Proceedings of the Conference on Advances in Communication and Control Systems (CAC2S 2013)

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Mobile Agent Migration Strategy using Itinerary Graph and Neural Network

Nripesh Chauhan, Manjeet Singh
Mobile agents (MA) needs to migrate to several host to accomplish its task .Migration strategy is responsible for planning out an optimal migration path ,which ensures mobile agent to complete its task correctly and efficiently at the minimum cost .This paper describe the strategy adopted by a mobile...
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Performance analysis of DYMO and Bellman Ad hoc Routing Protocol for various Battery models in MANET using Qualnet

It is a challenge area in the field of ad hoc networks to support prioritized routing for time sensitive applications, such as multimedia communications, IP telephony and interactive games. However the existing protocols did not consider the special battery discharging behavior of wireless devices. The...
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Performence Comparison of DSDV, AODV and DSR for Mobile Ad HOC Network by Varying Network Size

Priyanka Jangir, Saurabh Mishra
Mobile Ad Hoc network (MANET) is a collection of mobile nodes connected through a wireless link resulting in formation of temporary network without any assistance from existing infrastructure or any kind of centralized administration. The performance of an Ad Hoc network depends on the kind of routing...
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VHDL Implementation of a prototype switching system

Prashant Rai, Anuj Kumar Sharma, Gaurav Verma, Varun Kumar Kakar
Switching system implies data transmission between two communicating entities. This transmission can be either via trunks or it can be completely wireless, technically termed as Telephone Switching and Mobile switching, respectively. We report the implementation of a switching system using very high...
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Electricity Generation through Road Ribs using law of Electromagnetic Induction

Parul Bisht, Rajni Rawat
Recognizing the importance of developing renewable energy resources, the Highways Agency commissioned a preliminary scoping study in 2001 to explore available methods and assess the possibility of renewable energy generation being exploited within the highway network. Among the various means of transportation,...
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Adaptive License Plate Detection

Pramod U. Chavan, Parag Kulkarni, Amit Khandebharad, Dattatray Khope
License plate detection process can be divided in two parts 1] plate extraction, 2] character segmentation. License plate detection relies on illumination conditions, background and mainly on camera resolution. There is absence of any common standard to compare various algorithms for a LPD system, because...
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Ventricular Premature Beat Detection in ECG using Correlation Techniques

Shahanaz Ayub, J. P. Saini
Correlation techniques are used to find whether the electrocardiogram (ECG) is normal or abnormal. These correlation techniques could be further used to detect the type of abnormality present in the abnormal ECG. Reference ECG signals could be stored for all type of abnormalities and the test ECG signal...
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Comparative analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna using different substrate and observe effect of changing parameter at 5.4 GHz

Brajlata Chauhan, Sandip Vijay, S.C. Gupta
In this paper, an attempt has been made to design Edge Feed Microstrip , VSWR, phase chactersrtics and observed effect of different parameter by hanging height for all substrate in terms of return losses. The matching act as high radiator for low dielectric and low radiator for high dielectric
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Analysis of LMS Algorithm in Wavelet Domain

Pankaj Goel, Sonam Rai, Mahesh Chandra, V.K. Gupta
In this paper Time Domain Least Mean Square (LMS) algorithm and Wavelet Transform Domain Least Mean Square (WDLMS) algorithm with Daubechies wavelets are used to minimize the undesired noise from speech signals. The performance of this algorithm using different Daubechies wavelets db1, db5 and db10 are...
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A Novel Static Clustering Scheme for Energy-efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Network

Rakesh Kumar Saini, Sandip Vijay
Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) is one of the most popular distributed cluster-based routing protocols in wireless sensor networks. Clustering algorithm of the LEACH is simple but offers no guarantee about even distribution of cluster heads over the network. LEACH doesn’t ensure even...
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Analyzing Impact of TDMA MAC Framing Structure on Network Throughput for Tactical MANET Waveforms

Bhupendra Suman, LC Mangal, SC Sharma
With the advancement of networking technology it is anticipated to have Internet like functionality in tactical network. However, unlike commercial network the tactical networks operate under severe environment and resources constraints. Moreover, the MANET architecture and shared resources of wireless...
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Parameter Estimation of LFM Signal in the Presence of non-Gaussian Noise

Sajjad Malekee, Mahmoud Mayiami, Seyed Reza Haydarinik, Seyed Mohammad Alavi
In this paper, a method is proposed for chirp rate and initial frequency estimation in the presence of non-Gaussian noise. In this approach, the noise is considered a component of signal phase. After extracting the phase of received signal, we estimate the parameters of interest by using the linear estimators....
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Make Web Page Instant: By Integrating Web-Cache and Web-Prefetching

