Proceedings of the 2018 7th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (ICEESD 2018)

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Research on Supporting Facility Configuration in Communities under the Mode of Home-based Care-Taking Hohhot City as an Example

Xiaohai Hu
Supporting facilities in communities cannot support home-based care of most aged people under the subject endowment mode of “taking home-based care as basis and community-based care as dependence”. At present, research on supporting facility configuration in communities for aged people is lacked in China...
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Vegetation and Soil Carbon Storage of Some Typical Subtropical Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest in Dagang Mountain

Qiugen Zhang, Junyi Che, Suqin Wang, Qun Cao, Yuqiong Huang, Nina Xiao
With the rapid development of human society and economy, the greenhouse effect caused by greenhouse gases had become one of the three major environmental problems in the world. Forest ecosystems mitigate the greenhouse effect by absorbing CO2 through the photosynthesis of green plants. Based on field...
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Plate stability under periodic load action, material of which obeys hereditary law of viscoelasticity

Elena Kosheleva
The problem of a rectangular plate dynamic stability is considered, the material of which obeys the hereditary deformation law. The differential equation solution for oscillations of a plate loaded with constant and variable load in the plate plane is considered as a series with separated variables....
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Numerical Simulation of the Influence of Nozzle on the Variable Load Performance of Premixed Burner

Guangpeng Li, Hengchao Zhou, Qi Wang, Bin Li
In order to estimate the influence of various parameters of the nozzle on the premixed burner, the main technical parameters of the premixed burner nozzle were investigated by numerical simulation method. The factors including depth of the nozzle, back pressure of mixing chamber, outlet velocity were...
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Some Suggestions on the construction of Planning Environmental Impact Assessment system

Mingbo Zhang, Yifei Zhang, Jingang Shi
In this paper, one typical case of industrial park was studied deeply. Based on the research of development history, planning and planning environmental impact assessment, the pollutant emissions, the environmental quality and the health of the surrounding population of typical case, some suggestions...
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The physical investigation on the transmission coefficient of Pile-supported vertical wall breakwaters

Kexin Zhang, Jinsong Gui, Dongxu Wang
Through the physical model test of Pile-supported vertical wall breakwaters, the influence of various elements of wave on the transmission coefficient under the regular wave is analyzed, and the relationship curve is plotted through the non- Analysis of the relationship between them for easy reference...
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Finite element analysis of shear bearing capacity of "T" joints of acromegaly steel slab shaped steel concrete special-shaped columns

Xingxian Zhang
The purpose of this study is to analyze the shear capacity of a steel slab shaped steel concrete column joint (SRC node for short).Compared with real abdominal SRC the advantage of the SRC is convenient for construction. It does not need to perforate the beam on the type steel and speed up the construction...
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Effects of Salt Stress on Physiological Indexes of 'Ganmi 6' and 'Hayward' Kiwifruit Seedlings

Yunmei Wang, Hui Xia, Xiu Wang, Yanqiu Shen, Dong Liang
Seedlings of two kiwifruit varieties, ‘Ganmi 6’ and ‘Hayward’, were used as experimental materials to study their tolerance to salt stress by comparing physiological indexes , The results showed that the contents of H2O2, MDA, chlorophyll and soluble protein in leaves of seedlings increased with the...
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Spatial Distribution and Optimization Of Urban Surface Water Environment

Yifan Zhang, Haitao Jing
The spatial distribution of urban surface water plays a significant role in the local environmental conditions, so it is important to optimize the spatial pattern of urban surface water environment. In recent year, with the rapid development of GIS and RS, its technologies have been used widely; GIS...
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Experimental study of fungal release characteristics in central air

Yang Lv, Guangyao Hu, Wenjie Yuan, Yimin Li, Tao Liu, Ping He, Ye Wang, Yuhe Sheng
The biological pollution of air conditioning system is one of the most important problems in indoor pollution. Then measurement device of fungal spore release strength in the parallel airflow was developed, and the release intensity of two kind of fungal spores was tested in typical wind speed and environmental...
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Experimental study on elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio of EPP load-bearing insulation concrete

Huanqin Cai, Mingyu Li, Jiansuo Ma, Lan Cheng, Teng Guo
EPP load-bearing insulation concrete is prepared by adding EPP particles into the cement mortar matrix.In order to study the deformation performance of three kinds of EPP load-bearing concrete with different strength grades, the axial compression test of EPP load-bearing concrete is carried out.The experimental...
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Effects of Exogenous Melatonin on Physiological Indexes of Kiwifruit Seedlings under Low Temperature Stress

