Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer, Networks and Communication Engineering (ICCNCE 2013)

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The Effect of Network Communication on Children’s Social Creativity

Enhe Hao, Xiaorong Zhang, Zhi Jing, Chuanhua Gu, Jingjing Song
Social creativity is a special sort of creativity in the domain of social interaction or activities, and it can be classified into two types: stable trait creativity and instable state creativity. To investigate the effect of network communication on social creativity including trait creativity and state...
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The Research Of Network Coding In D2d Communication System

Zhiyong Zhao, Shixiang Shao, Jun Sun
D2D (Device-to-Device) communications is the hotspot of next generation of communications technology. There is a challenge that how to decrease the interference between cellular user and D2D user. Unlike resource allocation and power control, the paper proposes a new method that is network coding to...
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Reversible Text Watermarking Algorithm Using Prediction-error Expansion Method

Wenbin Fei, Xianghong Tang
In order to avoid the permanent change of the text content caused by watermark embedding, this paper proposes a reversible watermarking algorithm for Chinese text document using prediction-error expansion. The algorithm takes the sentence as the unit, through the context collocation degree to select...
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Evaluation of Information System Disaster Recovery Ability based on Experts’ Weight and Improved TOPSIS

Jiaxin Li, Ru Zhang, Jianyi Liu
Given that current evaluation technique takes no consideration in assignment of experts’ weight, we propose a determinate expert weight approach to get different experts' evaluation weight, based on which reasonable significance value is assigned to evaluation index. Then we improve accuracy of expert...
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Development of Vehicle Management Platform Based on ArcGIS

Jing Mei, Hong Song, Wenli Shang, Xiaofeng Zhou
Based on ArcGIS software, a multi-function vehicle management platform was developed, which realized functions of Vehicle electronic barrier setting, map labeling, vehicle orientation, vehicle status display, history track replay, real-time monitoring and early alarming, fault diagnosis and displaying...
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Research on Semi-Automatic Domain Ontology Construction Framework Based on Web Crawler

Xuejun YU, Guangpeng SHEN
Now the ontology construction is mainly based on manual mode, the whole process requires a lot of manpower and material resources.In this paper we proposed a semi-automatic domain ontology construction framework based on web crawler. The framework can fetch domain data on network and extract semantic...
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Simulation research on crossing behavior of the pedestrians and vehicles at the Pedestrian crossing bsed on simulation software VISSIM

Lu Wang, Shunqiang Ye, Min Tang
In this paper, the simulation software VISSIM for microscopic traffic is used to simulate the behavior of the pedestrians and motor vehicles when they cross the intersection with no signal. The practical application of this model is validated through the comparison analysis. The simulation results provide...
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Research on Cell Search SSS Timing Synchronization Based on DSP

Dan Wang, Weiping Shi
Research on cell search PSS timing synchronization algorithm, according to the Zadoff-Chu sequence character, a low-Complexity timing synchronization algorithm and implementation approach based on SSS is proposed in this paper. Both the theory analysis and simulation results show that the algorithm proposed...
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Research and Application of Web Information Retrieval Based on Ontology

Qi Shen, Meng Zhang, Qingming Song, Yan Tang
This paper is mainly about the design of web information retrieval module based on ontology, using ontology technology, from the current web service mechanism based on the syntax level raised to the level of knowledge (or concept).First, the paper introduces the concept of the ontology, and then completes...
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Design and Realization of Heart Rate Signal Detection System Based on Android Mobile Phone

Yuxin Zhu, Jing Han
This paper introduces a heart rate detection system based on Android mobile phone system. The system uses Android smart mobile phone to collect the sphygmus signal from a finger, then analyzes the signal by Java program, finally gives the measured heart rate. The result shows that the system is a more...
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Design and Realization of Mobile Message Board System Based on Cloud Computing

Qi Shen, Yan Tang, Meng Zhang, Qingming Song
This paper presents the solution to Google App Engine using in mobile cloud computing, based on the analysis of key issues in the mobile message board system which combined with related technology of mobile Internet and cloud computing. And on this basis, the design, development and deployment of a Mobile...
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Researches on the Cellular User’s available Communication Radius in Overlaid Device to Device Systems

Bei Hu, Jun Sun, Shixiang Shao
D2D technology is introduced into IMT-Advanced system, D2D communication and cellular communication may be orthogonally or multiplexed shared the authorization band of the IMT-advanced system, sharing resource will cause interference. In this paper, we analyse the scenario that D2D UEs reuse the resource...
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Multi-Relay Selection Strategy for Device to Device Communication

