Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Modern Education and Humanities Science (ICMEHS 2021)

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Practical Teaching Research Based on the Evaluation of the Principal Component Analysis

Haima Yang, Yan Jin, Mingyu Ma, Jun Li, Dawei Zhang, Jin Liu
In this paper, the Principal Component Analysis method is introduced into the curriculum evaluation system of teachers for students. Taking Proteus measurement and control circuit simulation application course as an example, we use PCA method to describe the calculation method of multi index weight in...
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Using Unit Test to Realize Automated Hinting and Grading in Student Programming

Zhiguo Zhang
In doing machine work, students may encounter problems or difficulties. It should be very helpful for students’ learning if students can get some hints or feedback immediately. We present in this paper a method that can automatically give students helpful guidance hints and judge and grade students’...
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The Reform of Professional Practice Teaching with the Cultivation of Students’ Scientific Research and Innovation Ability as the Core

Baoqing Deng, Cunxin Yan, Zhengyu Deng, Shaojia Huang, Zhuo Yang
Innovative entrepreneurship is a new impetus to cultivate economic and social development. Higher education institutions cultivate students’ innovative thinking and play an important role in students’ innovation and entrepreneurship after graduation. This paper analyzes the confusion of engineering students...
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Research on College Students’ Professional Quality and Cultivation of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents

Ke Tang, Mengxue Zuo, Min Tian
Through the cultivation of college students’ professional consciousness, professional knowledge and professional ability, we can improve their professional accomplishment of college students, make them meet the requirements of employers, and improve the employment rate of college students. Through the...
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The Construction of the Service System of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Tutors in Colleges and Universities

Yangyong Guo, Zhongyu Li, Juan Wei
Tutor is the key to the innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, and the perfect tutor service system is the guarantee to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship guidance. This paper first expounds the connotation and characteristics of the innovation and entrepreneurship...
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On the Cultivation of Students Self-Regulated Learning Ability in Chinese Teaching

Hanyuan Yang
It’s the important moment for students in the primary school stage to consolidate the basic knowledge. Forming good study habits is helpful to lay the foundation for students’ future study career. With the continuous development of all aspects of our society, more and more attention has been paid to...
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Evaluation and Enlightenment of Tanzanian Student Loan Policy

Tao Feng, Zhigang Gao
Tanzania is a developing country, but its higher education have a great development in recent years. The student loan policy of Tanzania has certain characteristics in the design of demand, application conditions and highest limit reimbursement, etc, it also has some bad, such as limited funding, unreasonable...
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Another Aspect of Ecological Literature

Literary Convergence From Separation of Man and Nature to Unity of Nature and Man

Yongshi Liu
The contemporary trends of ecological thoughts in the West forming in the 1960s-70s are the passive products of the increasingly serious survival crisis that human beings are being confronted with. As one of the important branches, the ecological literature commits itself to exploring the ideological...
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Analysis and Comparison of Securitization Cases About Tourist Attractions

Chen Huang
With the rise of tourism, China, as a country famous for its tourism, has attracted more and more attention on financing. Starting with securitization of assets, this paper collects securitization cases about tourist attractions. Through analysis and comparison of various cases, it finds out the financing...
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The Influence of Inclusive Leadership on Employee’s Job Performance-A Moderated Mediating Model

Yanru Wang, Yanni Zhu, Juan Tang
Drawing on the social exchange theory, this paper discusses the motivational influence of inclusive leadership on job performance. Psychological empowerment was selected as a mediating variable and promotion focus was used as a boundary condition for analysis. Using questionnaires to analyze 416 pairs...
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Research on the Construction of New Business Data Thinking and Data Analysis Ability Training System Based on OBE Concept

Shuli Gao
Based on OBE concept, this paper aims to build an endogenous new business data and analysis ability training system with “achievement oriented, student-centred and continuous quality improvement”. In the specific construction, mainly through the following path. First, it should clear teaching objectives...
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Exploration of the Relation Between Ethnic Tourists’ Authenticity Perception and Place Identity

Yixuan Wang
In ethnic tourism situation, there are still many shortcomings in the research place identity. The exploration of the relationship between them is even rarer. In order to make up for this research gap, this paper chooses a representative of Xishuangbanna Dai Park, as an example of this study to explore...
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Problems and Countermeasures in the Training of Military Equipment Support Personnel

Zengji Wei, Guiming Chen, Tingting Tan
In the current environment of rapid development of information technology, the future direction of war puts forward new requirements for the training of military equipment support personnel. At present, there are many problems in the training of equipment support personnel in our army, which are mainly...
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Present Situation and Countermeasure Analysis of Military Safety Management

Tingkai Li, Lihong Du, Yingjie Ren
At present, all levels of the army attach great importance of security management. The institution is strictly implemented, and the overall security situation is stable. But the thinking and understanding is not flat, safety training implementation is not strict, security inspection group also is not...
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Research on the Hierarchical Teaching Method of Internet of Things Professional Courses Under the Background of New Engineering

Yinggang Xie, Shaohua Guo, Yuxin Li
Based on the professional construction of the IoT, this thesis reforms the teaching mode and talent training mode of “data processing and intelligent decision-making” under the background of “new engineering” and combined with the requirements of IEET engineering education certification, and proposes...
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Analysis of Creative Drama Education Based on Transverse Ability Training

