Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer, Networks and Communication Engineering (ICCNCE 2013)

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Revisit Technology Acceptance Model for Internet Banking (Case Study: Public Banking in Indonesia)

Sevenpri Candra
In nowadays business, online service in Internet Banking is a major concern for managing customer relationship but on the other side, there are several challenges that should be faced by banks when they implement this technology. By using the technology acceptance model, this research was conducted through...
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Study on User Behavior and Social Tagging

Yaping Wan, Xiaohua Yang, Zhiming Liu, Jiayu Ma, Xiaoyun Li, Chunping Ouyang, Ying Yu, Hui Jiang
We studied the electronic communication of knowledge users collaborating on a community and found that their work and interactions were mediated by the use of tag. Drawing on these, we found social tagging is the process by which many users add metadata in the form of keywords, to annotate and categorize...
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A MATLAB based Cellular Mobile Communication Laboratory

Rony Kumer Saha, A B M Siddique Hossain
Cellular mobile communication (CMC) is one of the fastest growing sectors in telecommunication industry worldwide. The users of CMC increased rapidly in the last two decades globally. To address the high demand of CMC services, hands-on experienced workforce is a prerequisite that are primarily supposed...
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Multi-touch intelligent infrared interactive projection system

Liming Wu, Hongna Chen, Dezhi Zeng, Wenjie Li
The system is based on optical principles of the multi-touch technology, multi-touch tracking, gesture recognition and other theories to design a laser pointer through the touch of a finger or a new type of light to operate a computer projection system to achieve low-cost, high-performance multi-touch...
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Applications of Orthogonal Matching Pursuit in Compressed Sensing

Jingfan Long, Xiujie Wei, Peixin Ye
In this paper, we study the efficiency of compressed sensing by using Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (OMP). We show that if a Matrix ? has coherence less than 1 /20K0:8 and satisfies the Restricted Isometry Property (RIP) of order [CK1:2] with constant ? = cK ??0:2, then a K-sparse signal x can be recovered...
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Cave Lighting Control System Based on IOT Location

Jian-zhi Deng, Xiao-hui Cheng
A cave lighting control system based on Internet of Things location is designed in this paper. The design is a sub-system of the IOT electronic guiding system based on Zigbee. Structure, principle, software, hardware and network are introduced in the paper. CC2431 is used to be a node when CC2430 is...
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The stability analysis of asset price system with delay by impulsive control

Xunxia Xu, Liuxiao Guo
The stability analysis of asset price system with delay is discussed in this paper. By adding impulsive control, dynamical properties of the system are changed, i.e., eliminating the influence of some factors such as time delay on the instability of asset price. Based on the impulsive theory and Lyapunov...
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Performance analysis of the priority queue buffer management mechanism

Hong_an Jiang, Xia Xia Wang
In order to solve the multimedia communication in computer networks as well as on the quality of service requirements, this paper proposes a buffer management mechanism based on the priority queue. Detailed study of the principles and methods of implementation of the mechanism and performance analysis,...
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Dynamic Characteristic and Control of a Hypersonic Flight Vehicle

Dongsheng Qin, Qiangjun Zhu, Chenxi Wang
The longitudinal dynamics of hypersonic flight vehicles present an unstable phugoid mode and a new height mode. Hypersonic flight will be subject to attitude and height divergence that would require stabilizing feedback control. A method of design velocity and altitude tracking controller for hypersonic...
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An improved (n,k)-NLFSR generating any a given binary sequence

Jizhi Wang, Xueli Wu, Guang Yang
Recently, a novel (n,k)-NLFSR was proposed by E. Dubrova etc.. In this paper, we develop a novel type of (n,k)-NLFSR, called D-FSR, which can generate all the binary sequences with period p (2n-1
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The realization of the agricultural expert system in embedded platform

Yunfei Zhang, Zhixing Shi, Zheng Xu
In order to improve the utilization of the Agricultural Expert System so that it can be taken to the fields directly to guide agricultural production.The development and implementation of the portable Agriculture Expert System are studied in this paper,especially,the image acquisition is proposed as...
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A SNMP-base broadcast storm identification method in VLAN

Chunjin Zhang, Shujuan Ji
How to discover, identify, and stop a broadcast storm is an important problem that has to be considered in the design of networks and in the implementation of network security policies. This paper first studies the factors that cause a broadcast storm and the dynamic change rules of interfaces’ traffics...
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Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study on the Mechanism of the Inhibition of ATP Hydrolysis with Inhibitors in Human Papillomavirus Type 18 E1 Helicase

