Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Globalization of Law and Local Wisdom (ICGLOW 2019)

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Green Growth Strategy in Natural Resources Management and Its Correlation to Prevention of Corruption: Practices in Indonesia

Wanodyo Sulistyani, Ida Nurlinda
Short term of cash return in natural resources management as economic benefit has been considered as a usual approach in practice. However, environmental degradation has been escalated since this approach ignores its negative impacts to the environment. This, of course, has caused the increase of greenhouse...
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Law Enforcement Optimalisation on Pop Up Advertisement in Internet

R. Arum Prastyanti, Wijiyanto
There are many forms of advertising on the internet. An agreement between the advertisers and advertisers typically includes the types of ads and host sites that will show their ads Just like Pop-up ads are displayed in a variety of shapes and sizes, typically on a scale that scaled down the browser...
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Bank Participation in Managing Environmental Recovery Guarantee Funds in Order to Realize the Sustainable Development Goals

Tri Handayani, Abubakar, Lastuti
This article examines the SDGs agenda, that is Indonesia committed to harmonize all aspects of doing business with the SDGs purposes. Bank as one of the funding sources for large companies, had an impact from this agenda into a loan mechanism. The SDGs agenda also brought the changes in a several banking...
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Relevance of the Implementation of Conservation Pillars on Operational Performance of Companies and Institutions

Moch Faizal Rachmadi
At this time, environmental changes are increasingly happening. Various natural and environmental problems come and go and certainly have an impact in the future. These problems make the world of work think about how to maintain the environment so that it remains sustainable because it cannot be denied...
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Legal Implication the Constitutional Court's Decision Number 67/PUU-X/2013 on Creditor Concurrent's Rights in Bankruptcy Case

Shokib Mahendra, Adi Sulistiyono, Emmy Latifah
The implication of the Constitutional Court Decision Number 67 / PUU-XI / 2013 is very interesting to study, it is because of after the decision, the repayment of workers’ payment in the case of bankruptcy of a company must take precedence over other creditors. On the one hand, the decision provides...
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Conservation and Development Balance of the Palm Oil Industry Through Sustainability Regulation

Rio Christiawan
ISPO Certificate as provided under the Minister of Agriculture Regulation Number 19/Permentan/OT.140/3/2011 it impose that not later than 2014 all ventures which had obtained Plantation Business Permit (IUP) shall obtained ISPO Certificate, the result is that at the end of 2014 there was only 5% (five...
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The Model of Business Activities Legal Responsibility in Anticipation of Environmental Pollution Impact on Sea Fish as a Food Raw Material by Small and Medium Enterprises

S. Malikhatun Badriyah, Amiek Soemarmi, Siti Mahmudah
Indonesia, as one of the largest fish-producing countries in the world, has great potential to improve the fishing industry, one of which is food processing made from sea fish. On the other hand there are legal issues that often occur related to processed foods as the use of raw materials that increase...
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Need Online Fiduciary that Can Strengthening Law And Justice

L. Endah Susanti, M. Najib Imanullah, Pujiyono
The recent online system plays a role in all aspects of world life. Globalization signals all humanity to carry out reforms, including in the financial sector. Fiduciary who later became a supporter of the credit agreement is now also shifting dimensions to an online system with a degree of efficiency...
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The Legal Framework of Green Governance in Archipelagic State Based on Constitution of The Republic of Indonesia

T. Primananda Alfath, Lilik Pudjiastuti, Dina Sunyowati
Indonesia was an archipelagic state that characterized by nusantara affirmed in Article 25A, constitution of the republic of Indonesia, Undang-Undang Dasar Negara Republik Indoensia (UUD NRI 1945) in chapter IXA which explains the territory of the country. This had two consequences, first, that sovereignty...
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Is Public Morality Able to Restrict Human Rights?

Nurhidayatuloh, Febrian, Akhmad Idris, Rd. Muhammad Ihksan, Helena Primadianti, Fatimatuz Zuhro, Irawati Handayani, Kukuh Tejomurti
Public morality is directly mentioned in several international and regional legal instruments from Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) to the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR). It is intended through public morality reasons a country can restrict the implementation of human rights in...
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The Implementation of the Principles of Evidence of Evidence in the Consumer Dispute Settlement to Make Justice Just

D. Edi Wibowo, Adi Sulistiyono, Lego Karjoko
According to Article 45 of Law Number 8 of 1999 concerning Consumer Protection, the settlement of consumer disputes can be carried out outside the court and in the court. Out-of-court dispute resolution is carried out by the Dispute Settlement Agency (BPSK). Settlement of consumer disputes in court is...
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The Protection of Refugees Rights of Natural Disasters in Central Sulawesi Indonesia