Xiu Wang, Dong Liang, Xiaojing Huang, Xuewen Zhao, Yunmei Wang, Hui Xia
To investigate the effects of melatonin (MT) on kiwifruit seedlings under low temperature (LT) stress, seedlings of Actinidia eriantha were primed with MT solution by root irrigation, relative electrolyte leakage (REL), malonaldehyde (MDA) content, chlorophyll content (ChI), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)...
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Mechanical Simulation and Analysis of The Construction Process of A large-span space latticed structure in Coal Yard

Xiaoli Yang, Jiang Zheng, Guangen Zhou, Bo Yang
The structure of the coal yard is a four pyramid space latticed structure. In this paper, based on Midas/Gen finite element analysis software, the finite element model of the structure of the coal yard has been established, and the two methods which are one-time loading and considering the path effect...
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Training Helicopter Selection Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Yu Qian, Hengxing Wang
Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a multi-criteria decision-making method combining qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis. This method can analyze the essence, influencing factors and inherent relations of the problem, so as to construct a hierarchical model and solve problems easily with...
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Study on Suitable Heating Pattern of Rural Residences in Shaanxi Province, China

Yanjun Li
The Shaanxi province is long and narrow from north to south, covering three climate zones. There are enormous quantity and various kind rural residences. With development of era, there was a lack of professional guidance in local new village construction, and it led to some problems in rural areas, including...
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A new pedestrian-footbridge interaction model

Bin Zhen, Xichen Chen
In this paper “the plane bifilar pendulum model” is proposed to understand excessive lateral vibration of a suspension footbridge under crowd excitation. We use a plane bifilar pendulum to describe a suspension bridge by considering its structural features, which consists of two strings and a central...
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Weight calculation of risk factors for debris flow in earthquake zone based on combination weighting method

Xiaoxiao Guo, Wenbai Liu, Yangcheng Wang
It is of great practical value to study the risk assessment of debris flow in the earthquake zone for ensuring people's safety and constructing key projects. Taking six debris flows in the earthquake area as examples, this paper calculates the weight of each Impact factor by using the analytic hierarchy...
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Anomaly detection for sleep EEG signal with Mahalanobis-Taguchi-Gram-Schmidt method

Xiaohong Peng, Rui Zheng, Jiufu Liu, Xiaobin Ding
Considering the tedious steps, the poor accuracy and over-subjectivity of human sleep quality judgment artificially, this paper presents an automatic detection algorithm of sleep quality based on Mahalanobis-Taguchi system method. Based on the modeling and analysis of the human brain dual channel EEG...
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Behavior of Concrete-filled Fiber Reinforced Polymer(FRP) Tubular Arches

Lingqiang Yang, Rui Gao, Yan Wang
The arch tubes are filled with concrete using a small concrete pump. The tubes may be filled quickly with no external vibration using a self consolidating concrete mix. After a short curing period, the arches gain the majority of their final strength, providing the entire superstructure for a bridge...
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Structure character of timber frame system building in Tang and Song dynasty of China

Rui Gao, Lingqiang Yang, Yan Wang
Chinese traditional palace is an important component of traditional architecture. Gold box bucket bottom slot hall-type building is a kind of the highest rank traditional architecture in China. The main structure consist of frontal column layer, tile layer and roof layer, in which, the connection between...
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Anti-Seismic Mechanism of Palace Type Building in China

Rui Gao, Lingqiang Yang, Yan Wang
Chinese traditional wooden structure, applied to the foundation column directly above is the main form of connection between the column node, without any connection between the vertical support column, and base and foundation provides only horizontal friction. Gold box bucket bottom slot hall-type building...
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Failure Mode and Capacity of FRP and concrete Tube

Jing Ma, Lingqiang Yang, Yan Wang
full scale structural testing was carried out on four (4) concretefilled FRP arch specimens. The model was found to accurately predict the response of the arch members. After initial failure has occurred the arch members retain their stability as well as a significant amount of their initial load carrying...
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Determination of the Ice Load Acting on the Up-bending and Down-bending Cone of the Marine Structure Pile

Lingqiang Yang, Rui Gao
Ice load is very important for the design of marine structures at low temperature areas. In order to reduce the ice load to the marine structure, it is common to pile with up-bending and down-bending cones. Therefore, the determination of the ice load acting on the up-bending and down-bending cone is...
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Safety Evaluation of roller compacted concrete dam

Jing Ma, Lingqiang Yang, Yan Wang
The safety coefficient based on finite element method (FEM) has not corresponding evaluation standard, which limits the usage of FEM in roller compacted concrete dam (RCCD). In order to popularize FEM to RCCD more widely than ever, it is necessary to study the evaluation standard for RCCD safety coefficient...
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A Filter Algorithm for Suppressing Mixed Noise Based on Grey Relevance