Weicheng Xia, Shixiang Shao, Jun Sun
Introducing relaying nodes to D2D (Device to Device) communication system can effectively improve the system performance. However, the quality of direct D2D communication cannot be guaranteed when the users are far from each other, the effect of relaying node becomes particularly important in this case....
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Downlink HARQ feedback for LTE- A systems with carrier aggregation

Fatang Chen, Xin Ni
Carrier aggregation (CA) technology is one of key technologies in LTE-Advanced(LTE-A) system. UE can aggregate multiple component carriers (CCs) as a wider band to support the demand of higher data rates and improve the spectrum utilization. When terminal aggregates multiple downlink carrier components...
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Distributed Positioning of Replica using Grass Growing Structure

Worawit Fankam-ai, Peraphon Sophatsathit
This paper proposes a distributed data replication scheme based on Grass Growing Structure to reduce bandwidth consumption and access latency in distributed systems. The replication will be multicast to the nearest nodes using Depth Limit Search algorithm within a predefined limiting distance. Performance...
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Expected Attitude Angle Design for Spacecraft Multi-target Tracking

Yao Zhang, Wei Liu, Jingrui Zhang
This paper studies the spacecraft multi-target tracking. Firstly, the spacecraft expected attitude angle is designed according to the mission requirement, namely having the camera on the chaser spacecraft point strictly to the target spacecraft and maximizing the communication time between the antenna...
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Performance Analysis of Joint Relay Selection and Power Allocation for Two-way Relay Channels

Sijia Lou, Longxiang Yang
This paper investigated the outage probability bound of joint relay selection and power allocation for two-way relay channels (TWRC). The two transceivers exchanged information with the help of the relay during two time slots based on amplify-and-forward (AF). A tight lower bound of outage probability...
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Sampled-Data Consensus of Second-Order Multi-Agent Systems with Delayed-State-Derivative Feedback

Na Wang, Zhihai Wu, Li Peng
This paper is concerned with sampled-data consensus of second-order delayed multi-agent systems with delayed-state-derivative feedback. First, the delay decomposition technique is used for obtaining the consensus protocol based on sampled-data. Then, the stability theory of linear systems and algebra...
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Research on Performance of Vehicular Ad hoc Networks

Chen Lin
VANET has emerged as a promising field of research. As one of the most important applications, location-aware service plays a key role on its advancement. Different related service protocols have been proposed. The performance, however, is evaluated through the simulation which limits the accurate assessment...
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The Effect of Structural Deformation of Metal Space Frame Radome on Electrical Performance

Wanye Xu, Peng Li, Guigeng Yang, Yuanying Qiu, Zhanchao Lin
In the simulation of electrical performance of metal space frame radome, the effect of structural deformation of the radome is studied. Firstly, structural deformation of the radome under wind load and weight load is analyzed. Secondly, far field of antenna is obtained by adding the far field transmitted...
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Research of the Web Page Cleaning Technology on Tourism Theme

Qi Shen, Qingming Song, Meng Zhang, Yan Tang
With the development of web technology, the use of dynamic web pages and the personalization of page contents become more and more popular. Currently, the information of page is protean and the structures of different pages are vastly different, the traditional thinking of page cleaning technology has...
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Personnel Information Management System Based on the Platform of Jingoal

Junjie Zhang, Jia Zhang, Xiang Li, Jun Chen, Donghui Liu, Genghuang Yang
In this paper, we propose the functions and objectives of the Personnel Management Information System,besides,Jingoal platform redesigns the talent management information system based on actual operational needs of the current development status and organization departments of the university management...
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Research on software developing model of NetMagic Platform

Kai Sun, Donglai Xu, Jianbiao Mao, Zhigang Sun, Xing Su
As a programmable network platform, NetMagic have being widely used in network research. But how to develop software on NetMagic is not well studied. A 3- layer model, which include application layer, application supporting layer and NetMagic access layer, is proposed in this paper. Using quality monitoring...
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A Novel Particle Filter based Object Tracking Framework via the Combination of State and Observation Optimization

Xudong Luo, Long Ye, Wei Zhong, Qin Zhang
Using particle filter to figure visual object tracking, a key problem is to choose appropriate image features as the observation model. In this paper, we present a novel particle filter based object tracking framework via the combination of state and observation optimization. We apply the technique to...
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Markov Modeling of Double 2-out-of-2 System with Imperfect Detection and Common Cause Failures

