Proceedings of the VIII Science and Technology Conference “Contemporary Issues of Geology, Geophysics and Geo-ecology of the North Caucasus” (CIGGG 2018)

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Development of Environmental Tension in Zones of Extraction of Solid Minerals on Eastern Caucasus Slopes

I.D. Alborov, O.G. Burdzieva, F.G. Tedeeva, I.G. Arkhireeva, S.A. Bekuzarova, M.V. Maysuradze, L.V. Dzobelova, N.G. Dzhusoeva
The article contains a retrospective of the development of extraction of mineral resources in the mountain ecosystem of the Eastern Caucasus; the stages of environmental tension growth in various components of the biosphere of the region are also shown. It has been proved that in the areas of dislocation...
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Simulating Geological Features of Torrential Deposits

E.M. Almukhametova, A.I. Zakirov, D.I. Fattakhov, R.R. Stepanova
Nowadays the main oil recovery is done in Western Siberia. The biggest deposits are at the final stage of the recovery. The oil recovery increase can be achieved by heavy oil recovery and correct development and supplementary development of medium and small deposits. Torrential deposit is one of the...
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Subsalt Complex of Upper Jurassic Deposits as Long-Term Reserve for Development of Oil and Gas Complex of Chechen Republic

Tumisha H. Bachaeva, Galina N. Prozorova
The general appearance and frequency of placement of folds in space are likely to influence the wave nature. Postsedimentation transformations of hard carbonate strata of the upper Cretaceous, caused by such stresses, have a clear periodic character. Formalized shape of the normalized indicators of secondary...
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Desulfurization of Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels Applying Adsorption Method

Albina I. Leontyeva, Nina N. Balobaeva, Maria Yu. Subocheva, Khazaal Hameed Khazaal Al Fadhli, Ehsan Hashim Mohammed Alaameri
The article is devoted to the study of an adsorption method for desulfurization of oil products during their processing, purification from admixtures of sulfur-containing compounds by adsorption on the surface of the sorbent material. The article presents the results of experimental studies of properties...
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Research of Properties of Water and Oil Products Emulsions and Their Separation

Albina I. Leontyeva, Nina N. Balobaeva, Maria Yu. Subocheva, Khazaal Hameed Khazaal Al Fadhli, Ehsan Hashim Mohammed Alaameri
The article provides the results of experimental research of the separation of water-oil emulsions of different composition, consisting of oil, fuel oil and water of different structure, chemical and ionic composition (river, sea, artesian). A method for separating oil-water emulsions using the introduction...
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Role and Significance of Information Technologies in the System of Human Resources Management

I.R. Beriev, I.M. Daudov, Z.A. Tazbieva, B.Kh. Goltakov, R.S. Malsagova, A.S. Dadashova
This article touches upon the issue of the importance of information technology in human resource management. The results of the implementation of a software solution for human resources management support are described. The criteria for choosing a software solution in the development of technical specifications...
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Prerequisites of Choosing Software Product for Management of Small Innovative Enterprises in GSTOU

I.R. Beriev, Amina S. Dadashova, N.A. Moiseenko, E.R. Guzuyeva, E. D. Alisultanova, B.H. Goltakov
The article deals with the issues of existing small innovative enterprises (SIE) at higher education institutions - how stratification and separation in one organization interfere in an active assistance in large successful investment projects. A comparative analysis of successful involvement of SIE...
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Application of Classification Scheme Developed by Marinos and Hoek for Determination of Geotechnical Properties of Flysch Masses of Northwest Caucasus

N. A. Bondarenko, T. V. Lyubimova, A. V. Selivanova
This article describes the experience of applying the Geological Strength Index (GSI) methodical approach for determining the strength characteristics of flysch masses of the Northwest Caucasus during the construction of technological tunnel. The results of the work are given according to the ranked...
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Geoinformation Diagnostics of Natural and Anthropogenically Transformed Geosystems. Database Creation