Mahesh Manchanda, Neena Gupta
As the Internet continues its exponential growth, two of the major problems that today’s Web users are suffering from are the network congestion and Web Server overloading. Web caching and pre-fetching are well known strategies for improving the performance of Internet systems. Web caching techniques...
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Modified iterative sphere decoding algorithm in LTE system

Qin Zhu, Xiao-wen Li
In the long-term evolution (LTE) system, channel equalization makes compensation to restore the original signal, the paper puts forward iteration sphere decoding algorithm which combines traditional sphere decoding and the improved QR based on the conventional QR decomposition detection algorithm. It...
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Noise Margin and Delay Analysis of Half Stacked and Full Stacked SRAM Cell Design

Balwinder Raj
In this paper we propose a half stacked and full stacked SRAM cell design for low power application. This based on the “Stacking Effect of Transistors” with stacking of the driver and the load transistors to reduce the total power consumed in the SRAM cell. The results obtained on basis of proposed half...
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Mohan Kashyap, Saurabh Chanana, Jai Singh Arya
In order to make solar energy competitive with the other forms of renewable energies, a better exploitation of its advantages especially environmental side, this will be possible only with the development of the less expensive and high output efficiency systems. In this paper, the modeling and simulation...
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Adaptive Modulation and Coding in COFDM for WiMAX Using LMS Channel Estimator

B. Siva Kumar Reddy, B. Lakshmi
The OFDM technique is predominantly used during the implementation of WiMAX Physical layer. This paper focuses on the PHY-layer design aspects, namely, modulation and coding techniques associated. OFDMA, an extension of OFDM, makes use of Adaptive Modulation and Coding techniques to improve efficiency,...
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B. Hephzibah Lincy, A. Srinivasan, B. Rajalakshmi
Wideband application put a new demand on antennas pertaining to size, gain, efficiency, bandwidth and more. This paper presents the design and analysis of fractal antenna which uses the self similarity property of fractal geometry. This unique property is exploited to develop antenna elements that are...
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Avionics System Design of Vertical Take off and Landing UAV

Amit Joshi, Sakshi Kukreti
This paper presents the details of avionics system design of a quadrotor. It uses the direction cosine matrix approach to identify the coordinates of the quadrotor and then using PID controller it tries to minimize the drifting error. The aim of the paper is to develop a system which uses a small amount...
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Emotion estimation of physiological signals by using low power embedded system

Tanu Sharma, Bhanu Kapoor
Emotions are an essential and productive aspect of human thought or action and human thought is inherently emotional. Emotions are factors which vary as mood varies. When person experience different emotions then there is also change in physiological signals in human body and with this variation comes...
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Comparative Image Encryption Method Analysis Using New Transformed - Mapped Technique

Nidhi Sethi, Sandip Vijay
Several traditional encryption schemes have been analysed and based on the literature survey, it has been found that chaotic sequences are very much useful to create randomness. In this paper, a new encryption scheme has been proposed with two phases. In the first phase the input image is transformed...
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K. Lenin, B.Ravindranath Reddy, M.Surya Kalavathi
This paper presents an algorithm for solving the multi-objective reactive power dispatch problem in a power system. Modal analysis of the system is used for static voltage stability assessment. Loss minimization and maximization of voltage stability margin are taken as the objectives. Generator terminal...
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A preemptive scheduling and due date assignment for single-machine in batch delivery system

Neelam Tyagi, Mehdi Abedi, Ram Gopal Varshney
In this paper we have proposed a new linear mathematical model for due date assignment on the single machine scheduling problem in a batch delivery system. Some assumptions are used as due dates are controllable, dynamic job arrivals; unforced machine idle and preemption are allowed. In this paper we...
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Face Detection via Color and Edge Information

Ravi Verma, Harish Kumar Shakya
In this paper, an algorithm for segmenting skin regions in color images using color and edge information is presented. Skin colored regions are first detected using a Bayesian model of the human skin color. These regions are further segmented into skin region candidates that satisfy the homogeneity property...
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Comparative study of different Parameters of MANET Routing Protocol for different Buffer Size

In this Paper I have taken the different buffer (packet) size for different Routing Protocols and study the different performance matrices where we will get the optimize result and where we will get the worst result i.e. where we get the maximum packets and where packet reception at receiver is minimum..In...
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Effect of Gap on the Koch Fractal Shaped End Coupled Microstrip Bandpass Filter