Zengkai Liu, Yonghong Liu, Baoping Cai, Ju Li, Xiaojie Tian
This paper introduces the structure of the double 2-out-of-2 system and presents its Markov model for performance analysis. Transient reliability and safety of the system are obtained. In addition, the effects of imperfect diagnostic coverage and common cause failures on the reliability and safety of...
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Smart Meter Reading System Based on Cognitive Technology

Dongjing Hu, Yunxiao Zu, Bin Hou
Smart grid system is an automated power system that monitors and controls grid activities. Smart grid also makes the power network stable, secure, efficient, flexible, economical, and environmental friendly. However, it has constraints in the dedicated frequency resources and poor performance in electricity...
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The Realization of Gray Scale Control for AM-OLED Based on Fractal theory

Junwei Ma, Feng Ran, Hailang Huang, Meihua Xu
Fractal theory was firstly applied in gray scale control of Active Matrix/Organic Light Emitting Diode (AM-OLED) display system, which settled the problem of time redundancy of traditional scanning methods. In the experiment, a fractal scanning controller was designed and applied in a AM-OLED matrix...
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An Improved Channel Estimation Algorithm in the LTE-A System

Huahua Wang, Bei Chen
LTE-A [1] (Long Term Evolution Advanced) is a subsequent evolution of LTE. Compared with LTE, LTE-A will support a larger bandwidth, higher spectrum efficiency and higher peak rate. LTE-A introduce carrier aggregation, multi-point collaborative transmitting/receiving, multiple antennas, wireless relay...
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Adaptive Image Enhancement Method

Xizhen Han, Jian Zhao
The most important factor affecting the quality of image is the brightness and contrast. In order to improve the brightness and contrast of the image, this paper presents an adaptive image enhancement method. This method sets a threshold value according to the grayscale range of the image. If it is smaller...
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Design and implementation of a modular high-speed data transmission system

Yang XING, Qiongzhi WU, Xinran Yang, Fushun SU
In order to meet the demand of high-speed digital data processing and achieve high-speed communication between digital front-ends and computer, we design and implement a transmission system based on FMC and PCI-Express protocol. This paper describes the basic hardware structure of the interface system,...
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A Hierarchically Reliable Transmission Scheme

Songbai Pu, Huachuang Wang
In real world the network environment is varied and the network resource is limited. How to supply real-time and reliable transmission service with less network resource under the explosive transmission scale becomes a hot spot, this paper proposed a novel transmission scheme which supports improved...
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Detail-Enhance Face Illumination Normalization Based on LDCT-Wavelet

Songbai Pu, Huachuang Wang
As a kind of self-carry and unique biological characteristic, face has been widely used in authentication field. Although in recent years face recognition has achieved rapid progress, there are still some technical fortresses difficult to overcome. Illumination is one of the major challenges, a large...
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Research on Availability of Virtual Machine Hot Standby based on Double Shadow Page Tables

Zhiyun Zheng, Huiling Wang, Zhengfei Wang, Lun Li
Double Shadow Page Tables method based on Most Recently Used algorithm is presented to solve the low availability of output delay in virtual machine hot standby. This method uses check-pointing mechanism, the workflow of primary virtual machine is divided into two stages: running and synchronization...
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Image Edge Detection Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Logic

Jian Zhao
Since primary information of the target mainly concentrate in the edges, the edge detection of gray-scale image is very crucial in image processing and Target recognitions. Detecting the edges of images accurately and precisely is quite challengeable. Therefore, an improved edge detecting algorithm based...
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User interface usability studies on different operating systems

You-ying WANG, Ye SHEN, Yang YANG, Jie MA, Enping MA, Xunzhi SHI
This article abstractly introduces the relevant technologies about user interface software testing, and focuses on mobile terminals’ design requirements for user interface and usability guidelines for further exploration. On this basis, using intelligent we apply manual testing methods in aspects of...
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Multi-senor QR decomposition of the matrix Fusion interval kalman smoother

Guobo Xie, Long Guo, Wen Lu
In this paper ,a new algorithm is proposed for computing weights fusion of fixed-interval Kalman smoothers in the linear minimum variance sense ,the QR decomposition of matrix is presented for the weights for discrete time-varying linear stochastic control systems with multiple sensors and correlated...
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On designing state feedback controller for time-delay system of neutral type

