2nd Annual International Conference on Energy, Environmental & Sustainable Ecosystem Development (EESED 2016)

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Optimization of an organic solvents tolerance lipase expressed in E.coli

Ren Peng, Chun-Mei Tong, Ming-Qing Lin
Owing to the safety consideration and improvement of lipase productivity, the genes of lipase and its cognate foldase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa CS-2 was co expressed in E.coli BL2 (DE3) and the optimization of expression condition was investigated in the paper. The recombinant strain entered the stationary...
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Study on the Corporate Behavior under the Constraint of Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction Policy

Fang Zhou
Based on sample survey of 68 corporations in City D, this study analyzes corporate awareness, behavior, performance and policy needs of energy saving and pollution reduction in the "12th five-year" period, with the help of questionnaires and face to face interview. The empirical analysis of 68 corporations...
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Autonomous decentralized control of off-grid DC micro-grid

Shao-Fei Du, Yong-Qiang Zhu, Jun Wen
According to the basic idea of autonomous decentralized system, this paper divides the various units of off-grid DC micro-grid into different roles , and each roles are given specific control objectives and control strategy. In order to verify the effectiveness of the proposed off-grid DC micro-grid...
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Research on the correlation between ocean energy policy and other policies

Wan-Jun Wang, Jia-Cheng Hao, Yong-Qiang Zhu, Rui-Hua Xia
Ocean energy is a kind of clean and renewable energy source. In recent years, the development of ocean energy has become more and more important. With the development of ocean energy, our country has formulated some ocean energy policies. Similar to other areas of development, the ocean energy policy...
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The optimization of desulfurization conditions by response surface methodology

Shui-Quan Chen, Chao-Cheng Zhao, Meng Zang, Xiao-Xiao Wang
Dibenzothiophene and its derivatives are components of high-sulfur crude oil, and these sulfides would reduce the oil quality and increase sulfur dioxide emissions when burned, which will decline environmental quality. Compared with the traditional desulfurization method, biodesulfurization has many...
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Study on the calculation of surface subsidence coefficient based on principal component analysis and neural networks

Ming-Hua Wu, Xiao-Gang Xia
In order to study the effect of geological factors on the surface subsidence coefficient. Based on the analysis of all influential geological factors of subsidence coefficient and the typical mobile surface observation station data of China, the influence of each factor and the influence difference were...
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A simultaneous closed loop current calculation method for multiple distribution lines

Fang-Di Hou, Bo Que, Lei Chen, Wei-Yan Zhen, Jun-Qiang Fu
In practical use, closed loop operation on distribution lines may generate large steady current and impact current. For multiple distribution lines, closed loop operations in turn with low load transfer efficiency are easy to lead black-out in large area. In order to increase efficiency without reducing...
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The contribution of binucleate Rhizoctonia AG - V on Phosphorus uptake by plant

Wen-Jing Bao, Li-Jie Gao, Wei Xi, Fan Li, Gen-Hua Yang, Wen-Han Dong
Rhizoctonia is a soil-borne fungal pathogen which widely exists in the soil. This study, by comparing the two isolates of the AG-V which are new an stemsons group (AG)(Bs-J-06-7-1 and DL-YT-06-4-9), we find P absorption differences as well as their hyphae in the system P absorption rate interacting with...
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Influence of ceria modification on the properties of TiO2-SnO2 supporting V2O5 catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3

Yong-Jin Liao, Tian-Jiao Huang, Ya-Ping Zhang, Yue-Xi Yu, Kai Shen
A series of V2O5-CeO2/TiO2-SnO2 catalysts were prepared with different CeO2 content to investigate the effect of Ce modification for selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3. The obtained samples were characterized by BET, XRD, HRTEM,H2-TPR and FT-IR. The catalytic test was also investigated on a fixed...
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The Monte-Carlo simulation on the detection efficiency of a scintillator neutron detector

Fei Luo, Fang Liu, Ping Wang, Yu-Dong Sun
We use Monte-Carlo simulation method to investigate several factors influencing detection efficiency of neutron detector. We have simulated the effect of crystal materials (ZnS [1], LiI [2] and CaF2 [3]) on incident neutron flux and deposition energy. The result reveals that more energy deposited in...
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A study on pearlescent performance of green black coating layer on micron glass

Ji-Cong Pei, Yan Huang, Xiao-Yu Han, Yu-Xiang Yang, Xiang-Nong Liu
Preparation of pearly green black pigment (micron glass/nano-Fe3O4) can be carried out by a green process: eroding the micron dimension glass first, then second co-precipitating ferrous and ferric ions on the eroded substrate, which should minimize long and short-term impacts on the environment. The...
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High energy-consuming industrial coordinating symbiosis pattern performance evaluation of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei development

Li Li, Yue Gu, Jian-Jun Wang
The excessive consumption of fossil fuels brings air pollution problem in Beijing, and integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei will join a new coordinating development for future development, it will form a symbiosis pattern. How to choose the symbiosis pattern is a key issue of the development. This paper...
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Collaborative control of common-mode voltage suppression and neutral-point potential balance based on carrier modulation for non-isolation V2G system

