Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Business and Management Research (ICBMR 2018)

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Enhancing The Performance of Regional Development Banks

Ferry Novindra Idroes, Ernie Tisnawati Sule, Popy Rufaidah, Diana Sari
The roles of Regional Development Banks (BPD) in Indonesia are as financial intermediaries and as drivers of the respective regional economy. These roles can be performed optimally if there are synergies undertaken by all stakeholders. This study is expected to contribute to BPD stakeholders in optimizing...
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The Effect of International Trade on Workers’ Bargaining Power in Indonesia

Novrizal, Maddaremmeng Panennungi
This study is aimed at analyzing the effect of international trade on workers’ bargaining power in Indonesia with a sample of more than 40,000 firms from the manufacturing industry during the period of 2006-2015. Regression analysis was conducted by using panel data from national sector level and national...
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Exploratory Study On The Career Sustainability of Singing Talent Audition Finalists

Alkadri Kusalendra Siharis, Muhammad Mustaqim
Talent search events have become very popular in Indonesia because these programs give people a chance for a better life from their previous life condition in the form of talent competitions in a particular field. In these events, the participants are selected and trained to improve their performance....
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Antecedents Of Copability And Its Effect On Learning Organization (An Empirical Study At a Life Insurance Company)

Lily Sudhartio, Anton Wachidin Widjaja, Sun Yi
This research is focused on the role of copability (cope-ability), namely the ability to cope with internal problems, on the development or the transformation of organizations into learning organizations. Building learning organizations, researchers usually link organizational adaptability and the dynamic...
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The Influence of Shopping Dimensions on Consumers’ Motivation to Shop at Malls: A Study on Supermal Karawaci Shopping Center

Luthfy Andruskha, Agung Nugroho
This purpose of this research is to determine the effect of the seven Shopping Dimensions identified by Bloch et al (1994) on consumers’ motives for visiting and shopping at malls, specifically in Supermal Karawaci, while simultaneously studying the strategies needed for Supermal Karawaci to compete...
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Granger Causality of Exchange Rates And Stock Indices in 10 Emerging Market Countries: During Quantitative Easing and Tapering Off Period

Samitra Rismadani
This study was conducted to see the strength of Emerging Market economies (EM) to withstand shocks that arise when The Fed changes the Quantitative Easing (QE) to Tapering Off policy (TO). The EM countries in this study were selected based on trade relations with the US; those are China, India, South...
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The Dominant Country for Regional Portfolios: Evidence from Listed Companies in Southeast Asia’s Emerging Market

Nurita Anggraini, Zaafri Ananto Husodo
This study investigates the Fama-French Five Factor Model as a base measurement tool to analyze the dominant country of regional portfolios formed in emerging markets in Southeast Asia. We use firms listed in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam stock exchange to form the regional...
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Developing Organizational Capacity for Change: The Role of Leader and Trust in the Indonesian Healthcare and Social Security Agency

Firman Bayu Raamadani, Ayu Aprilianti Lizar, Nayunda Andika Sari, Aryana Satrya
This quantitative study aims to investigate the influence of servant leadership on organizational capacity for change, mediated by trust in the leader. A total of 222 employees from the Indonesian Healthcare and Social Security Agency have participated in this study. Data were obtained by means of questionnaires...
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Analysis of the Implementation of Indonesian Government Regulation Number 20 Year 2015 Related to Tenure and Rotation of Accounting Firms and Public Accountants to Audit Quality

Muhammad Faisal, Muthia Prima Nirmala, Fitriany, Sylvia Veronica, Ratna Wardhani
This study examines government regulations related to public audit services performed by the accounting firm and public accountant as regulated in Government Regulation (PP) No. 20 of 2015, which in this case, eliminates limits for accounting firm (AF) tenure and extends public accountant (PA) tenure...
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Value Co-Creation: The Effect on Relationship Quality

Kurnia Endah Riana, Rizal Edy Halim, Chairy
This research aims to investigate the influence of value co-creation on relationship quality. Co-creation has relational properties, but there are limited studies that discuss the effect of value co-creation on relationship outcomes such as customer satisfaction, commitment, and confidence benefit/trust,...
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Cost Structure and Payout Policy in Indonesia 2011-2015

Elizabeth Lesmana Pualam, Sigit Sulistiyo Wibowo
This study aims to examine the impact of cost structure on payout policy within Indonesian non-financial firms. Previously, there has not been much prior research regarding cost structure and payout policy in emerging markets, especially Indonesia. Most Indonesian firms still prefer to distribute dividends...
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The Mediating Role of Job Characteristic on The Relationship between Human Resource Practice, Employee Engagement, and Affective Organizational Commitment