Xiuli Lu, Yong Zhang, Shuchao Chen, Yang Li, Dan Jia, Weiqi Wang, Bing Gao, Hongsheng Liu
The biphenylsulfonacetic acid and its derivatives were found to inhibit ATP hydrolysis by an allosteric mechanism involving tyrosine 486 of HPV6 E1 Helicase as well as tyrosine 492 of HPV 18 E1. A theoretical study on the binding conformations and allosteric function of these inhibitors has been carried...
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Analysis on Present Academic Communications in National Traditional Sports Research Field-----based on 2000-2011 master theses on national traditional Sports

Dandan Hu, Changyu Dong, Yan-Rui Luo, Ai-Min Ma
To explore the characteristic of academic information in the field of national traditional sports. Methods: Based on the citation of master theses on national traditional sports in 2000-2011, this article describes the present communications in national traditional sports research. Conclusion: The academic...
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A Framework of Web Services Discovery and Composition Based on Semantic

Zhiling Huang, Weihua Ai
A framework of web services discovery and composition based on semantic is proposed to find appropriate web services according to the requests of user. Some service discovery and composition algorithms are used in this framework. The component of service description can transfer the services requirements...
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Prediction of Network Anomaly Detection through Statistical Analysis

Abrar A. Qureshi, Kamel Rekab
Homeland security concerns continue to grow, protecting the network infrastructure remains a vital priority for government organizations as well as their private sector partners. In this paper we will focus on one-at-a-time Network Intrusion detection. Our goal is to build a Network Intrusion detection...
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Study of Monitoring Works Using Artificial Neural Network

Zhiming Guo, Xiangyang Chen, Minghui Tang, Weikai Liu, Min Zhang
As a giant and complicated project, the construction of Shibaozhai Breakwater in Chongqing needs subtle prediction of its stability and reliability. Such work is with great difficulty. However, by using artificial neural network under the MATLAB,we use the measured dataset to model the stability and...
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A Study of the Indoor Walking Navigation System for Patients with Early-stage Alzheimer’s Disease

YungChing Liu, YangKun Ou, SungNung Lin, ChenWen Fang
We explored the effect and the difference between types of electronic map, paper map and colored lines guide on the wayfinding abilities of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients. Fifty-six normal control (NC) subjects, nineteen mild cognitive impairment (MCI) patients and thirty patients with Alzheimer’s...
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A Study of User Acceptance Using Google Software as a Service (Saas)

Naicheng Chang, Chengche Chiang, Alan Hopkinson
This study uses Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) as the framework for the research design model and the SaaS provided by Google as a sampling subject to explore the relationship between acceptance and the actual use of the service in Taiwan. Research findings include: 1) the...
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Risk assessment of Information Security Management System inGovernment Organizations in Iran

Samane Fayez, HodaHosseinZade Nazeri, Mohammad BagherKiaroodi
The main objective of this research was to study the risks involved in information security management systems (ISMS) in large corporations.
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Scenario-based Testing for Onboard Subsystem

Weihui Zhao, Chenling Li, Jidong Lv, Lei Yuan
As a typical safety-critical system, the Onboard subsystem is a core subsystem in CTCS-3(Chinese Train Control System level 3), functional test is necessary to validate the conformance relation between the Onboard subsystem and its specification. Most of test cases are manually generated and can’t be...
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Chinese Characters Recognition Based on HALCON

Guangrun Zheng, Kaicheng Li, Lei Yuan
This paper presents a fast Chinese character recognition method based on HALCON image processing software. After character image pre-processing, dynamic threshold segmentation method combined with region morphology is used to segment characters, and then construct the feature vector. At last, improved...
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Domain Thesaurus Construction from Wikipedia

WenKe Yin, Ming Zhu, TianHao Chen
The domain thesaurus plays an important role in information retrieval, natural language processing, question answering system etc. Due to the complexity of the natural language, the NLP based thesaurus constructing methods are difficult to achieve a desired result. In recent years, Wiki has been widely...
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The Architecture Design of Dynamic Information Acquisition Technology of Crop Yields

Yiqing Ye, Zhepeng Wei, Wangbo Zheng, Xiaoying Huang
Lack of access to technical information for existing agricultural production and low efficiency, for example Chinese cabbage, , proposes a high efficiency, the precision dynamic cloud acquisition theory and methods, while the use of the Hadoop framework taken MapReduce, Combined with Skyline queries...
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Gateway Node Selection for Improving Traffic Delivery Ratio in Wireless Mesh Networks