Xiang-Wu Yan, Zhi-Heng Xiao, Jia-Le Zhao
For problems that there is common-mode voltage in non-isolation three-phase three-level V2G integration system, the common-mode equivalent model was established. Meanwhile, it revealed that DC link neutral-point potential imbalance would limit the effect of common-mode voltage suppression. The analysis...
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Numerical simulation for horizontal -spraying -tower flow of wet desulfurization spray tower

Hai-Jun Tian, Cun-Yi Song, Wei Su
Simplified reasonably and modeled large scale desulfurization tower, using the software to build a physical model, using ICEM software to divide the grid, using software fluent15 to simulate. Selected k-? model as calculating model, SIMPLE algorithm is used to calculate. Calculation results show that...
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Stabilization effect on heavy metal contaminated soil of Pb, Zn, Cd using bentonite and attapulgite

Hong-Jiang Guo, Chun-Ping Li, Yong Ye, Ai-Qin Wang
The experiment was carried out on the stability of heavy metals with the high concentration of heavy metal solution, which was prepared by absorbing bentonite and bentonite. The results show that after adding a certain amount of adsorption material in heavy metal solution, bentonite, concavo convex rod...
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Study on the inhibiting factors of the activated sludge activity of hexavalent chromium based on the change of dissolved oxygen

Wen-Yu Zhao, Zheng Zhao, Mei-Juan Xu, Yu-Fen Chen, Chao Feng
Based on the effect of variation of dissolved oxygen on the oxygen uptake rate (our), To study the effect of Cr6+ on the performance of activated sludge under different factors (concentration, MLSS, HRT, temperature, pH) by using activated sludge own activity. It has certain reference significance for...
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The analysis of the prosperity indexes for Guangxi's electricity market

Li-Juan Qin, Xu Yan, Han Shuai, Xi-Qiao Lin, Bo Zeng, Li-Ke Gao
The research object of electricity marketing is electricity consumption market. It is of great significance for judging the trend of its development and guiding the decision maker to analyze the prosperity of electricity consumption market. This paper put forward an entire system from disposal to filter...
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The study of the safety importance analysis method on A / B classification for periodic test surveillance

Xiao-Yu Liang, Zi-Jun Yang, Liang Mei
Currently, the Periodic Test Surveillance has too much test items with different importance, and there is no different management requirement for the test items with different safety affect. The method described in this article can divided these test items in importance(mark A) and non-importance (mark...
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Immobilization of glucoamylase on stimuli-sensitive macroporous semi-interpenetrating stimuli-sensitive hydrogel carriers

Li-Xia Li, Yi Yang, Fang Zhu, Xiang-Yang Wu
Based on the special phase transition property of copolymer hydrogel of N-is opropylacrylamide, the immobilization of glucoamylase on five macro porous semi-interpenetrating stimuli-sensitive hydrogel carriers was studied. Four good preparations were screened, i.e. GelNIPAm/PAEMA-2.5, Gel NAEP/PAEMA-2.5,...
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Characteristics of the spring sand and dust weather and its impact on air pollution in Lanzhou

Min-Jin Ma, An-Bao Zhu, Fan Ding
Influence of sand and dust weather on air pollution in Lanzhou is discussed by using the particulate matter monitoring data and the ground conventional meteorological observation data during 2001 to 2010. The results are shown as: ?Sand and dust weather in Lanzhou mainly happens in spring. It presents...
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Research of market competitive situation of energy service industry under the perspective of value network

Jun Dong, Xu Li, Yun Hu
Energy service industry is an emerging industry which involved multi-subject, multi-product, multi-technology and multi-value, and is a complicated network system. This paper studies the energy services industry from the perspective of value network, analyzes the value network characteristics of each...
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Modeling and simulation analysis of wind - hydro hybrid power plant

Xue-Jia Huang, Neng-Sheng Bao
In order to study the influence of wind - hydro hybrid power plant on power grid, the paper represents the method of wind - hydro hybrid power plant, a simulation model combined wind turbine system, hybrid power system with electrical network, SVC, PSS and large hydro power plant was built by Matlab/Simulink....
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Study on power transmission line ampacity calculation with nonlinear AC resistance

Hai-Jun Xue, Xu-Dong Zhang
As the rapid development of renewable energy, energy sectors have to increase the load transfer capacity of transmission line. In order to calculate the line ampacity accurately, it is necessary to establish a valid mathematical model for line AC resistance. However, the simplified AC resistance model,...
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Preparation and investigation of composite phase change materials with porous matrixes

Yang Lan, Xiao-Qin Zhu, Li-Meng Chen, Fu-Guo Wang, Yu Bie, Jing-Hua Chang
Energy and environmental problems have become the key factors restricting social development during the recent years. Therefore, in order to promote the process of social industrialization and build a saving-oriented society, it is imperative to increase the effort to develop energy-saving materials....
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An experimental study on the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose

Zhao-Chun Wu
The utilization of biomass energy has received increasingly attention. Converting industrial and agricultural production wastes into biomass energy to provide clean and sustainable energy has become a larger trend in energy utilization. Biological chemical conversion method, as one of the methods to...
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Electrokinetic remediation for smelting sludge containing heavy metals: a novel method on pH control of catholyte