O.G. Burdzieva, T.V. Zaks, O.G. Beriev, A.S. Kanukov, N.G. Dzhusoeva
Pollution of the environment, besides doing harm to nature, leads to various diseases of the population living in the contaminated area, including cancer diseases. Environmental pollution of the territory of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania is mainly caused by enterprises of non-ferrous metallurgy...
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Environmental State of North Caucasus Region, Caused by Mining Activities

O.G. Burdzieva, V.B. Zaalishvili, S.K. Aiskhanov, A.S. Kanukov, M.T. Margoshvili, S.K. Yakhikhazhiev
Two areal spots (Vladikavkaz areal spot and Unal spot) where chemical pollution of soils associated with mining reaches an extremely dangerous level were identified on the territory of North Ossetia-Alania. The areas with varying degrees of environmental stress were identified within the RSO-Alania region...
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Development Prospects for Tourism Clustering in Cherek-Bezengiski River Valley and Natural Hazard Processes Limiting Development

Abdullakh M. Kerimov, Leilya B. Chigirova, Makhti T. Anaev
The paper deals with recreational resources and potential of the Khulamo-Bezengi Valley in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic. The main attention is paid to recreational resources and development of the area. We distinguished the most promising types of recreation such as traditional-mountaineering, mountain...
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Physical Fields as Derivative of Deformation of Rock Massif and Technology of Their Monitoring

V.B. Zaalishvili, Kh.O. Chotchaev, T.T. Magkoev, D.A. Melkov, A.V. Nikolaev, V.B. Svalova, I.G. Arkhireeva, B.V. Dzeranov
Conditionally the process of stress-strain development of the medium begins with dislocation in crystals; then it runs with the formation of a zone of rock fracture and ends with the collapse of the massif (fracture under natural conditions). Each stage of the stress-strain development or the change...
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Structural-Material Complexes as Indicators of Geodynamic Situations by Example of Eastern Part of Central Caucasus

Kh.O. Chotchaev, V.B. Zaalishvili, A.G. Shempelev, M.G. Berger, O.G. Burdzieva, T.V. Zaks, V.D Makiev, S.N. Trofimenko
The article assesses the individual geodynamic situations of the Wilson cycle. These situations formed one or another existing structural-material complex of the main microplates and structural-tectonic zones of the eastern segment of the Central Caucasus. The assessment was carried out on the basis...
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Development of a New Type of Direct Current Generator of High Power on the Basis of Permanent Magnets

I.M. Daudov, S.S. Yusupov, I.P. Beriev, T.S. Bagatyrev, R.S. Dataev
The article presents the development project of a device, namely a generator of innovative principle of generating electrical energy, in other words, the development project of an innovative source of electricity.
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Development Prospects for Renewable Energy Sources in the Chechen Republic

I.A. Kerimov, M.V. Debiev
The article presents a review of the current status of world power engineering, which is focused on the development of alternative and renewable energy sources (RES). The power resources' production and consumption tendency, as well as the evaluation of renewable energy sources usage in Russia, is analyzed....
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Increasing of Wells Sealness Quality for Under-ground Reservoirs During Repair-and-Renewal Operations

Yulianna K. Dimitriadi, Yuliya S. Minchenko, Katerina I. Chernenko, Bogdanna R. Bashmakova
In the world practice of hydrocarbon reservoirs design there is the steady tendency of rate increasing for underground reservoirs design in impermeable rocks. Design of underground reservoirs that are created in rock-salt sediments is intensively directed by the geotechnological method. It is determined...
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Role of Geological Structures Formation in the Development of Rock Fracturing

A.S. Eljayev, B.L. Aleksandrov, T.B. Ezirbayev, S.S.-A. Gatsaeva, M.A. Khasanov, E.A. Abubakarova
The article touches upon the issues of tectonic structure of the Terek-Sunzhensk oil and gas region. A brief description of the lithologic and stratigraphic characteristics of the Cretaceous sediments is given, the influence of the growth of structures in different geological time periods on changes...
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Soil Liquefaction Susceptibility Assessment of Mozdok City (North Ossetia, Russia)

