Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Automation (ICEEA 2018)

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Power Analysis and Energy Storage Control in Distributed Generation System with Low Grid Voltage

Guohe Zhao
This paper presented an extensive analysis of dynamic change of power flow between distributed generators and loads in the situation of low grid voltage. And, a control strategy with energy storage to balance the power flow was proposed. First, the constant power control strategy of the distributed generators...
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Research on Power Grid Contact Aging Prediction Based on Variable Modified Grey Model

Yi Zhou, Peng Xiao, Shunhe Jia, Jianfei Chen, Sheng Zhang
Research of grid contact is a hot topics of electrical power system. Serious aging of grid contacts will bring accidents or even fire. At present, the main research method of contact aging is grey model. It has the characteristics of convenient calculation and high prediction accuracy. However, the locality...
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Preliminary Research and Overview of Blockchain Application in Generation and Transmission System

Cuihui Yan, Fang Liu, Zhiqiang Luo, Junfeng Yang, Qiang Ding, Min Li
Although China's electricity market reform has achieved some results, it still not fully enter into the dispatch scheduling system. The new born technology blockchain has been widely realized, it also appeared many research in energy internet field and received some achievement. In this case, this paper...
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A New Neutral Point Voltage Control Strategy for NPC Three Level Inverters

Shuxi Liu, Shan Li, Xiaoduo Yang
Multi-level inverter is now becoming an efficient and promising technology in sorts of applications, especially in high level voltage inverters. However, the unbalanced voltages between two DC-link capacitors while operating the Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) three-level inverters is an inherent problem,...
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Discussion on Piezoelectric Power Generation System

Xiaoming Sun
Coal, petroleum and natural gas will still be the basis of economic development for a long time. However, with a rapider consumption speed, these fossil fuels will be exhausted in the near future. In addition, the usage of these fossil fuels can also cause environmental pollution and greenhouse effect....
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Application of SQLite Database in Dispatch and Substation Integrated System

Haoqiu Shi, Xuechun Ji, Hao Li
Substation monitoring and control system generally consists of several unsupervised PC units. Such configuration is not suitable for running large commercial database, so the integration of dispatching system and transformer substation requires a lightweight relational database, and has a strict need...
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Systematically and Fast Processing Fault on Power Distribution Grids Based on a Simplified Model Part I: Basic Approaches

Liang Ma, Yi Xun, Zhihua Zhang, Xiaoqing Zhang, Di Yao
This is Part I of a two-part paper which presents a methodology for fault location and isolation and service restoration for power distribution grids. Concepts of node, region, connected sub-grid, and simplified model of distribution grids are introduced. A simplified load flow analysis is discussed...
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Study of Hybrid Energy Storage System for High Rate Power Mitigation in Microgrid

Pinit Wongdet, Boonruang Marungsri
Energy storage system (ESS) is integrated to a microgrid for managing the intermittent power from the renewable energy source. The battery energy storage system (BESS) is widely used in a microgrid, but it has various factors such as a high current of discharge/charge that affect the lifespan and quality...
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Post-evaluation of Power Measurement and Installation Project

Huadong Qiu, Xiong Li, Yan Wang, Bin Zhu
Under the background of the implementation of the Rural Revi-talization Strategy proposed in the report of the 19th National Congress of CPC, with regard to the unbalanced and insufficient development on both agriculture and village sides, this paper firs
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Single Pole Ground Fault Protection Strategy for MMC-MTDC Based on Voltage Margin Control

Mingguang Zhang, Jiawen Li
Modular multi-level converter has become one of the most prospective converter technologies in HVDC transmission. According to the topological structure and mathematical model of MMC, this paper proposes a multi-point DC voltage control strategy based on voltage margin control, and designs the corresponding...
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Reliability Evaluation of Parallel Redundancy Protocol Based Substation Process Bus

Jun Mo, Jiancheng Tan
IEC 62439 defines the parallel redundancy protocol (PRP) which offers zero disruption time for network communication. This paper evaluates the reliability of PRP based substation process bus considering protection functions. Two typical process bus solutions are discussed for a typical transmission substation....
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The Simulation Analysis of Novel Magnetically Controlled Reactor Characteristic