Dehai Shen, Xu E, Jian Hou, Qi Yan
In order to suppress the mixed noise composed of salt & pepper noise and Gauss noise in a digital image, a filter algorithm for suppressing mixed noise based on grey relevance is proposed. The algorithm classifies the noise point in the center of the filtering window, calculates the correlation coefficient...
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Research on the impact echo technique of quantitative detecting the pre-stressed conduct grouting pumpness

Kechao Zhang, Wangxin Li, Guangzhen Ou, Jun Zhong, Guangli Zhou, Jianzhang Chen
The internal prestressed conduct grouting condition is the key problem in prestressed concrete girder bridge throughout the whole service life. Howeverm, there is no set of certain mature and reliable detection technology. This paper based on the impact echo theory, through the precision acquisition of the impact echo time of the prestressed pipe under the condition of different grouting condition levels. By establishing the relationship model between the grouting fullness degree and the reflection time of the impact echo, to provide the quantitative and accurate of measurement of the full degree of prestressed pumpness detection technique, and service for the maintenance and rehabilitation of bridge engineering....
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Detection and Analysis of Metabolites from Facultative CO2 and N2 Fixing Bacteria

Sheng Zhou, Xiaoming Wang
Facultative CO2 and N2 fixing bacteria are a special class of microorganisms that can simultaneously fix CO2 and N2 from the atmosphere and use it as a carbon source and nitrogen source, respectively. Discovery of useful metabolites from these microbes would be analogous to turning waste into wealth,...
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Molecular Biological Identification and Determination of Growth Conditions of Facultative CO2 and N2 Fixing Bacterium BHJ

Sheng Zhou, Xiaoming Wang
Currently, the greenhouse effect is becoming increasingly serious, and biological carbon-fixation, especially microbial biological carbon-fixation, can play a unique role in curbing the greenhouse effect.CO2 and N2 are the major greenhouse gases. In this study, a facultative CO2 and N2 fixing bacterium...
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Analysis of seismic response and economic performance of CS wallboard high-rise buildings

Jingzhe Ji, Mingjie Zhang, Zhiguo Li
In order to ameliorate the poor durability and fireproof performance of high-rise building external thermal insulation, CS wallboard is applied to high-rise buildings .Using response spectrum method and time-history analysis method,the high-rise buildings with this composite wallboard as the main bearing...
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Construction of intelligent fire management system based on BIM technology

Linqing Huang, Yongxu Xu, Xiaofeng Liao, Lingling Qin, Jiangting Qiu
At present, the casualties and property losses caused by urban building fire are on the rise in China. Based on BIM technology, this paper analyzes the feasibility about building the indoor real-time intelligent linkage fire management system, besides demonstrates it from the technical level, and puts...
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Countermeasure Suggestion and Mechanism System Innovation for Comprehensive Utilization of Dredged Mud in Shanghai

Cunshi Wang, Danda Shi, Yongquan Zhao, Wen Liu
Through the analysis of the status quo of Shanghai dredging mud comprehensive treatment, combined with the domestic and international successful cases, and summing up the experience of previous engineering, puts forward the countermeasures and Suggestions of comprehensive utilization in conformity with...
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Lateral Contrast Study on Road Performance of SMA-13 under Different Fiber Content

YanHai Yang, Dong Zhang, WangKui Bian, Ye Yang
The high temperature rutting test, the Marshall test, the low temperature bending test, the water stability test and the scatter spatter test of SMA-13 asphalt mixture were carried out based on the raw material and the mix design. The lateral comparison of SMA-13 road performance was carried out for...
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Modification and Simulation of Noncircular Gear Reversing Mechanism of Pumping Unit

Tingting Wang, Yalong Wang, Linfang Lu, Fang Li, Rui Zhang
The new type of pumping unit with incomplete noncircular gear reversing mechanism can achieve automatic reversing, intermittent variable speed movement, but in the conversing prone to movement interference phenomenon. Firstly, two kinds of modification methods are proposed for the first tooth of the...
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Research on the Influence of Abutment Expansion Joint on Dynamic Performance of a Bridge

Tianli Wang, Wen Yan, Minli Wang
Aiming at pounding damage at expansion joint in a bridge under earthquake, the paper puts forward the new structure to cancel the expansion joint at abutment but reserve the expansion joint at pier between the two units in a bridge. Two different space finite element models of a bridge are built. Using...
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Analysis on Research trends and Characteristics of International Supply Chain Management Based on Mapping Knowledge Domain

Yingdong Ji, Xiaoyang Zhang
Using the knowledge mapping method, this paper makes a visual analysis on the international supply chain management from the WOS database, and found out that the research perspectives of the highly cited references are divided into three distinct research direction,including theoretical model, running...
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Research on the Theoretical Basis and Technical Path of Predictive Policing