G.P. Ganapathy, V.B. Zaalishvili, D.A. Melkov, B.V. Dzeranov, Yu.K. Chernov, A.S. Kanukov
Urban areas lying in the alluvial soil are usually prone to a threat of liquefaction even during moderate earthquakes. Liquefaction is the measure of vulnerability of saturated sediment to thickening (compaction) during earthquake and thus to pore water pressures generation (formation) sufficient to...
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Fluorides in Surface and Underground Waters of Southeastern Coast and in Parts of Navigable Channels of Azov Sea

D.N. Garkusha, Yu.A. Fedorov, N.S. Tambieva
The concentration of fluorides in the surface and underground waters of the studied areas of the Azov sea does not exceed the maximum permissible concentrations. In the direction of the Eastern region of the Taganrog Bay ? Central area ? West Bay area ? East Azov Sea, the concentration of fluorides in...
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Study of the Paleozoic Base of the Terek-Caspian Trough Based on the Complex of Geological and Geophysical Data

M. Ya. Gaysumov, S.V. Badaev, R.S. Akhmatkhanov, O.M. Gaysumov, A.A. Doduev
The article presents the primary results of paleotectonic studies that were conducted in order to study the deep structure of the Paleozoic basement, to reveal the patterns of development of the faulty-block tectonics of the Terek-Caspian trough, kinematic features of tectonic movements, and their contribution...
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Problems of Seismic Safety of Ore Mining

V.I. Golik, O.G. Burdzieva, V.B. Zaalishvili, A.S. Kanukov, D.A. Melkov, I.G. Arkhireeva, L.V. Dzobelova
The issues of seismic and geodynamic monitoring and constructive seismic safety of the development of rock ore deposits are considered. Some aspects of the interaction of natural and technical systems that ensure the geomechanical balance of ore-hosting massifs are detailed. The possibilities of control...
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Results of Research on Possibility to Use Low-Molecular Polyethylene in Lubricating Compositions

V.E. Gozbenko, N.A. Korchevin, S.K. Kargapol'tsev, A.I. Karlina, Yu.I. Karlina
The article describes the solution to the problem of reducing the wear of rails and wheels by creating new lubricant compositions for the lubrication of rails based on polymers and other waste products, which allows one to simultaneously solve, to a certain extent, the environmental problem consisting...
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Results of Research Replacement of Graphite by Petroleum Coke in Lubricated Compositions

V.E. Gozbenko, N.A. Korchevin, S.K. Kargapol'tsev, A.I. Karlina, Yu.I. Karlina
The article presents the results of studies to reduce the wear of rails and wheels by creating new lubricant compositions for the lubrication of rails based on the replacement of graphite with petroleum coke. Cheap components of the composition, easily accessible products or waste products are presented....
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Imitation Modeling of the Flow Control Information System Elements

Kirill Gudkov, Kirill Piskaev, Tatyana Zhashkova, Marina Chirkina
A number of issues related to the construction of an information processing system in a Coriolis flow meter using simulation models are considered. The paper presents simulation models of a straight-tube Coriolis flowmeter built in a Matlab/Simulink simulation environment. A simulation of the operation...
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Features of Remote Determination of Humus Content in Arable Soils

Anatoly F. Gurov, Vera A. Shirokova, Alla O. Khutorova, Yulia D. Yurova
The paper considers the influence of different covers, such as crop residues, soil crust, etc. on the remote determination of humus content in soils of agricultural land. It is shown that in laboratory conditions with dry soil there is a close relationship between the humus content and spectral reflective...
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Dependence of Electrical Conductivity of Mica on Interlayer Cations

A.A. Guseinov
Relationship between the electric conductivity of mica minerals and content in them of interlayer cations is studied by researching the geoelectrical properties of dielectric materials. Conductivity isotherms have been obtained for biotite, phlogopite and muscovite at 200 and 950°C, respectively. For...
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Variants of Recycling Management Strategies

