Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Computer Engineering, Information Science & Application Technology (ICCIA 2019)

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Research on Railway Real-time Online Power Supply Automation Network Communication System

Li Liu, Wei Liu, Kaiqin Peng
Railway construction has entered a stage of rapid development. The design and construction of high-speed railways are further expanding. In the face of competition from advanced technologies, it is very urgent to study the real-time online power supply automation system for railways. At the same time,...
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Design and Implementation of a High Precision Frequency Meter based on Multimode

Juan Li, Fenxian Tian, Xinxin Sun
Frequency meter logical resource occupancy is the research object of electronic information field. To solve the precision of the frequency meter and reduce the occupation of logical resources, this paper designs a measurement system based on FPGA, which can switch between high frequency and intermediate...
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Research on Shared Bicycle Parking Point based on Robust Optimization Model

Cuiping Ren, Yinli Dong
With the widespread use of shared bicycles, when sharing bicycles brings us convenience it also brings many disadvantages to urban management. This paper studies the location of shared bicycle parking spots in shared bicycle management problems. Firstly, a robust optimization method is introduced for...
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Research of A Method of Satellite Power Component Degradation Estimation based on Clustering

Mengda Cao, Jianjiang Hui, Tao Zhang, Yu Wang, Yajie Liu
For satellite on-orbit supply unit during the period of degradation problems, based on the factors that affect supply unit output power and accepted by the satellite ground stations to related telemetry data, this paper proposes a clustering-based satellite solar power components regression estimation...
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Summary of Research Progress on the Recognition of Ship Target from SAR Image

Hongbin Qiu, Xuemei Wang, Zhe Xu, Jun Zhang, Changpeng Su
The technology of SAR image ship target detection and identification is pivotal for accurately guiding weapon to discover the specific target and locking it. Based on extensive research literature, classical processes of ship target detection and recognition in SAR images are summarized and reviewed,...
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Emotional Analysis of Jingdong Commodity Review based on Deep Learning

Kang Xu, Ruichun Hou, Xiangqian Ding, Ye Tao, Zhifang Xu
Jingdong commodity sentiment analysis aims to find out the e-commerce users' attitudes towards the products and the emotional orientation of the evaluation, helping other users to make correct decisions and effectively shape the quality portrait of the products. This paper proposes a subject-oriented...
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Satellite Network Resource Association Analysis and Collaborative Optimization Method

Debin Wei, Junpeng Zhang, Li Yang, Chengsheng Pan
With the continuous development of satellites, the number and types of satellites continue to grow, people are increasingly demanding satellites, and the demand for satellite networks is increasing. Due to the wide coverage of the satellite, the long distance from the ground, the high dynamics, and many...
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The Design of Elastic Network Control Software based on Data and Control Separation

Chengsheng Pan, Jinjin Shi, Li Yang, Zhixiang Kong
For the large-scale infrastructure of satellite networks, the implementation of control management deployment will face many difficulties such as huge cost, long cycle, immature technology and insecurity. Therefore, the design of flexible network control software based on SDN and NFV numerical control...
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PHD Filter for Multipath Target Tracking Using Box Particle

Yong Qin
This paper presents a novel box-particle multipath probability hypothesis density (BP-MPPHD) filter for the Over-the-horizon radar (OTHR) target tracking. The proposed filter combines the multipath probability hypothesis density (MPPHD) filter with box particle based on the interval analysis method to...
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Design and Implementation of Fill-in-the-blank Questions based on Open Source Online Judge System

Zhiwei Jiang, Xiaohua Xu
This report discusses the shortcomings of the existing online judge system's problem type, and describes the implementation and applicability of the fill-in-the-blank questions based on the open source online judge system. It is based on the open source online judge system named HUSTOJ, to realize the...
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Research and Implementation of Animal Husbandry Product Source Cloud Platform based on Internet of Things Technology