Jing Leng, Guojun Li
Development of rational choice theory, routine activity theory, crime pattern theory and environmental criminology, criminal geography and other criminology theories laid the theoretical foundation of crime forecasting. Advances in technology enhance the reliability and accuracy of crime forecasting,...
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Cointegration Analysis between the Structure of Manufacturing Industry and the Urban Environment in Anhui Province, China based on VAR & VEC Model

Sufeng Wang, Tingjin Liu, Yue Xu, Jianming Ye, Chu Chu
There is a close relationship between industrial structure and ecological environment. Based on the data of the structure of manufacturing industry and the ecological environment during 2000-2015 in Anhui province of China, the VAR and VEC models are constructed. The cointegration test found that, there...
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Research on the Construction of Large Data Management Platform of Medical Association

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
In highly-developed big data age, how to cover different departments and different management systems of various ownership and how to integrate a variety of medical modes are the most important problems to solve in the current medical model needs. It can achieve the optimal combination of the medical...
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Effect of Interfacial Tension on Absorption of toluene / butyl acetate

Huanmu Zeng, Dingsheng Chen, Chaoping Cen, Zhihang Chen, Ping Fang, Yukui Zhang, Xiongbo Chen, Zijun Tang
Surface tension/interfacial tension plays an important role in the process of VOCs absorption. A series of experiments were conducted to investigate the relationship between the interfacial tension and absorption efficiency of toluene. The results show that the performance of SCOP absorbent has the lowest...
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Study on fatigue failure characteristics of asphalt mixtures under different test methods

Gui Hou, Shuangshuang Wang
In order to truthfully reveal the stiffness decay regularity of asphalt mixture,the nonlinear fatigue damage evolution model of asphalt mixture based on accelerated loading test are established accordingly mixture,first,the accelerated loading test is conducted on the formed standard asphalt mixture...
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Research on Necessity for Development of North Pole Northeast Passage

Shuping Gao, Wanzheng Ai, Honggang Zhang
With global warming of climate, melting of sea ice in polar region makes navigation in north pole course having been sealed by ice and snow possible. Meanwhile, north pole region gradually becomes a battleground for military and economy between north countries, the mystery of north pole northeast course...
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Research on tunnel bearing structure safety under high geostress

Ning Liu, Jianlin Chen, Weijiang Chu, Pingzhi Chen
The underground water level of diversion tunnel is so high, that the power station in run-time will suffer enormous external hydraulic pressure, especially the marble show time dependent failure phenomenon, and increase the risk in run- time. For this reason, the reinforced concrete lining is adopted,...
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Experimental Study on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete under Uniaxial Compression

Bo Wang, Hong Wang, Xinli Kang, Liqun Duan
A total of 60 cylindrical specimens with density of 425 kg/m3, 525 kg/m3, and 625 kg/m3, subjected to uniaxial compression were tested, under four different strain rates ranging from 10-5/s to 10-2/s. 15 specimens designed and casted on the same condition were tested for every set of case. The mean and...
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Study on Dynamic Resilient Modulus Prediction of Subgrade Soil and Its Relevant Finite Element Method Implementation

Cheng Dong, Wenjie Liu, Lun Zhou, Ruilei Zhang
In order to investigate the effect of moisture content on cohesive subgrade soils dynamic resilient modulus, a series of dynamic-triaxial test were carried out. Based on the matric suctions measured by the filter paper method, the relationship between dynamic resilient modulus and matric suctions were...
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A Double Hardening Model for Structured loess based on the Comprehensive Structural potential

Aizhong Luo
In order to model the macro-mechanics characters of structural loess well, and reflect the stress-strain behavior of structural loess, the structural quantitative parameter is defined based the idea of comprehensive structural potential. A double hardening model for structured loess is proposed by introducing...
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A rotating fiber precipitating apparatus and its application

Ling Shi, Xuexin Liu, Xinming Yu, Jiming Xiong, Wen Li
Experimental investigation is conducted for a new type precipitating apparatus, and results are reported, meantime its application also are reported. Application and experimental results show that the collection efficiency for respirable dust is above 80% and 92% , under application and experiment condition...
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Mechanical Properties of Tetrafluoro skateboard rubber bearings under nitric and sulphuric acids Condition

Fei Gao, Xiaojun Shen, Yi Zheng, Yannian Zhang
The present study was conducted to obtain a better understanding of the variation rule of compressive mechanical properties of tetrafluoro skateboard rubber bearings  under nitric and sulphuric acids Condition. A total of 5 specimens were processed in a nitric and sulphuric acids PH4.5, and one specimen...
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Qixiang Fan, Youzhi Liu, Guoxin Zhang, Heng Cheng, Jianfang Xiang, Qiujing Zhou
To better understand the phenomenon of valley width shrinkage after the impoundment of an ultra-high arch dam, the cause and mechanism of the narrowing of valley width on both sides of the high arch dam during the impoundment stage are studied and analyzed. The effect of reservoir water pressure and...
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Synthesis and characterization of LiMn1-xNixO2