Gurpreet Kaur Kohli, Yashi Rajvanshi, Mayank Khurana, Pravesh Singh
In this paper the Koch Fractal shaped Microstrip End Coupled Half-wavelength Bandpass Filter is used to show the effect of space gap on the response with an center frequency of 2.02 Ghz . As the filters are the key elements of telecommunications and radar systems and are important items in the performance...
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Minimax Theory Based Scheme to Detect Selfish Node and Reduce Latency in Delay Tolerant Network

Dhiraj kr. Mishra, Meenu Chawla
Delay Tolerant Networks are resource constraint network. Selfish behavior of a node causes it to drop legitimate packets of other nodes, leading to low message delivery and wastage of valuable network resources. Here a Minimax Theory Based Scheme is proposed to distribute credits among non selfish nodes...
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Enhancing Privacy of Contents in Social Networking Sites (SNS)

Abhilasha Singh Rathor
Social networking sites are very useful in sharing information, making friends and keeping in touch with old friends. It is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on facilitating the building of social networks and social elation among peoples for sharing interests, activities, backgrounds,...
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Scheduling Algorithms for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

Jose Thomas Vembadanthara
The secondary service is able to access the spectrum allocated to primary service through spectrum sharing mechanisms. Cognitive radio technology which enables secondary users to share spectrum with primary users in an opportunistic manner can be implemented for this. Scheduling or resource allocation...
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A Generic Process Model for Botnet Forensic Analysis

Meenakshi Thapliyal, Anchit Bijalwan, Neha Garg, Emmanuel Shubhakar Pilli
Botnets are becoming more hazardous in cyber crime when compared to other malicious activities. Security against botnets is a major concern. Botnet forensics is young science which can answer questions about how, what and where of damage done by bots. The forensic system deals with capturing, recording,...
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Comparative Study of DYMO and Bellman Ad hoc Routing Protocol for various Battery models in MANET using Qualnet

It is a challenge area in the field of ad hoc networks to support prioritized routing for time sensitive applications, such as multimedia communications, IP telephony and interactive games. However the existing protocols did not consider the special battery discharging behavior of wireless devices. The...
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Wireless Sensor Based Remote Monitoring System for Agriculture Using ZigBee and GPS

G. V. Satyanarayana, SD. Mazaruddin
The advanced development in wireless sensor networks can be used in monitoring various parameters in agriculture. Due to uneven natural distribution of rain water it is very difficult for farmers to monitor and control the distribution of water to agriculture field in the whole farm or as per the requirement...
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An Optimized Sample Rate Converter for a software radio receiver on FPGA

Ashok Agarwal, B. Lakshmi
Abstract-Sample Rate Conversion(SRC) and channelization are the two necessary tasks to be implemented for the design of a radio receiver. For a multi-standard software radio with a very high intermediate frequency(IF), which is of the order of 80MHz and above, the implementation of a sample rate converter...
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A Capital Shape Alphabet Encoding(CASE) Based Text Steganography

Sunita Chaudhary, Peeyush Mathur, Tarun Kumar, Richa Sharma
Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message. Steganography is a form of security through obscurity. Steganography algorithms uses cover media such as text, image, audio and...
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Manav Jain, Mohammad Jawaid Siddiqui
Though optical fibres have many advantages, they have noticeable disadvantages as well. So there is a need to look for other alternatives. This paper explores the penetration phenomenon of the light through some daily use products like milk and oil. Some of the light will be absorbed when passed through...
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Digital Image Watermarking Using 3 level Discrete Wavelet Transform

Pratibha Sharma, Shanti Swami
In this paper a digital image watermarking based on 3 level discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is presented & compare it with 1 & 2 levels DWT. In this technique a multi-bit watermark is embedded into the low frequency sub-band of a cover image by using alpha blending technique. During embedding, watermark...
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Modeling and Control of Grid Connected Variable Speed PMSG Based Wind Energy System

Ankit Kumar Singh, Ram Krisham, Yograj Sood
In recent years, The advancement of power electronic technology, novel control strategies and new circuit topologies, the grid connected small wind turbine industry is primarily dominated by the permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSG) have increasingly drawn interests to wind turbine manufactures....
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Design & Simulation of Circular Patch Antenna for Multiband application of X Band Using Varactor Diodes

Pawan Pujari, Kirti Vyas, Bhoopendra Kumar Sharma
Wireless communication systems are evolving to- ward multi functionality. This multi functionality provides users with options of connecting to different kinds of wire- less services for different purposes at different times. It is highly desirable to develop single radiating element having capabilities...
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A Hybrid Algorithm Of Gabor Filter and Gaussian Distribution Feature Extraction Techniques for Facial Expression Recognition

