in this paper with the adoption of technology in artificial intelligence field and optimization technology. First, at offline stage, adaptive tracking and recording method for dynamic real-time WiFi fingerprint positioning has...
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RBF fuzzy reasoning flexible decision making method oriented to statistical information

Tao Duan, Jing Huang
Integrated fuzzy logarithm preference programming proposed by the paper can be used to treat AHP and ANP problem effectively and reliably. The method improves FPP defects, such as comparative matrix is treated one by one and weight generated by upper triangular judgment of matrix is different from that...
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Cloud Computing K-Means Text Clustering Filtering Algorithm based on Hadoop

Suyu Huang
the partition and hierarchy methods are the most popular clustering technology of the clustering algorithm. Providing that the k-means is sensitive to the initial clustering center and is likely to become partially optimal, an advanced clustering algorithm based on the partial swarm is presented in this...
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A Study on Efficiency of Agricultural Product Logistics Based on Factor Analysis - An Example from Hubei Province

Yue Li, Chengbiao Li
The agricultural economy is still a critical component for the development of national economy in modern China; therefore, the efficiency of agricultural product logistics has huge impact on the development of agricultural economy and the industrial competition. Moreover, scientifically and systematically...
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Cognition of DTN Wireless Relay Multicast Routing through Link Reliability Relation

Dening Kong
The main objective of DTN routing is to transfer the message to the largest extent. In another words, the delivery ratio is the most important evaluation index of DTN routing. The priority of data package in DTN network is the degree of importance of the data package and data packages with different...
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Recognition of sports action pattern based on sparse matrix vector

Yupeng Song, Ling Jia
The Thesis proposes an algorithm of physical gesture recognition of human body based on composite features, which combines the feature of contour vector distance from the contour mass center to the edge point with the optical-flow features, and then the composite features are formed to make action recognition....
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Assessment on Development Level of Sport Industry Based on Data Mining

Yupeng Song, Ling Jia
Sport industry is the inevitable outcome of market economy, while sport socialization and industrialization is the inevitable course for sport development. The Thesis proposes matters needing attention in sport industry development direction and development courses in our country, integration of sport...
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A Design of Knowledge Extraction Process of Work Flow Texts based on Domain Ontology

Yingnan Zhang
Ontology has the characteristics of consistency, sharing and extensibility, which plays an important role in the study of text knowledge extraction. In the reality of work flow text knowledge extraction, based on the construction of domain ontology, this paper establishes the basic process of work flow...
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Construction and Analysis of Light Energy Transfer Model Based on Underwater Environment

Yan Liu, Lu Yu
The application prospect of underwater imaging detection is wide in the fields of military operations, marine development and engineering applications. Considering the complex marine environment, the energy transfer process of underwater imaging sensor is analyzed on the basis of optical seawater transmission...
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Research on the Improvement of Sea Target Defog Based on Dark Channel Prior

Likun Liu, Pengtao Ni
There are several error estimates to atmospheric light in the algorithm of image defog based on dark channel prior which the operation efficiency is low. In this paper we propose an improved method to solve these problems. Comparing with the original defogging image, the computing time of our algorithm...
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A Modeling Method of Multimedia Database based on Semantic Sequence

Wenlei Zhang
With the development of scientific research and production organization, a large number of audio and video data resources are accumulated in the business system, which is a distinctive feature of scientific research and production. In this paper, a modeling method which extracts semantic sequence from...
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Evaluation System Construction for Logistics Supply Chain of Cross-border E-commerce

Lianming Zhao
This paper establishes the optimization model of low-carbon closed-loop supply chain network with multiple objectives. Aiming at the model, a kind of improved genetic algorithm combined with constraint method is raised to get the pareto optimal solution, which has been verified by algorithm case. The...
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Face recognition based on regularized Gabor fusion contour wave two transform

Yingjie Zhao, Yisu Liu
This paper has, from the aforementioned two perspectives, put forward an algorithm for face recognition through a combined use of local descriptor of geometrical information and neighborhood information on the surface of face. Method: firstly, extract a contour line with a geodesic distance equal to...
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An Effective Data Distribution Algorithm

