Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Globalization of Law and Local Wisdom (ICGLOW 2019)

The rapid social change due to the modernization process is felt like something that can potentially cause social unrest and social tension. Changes in the value system are rapidly demanding new norms of social life that occupy legislative bodies, dispute resolution institutions (in and out court) and efforts to socialize the law.

This situation demands a law that is open to the development and dynamics of society in the era of globalization. The so-called modernization and globalization are not facultative, but are phenomena that must be faced (change is not optional) and cannot be avoided. Both are natural things that arise immediately due to the complexity and heterogeneity of relations between humans as a social problem as a result of the discovery of modern technological tools.

The increasing process of modernization due to the discovery of modern communication tools and modern information technology, the issue of modernization has become global and has led to a new phenomenon of globalization. Globalization demands changes in the legal structure, legal substance and legal culture. Without a change in the legal system, there will be dangers to the peacefulness of life in various social lives, all will become uncertain, disorderly and unprotected.

Technological advances, on one hand, help human beings in every aspect, whose main goal is effectiveness and work efficiency. Through smartphones, parts of the world can be connected, right from the palm of the hand. All information can be searched through the internet. However, on the other hand, excessive and unwise use of technology triggers various problems. For example, the use of advanced technology encourages excessive exploration of natural resources. In the end, it triggers environmental damage, disruption in the ecosystem, uncertain climate and threat to the sustainability of living creatures in the future. In the social field, the gap between "the rich" and "the poor" is increasingly prominent, inequality is increasingly obvious, and prosperity is only a "dream" for some people which consequently creates injustice. In addition, in the legal field, unwise use of technology causes hoax news, fraud, persecution, victim-blaming, cross-country narcotics transactions, and various other actions.

Therefore, it is our duty, especially academics, to reflect, think of solutions to the current problems and analyze potential problems that will arise in the future. In connection with this, we present the 3rd ICGLOW International Conference forum: Environmental Law and technology to achieve sustainable development goals in industrial Revolution 4.0 Era.

Hopefully, through this conference, many brilliant ideas will emerge from around the world. Environmental issues are raised in the forum and discussed together. So now we can formulate the right steps, so that the potential for crashes that arise in the future due to this modernization can be minimized, so that there is continuity, that the current development continues to be oriented towards the future.

The 3rd ICGLOW 2019
Yusuf Saefudin, S.H., M.H.