E.G. Ishkina
The implementation of the last stage of the life cycle of a motor vehicle involves its recycling. The realization of this stage for motor vehicles that are not suitable for operation depends on the availability and management of recycling facilities. The purpose of the research is to consider strategies...
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Hazardous Exogenous Geological Processes of Coastal Zone of Azov Sea

O.V. Ivlieva, L.A. Bespalova, A.E. Tsygankova, S.A. Misirov
The Azov Sea Coast is subjected to a complex of hazardous exogenous geological processes, landslides and abrasion being the most important ones. Both natural and anthropogenic factors contribute to the development and intensification of these processes. These processes are currently growing due to an...
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Natural Resource Potential - Basis of Sustainable Development of Chechen Republic

I.A. Kerimov, Z.Sh. Gagaeva, U.T. Gairabekov
The article provides the generalized analysis of the current state of the natural resource potential of the Chechen Republic in order to implement the concept of sustainable development. The assessment of the current state of the natural resource potential is given, the possibilities of its effective...
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Regional Pollution and Its Formation Mechanism over Greater Caucasus Glacier Taking into Account Atmospheric Dry Deposition

A.M. Kerimov, M.L. Dolova, O.А. Kurasheva
Atmospheric precipitation is an important factor in the self-purification of the atmosphere from trace impurities of both natural and anthropogenic origin. Microparticles in the atmosphere are effectively removed from it, both with precipitation and in the form of dry precipitation. Snow cover is a natural...
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Influence of Soils on Impact Parameters of Seismic Effect

C.S. Kharebov, V.B. Zaalishvili, T.V. Zaks, A.N. Baskaev, I.G Archireeva, R.R Gogichev, M.V. Maysuradze, M.I. Chitishvili
The aim of the article is to study the influence of the propagation velocity of longitudinal Vp and transverse Vs waves, as well as the density ? of soil, on the real seismic effects parameters: intensity, peak acceleration, frequency. To achieve this goal, the Geophysical Institute of the VSC RAS developed...
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Rank Analysis of Higher Harmonics Voltage Spectrum of Metallurgy Enterprises

Roman V. Klyuev, Igor I. Bosikov, Oksana A. Gavrina, Vladimir Ch. Revazov, Mariet Z. Madaeva
The issues related to determining the non-sinusoidal voltage coefficients at large industrial enterprises of non-ferrous metallurgy with a high specific weight of non-linear loads containing higher harmonics voltage components require special attention. The questions concerning development of an experimental...
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Experimental and Analytical Study of Highest Harmonic Components of Voltage of Industrial Enterprises

Roman V. Klyuev, Igor I. Bosikov, Andrew A. Sokolov, Mariet Z. Madaeva, Aslanbek A. Khadzhiev
During the implementation of energy efficiency policy in the Russian Federation, issues related to the analysis of the electric power quality (QE) in the power supply systems (PSS) of industrial enterprises are of particular importance. Much attention has been paid in recent years to the problem of the...
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Ecological Substantiation of System for Managing Toxic Mining Waste in Primorye

Lyudmila T. Krupskaya, Dmitry A. Golubev, Maria Yu. Filatova
It is shown that natural-mining systems were formed as a result of economic activity in the last century of the mining enterprise of the Primorsky Territory Khrustalnensky mining and processing plant (now closed). It is proved that the intensive development of mineral deposits in the last century contributed...
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Geochemical Approach to the Study of the Dynamics of Geosystems

A. Tokarev, V. Shalnev, A. Lysenko, T. Degtyareva
The article presents a comparative analysis of the dynamics of geochemical indicators of natural and industrially transformed mid-mountain and high-mountain landscapes of the Western Caucasus. The high stability of geochemical processes for high-altitude geobotanical zones of subalpine and alpine meadows...
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Simulation Modelling of Information Dissemination Process During Public Notification of Emergency Situations