Guosheng Zhao, Bin Sun, Pei Li
At present, the main research methods are Matlab/simulink and Ansoft maxwell. When modeling and simulating with Matlab/simulink software, there will be shortcomings in the simulation as the special structure of the model and material parameters cannot be set. The modeling and simulating with Ansoft maxwell...
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Improved Current Efficiency in Organic Light-Emitting Devices with Co-Doped Host Layer

Lishuang Wu, Dandan Chen, Huishan Yang
A co-doping host layer 4,4’-N,N’-dicarbazole-biphenyl (CBP) and tris-(8-hydroxyqunoline)aluminum(Alq), was incorporated tris (2-Phenylpyridine) iridium [Ir(ppy)3] doped into host as the emitting layer (EML) based organic light-emitting device. Such a structure helps to increase the energy transfer from...
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Optimal Power Supply Frequency for Wastewater Treatment by Using Underwater Plasma Discharges

Tassanai Supanarapan, Boonruang Marungsri
This paper presents the development of an underwater plasma for wastewater treatment. A treatment reactor made of acrylic with multiple stainless-steel rods as the cathode electrode and stainless-steel plate as the ground was used. To find the suitable frequency for treatment, 25 kV pulse high voltage...
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The Hyperbolic Method Algorithm for the Optimal Determination of Coordinates and the Evaluation of the Potential Accuracy with Which They Are Measured

Vladimir P. Dubykin, Konstantin S. Kalashnikov, Boris V. Matveev, Oleg V. Chernoyarov
We present the analytical relations and the order of their introduction in the hyperbolic method algorithm designed for the generation of the optimal estimates of the radio sources coordinates and for the evaluation of the potential accuracy with which they are measured in the time-difference of arrival...
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A State-of-Charge Based Active EV Battery Balancing Method

Feng Chen, Jun Yuan, Chaojun Zheng, Canbo Wang, Zhan Li, Xunwei Zhou
Focusing on the problem of serial cell imbalance in lithium-ion batteries applied in electric vehicles (EVs), this paper presents an active battery balancing method based on state-of-charge (SOC). The basic principle of the proposed balancing method is aligning battery cell SOCs to 50% and making sure...
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Optimal Strategy to Mitigate the Effect of Fast Charging Electric Tram in Power Distribution

Nuttapol Chartsuk, Boonruang Marungsri
Nowadays, electric vehicles (EVs) include electric tram becomes more popular with high promotion from the government. The advantage of EVs is no produces the pollution and environmentally friendly compared with the internal combustion engines. The fast charging EVs as the load of the power distribution...
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Optimal Design of Hybrid Renewable Energy Generation Sources Integrated with Battery Energy Storage System; A Case Study of Nongplathao Park, Chaiyaphum Provincial Administration Organization, Thailand

Montre Chaleekure, Terapong Boonraksa, Nitikorn Junhuathon, Boonruang Marungsri
Hybrid renewable energy began to play an essential role after the fossil energy is gradually reduced. In Thailand, the government is very interested in renewable energy, and there are many potential areas in countries where renewable energy sources such as wind energy and solar energy are available....
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Optimal Design of Charging Station for Electric Vehicles Integrated with Renewable DG

Terapong Boonraksa, Elifuraha Reuben Mmary, Boonruang Marungsri
Electric vehicles (EVs) began to play an essential role in the public transportation system. It is a necessary part of developing and driving the economies of many countries in the future. EVs uses electric power to drive the mechanisms and other systems which must be stored electrical energy for use...
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Optimal Location and Size for the Battery Energy Storage System Installation in a Microgrid

Nitikorn Junhuathon, Boonruang Marungsri
Renewable Energy Source (RES) is unreliable because it fluctuates by itself. This problem can solve by Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) installation. Installation of BESS in each place cause different effects for the micro grid. This paper proposed a method for optimal location and optimal sizing...
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Research on Harmonic Suppression of Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Wind Converter

