Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Economy, Management and Education Technology

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An Empirical Study of College Students’ Psychological Intervention from Counselors under Occupation Ability Standard

Yunchang Zhao
In 2014 the Ministry of Education issued "Occupation Ability Standard of Counselors of Higher Schools (Provisional)". It is regulated that college counselors should have relevant knowledge and skills of professional psychology of ideological education and psychological health education. Psychological...
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Translation of Films under Newmark’s Translation Theory

Wei Liu
Recently, more and more attention has been paid to the translation of films. But because of its own characteristics, there is a dispute about what theories or strategies should be applied to the translation of films. This paper analyzed the characteristics of films, and discussed the translation under...
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Study on Continuing Education under the Network Environment

Lehui Huang, Miaomiao Li
The emergence of the internet has brought new changes to the human educational activities, especially the continuing education. The paper analyzes the development opportunities and challenge brought by the network to continuing education, and proposes the strategies of improving continuing education...
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Research on the Applications of Multimedia Technique in the Mathematical Teaching and Education

Tong Pang
In this paper, we research the applications of multimedia technique in the mathematical teaching and education. Multimedia computer is a collection of text, graphics, images, animation, sound, video and other functions in the integration of computer technology to a large amount of information with graphic...
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Software Development based Implementation and Example Analysis of Computer Assisted English Learning System

Xiaoqin Li
With the rapid development of software development technique and self-learning methodology, the computer assisted learning pattern is being accepted by more and more students. In this paper, we conduct research on the design and implementation of intelligent computer assisted English learning system....