Zhan Zhang, Shaoqing Wei, Jianhua Zhang, Jia Ma, Mingyu Li
This paper makes the linear uncertain neutral system as the research object, and designs state feedback observer, achieving the observed state. And the paper designs an observer based on state feedback controller, to control the neutral system. And then we make simulation through Matlab Simulink toolbox,...
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A Cloud-Enhanced System Architecture for Logistics Tracking Services

Xuanyang Lin, Xianghan Zheng
With the fast development of logistics industry, logistic tracking services has drawn more and more attention around the world. However, conventional logistics systems are difficult to provide efficient and whole-ranged logistic tracking services for customers. In this paper, we design and implement...
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A Novel Scheduling Algorithm based on Clustering Analysis and Data Partitioning For Big Data

Weiqi Cui, Nan Liu, Yihuan Dong, Jiaqi Li, Qingchen Zhang
With the development of the computer technology and network technology, the size of data collected is increasing rapidly. It is difficult to process and analyze so big data in real-time. Cloud computing is an effective tool for real-time processing for big data. How to make full use of cloud computing...
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An Efficient Method For nDMRS Selection

Xing Jiang, Longxiang Yang, Luanpeng Liu, Zhiyu Yang, Hui Yu
In LTE uplink scheduling system, the Physical Hybrid_ARQ Indicator Channel(PHICH) in the downlink carries Hybrid ARQ(HARQ) acknowledgments (ACK/NACK) for uplink data transfers. So it is important to allocate resource to PHICH. Although the two parameters which identify PHICH have been given in section...
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A Framework of Event-Driven Detection System for Intricate Network Threats

Rongmao Chen, Linbo Qiao, Bofeng Zhang, Zhenghu Gong
As the network threats nowadays turn to be more intricate and diversiform, traditional intrusion detection methods are facing with the challenges of lacking flexibility because that they are just code-actual. This paper summarizes the common correlating features exhibited by the network events from the...
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Overview of Content-based Image Feature Extraction Methods

Lulu Fan, Zhonghu Yuan, Xiaowei Han, Wenwu Hua
The technology of Image feature extraction, which is based on the subject of computer vision and image processing, use computer technology to determine the image of the invariant information and extract it to handle the actual problem. Based on the basic principle of image processing, the underlying...
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Alternatives for Eliminating Duplicate in Data Storage

Tianming Yang, Jing Zhang, Wei Sun
Duplicate Elimination (DE) is a specialized data compression technique for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data to optimize the use of storage space or bandwidth. The most common form of DE implementation works by dividing files as chunks and comparing chunks of data to detect duplicates. This...
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Wireless RFID-Based Thermal Convection Type Inclinometer and Monitor System Design

JiumMing Lin, ChengHung Lin
This research proposes a wireless RFID-based thermal convection type inclinometer design, and relates more particularly to manufacture it on a flexible substrate. The key point is to integrate both an inclinometer and a wireless RFID antenna on the same substrate, such that the inclinometer is very convenient...
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Hierarchical Group Decision-Making Model for Robot Soccer Based on Finite-State Transition

Shuliang Wang, Chen Ma, Bo Chen, Ming Zhong, Jigao Fu, Jiehao Chen, Pingfan He, Han Liang
Aiming at the defect of centralized robot group control structure with large decision space dimension which causes heavy computation and communication burden, this page designs a hierarchical group decision-making model for robot soccer according to the multi-robot system hierarchical architecture and...
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Improved Stability Criteria of Generalized Recurrent Neural Networks with Time-varying Delays

Jinfang Zhang, Yuanhua Qiao, Jun Miao, Lijuan Duan
In this paper, the problem on stability analysis of generalized recurrent neural networks with a time-varying delays is considered. Neither the differentiability, the monotony on these activation functions nor the differentiability on the time-varying delays are assumed. By employing a new Lyapunov-Krasovskii...
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The Simulation of Better Pan

Bincan Zhang
We determined the best pan by two models. At first, we established a prism model with great heat convection on profiles through reasonable simplification. According to thermophysics, we derived partial differential equations to describe temperature field distribution of pans. However, the equations are...
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Analysis and Design on Security of SQLite

Haiyan Liu, Yaowan Gong
This paper is to resolve the security problem of SQLite. The paper first analyzes some security methods commonly used in Database Area, as well as the current mechanism of SQLite. Then discusses the authentication, access control, encryption, audit, as well as the backup and restore mechanism of SQLite....
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A research to improve collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm oriented barter electronic trading platform