Shan Li, Rulong Yang, Shuxi Liu, Lei Tong
With the increasing of wind power installed capacity, the demand for power generation quality of wind power system is getting higher and higher. The magnitude of harmonic generation in wind power system plays a decisive role in the output power quality. Effective suppression of harmonics is a key indicator...
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Optimal Configuration of Micro Power Supply for Hybrid AC/DC Micro-grid

Mingguang Zhang, Ruiyun Zhang
In the ac/dc hybrid micro-grid, the reasonable configuration of the micro power to improve power supply reliability and economy is the most important issue due to the types and combinations of distributed power sources are too many. The paper considers the power installation cost, the operation maintenance...
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Research on Weakening Control of Asynchronous Motor with Load Based on Vector Control

Guomei Tang, Tao Huang
As for the induction motor with load needs to run in a large area, so speed regulation is an essential part of the current at a higher speed to prevent the voltage and current exceeds the rated value of the normal operation of the motor damage to the need for reasonable distribution, That is, the motor...
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Performance Analysis for Gun Firing Impact Simulator Based on Hydraulic Motor

Chi He, Guangling Dong, Qiang Li, Mingyue Sun, Zhiqiang Wei
In order to save development expenditure, shorten test cycle and improve quality, modelling and simulation (M&S) is used in processes as index demonstration, developmental design, and type approval test. The main applications of gun and simulation technologies in its type approval test are introduced...
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Dynamic Behaviour Analysis of Single Stage Planetary Gearbox Under Non-Stationary Operations Using Experimental Test Rig

Haroon Rashid, Hongkun Li, Zahid Hussain Hulio
Planetary gearboxes are mostly used in very hard working situations such as helicopters, wind turbines, heavy trucks, marine vehicle, hybrid cars etc. In order to understand the basic nature of planetary gearbox vibration, this paper includes a vibration and dynamic behavior of single stage planetary...
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Assessment of Physics-Based and Data-Driven Models for Material Removal Rate Prediction in Chemical Mechanical Polishing

Xuan Li, Cheng Wang, Li Zhang, Xinnong Mo, Dewen Zhao, Changkun Li
Material removal rate (MRR) during the chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process affects the control of product quality. Complexity of various parameters makes it challenging to predict MRR accurately. We addressed this challenge by integrating physics-based modeling with data-driven statistics. First,...
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Modeling and Temperature Control System Design of Heating Furnace for Thermoforming Machine

Shaoke Chen
The temperature control of the heating furnace has a great influence on the quality of the product. Too high temperature or too low will make the product disqualified. Based on a company's thermoforming machine, this paper analyzes the function of the heating system of the thermoforming machine in the...
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Gas Composition Recognition Based on Analyzing Acoustic Relaxation Absorption Spectra: Wavelet Decomposition and Support Vector Machine Classifier

Yaqiong Jia, Bin Yu, Mingdi Du, Xiaoli Wang
Gas acoustic spectrum represents properties of acoustic propagation, which can distinguish gas compositions. However in few existing methods of gas-composition-unknown recognition, the approaches of programmatically processing the acoustic spectrum curves have not yet been presented. We propose a method...
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Design and Implementation of a Required-Input Multi-Signal Generator

Baotang Shan, Bo Chen, Xiaohang Ren
To meet the special need of test, experiment, training and teaching, a design scheme of a required-input multi-signal generator is presented. FPGA and DSP are used to generate baseband signals, including HDB3 code, Manchester code, CMI code, Miller code, and frequency band signals, including ASK, FSK...
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Optimal Maximum Speed during Off-Peak Hours for Reduced Energy Consumption of the Bangkok MRT

Guntinan Sakulphaisan, Boonruang Marungsri
Nowadays, energy management is an essential strategy for reducing the energy cost in the metro system. This paper discusses the energy efficiency management by control the speed of metro for reducing the energy consumption during the off-peak period of the Chalerm Ratchamongkol metro line or the Bangkok...
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Pseudo-PID Control of Pulse Width Modulation Inverter for Relay Testing