Fengrao Lang
Orthogonal LiMnO2 has unique characteristics, when used as a cathode material it performs excellently. This paper focuses on doping modification of their shortcomings, using sol gel preparation to make cathode materials, researching on a different scale doping effect of nickel on its performance as cathode...
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Optimization of Actinomycetes Changbai No.2 Liquid Fermentation by Response Surface Method

Ning Yang, Yong Wang, Yubo Wang, Li Zhang, Yong Lu, Quanjie Chen, Wenge Zhang, Danhua Su, Ruopeng Lu
Actinomycetes are affected by external conditions during fermentation, especially the secondary metabolites, the influence of the external conditions is very large. In order to produce the most abundant pigment, the method of response surface was used to optimize the liquid fermentation condition of...
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Discussion on the Function of Cross-line Graph Edited Software for Urban Rail Transit

ChunGuang Teng, Qingsheng Hao, Hongyu Liang
This paper discusses the working diagram function of city rail traffic across the line train graph diagram of software, as well as for the cross line working diagram function realization method, put forward the general line and cross mapping strategy, summed up the general layout diagram and sequence...
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Analysis of Vehicle Handing Stability Based on Orthogonal Test

Runhua Qian, Zhiping Lei, Guodong Tang
Quadrature scheme is a scientific method of arranging multi-factors and multi-standards, because it can get enough experiment information with less experiment times, so it is suitable  for multi-factor and multi-level experiments. In this paper, the orthogonal test method is adopted to design the test...
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Analysis of Vehicle Handing Stability Based on Simulink

Runhua Qian, Zhiping Lei, Guodong Tang
In order to study the handling and stability performance of a three axle vehicle, a linear 3-DOF is established based on the vehicle's roll motion. The simulation test model is built by Simulink software, and the correctness of the model is proved by comparing the experimental results with the results...
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Temperature field numerical analysis of asphalt pavement

Dengyuan Zhu
Aimed at the problems of asphalt pavement temperature shrinkage cracks, numerical simulation method is applied to study the spatial-temporal distribution of asphalt pavement temperature field caused by periodically varying temperature and continuous cooling. Based on permanent asphalt pavement temperature...
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Analysis of Water Quality Variation Trend of Guanting Reservoir Based on Markov Model

Hongcui Wang, Daotan Wang, Yang Luo
Base on Markov model, the quality state of Guanting Reservoir is divided, the initial matrix is formed, the index weight by entropy weight is obtained, and the probability transition matrix of water quality variation trend is constructed. Then this model calculates the degree of absolute and comparative...
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Research on Station Position and Transfer Mode of Qingdao Metro Liuting Airport Station

Xiao Wang, Meng Zhang
With the development of our social economy and the advancement of urbanization, China's urban traffic demand continues to grow rapidly, more and more cities are affected by the traffic jam. In order to solve the urban traffic problem fundamentally, many cities are embarking on the construction of rail...
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Evaluation of Corrosion Behaviors of Austenitic Stainless Steel Exposed in Marine Atmosphere of South China Sea

Hongtao Tong, Feng Liu, Huixia Zhang, Hongqing Song, Bangshuang Zhang, Honglun Wang
Austenitic stainless steel 304 and 316L were exposed to actual atmospheric environments of South China Sea for half one year, and the in??,uences of microstructures on atmospheric corrosion behavior of the two stainless steels were investigated. The results showed that the average corrosion rate of the...
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The Research and Application of the MEMS-

Zengde Peng, Fengshan Dou, Zhiqiang Long
This paper focuses on the optimal design for the immunity and accuracy of the Speed measurement and location in the maglev train. First, based on the analysis of the error model of the MEMS-IMU, an algorithm which based on Mallat wavelet transform and absolute state recognition for cumulative error correction...
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Research on Correction Coefficient of Damping Effect of Velocity Response Spectrum within the long and middle periods

Mingzhen Wang, Lin Gao
The seismic response analysis can be performed using the design speed response spectrum for the long and middle period structure. But the research results about the formula for calculating the damping effect correction coefficient of design velocity response spectrum in the long and middle period range...
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Effect of concentration difference of chloride ions on the corrosion of steel bar

Haibin Shu, Yilin Song, Junzhe Liu
Corroded area rate, weight loss rate and the macro cell corrosion of rebars in concrete subjected to concentration difference of chloride ion was investigated. In order to evaluate the corrosion mechanism of rebars, the corrosion behaviour of rebars in concrete under different chloride concentration...
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Microstructure and Compressive Performance of Solidified Waste Resin Concentrate