Wenhao Xian, Shuai Jing, Zonghua Xu, Ru Zhao, Xintang Wang
Due to various potential risks in the breeding, management, picking, storage and transportation of livestock products, the quality and safety of food are threatened by various factors. Therefore, this paper aims to establish a traceability control mechanism for agricultural products, and propose a complete...
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Low Altitude and Low Speed Uav Identification based on Hybrid Model

Kai Luo, Guibin Zhu, Ying Li, Wentao Wang
The identification of low-altitude and low-speed uav (Unmanned aerial vehicle) is a hot issue in the field of computer vision. Most problems can be solved based on traditional identification methods, but there is a blind spot for low-altitude uav. By contrast, the method based on deep learning can better...
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Design and Implementation of USB3.0 Data Transmission System based on FPGA

Fenxian Tian, Juan Li, Xinxin Sun, Jun Yang
Aiming at the problems of slow transmission speed and high hardware resources in the traditional USB data transmission system, a USB3.0 data transmission system based on FPGA is designed. The system uses FPGA as the core control chip, and EZ-USB FX3 realizes high-speed data transmission of USB3.0 synchronous...
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Detecting SQL Injection Attacks based on Text Analysis

Lu Yu, Senlin Luo, Limin Pan
SQL injection attacks have been a major security threat to web applications for many years. Detection of SQL injection attacks has been a great challenge to researchers due to its diversity and complexity. In this paper, we present a novel approach to detect SQL injection attacks based on text analysis....
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Design of FPGA Hardware based on Genetic Algorithm

Xinxin Sun, Juan Li, Fenxian Tian, Yanshuang Chen, Jun Yang
In order to improve the running speed of hardware and the utilization rate of resources, firstly, this paper use genetic algorithm to realize serial and pipeline hardware implementation. Then, the genetic algorithm is improved on the implementation method. In the process of improvement, the pipeline...
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Design and Implementation of Improved NCO based on FPGA

Yanshuang Chen, Jun Yang
A numerically controlled oscillator (NCO) is used to generate quadrature controllable sine and cosine waves and is an important part of software radio. The traditional NCO module is implemented based on the lookup table structure, which requires a large amount of hardware storage resources inside the...
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Improved Data Analysis Algorithm based on Multi-feature Network Construction

Wenhua Guo
Network information has become an important factor in today's social environment and network environment. With the large coverage of network data traffic and the new generation of network technology, illegal network data is also constantly invading the network environment, which has caused a serious...
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Design of Intelligent Beehive System based on Internet of Things Technology

Xiafu Lyu, Shuang Zhang, Qianyong Wang
Aiming at the problem that traditional beekeeping does not form a pattern management and requires a lot of manpower, it is difficult to monitor the status of beehives, an intelligent beehive system for real-time monitoring of beehive status is proposed. The system is composed of a single honeycomb, a...
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Research on Energy Saving Algorithm of Datacenter in Cloud Computing System

Xiaozhao Liu, Jian Wu
Energy consumption of datacenter in cloud computing system not only increases the operating costs of cloud service providers, but also has gradually evolved into an environmental issue. The definition and characteristics of cloud computing are described briefly, and the high energy consumption problem...
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A Trajectory Planning Method based on B-spline Algorithm for Automatic Parking Systems

Mao Ye, Xin Ji, Yexin Zhao
This paper proposes a Trajectory planning method for automatic parallel parking system. The planning method consists of two part. First, the feasible area of parking, is used to find the starting position and azimuth of the parking. Second, planning the parking trajectory. the vehicle can be safely and...
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Research on Autonomous Driving Simulator Control and Decision Algorithms based on Computer Vision Methods

Bolin Zhou, Jihu Zheng, Pei Yin, Chen Chen, Yang Zhai
Researches on perception and control technologies are the most crucial area in autonomous driving systems and is the core to achieve fully autonomous driving. Simulations, especially hardware-in-loop and algorithms-in-loop could accelerate the testing process. In this article, based on the second World...
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Error Compensation Method for TOF Ranging and Positioning