Yan-Ping Hu, Zhong-Guang Ji, Wei Wang, Li-Mei Yang, Zheng Xu
Electrokinetic remediation is an efficient and environmental friendly in-situ remediation technology for fine-grained soil or sludge. However, the problem of focusing phenomena caused by the pH values of sludge which controlled by the pH values of catholyte and polarization caused by the pH values of...
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Pilot experimental study on secondary effluent of printing and dyeing wastewater by lignite-coke biological aerated filter

Ji-Lin Teng, Xin Jin, Ruo-Zheng Li, Can Wang
Biochemical tail water of Printing and Dyeing industry is a typical low load and refractory wastewater. Its COD concentration is between 150-200 mg/L. In this pilot study, the effect of lignite-coke and ceramic filter in BAF treatment of dyeing and biochemical tail water was investigated. By comparison...
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Facile synthesis of porous Ag3PO4 particles and its application in MB wastewater degradation under visible light irradiation

Chao-Sheng Zhu, Jing-Tang Zheng, Yu-Kun Liu, Jian-Yu Huang
Porous Ag3PO4 nanoparticles were synthesized via polystyrene (PS)templates assisted method in the aqueous solution. The crystal structure, composition, physical property and morphologic properties of the synthesized PNPs were characterized by XRD, FT-IR,N2 adsorption-desorption and SEM. Under visible...
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Carbon dot as fluorescent probe for detection of chromium(VI)

Li-Yang Fang, Jing-Tang Zheng, Zhen-Zhen Chen
Hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) is a well known toxic carcinogens. Therefore, the convenient and quick detection of Cr(VI) in the environment is highly desired . In this study, a new method for determination of Cr(VI) was developed based on its quenching effect on the fluorescent of carbon quantum dot (C-dots)....
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Screening and degrading characteristics of high efficiency 1, 2, 4-trichlorobenzeneª-degrading bacteria under low temperature conditions

Li-Bo Sun, Zhi-Xue Zhang
Three strain of high efficiency 1, 2, 4-trichlorobenzene-degrading bacteria was screened out from the activated sludge under low temperature which was named a, b, c. According to morphological and physiological observation, strain a was identified as Achromobacter sp., b was Acetobacter sp., c was Archrobacter...
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Exploratory study of landfill leachate toxic effects to sludge characterized by endogenous respiration rate constant

Xin Chen
Endogenous respiration rate constant (k') reflects the activity of activated sludge. The activity of activated sludge will be decreased after poisoning effect of landfill leachate, the k' will also change. Therefore, k' can reflect the toxicity of landfill leachate to activated sludge. Measured the k'...
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Mechanisms and applications of in-situ excess sludge reduction strategies: a review

Wan-Qian Guo, Xiao-Dong Wang, Qing-Lian Wu
Nowadays, with the constant development of wastewater treatment processes, more and more waste activated sludge has been produced which cannot be overlooked. To solve this problem, some strategies have been employed in-situ to reduce waste activated sludge production and proved effective. This paper...
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Study on the preparation of multi element liquid fertilizer using restaurant garbage slurry as raw material by MBR membrane technology

Yi-Fan Chen, Gong-Bin Tang, Feng Xiao, Shan-Shan Zhang, Yu-Yuan Lu, Fu-Chuan Huang
There is a problem with a larger number of biogas slurry continuous emissions in the biogas slurry poor, and emissions is beyond of one time given the regularity of crop fertilization. This research introduces a production engineering that using the restaurant garbage as raw materials of biogas slurry,...
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Double exponential lightning current model adaptive filter design

Hua-Fu Li, Wei He, Qi-Qi He, Jin-Ji Zheng
This paper studies the basic structure and principles of adaptive noise filter proposed for the lightning current filtered LMS algorithm signal interference with the traditional difference is fixed filter. Development of adaptive filtering technology and the rapid development of VLSI technology for noise...
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Adaptive noise cancellation system elimination of sinusoidal interference

Li-Min Feng, Wei He, Hua-Fu Li, Xing-Tuan Yang
Adaptive noise cancellation technology to eliminate background noise is a signal processing technique and a specific application of theoretical processing. Adaptive filter and the corresponding adaptive algorithm is the core component of Adaptive Noise System, With an appropriate algorithm based on adaptive...
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Adaptive filter and noise cancellation

Xing-Tuan Yang, Wei He, Hua-Fu Li, Li-Min Feng
This article will mainly based on the principle of adaptive filter and its application technology and make a concrete analysis and research, mainly discusses the FIR filter and adaptive noise canceller two types of filter, and starting from the basic principle of two filters, adopt different LMS algorithm...
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Research on the preparation of metallocene/Hβ catalystfor n-hexane isomerization

Jin-She Chen, Zhao-Yang Song, Zun-Bin Duan, Li-Jun Zhu, Dao-Hong Xia
The research on isomerization technology of n-alkanes is necessary, and there is few study on metallocene catalysts for isomerization of n-alkanes. In this study, novel ferrocene/Hβ, acetylferrocene/Hβ and titanocene dichloride/Hβ catalysts for isomerization of n-hexane was prepared, and the isomerization...
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Double edge triggering technique for energy efficient server to reduce data center's impact on environment