Agus Lanini, Sutarman Yodo, Ikshan Syafiuddin
The research aims to evaluate a local law in implementation to fulfill the rights of the victims of natural disasters, earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction in Palu, Sigi, Central Sulawesi and Donggala, what does the local regulation appropriate to fulfill the rights of the victims of a natural disaster,...
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Development Legal Principle to Overcoming Environmental Damage in West Java and East Java Province Indonesia

Yeni Widowaty, Dinda Riskanita
Environmental damage in West Java and East Java Province is caused by many land-conversion factors that occur in some areas, especially in high altitude and protected areas. The problem formulation in this research what is policy to overcome environmental damage to realize sustainable development based...
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Restitution for Victims of Terrorism

Rani Hendriana
In practice indemnity for victims of criminal acts of terrorism tend to be given in the form of compensation. As a result, the perpetrators of criminal acts of terrorism often doesn’t have responsibility to compensate the victims. Based on this, it is necessary to study the use of restitution for...
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Prevent Corruption Through The E-Court System (Study in Jabodetabek Court)

Susanto, Edy Mulyanto
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the use of E-Court to eliminate judicial corruption activities. Actions or policies that are permitted by law and which are not permitted. Corruption in the administrative sector is closely related to the relationship between justice seekers and individual...
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Implementation of Mediation in the Settlement of Administrative Disputes

Indriati Amarini
The research analyses the mediation of dispute settlement in Administrative Courts. Mediation as means of dispute settlement can be conducted both in and out of the courts. The implementation of in court-mediation in settling civil disputes is constructed from the interpretation of article 130 Herziene...
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Transformation the Meaning of Public Interest in the Indonesian Regulations on Land Acquisition: A Sustainable Development Perspective

Suhadi, Dani Muhtada
The number of land areas controlled by the state is not enough to meet the needs for the lands that must be provided by the government. The basis used by the government to take over individual land is for the public interest. This article seeks to examine whether or not the transformation of the meaning...
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Impact of the Indonesia Australia Free Trade Agreement

Mutimatun Niami, Adi Sulistiyono, Pujiono Pujiono, Burhanudin Harahap
Globalization requires the state's readiness to compete with its neighbors. Free trade arises as a result of the globalization tradition which removes barriers between the two. Indonesia finally signed a free trade cooperation with Australia after 9 years of struggle. Indonesia's unpreparedness to compete...
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Factors that Cause Prisons in Indonesia Fail to Achieve the Goals of Punishment

M. Ulin Nuha, Supanto, Mohamad Jamin
This research analyzes the factors cause prisons in Indonesia fail to achieve the goals of punishment existing regulations. The normative legal research is used with legislative and conceptual approach. Primary, secondary, and tertiary legal materials are used in this research. The results of the research...
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Developing Human Rights-Based Legal Protection Model on Victims of Child Trafficking in Indonesia

Sulistya Eviningrum, Hartiwiningsih, Mohamad Jamin
Human traficking is a crime resulted from social disorganization and social crimes, such as industrialization, social change and modernization. Social change causes women and children to choose to leave their homes and find livelihoods far from their regions and even abroad, with minimal skills and education....
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Evaluation of Corporate Crime Liability for Prepator of Business Crime in Order to Achieve for Fair Business Competition in Indonesia

Budi Suhariyanto
Along with the trend of economic globalization and the dynamics and the development of private enterprises, the corporation has a major contribution in improving the national economy, but in reality there are some corporation commiting various criminal acts in business. Existing legislation is still...
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Consumer Protection Based on Justice in Order to Advance State Administration Systems in Indonesia

A. Bagus Kuncoro, I.G.A.K. Rachmi Handayani, Y. Taruono Muryanto, Lego Karjoko
This study aims to examine how legal protection for consumers in Indonesia, and its effect on a better state administration system, focuses on state institutions in the field of consumer dispute resolution namely BPSK (Badan Penyelesaian Sengketa Konsumen) and in private institutions engaged in consumer...
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Reconstruction of the Completion of Presidential Election Dispute by Progressive Law Approach

Nicholay Aprilindo, I.G.A.K. Rachmi Handayani, Adi Sulistiyono
The implementation of elections must refer to the principles of honesty and justice. The occurrence of violations in a systematic and massive structure has given a dominant position. This dominant position is the main cause that influences vote acquisition. Thus, determining the existence of electoral...
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ASEAN Banking Integration and Its Impacts to the Banking Industry in Indonesia