Keming Tang, Yong Xu, Hao Yang, Weipeng Lv, Yue Ye
This paper proposes an effective data distribution mechanism based on RPL to maximize the survival times of sensors. For balancing energy consumption of sensors, an optimal data distribution algorithm is presented. The results show that the presented mechanism prolongs the survival time of network and...
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An improved tracking model based on self-adaptive Kalman filter

Meng Lian, Yi Sun
The self-adaptive Kalman filter algorithm can solve the problem of filtering divergence and tracking in conventional Kalman filter algorithm, so it is widely used in GPS data processing of vehicles and ships. But in practical application, the tracking of adaptive algorithm is still insufficient. Therefore,...
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An Anonymous Algorithm for Hierarchical Clustering Based on K-Prototypes

Yuan-jing Yao, Yi Sun
By the research on the clustering problem of multiple attributes data processing based on K-Prototypes algorithm, this paper improves distance formula, which can more accurately reflect the differences between tuples. Besides, according to the various demand of privacy preservation, the sensitive value...
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Noise Filtering Design of Non-intrusive Electrical Monitoring System

Xinghao Wei, Bo Yin, Zhicheng Zhu
With the electric energy consumption monitoring equipment is the foundation to carry out energy-saving work, strengthening the monitoring of energy consumption especially power consumption monitoring work in China to improve energy efficiency, realize the sustainable development of the energy, construction...
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Cardiac CT image segmentation

Zihang Xu, Rui Jiang
Image segmentation is an important technology for computer-aided diagnosis. Purpose of medical image segmentation is to separate the images' regions with special meanings and to make the segmentation as close as possible to the anatomical structure so as to provide a reliable foundation for clinical...
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Power based event detection for electrical appliances

Xiu-wei Wang, Yan-ping Cong, Bo Yin
Appliance specific energy monitoring is perceived as a prerequisite for reducing energy usage in households.In this paper, a non intrusive monitoring method is introduced, and a power identification algorithm based on transient detection is introduced. Then the simulation experiment is carried out by...
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A Heuristic Method Based on Answer Set Program in Bilateral Negotiation

Long-yun Gao, Wu Chen
This paper presents a heuristic approach based on answer set program in bilateral negotiation. The well-founded semantics for general logic program is used to simplify the process of negotiation. In this approach, demands of each side in negotiation are transformed into a general logic program. The process...
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Application of Refined Increasing Difference Property in XOR-based MDS Codes

Lei Zhang, Yong Peng, ZhaoHui Liu, Jie Liang, Chang Jin
This paper applies the refined increasing difference property to XOR-based MDS codes and obtains a lower storage complexity for distributed storage nodes. For a message of kL bits stored in n distinct storage nodes, a data collector connects any k out of the n storage nodes to recover the message. In...
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Generating Power Using 3-Dimensional Graphene Foam

Wenbin Huang, Wanling Li, Xiangjun Song, Yaozhou Liu, Peng Chen, Xiaopan Liu
In this work, the electrical conductance and induced current of 3-dimensional graphene foam (GF) are investigated when the mixture of water and ethanol flows through it. When different mixing ratios of ethanol: water (ethanol: water = 25:75, 50:50, 75:25, and 100:0 by volume) flow through the GFs, their...
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The effect of substrate temperature on chemical reactions during GaN growth in a vertical MOCVD

Lansheng Feng, Runqiu Guo, Jincheng Zhang
A model on GaN growth in a vertical MOCVD system is presented. Simulations on the GaN growth using the model are carried out under different substrate temperatures. The result shows that during the gas phase translation of the reactants, the adduct reactions decreased and the pyrolytic reactions are...
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Non-local means image denoising with bilateral structure tensor

Huan Li, Yi Xu
Non-local means image denoising with bilateral structure tensor algorithm is put forward for the reason that Non-local means(NLM) algorithm has a weaker detail retention and noise immunity. Different from the initial structure tensor, we can get better texture description between similar blocks by using...
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A 3.75Gbps Configurable Continuous Time Linear Equalizer and 3-tap Decision Feedback Equalizer in 65nm CMOS

Yong Fu, Zhiping Wen, Lei Chen, Jian Zhang
This paper describes the design of the architecture and circuit block of the RX receiver's equalizer, which is used to reduce the inter-symbol-interference(ISI) in high-speed transmission backplane, and a 3,75Gbps configurable Continuous Time Linear Equalizer (CTLE) and 3-tap configurable Decision Feedback...