Aruna Bhadu, Hardyal Singh Shekhawat, Vijay Kumar, Tarun Kumar
Facial expression recognition is necessary for designing any human-machine interfaces. Facial expression plays an important role in the recognition of human emotions and non verbal communication. Human face is a rich and powerful source of communicative information about human behavior. In this dissertation...
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CMOS Design And Single Supply Level Shifter Using 90nm Technology

Shilpa Thakur, Rajesh Mehra
The design and application of level shifter circuit which is based on single power supply is presented in this paper different from conventional level shifter circuitry. A level shifter may be used to shift any voltage level to a desired level without any leakage current. To reduce the supply routing...
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New Multi Level Spreading Codes for DS CDMA Communication

Spreading codes are used to distinguish users and spread the signal to occupy much wider band width than the minimum required band width. Spreading codes are also called as user codes. Walsh, Gold and Kasami codes are the popularly used Binary (2-level) user codes. This paper proposes new multi level...
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Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration for Discrete Cosine Transform Computation

Bhavesh Jaiswal, Nagendra Gajjar
Discrete Cosine Transform is one of the most important building blocks for the emerging video coding standard, H.264. In this paper, architecture for DCT computation, a hardware intensive operation, using dynamic partial reconfiguration is proposed. Field programmable gate array (FPGA), due to inherent...
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Forecasting of economic data sets and there trends using time series data modeling

Sunil Bhaskaran
Towards the end of the 20th century, we have seen an improved interest among Statisticians and Computer engineers to explore and extract data from data sources, by considering time as standard of measurement. However, some of the techniques used remains the same as that used in conventional data mining....
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Modified F slot loaded CSRR inspired microstrip patch antenna for dual band WiMAX applications (3.5 GHz and 5.8 GHz)

Kumar Goodwill, Jagannath Malik, Ramesh Patel, A. Patnaik, M. V. Kartikeyan Kartikeyan
In this paper, Modified F slot loaded Complimentary split ring resonator inspired microstrip patch antenna for dual band WiMAX applications (3.5 GHz and 5.8 GHz) is proposed. We introduced Modified F slot in ground plane for the reduction of physical size. And Complimentary split ring resonator inspired...
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Design of Circularly Polarized Rectangular Patch Antenna with single cut

Prafull Ranjan, Saurabh Mishra
The focus of this paper is on our contributions towards Single feed circularly polarized antennas. Single feed circularly polarized antennas are currently receiving much attention. Circular polarization is beneficial because current and future commercial and military applications require the additional...
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An Application of Optical Flow Calculation Using Runway Image: A Preliminary Study

Raja Munusamy, Ugur Guven, Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi, Pavan Kumar Nanduri
The main contribution of this work is the determination of the optical flow of the image.It may be defined as the apparent movement of patterns of brightness in a sequence of images. Optical flow is caused by both motion of the observer and by motion of objects in the scene. The Optical flow algorithm...
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Ruchi Gupta, Shivangi Tyagi
Reversible logic has received great attention in the recent years due to their ability to reduce the power dissipation which is the main requirement in low power digital design. It has wide applications advanced computing, low power CMOS design, Optical information processing, DNA computing, bio information,...
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Weighted Dynamic Bi-connected Group based Replica Allocation method for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Sweta Jain, Meenu Chawla, Nitin Gupta
Accessing remote services and data is one of the most important applications in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. Data replication is one of the most popular techniques used to increase data availability by replicating frequently accessed data items locally or nearby. In MANETs, data replication helps to avoid...
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Stacked Fractal Antenna Having Multiband With High Bandwidth

Nikhil Kumar Gupta, Sahil Bhasin, Varun Pahuja
This paper aims to optimize the multiband performance of a patch fractal antenna by varying the number of iterations of the Sierpinski’s carpet fractal and increasing number of layers of the patch. In this paper a Sierpinski’s carpet microstrip fractal antenna with three levels of iteration having multiband...
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DDC and DUC Filters in SDR platforms

Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms make use of Digital Down Converter (DDC) and Digital Up Converter (DUC), while performing baseband processing. In this paper, various filters being used in DDC as well as DUC sections of two different SDR platforms, USRPB100 and USRPN210 are considered. A simulation...
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Intellegent Traffic Light Control System for Isolated Intersection Using Fuzzy Logic

Traffic is the major problem which every country faces because of the increase in number of vehicles throughout the world, particularly in large urban areas. Therefore the need arises for simulating and optimizing traffic control algorithms to better accommodate this increasing demand. Fuzzy optimization...
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Dynamic Performance Analysis of Three Phase Induction Motor with Single Phasing