Jie Hu
In this paper, we establish the gateway selection problem in the single radio single channel wireless mesh network: given a wireless mesh network and a desired delivery ratio, the goal is to select minimal number of non-gateway nodes and upgrade them to gateway nodes in order to improve the delivery...
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Peng Zhang, Ya Cui, Runze Ji
This paper focusing on a class of networked control systems with unknown interference inputs and packet dropout in sensor data, the state observer is designed to detect them when faults occur in the system. A model and the state observer are constructed for the system, and the observer error equation...
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Object-oriented Aircraft Assembly Model

Kaiyuan XU, Chengen WANG, Wenlei ZHANG
This paper discusses the relevant information for product assembly model, and built aircraft assembly model based on object-oriented modeling method. Via constructing aircraft general structure object model, paper evolves class model to object model. Paper takes a specific model fighter wing-body docking...
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License Plate Character Recognition Using Block-Binary-Pixel-Sum Features

YenChing Chang, HuaiChun Hsu, JenJieh Lee, ChinChen Chueh, ChunMing Chang, LiangHwa Chen
Since license plate character recognition plays a very important role in vehicle control, such as electronic toll collection (ETC) for highways and management for parking lots, the cost of management can be reduced and the implementing efficiency can be promoted by automatizing license plate character...
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A Novel ANN Ensemble and Self-calibration Model in Electronic Nose for Concentration Estimation

Lei Zhang, Fengchun Tian, Lijun Dang, Guorui Li
Electronics nose (e-nose), as an artificial olfaction system, has been used in environmental monitor. This paper presents a novel concentration estimation model for improving the accuracy, robustness and stability of e-nose in long-term use. In the estimation model, two models including an ANN ensemble...
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An Approach of Animal Detection Based on Generalized Hough Transform

Weimeng Chu, Fang Liu
To detect animal objects under complicated background, a new approach is proposed to detect animal objects using shape feature. At first, a model is built by devising Canny hierarchical structure, then candidate fragments of the back and buttock are extracted using Generalizing Hough Transform, at last...
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Theoretical Research and Practical Application on Information System Professional Auditing

Yong Mu, Yansheng Zhang, Ying Zhao, Jinjing Niu
In order to solve some common problems of many information systems in use, such as the system workflows not match actual business process, data not standard, system not meet the technical document, ect, the paper innovatively put forward the concept of “Information System Professional Auditing”, defines...
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On the Decomposition of Posets into Minimum Set Node-Disjoint Chains

Yangjun Chen, Yibin Chen
One of the most famous results in the theory of partially or­dered sets is due to Dilworth (1950) who showed that the size of a minimum decomposition (into chains) of a partially or­dered set S is equal to the size of a maximum antichain, which is a subset of pairwise incomparable elements. How­ever,...
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On the Tree Inclusion Problem

Yangjun Chen, Yibin Chen
The ordered tree inclusion is an interesting problem, by which we will check whether a pattern tree P can be included in a target tree T, in which the order of siblings is significant. In this paper, we propose an efficient algorithm for this problem.Its time com­plexity is almost linear in the size...
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A Novel Parasitic Satellite Communication System

Junxia Cui, Huli Shi, Chang Lv
In the event of emergencies, if satellites transponders are blocked or destroyed, we can transfer the signal to another transponder or satellite without detection of a third party, which is called satellite parasitic communication. This paper put forward a novel satellite parasitic communication system....
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FM Demodulation Based on FM to PWM Conversion With Voltage Gain Control

Rapeepong Boongsri, Paramote Wardkein, Peeramed Chodkaveekityada
This paper attempts to present the FM demodulation based on FM to PWM conversion with voltage gain control (VGC). The proposed scheme is based on the basic principle of zero crossing (ZC) for conversing FM to PWM. The PWM-signal is filtered by low pass filter (LPF). The result is the message signal (speech,...
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Novel Method of Processing IP Traffic in LTE Network

Yuhang Jin, Hongfei Qi, Yangyi Yang
The central architecture of LTE with IP traffic going though EPC can not assure capacity and performance issue, this paper presents a novel method of processing IP traffic by introducing distribute architecture and using pure IP vendors’ technology, removing GTP-U in S1 interface between eNB and EPC....
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3D Modeling of Stenotic Internal Carotid Artery Treated with Stent: A CFD Analysis of Blood

M. Elshin Joel, M. Anburajan
There is enormous evidence that the initiation and growth of atherosclerosis is highly influenced by hemodynamic factors. In this study, hemodynamic factors in the following patient specific 3D carotid artery models were studied: i) normal, ii) stenosis (with plaque near to bifurcation of internal carotid...
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Branch Obfuscation Using Binary Code Side Effects