Pengwei Yang
In order to solve the problem of indoor target movement autonomous positioning error accumulation, this paper proposes a method of the RSST assisted positioning error compensation. In the first place, the identification card position is determined using optimizing the distance and orientation between...
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Exploration of Urban Intelligent Bus Management System based on Big Data

Qiang Liu
To discuss urban intelligent bus management system based on big data, an intelligent urban public transport management system is designed and developed around the traditional urban public transport management business. The system has the functions of intelligent bus dispatching, passenger travel service,...
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Collaborative Recommendation based on Variational Automatic Coding Machine

Zhiheng Zhang
For the traditional collaborative filtering algorithm, only the scoring information cannot reflect the user's preference, which leads to low recommendation accuracy and easy over-fitting. This paper proposes an improved basic VAE model for film and television programs, adding auxiliary information as...
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The Design of Four-Port Microwave Signal Conditioning Box

Lei Yu, Hui Ma, Lianzhao Liu
In the process of microwave signal testing, aiming at the problems of various kinds of equipment under test, various output signals of equipment, and the safety risk of direct access of microwave signals to the testing system, this paper designs a four-port microwave signal conditioning box, which realizes...
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Application of Deep Learning in Immunotherapy

Nannan Guo, Lichen Zhang
In recent years, the study of deep learning in medicine has developed rapidly. This article uses a variety of deep neural networks to explore the relationship between DNA-mutated tumors and immunotherapy. This article uses a variety of methods to image preprocess images. Such as: interest area (ROI)...
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Simulation Analysis of Multi-hop HF Radio

Shiping Chen
The paper is mainly based on the issue of "radio wave propagation", which is not rare for people on the ship while receiving message. To solve this problem, we focus on the simulation of the propagation based on the electromagnetism knowledge. Then we established precise mathematical model on MATLAB,...
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Application of Modified Inception-ResNet and CondenseNet in Lung Nodule Classification

Jingzhi Fu
Nowadays lung cancer is one of the most vital malignancies to human health. Restricted by current medical technology, the best solution to lung cancer is still early diagnosis and targeted treatment. Lung nodule is early clinical sign of lung cancer, and low-dose spiral computed tomography is widely...
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Research on JAVA Mobile Application Development Framework based on Ant Colony Optimization

Hongsheng Zhang
The application framework is a reusable design component. It specifies the architecture of the application, clarifies the dependency relationship, responsibility allocation and control flow among the whole design, collaboration components. JAVA mobile application program. In order to deepen the readers'...
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Review of Innovation Networks Research

Shiping Guan, Ranran Du
Due to the wide application of information technology, the speed of technology update is getting faster and faster. Innovation network is very important to the development of industry. So, innovation network is the hot spot of innovation research now. Through the analysis of the existing literature,...
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Analysis of the Impact of Emergencies on Traffic Capacity under BA Network and the Application of the Static Local Routing Strategy

Duoli Qiu, Xiangzhi Zhuo, Yue Zheng, Yanyan Guo, Yuping Dai
Emergencies in cities, which happen from time to time, greatly affect the normal operation of the traffic network, and even cause traffic congestions. Combined with the impact of the emergencies on the node transmitting capacity, a dynamic model of traffic network was established on the basis of the...
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Research on Microarchitectural Cache Attacks

Yao Lu, Kaiyan Chen, Yinlong Wang
This paper summarizes the basic concepts and development process of cache side-channel attack, analyses three basic methods (Evict and Time, Prime and Probe, Flush and Reload) from four aspects: Attack conditions, realization process, applicability, and characteristics, then I expound how to apply side-channel...
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Research on License Plate Character Recognition Technology

Liyuan Zhang, Ruxia Hong
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy and technology, social life has been progressing and urbanization has become more and more large. Many large and medium-sized cities have built highways, large parking lots, and high-end residential areas. At the same time, the rapidly growing...
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Research on Answer Extraction for Automatic Question Answering System

Tiantian Wu, Hongzhi Yu, Fucheng Wan, Fangtao Yang
The question answering system as a hot issue in the field of NLP study, and answer extraction as the core part of the automatic question answering system, its effect is good or bad is directly related to the performance of question answering system, this paper introduces the technical process of answer...
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Study on Optimized Lane Detection Algorithm based on U-Net