Handriyanto Wijaya, Jamal Wiwoho, Emmy Latifah
This study aimed to know how the development of economic liberalization has had an impact on tight competition in the banking industry sector. Therefore, to face the challenges of competition in the region, the ASEAN Banking Integration Framework (ABIF) was established. ABIF was established on the initiative...
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System of Responsibilities in International Marine Pollution

Noer Indriati
Pollution of the sea is one of the environmental issues facing the current and is often caused by human activities or activities, where most of the pollution of the seas is exercised either directly or indirectly. The issue of damages is not always completed properly by the existing system. This research...
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Implementation of the Principles for Responsible Banking in Indonesian Banking Practices to Realize Sustainable Development Goals

Lastuti Abubakar, Tri Handayani
This study aimed to know : (i) the implementation of principle for responsible banking in Indonesia to support sustainable development goals ; (ii) the implementation of CSR and the use and management of Environmental Recovery Guarantee Funds to support the achievement of social, environmental and governance...
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Regulation of Regional Government on Halal Tourism Destinations in West Nusa Tenggara Province after Constitutional Court Decision Number 137/PUU-XIII/2015

A. Kadir Jaelani, I.G.A.K. Rachmi Handayani, Isharyanto
The present study is initiated by the proliferation of a very broad authority of Regional Government in forming Regional Regulation that is not in line with the synchronization and harmonization function of optimal legislation. Each party has a strong argument in maintaining a regulation on religion....
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The Role of Indonesian Honorary Council of Medical Discipline in Upholding Indonesian Medical Code of Ethics

P. Bayu Murdi, Supanto, W. Tresno Novianto
The purpose of this study is to analyze the role of Indonesian Honorary Council of Medical Discipline in upholding the Indonesian medical code of ethics which in carrying out its duties often triggers disputes between doctors and patients or medical disputes. It is normative legal research using the...
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Mediation as an Alternative Institution of Disclaimer in Religion Court in Indonesia According to Justice Perspective

Haeratun, Adi Sulistiyono, Isharyanto
Settlement of divorce cases through mediation in the religious court by the judge as the mediator who reconciles the two parties in the sulh dispute which is a dispute resolution process in which the parties agree to end their case peacefully. In this case the judge must always strive for the parties...
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The Election Smart House Management as a Society Political Education FacilityReconstructing the Developmet of Eco-Friendly Environment as the Green Constitution (Study of Tin Mining and Environmental Degradation in Bangka Belitung Islands)

Darwance, Dwi Haryadi, Yokotani Yokotani
Province of Bangka Belitung Island is one of Indonesia’s regions that has the largest tin content in the world so that this region is one of the orogenese pathway that is a region of the world’s most prosperous track.On its current development, tin mining has caused many issues such as the rampant practices...
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The Implication of Technological Development on Stock Trading in the Stock Markets of Indonesia Stock Exchange

Arsyad Aldyan, Adi Sulistiyono, Pujiyono
This article discusses the implication of technological development on stock trading in the stock markets of Indonesia Stock Exchange. Along with the technological development, the stock trading system in the stock market shows great development, for example the existence of online stock trading system...
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Implementing “Legal Reality Model” Into Indonesia Corporate Criminal Liability

Erni Mustikasari, Hartiwiningsih, Y. Taruono Muryanto
The contemporary Indonesian criminal legal system is largely influenced by the period of Dutch colonization. Indonesia Criminal Code (1919) based on Dutch Criminal Code (1889), until now Indonesia still not change this code. In the other hand, Dutch Criminal Code in 1976 receive update in perspective...
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Problems in Law Ofmortgage Right (Law Number 4 of 1997)

M. Husein Ahmadi, I.G.A.K. Rachmi Handayani, Lego Karjoko
Mortgage Law disregarding a number of civil problems, the rights of the parties in the relationship of mortgage rights cannot be fulfilled equitably, because procedural practices so far have not proceeded properly. Law Number 4 of 1997 does not provide clear rules, therefore creditor tends to dominate...
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The Implementation of Political Culture and its Correlation to the Political Development

D. Rianto Jatmiko, Hartiwiningsih, I.G.A.K. Rachmi Handayani
Indonesian political system is undergoing a democratization process which consequences are not only felt in the dynamics of national political life. This research aims to examine how the cultural implementation affects the political development. The population of this research were communities in Ngawi...
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Legal Protection in Online Buy and Sell Agreements for Consumers

Dharu Triasih, B. Rini Heryanti, Endah Pujiastuti
The online sale and purchase agreement has a characteristic that the media used is the internet so that business people and consumers do not have to meet directly, that is, carried out on behalf of the parties. This condition on the one hand benefits consumers, because consumers have many choices to...
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The Development of Corruption in Indonesia (is Corruption a Culture of Indonesia?)

