Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Mechatronics Engineering and Information Technology (ICMEIT 2017)

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Research on Urban Warfare Environment Visibility and Model Building

Yongwang Zhou, Lingkui Zhang, Linhai Yao, Pengfei Dang
Urban visibility plays an importance role in urban warfare. In MOUT, commanders need taking the urban visibility situation into consideration. In this paper, it analyzes the influences of the urban visibility from aspects of military operation, weapon equipment and war-participators. Based on the usual...
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A Knowledge Service Framework based on Ontology

Si Chen, De Zhang, Guanghong Liu, Wenhua Shen
In order to improve the utilization ratio of knowledge and make the knowledge rise in value, a framework of knowledge service for design activities is proposed. Firstly, a product design knowledge representation model is proposed according to the characteristics of design knowledge, and then a knowledge...
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Dynamic Response Analysis of Offshore Installation Process for Large Precise Equipment

Ming Zhu, Peng Zhang, Changming Zhu
A dynamic model of offshore installation process is established for the large precise equipment. To prevent the precise equipment being damaged, vibration isolators are used to absorb the impact energy during the installation process. In this study, the motion of equipment consists of the vertical displacement...
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Structure Optimization of Ultra-precisionÿMachine Tool Guide based on Isight

Xinkai Mao, Qingsong Hua, Lianjun Cheng, Qinghai Zhao, He Xuan
The influence of the guide rail on the machining precision of the machine is great, and the optimization of the rail structure can improve the machining performance of the machine tool. Based on ANSYS Workbench simulation analysis, this study uses Isight to optimize the structure. The key dimensions...
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Research of Typical Electronic Package Warpage based on GA

Hongwang Zhao, Guofu Wang, Yuanhua Chen
In order to reduce the warpage value of the electronic package device under the temperature load, improve the reliability of the device. The finite element analysis model of the typical electronic package device was established, and loaded finite element analysis of temperature, obtained the warpage...
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Vibration Analysis of Sheet Metal Coupled with Concentrated Masses

Hongwang Zhao, Guofu Wang, Yuanhua Chen
There are many applications of sheet metal in Engineering. It is usually reduced to a sheet metal model with concentrated masses. This paper have studied the dynamics of the model, and a mechanical model of sheet metal with concentrated mass is established, the eigenvalues and modes of the model were...
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Simulation of Fuzzy Control System for Motor Mechanism of Coal Mine Disconnector Breaking Test

Jianfeng Zhu
In order to improve the controllability of coal mine disconnector breaking tests and realize intelligent operation, this paper put forward a simulation of fuzzy PID control system for motor mechanism of coal mine disconnector breaking test. The simulation model of motor mechanism speed, position, and...
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Power factor test for making and breaking experiment of mining low voltage electromagnetic starter

Shian Zhu
Power factor is an important test condition for making and breaking capacities test of mining low voltage electromagnetic starter. Combing the reserves of coal resources with the development trend of coal industry, the structure, the application environment and the requirements of making and breaking...
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Design of Deer Breeding Management System Based on Internet of Things

Min Zhang, Yuhua Wu, Ji Li, Shijun Li
This paper use the internet of things technology, RFID technology, wireless communication technology to design and achieve the standardized management system for improving standardized breeding level of deer. The system collects and records the information of deer growth status, population, diseases,...
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Simulation of signal received by a Dual-wavelength Micro-pluse lidar

Feng Jiang, Yunqing Liu
In this paper, according to the principle of micro pulsed laser radar detection, the appropriate atmospheric model is used to simulate the double pulse laser radar. And the simulation results are verified by experiments.
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A Task Allocation Method Based on RMT of the Processor Core for MPSoC

Hui Ji, Lei Zhou
With the rapid development of integrated technology, more and more IP cores were integrated on a single chip. However, the improvement of the transistor density and processor working frequency resulted in increasing power density and heat generation. So MPSoCs (Multiprocessor System-on-Chips) are facing...
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Research on total least squares method based on error entropy criterion

Ben Wang, Xiangyu Kong, Wei Huang, Zehao Cao
The total least square (TLS) estimation problem of random systems is widely found in many fields of engineering and science, such as signal processing, automatic control, system theory and so on. In the case of linear Gaussian case, a very mature TLS parameter estimation algorithm has been developed....
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A New Strategy of Desktop Sharing Mechanism Based on Mixed Mode