Muhammad Baiquni, Ayu Aprilianti Lizar
Organizational success in this 4.0 industrial revolution era depend less on advantages associated with economies of scale, but are derived more from committed human resources combined with the ability to leverage technology that the organization has. Accordingly, finding an effective strategy to increase...
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Filling Capability Analysis For Shampoo Production: A Case Study in The Manufacturing Industry

Miko Mei Irwanto, Mohammad Hamsal, Humiras Hardi Purba
In today’s cosmetic market, shampoo is one consumer goods that is highly demanded. Its market competition is also very tough. In this situation, a shampoo manufacturing company should find a strategy to produce a high-quality product with good performance, less cost, and fewer losses. Thus, an improvement...
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Social Business Model Canvas Development and Forming an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for Waste Banks to Achieve Sustainability (Case Study in Bali, Indonesia)

Mochammad Gerry Yudha, Lily Sudhartio
This article provides a general overview to provide comprehensive insight for waste banks in Bali to achieve a value-increment of plastic waste by producing plastic recycled products, described through the development of a social business model canvas. In addition, it also explains strategic alliance...
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The Impact of Thin Capitalization Rule on Capital Structure

Venantius Budi Jatmiko, Zaafri Ananto Husodo
Debt financing is more favorable than equity financing due to the deductibility of the interest while the dividend is nondeductible in corporate taxation. This paper analyzes the impact of the implementation of Thin Capitalization Rule, that limits the deductibility of the interest expense through limiting...
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Evaluating The Effect of YouTube Advertising towards Young Customers’ Purchase Intention

Dhiyaa Nadhifa Aziza, Rifelly Dewi Astuti
The use of YouTube advertising by companies to communicate with their customers is increasing nowadays, along with the increasing number of YouTube audiences. But only a few scholars have examined the effectiveness of YouTube advertising on customers’ purchase intention. This study aims (1) to analyze...
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Capital Adequacy Requirement, The Cost of Financial Intermediation and Risk Taking Behavior of The Indonesia Banking Sector

Rika Angelia Sirait, Rofikoh Rokhim
Basel I, II and III are strictly applied after the financial crisis in 1997 / 1998 and 2008 to ensure financial stability, among others by applying the minimum capital adequacy requirements that must be met by the bank in accordance with the risk profile. However, whether the impact of these requirements...
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The Effect of Knowledge Sharing on Affective Commitment: The Mediation Role of Competency Development of Gen Y Employees at PT PP (Persero), Tbk Head Office

Nara Pangestika Vidyani, Putri Mega Desiana
Discussion related to affective commitment becomes one of the problems in human resource management. This study aims to explore the mediation role of competency development on the effect of knowledge sharing on affective commitment. The research uses a cross-sectional survey to collect primary data....
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Product Quality, Convenience and Brand Loyalty: A Case Study of SilverQueen’s Adolescent Consumers

Cynthia Chadwick, Putu Saroyini Piartrini
The present study analyzed the relationship between product quality and repurchase behavior as well as a relationship between convenience and repurchase intention-behavior based on the perspective of Expectancy Disconfirmation Theory and Resource Matching Theory. Data was accumulated from 366 students...
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The Choice Of Infrastructure Project Financing Strategies: A Case Of A Seaport In Indonesia

Waskitha W. Galih, Ruslan Prijadi
This paper aims to understand the financing decision for a seaport project in Indonesia from various perspectives. An online survey and a focus group discussion are conducted to gain insights from the Indonesian seaport stakeholders regarding the most effective financing vehicle for seaport infrastructure...
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Gender Differences in Online Shopping: Are Men More Shopaholic Online?

Faizal Pradhana, Prani Sastiono
The purpose of this research is to see how the difference of gender influenced the preference in online shopping. We focus on the emotional level, the level of practicality, and the level of trust felt by every individual regarding online shopping, which relates towards the frequency of online shopping...
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Antecedent Factors of Self-Gifting Behavior and Its Influence toward Post-Purchase Regret of the Millennial Generation

Alia Rachma Ningtias, Sri Daryanti, Ilma Savira Putri
With the shifting trend from gifting behavior to self-gifting behavior, retailers are faced with a new challenge to win their consumers’ heart, especially Millennial consumers. Additionally, the growing landscape in a retail environment and the more options that consumers face when shopping may result...
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Trading Patterns of Stock Before and After Suspension in Indonesian Stock Exchange