Ali Mukartono, Hartiwiningsih, Muhammad Rustamaji
The problem of corruption in Indonesia continues to be headlines almost every day in the Indonesian media. Even after the New Order's authoritarian regime collapsed, it was clear that the practice of corruption had proven to be a tradition and culture which had widespread, entrenched and influenced the...
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Pancasila as the Highest Legal Source and Inspiration for Other Countries in the World

Bob Hasan, Supanto, Soehartono
Based on Article 7 paragraph (1) of Law No. 12 of 2011 concerning the Establishment of Regulations which is actually the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia (1945 Constitution) is the highest order in the statutory order, temporarily it has been stated in Article 2, that is that Pancasila...
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The Social Security Models for State Civil Aparatus in the Concept of the State of Welfare

Budi Prasetyo, I.G.A.K. Rachmi Handayani, Adi Sulistiyono, Lego Karjoko
Law Number 5 of 2014 concerning State Civil Apparatus mandates the Government to provide social security protection for State Civil Servants. This protection aims to provide protection for Participants in carrying out their duties and functions in carrying out public To support the implementation of...
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Indonesian Business Law: Legal Construction Between Bank-Creditor and Bank-Debitor in the Sub-Participation Contract

Krista Yitawati, Adi Sulistiyono, Pujiono
The papers aims to analyze the legal construction between bank-creditor and bank-debtor in the sub-participation contract, which apparently has not been well covered by the two legal fields in the event of a dispute, whereas the funds lent in the banking business are very important to immediately withdraw...
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Government Policy in Mining Field to Encourage Indonesian Economy and Support Industrial Revolution 4.0

Surizki Febrianto, Suparto
As a developing country, Indonesia which is heading towards developed countries is required to make efforts to accelerate economic growth. One way to do is to invite the investors to invest their capital in Indonesia, both domestic investors and foreign investors as contained in the Law of Republic Indonesia...
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The Urgency of Indonesia-Singapore’s Extradition Agreement in the Corruption Law Enforcement

D. Ekawaty Ismail, Novendri M. Nggilu
The purpose of this paper is to see the urgency of the extradition treaty between Indonesia and Singapore in terms of law enforcement of criminal acts of corruption. As is well known, there are quite a number of corruptors who fled to Singapore so that they were not ensnared by Indonesian law. Indonesian...
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The Constitutional Court Decision Regarding Disputes of Legislative Election; from a Progressive Law Enforcement to the Recognition of Customary Law Communities in Democracy

Suparto Suparto, Ellydar Chaidir
Decision of the Constitutional Court Number: 47-18 / PHPU. A / VII / 2009 Concerning Disputes over Election Results of the Regional Representative Council Members, Electoral District of Yahukimo Regency, Papua is a breakthrough step in a progressive law enforcement effort. The research method used a...
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Law and Human Rights Approach of Limited Double Citizenship Policy in Indonesia

N. Farida Ariani, B. Lora Chrisyanti
The Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 12 of 2006 on the Citizenship of the Republic of Indonesia accommodates some aspects of the rights and obligations of Indonesian Citizen comprehensively that was not provided by the previous one. Even so, the principles adopted, especially dealing with the...
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Dynamics of the 1945 Constitution: Reflection on 74 Years of Constitutional Republic of Indonesia

Udiyo Basuki, Adi Sulistiyono, Isharyanto
For the modern state, the constitution must be understood as a development concept. The constitution can not be viewed as a static document, but it lives and grows as the basic principle of the state organization that always followes the developments and dynamics of society. The constitution was born...
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State Policy’s Analysis in the Redistribution of Reformed Agrarian Lands From Forest Areas in Indonesia (Study of Presidential Regulation Number 86 Year 2018 Regarding Agrarian Reform)

M. B. Adi Wicaksono, I.G.A.K. Rachmi Handayani, Lego Karjoko
Agrarian reform is a development priority in Nawa Cita and set forth in Presidential Regulation No. 2 of 2015 concerning the National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN). It is known in the RPJMN that the target for implementing an agrarian reform policy is 9 million hectares, consisting of a policy...
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State-Owned Enterprises Restructuring Through Holding Company in Responding Bankruptcy in Subsidiaries