Mohamed Samir, Gagan Singh, Nafees Ahmed, Husain Ahmed
Abstract Induction motors are the most widely used among the all available drives. Particularly squirrel cage motor are rugged, cheaper , lighter , smaller, more efficient requiring lower maintenance and can operate in explosive environment. Under normal operating condition machines are used with three...
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Simulation of Recessed-Gate AlGaN-GaN DH-HEMT for Power Electronics Applications

The e ects of gate-recessing on the performance parameters in AlGaN/GaN/AlGaN double-heterojunction high electron amobility transistor are presented. The accuracy of simulations is veri ed by comparing the simulated characteristics with the reported measured data. The results show that a 12nm gate- recessed...
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Design of Double-Spiral Microstrip Antenna Over a Rectangular Patch for Mobile and Wi-Max Applications

The proposed microstrip antenna uses microstrip line feed technique. The proposed antenna has improved bandwidth over the structure with single spiral of similar dimensions. Here, Double- Spiral microstrip patch antenna has a bandwidth of 23.828 that lies between the range 1.926 GHz to 2.447 GHz and...
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Thermography Based Hotspot Detection and Protection System

This paper is about the thermal diagnosis and control of electric machines or transformer using a Thermal image camera, color sensor, a microcontroller and a PLC. A color sensor is developed which respond to the colors of thermographic images and when overheating or Hot spot occurs it automatically give...
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Audio Visual Isolated Oriya Digit Recognition Using HMM and DWT

Astik Biswas, P.K. Sahu, Anirban Bhowmick, Mahesh Chandra
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system performs well under restricted conditions but the performance degrades under noisy environment. Audio-visual features play an important role in ASR systems in presence of noise. In this paper Oriya isolated digit recognition system is designed using audio visual...
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Comparing Delay Tolerant Network Routing Protocols for Optimizing L-Copies in Spray and Wait Routing for Minimum Delay

Anjula Mehto, Meenu Chawla
Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) is special type of wireless mobile ad hoc network characterized by intermittent connectivity, long or variable delay, asymmetric data rate and high error rates. In this paper we compare some of the well-known routing protocols namely Epidemic, Spray and Wait (SaW), Probabilistic...
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Improvement of Bandwidth of Microstrip Patch Antenna by Multiple Notches

Munna Singh Kushwaha, M. Chandan, R.K. Prasad
In this paper we present a proposed design for rectangular micro strip patch antenna by cutting multiple notches. Using proposed antenna design and coaxial probe feeding at proper position, we will compare the resultant bandwidth with the previous results of normal rectangular, single notch and double...
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Design of U Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for Dual Band Frequency Application

Paritosh Kumar, M. Chandan, R.K. Prasad
In this paper we present a proposed design for U shaped rectangular micro strip patch antenna. Using proposed antenna design and coaxial feeding techniques at proper position, we receive the resultant bandwidth as a dual band bandwidth. We are using IE3D simulation software for designing and analysis....
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Challanges in Cementing Energy Efficiency Through Smartgrid in INDIA

Whether electricity is a chattel or a premium non –core service The more beatifically this’ll justify, will restructure the way of transportation and the use of electricity, resultantly foster the gaining momentum concept called SMARTGRID. The Indian electric grid is suffering from the lack of communication...
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Super- efficient Equipment and Appliance developement (SEAD): Global Conjunction in Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Policy has been identified as a measure to tackle climate change related issues globally. SEAD is developed to promote the multi-country collaboration and for exchange of information and learnings on energy efficiency. To strengthen and nourish the energy efficiency movement, Government...
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Live EHCPRs System

Deepa Chaudhary, N K Jain
A thinking machine is a system that perceives its environment, learns from it, and interacts with it intelligently as par the requirement in the prevailing situation. Knowledge representation in the EHCPRs system by employing multi encryption will enhance its learning; give better understanding, imagination...
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Routing Overheads in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks(VANETs)

Swati Arya, Jyoti Tewari
VANETs is a subclass of Mobile ad hoc networks which provides a distinguished approach for Intelligent Transport System .It should be capable to handle high rate, often interrupt in connection .The quality of received wireless signal level degraded due to path-loss from various obstacles in path as a...
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Simulation and Analysis of Controllers of DSTATCOM for Power Quality Improvement

Gunjan Varshney
Power quality is an issue that is becoming increasingly important to electricity consumers at all levels of usage. Sensitive power electronic equipment and non-linear loads are widely used in industrial, commercial and domestic applications leading to distortion in voltage and current waveforms. The...
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Low Cost Robotic Wheel Chair for Disabled People in Developing Countries

