Proceedings of the EduARCHsia & Senvar 2019 International Conference (EduARCHsia 2019)

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The Application of Digital Fabrication in Architecture, Case Study: Prototyping a Scale Model

Hendro Trieddiantoro Putro, Wiliarto Wirasmoyo
Technological developments in architecture continued such as parametric design methods with computational optimization process and digital fabrication to make a scale model. Digital fabrication defined as the process of manipulating objects using CNC router machines, 3D printers, and laser cutters through...
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The Effect of Peat Soil on Room Temperature in Type-36 Housing in Palangkaraya

David Ricardo, Prasasto Satwiko, Nimas Sekarlangit, A Djoko Istiadji
Settlement and housing development is the main activity in arranging the spatial layout of Palangkaraya, focusing mainly on the small-type house like type-36. Most of the type-36 housings planned by the developer are on peatland. Indonesia’s Public Housing Minister states that the type-36 house is appropriate...
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The Role of Attic Ventilation to Reduce Indoor Air Temperature in Zinc-Roofed Buildings in a Humid Tropical Climate

Jefrey I. Kindangen, Octavianus H.A. Rogi
Many buildings were built using zinc roofs in North Sulawesi province, Indonesia, there is more than 92 percent of buildings with zinc roofs. Buildings in humid tropical climates often face the problem of excessive heat due to the solar radiation accumulates, especially on roofs that can propagate into...
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Dampness, Mold, and Health Conditions of Residents in Kampongs: A Case Study of Bandung, Indonesia

Kresna Bhayu Adinugraha, Tetsu Kubota, Junpei Sumi, Usep Surahman, Cristiana de Almeida Parisi
The ultimate purpose of this study is to develop a new Kampong Improvement Program (KIP) in collaboration with the residents to improve their indoor environmental conditions, focusing especially on their indoor air quality (IAQ) and health of occupants. According to the WHO’s report in 2013, acute respiratory...
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Picking Up People: Defining Walkable Ride-Hailing Transit Points Around MRT Stations in Jakarta

Firmansyah Bachtiar, Astrid Hapsari Rahardjo, Aldina Olii
The emergence of app-based ride-hailing platforms such as motorbike taxi (online ojek) services, has changed the commuters’ behaviour and mobility pattern in Jakarta. The highly-anticipated Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (Jakarta MRT), which was launched and operated in early 2019, has gained popularity...
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Temporary Classroom After the Earthquake in Lombok

Inggit Musdinar
The earthquake that happened in Lombok Island on July 29, 2018, caused damage to buildings and stopped the educational activities. Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB) announced that there were 606 school buildings damaged by the Lombok earthquake, with a total of 3,051 classrooms damaged. Steps...
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Sensitivity Analysis on Daylighting, Visual Comfort, and Energy Consumption of Automated Venetian Blinds for Open-Plan Offices in Tropical Climate

Aishanura H. Primanti, Rizki A. Mangkuto, M. Donny Koerniawan, R.C.G.M. Loonen, Samuel B. de Vries
This paper presents a comprehensive sensitivity analysis on daylighting, visual comfort, and energy consumption of automated venetian blinds for open-plan offices. This research is using an integrated thermal and lighting simulation model in Grasshopper. The purpose is to identify which factors significantly...
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Building’s Solar Chimney: Ambient Obstacle and Crosswind in a Tropical Country

Abraham Seno Bachrun, Ting Zhen Ming, Sri Kurniasih
The abundant of solar in tropical countries is an advantage of utilizing solar energy. One of them is the use of the stack effect through the solar chimney. Experts have widely discussed the use of solar chimney in buildings. It concluded that solar chimney in buildings was able to increase the air velocity...
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Compatibility of Student Performance Criteria (KAAB) on Architect’s Competency (IAI)

Ahmad Saifudin Mutaqi, Suparwoko
There are 179 architectural tertiary education institutions in Indonesia, and 17 universities have entered into an agreement with the Indonesian Architects Association professional association to organize architectural professional education programs [1]. Of the 17 tertiary institutions, only five universities...
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High-Tech Architecture Perspectives of Sports Hub in Singapore