Hong Lin, Xiaohua Zhang, Ma Yong, Baohui Wang
The path constraints are leaked by binary conditional jump instructions which are the binary representation of software’s internal logic. Based on the problem of software’s path constraints leaking, reverse engineering using path-sensitive techniques such as symbolic execution and theorem proving poses...
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Building Social Content Secure Delivery Based on Real World Networks

Lan Luo, Yalan Ye, Xan Du, Zehui Qu
To secure the social content delivery, we study the frame on real world networks of future Internet. The current Internet content distribution infrastructure becomes the bottleneck because it is closed to end-to-end applications. The delivered data are clustered and standard enveloped according to the...
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Fuzzy Evaluation of Flood Risk Rating in Laoshan District Based on GIS

Anqing Ma, Junchao Jiao, Lejun Liu, Zhengyan Li, Hong Hu
The purpose of` the present study was to reduce the losses caused by flood and to prevent them in advance, by taking Laoshan District,Qingdao City as an object. on the basis of COM GIS and the spatial analysis functions of GIS, we designed an evaluation model to develop flood risk evaluation system for...
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Design of farmland information acquisition and transmission system Based on ZigBee wireless sensor network

Zheng Xu, Zhixing Shi, Yunfei Zhang, Yan Zhang
In order to improve the network of agricultural management and intelligent level, reduce the workload of farmland management, this article completed the farmland information acquisition and transmission system based on ZigBee wireless sensor network design, focused on the systems architecture, hardware...
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Application of Developmental Evaluation Method in Rural Internet Education

Lina Dai, Jianxin Guo, Jichun Zhao
Rural internet education is developing quickly, however there are many problems on teaching evaluation. In order to solve these problems, combined with Excel software, mathematical formulas and Likert scale, this paper does research on the application of developmental evaluation method. The study shows...
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Design and Implementation of a High Available Distributed Measurement and Control System for Spacecraft Vacuum Thermal Test

Jingchuan Zhang, Jihui Xie, Chang Liu, Yirong Wang, Xiyuan Li, Yifei Pei
Based on the requirements analysis of the high reliability of long-period spacecraft vacuum thermal test, with server cluster technology, a high available distributed measurement and control system for spacecraft vacuum thermal test is designed. This paper expounds the system structure, the detailed...
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Autonomous Information Access to Assure Service Level Agreement in Faded Information Field

Zhensu Lu, Xiaodong Lu
The user differentiation is required to attain heterogeneous service levels in such terms as accessible information volume, response time, or system availability. To fulfill requirement of user differentiation to attain heterogeneous service levels, based on the Faded Information Field (FIF) system architecture,...
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Tinetti Assessment Tool Base on Wireless Sensor Network

Yundong Xuan, Zhan Zhao, Zhen Fang, Zhihong Xu, Fangmin Sun
Falls are a common experience for the elderly. Falls in the elderly can be reduced by early enrollment in fall prevention programs.  Identifying people at high fall risk before they have actually fallen would allow earlier enrollment in fall prevention programs and possibly prevent or delay the onset...
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Analysis and Design of Three Dimensional Free Space Optoelectronic Switching Network

Yun-Parn Lee, Jih-Huah Wu
Many research papers on optical interconnects have been published over the last three decades, however, some models are oversimplified and overlooked important design considerations. These include the timing synchronization of the VCSEL sources, detailed calculations of the free space optoelectronic...
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Design and implementation of multimedia player on embedded platform

Xijun Zhang, Jianbin Xue, Ying Lin, Jiai He
The terminal based on the embedded technology of S3C6410 and ARM Linux is widely used in many fields. We study the system of embedded system. The product is mainly included video playing, music playing and picture display as like MPlayer. The software run on the platform of Fedoral2 and QT/Embedded will...
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Intelligent Recommendation of Friends in Web Community

Jie Qiu, Jun Qiu
Web community is an imporatant internet application. An intelligent recommendation system has been designed in this paper to look for friends with same interests in web community. By this way, the web community can satisfy users’ needs effectively.
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Research of contour extraction for mountain tunnel entrance images

Minjia Liu, Jie Lin, Yuyu Yuan
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) needs unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) searching the areas, such as tunnel inside the mountain. The technology of UGV extraction image features of mountain tunnel portal is very important. This paper implies embedded hardware platform to realize the UGV scanning environment...
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Research of dynamic properties of control systems with increased potential of robust stability in a class of two-parameter structurally stable maps by Lyapunov function