Iskandar M. Azhmuhamedov, Dina A. Machueva, Esmira D. Alisultanova, Natalya A. Moiseenko
The livelihood of a modern society that has reached a high level of industrial development is subject to a multitude of risks related to environmental problems, the possibility of man-made accidents and other emergency situations. With the aim of protecting the population, the government is carrying...
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Experimental Investigations of a Thermoelectric Heat Exchanger with Heat Bridges

O.V. Evdulov, R.А-М. Magomadov, I.Sh. Mispakhov, U.I. Abdulkhakimov, I.A. Gabitov, R.Sh. Kazumov
The article deals with the construction of a thermoelectric heat exchanger with heat bridges. A test stand and a full-scale test procedure of this device have been developed, which allow determining temperature change dependencies in control points on current level in thermoelectric modules, charge coefficient,...
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Methods of Computer and Mathematical Modeling in Estimating Impact of Leninsky Prospekt Highway

Roman Mamadzhanov, Aleksandr Khaustov, Margarita Redina, Yulia Nigmatzyanova, Mukhadi Umarov
The article deals with methods of computer and mathematical modeling for estimating the impact of the Leninsky Prospekt highway on the phytocoenoses in the campus of RUDN. The computer model of the spread of pollutants from the Leninsky Prospekt highway has been constructed. Margalef, Menhinick and McIntosh...
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Mathematical Modeling of Seismic Vibrations of System: Tailings Dam and Soil Foundations

I.D. Muzaev, K.S. Kharebov, N.I. Muzaev, E.N. Kozyrev, V.D. Makiev, A.F. Gabaraev, F.S. Morozov, M.I. Chitishvili
A mathematical model of the system of seismic vibrations, which consists of the flood dike of tailing dump, deposit material (tailings) and bottom ground layers, is developed. The model is represented as a contact boundary problem for the differential equation of shear-viscous lateral vibrations of the...
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Transformation of High-Mountain Landscapes (Study of Lagonaki, North-West Caucasus)

Olesya Nazarenko
At the present time, in different regions of the world the problem of reducing the area and fragmentation of natural ecosystems is extremely important. The characteristic of the specially protected Lagonaki territory is given. It is noted that the decline in landscape diversity is often accompanied by...
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Ways of Solving the Ecological Problem of Alluminium Smelting Hard Waste Disposa

V.V. Somov, N.V. Nemchinova, A.A. Tyutrin
Chemical composition and main physical-chemical characteristics (apparent density, electrical resistivity, thermal conductivity, compression strength) carbon cathode block samples of spent lining for aluminium electrolysis unit produced by OJSC "RUSAL Krasnoyarsk"; it is shown that to increase the bath...
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First-Priority Directions and Targets of Geological Exploration Works for Oil and Gas in North Caucasus Region

Alexey I. Varlamov, Pavel N. Melnikov, Nikolay I. Nemtsov, Mikhail B. Skvortsov
Based on analysis of hydrocarbon resource potential, geological structure aspects and results of geological survey in the North-Caucasus oil-bearing province, first-priority directions and targets of geological exploration works are suggested in order to accelerate the preparation of discovered hydrocarbon...
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Influence of Improvement Cutting in Forest Communities of a Nature Sanctuary on Iron Migration in Soil

N.P. Nesgovorova, A.V. Kalegina, Savelyev Savelyev, T.A. Fedorova, G.V. Ivantsova, L.V. Menshchikova
The paper is devoted to the study of interphase (solid phase, soil absorbing complex) migration processes of vertical migration of iron in soils of the nature faunal sanctuary. Besides migration processes, the paper considers the influence of various factors on these processes. The comparative analysis...
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Method of Combined Heat and Electricity Generation Using Biogas and Coal-Water Slurries

K.V. Osintsev, M.M. Dudkin, Yu.S. Prikhodko, S.I. Kuskarbekova
Agroindustrial complexes are built in a technological and geographical binding to the sources of heat and electricity. In the absence of the possibility of connecting to the central distribution heat and power networks in the investment project, proposals are made for the construction of a source of...
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Environmentally Friendly Organic Rankine Cycle Technology Based on Improved Absorption Refrigerating Machine