Yukai Chen, Xiaoqian Ning, Canpeng Li, Shiqing Huang, Liping Zhou
To study the microstructure and mechanical property of cement-solidified waste resin concentrate, and research into the feasibility and effectiveness of solidification of waste resin concentrate, the researchers conducted microscopic CT scan on cement-solidified waste, reconstructed 3D model of resin...
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Analysis and Evaluation of Urban Land Use

Zhoulong Li, Qiang Liu, Jinsen Tang, Yang Ran, Deng Ke
During the rapid urban development, the scientific assessment of urban land use status played an important role in the rational planning, development and utilization of land resources. From the aspect of land utilization and its impact on society, economy and ecology, we designed 12 index systems for...
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Application of Internal Force Analysis of Plastic Deformation in Structural Members to Engineering Design

Jishu Yin, Jianbin Wang
The internal force analysis for reinforced-concrete structural members is calculated mostly according to the elasticity approach, which increases the amount of reinforcement. The present experiment reveals that if the calculation approach, in which the internal force redistribution after the formation...
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Research on the coupling traffic system of bus - taxi based on BML model

Hui Chu
This article designs a new model based on the BML model. The new model embeds bus elements and passenger elements, and cancels the original operation direction limit and odd/even time step setting. And this paper use control variate method to analyze influence of the number of taxis, the number and position...
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The Inhibitor Evaluation for Water Injection Pipeline of YanChang Oilfield

Shiqi Xu, Shangjing Hao, Sa Li
The main corrosion reason of water injection pipeline in YanChang oilfield is carbonate ions (or carbon dioxide gas) combined action of salts. The aim of the paper is to study the corrosion reason of the water injection pipeline in YanChang oilfield in order to develop an effective corrosion inhibitor...
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Experimental Study on Prestressed BFRP Reinforced Mental Pipelines

Juan Han, Bin Jia
Based on the working mechanism of metal pipelines strengthened by basalt fiber reinforced polymers (BFRP), the properties of the new stretching and anchoring integral anchorage for prestressed BFRP are studied. The results show that BFRP could be prestessed by rotating anchor rod, and that bolt could...
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A New Ship-Targeting Model for Ship Supervision Based on AHP-DEA Method

Aijuan Chen, Pengjun Zheng
The paper analyzes the deficiencies of the existing integration methods of AHP and DEA, improves the integration method and establishes a ship- targeting model for ship site supervision based on AHP-DEA method. This paper filters the indicators which covered the main factors that affect the safety of...
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Fault ergodicity algorithm for reliability evaluation of distribution system

Xiufeng Xu, Xuebing Lai, Junjie Lu
A practical and fast fault ergodicity algorithm for the reliability evaluation of distribution system is proposed on the basis of a large number of analysis of the distribution network structure. The algorithm uses breadth first search and depth first search and the minimum path set for the load point...
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Study on Stability and Toxicity Test of the Antibacterial Substance NO.026- I

Li Zhang, Yong Wang, Yubo Wang, Ning Yang, Wenjing Xia, Jiabo Qu, Yan Li
The antibacterial substance NO.026-?...?is obtained from Streptomyces avermitilis NO.026. It has significant antagonistic effect on Colletotrichum lycopersici. The stability test results showed that with the increase of temperature, the antifungal activity of active substance NO.026- I showed a downward...
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Safety Assessment on the Self-Berthing /Unberthing of a 1000TEU Ship at Japanese Ports

Jiazhao Liu, Xingtao Zhang
Berthing/unberthing operation is a ship’s transformation from one status to the other through the integrated cooperation with crew, ship and the environment. Each process of the berthing/unberthing is complex and unduplicated and its safety is hard to be assessed through traditional mathematical and...
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Discussion on the relationship between shipowners and shippers under the new shipping situation

Shu'ai Wu
The shipping industry has been in a slump in recent years. At the same time, internet thinking has brought great influence to the shipping industry. The shipowners have been exploring new business models, and the relationship between the shipowners and the shippers is in a delicate state. Under the new...
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Research on the Feasibility of Transversal Stiffeners Widening Structure in 3-way Prestressed Concrete Continuous Box Girder Bridge

Wenqing Wu, Hao Zhao, Jianxun Zhai
For the aim to solve the difficulty in 3-way prestressed concrete box girder bridge widening, a new flexible horizontal stitching structure based on the transverse stiffeners is proposed. The two flange plates between the existed box girder and new one will be separated structurally, but connected with...
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Late Yanshanian sedimentary facies of late Yanshanian succession of eastern Yihezhuang salient, Jiyang depression, Bohai Bay basin, China