Jason McKneely, Pei-Yi Zhao, Lun-Yao Wang, Yin- shui Xia, Ling-li Wang
Data centers worldwide have consumed massive amount of energy. The server processor energy efficiency has the biggest impact on energy usage in data center. In this paper, factors determining the processor circuit power are introduced and different power saving techniques are briefly reviewed. A novel...
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Influencing factor and cost optimization of ferrous charges consumption for converters

Yu Tang
In order to control the production cost of the converters, the production data investigation was done on site at one steelmaking plant. The investigation is mainly about the ferrous charges consumption. It is seen that the ferrous charges consumption in this plant is at the middle level among several...
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Software design of computer-aided ventilation and dust control system

Xiu-Li Lin, Yao-Man Zhang, Guang-Xuan Liu, Ya-Ping Cao
The design of ventilation and dust control system has become the important part of environmental projects to provide a safe and health working condition for workers. A computer aided design software was developed based on ventilation and dust control theory using Visual Basic to help engineers to design...
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Research on Big data Preprocessing Technology of Thermal System

Yi-Fan Zhao, Zhong-Guang Fu, Fei Chen
There is a big amount of overlap among the data of thermal system, which will seriously affect the accuracy and precision of the model. In order to improve the value density of big data of thermal system and improve the quality and efficiency of modeling, pretreatment and analysis have to be made. Aimed...
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Behavioral Responses of Aphid (Myzus Persicae) to Volatiles from Non-Host Plant Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia)

Ting-Ting Cai, Xiang-Qun Lin, Pu-Xian Zhang, Kun Zhang, Liang Wang, Min Ye
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can have an important influence on plant-insect interactions. In particular, insect behaviors are often influenced by the volatiles of both host plants and non-host plants. The objective of this study was to assess the behavioral responses of the tobacco aphid, Myzus...
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Environmental Financial Performance Evaluation of Manufacturing Enterprises in Shanghai

Wei Sun, Xiang Yu, Arinaitwe Micheal
The uncertain global economic environment since 2008 has complicated life for manufacturers everywhere including China. The purpose of this article is to identify major challenges facing the Chinese manufacturing industry. We used entropy weight method to analyze the financial information from 60 Chinese...
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The Solutions and Practical Results for Permafrost Engineering Problems of Qinghai -Tibet Railway

Shun-Hua Xu, Zhi-Jian Wu, Lu-Xin Zhang
The Qinghai-Tibet Railway (QTR) is the highest-elevation one for passenger trains in the world and the first railway to connect central China with Tibet. It has kept operating very well for nearly 10 years so far. In this paper, the major solutions to geotechnical problems of permafrost for the construction...
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Analysis and study on the petroleum pollution characteristics of the typical petrochemical wharf in Tianjin port

Xin-Hai Wang, Jin-Feng Bai, Hang Yu
Through sampling and analyzing seawater and sediment in typical port, the concentration distribution of petroleum hydrocarbon was obtained. According to the sampling data, the concentration rang of petroleum hydrocarbons is 0.009-0.065 mg/L in seawater. The concentration rang is 33.97-297.7 ten to the...
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Remote controller using steady state visual evoked potential

Song Cheng, Mei Wang, Liang Wang, Hong-Guang Pan, Song-Zhi Zhang
This paper develops a new air-conditioning remote ccontrol system which based on brain waves and the Android system. First of all, the desired brain waves in EEG signals in the form of steady-state visual evoked is collected. By extracting and analysis the feature hidden in EEG signal, the system can...
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Shortwave emission of triboluminescence and its construct as the fluorescent light source of sustainable agriculture pests control

Qiang Zhou, Yong-Jun Zheng, Xing-Xing Liu
Triboluminescence(TL) presents many potential applications as the dimmer light source based on its cold photon emission motivated by mechanical action. Here two shortwave TL phosphors, the Ce doped Strontium Magnesium silicate (Sr2MgSi2O7:Ce) and Mn coordinative methyl-triphenyl Phosphonium Bromide(MTPB:MnBr2),...
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The construction and implementation of security intelligent lock model based on situation calculus

Wei-Hong Wang, Da-Wei Zhang, Bao-Qin Zhao, Su-Hua Han, Fu-Xiang Zhou
Aiming at the problem that it lacks the effective logic verification model on the security and control mechanism of intelligent lock, this paper proposed a novel security intelligent lock model based on situation calculus, named SILM-SC. Firstly, based on the research and application about the security...
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Application of Fenton's reagent combined with sawdust on the dewater ability of oily sludge

Ying Li, Ke-Jian Ji, Hao Guo, Su-Ping Feng
The dewater ability of oily sludge by application of Fenton's reagent and sawdust was investigated. The results showed that the two main indexes, capillary suction time and specific resistance to filtration, which are used to evaluate the effect of dewater ability of the raw oily sludge, were reduced...
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The study of the influence between informal learning places and interactive activities in campus group based on spatial configuration