Long Zhang, Yaling Yin
As an important strategy of video communication, desktop sharing is widely used in video conference communication. However, high consumption of CPU problems, bandwidth costs, are still the key to the desktop sharing. Based on the improvement of CPU utilization, reduce the requirement of network bandwidth;...
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A Simplified Volterra Identification Model of Nonlinear System

Guodong Jin, Libin Lu, Xiaofei Zhu
Conventional Volterra series model is hardly applied to engineering practice due to its parametric complexity and estimation difficulty. To solve this problem, nonlinear system identification using reduced complexity Volterra models is proposed. Since the nonlinear components often play a secondary role...
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The Research on the Implementation of a Cloud Computing System Architecture

Wuguang Han, Haoyou Peng, Jian Yao
In this paper, through the study of cloud computing system, it designs the cloud computing system architecture, and establishes a relational cloud data model. It uses partition mapping to improve the efficiency of cloud data query. At the same time, the parallel storage and data virtualization technology...
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Multi-channel Splicing Technology for Signal Bandwidth Expansion

Bangqian Wan, Zhiyong Yu, Jian Yang
With the demand for wide bandwidth signals intensified, broadband signal generation technology based on multi-splicing is gradually emerging. Currently, signal splicing technology is mainly deployed for the chirp signal. To expand the signal range of styles can be spliced, get more types of broadband...
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Adaptive Compressed Wideband Spectrum Detection Based on Optimized Measurement Matrix

Yongle Yu, Zhengbao Zhang, Chao Guo, Gaofeng Fan
The emergence of compressed sensing technology brought a revolutionary opportunity to wideband spectrum sensing, which could be used to reduce the sampling rate and reconstruct the sparse spectrum. In combination of measurement matrix optimization and adaptive process of compressive sampling, a modified...
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Improved Signal Detection Scheme for Co-Channel Interference Based on Fourth - order Cyclic Cumulants

Gaofeng Fan, Houde Quan, Hao Zhang
Signal detection and the number of signal sources are the basis of dealing with the problem of co-channel multi-signal. An algorithm based on fourth-order cyclic cumulant is proposed for multi-signal detection of co-channel and signal source number estimation. Firstly, the fourth-order cyclic cumulant...
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Design and Implementation of On-site Testing Module of College English General Testing System

Shiting Dong, Jiahui Qi, Yan Ye, Min Wu
According to the deficiencies of on-site testing module of current testing system, such as fixed types, complicated operations, poor user experience etc. After detailed requirements analysis, the author defined easily extensible structure of testing questions, designed new architecture of system, developed...
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The Research of Eiderdown Quantitative Conveying and Automatic Weighing Method Based on PLC Control

Huichao Shang, Mengzhen Duan, Xiaowei Duan, Hongbin Zhang
The key problem during the process of dynamic quantitative weighing for eiderdown outwear lies in the optimization and balance of weighing precision and weighing speed, regarding which a kind of method of quantitative conveying and automatic weighing was designed in this paper. Using pneumatic conveying...
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Research on multi - objective optimization algorithm based on bucket principle

Honggao Wei, Shucheng Huang, Zhicheng Miao
Most engineering design problems have multiple objectives, under the premise of satisfying constraints, it is necessary to maximize (or minimize) these goals at the same time. Under normal circumstances, multi-target corresponds to a variety of solutions, which usually use genetic algorithm to find its...
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A Scheduling Strategy of Naive Bayesian image classification on HSA Platform

Nan Xiao
As the heterogeneous system based on CPU-GPU architecture has a strong performance advantages, so that it has been widely used in many fields especially image recognition, in order to enhance the transmission efficiency on HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) Platform. In this paper, we design a naive...
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A Buffer Management Strategy based on Message Drop History in DTN Satellite Network

Li Yang, Shuangjian Chen, Debin Wei
In order to improve the performance of the DTN network, the DTN network routing algorithm improves the message delivery proportion and reduces the end-to-end delay by increasing the copy of messages. However, a large number of copies of the messages exist in the network, making the congestion of nodes...
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Research on Attitude Control Algorithm of PID Quadrotor based on LPV Method