D. Ahmad Nuryanto, Adi Sulistiyono, Pujiyono
he present study aims to determine State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) restructuring through holding companies in responding bankruptcy in subsidiaries. It is also initiated by the issue of bankruptcy as a risk that can occur both on holding company and its subsidiaries in a holding company of the SOEs. If...
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Criminal Law Policy Formulation to Prevent Cybersex Based on Civility Values

Mufti Khakim, Supanto, W. Tresno Novianto
Cybersex is an ethical problem of using information technology media. Cybersex is more than sexual satisficing through information technology, but it has become a commercial product for producers and consumers and also it has been publicly marketed to get cybersex services. The consumers are not limited...
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Effectivity Study of Legal Politics of Sea Reclamation Development in Indonesia Reviewed from the Benefits of People's Welfare

Ratna Anggraini, I.G.A.K. Rachmi Handayani, Adi Sulistiyono
In the implementation of the construction of beach / sea reclamation, formal regulations must be preceded because the law will regulate and fortify all activities from the implementation of the construction of reclamation and management. Juridically, the specific arrangement regarding the construction...
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Factors that Influence the Effectiveness of Sanctions in Mangrove Forest Preservation Efforts

Pudji Astuti, Eny Sulistyowati
The main cause of destruction of mangrove forests is a disruption of human activities. More than 90% of mangrove forest damage is caused by development in the fields of plantations, fisheries, settlements, infrastructure and tourism. Damaged mangrove forests cause abrasion and disruption of natural resources,...
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Legal Protection for Children Affected HIV/AIDS in Indonesia

P. Maharani Putri, I.G.A.K. Rachmi Handayani, W. Tresno Novianto
The assumption underlying this paper is that there are many challenges faced by those who try to fulfill the rights of chlidren, since what stipulated in the regulations are not separated with those implementation. Regulation and implementation are not closed and separated. Society and government are...
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Diversion Model of Death Sentence in the Perspective of Restorative Justice Law Policy

Fauzun Nihayah, Hartiwiningsih, I.G.A.K. Rachmi Handayani
The optional (alternative) law policies in the death sentence stipulated in the draft of Criminal Code have not adopted the resitutive concept by referring to the principles of restorative justice. The optional nature needs to relate to the legal interests to be protected. The criminal law policies should...
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The Aspect of Criminal Liability in Law Enforcement for the Prohibition on Hate Speech on Social Media

Habiburokhman, Firdaus Supanto, S. Ummul
The issue of hate speech may never have been predicted by scientists and social media creators because social media is in principle only intended to facilitate communication between people in various parts of the world. Since Indonesia is a state of law, we must always position the law as the commander,...
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Spirituality and Modernity According to Seyyed Hossen Nasr’s Thought (A Study of Religion and Modern Human Crisis)

C. Heru Santosa, Hartiwiningsih, Hari Purwadi
Seyyed Hossein Nasr is a magnificent intellectual and scholar. He has created many works such as essays and books. He also has diverse outline of thougths. In this thesis the authors hope that Islamic thought has comprehensive and comprehensive foundations that are aware of God’s existence and can also...
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The Regulation of Cryptocurrency Investation in Indonesia

Soehartono, U. Khaerah Pati
In the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, besides fiat currency virtual currency were circulating globally which began to be used as commodity tools. Indonesian monetary policy has not granted permission to use medium of exchange other than fiat currency which has been approved in trade and payments,...
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Restructuration of Public Service Obligation (PSO0, Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation (IMO), Track Access Charge (TAC) on PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Based on Justice

Edi Sukmoro, Adi Sulistiyono, Lego Karjoko
The conception of welfare state places public service as state responsibility to run it optimally for the welfare of its people. Public service in the welfare state conception is the responsibility of the state, including the public transport of railways which is managed by PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero)...
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Law and Economic Approach to Reduce Marine Plastic Litter in Indonesia

Sapto Hermawan
This article is to describe (1) the strengths and weaknesses of government regulation to reduce marine plastic litter in Indonesia and finding (2) suitable instruments based on the law and economic approaches to reducing marine plastic litter in Indonesia. This article can be categorized as a normative...
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Hajj Fund Management in Perspective of the Financial Theory and Fiqh

Dece Kurniadi, Jamal Wiwoho, Hudi Asrori
With the separation of the management of the hajj funds of the Ministry of Religion to the BPKH, it still leaves some differences in view, related to the amount of the initial deposit charged by Jemaah who are members of the waiting list with a vulnerable period of 5 - 25 years. In addition, there is...
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The Urgency of Sanctions for Violators of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Improving of The Welfare of Society