Indriana Damayanti, Maria Ulpah
The goals of this research are to examine the trading pattern and performance of stock before and after suspension in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The research data used in this research are stock listed in suspension and unsuspension announcement from January 2016 to December 2017. The trading pattern...
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Tawhidic Hyper-Phenomenology as A Method in Accounting Research

The objectives of this study are to develop and formulate tawhid-based research method in accounting research. Islamic paradigm is an essential belief established by Muslims’ heart and the belief that illustrates the being that lies behind it and is the reality and truth that are visible to the eyes...
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Expatriation Process in Indonesian Local Firms

Dian Prihadyanti, Karlina Sari, Nur Laili, Dudi Hidayat, Budi Triyono, Chichi S. Laksani
This paper attempts to analyze the expatriation process in Indonesian firms. A qualitative approach with multiple case studies was used to analyze the expatriation process in Indonesian firms which employed expatriates with expertise in engineering. Results of the case studies show different patterns...
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Business Behavior in an Islamic Perspective: Case Study of Muslim Woman Entrepreneurs in Ikatan Wanita Pengusaha Indonesia (IWAPI)

Muhammad Nafik Hadi Ryandono, Sesha Ayu Permatasari, Ida Wijayanti
In today’s business world, women also can be successful in running a business. They are called as women entrepreneurs. Some research stated that cultural diversity may have an impact on women entrepreneurial behavior, one of them is about religion. This research will reveal the Islamic perspective about...
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The Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment and The Moderating Role of Service Climate

Wayan Gede Supartha, Irene Hanna H. Sihombing, Ni Nyoman Sukerti
This study aims to predict the effect of job satisfaction on knowledge sharing behavior. At the same time, it aims to predict the moderation role of service climate as well as the mediation role of organizational commitment. Based on the results of this research, organizational commitment has a significant...
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Board Characteristics and Bank Portfolio Risk

Malinda Ria Fariza, Dony Abdul Chalid
This study aims to analyze the effect of the characteristics of boards on bank portfolio risk. Using data from 74 commercial banks in Indonesia in 2011-2017, this research performs panel data regression. The result of data analysis using panel data fixed-effect model shows that the characteristics of...
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The Influence of Knowledge and Religiosity with Mediation of Attitude Toward the Intention of Repurchasing Halal Cosmetics

Ilma Savira Putri, Sri Daryanti, Alia Rachma Ningtias
The growth of Muslim population continues to increase and is expected to continue growing up to 2.2 billion by 2030. This makes the demand for halal products increase. However, it is not followed by supply from a trusted manufacturer for the halal product. This study wanted to know how the perception...
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Mispricing on Islamic Stock Markets in ASEAN Countries

Arienka Prilitaningtyas, Muhammad Budi Prasetyo
The purpose of this study is to detect any mispricing on Islamic stock in four countries which are the founding fathers of ASEAN (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand). Three-factor Asset Pricing Model [1] is employed in this study with daily individual stock price from June 2005 until December...
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Performance Evaluation of Momentum Strategy using 52-week high data in Indonesia Stock Exchange period 2012-2016

Yulius Kurniawan
A majority of the investors in the stock market always think that the right time to buy a stock is when there is a decline in stock price in the market. But in the real market, not all stock which declines will return to the highest level. There are several stocks which still continue to rise, and even...
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Poisson Regression Analysis for Risk Classification and Derivation of Mortality Rate Estimation in a Life Insurance Company (Case Study at a Life Insurance Company in Indonesia)

Puspita Tyas Agnesti, Yogo Purwono
This study aims to classify risk and derive the best estimate mortality rate for life insurance company PT ABC by using a Poisson regression model. With the Poisson regression model, this study modeled the number of deaths with policy duration, underwriting treatment, extra mortality enactment, and the...
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Do Local Values Affect Performances? The Study of Tri Hita Karana Culture on Hotel Performance in Bali

Jaya Ishwari, Sari Wahyuni, Ignatius Heruwato, Anton W. Widjaja, Eka N. Kencana
It is argued that culture is one of the important sources of competitive advantage for a firm, which serves as a driver for business performance. By “the collective programming of the mind” of its members, organizational culture can generate similar behavior among members, and create harmony among people...
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Factors that Influence the Attitude and Behavioral Intention of Indonesian Users toward Online Food Delivery Service by the Go-Food Application

Gagah Triyuniar Prabowo, Agung Nugroho
The internet as one of the medias that grows fast in Indonesia makes the people of Indonesia have a tendency to do various activities through internet facilities and other supporting applications. Some Indonesians prefer to use an online shop because it provides better convenience motivation and economic...
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Peer-to-Peer Accomodation Service Process: A Framework of Service Blueprint