Beisenbi M.A., Abdrakhmanova L.G.
The proposed paper presents a method of constructing a control system with increased potential of robust stability for systems with uncertain parameters in the two-parameter class of structurally stable maps of catastrophe theory to synthesize highly efficient management system, have the property of...
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Design and Realization of Edible Beans Resource Management Information System

Xiaojie Kang, Yeping Zhu, Huijie Zhang, Hailong Liu, Jin Gong
Supported by the national edible beans Modern industrial technology system in China, Edible Beans Resource Management Information System (EBRMIS) was designed and realized based on Geographic Information System (GIS), which can manage the data standardly, query the data by condition, output the data...
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Research of UAV cooperative reconnaissance with self-organization path planning

Minjia Liu, Jie Lin, Yuyu Yuan
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) builds cognitive map for the enemy important targets and anti-aircraft fire threats in the unknown environment. Then UAV tries to avoid the threats and head to important targets where the enemy locate. This paper studies how the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in complex dynamic...
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The Research of Multi-Agent System Task Allocation Based on Auction

Qisheng WU, Rui ZHANG, Yunlai HE, Aimin WANG, Yongfeng JU
Multi-Agent System (MAS) can be used in emergency rescue in traffic monitor and aviation field ect.. It has been a hot spot about how to control the isomerous rescue robot team Multi-Agent System to finish the rescue task efficiently in the shortest time according to the task allocation based on the...
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Numerical Simulation of VHF Radar Echoes of Sea Ice Based on Mueller Matrix Solution

Yao Zhao
Based on the time domain Mueller matrix solution, a method for VHF (very high frequency, 30-300MHz) radar pulse penetration on sea ice, programming by Visual C#, is developed. The polarimetric radar pulse echoes contain echoes from top and bottom interfaces, air-bubble’s volumetric scattering and their...
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A Structured Approach to Evaluate Collaborative Educational Virtual Environments

Rosa Reis, Benjamin Fonseca, Paula Escudeiro
In this paper we present a 3D collaborative educational virtual environment, which was development by utilizing an iterative applied throughout development cycle. The main propose was demonstrating applicability of an evaluation framework idealized by the authors. Our evaluation framework is supported...
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Patching Method for Coverage Holes with Distance-istant in Wireless Sensor Networks

Zhengwei Guo, Lin Zhu
An effective approach for coverage holes was proposed, called Distance-assistant Coverage Hole Parching (DACHP) strategy. DACHP strategy would achieve the purpose of patching coverage holes using redundant sensor nodes within the wireless sensor networks. Simulation results show, compared with DFNFP...
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UWB U- Shaped Planar Printed Antenna Loaded with L-Slot and Tuning Stubs

M. Neelaveni Amma, B. Ramachandran, P. H. Rao
This paper presents an UWB planar printed compact monopole antenna comprising of U-shaped notch loaded with L-slot and tuning stubs. It has a partial ground plane to achieve an excellent impedance matching to increase the impedance bandwidth. The simulated results show that the proposed antenna exhibit...
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Wavelet-based EVM Testing for Non-cooperative Communication Signals

Min Han, Zhijin Su, Honglin Wan, Jianhua Xu
The error vector magnitude (EVM) is extensively applied as a metric for digital transmitter signal quality compliance in modern communication systems. In cooperative communication, signal carrier frequency and symbol rate are predicted, and the reference signal can be recovered from demodulated symbols...
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Models of Pseudolinear Interface Electrostatics for Air-Semiconductor Media

Toshko Boev, Boryan Radoev, Veliko Donchev
Via an idealizing approach, due to Gibbs, it is discussed a mathematical model of surface electrostatics in case of a technologically manipulated interface. The surface distribution of the electric potential is effectively found to be examined the role of functional nano-roughnesses.
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Wireless Network for Self-Reconfigurable Hardware Nodes

Mikael Heil, Camel Tanougast, Kevin Cheng, Abbas Dandache
In this paper, a model is proposed to perform the Self-Organized Systems (RSS) by using the reconfigurable hardware architectures in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) environment. The evaluation performance provide information on the utilization of auto-reconfigurable architecture in WSN using the ZigBee...
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Effect of Satellite Motion on TWSTFT

Hongwei Sun, Yuli Li, Huae Yang, Xiaoqian Ding
The effect of the satellite motion on two-way satellite time and frequency transfer (TWSTFT) is analyzed. If two distances from two stations to the satellite are different, the non-reciprocal paths are produced, which impact the accuracy of TWSTFT. In addition, due to the Earth’s rotation and the finite...
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Gamifying a Serious Games Community