Guangzeng Song, Meng Xu, Guoqing Sang
The sedimentary facies the late Yanshanian succession of eastern Yihezhuang salient in Jiyang depression, which was a pre-Cenezoic inland rift basin, were studied in order to improve the success rate of locating hydrocarbon reservoirs. Based on previous study, the sedimentary facies got identified in...
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Study on influence of upstream pier on scour depth of downstream pier

Qiang Ying, Dongdong Jia, Xingnong Zhang, Zhangying Chen
Flow field downstream of the pier were divided two parts, the main channel area, and the pier area. On the basis of the main flow stress, the formula of main flow velocity variation along the distance was deduced. Combined with the formula of bridge pier scour depth in the handbook, the downstream local...
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Public Policy Orientations and Policy Proposals of China's Highway

Xianguang Wang
The highway transportation in China has undergone development courses from “bottleneck restriction” to “general alleviation” and then to “basic adoption”. And future-oriented appropriate development has been realized in some fields. By the end of 2016, the total distance of highways in China was 4.6963...
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The preliminary application of GIS-based spatial controls on planning environmental impact assessment

Yifei Zhang, Mingbo Zhang, Jingang Shi
Spatial controls are import and requisite methods in Planning Environmental Impact Assessment to normalize the type, distribution and scale of industries. The traditional methods, such as matrix-based and Delphin-method assessment techniques, could easy identification of conflicts and trade-off between...
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Research on Cross-line Train Graph Technology based on the Network operation

Qingsheng Hao, Hongyu Liang, Chunguang Teng
Based on the single-line train graph editing, this paper proposes a cross-line editing train graph technology of the network operating. Firstly, according to the operation line parameters, determine the cross line site and the relation of each line; Secondly, according to the operation requirements of...
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Mesozoic sequence framework of eastern Yihezhuang salient, Jiyang depression, Bohai Bay basin, China

Guangzeng Song, Meng Xu, Guoqing Sang
The Mesozoic sequence framework of the eastern Yihezhuang salient in Jiyang depression, which was a residual basin, was studied in order to improve the success rate of locating hydrocarbon reservoirs. First, through seismic profiles, well logs and cores, complemented with outcrops, totally 5 sequence...
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Research on glass wall cleaning robot based on double suction cup negative pressure type

Guifang Wu, Bowei Zhang, Panpan Qi, Cai Shao, Yongzhen Guo
With the rapid development of society, improve space utilization, modern city high-rise building height are also increasing rapidly, the glass wall clean, damage detection, equipment maintenance and other aspects of the problems keep cropping up. Using robots to replace human tasks not only reduces the...
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Equilibrium Assignment Model and Algorithm for Multi-Modal Considering Distance Factor

Zhou Hao
Travel distance is an important factor that influences the traffic mode choice and route choice. Considering the influences that travel distance exerts on different perceived costs, a multimodal user equilibrium assignment method is proposed. Firstly, travel behaviors of travelers in the multimodal transportation...
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Stability analysis of slurry trenches under surcharge in soft soils

Hongju Xiao, Yuyong Sun
The failure shape and approach for slurry trench stability analysis of diaphragm wall are studied by means of numerical simulation and theoretical analysis. From numerical simulation, the failure shape under surcharge in soft soil is approximate a pyramid for the slurry trench. Based on limit equilibrium...
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Intelligence Information Retrieval Based on Text Mining

Yang Ran, Qiang Liu, Zhang Bo, Zhoulong Li, Deng Ke
With the rapid development of Internet technology in recent years, the amount of text information carried by online electronic documents, e-mails, databases and other forms was increasing explosively. Traditional intelligence information processing methods were increasingly difficult to meet task needs....
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Experimental Study on Compressive Property of Cemented Soil with Basalt Fiber

Feng Chen
To enhance the mechanical performance of cemented soil, this paper discusses the way of improving the mechanical performance by incorporating basalt fiber into cemented soil. Unconfined compressive strength test is conducted on cemented soil with basalt fiber of different proportions, and the results...
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Research on Development Strategy of Heilongjiang Real Economy Based on Big Data and Game Theory

Xiaohui Li, Xiaodong Yu
The real economy is a solid economic foundation on which social progress depends. The research on the strategy of developing the real economy has become a hot topic nowadays. This paper first analyzes the present situation of macroeconomic data in Heilongjiang Province, explains the game relationship...
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A new method to suppress the DC power supply voltage ripple

Ping Ding, Xiaoming Ma
With the development of power electronics technology, how to improve the output quality of DC power supply has become an important subject of recent scholars' research. This paper put forward a new PWM control mode, the DC power supply output ripple is effectively suppressed. The theoretical basis is...
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Research on dynamic characteristics of cable-stayed bridge

Kongliang Chen, Ronghui Wang
For three-tower cable-stayed bridge, the dynamic characteristics of the structure is studied by establishment of the finite element model. By changing structural parameters of thickness variation of the bridge panel and elastic modulus of concrete, some regularity of stiffness and dynamic properties...
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The research on high-strength concrete creep