Vivek Kaundal, Rajesh Singh, Anant Wadhwa, Shashank Mishra, Aadhar Rastogi
There is a need of a mean of locomotion for people with walking disabilities. While many problems can be answered by crutches but there are some cases where crutches might not be able to resolve the problem completely. The answer is the wheel chair. In today’s time, with the advancement in technology,...
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Design and Implementation of Wireless Handheld Device For Android Cell Phone

Poonam T. Bedarkar, Shanti Swamy
This paper investigates a portable system for remote monitoring of cardiac activity. In this paper we present a low cost, handheld device with wireless transmission for real time ECG acquisition so that we can archive and visualize both in a mobile phone and a PC. With the recent advance in technology,...
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Performance Study of Power Control Method for Chopper Fed Separately Excited DC (Direct Current)-Drive using PSIM

Anant Kumar Verma, Gagan Singh
This paper presents conventional Power control method for Separately Excited DC motor using specifically designed simulation software package PSIM for Power Electronics and motor control. Armature voltage control is preferred because of high efficiency and good speed regulation for dc motors. The speed...
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Current Controlled Current-Mode SITO Biquad Universal Filter Using CCTAs

Chetan Chauhan, Ravindra Tomar, S. V. Singh, D. S. Chauhan
This paper presents a current controlled current-mode single input three output (SITO) biquad universal filter employing current conveyor trans-conductance amplifiers (CCTAs) as active element. It consists of two CCTAs, two grounded capacitors and three grounded resistors. The proposed filter simultaneously...
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Development of a Planer Microstrip Metametarial Resonator for Wideband Applications

Nitin Kumar, S.C. Gupta
This paper introduces a new, planar microstrip metamaterial resonator, using two circular split-ring resonators, and an array of conducting wires. The structure was simulated from 1MHz to 15GHz showing negative refractive index in several frequency ranges with wideband characteristics. The s-parameter...
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Impact of Packet Rate on Routing Protocols In Vehicular Communication System Using realistic movement patterns

Anil Kumar Bisht, Rabindra Singh
Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET) has now been proven as a new emerging technology from the domain of ad-hoc networks that can be used to get better road safety and comfort of the passengers inside the vehicles. However due to mobility constraints and high dynamics, routing the time-critical information...
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A Dual Band Microstrip Patch Antanna With Circular Polarization

This paper proposes design of a microstrip patch antenna having circular polarization. To achieve circular polarization two slots are created at 45o and 135o in ‘X’ shape, at centre of the patch. This antenna has dual band characteristics at 3.6GHz and 3.5GHz, the polarization at 3.6GHz is circular while...
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Performance Evaluation of H.264 AVC Using CABAC Entropy Coding For Image Compression

P.S.Jagadeesh Kumar, Gagan Singh
The proposed paper aims in evaluating the performance of H.264/MPEG-4 part 10, “Advanced Video Coding” standard using CABAC entropy coding for compression of different types of images. The performance evaluation is based on the metrics such as compression ratio and PSNR at different bits per pixel (Bpp)....
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Stability Analysis of Autopilot Systems For Ballistic Missile Using MATLAB

This paper deals with the modelling and stability analysis of the Automatic Flight Control systems for a Ballistic Missile using Matlab. The Root Locus Analysis of the System is programmed in Matlab for four different transfer functions corresponding to different Aerodynamic Coefficients for the Vanguard...
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Wireless Sensor Network: Quality of Services Parameters and Analysis

Nikhil Ranjan, Garima Krishna
WSN term can be generally sensed as devices range from laptops, PDAs or mobile phones to very tiny sensing devices. At present, most available wireless sensor devices are significantly controlled in terms of computational power, memory, efficiency and communication capabilities due to economic and technology...
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Mobile Agent Migration Strategy using Itinerary Graph and Neural Network

Nripesh Chauhan, Manjeet Singh
Mobile agents (MA) needs to migrate to several host to accomplish its task .Migration strategy is responsible for planning out an optimal migration path ,which ensures mobile agent to complete its task correctly and efficiently at the minimum cost .This paper describe the strategy adopted by a mobile...
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Near field Communication

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is being grown up at enormous speed. NFC technology provides the fastest way to communicate two devices with in a fraction of second. This technology has only been implemented on smart phones so far. Like Bluetooth it works only in short range and data transfer...
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Performance Analysis of AODV, DYMO and Bellman Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