Sheng Li, Fang Wu, Jia-Li Wu, Ke Xie, Yu-Peng Xu
Informal learning is an essential part of students' active learning in higher education. They are sustainable development's representations to create favorable informal learning space and energize students in colleges, which is of great significance to higher education. At present, colleges' planning...
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Synthesis of MOF-5@HMSS composite material and performance evaluation of adsorption desulfurization in oil

Xue-Ying Jia, Zheng-Tai Zhang, Li-Jun Zhu, Dao-Hong Xia
Micro-mesoporous composite material MOF-5@HMSS was synthesized by "in-situ" synthesis during the synthesis of MOF-5. The synthesized composite materials were characterized by XRD and SEM. The adsorptive capacity of thiophene compounds in simulated fuel with MOF-5@HMSS materials was investigated using...
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Application analysis of ET control of water resources management in mountain counties

Ming-Qi Chang, Yue Wang, Lei Xu, Yan-Li Fan
Firstly, according to water resource management interactive model based on ET, calculation methods of present ET, target ET and subtractive ET and realization approach of ET control in mountain counties have been put forward. Secondly, Linxian has been taken as an example to calculate present ET by RS...
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Evaluation and spatial distribution characteristic analysis of non-point source pollution in Shenyang

Jing Zhang, Jun-Shi He, Lin-Fei Zhou
Taking township as basic unit, the discharge amount and rate of pollution contribution of TN, TP, NH3-N and COD have been researched with the export coefficient model and equal-standard pollution load method. The types of agricultural non-point sources include agricultural plant, rural life and scattered...
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Tempo-spatial distribution of air pollution index in Nanning city

Ping Chen, Xin-Ying Zhang, Jiao Chen, Ni-Yu Wei, Shan-Chun Lin
Spatial statistical analysis and wavelet analysis are used to study the air pollution index (API) of Nanning city according to the daily data from Jan 1, 2009 to Dec 31, 2012 and monthly air quality data from 2009 to 2013. The results show that the Tempo-spatial distribution characteristics of API in...
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Effects of applying magnesium fertilizer on Chinese cabbage's yield, nutrient elements' uptake and soil's fertility

Dong-Feng Huang, Li-Min Wang, Xiao-Qin Wei, Tao Luo
Magnesium deficiency is a common item in red-soil vegetable field in the south of China, and it has few studies about effects of applying magnesium fertilizers on vegetable's growth this region. So, a field trial, with applying different rates of magnesium fertilizers on the basis of farmer routine fertilization,...
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The existed problem, countermeasure and development trend for collection and recycling system of end-of-life vehicles in China

Yang Yang, Yan-Ping Yang
In the paper, the existed problem for its different parts of the collection system on ELV (end-of-life vehicle) are investigated deeply in China. Considering the national conditions, specific measures are taken to improve the automobile collection system, and a new system of the ELV recycling is provided....
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Mine closure groundwater pollution prevention and control technologies and development trend

Song Luan, Fa-Wang Zhang, Yan-Zhen Hao
In recent years, China sees an increasing number of mine closures year by year with the continued exploitation of resources in many regions in China, and it is followed by some groundwater pollution and environmental problems caused by mine closures. This paper studies a series of Hydrogeological effects...
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Experimental study on biochar modified characteristics

Yan-Ru Ma, Li-Ming Wang, Wen-Yang Sun, Kang Feng, Yang Lv
With agricultural waste corn cob, corn straw and sawdust as raw material, utilizing limited oxygen pyrolysis (400,500,600,700øC) of biochar. By NaOH and microwave modification, respectively by element analysis, Boehm titration method and scanning electron microscopy (sem) characterization of the composition...
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Simulation on stream flow and nutrient loadings in Meiling watershed, Taihu Lake Basin, based on SWAT model

Lan-Lan Song, Jun-Liang Jin
A distributed watershed hydrologic model, SWAT was applied to simulate stream flow and nutrient loadings (TN, NO3-, TP) in Meiling watershed, which is sub-watershed of Taihu Lake Basin. Model parameters were calibrated and validated using the measured data. The results were satisfactory; the evaluation...
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Correlation analysis of urban lakes water quality indexes

Bo-Yang Sun, Xiao-Hua Yang, Xiao-Juan Chen
Urban lakes water quality and quantity is affected by many factors. And there is a correlation between the various indicators of water quality and quantity. This paper selects the water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, chemical oxygen demand, permanganate, BOD, ammonia nitrogen as the main indexes,...
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Effects of shortwave spectrum on phototaxis trapping of agricultural pests and its optimizing construct as pests-trapping lamp

Jian Zhou, Qiang Zhou, Jian-Ping Li
Shortwave spectrum is a main wave band of phototactic trapping agricultural insect-pests. Based on the phototactic sensitivity of agricultural insect pests, the shortwave spectrum character of purple, blue and green LEDs is analyzed by means of the fiber optical spectro-meter, and the compsite LEDs as...
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Biodegradation of Tetrabromobisphenol A by strain GC under aerobic and anoxic conditions