Yuanzhou Yao, Yihang Zhao, Ao Feng, Xinyue Su, Yuhang Yang, Jie Sun, Haibo Pu
Lane detection has always been one of the important researches in semantic segmentation, but there are many problems in traditional lane detection algorithms, such as the much larger image pixels, the poor detection effect and so on. Based on the U-Net semantics segmentation network model, this paper...
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Design of Intelligent Inspection Car based on STM32

Zhi Li
in the field of security monitoring of warehouse and workshop in family life and large enterprises, the traditional custody and maintenance mode is obviously out of line with the development of The Times, which not only consumes manpower and material resources, but also increases the security risk. Therefore,...
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Research on Chinese Text Classification Algorithm based on Convolutional Neural Network

Junchao Wei
Various information in the era of Internet big data has shown an "explosive" growth, and mining useful information from text data information is one of natural language processing content. In addition to major breakthroughs in image recognition, deep learning convolutional neural networks can also be...
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Research on Test and Trusted Defense of Railway Communication Network based on Zigbee and GPRS

Li Liu, Wei Liu, Kaiqin Peng
Using the respective characteristics of ZigBee and GPRS technology, it shows its reliability and security in data transmission. At the same time, the combination of the two communication modes brings complementary advantages. This paper studies the railway communication network test and credible defense...
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Localizable Mobile Payment Shopping Cart based on Location Fingerprint Algorithm

Shulin Zhao, Siyu Li, Xi Yang, Xinyang Wu, Chuantian Tang
The intelligent shopping cart is designed with embedded system, and has small area positioning and navigation, mobile payment, area storage and anti-theft functions. The Android system obtains the Wi-Fi signal strength and MAC address of AP, and sends the RSSI data to the server. The server obtains the...
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A SoC Test Scheduling Approach based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm with Error Feedback

Huaien Gao, Hui Chen, Xiaoming Xiong
Because of the uncertainty of optimal solution, SoC test scheduling has attracted major concern in recent year. In this paper, a scheduling approach based on simulated annealing (SA) algorithm with error feedback is proposed. With this model, the error information generated in each iteration of SA is...
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Research and Application of Icon Fonts in Web Front-end Technology

Long Zhang
Aiming at the problem of extensive use of bitmaps as icons in mobile applications (such as zooming problems, page opening speed, etc.), this article takes the front-end design of the Eurasian driving school website as an example, and introduces the use of font icons such as Awesome and GlyphiconsFont....
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Autonomous Bridge Crack Detection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Hongyan Xu, Xiu Su, Huaiyuan Xu, Haotian Li
Traditional image processing algorithms have a lot of limitations when dealing with crack detection problems. And the effect is not ideal if the classical deep learning model were used to detect bridge cracks directly. In order to solve these problems, a CNN-based bridge crack detection method is proposed...
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Message Cache Management Optimization Research for Community-based Opportunistic Network

Chengbing Huang, Ping Jiang
In this paper, we propose a community-based message cache management strategy, which can adaptively control the copy of the control message. In this paper, we propose a community-based message cache management strategy, which can adaptively control the copy of the control message. In this paper, we propose...
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Design and Application of Communication Multimedia System based on BS

Yilin Liu
With the rapid development and diversity of communication terminals, the existing terminal business functions cannot meet the growing communication needs of users. It requires multiple terminals to complete all kinds of communication. According to different user needs, functional reorganization can be...
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Study of Intelligent Express Box based on NB-IoT

Shulin Zhao, Pengyang Xiao, Ailin Wang, Hui He, Sirui Liao
In order to solve the problem of inconvenience of delivery and delivery of express delivery in today's society, this paper puts forward the design of intelligent express box system, which has the functions of positioning, intelligent lock, real-time monitoring, logistics tracking and so on. Location...
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Analysis and Optimization of Information Retrieval Algorithms for Unstructured Data