Muhammad Agung Reynaldi, Etty Retnowati Kridarso, Julindiani Iskandar
in the 21st century, the need for effectiveness and flexibility in any activity is a necessity that must be fulfilled so that people can compete well. One of the examples is sports. The need, especially in sports, is marked by the growth of interest in sports in developed or developing countries. Besides,...
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The Level of Thermal Comfort in Residential Houses Based on the Shape, Orientation and Material of Roof Cover in Kampong (Case Study: RT.05/RW.04, Kamal, Kalideres, Jakarta Barat)

Anggraeni Dyah Sulistiowati, Betaviane Indah Putri
Kampung Kota (KK) is a form of urban area settlement in Indonesia. KK is a characteristic of big cities that still carry the environment and behavior of rural life, dense buildings, densely populated. Also, urban villages are characterized by low per capita income, developing without regular patterns....
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Student’s Perception of Common Rooms in Daarut Tauhid Tahfidz Islamic Boarding School, Bandung

Rangga Firmansyah, Sumarni Ismail, Nangkula Utaberta, Golda Nensi Yuli, Nazlina Shaari
The Tahfidz Koran boarding school has a specialization curriculum and learning that the model is applied there that is different from the schools in general. Daarut Tauhid Islamic Boarding School is one of the Islamic boarding schools that implements an intensive program of memorizing the Koran for Approximately...
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Low Carbon Affordable Apartments in Hot-Humid Climate of Indonesia: Design Concept of the Full-Scale Experimental House

Fathina Izmi Nugrahanti, Tetsu Kubota, Dewi Larasati, Andhang Rakhmat Trihamdani, Kouhei Morita, Hirofumi Inoue
In Indonesia, GHG emissions are expected to increase up to 1,751 MtCO2e in 2030. In parallel, as a response towards the Paris Agreement, the Indonesian government has made a commitment through NDC to reduce the carbon emissions by 2030. On the other hand, the Indonesian population continues to increase,...
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Digital Fabrication and How It Affects the Future of Indonesian Construction World

Trias Mahendarto, Adityo
the rapid advancement of technology in the field of industry is changing the construction world, and it comes in different forms, one of which is digital fabrication technology. As the technology of fabrication process that is aided by computer, such as 3d printing and CNC machines, becoming more affordable...
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Coffee Shop Timeline as a Public Space in Makassar City

Haryanto, Afifah Harisah, Viktor Sampebulu, Ria Wikantari
The development of coffee shops in Makassar took place in 2005, using simple shop houses or modest homes, for decades, this place has become a favorite choice for city residents to carry out their activities every day, the emergence of coffee shops is a phenomenon of human needs to socialize and communicate...
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Daylight Intensity of Reading Room with Shading Device’s Opening (Case Study: The Library of Universitas Budi Luhur, South Jakarta)

Sri Kurniasih, Inggit Musdinar, Bagus Nurhasan Rachmanto
Daylight entering through the window can be obtained from several sources, namely direct sunlight, clear sky, clouds or reflections of the lower surface and surrounding buildings. Light from each source differs not only in the amount and heat it carries, but also in other qualities, such as color, distribution,...
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Analysis of Factors Cause Changes and Added Space on the Housing Type 21 m2 (Case Study of Gunung Anyar Housing Surabaya)

Dyan Agustin, Niniek Anggriani, Erwin Djuni
Type 21 m2 housing is a limited area of housing to meet the needs of inhabitants of the middle and lower classes. In the process of inhabiting most of the occupants of type 21m2 housing have made room changes from the standard design provided by the developer. This is done to meet the needs of residents...
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Development of Urban Architecture the Time of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Madinah Period

Nashrah, Juhana Said
Discussing Islam is inseparable from the figure of the Prophet Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam. His life history is the main attraction because it contains everything related to aspects of life governed by Islam. No exception in terms of government and the construction of the city of Medina, as one of the...
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Sustainable Development Based on Values From the Qu’ran

Sustainable development is a conscious and planned effort, which integrates environmental living, including resources, into the developmental process to ensure capability, prosperity, and quality of life of the present generation and the future. Environmental issues, mainly arising because of the dynamic...
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Home-based Enterprises in the International Kampong of Sosrowijayan: Housing Typology and Hybrid Cultural Approach to Tourism Development

Suparwoko, Wiryono Raharjo
This paper analyses home-based enterprises focusing on housing space typology and the hybrid cultural approach to the restaurant interior-exterior arrangement in the International Kampong of Sosrowijayan, Yogyakarta. Homebased enterprise (HBE) is defined as a home that functions as both a residence and...
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Classification and Identification of Urban Forest Soundscapes (Study of the Reached Green Open Space Standard)