Chen Gu, Jing Wang, Ji-Ti Zhou, Hong Lu, Guang-Fei Liu
Tetrabromobisphenol-A (TBBPA) is one of the most widely used brominates flame retardants that has extensively been detected in various environments worldwide. In the present study, the characteristics of co metabolic degradation of TBBPA by a facultative bacterium strain GC were investigated. TBBPA (10...
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Detection of power quality transient disturbances classification based on complex event processing

Su-Xia Ma, Yi-Di Zhao, Ying-Long Ma
Effective and efficient classification to transient disturbance is crucial to provide reasonable decision making for solving power quality problems. Existing approaches for detecting transient disturbance classification are often centralized and procedure-oriented, which are developed in a hard code...
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Research on energy storage technologies for marine current energy systems

Wen-Jun She, Xu-Dong Zhang
Ocean is a huge renewable energy source, a tremendous amount of electric energy can be extracted from marine currents. However, the electric energy extracted from the marine currents is very volatile due to the swell effect and the periodicity of the tidal phenomenon. Energy storage system can play a...
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Visual study of CO2 bubble behavior in anode flow field of direct methanol fuel cell at ambient temperature

Xian-Qi Cao, Dong-Yan Gao, Qing-Min Meng
This paper reports on a visual study of the CO2 bubble behavior in the anode flow field of a transparent Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) with interdigitated flow field (IFF), working at ambient temperature. In the IFF, the quantity of CO2 bubbles increased with the increase of current densities. At...
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Research on the Lhasa city heating engineering project

Shu-Chen Zhang, Qian Xu, Jun-Xiao Feng
On the basis of the energy planning requirements of China's 13th five-year plan, the ecological environment, building characteristics, and other factors in Lhasa City are thoroughly investigated to identify its decentralized and centralized heating schemes. The performances of these two schemes are compared...
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Evaluation of three reference crop water requirements algorithm in north China

Xiao-Fei Liu, Liang-Jun Fei, Ying-Ying Zhang, An-Zhen Qin
Penman-Monteith equation is widely used to calculate the reference crop water requirements, which is composed of two parts: the first part is the radiation part and the second part is the aerodynamics item. Penman-Monteith equation requires more meteorological factors compared with the Hargreaves formula...
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Reusability of Iron sludge as an Iron source for Fenton-type process

Jing Zhang
As one of the hazardous solid wastes, iron sludge has received considerable and increasing attention for its potential damage to the environment. Thus this paper reports the reusability of iron sludge for a Fenton-type process. However, the slow transformation of Fe(III)/Fe(II) limits its repetitive...
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On the sustainability in cyberspace

Xiao-Qiang Pan
With the development of Internet, more and more importance is being laid to the threats in cyberspace, which may have a profound effect on sustainable development of cyberspace. This paper aims at establishing a new concept of sustainability in cyberspace. Firstly, traditional sustainability was reviewed....
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Analysis of waste heat recovery technology of hot forging cooling system

Hui Chen, Chun-Hui Bai, Qi-Chen Ma, Tao Wang, Guo-Qing Nie, Zhi-Jun Shang
According to the production process of precision forging for blank parts, to investigate the feasibility that recovering the waste heat from forging process by heat pump technology. It has designed a new cooling system by the heat hump on the basics of analyzing the thermodynamic parameters and heat...
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The influence of the weather conditions on main atmospheric pollutants concentration in Chengdu

Qin Liu, Zeng-Wu Wang, Qian-Ru Ye, De-Ping Zhou, Xu Deng, Lei Hu, Hong-Ling Yin
Base on the meteorological data and the monitoring data (28/10/2013 ~ 16/5/ 2014) of the main atmospheric pollutants, PM2.5, PM10, CO, NO2 and SO2 of Chengdu, the comparative analysis of the relationship between the pollutant concentrations and meteorological conditions of Chengdu were carried out. The...
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Behavioral responses of losiderma serricorne and chemical composition of essential oil isolated from nicotiana tabacum leaves

Li-Hong Tao, Yuan-Mei Chen, Ting-Ting Cai, Min Ye, Wen-Neng Li, Sen Ren, Bo Zhang
Essential oils can have an impact on behavioural responses of cigarette beetle (Lasioderma serricorne). In this study, we provide evidence that some chemical compounds in essential oil of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) leaves, which were subjected to hydrodistillation and extracted with n-hexane, can strongly...
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Study of applicability of the methods of medium and long term load forecasting in new economy normal state

Li-Ning Zhao, Zong-Chuan Zhou, Ya-Peng Zhang, Meng-Kai Wu
Medium and long term load forecasting is important for power system planning and construction. Affected by the New Economy normal and other relevant factors, various regions of China have entered a new period of economic development mode and industrial structure changing. Load structure and load growth...
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An improved power network partition method based on response characteristics of reactive power sources

Bing-Ke Shi, Bao-Zhu Liu, Shuang Zhang
Based on the response characteristics, reactive power sources are divided into fast sources and slow sources. According to the thought of reactive power source buses partition and load buses merging, this paper proposed a power network secondary partition method based on the response characteristics...
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Assessment of Bio-Hydrometallurgical metal recovery from Ni-Cd batteries