Ying Liu, Li Zhou, Jie Huang
This article describes difference between modern barter and traditional e-commerce, makes some appropriate improvement to the user-based collaborative filtering recommendation under the background of barter, introduces a reference range based on users’ location and the volume of commodity to improve...
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A Novel RFID-Based Wireless Health Monitor by Measurement of Acupuncture Bio-Potentials with Array Probes on Tags and Different Wearable Fixtures

JiumMing Lin, ChengHung Lin
In this paper a bio-potential monitor system is presented, which relates more particularly to a bio-potential measurement system having wireless communication capability. The bio-potential measurement device includes a flexible substrate (e.g. an active RFID tag) configured to be fastened around a body...
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Design of Virtual Street Platform Based On 3G Network

Li Zhang, Shilong Feng
In order to meet development tendency of mobile internet and the needs of LBS(location-based services) applications, we carried out a research of framework called virtual street platform(VSP), which used GPS, P2P and IP communitaction.
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Pre-order Bonded Deficit Round Robin for Channel Bonding System

Zhongzhen Yang, Jinin Wang, Xianguan Wang, Chengwen Jiao
For multiple channels packet scheduling in DOCSIS3.0, we propose a new scheduling algorithm, called Preorder Bonded Deficit Round Robin (PB-DRR) scheduling algorithm. The PB-DRR employs the preorder mechanism for Bonded Deficit Round Robin (BDRR) to overcome the large latency problem of BDRR. Theoretical...
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A Design of Cloud Storage Gateway Based on Data Dispersal

Hongyang Hu, Di Zhang, Yuezhi Zhou
A cloud storage gateway is a network appliance or server which resides at the customer premises. It can integrate and translate different cloud storage APIs and increase data security. A variety of designs of cloud storage gateway have been proposed. However, existing designs cannot help users to access...
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Cyber Security Risk Analysis Model Composed with Activity-quality and Architecture Model

Jinsoo Shin, Hanseong Son, Gyunyoung Heo
Extensive use of digital systems and networks is causing the problem of the cyber security to safety related industries like research reactors. The aim of cyber security study, in this article, is to develop a cyber-security risk analysis model based on activity-quality & Instrumentation & Control (I&C)...
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D2ER: Distributed Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks with Unreliable Links

Dianjie Lu, Xiangwei Zheng, Guijuan Zhang, Jue Hong
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are subject to node failures because of limited energy and link unreliability which makes the design of routing protocols in such networks a challenging task. The multipath routing scheme is an optimal alternative to address this problem which splits the traffic across...
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A Power Control Based Cross-layer Communication Protocol for Wireless Sensor networks

Jingqi Jiang, Peng Ji, Qiushuo Sun, Songyang Zhang
An effective communication protocol for wireless sensor networks should provide a good quality of service (QoS) for network data transfer, but the traditional layering protocol stack can’t sufficiently meet this complex requirement. So a new cross-layer communication protocol - directed spanning tree-based...
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Quantitative characterization for lymphocyte deformation in image sequences

Bingsong He, Xing An, Zheyi Fan, Yonggang Shi
A new method is proposed to quantitatively characterize lymphocyte deformation in image sequences. The whole framework includes three steps?cell segmentation, cell tracking, and cell deformation characterization. Firstly, morphological image processing is implemented as a kind of segmentation method...
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Implementation of a Fire Detection Algorithm on TMS320DM642 DSP using MATLAB/Simulink

Bingsong He, Xueping Zhao, Zhiguo Zhou, Zheyi Fan
This paper introduces a new approach “model- based design” to develop and implement a fire detection algorithm using the TMS320DM642 DSP and MATLAB/Simulink. The fire detection algorithm model is constructed in Simulink in the form of graphical blocks. C code is automatically generated from the block-diagrams...
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Joint Estimation of Doppler Frequency and Angle in Bistatic MIMO Radar System

Manli Zhong, Jianying Liu, Zheyi Fan
Addressed with bistatic multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) radar, a joint estimator of both Doppler frequency and angle is proposed. The angle of the target are estimated using beamforming technique after the Doppler frequency is estimated via MUSIC or ESPRIT approach, which are automatically...
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Direction-of-arrival estimation for noncircular signals