António Andrade, Carlos Vaz de Carvalho
SEGAN (Serious Games Network) is a Community of Practice around the topic of Serious Games. It started in the scope of the Lifelong Learning programme with the intent of systematizing European approaches in this field, combining theory, research and practice. Like any other community, to be effective...
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Content Management System of Website-Group Based on ZSH Frame

Suqi Zhang, Yongfeng Dong, Boying Liu, Junhua Gu
With development of informatization construction, it is difficult to form a unified framework among different systems, used to share information , modify and maintain. So the development of Information in a certain extent is hampered . It is presented of the more effective website group in order to adapt...
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Development of Online Computer Supported Collaborative e-Learning with Augmented Reality

YuChuan Liu
This paper proposes an interactive augmented reality (AR) architecture for online computer supported collaborative work (CSCW) for e-Learning. Current CSCW applications for AR are focused on multiple users met together to collaborate on the same physical environment. The proposed architecture can provide...
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Emergence of High clustering in Random Evolving Networks

Shengli Zhou, Xianmin Geng, Zhiyuan Yao
To find the formation mechanism of the complex network possess high clustering property, the paper proposes a new network model based on the neighboring nodes conglomerative connection mechanism. By analytical analysis, the paper gets a lower bund of the clustering coefficient and proves that the model...
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IBCF Improved Algorithm Based on the Tag

Qiuyue Xu, Shangzhi Zheng, Min Cai
When the traditional Item - Based collaborative filtering recommendation is computing the nearest neighbor set of items, relying on scoring matrix similarity degree evaluation standard is onefold. In order to calculate program similarity better, the improved algorithm brings in project-Tag matrix, which...
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Image Haze Removal Using Dark Channel Prior

ShaSha Liu, Xianghui Shen
In this paper,It mainly studied the method of image haze removal based on the dark channel prior and simulation realization about it. Experiment has proved that,the algorithm can according to the different concentration levels of fog to haze removal higher quality.This haze removal algorithm can keep...
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Similarity Knowledge Mass and Multidimensional Approximate Reasoning

Yalin Zheng
In this paper, we introduce the type V matching scheme and the corresponding type V algorithm of multidimensional approximate reasoning with given multidimensional input and multidimensional knowledge bases on strong Q-logic CQ.
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Energy-Efficient Opportunistic Network Coding with Congestion Control for Heterogeneous WSNs

Jingwen Miao, Hang Shen, Guangwei Bai
The network coding technique is promising for improving the performance of wireless sensor networks. However, most existing network coding mechanisms omit energy or congestion metric, resulting in degradation in energy efficiency and data transmission quality. This paper proposes an Energy-efficient...
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An Instant Security Early Warning System Based on Mobile Push Technology

Yuesheng Zhu, Chao Wang, Huabing Zhang
Most of the notification mechanisms of current intelligent video surveillance systems are based on traditional methods, which either require operators on duty to receive and deal with early-warning notification from surveillance systems, or notice related personnel by broadcasting. The former costs a...
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An Improved Hybrid SAT Solver for Bounded Model Checking in Circuit Design

Yuesheng Zhu, Deke Yu
Model checking is one of main formal verification methods that are used in the process of circuit design and verification. However, there is a problem of state memory explosion in traditional model checking methods. Bounded model checking (BMC), in which the Davis-Putnam-Logemann-Loveland (DPLL) algorithm...
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A Buffer Management for STT-MRAM based Hybrid Main Memory in Sensor Nodes

Soohyun Yang, Yeonseung Ryu
As the power dissipation has become one of the critical design challenges in a sensor network environment, non-volatile memories such as STT-MRAM and flash memory will be used in the next generation sensor nodes. In this paper, we studied an efficient buffer management scheme considering the write limitation...
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Virtual Sign Translator

Paula Escudeiro, Nuno Escudeiro, Rosa Reis, Maciel Barbosa, José Bidarra, Ana Bela Baltazar6, Bruno Gouveia
In this paper we present the overall study that includes the model developed (VS Model) and the experiences performed, with an automatic bidirectional sign language translator, between written and sign language, which is being supervised by the research group GILT (Graphics, interaction & learning technologies)...
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Analysis of Multipath Effects on FSO Links