Xiaoming Sun
P and PI control methods are widely used in the closed-loop con-trol of the inverters in various power electronic equipment. How-ever, PID control method is barely adopted. In this paper, from an in-depth analysis of the operation and control processes of pulse width modulation (PWM) inverter, it is...
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Sliding Mode Control under Wave Disturbances for an AUV Using Nonlinear Observer Method

Yibo Liu, Haiqin Wan, Jiaping Song
This paper mainly presents that the influence from high-frequency wave disturbances to the motion of the AUV when it operates in shallow water. To solve the issue above, a nonlinear observer is proposed to derive the disturbance information of wave by estimating the shallow water wave’s velocities and...
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Implementation of Intelligent Operation and Maintenance for Grid Dispatching and Control System

Jixiang Lu, Liyan Xu, Jun Hu, Jili Wang
As the scale of the grid expanding, the operation and maintenance of power grid dispatching and control system becomes more complex. In order to deal with the challenge and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance, the implementation of intelligent operation and maintenance for grid dispatching...
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Asynchronous Motor Parameter Identification Based on Vector Control

Dao Zhang, Tao Huang
In the three-phase asynchronous motor vector control system, the internal parameters of the motor will directly affect the performance of vector control. Using the existing resources of the voltage type inverter speed regulation system of induction motor, the DC test, the no-load test and the single-phase...
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Study on the Kinematics and Operating Space of a Foreign Body Salvage Robot at the Bottom of the Reactor Pool

Zhao Wang, Lingyu Sun, Yaiqiao Zhu
Nuclear power plant inspection underwater crawling robot can replace foreign operation and maintenance personnel to complete the reactor core and pool fishing operation. In this paper, through the analysis and research on the configuration and control system of the robot, based on kinematics model of...
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Design of a Target Reflectance Feature Automatic Measurement System

Fanrong Meng, Ning Wang, Xinhong Wang, Chuncheng Zhou, Chuanrong Li, Lingli Tang
A target reflectance feature automatic measurement system used for automatic radiometric calibration of satellite remote sensing payload is described in this paper. The system utilized techniques such as RS485 multi-host structure, wireless communication, and PLC. It can be used in multi-site automatic...
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Software Test Resource Allocation Based on Adaptive Operator Selection

Wenjie Chang, Baolong Guo
With the rapid development of computer software, making the complexity of the software system increased dramatically, the inevitable cost of testing resources is also increasing. Under the conditions of limited resources, how to better find the balance between resource consumption and reliability obtains...
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An Optimization Method of Deterministic Measurement Matrix in Distributed Compressed Video Sensing

Jiawei Qin, Dengyin Zhang, Liang Xie
This electronic Compressed Sensing (CS) is a new theoretical framework for information acquisition and processing, which provides a new way for signal sampling. In order to solve the problem of the constraints of traditional Nyquist sampling theorem, CS based on the sparsity of signal, randomness of...
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Configuration Software Design for Wireless Ad Hoc Network Monitoring System in Intelligent Building

Xiuchong Gao, Guiqing Zhang, Chenlu Tian, Yong Li
In the field of intelligent building research, in order to meet the business needs of developing intelligent device monitoring software flexibly and quickly, a configuration software including configuration module and running module is designed for the wireless ad hoc network monitoring system in intelligent...
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Trusted Evidence Index System of Cloud Platform

Lili Wu, Zhengmin Li, Tao Chen, Jinliang Hou
Trusted evidence collection is an important content in the study of the cloud platform trustworthiness. Trusted evidence index system and collection model should not only meet the description of cloud platform trusted evidence, but also solve the problems of model expansion by the massive evidence instance...
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Design of Microstrip Antenna Used in Beidou Terminal

Yanzhong Yu, Yuting Zeng, Mengya Lin
A design of microstrip antenna for application in Beidou navigation system is presented in this paper. To achieve the miniaturization of microstrip antenna sizes for better using in Beidou navigation system, the techniques of bending the microstrip line on the substrate layer and the through-hole on...
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Experimental Research on Effect of Friction Reducing Agent Added to Lubricant Oil