Manli Zhong, Zheyi Fan
Direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation for near-completely noncircular signals is considered in this paper, and two DOA estimators based on Widely Linear Minimum Variance Distortionless Response (WL-MVDR) beamforming are proposed, called the spatial conjugate power spectrum (SCPS) method and subspace...
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A New Method of Three-Dimensional Measurement Based on Dual Cameras

Zhongyang Li, Lei Cai, Peng Luo, Baitong Wang, Xiuxiang Huang
We proposed a novel method for a three-dimensional measurement based on the structured light with stereo vision system which mainly consists of two cameras and a projector. This new method could realize shape recovery without projector calibration which is usually a complicated and time-consuming procedure....
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Design and Implementation of Two Rate Three Color Marker Based on FPGA

YanLong Zhang, YongTing Hu, Tao Li, ZhiGang Sun
As a network QoS technique, two rate three color marker?trTCM? has been widely used in the implementation of traffic policing, traffic shaping and port rate limiting. The implementation of the trTCM is usually based on software,whichis simple and easy to be configured. However,the software trTCM has...
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Modeling and Simulation of Contention-Collision Cancellation Mode Type IV Star Network

Lijun Sun, Yunxian Du
Contention-Collision Cancellation(C-CC) mode is an access control mode in star network. According to the working mechanism of star network, C-CC access control mode was classified six types of system model. The mathematical model of type IV system model is among the most complex at a very high computational...
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A Novel Descriptor-based Output Scheduling Technique forGeneral Multi-Core Network Processor

YongTing Hu, YanLong Zhang, Tao Li, ZhiGang Sun
Output scheduling is an important QoS technique for the network processor. The packet-based output scheduling technique is widely used in general multi-core network processor design due to its simplicity. However, large on-chip packet buffer required by the technique increases the chip area and production...
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A New Approach for Computing Semantic Relatedness with Wikipedia

Xinye Zhang, Xiu Li, Zhijian Ruan
Semantic relatedness measures are used in many applications in natural language processing and we propose a Wikipedia-based method to compute it. Unlike existed methods that only focus on a small section of Wikipedia (e.g. info box or hyperlinks), our method makes full use of the rich information contained...
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Design and Implementation of Optical Fiber Communication System for Field Area Networks of Smart Grid

Zhongwei Sun
The smart grid communication infrastructure will emerge from the interconnection of a large number of small-scale networks organized into a hierarchical architecture of Home Area Networks (HANs), Feighborhood Area Networks (FANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs). FANs form the communication facility for...
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Design of VLSI Digital Filters for Tolerating Transient Timing Errors

HsinChou Chi, HsiChe Tseng, YihKai Wang
As the feature size of chips shrinks with semiconductor technology advancing, the size of transistors and their operating voltage keep decreasing. One of the major problems with advanced semiconductor technology is timing errors caused by process variation and noises. With such problems, conventional...
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An Optimized Scheme for High-speed Data Interaction Based on TI-C6678 Multi-core DSP

Baoyu Su, Zhiyong Xu, Renjie Niu
The performance of data interaction between different memories has become a significant factor in the complex embedded systems with the huge increase of processing needs, especially between internal chip-on memory and external memory. This paper advances a constructive optimized scheme named global direct...
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OWLAN Up-Down Link Simultaneously by Optical Spin Generated

M. Bunruangses, B. Piyatamrong, S. Mitatha, P.P. Yupapin
This paper proposed a new idea of optical wireless communication simultaneously using the optical spin phenomena. The spin generation from bright and dark soliton conversion behaviors within a modified optical add-drop filter known as PANDA ring resonator is proposed. The orthogonal solitons can be formed...
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The Constant Pressure Water Supply System Based on PROFINET Technology

Zhifeng Zhou
Abstract?In the production of steel rolling?Cooling water is important to the quality of steel?This article in view of the continuous steel rolling production of water supply system is put forward higher requirements ?In the design of water supply system adopted the PROFINET industrial Ethernet technology...
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Time-Frequency Root-MUSIC Method Based on Pseudo Wigner-Ville Distribution for Near-Field Source Localization

Xin Sun, Hong Jiang, Bo Wang
In this paper, a novel time-frequency Root-MUSIC method for near-field source localization is proposed. In the method, two spatial time-frequency matrices of Pseudo Wigner-Ville distribution (PWVD) are constructed, and a time-frequency Root-MUSIC algorithm is developed to estimate bearings and ranges...
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Android Mobile Security – Threats and Protection