Kongliang Chen, Ronghui Wang, Jianhong Liao
By a series of creep test on and natural environment, the development trend and law of C60 high-strength concrete creep on natural environment are analyzed and the creep law of reinforced concrete is discussed in this article.
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The parameter analysis of creep prediction mode

Kongliang Chen, Ronghui Wang, Jianhong Liao
According to current creep prediction mode, four kinds of concrete creep prediction model(CEB-FIP 90, ACI 209 (92), RILEM B3 and GL2000) are selected to analyze in this paper. Based on the same conditions for creep factors, some important parameters of four creep modes are analyzed and regular patterns...
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The temperature effect of cable-stayed bridge

Kongliang Chen, Ronghui Wang
by establishment of Midas FEA model and combining with the characteristics of temperature field, the research is carried out on temperature field, it shows that temperature field of the plates inside and outside surface is in the time lag relationship, and thermophysical properties of concrete is little...
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Design and Analysis of a New Type Transmission Tower

Fanzhen Zhang, Zhibo Su, Jie Bu, Qigao Hu
The design and construction level of power grids are increasing rapidly with the development of China's power industry. The tower of Transmission line has become an important forced fulcrum. Safety and economy are basic requirements of conventional structural design. However, making the transmission...
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Research on the Influence of Replacing Cement with Granite powder-based Adglutinate on the Concrete Strength

Zhen Zhang, Wenbai Liu
Make concrete with the granite powder-based adglutinate to take place cement. Discuss the effect of substitution amount on concrete performance. With the increase of the substitution amount to cement, the compressive strength of concrete continues to decline; When it completely replaces cement and the...
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Construction of tourism culture system from the perspective of global tourism

Huiying Chen
With the New Perspective on the concept of Global Tourism, based on the whole industry, the whole element, the whole time and space to construct the tourism culture system from the perspective of the global tourism.The tourism culture system includes three subsystems: Material Culture, institutional...
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Autopilot: A Paradigm Revolution In The Field Of Road Traffic And A New Engine For The Construction Of A Traffic Power

Geng Rui
Introduces the fundamental changes caused by autopilot to road facilities, transportation services and management methods. Proves the key problem of whether we can build a powerful traffic power in the field of highway traffic is to whether the transformation can be successfully changed from the traditional...
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Impact Analysis of Integrated Project Delivery on the Value of Construction Project in China

Tingting Mei, Qiankun Wang, Zeng Guo
Building information modeling (BIM) technology can effectively solve the problem of information sharing in construction project, but its benefit has not been maximized due to the lack of matching delivery. Even integrated project delivery (IPD) creates the collaborative environment for BIM, part of the...
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Research on Comprehensive Evaluation Index System of Traffic Infrastructure Construction

Zhiyu Chen, Jing Liu
In order to accelerate the modern engineering management, promote the transformation and upgrading of highway and waterway engineering construction and development, improve the quality, safety and operation service level of highway and waterway engineering, the article sets up an evaluation index system...
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Study on Dynamic Guidance District Division Inside the Parking Lot

Yanyan Shi, Ying Han
According to the division principle and method of parking inducing community, a parking induction partition model is established to determine the objective function and constraints of the study. The simulated annealing algorithm is used to study the partition model. According to the principle of simulated...
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TCAS:Train Collision Avoidance System

Jianming Zhang, Qijin Lu, Shuting Zao
With the development of rail transit technology, the autonomous recognition and operation environment of the train becomes the development direction and research focus of the current rail transit. Due to the complex operation environment of the train, the traditional control technology requires the ground...
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Research on train anti-collision method based on deep learning

Jianming Zhang, Qijin Lu, Shuting Zao
Real-time detection of train distance from the front of the obstacle to ensure that the train in the case of safe braking speed driving is to improve the efficiency of train driving the main way. In this paper, a collision avoidance method based on deep learning is proposed. The system acquires the obstacle,...
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Research of Power Consumers Behavior Based on K-means Algorithm

Quan Wang, Xu Xie, Yu Zhang, Xiayi Hao
In this paper, K-means clustering algorithm is used to analyze pretreated monthly load data of power consumers from a certain domestic area in China. It can get different clusters in the month of August, and those can be roughly divided power consumers into different types, such as residents, businesses...
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The Numerical Simulation of Characteristics of Tidal Wave Propagation in Yangtze Estuary

Chuanteng Lu, Xiaofeng Luo
Using the finite volume method, a 2D tidal mathematic model from Datong to open sea is developed to study the Yangtze estuary. On the basis of good verification, the characteristics of tidal wave propagation, such as tidal level, tidal range, harmonic constants, the relationship between tidal level and...