K.V. Osintsev, M.M. Dudkin, Iu.S. Prikhodko, S.I. Kuskarbekova
The purpose of the work is the development of environmentally friendly technology of heat recovery from condensation of water vapor at a constant partial pressure of the outgoing flue gases in contact heat exchangers with a passive nozzle at thermal power plants running on natural gas, and the use of...
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Sodium Geochemistry in Terrigenous Complexes in Connection with Problem of Gold Content

S.G. Parada, Kh.O. Chotchaev, M.G. Berger, T.T. Magkoev, S.A. Bekuzarova, O.G. Burdzieva, T.V. Zaks, A.L. Komzha
Barth's concept about sodium ingress into metamorphic rocks directly from the buried seawater sediments is considered in the paper. This concept solves the problem of sodium balance according to the Vernadskiy studies of geochemical cycles. Basing on this concept, sodium geochemistry in auriferous terrigenous...
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Characteristics of Modern Horizontal Movements in Central Sector of Greater Caucasus According to GPS Observations

E.A. Rogozhin, V.K. Milyukov, V.B. Zaalishvili, A.N. Ovsyuchenko, A.P. Mironov, A.V. Gorbatikov, D.A. Melkov, B.V. Dzeranov
The article highlights the results of the first GPS measurements carried out along a geodetic profile that intersects all major geological structures in the Ossetian region of the Greater Caucasus. The interpretation of the measurement results was made in comparison with the results of neotectonic studies...
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Geological Catastrophes: Essential Stage in Formation of Endogenic Fields

Vladimir S. Salikhov
The nature of ore metallization, energetics of ore-formation and its stimulating motives have always taken one of the central parts in the formation of endogenic fields. It has been indicated that the motive, i.e. the initial stage of field formation (especially of those of large and unique scale), is...
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Numerical Modeling of Distribution of Air Pollutants in Near Zone Taking into Account Local Meteorological Conditions

Bekkiev Vitaly A., Vitaly A. Shapovalov, Kerim M. Bekkiev, Natalia V. Yurchenko, Rizuan O. Kalov, Sergey I. Shagin, Aida A. Adjieva
The paper presents a three-dimensional numerical model developed by the authors, which describes the change over time of thermodynamic and microphysical characteristics of the atmosphere in the computational domain, the distribution of impurities on a local scale (up to 50 km) from various sources, taking...
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Improvement of the Efficiency of Development of Gas Hydrate Deposits

N.A. Shostak, E.P. Zaporozhets
Natural hydrates are one of the existence forms of gas in earth depths. Nowadays about 250 hydrate deposits are known with a total reserves of about 20 peta-cubic meters of natural gas. The technologies of extracting gas from natural hydrates with the help of borehole underground mining of their continental...
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Choice of Spectral Range for Devices for Remote Sensing of Power Lines

Vadim Shpenst
This article describes the basic methodological aspects of designing multispectral optoelectronic devices for the remote inspection of overhead power lines. A method for selecting operating spectral areas for these devices was suggested on the basis of the proposed detection criteria. The proposed method...
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Problems of Airing Cities Located in Mountain Basin

Ilkhomzhon S. Shukurov
This article reveals the problems of airing cities located in the mountain basin. The mountain-hollow space is characterized by considerable complexity due to the variety of orthography of the relief with the prevailing calm condition. The problem can be simplified by considering some thermally active...
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Increase in Efficiency of Reflectogram Comparison Method in Determination of Fault Points and New Obstacles in Power Transmission Lines

Sergey G. Yanvarev, Kseniya D. Savvina, Viktor A. Kucherov, Kirill Yu. Solomentsev, Demjan D. Savvin
In the article, the problems, connected with reflectometric fault points definition and points of obstacles occurrence on power transmission lines, are considered. The method based on reflectogram comparison is considered. The authors show that this method does not always give good results. It is connected...
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Air Pollution by Heat Supplying Enterprises of Nalchi