Dianxin Li
In order to improve friction reducing effect of the lubricant oil used in automobile engines, taking a type of lubricant oil as the blank sample and eight kinds of test oils were prepared by adding in seven types of friction reducing agent. By doing friction-wear tests, SEM detections and 3-dimensional...
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Reliable Routing Algorithm for Wide Area Protection

Chuan Liu, Jing Tao, Zheng Lou, Qi Shao
The wide area protection system has strict requirements on the real-time communication, reliability and bandwidth. How to select the optimal path quickly and efficiently is very important for the transmission of protection and control information. In order to solve this problem, a mathematical model...
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Timing Synchronization Algorithm for OFDM-UWB Systems Based on IEEE 802.15.3c

Chunyu Li, Shuqian He, Zhengjie Deng, Caixia Chen, Chun Shi
According to the 60 GHz OFDM-UWB system of IEEE 802.15.3c standard, the characteristics of the preamble Golay complementary sequence are analyzed for better timing synchronization scheme that can resist multipath interference. The normalized autocorrelation method is used to detect the falling edge for...
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Object Traces in the Conceptual Modeling

L.Yu. Ismailova, S.V. Kosikov, V.E. Wolfengagen
The paper considers the problem of conceptual modeling (CM) of the domains, in which a large number of changes takes place, possesses a number of specific features connected to the nature of the ongoing changes or large quantity of independently acting agents possibly produce changes in various parts...
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Analysis of the Fair Quantum Blind Signature

Yifan Zhang
The paper uses the uncertainty principle and no-cloning theorem; then combines the fundamental properties of quantum mechanics with the cryptographic hash function together; after that proposes a new security quantum blind signature. The analysis of security shows that the improved scheme has the feature...
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A Survey of Corner Detection Methods

Junqing Wang, Weichuan Zhang
In this paper, we present an overview of various corner detection approaches that have been proposed in the last four decades. Corner detection algorithms can be divided into intensity-based, contour-based and model-based methods. Intensity-based methods are mainly based on measuring local intensity...
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Research on Key Software Design Technologies of Target Seeker Performance Test System

Guangling Dong, Cailing Wang, Jing Wang, Chi He
Target seeker is a key component of missile, whose tracking performance in real guidance phases can be guaranteed by performance testing in its design stage. Generally, multi-sets of equipment are used in conventional testing method, which takes on some disadvantages of sophisticated operation and low...
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A Kinematics Analysis of Back Gliding Shot Put Techniques of Xiangrong Liu

Weiwei Zhang, Jihe Zhou, Jianhong Xu
Taking Xiangrong Liu, a Chinese female shot athlete, as the research object, the biomechanical analysis of the technical action of its backward slide-shot putting using the method of sports biomechanics was carried out. The study found that: in the gliding stage, Xiangrong Liu’s maximum speed of velocity...
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Research on Reliability Analysis of Component-Based Software

Wenna Ren, Baolong Guo
Component-based software development method has gradually become the mainstream software development method, with the rapid development of component technology, the software development method of complex software system with component design is more and more mature, but the software reliability analysis...
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Analysis and Forecast of Railway Passenger Volume Using System Dynamics

Xiaoyu Zhi
A system dynamics model is established based on the analysis of main factors and their relationships in the railway passenger transportation system. The causal loop diagram, flow chart and the Structural equations were established, and relevant parameters are determined. The model is verified by comparison...
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Research on the Supply-Side Market Conditions of Agricultural Insurance of Sichuan and the Corre-sponding Countermeasures

Shanxiang Liang, Dongchuan Lin, Miao Xu, Ruijie Lu, Qi Tang
Under the background of the implementation of the Rural Revi-talization Strategy proposed in the report of the 19th National Congress of CPC, with regard to the unbalanced and insufficient development on both agriculture and village sides, this paper firstly acquire the current situation and existing...
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Driver Fatigue Detection Method Based on Eye Multi-Feature Fusion

Qinghua Liu, Haixiao Zhong, Xuehan Zhao, Lu Sun
In order to improve the accuracy of driver fatigue detection, this paper proposes a new fatigue detection method based on random forest regression model and integrate eye fatigue surveillance method for multiple characteristic parameters. First, we use the features of simple class Haar to cascade algorithm...