Lailatul Inayah, Suyatno, Susilo Indrawati
An urban forest is part of green open space, which has aesthetic and social functions in an urban area. Urban forests cannot be separated from the problem of noise caused by diverse urban activities. Of course, this causes a shift in the function of urban forests as a whole. A sound composition that...
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Acoustical Abilities of Woven Bamboo to Absorbing and Transmitting of the Sound

Suyatno, M.A.N Dita, S Indrawati
Bamboo is mostly used in the architectural and room interior scope as additional material for room aesthetics. Handicrafts that are often used for this scope are woven bamboo in the form of sheets or board. This study aims to determine the acoustic abilities of bamboo woven panels based on the absorption...
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Pathok Negoro: The Islamic Settlements in Modern Society

Desy Ayu Krisna Murti, Ahmad Sarwadi
Pathok Negoro is a title for a person or a place that is the border of the region to Kasultanan Yogyakarta Hadiningrat after the division of the region based on the Giyanti Agreement. Originally Pathok Negoro established a mosque to accommodate the dawah institution to spread the development of Islam...
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Bali Aga Villages in Kintamani, Inventory of Tangible and Intangible Aspects

Ni Made Yudantini
the Indigenous villages in Bali Province is called Bali Aga, which is interesting to do research in depth to understand the indigenous character of Bali Aga. The Bali Aga villages have their own uniqueness for customs, traditions, culture, and architecture and built environment. These characteristics...
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Comparative Study on Application of Ecological Architecture Concept on Javanese Traditional House in Central Jawa

Jarwa Prasetya S. Handoko
Ecological architecture is an architectural concept that emphasizes harmony between the artificial environment and the surrounding natural conditions. The application of this concept is needed now, with a decrease in environmental quality, which is characterized by a lot of environmental damage caused...
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Predicting Future Urban Housing Frontage Typology: Building Façade as the Interface of Transport, Logistics, and AEC 4.0

Arif Wismadi
Online parcel delivery service is one of the emerging evidences of Society 4.0 formation. In the near future, with increasing road traffic volume, night delivery to the houses become commonly found. The service is combined with e-money apps, IoT for logistics delivery compartment, and building automation...
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The Role of Architectural Competition in the Learning Process of Architecture Students

M. Galieh Gunagama, Yulia Pratiwi
The architectural competition nowadays is growing rapidly. Everyone can easily access information about various architectural competitions via the internet. Myriad options, such as themes, levels, fees, and prizes, are offered in the architectural competition. Either architecture professionals and students...
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Architectural Concepts and Safety Precaution Awareness on the Digitally Architecture Design Studio

Noor Cholis Idham
Building information technology has overtaken the way architect designing a building. The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), somehow, sifted the designer viewpoint from general to detail- integrated aspects of the building. To indicate the system from detail preference will directly causing...
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From Observing to Imagining the Opportunity of Freehand Drawing in Digital Era

Hanif Budiman, Ibrahim Numan, Noor Cholis Idham
When we lose the ability to draw, we lose a part of our ability to think [7]. Based on this thinking, practicing freehand drawing is still the best way to maintain the mind, the eyes, and the hands in balanced working coordination, as basic thinking tools of architects in term of the design process....
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Encouraging Computational Skills: Evaluating BIM Course to Support Design Studio

Aswin Indraprastha
Architectural education curricula are inevitably facing the challenge to lead and stay relevant to the expanding territory in architecture, engineering, and construction industries. The design studio, as a capstone of this education system, now meets the rise of computational tools in every aspect of...
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Thermal performance of precast foam concrete integrated with green roofs system

Abdul Munir, Abdullah, Mochammad Afifuddin, Muslimsyah
The increase in urban temperature because of the urban heat island phenomenon affected energy usage for the building sector. Most of the energy usage in the building is for the air conditioning system to achieve thermal comfort. It is necessary to reduce the cooling load by minimizing heat gain to the...
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Balanced Housing Development in Yogyakarta, Indonesia-Policy, Reality, and Problem

Hastuti Saptorini, Nur Rahmah Tri Utami, Mahditia Paramita
The planned housing has been phenomenally developed in some big cities in Indonesia, included Yogyakarta. The housing has been built in various models as government’s policy for getting equity in diversity and for reducing housing backlog in Indonesia. The housing policy that is relevant to the problem...