M. Chakankar, U. Jadhav, H. Hocheng
The use of electrical devices has been increased tremendously around the world. Portable nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries have been used in electronic products for many decades and have resulted in the generation of huge amounts of waste batteries. The battery disposal in municipal solid waste has become...
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Synthesis of transition metal-doped MOF-5 and their application for adsorptive desulfurization

Xue-Ying Jia, Zhao-Yang Song, Li-Jun Zhu, Dao-Hong Xia
A series of transition metal-doped MOF-5 materials (M-MOF-5, M=Cu, Co or Mn) have been prepared by hydrothermal methodology. The structures of M-MOF-5 were confirmed by powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR). The adsorptive performance of thiophenic compounds (T, BT and...
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The establishment and analysis of the prosperity indexes for China's power market

Bo Zeng, Li-Juan Qin, Xu Yan, Xi-Qiao Lin, Shuai Han, Li-Ke Gao
As the pillar industry of the national economy, electric power has important influence on promoting the development of national macroeconomic. Along with the issuance of "No.9 Document" in 2015, China's power industry reform has entered a critical period. Based on the prosperity indexes analysis and...
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Relationship between global public spaces on campus and the effects of dynamic activities and static activities

Yu-Peng Xu, Fang Wu, Sheng Li
An exploratory study of combinations among environment behavior science, space syntax and interactive activities on campus is presented. To answer the reason why the public spaces on campus could not be used effectively as expected, the study focuses on the potential relationship between spatial configurations...
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The exploration application of MIKE SHE model in Qingtongxia irrigation area water recycle

Jun-Tao Wang, Hui-Min Zhang, Bu-Hui Chang
The water diversion-transportation-drainage-return had become the dominant regional hydrological processes in Qingtongxia irrigation area. For the reason of systematically mastering water cycle rules of Qingtongxia irrigation area, this study chose MIKE SHE distributed hydrological model with physical...
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A measuring equipment of no-load voltage ratio of operating distribution transformer based on harmonic spectrum technique

Qing-Long Xu, Yan-Zhen Wang, Fei Wang, Qiang Gao
The position of the tap switch is the main measure to adjust voltage, unfortunately, most of the position of tap switch was unknown because there were no information of the position on distribution transformer. This paper proposed a novel method to detect the position of the tap switch, the voltage and...
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Experimental study on the characteristics of mixed molding fuel with sludge and corn stalk

Wen-Yang Sun, Li-Ming Wang, Yan-Ru Ma, Yang Lv, Kang Feng, Wen-Tao Li
To solve the problem of utilization of typical waste resources in Daqing, the rich corn stalk in Daqing and the Daqing oilfield waste sludge were respectively selected as major and auxiliary raw. The influence of sludge proportion, moisture content of mixed materials and molding pressure on quality characteristics...
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Analysis of influencing factors and suggestion on evaluation index system of green city public transportation enterprise

Wen-Jing Wang, Yue Qian, Guo-Liang Qiao, Li-Yuan Ding
The energy saving and emission reduction of public transportation enterprises is very important. What factors affect these jobs? Through investigating 7 cities of different scale and different places, we can know actual data. By comparing the data of different cities, we can analyze the influence of...
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Effect of reclaimed municipal wastewater irrigation on greenhouse soil mineral nitrogen dynamic and fruit quality of tomato

Ping Li, Xue-Bin Qi, Zhen-Jie Du, Chao Hu, Wei Guo
To examine the effects of nitrogen and reclaimed municipal wastewater(RMW) irrigation on fruit quality of greenhouse tomato and soil nitrogen utilization, field experiments were carried out. Root-layer mineral nitrogen, total nitrogen, tomato yield, nitrogen in fruit, partial factor productivity from...
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Study and analysis on karst immersion waterlogging disaster

Si-Qin Xie, Chun-Qing Guo
Karst immersion-waterlogging disaster is the unique natural disasters in karst area. It has the characteristics of periodicity and sudden. Generally, it mainly distributed in peak cluster depression, peak forest valley and Butte plain area. The main Influence factors including Rainfall condition, Karst...
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The stable performance of partial nitrification with the high salinity waste-brine

Jia-Chun Yang, Hui Ma, Yuan-Xiang Mao
Partial nitrification (PN) treatments on waste-brine were carried out in this study. Stable PN performance was obtained during continuous operation for 752 days, with a maximum nitrogen loading rate (NLR) of 3 kg-N m-3 day-1 and ammonium conversion rate (ACR) of 1.4 kgNm-3day-1. The ratios of NO2--N/...
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Poyang lake water level change trend in nearly 60 years

Ying-Ying Lan
Represented by the Xingzi Station, it was studied that the Poyang Lake water level change trend in nearly 60 years. The improved MK test and homogeneity test are used to detect trend and change points in the series of maximum and minimum water levels. Furthermore, the relationship among extreme water...
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The symbol of Yin/Yang and sustainable tourism in China

Ji Li, Chang Liu, Kevin C.K. Lam, Jie-Ying Xu, Ying Zhang, Xin Yang
Adopting Chinese cultural perspectives, especially the symbol of Yin/Yang, we study the issue of environmental protection in a developing country such as China. First, we compare the implications of this symbol with those of a more well-known Chinese perspective, i.e., Confucianism, both of which should...
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Influence of constructed wetland water quality based on the ecological design and restoration project

