Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Cultivating Undergraduate Entrepreneurship and Management Engineering

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Entrepreneurial Ability Training of the Economics Management Students Under the Condition of Virtual Simulation

Lin Bai, Xia Yang
Great importance is attached to the college students’ entrepreneurial ability, which has become a promote college talent training quality and education level demands of the Times and development connotation. College students' entrepreneurial ability training ways have been proposed which consist of the...
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Evaluation on Undergraduate Entrepreneurs Quality Based on Questionaire Survey

Lihui Cai, Guangming Rao
Based on the questionnaire survey of undergraduate entrepreneurs, this paper establishes the entrepreneur quality synthetic index including 12 indicators and empirically measures the potential undergraduate entrepreneurs’ self-assessment of their internment quality and ability. The result shows that...
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Study on the Construction of Evaluation System for College Graduates' Entrepreneurship

Xiaodong Chen, Li Zhou
Entrepreneurship means the ability to discover or create a new field and to work on the creation of innovations. With different methods to utilize and develop the ability, one can make some new results come into being.Based on the connotation and characteristics of entrepreneurship, 3 first-class indexes,...
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University Entrepreneurship Education System Design based on Two-way Drive

Guan Feng, Yanhui Xing
Nowadays public business innovation is looked as a new engine of economic development of China. In order to adapt to the change of environment and the demand of society, many universities have opened the course of entrepreneurship education successively. The entrepreneurship education in most Chinese...
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Study on Local Applied Undergraduate Logistics Management Entrepreneurship Cultivation

Lipeng Feng
From the aspect of the current situation of entrepreneurship cultivation for higher logistics management major students, this paper describes issues in the entrepreneurship cultivation mode and achievements in practical reform with the characteristics of local application Undergraduate. It sorts out...
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Strategies and Factor Analysis for Current Student High-tech Start-up Ventures in Chinese Colleges

Qiuping Gong
The worldwide governments, particularly current one in China, always encourage their undergraduate to establish student start-up ventures in local incubators around the universities. In the most cases, the student start-ups lack core technology, while only a minimal proportion of start-ups are based...
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Development Stage and Trend of Chinese College Students’ Internet Startup

Guilan Hu
The paper focuses on internet entrepreneurship by Chinese university students. By looking back on the development of internet business, the paper sums up that the development of university students’ start-ups have gone through five stages, which are the budding stage, the growing stage, the diversifying...
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Investigation of College Students’ Entrepreneurial Simulation Comprehensive Experiment Construction under Constructivism

FengLing Jia, Xu He
Starting from the teaching point of establishing college students’ entrepreneurial simulation comprehensive experiment, based on the theoretical basis of constructivism, this paper comprehensively analyzed the motivations and objectives of establishing college students’ entrepreneurial simulation comprehensive...
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Research on the construction of college Students' online entrepreneurship platform

Yi Jiang
Along with the transformation of China's economic structure and the popularization of mass education, the employment situation of university students is becoming grimmer. As an ideal way for university students to take up an occupation, the entrepreneurship has become the focus of attention to the government,...
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Fostering Young Entrepreneurship – The Experiences of a Provincial Government Program

Kenneth Grant
Encouraging youth entrepreneurship is a focus of governments across the word, with many universities providing programs and courses in entrepreneurship. However, formal education is not enough, the student needs to actually experience the challenges of setting up and running a business. This paper provides...
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Teaching Design of the Accounting Course Based on Entrepreneurship Training

Qian Li
This paper first analyzes the connotation and composition of the entrepreneurial capacity, points out the disadvantages of the existing accounting teaching based on teaching content of the non-accounting majors’ basic course of accounting and then designs the practical teaching system of accounting according...
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Research the Elements of Entrepreneurial Support Based on Network Relationship Strength

Ying Liu
The entrepreneurs is the key to decided business success, whose decision is impacted by its environment, especially the impact of entrepreneurial support. Focused support elements which entrepreneurs needs, using the network organization theory method, and the elements of composition as a breakthrough,...
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Entrepreneurial Risk Perception and Entrepreneurial Decision: the Moderating Effect of Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy

Kunshu Ma, Botao Yan
Entrepreneurial self-efficacy plays a significant role in entrepreneurial behavior process, which attracts more and more academic attention but keep its influence mechanism to be further discovered. The influence of entrepreneurial self-efficacy on entrepreneurial risk decision is discussed based on...
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Strategy Studies on Improving College Students Entrepreneurial Financing Capability

Deli Sheng, Li Zhou
With Premier Li Keqiang advocated "the public business, the highly innovative",entrepreneurship is becoming a popular vocabulary.As the main force and successors of future society,college students’ entrepreneurship can not be ignored.Through our survey,we found that the priority trouble college students...
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The Construction and Practice of Multi-Level College Students’ Entrepreneurship Support Education System