Chenyu Hu, Hui Yang
The quadrotor is a non-linear, multivariable, strongly coupled under actuated system that is very difficult to control precisely. In this paper, the mathematic model of the quadrotor is established. Since the mathematical model is nonlinear, the model used in the controller and the simulation analysis...
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Optimal design of edible areca catechu slicer based on TRIZ

Guohua Gao, Sipeng Jin
In order to realize the automatic operation of slicing areca in the areca industry, on the basis of existing areca slicer, and innovative areca slicing test prototype was designed, this test prototype can adjust the effective working parameters of areca slicing force to realize uniform slicing. In this...
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A Pedestrian Safe Walking Detection System based on Smartphone Sensors

Fengtao Xue, Hailong Hu, Gaoliang Yan, Yantao Li
In recent years, pedestrians using smartphones while walking for entertainment has become more and more popular. To avoid stumble, fall down, or even collide with other pedestrians, we propose Walk Well, a safe walking detection system that uses smartphones to provide pedestrians with more safety on...
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Research on the Calculation Method of Rotation Axis

Xianyi Liu, Xihui Zhang, Zhaofa Zhou, Zhili Zhang, Zihao Xiu
There exists axis errors when using the digital zenith camera to orient. And the misalignment between the optical axis and rotation axis will lead to much more error. In order to calculate the coordinate of the rotation axis, two star images in opposite direction are used. Then analyses the influence...
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An Adaptive FAST Corner Detector based on High Contrast Grid Image

Teng Wu, Zhili Zhang, Junyang Zhao, Fenggang Liu
In this paper, an improved adaptive threshold algorithm was propose for grid image blocks with preprocessing in order to settle some defects as feature clustering, threshold fixation and noise sensitivity in FAST corner detection algorithms. Firstly, a high contrast enhancement filter algorithm is used...
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Initial Attitude Impact on Error Propagation of Single-axis Rotation Inertial Navigation System

Wen Hu, Zhili Zhang, Zhaofa Zhou, He Chen, ZiHao Xu
The rotation modulation technology of Inertial Navigation System (INS) is an error auto-compensation technique. In order to study the effects of the initial attitude to the influence of error propagation character of single-axis rotation INS, the single-axis rotation INS error model was built, and error...
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Multi-Objective Re-entry Trajectory Optimization based on the Physical Programming Method for Hypersonic Gliding Vehicle

Haiyan Chu, Jian Li
Re-entry trajectory optimization is a key step in the scheme planning of the hypersonic gliding vehicle. The problem of multi-objective re-entry trajectory optimization is usually solved by the weighted summary method (WSM). However, it is difficult to obtain the non-convex Pareto non-inferior solution....
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Effectiveness Evaluation Method of Anti-Radiation Missile against Active Decoy

Junyao Tang, Fei Cao, Sijia Li
In the problem of anti-radiation missile against active decoy, whether the ARM can effectively kill the target radiation source and bait is an important index for evaluating the operational effectiveness of the missile. Aiming at this problem, this paper proposes a method to evaluate the effect of ARM...
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Buckling Bearing Capacity Analysis of Perforated Thin Plates under In-plane Load

Lianchun Long, Jianfu Yang, Tingting Wang
In the design process of perforated thin plates, the buckling analysis for guaranteeing larger buckling bearing capacity and determining reasonable hole forms is essential. The nonlinear buckling behavior of the perforated plate under in-plane load is studied in this paper by using the Riks Method and...
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Analysis of Flap Mechanism Reliability

Jie Zhou, Zhili Sun, Qinglin Song
In this paper, a dynamic simulation model of flap mechanism is established by using Simulink and simultaneous constraint method. Based on this model, the regularity and volatility of kinematic parameters' error is analyzed under the influence of comprehensive error, the position of flap deflection angle...
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C-HPAV Technologies and Its Application in the Integration of Three Networks in China

Jingyi Yang, Ming Yan, Yaokun Zhang
AS a cable access technology, China's Home Plug AV (C-HPAV) has become one of the major technologies of Ethernet over Coaxial (EOC) in Chia, and it has been widely used in the integration construct of three networks. It has also been popularized to many regions with the development of the next generation...