Kunying Li, Dexin Qiao, Xiaolian Li, Yu Ding
The Internet has diversified in the form of an explosion in recent years. It has spawned countless forms of Internet branching, and at the same time brought information to the PB level, and massive data is also called big data. More than 85% of the collected data is composed by unstructured and semi-structured...
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Location and Map Reconstruction based on Monocular SLAM with CNN Learned Information

Di Cui, Jianjun Fang, Dawei Luo
a method based on Convolutional Neural Network for depth prediction and monocular SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) is proposed for the problem of time-consuming and scale uncertainty. Firstly, the RGB image is extracted and matched, and the 3D information of SLAM feature points is obtained...
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PFAHP-based Index Weighting in Operation Quality Evaluation of GSM-R

Chunhua Peng, Keyue Deng, Linfeng Tang
GSM-R is a railway mobile communication network adapted to railway informatization and security. Determining the weight value of each index is the key step for comprehensive evaluation of GSM-R network operation quality. The traditional fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (FAHP) is not suitable for the...
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Study of A Novel Predictable Poisson Method for Traversing Symmetric NAT

Jiayu Huang, Bailing Wang, Chunle Fu, Xuehuai Zhang, Qinggang He, Yang Liu
Network Address Translators (NATs) traversal techniques are applied in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communication to improve network quality of service. The existing solutions to traverse NATs are including STUN, TURN and ICE. However, these solutions relay packets instead of traversing symmetric NATs directly....
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Optimization of the Bounding Box Regression Process of SSD Model

Yuanzhou Yao, Yuhang Yang, Xinyue Su, Yihang Zhao, Ao Feng, Yiting Huang, Haibo Pu
Intersection over Union (IoU) has always been the most popular evaluation metric used in object detection benchmarks. However, IoU has a disadvantage that it is not feasible to optimize without overlapping bounding boxes. Therefore, proposed a generalized version as a new loss and a new indicator to...
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Research on Question and Answer System for Open Domain

Fangtao Yang, Fucheng Wan, Ning Ma, Tiantian Wu
With the rapid development of computer technology and the Internet, people expect to get accurate target information from massive information efficiently. Compared with the traditional search engine based on keywords, the question-and-answer system can better meet people's retrieval needs. As an advanced...
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Research on Electronic Label System based on Internet of Things Technology

Wenbo Zeng
This article designs an electronic tags system solution based on Internet of Things technology. In order to clearly explain the scheme, this paper first introduces the system structure of the IoT electronic tags, then introduces the key hardware modules and terminal control software design to realize...
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Study of SaaS Mode WebGIS based on JavaScript Engine

Honglei He
WebGIS has a wide range of application requirements, but development and application require high labor and resource costs. In order to solve this contradiction, a SaaS mode WebGIS system is proposed. Through the statistical summary of various application scenarios, the system provides a variety of geographic...
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Study on a New Deep Bidirectional GRU Network for Electrocardiogram Signals Classification

Yun Ju, Min Zhang, Huixian Zhu
The classification of electrocardiogram (ECG) signals has become a major issue in the medical field. And the timing characteristics of RNN are superior in the diagnosis. To cope with this problem more effectively, this paper described a new deep bidirectional gated recurrent unit (DBGRU) network. The...
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Research on Image Retrieval Technology based on PAM Algorithms

Youjun Dong
With the rapid development of computer vision technology and image processing technology, image retrieval has also developed from simple text information query to complex content-based image retrieval, which is a process from low-level to high-level development. This paper mainly focuses on the content-based...
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Research on Intelligent Evacuation APP of Mobile Phone under BIM Platform

Ling Wei, Nan Zhang, Jiachen Feng, Yunfei Wang, Guotao Zhu
With the acceleration of urbanization process, the difficulty of building firefighting has greatly increased due to the complex structure and huge space in the building. When the fire occurs, both the fire position and the development trend of the disaster have a strong randomness, it is very important...
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Computer Network Engineering Security Problems and Countermeasure Analysis based on Network Security Maintenance