Jiayi Mu, Ailing Cui, Jingyu Rao
In recent years, more and more users and businesses use smart phone as communication tools, but also use in our private life. In the meantime, hackers use the network exploits to attack users’ smart phone. These attacks exploit weaknesses come from different kinds of access just like SMS, Wi-Fi networks...
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Study of Wavelet Thresholding Image De-noising Algorithm Based on Improvement Thresholding Function

Qing Zhu, Expression Cui
In order to enhance the de-noising performance of wavelet thresholding de-noising algorithm and increase the degree of similarity between the original signal and de-noising signal, this paper proposes a new thresholding function with adjustment factors based on wavelet thresholding de-noising theory...
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Comprehensive Risk Evaluation in the Phase of Setting Information System Project

Yinmin Gao
The IS has the characteristic of high risk and high profit. It makes the IS project- setting risk evaluation system becoming an urgent research, and getting more and more attention. However, the development of the IS is a complicated system engineering, project-setting risk will involve with many factors,...
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Analysis on Jingdong’s Offbeat Marketing Strategies

Zhenjian Jiang, Fengjuan Dong, Yixuan Tang
Jingdong, a famous E-mall for online shopping in China, has grown rapidly since its establishment. It has been regarded as a miracle in Chinese e-tailing field for a long time and now can equal some big enterprises such as Suning, Dangdang and Taobao. The reason why Jingdong achieves such a great achievement...
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Cloud-based Trust Establishment Protocol towards Mobile Commerce

Bailing Liu
In an attempt to integrate automated trust negotiation (ATN) into mobile commerce environments to support an effective approach to establishing dynamic and bilateral trust between mobile customers and merchants, we propose a cloud-based trust negotiation (CBTN) protocol to efficiently and securely offload...
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Location of Logistics Center Planning of Changzhutan Based on Center-of-Gravity Method

Wenjun Chen
This paper focuses its attention on the problem of facility location and provides an optimized static single-facility location model based on Center of Gravity. As an empirical analysis course, the final result where to establish a new logistics centre in Changzhutan in Hunan province. is an important...
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Dynamic Operation and Control of a Stand-Alone Wind/PV/Diesel Energy Systems

CongHui Huang, ChihMing Hong, ChungChi Huang, JhengHan Lin, BoYan Shi, ChuanSing Jhuang
This paper presents the dynamic operation and control strategies of a hybrid wind/photovoltaic/diesel based power supply system for stand-alone applications. Wind and PV power are the primary power sources of the system to take full advantages of renewable energy, and the diesel-engine is used as a backup...
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Development of Smart Illumination System with Fuzzy Logic Theory

CongHui Huang, ChungChi Huang, ChaoChin Chiang, ZhengYu Yuan, BoRen Shi, YuTang Su
This paper applies fuzzy logic theory to a smart home system in order to achieve artificial intelligence in the automated home. This would allow an automated home system to become a smart home system. In addition to enhancing the quality of life, it can also help to cut energy wasted and reduce overheads....
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Empirical Research On Electronic Commerce Adoption Decision-making Factors in China SMEs

Feng Ying
Based on some theories, seven factors about Electronic Commerce (E-commerce) adoption in Small and Middle Sized Enterprises (SMEs) is determined. Based on the statistic data of 278 companies, a structure equation model is constructed. The result indicates that pressure, top manager support, applicability...
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Influence of visual analysis skills and collaborative work on modelling activities in web-based learning environment

Jérémy Castéra, Tago Sarapuu, Jaanika Piksööt
The goal of this study is to analyse the influence of the visual analysis skills on the student modelling activities in a web-based learning environment. The influence of collaborative work was also tested. Thus, 131 French high school students working individually and 116 in pairs used the environment...
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Empirical Research On Electronic Com-merce Adoption Decision-making Factors in China SMEs

Ying Feng
Based on some theories, seven factors about Electronic Commerce (E-commerce) adoption in Small and Middle Sized Enterprises (SMEs) is determined. Based on the statistic data of 278 companies, a structure equation model is constructed. The result indicates that pressure, top manager support, applicability...
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Analysis on Invulnerability and Real-Time Performance for Smart Grid Network

Xiaosheng Liu, Tianxiang Hai, Jian Zheng
In the process of building strong smart grid, the communication technology becomes an important means that supports Intelligrid Architecture. Smart grid has strict requirements in the reliability and real-time performance of communication. MPLS can improve the service quality of power communication....