Zdenek Kolka, Viera Biolkova, Dalibor Biolek
The paper evaluates the effect of multipath propagation on broadband terrestrial free-space optical links. At 10 Gbs the pulse duration is 0.1 ns and multipath propagation during fog events may affect the channel bandwidth and cause intersymbol interference in the receiver. The paper presents in detail...
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Effects of Sulfate Residues on the Interaction of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor with Heparin Evaluated by Combination of Computer Modeling and Surface Plasmon Resonance methods

Yapeng Chao, Zheng Fan, Jianfen Pei, Shijun Qian
Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology was utilized for kinetic analysis between basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and heparin derivatives in order to quantitatively investigate crucial sites in the sugar chains. The strongest binary interaction was bFGF/DE-6-OS-heparin (KD=1.11nM). Affinity...
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Measurement and Analysis on P2P Swarms Based on Coupon Collector's Problem

Xiaobin Wang, Bi Shi, Xi Chen, Kai Lin, Zhe Yang
Active measurement on peer-to-peer system is the best way to understand the current situation and its evolution trends. And it also provides the real measurement basis to support the research on system simulation and optimization. Based on coupon collector’s problem in random sampling, rapid swarm covering...
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The Information Security to the Analysis of Battlefield Intelligence

Jing Wen, Jin Shi, Hongfeng Li, Yongcong Shao
The information security means a lot to battlefield intelligence. The combat power can also be enhanced through improving the information security of battlefield intelligence. Battlefield intelligence analysis requires a lot of techniques such as advanced sensors and information collection technology,...
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The algorithm of noise subtraction for cochlear implant based on improved auditory perception wavelet packet

Jingru Huang, Guanyu Tian, Guoqiang Qi, Shuzhong Bai, Shibin Du, Lan Tian
Under the noisy background environment, the performance of cochlear implant (CI) will decrease rapidly. Wavelet transform is the effective analyzing tool for the complicated speech signal. But the traditional wavelet transform has the disadvantage of ‘over threshold’ that leads some effective speech...
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Diagnose car engine exhaust system damage using bispectral analysis and radial basic function

Piotr Czech
Diagnostic systems used in new combustion engines are intended for identifying the location of a element or system which can no longer perform its function assigned by the manufacturer, ensuing to its damage or ordinary wear. Increasing requirements regarding reliability and durability of combustion...
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On the Self-consciousness of Cultural Security of Ideological and Political Education in College

Suling Wang
The Eighteenth Congress of the Communist Party has set up a high level of cultural consciousness and cultural confidence to build a Socialist cultural powerful goal. In accordance with the spirit of the Party Central Committee: The work of Ideological and political education has a highly significance...
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Research and Implementation of digital Ceramics Museum based VRML

Hua Huang, Yi-Lai Zhang, Min Zhang
In this paper, VRML virtual modeling language and WEB2.0 technology are used to build a network platform for digital Ceramics Museum, By use of digital art knowledge, combined with information technology tools, computer network technology, communication technology and image acquisition technology, collection...
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Image Enhancement of Sea Objects based on Extended BEMD

Jinyan Yang, Guanlei Xu, Yu Li
The safety is of much importance in sea transport for ships. This paper proposes a new way to enhance the sea objects’ images that have low contrast based on extended BEMD (bi-dimensional empirical mode decomposition). The zero-mean waves are added and subtracted for image decomposition instead of the...
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Elastic-plastic Finite Element Simulation of Shear Spinning of Cone Part

Shengxue Qin, Baocheng Chen, Jie Liu, Chao Chen
In order to make spinning computer simulation correspond with the actual production, the elastic-plastic finite element model of spinning was established in this paper. By using DEFORM, the elastic-plastic and rigid-plastic finite element models of cone spinning were developed, and the results of stress...
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The SLA Evaluation Model for Cloud Computing

Chenkang Wu, Yonghua Zhu, Shunhong Pan
Cloud Computing is an emerging technology to deliver the infrastructure, network, software, and even the development environment as a service in the philosophy of pay-as-you-use. To guarantee all participants’ rights in the cloud, SLA is suggested to be a necessary contract which can protect users and...
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Virtual Simulation on Ultrasound Non-destructive Testing of Solid Rocket Motor

Dachun Zhang, Xiaochun Luo, Shiying Zhang
Conventionally, ultrasound-based non-destructive testing (UNDT) is employed to examine the solid rocket motor (SRM) during its surveillance and maintenance. To avoid training with real equipment, virtual UNDT training system has been developed. To enhancement training effect with high immersion, a novel...
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ZigBee indoor positioning system precision parameter study based on BP neural network