Reda Mantovani, Jamal Wiwoho
The Impossing of sanctions to companies that do not implement CSR is still only a threat. Legal instruments are still too weak in facing business corporations. The implementation of CSR is not only useful for sustainable environmental sustainability, it also has a positive impact on improving community...
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Some Problems in the Implementation of the Business Judgment Rule Principles to the Directors of State-Owned Enterprises in Indonesia

B. Sugeng Rukmono, Soehartono
Principles of Business Judgment Rule is not a principle that has existed for years. This principle is like two sides of a coin, on the one hand it is used to ensure directors work according to the corridor, on the other hand it can be used to protect moral hazard of the company's directors. In Indonesia...
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Online Arbitration as a New Way of Business Dispute Settlement in Indonesia

Pujiyono, S. Dasco Ahmad
The business world develops faster than law. Business always requires speed including speed in handling disputes between parties. Online arbitration is a breakthrough that must be taken to bridge the speed of business and the availability of legal institutions in resolving disputes. Regulations in Indonesia...
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Online Transportation: Violation of Privacy Rights and Vulnerability to Sexual Violence by Drivers in Digital Platform-Based Work

Hernawan Hadi, Kukuh Tejomurti, Mochammad Najib Imanullah, Nurhidayatuloh
This study will examine the relation of the lack of protection of consumers' digital personal data online transportation modes which have implications for the vulnerability of sexual violence carried out by drivers of online transportation. The annual data of the Women's National Commission in 2019 shows...
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Community Policy in State Life in Indonesia

Sumarji, Hartiwiningsih, Hari Purwadi
This reserch aims to find out what is the basis for consideration of community policing and the obstacles experienced in building Community Policing in order to create community security and order. The background of the study was that the study was conducted in the Sragen Regency, Central Java Province....
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System of Universal People's Defense and Security: Concept to Fight on Drugs Crime in Indonesia

Yusuf Saefudin, Hartiwiningsih, Isharyanto
The misuse and the illicit trafficking of drug in Indonesia are more and more apprehensive. The number of imported narcotics contraband is increasing. Based on the data from United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Indonesia is the target of narcotics smuggling especially for the kind of shabu....
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The Urgency of Political Education to Women in the Perspective of Muhammadiyah and Democracy

A. Wahyu Asmorojati
The study aims to know the urgency of political education for women in the muhammadiyah and democratic perspective . Along with women’s role, it becomes an issue in line with the Article 29 of Law Number 2 of 2011 on Political Party, mentioning that the threshold for women representatives in the House...
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Poverty, Evictions and Development: Efforts to Build Social Welfare Through the Concept of Welfare State in Indonesia

Wahyu Widodo, Toebagus Galang
This study aimed to know how is the reality of people's welfare in Indonesia during the current administration and how to build people's welfare through the concept of welfare state. The research approach used in this research is empirical juridical approach method is research that relate the law with...
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Application of the Vicarious Liability Principles in Environmental Crime

K. Puji Prayitno, D. Hapsari Retnaningrum
Environmental crime is one of the criminal acts that may lead to significant negative impact and/or damage to human sustainability. Therefore, in criminal law, criminal acts related to the environment needs to be specifically regulated. The regulation can exist outside or comes in different form from...
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Disharmonization beetwen Constitutional Court and Supreme Court Regarding Illicit Material on the Corruption Reviewed Concept of Pancasila Justice

S. Wibowo Gumbira, Supanto, Muhammad Rustamaji, Agus Riewanto
The writing of this article is to discuss and analyze the disharmony problem between the decision of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia in the scope of applying illicit material of corruption in Indonesia. Writing methodology use the doctrinal juridical approach....
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The Efforts to Make a Green Constitution Through Judicial Review Conducted by the Constitutional Court

Riris Ardhanariswari, Muhammad Fauzan
One of the protection of the constitutional rights of citizens is related to the right to the environment. The concept of the Green Constitution which was adopted explicitly in the Indonesian constitution in the 1945 Constitution, namely Article 28H paragraph (1) which reflects constitutionally guaranteed...
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The Practical Settlement of Norm Dispute Upon Separated State Assets in The Limited Company of Stated-Owned Enterprise

Arie Sudihar, I.G.A.K. Rachmi Handayani, Waluyo Pujiyono
The development of law in Indonesia is still questioning the position of the State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the theoretical and practical level of the State Finances. There has been no a similar understanding in determining whether there should be a separation between the state assets with the SOEs,...
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Industrial Revolution 4. 0 and Its Impacts to Indonesian Labor Force