Tai-Hai Xu, Guo-Fa Zhang, Yan-Tao Liang, Zhi-He Qiao, Shu-Kui Zhao
The ecological design projects of different levels were carried out at the demonstration area. From 2013 to 2015, the dynamic monitoring of the demonstration zone water quality was carried out: the background information of wetland was investigated in 2013; two wetlands with serious pollution were selected...
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A green & natural method for removing of nitride from light oil by β-Cyclodextrin aqueous solution through molecular recognition

Zun-Bin Duan, Lin-Lin Li, Ting-Ting Bu, Li-Jun Zhu, Dao-Hong Xia
β-Cyclodextrin (β-CD) aqueous solution was firstly used into the removal of nitride from light oil by molecular recognition. Pyridine was chosen as a model compound and used in the denitrification experiments. And the influence factors, concentration of β-CD, time, ratio of catalyst to oil and temperature...
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The application of excrement energy engineering in breeding industry

Zheng Zhang, Yu-Bo Wang
With the development of intensive animal husbandry, which have brought a lot of problems? The pollution is more and more serious, which has becomes a threat to the agricultural ecology and food safety. At the meanwhile, the pollution seriously affected the healthy development of the breeding industry....
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Regional differences of NOX emission and its causes in China

Su-Yuan Zhang, Hong-Wu Zhang
There is a significant regional difference of NOX emission in China; the total emission amount of economic developed areas is larger while the economic developing regions are relative smaller. From the point of view of the changes, the total emission declining rate of developed areas is larger, which...
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Advanced oxidation processes for antibiotics removal in aqueous environment

Wan-Qian Guo, Yao-Yao Wu, Juan-Shan Du
Antibiotics, as the most widely used medicine, have been detected in surface water, urban wastewater treatment plants, and soil. The distribution and degradation of antibiotics have received wide attention due to the "pseudo-persistence" and worldwide transmissions of resistance genes. Of all water treatment...
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Status of anaerobic digestion pretreatment of high solid waste

Wan-Qian Guo, Chang Huang, Zi-Zeng Yang
Compared with low-solid state, high-solid anaerobic digestion has the advantages of requiring less reactor volume, less energy input for heating and mixing and producing nutrient-richer fertilizer. Besides, it also has a higher net energy yield. It is urgently necessary to pay attention to the resource...
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Research on the feasibility of copying the Tax Policy of Shanghai FTA to Promote the Development of border trade: Take Heilongjiang Province, China as an example

Shu-Feng Wang, Hong-Yan Tang
Combined with the Heilongjiang economic and trade development is particularly urgent requirement to build regional free trade zone border, by analogy analysis, judgment and reasoning methods, analysis of Heilongjiang Province trade development problems and cause, tax policy and the characteristics of...
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Velocity distribution characteristics within the non-submerged sea buckthorn plant flexible dam

Fang-She Yang, Hong-Min Zhang, Chen Han, Hao Wang
The seabuckthorn plant flexible dam (The SPFD) is a new type of ecological engi-neering, which can efficaciously control soil erosion and capture sediment in the Pisha sandstone gully within Loess Plateau of China. The seabuckthorn plant can resist flow due mainly to slowing velocity, and thus reduce...
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Complex event processing for smart grid active management in distributed new energy generation environment

Xiang-Rong Zu, Yan Bai, Su-Ling Ma
The open smart grid reference architecture (SGRA), based upon the GridWise© interoperability framework, has proposed real-time integration architecture, EDA and robust CEP as key enabling information architectural capabilities. EDA complements SOA in event based requirement analysis & design paradigm....
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Influence of initial imperfection on stability of axially compressed column in electrostatic precipitator casing

Jing-Tong Zhao, Hai-Feng Qian, Li-Cheng Pan, Deng-Feng Wang
In the making and erection process of wall-column structural system of electrostatic precipitator casing, the imperfection will be produced inevitably and influence the stability of the column. It's necessary for numerical simulation model that the imperfection is taken into account when the numerical...
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Substation intelligent condition acquisition controller based on IEC61850 for online-monitoring IED

Juan Liu, Guang Chen
This paper discusses the condition acquisition controller's realization method based on IEC 61850 standard communication protocol. It presents a design scheme about main structure and key technologies. First, it studied the device's hardware requirements, communication environment, work flow, then designed...
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Preparation and characterization of nano-structured tungsten carbide crystallites

Hai-Ping Xu, Xiu-Juan Dai, Yue Zhai, Yan-Li Qin
With WCl6, C2H2 and H2 reaction system and Ar work gas, WC nanocrystallites were prepared by plasma chemical vapor deposition(PCVD). The properties of WCl6 and WC particles including chemical composition, morphology, size and structure of crystal phase were characterized by Transmission Electron Microscopy...
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Current-temperature model of ACCC conductors based on GA identification method

Xuan Tong, Xu-Dong Zhang
As a new energy-saving conductor, ACCC conductor, which has the advantages of low weight, high conductivity, can double the ampacity of conventional conductors. However due to the differences between ACCC conductor and conventional conductors, present current-temperature model cannot be directly applied...