Wenxiao Zeng, Yanen Wang, Meng Wang, Ye Guo
With the developing of wireless sensor networks (WSNs), more application approach have greatly encouraged the use of sensors for multi-target tracking. The high efficiency detection and location monitoring are crucial requirements for multi-target tracking in a WSN of indoor environment, especially the...
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Resource virtualization under Batch Tasks Running in the Cloud Computing Environment

Guijuan Kuang, Guosun Zeng, Huanliang Xiong
Nowadays, Virtualization technology is an important means in effective management of cloud computing resources. Focuses on dividable batch tasks running in the cloud computing environment, we study resource virtualization based on time-division multiplexing. Our methods make sure that users can use system...
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The Design and Implementation of Multi-function Verification Certificate and Seal in Smart Energy Meter Automatic Test Lines

Shui Liu, Aimin Wang, Chunqiang Zhang, Zhenzhou Zheng
To design a smart energy meter verification certificate and seal used in automatic testing line, the verification certificate with the seal verification as a whole, after complete all qualified calibration function smart energy meter, automatic verification seal paste in the smart energy meter cover...
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A combined local facial feature extraction for age estimation

Shasha Xu, Hongbin Zhang, Jianwen Wang
Age estimation is an important enabling capability for its potential applications in the near future , especially in supervision of minors , retrieving photograpgs at specific age ranges in e-photoalbums, and predicting future facial appearance of subjects . Due to the intrinsic and external factors...
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The Verification of Temporary Speed Restriction of Train Control System Based on Timed Automata

Lei Yuan, Junfeng Wang, Renwei Kang
Temporary speed restriction (TSR) refers to the speed restriction within given time bounds beyond the required speed restriction by the lines. TSR system is a typical real-time system. There are strict logical order relations and precise time constraints for the settings, execution, confirmation and...
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Fault Model-Based Safety Test Method and Application for CTCS-3 Train Control System

Yu Liu, Tao Tang, Kaicheng Li, Chenling Li
As a safety critical system, train control system matters in passengers life and properties. It is important that how to guarantee the safety of train control system. Safety testing is an effective method to detect the safety holes and bugs in the system. However, most safety testing for train control...
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The analysis of the structure of micro-blog users relation networks

Kai Yang, Ning Zhang
In this paper, the individual micro-blog is taken for example to research the structure characteristics of the micro-blog networks.Thedata of individual micro-blog is tracked, and complex networkisbuilt. Some static properties of one network are given - the degree distribution, clustering coefficient,...
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Keywords Semantic Extension in Semantic Search Model

Xuejun Yu, Jing Lv
The goal of semantic search is to abandon the search model that based on simple keyword matching, combined with semantic technologies, make full use of the characteristics of ontology-based semantic information relationship to provide users with more high-quality and efficient search results. The study...
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Research on the Structure of Schoolmate Relationship Network

Xiangjian Jia, Ning Zhang
A primary model of schoolmate relationship network is built in this paper based on social network services, topological structure of this network is studied combined with the knowledge of complex network theory. The actual relational data was obtained from an online social networking
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Transmission Capacity Of D2D Communication Under Cellular Networks

Xianghai Xu, Jun Sun, Shixiang Shao
Device-to-Device communication is introduced in cellular system to make full use of the spectrum resources. In order to study the D2D transmission capacity when the D2D multiplexing orthogonal and non-orthogonal of the resource sharing mode, the paper studies D2D system interference in LTE cellular networks....
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Simulation and Qualitative Analysis of a Single Mode Semiconductor Laser Model

Gulnaz Baimenshina
In this paper the dynamics of a single-mode semiconductor laser model is investigated. The nonlinear rate equations describe the dynamic evolution of semiconductor laser. We study transients occurring in the system using numerical simulation. A fourth order Runge-Kutta method is used to calculate two...
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ECG Auto-analyzing System on Android for 3AHcare Node

Huan Jin, Zhen Fang, Xianxiang Chen, Zhan Zhao, ZhiHong Xu, DongDong Lou, XingZu Guo
ECG (Electrocardiograph) is the primary method for cardiovascular disease detection. The main purpose of this research work is to develop an ECG auto-analyzing system on Android platform for 3AHcare Node. 3AHcare Node is a health monitoring device developed by IECAS, and ECG auto-analyzing system analyzes...
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Key technology of research anti-interference simulation system of parameters complex electromagnetic environment

Ying GAO, Amin WANG, Jinhui ZHANG, Shuxia GUO
This paper is about anti-interference semi-physical simulation system design issues based on the integrated darkroom and instrument, this simulation system gives us an anti-interference simulation system of parameters complex electromagnetic environment based on parametric design and rapid construction,...