Yutong Chen, Baolin Li
With the continuous development of the information age, computer information and network technology has been more and more widely used in people's life and production. People get the desired information through the computer network, and realize the purpose of information sharing through the transmission...
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Study of Tibetan Text Classification based on fastText

Wei Ma, Hongzhi Yu, Jing Ma
Tibetan text classification is an important research topic in Tibetan information processing. In this paper, we attempt to apply fastText text classification tool and fastText pre-training word vectors for Tibetan text classification. In the experiment, For the Tibetan language corpus segmented by Tibetan...
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Weapon Equipment Auxiliary Maintenance Platform based on Augmented Reality Technology

De Zhang, Guozhang Li, Huaiguang Wang, Junning Zhang
With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, many large-scale equipment with extremely complex structure and high technology density is gradually equipped with our army, and such equipment has very high requirements for the technical level of personnel in the maintenance...
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Study on Optimizing Dynamic Scheduling of Intelligent RGV

Xia Pei, Tingting Liu, Shuyao Lu, Ye Liu, Wenwen Pan
Firstly, under known conditions, the dynamic scheduling model of RGV intelligent vehicle is established by analyzing the process under different processing conditions. Through this model, the optimal route and the shortest time for RGV intelligent vehicle to respond to CNC of NC machine tool in material...
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Design and Implementation of Regional Mobile Government Collaborative Cloud Platform based on Big Data

Ping Du, Xiaobin Liu
The widespread and rapid development of wireless communications and mobile devices has made government service methods different from before. The government is also constantly improving its service methods to provide better services to citizens and the government. This is precisely the case, with the...
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Design of Intelligent Ship Collision Avoidance Control System

Ya Tu
In the overall design of ship intelligent collision avoidance decision-making and control system and some local decision-making models, there has not been a relatively unified consensus, and there is still a certain gap from the actual application. In this paper, the mathematical model of the ship intelligent...
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Study of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Scheduling Disaster Rescue System

Zhengyu Zhou, Shuangzhi Li, Qingyuan Zeng
This paper designs to develop a transportable disaster response system named "DroneGo" through the deployment of drones, medical packages and containers to solve the problem of medical relief in the face of hurricane in Puerto Rico. Firstly, this paper aims to carry as many medical packages as possible....
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Study of Clone Code Detection Method

Yafang Wang, Dongsheng Liu, Min Hou
In the process of software development and maintenance, developers often use "copy-paste" or use the development framework, so that a large number of clone codes appear in the software system. In order to eliminate clone code and reduce the negative effects of clone code, researchers have proposed many...
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Review on the Knowledge Graph in Robotics Domain

Shuai Wang, Yu Zhang, Zhiyong Liao
With the development of Artificial Intelligence technology, the application of robots in production and life is more and more extensive. How to improve the autonomy of robots and make robots complete tasks more accurately and quickly become a new research topic. One of the most important key tools which...
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Research on General Instrument Software Control based on Testing Requirement

Lianzhao Liu, Lei Yu, Zhou Xu, Hui Ma, Daoyou Wang, Huimin Yang
In order to improve the development efficiency of testing software and the interchangeability of test instrument, detailed cases on the basis of summarized test requirements, based on demand-driven a new test software development model was designed by UML language. And the class diagram design method...
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Research Progress of Polysemous Disambiguation

Chao Han, Ha Si
Linguistic ambiguity is a common phenomenon in human language communication. In natural language, when a word in a sentence has more than one meaning, ambiguity may occur. Word sense disambiguation is an important research topic in the field of natural language processing. The disambiguation effect has...
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Research on the Structure and Coding of a Novel Double Z Two-Dimensional Bar Code with Large Capacity

Wei Wang, Jing Jin, Keyi Wang
With the rapid development of internet technology and intelligent equipment, the dissemination and recognition of information has become a necessary technology in modern society. As a relatively concerned and widely applicable means of information dissemination, although the two-dimensional bar code...
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Design and Implementation of E-commerce Platform based on Vue.js and MySQL