Ping Xu, Degang Xu
To grow into high-quality preschool teachers, students majoring in preschool education in colleges and universities should have cross-disciplinary thinking ability, integrate knowledge and skills in different fields, and have excellent professional ability, profound professional quality and integrated...
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The Practical Problems and the Solution of Aesthetic Education Under the Context of Value Pluralism

Lulu Sun, Xing Li
Under the context of value pluralism, aesthetic education in the colleges encounters both internal and external crises which are characterized by the fact that aesthetic education is shifting from the academic domain to practicality, namely, from the western enlightenment concept under the context of...
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Talking About the Virtual Teaching Platform of Signal and System Course Based on LabVIEW

Jun Li, Haima Yang, Xinglin Zou, Kun Liang, Dawei Zhang, Jin Liu, Jie Ying
“Signals and Systems” is a basic course for communications majors. This course has strong theory, numerous formulas, abstract content, and difficult to understand. It is proposed that based on LabVIEW simulation design, the LabVIEW implementation of signal analysis, signal sampling, LTI system characteristics...
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Teaching Discussion Based on Mechanical Dynamics Simulation Teaching Case

Rui Huo, Yuanbo Li
Dynamics of mechanical system has received more and more attention in the undergraduate and postgraduate course of mechanical specialties. And how to improve the quality of education through case teaching has become a mutually concerned subject of teaching methods reform. In view of shortage of combination...
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Research on Ideological and Political Reform of Single Chip Microcomputer Course in Colleges and Universities

Yucun Wang, Hongxiang Yang
Curriculum ideology and politics is an educational mode that combines ideological education with classroom teaching. Single chip microcomputer principle course is an count for much course to those students of electronic information, electrical engineering, computer science and other science and engineering...
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ELAN-Based Multimodal Analysis of Non-linguistic Features in the TED Speech for the Education of Public Speaking Ability

Yahui Chu, Jing Chen
Non-linguistic features, conveying meaning and speech as symbolic resources, is an activity that involves a wealth of modes, where non-linguistic symbols can play an important role. Thus, under the guidance of dynamic multimodal analysis framework as well as the video analysis tool ELAN, an analysis...
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Adjustment is Crucial: Self-Regulation of English Learning Application and English Academic Achievement

Hong Ma
Memorizing words by English vocabulary application is a popular trend in English language learning so as to improve English academic achievement. This paper explored the relationship between English learning app and English academic achievement through questionnaires and scales of 138 English learners....
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A Case Study of Talent Cultivation in Public Calligraphy Education in Universities

Take Leshan Normal University for Example

Shengjing Wu, Ju Wang
In order to improve college students’ writing ability and aesthetic level of art, many universities have adopted many effective strategies and methods. Leshan Normal University have trained a group of calligraphy talents who are not majoring in calligraphy through the establishment of a tutor calligraphy...
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Research on the Normalized Online Teaching Strategies of Ordinary Universities in the Post-Epidemic Era

Xiaofang Zhao, Shuying Chen
Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, it is imperative to implement normalized online teaching in Colleges and universities. In the post-epidemic era, the implementation of normalized online teaching in ordinary universities can take the construction of blended curriculum as the...
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The Implementation and Discussion of the Experiential Rhythm Teaching Mode of College Public Music Courses

Ju Wang, Shengjing Wu
With the development of subject teaching and the introduction of new music curriculum standards, The development and reform of music teaching in universities are also gradually advancing students’ comprehensive quality. In the “aesthetic education, to beautify people” under the background of aesthetic...
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Integration and Co-Construction of School Sports Culture and Community Sports Culture

Li Xu, Chuanzhong Wu, Yi Ding, Gengchen Xu
Integration of school sports culture and community sports culture is the responsibility of education. It can improve the quality of personnel training and social services, can realize the interactive sharing and effective use of resources, create social benefits and gain more. Social support is in line...
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An Ecolinguistic Approach to Epidemic Rumor Discourse

Yancheng Yang, Mengyu Wang
Since the covid-19 pandemic started in early 2020, epidemic rumors become more serious, which can influence people’s life and destroy the Atmosphere of public opinion. From the perspective of ecolinguistic, this research aims to study the Covid-19 epidemic rumor, taking some online typical epidemic rumors...
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Analysis of the Public’s Mental Health and the Countermeasures of Mental Health Education During the COVID-19 Epidemic

An Interview Study Based on Different Age Groups of Citizens in Baise City

Bei Song
Strengthening social and psychological counseling and humane care during the epidemic is the key to winning the epidemic prevention and control, and is an important part of social and psychological reconstruction. This research adopts qualitative research methods, through the interview different age...
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Construction of Structural Elements and Characteristic System of Athletes’ Cognitive Ability

Chuanzhong Wu, Li Xu, Haoyu Pei, Hongyan Liu
Cognitive ability is important component of competitive ability of athletes, important content of winning elements in sports, and important topic of modern sports training and scientific research. These problems will restrict the improvement of athletes’ cognitive ability and mental level. Based on the...
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The Literature Review of Proactive Behavior at Work

Xuanfang Hou, Rong Huang
With the intensification of market competition, organization gradually expects employees’ proactive behavior to help organization cope with market changes. Therefore, the research of proactive behavior is helpful to deepen our understanding of it. In view of this, the paper defines the connotation and...