Yi Tao
Economics and Management Experimental Teaching Center of CTBU have formatted four levels of college students’ entrepreneurship education system after years of exploration and practice: Taking the Entrepreneurship courses as a cornerstone, build the entrepreneurial base layer, Taking Software simulation...
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A Study on Development Scale and Spatial Economic Structure of the Urban Agglomerations of Shandong Province

Haijun Xie, Wei Wang
Urban agglomeration development is an important embodiment in regional competitiveness improvement. To explore the actual urban agglomeration development of Shandong Province, this essay studies the urban agglomeration scope by analyzing urban primacy ratio and scale fractal distribution, analyzes the...
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Undergraduates Entrepreneurship Financing Efficiency Based on Questionaire Survey

Jun Xie, Guangming Rao
Based on questionnaire survey, this paper analyzes what factors influence undergraduates’ attitude toward entrepreneurship financing efficiency and its corresponding size through statistical analysis and principal component analysis method. The results show that entrepreneurial quality, entrepreneurial...
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The Research on the Construction of Teaching System Based on Fostering the Entrepreneurial Ability of College Students

Xiaoliang Xiong, Bei Shu
In the era of knowledge-driven economy, with the transformation of economy and society, liberation of human being and the gradual popularization of modern information technology and network technology, the carrier of entrepreneurial knowledge becomes more and more various. Meanwhile,the entrepreneurial...
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The research on the difficulties and Countermeasures of college students venture financing route choice

Xiaojing Xu
Entrepreneurship of college students is becoming more and more in the entrepreneurial process, insufficient funds is a big problem in the business. The rapid development of the current domestic financing path are diversified, and college students' venture financing path is very narrow. This paper analyzes...
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On Exploration and Practice of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities

Li Zhang, Lin Zhang, Liucheng Zhang
This paper introduces the methods of innovation entrepreneurship education in Harbin University of Commerce. Our university has combined school discipline characteristics with advantages to construct distinctive innovation education system cross grades, disciplines and specialties through the whole process...
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Research on the Undergraduate Entrepreneurial Education Models Based on Experimental Entrepreneurship Class

Liangping Zhang
Analyze the deficiencies of the current entrepreneurship education; Based on the empirical research on entrepreneurship education class in Chongqing Technology and Business University, reforms of entrepreneurship educational models of experimental class, such as teaching design and operational management...
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Application and Practice of Information Technology under the Project Management of College Student’s Innovative and Entrepreneurial Training Program

Liucheng Zhang, Li Zhang
With the most extensive coverage and as the most influential project ,College Students' Innovative and Entrepreneurial Training Program belonging to Teaching Quality and Reform Project of Undergraduate Teaching in Colleges and Universities ,the project is aimed at cultivating college students’ entrepreneurial...
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An Empirical Study about Innovation of Enterprise Technique and Culture Integration Impacting on the Access to Resources

Xianfeng Zhang, Ming Zhao
Creative enterprises have widespread problem of insufficient resources, whether the resource dilemma can be resolved through enterprise innovation of technological and cultural integration in the end is an important issue. Animation and game industry is a typical field of technology and culture integration...
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Construction of College Students’ Innovative Undertaking Under the Virtual Currency Trading Platform

Yongzhi Zhang, Farong Zhou
Virtual currency is a kind of electronic money generated in the Internet era, and it is a kind of virtual currency which can realize delivering value and use value in a certain regional exchange platform. College students’ creative products, skills, team construction and reorganization, innovation and...
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The Discussion of the Virtual Simulation Model of the College Students' Entrepreneurship Based on the Maker Spirit

Yue Zhang
The upcoming of the entrepreneurial century of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation requires the reformation of the college entrepreneurship education. The economic management experimental teaching center of the CHONGQING TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS UNIVERSITY (CTBU) firstly brings in the concept of Maker...
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Exploration and Practice of Economic Management Multi-Level Entrepreneurship Training and Combat System

Farong Zhou, Yongzhi Zhang
Entrepreneurship education should be for all students, to integrate into the whole process of personnel training, the establishment of a multi-level, three-dimensional system of innovation and entrepreneurship education system. To establish a "two mentoring" unite teachers, and to start the students’...
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Analysis on Internal Driving Force of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Based on Questionnaire Survey

Yanping Zhu, Yangde Rao
Based on the questionnaire survey of undergraduate entrepreneurs, this paper establishes the synthetic index of the internal driving force of undergraduate entrepreneurship including 21 indicators and empirically analyses the level of entrepreneurial internal driving force. The result shows that many...