Yun Quan
Information technology is changing with each passing day, and the demand for e-commerce platform is also growing. It is of great research value to develop an efficient and high-quality e-commerce platform system. This project is based on the mainstream and latest front-end development framework Vue.js...
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Optimum Design of LCL Filter Parameters for Photovoltaic Inverters

Jihong Zhang, Hao Xue
In the interconnection of large capacity photovoltaic inverters, the total inductance of LCL filters will directly affect the size and cost of the filters. Therefore, a parameter optimization method is proposed to minimize the total inductance according to the filter performance requirements. This method...
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Design of Flexible Interface Unit for Functional Reconfiguration of Measurement and Control System

Penghui Zhao, Haibin Yuan
Aiming at the problems of static fixed network architecture, low resource utilization and difficult maintenance of existing measurement and control system network, this paper introduces a design scheme of flexible interface unit which can realize functional reconfiguration. The design uses the FPGA as...
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Analysis and Research on Stock Price of LSTM and Bidirectional LSTM Neural Network

Mingzhu Jia, Jian Huang, Lihua Pang, Qian Zhao
The stock market has the characteristics of large fluctuations and high dimensions, and can be regarded as a nonlinear time series system, so the traditional time series method is not applicable. For the study of deep learning methods, this paper proposed a bidirectional long-short term memory (BLSTM)...
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Conjecture and Proof of Summation of Series Equal to One

Yihang Zhao, Haomin Yang, Jie Sun, Ao Feng, Yuhang Yang, Xudong Liu
Convergence of series is the rudiments of study series, but for the divergent series, people tend not to pay close attention, however the proof of this paper what is based on the revelation of the divergent series. Doing a process of combination unconditional convergence with a proper pattern exists...
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Research on Vehicle and Goods Matching Evaluation System based on Virtual Logistics Platform

Yufeng Zhuang, Qingmei Huang
This paper uses AHP, multi-objective matching and theoretical analysis to study the matching of vehicle and goods based on virtual logistics platform. This paper mainly analyzes the factors affecting the matching of vehicle and goods, and analyzes them from the perspective of vehicle and goods suppliers....
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Analysis of Device Driver Design based on WDF

Fazhen Wang, Shaohui Cui, Cheng Wang, Ran Zhao
In order to realize the expected function of the hardware devices in a computer system, the device driver as an important part cannot be lost. The WDF is the modern standard for creating Windows drivers, and is the preferred way to implement most new drivers for Windows. WDF enables developers to write...
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The Research of Techniques in Content-based Image Retrieval

Jing Chang, Dong Liu
Image feature extraction is the realization of content-based image retrieval based on the first step, but also is the most critical step. Image feature extraction is suitable or not directly affect the performance of image retrieval system, this paper describes the features of the image, and construct...
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Application of CANopen in Servo Motor Control

Jizhe Ge, Yuanlou Gao, Ze Li, Zhiguo Lan
Compared with other buses, CAN bus has low cost, long data transmission distance and high transmission rate, so it is widely used in the field of automation. In this paper, PLC is used as the master node, CANopen – PROFINET gateway is used as the intermediate node, and the motor driver is used as the...
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Research on Document Classification in the Field of Construction

Zhenyang Ren, Fucheng Wan, Hongzhi Yu, Tiantian Wu
At present, the communication and preservation of project construction documents in most construction enterprises are still using traditional paper method, so the utilization of information is very low. This cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy and systematic of architectural engineering records....
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Study of Visual Traceability System based on Blockchain

Jiaqi Wang, Jiting Zhou, Hanyue Guo
Food and drug safety issues are becoming prominent. However, the common traceability systems are mostly for fresh foods such as vegetable and meats, but not cover the wide range of products. In addition, in the current traceability system, the problem of information storage has not been taken seriously....
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Intelligent Adjusting System of Headlights based on Machine Vision

Jie Wu, Rongguan Chen, Wei Chen
Based on the study of the causes of nocturnal traffic accidents, it is found that the poor lighting of automobile headlights at night is one of the main reasons. In order to solve this problem, an intelligent adjustment system of headlights based on machine vision is designed. Through the binocular camera...
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Study of Speech Digital Signal Processing based on Matlab