Siti Kunarti, Kadar Pamuji
The most significant impact of Industrial Revolution 4. 0 goes to low-educated labors with repetitive work. International Labor Organization (ILO) reported that 56 % of job opportunity are threatened due to the emergence of robots and automation. Experts predict that labors will lose jobs and stagnancy...
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Analysis of Equality on Creditor Standing Principle on The Process of Arrangement and Settlement of Bankruptcy Asset in Indonesia

Winanto, Adi Sulistiyono, Y. Taruono Muryanto
The process of arranging and clearing bankrupt assets carried out by the curator is not carried out properly and professionally and does not meet the principles in bankruptcy law, so there will be legal problems in the distribution of bankrupt debtor assets. This is mainly related to the existence of...
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Juridical Study of Factors Causing Low Informal Worker Participation to Participate in Social Security Employment (Case Study in Central Java Province)

S. Ummu Adlilah, I.G.A.K. Rachmi Handayani, Adi Sulistiyono
Employment in the informal sector has a very significant role in providing employment in Indonesia. The informal sector can accommodate the number of workers who are not absorbed in the formal sector so that the unemployment rate does not increase significantly. Low and uncertain income, causing informal...
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Politics of Law of Imposing Income Tax (PPh) Based on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with Justice Value Base to Increase Voluntary Tax Compliance in Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era

Amin Purnawan, Ahmad Khisni, Aryani Witasari
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are economic sectors that have significant role in the national economy. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2017, the contribution of MSMEs reached 61.4% of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). MSMEs also absorb employment of almost...
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Principle of Obligation to Pay in Terms of Pollution at Sea

Lynda Asiana, Supanto, Hari Purwadi
One of the basic rights for all citizens is the right to a healthy environment. UNCLOS contains general provisions relating to environmental issues. One of UNCLOS's provisions is that States have the obligation to protect and preserve the marine environment. In terms of legal substantial, as a form...
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Regulations for Sustainable Development in the Environment and Forestry

Anne Rusiana, Jamal Wiwoho, Adi Sulistiyono
Bureaucratic reform Determination of laws and regulations with the aim that a more orderly, non-overlapping, and conducive agreement. Environmental regulation, governance and governance of forest natural resources consists of one factor that needs attention, because the exploitation of wood using machine...
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Implementation of The Values Sasi Customary Law in the Formation of Regional Regulations on Environmental Sector

S. Djaiz Baranyanan, I.G.A.K. Rachmi Handayani, Isharyanto
Sasi is one of the customary laws that is still adhered to by all communities in the Maluku islands. However, the main value contained in sasi is more to emphasize the existence of a certain legal right or legal concern over something or material. The benefit value from sasi which is often practiced...
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Model of Indigenous Community Participation in Tackling Illegal Fishing in the Selaru Island Waters of West Southeast Maluku

R. Andi Fitriono, B. Nawawi Arief, FX. Adji Samekto
LIPI Oceanographic Research Center reveals that only 35% of Indonesia's coral reefs are classified as very good. While 27.18% were classified in good condition, 37.25% were in adequate condition, and 30.45% were in bad condition. the last half century of coral reef degradation in Indonesia increased...
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Law in the Globalization and Its Influence on Economic Development and Environmental Preservation based on Pancasila and the Indonesian Constitution of 1945

Waluyo, F. Ulfatun Najicha, Sapto Hermawan
Economic globalization has a great influence on the legal system because globalization demands the globalization of law. The globalization of the law is not only based on international agreements between nations, but also an understanding of the legal and cultural traditions between west and east. However,...
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Judicial Activism Resolving Administrative Disputes in Indonesia

Indriati Amarini, A. Nurul Hidayah
Judicial activism is very important to be used and applied by a judge of the administrative justice in resolving state administrative disputes. This research aimed to identify and analyze the importance of judicial activism in the dispute resolution process of the state administrative. The method used...
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Tanker Oil Pollution Insurance: The Importance of Protection and Indemnity Application in Indonesia

E. Kristiani Purwendah, L. Yanti Sulistiawati, Marsudi Triatmodjo
Marine insurance is needed in tanker oil pollution as an application of the principle of strict liability. Protection and Indemnity (P and I) as an insurance specifically for tanker oil pollution claims has its own special features different from insurance in general. This insurance (legal liability...
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The Uncertainty of Regulating Online Prostitution in Indonesia

Arif Awaludin
Online prostitution in Indonesia is developing along with advances in information technology. Indonesian society is religious and moralist. However, there are no regulations that can prosecute prostitutes, except only for pimps. Especially if it is associated with online prostitution. The study was conducted...
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Compensation of defamation in Indonesia