Lezhinka Tanashevna Sozaeva, Islam Khasanovich Shungarov
This paper presents the maximum single and annual emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere from heating enterprises in Nalchik. The results of calculations of the dispersion of pollutants at the control points (residential living areas nearest to heating houses) are given. It is shown that the surface...
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Deposits of Hydrocarbons with Renewable Reserves and Experience of New Estimation Methods

Eduard S. Sianisyan, Svetlana V. Sikorskaya
The paper gives a review of the Russian scientists' investigations in the field of research of the hydrocarbon renewal reserves. The conception of two-step formation of hydrocarbon deposits, relied on organic theory of oil origin, is in the base of introduced investigations. The main clauses of the conception...
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Thermophysical Properties of Heat-Resistant Steels and Alloys in Machining

D.V. Vasilkov, I.Ya. Tarikov, A.V. Nikitin, A.S. Aleksandrov, V.V. Golikova
The paper suggests a technique to determine thermophysical properties of heat-resistant steels and alloys in machining. The method of sources serves the basis for the technique. Three heat sources are considered: primary chipping zone, contact area between a tool face and chipping, contact area between...
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Development of Technological Complex for Removing Gel and Proppant from Well Bore

A. E. Verisokin, S. A. Kutovoy, T. A. Gunkina, I. O. Datsyuk
The problems arising from the backflow of proppant, rock particles, non-decomposed liquid from hydraulic fractures into the well bore are considered in the paper. The urgency of developing a device for flushing out in the horizontal well after formation hydrofracturing is proved. It is shown that solidified...
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Comparative Analysis of Sedimentation Conditions for Lower Cretaceous Sediments of Zimne-Stavkinsko-Pravoberezhny and Velichayevsko-Kolodezny Reservoirs

Natalya V. Yeriomina, Zinaida V. Sterlenko, Yelena Yu. Tumanova, Katerina I. Chernenko
Comparative analysis of sedimentation conditions for the Hauterivian (IX ledge) and the Aptian (VIII ledge) sediments was realized according to the data of grain-size distribution using cluster analysis. (These sediments belong to the most significant Zimne-Stavkinsko-Pravoberezhny and Velichayevsko-Kolodezny...
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Integrated Environmental Monitoring of Osetr River

Vera A. Shirokova, Alla O. Khutorova, Anatoly F. Gurov, Roy S. Shirokov, Yulia D. Yurova
The article summarizes the results of a comprehensive environmental assessment of the Sturgeon river basin in 2018 based on the results of engineering and environmental surveys obtained in the framework of environmental monitoring from June 20 to July 29, 2018 on the rivers Oka and Osetr in the Zaraysky,...
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Possibility of Using Alternative Energy Sources in Chechen Republic

B. S. Yusupov, A. S. Yusupova, M. V. Debiev, R. A.-M. Magomadov
The topic of this article is very relevant, since the issue, concerning the level of environmental pollution by harmful emissions arose recently. The purpose of the article is to assess the situation from the point of view of the energy economy in the Chechen Republic. The task is to analyze of various...
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Complex Analysis of Geological Data and Use of Velocity Model of MMS on Central Caucasus Sections

V.B. Zaalishvili, Kh.O. Chotchaev, D.A. Melkov, A.S. Kanukov, T.T. Magkoev, I.L. Gabeeva, L.V. Dzobelova, V.D. Shepelev
The article considers the complex analysis of geological data on the basis of the use of the high-velocity model of the microseismic sounding method (MMS) on the sections of the Central Caucasus. At the same time, based on the analysis of the results obtained, the high potential possibilities of the...
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Geodynamic Situation in Central Caucasus and Structural Complexes on Depth Section of Genaldon Profile