One of the major challenges in wireless ad hoc network is the design of robust routing protocols. The routing protocols are designed basically to established correct and efficient paths between source and destination. In the recent years several routing protocols have been proposed in literature and...
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Bluetooth Protocal and mobile Computing Networks

Susmit Paul
The protocol uses Bluetooth wireless connections as a communications medium. The protocol can be used to transfer various file formats such as image or audio files. The protocol also identifies the language content of the information file. Future work on this protocol involves increasing Bluetooth ranges...
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Partial Transmit Sequence (PTS)-PAPR Reduction Technique in OFDM Systems with Reduced Complexity

Nikhil Arora, Prem Singh
OFDM systems have the inherent problem of a high peak to average power ratio (PAPR). OFDM Suffers as the no of Sub- carriers operating in the large dynamic range operates in the non-linear region of amplifier due to OFDM suffer the PAPR problem Application of high power amplifiers results in increased...
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Virtual Fencing for Animals Managment Using RF Module

Ashita Vermani, Vidhi Rana, Surabhi Govil
This paper presents protecting and maintaining biodiversity. Grazing system employed today demands for new fencing techniques.Here RF module based virtual fencing is proposed. The main object of system aims at whenever the object (animal) tried to cross the range of transmitter, the receiver part will...
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Text Security using 2D Cellular Automata Rules

Pratibha Sharma, Niranjan Lal, Manoj Diwakar
This paper deals with the secure transmission of text. Encryption is the most common method for hiding text from unauthorized access. Encryption provides only one level of security during transmission over the channel. The aim of this paper would be to provide 2 levels of security. First level comprises...
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Texture Extraction in Video Tracking with Comparison of LBP and DWT

M. Sangam, Niranjan Lal, Manoj Diwakar
Object tracking using mean shift algorithm based on similarity between features of target region and candidate region. Candidate region is the current frame of tracking process. For similarity calculation color histogram and texture features are used. For texture feature extraction there are two methods...
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Bandwidth Enhancement With Proximity Coupled Stacked Circular Patch Configuration with Defected Ground Structures for WLAN Applications

Roshni Chaudhari, M. Samreen, S.B. Khant
This paper propose configuration of new wideband microstrip patch antenna for wireless communication such as WLAN. A new novel stacked with circular shape patch is presented with wide impedance bandwidth of 19.14 % is achieved. The antenna structure is designed and simulated. Simulated results for return...
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Comparative Analysis of Image Restoration Algorithms Using Safety Window

Sunita Sunita, Chanda Thapliyal
In this paper a comparative performance analysis is carried out among three different clutter removal algorithms such as Max filter, Min filter, and Geometric Mean filter. New algorithms for these three filters with safety window, to reduce the bias, due to the target are proposed in this paper. These...
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Design of PD Observers For SPROTT Chaotic Systems

Manish Kumar Vaisnav, Bharat Bhusan Sharma
This paper presents a scheme of designing proportional-derivative (PD) observer for chaotic systems. The proposed design is based on contraction theory approach. For this purpose, co-ordinate transformation of variables are used to avoid derivatives of output in observer. Results are numerically verified...
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Minitaturize Hexagonal-Shaped Fractal Slot Microstrip Antenna for WLAN Application Using DGS

M. Samreen, Roshni Chaudhari, Shailesh Khant
This paper presents a scheme of designing proportional-derivative (PD) observer for chaotic systems. The proposed design is based on contraction theory approach. For this purpose, co-ordinate transformation of variables are used to avoid derivatives of output in observer. Results are numerically verified...
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A Low Power Dual Modulus Prescaler

Nikhil R. Shimpi, Shilpa P. Kodgire
CMOS refers to both, reduction in size and power consumption. Here, the Dual Modulus Prescaler is to be fabricated in 90 nm technology. It basically comprises of AND logic which controls the pulses produced at the output i.e. 1 or 2 pulses that need to be generated at the output, from 256/257 input pulses...
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Comparison of LSB and Subband DCT Technique for Image Watermarking

Yogesh Jadav
Digital Image watermarking is the process of hiding the digital data in the Image. It is used to protect the content of Image by insertion of digital mark into the Image. In this paper Least Significant Bit (LSB) based spatial domain technique and Sub band Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) domain techniques...
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Design And Analysis Of Dual Frequency Band E-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna

R. K. Prasad, Amit Kumar Gupta, D. K. Srivastava, J. P. Saini
This paper presents the designing and analysis of a E-shaped microstrip patch antenna. Our main aim is to design an antenna structure which can operate in more than one frequency bands which increases the utilization of the antenna in multiple applications. To achieve this aim a E-shaped microstrip patch...
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Digital Image Processing of Remotely Sensed Satellite Images for Information Extraction