Ru Zhao, Shuai Jing, Wenhao Xian, Xintang Wang
Language is a common tool for information exchange. Speech acquisition, preservation and processing make great progress in the field of communication. The emergence and development of digital signal processing technology has a positive role in promoting the development of communication technology. As...
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Trajectory Optimization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle's Ascending Phase based on h-p Adaptive Pseudospectral Method

Shuwei Sun, Genxi Fan, Yonghua Fan
The pseudospectral method is one of the most effective methods to optimize the trajectory of UAV, however, the initial guess of the initial state is mainly based on the engineer's engineering experience, lacking of actual data support. Based on h-p adaptive pseudospectral method, this paper takes fuel...
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Scheduler of CNC-RGV System based on STFF Model

Yuang Dai, Julan Cao
To improve the working efficiency of RGV-CNC processing system, we develop a smart model which have the function of predicative controlling and receding horizon. It can be universally applied to the situation which contains one or more processes. We use Genetic Algorithm to optimize the workflow and...
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Study on Big Data Mining of Universities by the Fully Integrated Campus Datacenter Platform

Liwen Zhu, Qingpeng Nie
Mining big data of university and providing better services for users in university has become a key problem in data services phase of university informatization. Taking Rizhao Polytechnic as an example, this paper analyzes and studies this problem. A solution for the fully integrated campus datacenter...
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GMSK Coherent Demodulation Technology based on Laurent Decomposition

Fei Teng, Yurong Liao, Yuntao Li
Using the Laurent method, the GMSK signal can be expressed as the sum of a series of pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) signals. The GMSK signal suboptimal coherent detection technology based on Laurent decomposition is improved. Under different phase correlation lengths, the BER performance and implementation...
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Automatic Signal Modulation Recognition based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Yulin Sun, Jun Li, Fei Lin, Guangliang Pan
Deep learning (DL) shows great vitality in all areas, but it rarely involves wireless communication. This paper proposes an automatic signal modulation recognition method based on deep convolutional neural network to solve common problems in wireless communication. The algorithm automatically extracts...
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Study on Arduino-based Smart Cane for the Blind

Yuqing Wang
Under the trends of intelligent automation, more and more intelligent products into our lives, these products are changing our life now in the background. Therefore, we designed a smart cane device the device adopts the embedded system, using the Arduino microcontroller design a set of portable intelligent...
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Design of Home Service Robot based on Single Chip Microcomputer

Zhi Li
In modern society, with the development of material civilization, people begin to pursue a more convenient and happy family life. According to our verification, the current home service robot has not really out of the laboratory, into the people's homes. Therefore, we made a single-chip microcomputer-based...
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Stock Forecasting Analysis based on Deep Learning and Quantitative Investment Algorithms with Multiple Indicators

Yihong Zhao, Shuqi Fan
Traditional stock forecasting methods are generally based on linear models. However, the price of stocks is affected by a variety of objective factors and does not present a simple linear relationship. Neural network is a good tool for predicting nonlinear data. In order to predict the trend of stock...
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Multi-nodes Traffic Replay Method based on IP-mapping

Zhixian Huang, Kaikun Dong, Hongri Liu, Bailing Wang, Guodong Xin, Shujiang Xu
Traffic replay is a common method in traffic generation applied to the construction of network cyber ranges. At present, the implementation of replaying traffic within cyber ranges is one client one server or multi-nodes one-way communication, the effect is inferior. Therefore, this paper proposes a...
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Gender Recognition of Speech based on Decision Tree Model

Biliang Zhong, Yunxin Liang, Jiyu Wu, Bisen Quan, Chunxiang Li, Wei Wang, Jincun Zhang, Zhenzhang Li
This paper introduces the decision tree binary classification algorithm to classify the gender of speech data. In speech this unstructured data, in order to recognize the gender of the input voice data by computer, it is necessary to extract the features of unstructured voice data into structured data...