E. Mul Erowati
The purpose of this study is to determine the claim for compensation due to defamation. To achieve these objectives, the author uses normative juridical research methods with secondary data collection techniques, namely studying the laws and jurisprudence relating to claims for compensation due to defamation,...
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Legal Protection of Passengers to Services Go-Ride Gojek Purwokerto

Suryati, SAN Nurlaely, Bing Waluyo
The problem examined in this study is how is the legal protection of the passenger event for the Go Ride Go-jek Purwokerto service? This study uses an empirical juridical method, the research specification is analytical descriptive. Methods of presenting data are presented in the form of groupings and...
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Informed Consent as Fulfillment of Rights and Obligations in Therapeutic Transactions Indonesian Medical Services

Teguh Anindito
The informed consent principle functions to protect the autonomy and integrity of individuals who have the right to make their own choices freely for treatment to be carried out by doctors/medical personnel. According to MKDKI 80% of the 135 cases reported were caused by poor communication between doctors...
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Access to Justice of Balinese: Community Struggle to Refuse Benoa Bay Reclamation Plan

I.D. Setia Triana, Rusito, Yusuf Saefudin
Access to justice for the poor is still a problem, not only because of the limitations in obtaining information caused by the lack of access to people, institutions or service providers that can facilitate the acquisition of justice, but also exacerbated by the legal character built by the state does...
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Policy Rules Existence in the Implementation of One Door Integrated Service Policy in Indonesia

In performing its function as public service, the government always tried to publish the best service policy in the field of investment permit. One of them was one-door integrated service policy. In order to realize this policy, legislation was required to accommodate the policy. However, in fact, until...
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Effectiveness of Legal Construction: General Principles of Good Governance in Indonesia

Edi Pranoto
The aim of this literature study is to see how effective the general principles of good governance in Indonesia are. By using a normative juridical approach, the search for primary law materials proved that prior to the issuance of Law Number 28 of 1998 concerning Clean and Corruption Free State Administrators,...
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Clause in Patent License Contract that Inhibits Technology Transfer Programs in Indonesia

Bakti Trisnawati
The issue of technology transfer is a problem that has always been faced by developing countries since the country directed its economic development by focusing on the industrial sector. However, to carry out this development most developing countries face several major obstacles in technology transfer...
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Legal Text Translation: Translation Quality of H.L.A. Hart’s the Concept of Law

Hanifa Pascarina, Yusuf Saefudin
This study aims to identify the quality translation of the legal book of H.L.A Hart The Concept of Law which has been translated into Indonesian. The method used in this study is that descriptive analysis method by identifying, explaining, analyzing, and reconstruct the translation into the target language....
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Degradation of Democratic Value Due to Digital Technology Simulacra in The Post Truth Era

Bambang Santoso, Harjono, Muhammad Rustamaji
Jean Baudrillard through Simulation (1983) makes a thought block that predicts that reality is ultimately dead. The 'new world' that Baudrillard calls the 'Simulacra Galaxy', has engulfed all aspects of life including democracy. Dialectics on democracy which provides an opportunity for every child of...
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The Existence of Indonesian Regional Representatives Council as The State Institution on Carrier the Regional Aspirations

The informed consent principle functions to protect the autonomy and integrity of individuals who have the right to make their own choices freely for treatment to be carried out by doctors/medical personnel. According to MKDKI 80% of the 135 cases reported were caused by poor communication between doctors...
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Review of the Final and Binding Constitutional Court Decisions of the Republic of Indonesia

This study aims to find out what the legal meaning of the Constitutional Court (MK) decisions are final and binding, and how the legal consequences arising from the final and binding decisions of the Constitutional Court. This type of research is a normative legal research, with secondary data. Based...
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Law as Artificial Intelligence Products

Agus Raharjo
Artificial intelligence, known as a science product, was also owned by law. If the embodiment of AI in science can be in the form of robots, computer systems to trans-human entities, then in law, the product is in the form of law regulations and institutions. AI has been utilized in various fields of...
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The Penal Policy on Cyber Adultery

Umi Rozah, Yusuf Saefudin, Jaco Barkhuizen, A.E. Sri Astuti
Revolution of technology especially informatic technology has supported people live esier to connect each other. In the other side it has implication on people live wherein commercial interest manipulates this technology to provide, illicit sexual relationship on cyber mainly cyber adultery that involves...
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The Effect of Globalization on Law and Business

Liliana Tedjosaputro
Globalization in Indonesia is inevitable because Indonesia is involved in international relations with countries in the world. The problem is how does globalization affect law and business? The writing method is normative juridical, using secondary data as key data and primary data as supporting data....