V.B. Zaalishvili, Kh.O. Chotchaev, A.G. Shempelev, D.A. Melkov, O.G. Burdzieva, S.G. Parada, B.V. Dzeranov, A.K. Dzhgamadze
The article considers the possibility of identifying of an inheritable character of the geodynamic situation and elements of structural and compositional complexes involved in the geological development of the Caucasus on geoelectrical and seismological depth sections in order to create a geological...
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Macroseismic Manifestation of Seismic Events of Different Intensity on Territory of Vladikakaz

V.B. Zaalishvili, D.A. Melkov, I.L. Gabeeva, V.D. Makiev, A.S. Kanukov, A.F. Gabaraev, F.S. Morozov, G.E. Tuaev
Each perceptible earthquake provides unique information about its real manifestation on the investigated territory. That is why the data on the manifestation of even a weak earthquake are important for creating and refining seismic hazard maps of various levels. The analysis of available data of macroseismic...
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Assessment of Sensitivity Zone of Radon and Temperature Measurements in Study of Process of Tectonic Earthquakes Preparation

V.B. Zaalishvili, A.K. Yurkov, D.A. Melkov, I.A. Kozlova, A.S. Kanukov, D.Yu. Demezhko, Ph.S. Morozov
The results of the research of the behavior of radon (RVA - radon volumetric activity), released from the massif, are described. Radon migration and its emission from the massif depend on the porosity, permeability and fissility of the massif. A sharp change of the massif strength and a discharge of...
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Cluster Approach in Environmental Management: Experience, Problems and Prospects for Further Development

Kh.Sh. Zaburayeva, E.V. Krasnov, Ch.Sh. Zaburayev
The paper considers various approaches of domestic and foreign researchers to the interpretation of the "cluster" concept. It studies the main stages of formation and development of clusters. Possibilities of cluster approach in environmental management for the development of new hi-tech and ecologically...
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Objects of Accumulated Environmental Damage as Raw-Material Base for Building Materials Manufacture

E.V. Zelinskaya, N.A. Tolmacheva, A.S. Shatrova, A.A. Garashchenko, N.E. Garashchenko, A.V. Kurina, S.A. Pronin
The article provides an overview of the problem of environmental damage caused by the economic activities of Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill (BPPM). As a result of more than 40 years of operations, the BPPM has accumulated and stockpiled on the shores of Lake Baikal more than...
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Factors of Negative Impact on Environment and People's Health in the Course of Renovation Works in Building and Construction

G.I. Khanaliev, I.A. Apkarov, Kh. Kh. Aptaev, S.S. Serbiev, I.Z. Magomadov, L.S. Aleroeva, S.M. Mamasurov, N.D. Aysungurov
This article touches upon the issue of environmental safety of technological processes of renovation work in building and construction. The process of buildings dismantling and waste demolishing is characterized by various types of work associated with mechanical effects on building structures and materials,...
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Ecological Arrangement of Lands of Voronezh Agricultural Enterprises for Environmental Management

Chechin Chechin, E.V. Nedikova, V.D. Postolov, A.V. Linkina
Voronezh region is the most important agrarian region of the Russian Federation and has the richest land area of 5,221.6 thousand hectares with the most fertile chernozem soils. The region has favorable natural and climatic factors for crop growth, the hydro-thermal coefficient (HTC) is about 1.0. As...
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Design of Environmental Technologies on Agricultural Land

N.I. Bukhtoiarov, E.V. Nedikova
Annually an area equal to an agricultural enterprise is removed from intensive agricultural use as a result of water and wind erosion. Along with this, the deforestation is increasing and the ploughing of territory is also growing. Therefore the issue of the development of environmental technologies...
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Assessment of the State and Management of Modern Agricultural Landscapes in the Central Black Earth Region

A.V. Linkina, E.V. Nedikova
The article gives the assessment of the state of agricultural landscapes by key indicators: the degradation processes in the investigated agricultural landscapes; the level of environmental sustainability of the agricultural landscape; the types of land forming the structure of cultivated land; the quality...