Remote Sensing (RS) refers to the science of identification of earth surface features by measuring portion of reflected or emitted electromagnetic radiation from earth’s surface by sensors onboard manmade satellites orbiting around the earth. The output of a remote sensing system is usually an image...
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Pseudo-chaotic sequence generation by Piece Wise Linear (PWL) maps and dependence of its properties on characteristics of PWL map

Navin Anwani
Chaos, which used to be one of the worst enemies of electrical engineers, is nowadays deliberately employed for secure communication. Such systems employing chaotic sequences are called as Chaotic Communication Systems. For ease of implementation pseudo chaotic sequences, generated by Piece-Wise Linear...
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Error Minimization For Language-Independent Speaker Identification System

Ajay Kumar Mishra, Amit Kaul
In this paper, error of intra-speaker speech of a language-independent speaker identification system is minimized. Well-known Mel Frequency Cepstral coefficients {MFCCs} have been used for feature extraction. The decision threshold is located at the point where the probabilities of both errors are equal....
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Smart wheel chair for physically handicapped people using tilt sensor and IEEE 802.15.4 standard protocol

Puneet Dobhal, Nishant Singh Bisht, Rajesh Singh, Bhupendra Singh, Shubham Murari
Approximately 6 million people in the world face the problem of disability due to paralysis of various degrees. Paralysis is caused by impairment of nervous system disabling the people from performing various common functions. This paper provides a wireless system that can be used by disabled people...
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Design and Analysis Of Extended C-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna For Wideband Application

D.K. Srivastava, Diwakar Singh, Amit Kumar Gupta, R.K. Prasad
This paper presents a survey of extended C-shaped Microstrip patch antenna. The extended C-shaped Microstrip antenna is designed and simulated using IE3D software Ver.15.2. The substrate thickness is taken as 1.6 mm, dielectric constant of 4.2, loss tangent of 0.0013. The obtained bandwidth is 31.15%,...
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Text Extraction and Recognition from an Image Using Image Processing In Matlab

Adesh Kumar, Pankil Ahuja, Rohit Seth
This project extracts the text from any image, including the famous number plate extraction and recognizes the text written. Text Extraction and recognition in general have quite a lot of relevant application for automatic indexing or information retrieval such document indexing, content-based image...
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Simulation And Analysis of 10 Gbps APD Receiver with Dispersion Compensation

Vyas Drasti Atul, Sheetal K Patel, Shailesh B Khant
In this paper, a scheme is suggested to improve the bit error rate. By increasing the length of fiber dispersion increase.. To reduce dispersion, different compensation techniques are used. In this paper, APD receiver is used. There are three things to compensate dispersion such as Dispersion Compensation...
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Tracking System For Atmospheric Data Monitoring Weather Balloon Interfaced With GPS And GSM

Nishant Singh Bisht, Pankaj Tiwari, Shashank Mishra, Rajesh Singh, Pawan Kumar Nanduri
Technology is getting advance day by day and it is providing the better life-style to human-beings. But when it comes to the safety and security of the people, the advancement of technology seems lacking. So as per the security and safety concern, the Global Positioning System (GPS) is a real innovation...
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Microstrip Patch Ante nna- A Historical Pe rspe ctive of the Developme nt

B.D. Patel
This paper presents a historical perspective of the development of microstrip antennas. A survey on microst ip antenna papers is conducted to evaluate the evolution of the research activity on the topic since the last 40 years. T he early years of the microstrip technology and microstrip antennas are...
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Integration of GPS/INS Navigation System with Application of Fuzzy Corrections

M. Raja, Harpreet Singh Sidhu,, N. Adhiyaman,Teja, A.K. Dharma
The integration of GPS/ INS based on Artificial Intelligence is presented.The data from GPS and Inertial Navigation System (INS) are used to construct a structured knowledge base consisting of behavior of INS in some special scenarios of vehicle motion. With the same data, the proposed fuzzy system is...
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Design And Simulation of Internal Multiband Planar Inverted- F Antenna For Mobile Terminals

Neha Singh, R.P.S Gangwar
A multiband double L shaped internal PIFA with a parasitic element for wireless terminal is presented. With the proposed design scheme, a 5-band internal antenna that covers WLAN 2.4 GHz/ Bluetooth, WiMAX(2.3-2.4GHz), WiBro(2.30-2.39 GHz),WLAN 5.2 GHz and WLAN 5.8 GHz is simulated using commercial electromagnetic...