Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education, Language, Literature, and Arts (ICELLA 2021)

It is a great privilege for us to present the proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education, Languages, Literature, and Arts (ICELLA) 2021 to the authors and participants of the conference. We hope that this proceedings is useful and inspiring.

The aims of the 2nd ICELLA 2021 are to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and discussing current research issues in education, languages, literature, and arts. The pandemic situation that we face today forces us to adjust the way we conduct teaching and learning resulting in the use of blended teaching and learning. Therefore, the main theme of the conference is “Blended Learning in the Teaching of Languages, Literature, and Arts” with several essential sub topics such as Creativity in Blended Learning, Practices and Challenges of Blended Learning, Online Teaching and Learning, Language Teaching, Language, Identity and Culture, Digital Literacy, Cross Cultural Awareness, Literary Studies, Multilingualism and Translanguaging, Oral Tradition and Local Culture, Digital Performing Arts, and other relevant topics.

We obtained satisfying responses for the call-for-papers as many manuscripts from various universities were submitted. The manuscripts were half written in English and half in Indonesian but to be published in this proceedings, we consider those written in English only. Unfortunately, several manuscripts could not be accepted due to the reviewing outcomes and our capacity constraints. However, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all the authors and the reviewers who helped us in this endeavor. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the members of the organizing team for the hard work and to the Rector of University of Lambung Mangkurat (ULM) and the Dean of the Faculty of Teachers Training and Education of ULM for both the financial and motivational supports.

Hopefully this proceedings will be fruitful for the development of education and that more authors will join us in the next event of the 3rd ICELLA in the future.

Conference Chair,
Dr. Jumariati, M.Pd.
Language and Arts Education Department
Faculty of Teachers Training and Education
University of Lambung Mangkurat
South Kalimantan, Indonesia