Anna Riana Putriya, Pri Hermawan, Santi Novani, Utomo Sarjono Putro
Sharing economy is the result of technological developments that create an innovative new business model and create a revolution in how business entities interact. Peer-to-peer accommodation (P2P) creates an online marketplace where peer providers and consumers meet each other's needs and can exchange...
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Analysis of Book-Tax Difference’s Effect on Audit Fees: Corporate Governance as a Moderating Variable

Shinta Adelaide, Desi Adhariani
This study aims to examine the association between book-tax differences and audit fees in Indonesia. This study also examines the effect of corporate governance as a variable to moderate the association.  The sample used is companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2012 until 2016, which consist...
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Analysis of Material Project Purchasing Strategy Using Kraljic’s Method

Adhitya Nur Rachman, Nofrisel
The world has seen dramatic changes in the business environment recently. The level of competition between each other is also getting tighter. This competition leads to two factors, which are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). One of the key components...
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Implementation of a Quantile Regression Model for the Loss Reserve of Vehicle Insurance Company XYZ

Ariandy Dena Putra, Bona C. Siahaan
The issue of claim reserves on insurance companies is one that insurance businesses need to cope with. The availability of such reserves within a company is fundamental for them to maintain their business activities. They are also required in precise calculations regarding the allocation of funds owned...
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The Addition of Channel Distribution and Media Campaign in SME Abelarosa Collection

Armita Anastasya, Anton W. Widjaja
The predicament for retail business is not only experienced by large businesses, but small and medium-sized business also presents to feel its effects. Nowadays, every business should make the changes or development of its business in order to still be able to compete and survive. This research has been...
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Market Reaction to Announcement of the Corporate Governance “Comply or Explain” Regulation and Determinants of Compliance Level

Chatarina Anintyarini, Cynthia Afriani Utama
The purpose of this study is to investigate the market reaction in Indonesia to the announcement of the Financial Services Authority Regulation (POJK) on the implementation of corporate governance guidelines using a “comply or explain” approach. In addition, the study examines the effects of trends in...
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Critical Success Factors of Total Quality Management and Their Impact on Performance in the Indonesian Public Service Sector

Deka Dian Utami, Muslim Efendi Harahap
The paper seeks to empirically investigate the relationships among Critical Success Factors (CSF) of TQM and performance outcomes within one Public Service Sector in Indonesia by drawing on employee and management perceptions. Twenty-four hypotheses regarding the relations of CSF of TQM and performance...
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An Analysis of The Effectiveness “Term of Consumption” System Implementation in PT XYZ

Fahrul Harundani Ginanjar, Nofrisel
As one of the largest retail company in Indonesia, PT XYZ is relying on their operational activities through a complex supply chain management system. To be able to survive and become a leading company, PT XYZ understands the importance to improve the competitive advantage of its supply chain by means...
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Cost Structure Evaluation of Variable Costs and Business Forecast in Spooring Services at SME Trijaya Ban 83

Ganesha Mulia Panggabean, Dedi Wibowo
This paper discusses the process of business coaching in tire selling and car repair workshop, namely Trijaya Ban 83. Business coaching is a training process by a coach to the trainee in problems that exist in the SME, as well as providing solutions and applicable suggestions to existing problems at...
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Implementation of Benchmark Inventory Control in PT. X to Increase Sales Volume in ProQ Workshop as SMEs in Indonesia

Hanggara Surya Pratama, Lily Sudhartio
This paper is written based on how a business coaching process can help SMEs improve which area need an improvement such as HR, finance, operational, or marketing section based on the personal experiences of the owner and based on the coach observations to the company. ProQ is an SME engaged in maintenance...
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Implementation of Strategic Flexibility in SMEs of Snack Industry for Capacity Optimization. Is it possible?

Heribertus Hario Wicahyo, Lily Sudhartio
The Government of Indonesia is currently paying great attention to the development of the national economy that puts forward MSMEs. In this MSMEs’ development effort, the academic community formed an activity called Business Coaching. Business coaching is now closely related to the empowerment of Micro...
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5S Application and Semi-Finished Products Inventory Monitoring to Create Clean Work Area in PT Asta Kriya

Imam Hakim Firdaus, Anton W. Widjaja
PT Asta Kriya is one of the SMEs engaged in Indonesian traditional handicraft souvenirs making and established under the assistance of Yayasan Darma Bhakti Astra (YDBA). This research is conducted at PT Asta Kriya using business coaching method, where the author will discuss and observe the production...
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Improvement of Product Logo, Online Marketing Activities and Cost of Goods Sold Formulation of Pawon Fasdiin

Jeihan Alhakim, Hasnul Suhaimi
The purpose of the business coaching activities carried out was to improve product logo, maximize online promotional activities and formulate cost of goods sold. This study used a qualitative approach. The object of this research was Pawon Fasdiin which was engaged in the food and beverage industry....
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The Strategy of Servicescape Approach in an Effort to Improve Trijaya Ban’s Service Quality

Kania Mulyono, Dedi Wibowo
The strength of SMEs is commonly how to provide unique products and services but not all SMEs can deliver it well. Some SMEs still encounter difficulties in delivering the quality service in creating a consumer’s experience especially in service context. Servicescape can be defined as a service environment...
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Does the forced marriage have a fair start? Acquisition Valuation in the Oil and Gas Holding Company Indonesian State-Owned Enterprise-A Case Study

Lutfi Benarto, Edward Tanujaya
Indonesia's gas market will continue to expand to support the growing economy. The country's gas demand is expected to increase by another 1,600 mmcfd from 2017, reaching 5,100 mmcfd in 2035 (Wood McKenzie Report 2017). The establishment of an oil and gas holding company by the Ministry of State-Owned...
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Optimal LQ45 Stock Allocation and Normal Contribution in a Defined Benefit Pension Plan

Mazaya Sharhana Marsya, Tri Handhika
This study aims to determine the model for optimal stocks allocation and normal contribution that can minimize the funding variation based on stocks returns and dynamic mortality rates in a Defined Benefit Pension Plan. In this study, assets are allocated to the stock market, as investments in the stock...
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The Efficiency of General Insurance Companies in Indonesia

Pientha Glenys Amanti, Alvin Ayodhia Siregar
This study investigates the efficiency of General Insurance companies in Indonesia for the period 2014-2015 as a result of the policy on recapitalization of insurance company's core capital as stated in the Financial Services Authority (POJK) Regulation No. 67/POJK.05/2015. The study employed the Data...
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Zero-Inflated Poisson Regression Analysis On Frequency Of Health Insurance Claim PT. XYZ

Rahmaniar Dwinta Kusuma, Yogo Purwono
Modeling data count is an important thing in various fields. For this purpose, Poisson regression models are often used. However, in this model there is an assumption of equidispersion data where the mean value equals the value of the variance. In fact, this assumption is often violated in the observed...
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Feasibility Study Of PT. XYZ Palm Oil Plantation And Processing Plant

Retno Nur Safitri, Imo Gandakusuma
The purpose of this research is to examine the factors which should be considered in establishing palm oil plantation and processing plant; it analyzes project feasibility and provides project sensitivity and scenario analysis. The study employs descriptive analysis through a literature review, content...
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The Use Of Copulas in Estimating The Value at Risk (VaR) Of The IDX Development Board and Main Board Indices with Monte Carlo Simulation

Ridho Wiryarahadi, Yogo Purwono
This article discusses the use of copulas to estimate Value at Risk (VaR) with Monte Carlo simulation in the Indonesian stock market. As an illustration, we construct a portfolio which consists of the IDX Main Board and Development Board Indices in equal proportion (50% each). Based on Kupiec’s Proportion...
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The Impact of Personality Dispositions and Social Orientations on the Relocation Mobility Readiness: Lesson from an Indonesian Public Sector

Wakhidatun Nisak, Riani Rachmawati
This study aims to explain the impact of personality dispositions and social orientations on the relocation mobility readiness. This study was conducted in an Indonesian public audit institution. This institution applies a policy to relocate its employees periodically to any of 34 provinces in Indonesia....
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Analysis of Travel Time and Bus Utilization of Corridor 1 Trans Jakarta to Realize the Smart Mobility Concept

Yohanes Satrio Wicaksono, Muslim Efendi Harahap
The concept of Smart Mobility is very closely related to public transportation. Trans Jakarta's operational effectiveness is one of the important factors in realizing Smart Transportation in the province of DKI Jakarta. This research looks at the strategies and technologies that have been applied by...
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Analysis of The Influence of Premium Regulation on Motor Vehicle Insurance Premiums in Indonesia

Zora Vidyanata, Yogo Purwono
This study analyzes the regulatory impact of Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) Circular Letter No. 6/D.05/2013 on tariff/premium regulation of general insurance, with particular reference to motor vehicle insurance premiums and premium rate change factors. Using data from 44 motor vehicle...