Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Automation, Mechanical Control and Computational Engineering (AMCCE 2018)

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The construction of "smart campus" and the protection of students' privacy in the age of Internet of things

Hui Yan, Yuqi Zhang, Xinyan Fan, Qian Liu
Development momentum in recent years, the Internet of things technology, has become the important strategic development direction of information emerging industry in China. All walks of life increasingly widespread use of Internet of things technology, the Internet of things development prospect is bright....
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Small Sample Data Method Research on Reliability Modeling of Direct Reusing Electromechanical Servo System

Wenbin Ma, Jianhua Liu, Ziqiang Zhou
Servo motor is one of the high value-added mechanical and electrical products, The servomotor disassembled from the waste equipment can be reused after the performance index is verified. But there is always a doubt about its reliability in the process of reuse. Based on the Bayes reliability theory,...
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Research on Measurement and Estimation Method for Designed Size of Aviation Equipment Software

Shuang Liu, Ji Lian Guo, Anwei Shen
How to estimate the aviation equipment software size accurately is the precondition of carry out the estimating software R&D cost. This paper analysis the common case point method to estimate the software size. And then the paper point out three shortcomings of the method. That is the method can’t use...
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Research on Trusted Certification Mechanism of Sensing Layer of the Internet of Things

Chunzi Chen
The trusted certification scheme is an effective means to solve the network security problems. However, the existing scheme does not consider the trusted problems of the network and nodes of the sensing layer. Based on this, this paper proposes a trusted certification mechanism of Sensing Layer of the...
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Research on Trust Calculation Mechanism of Wireless Sensor Network of Internet of Things

Mo Li
For IoT WSN security, this paper proposes a flexible, reliable, safe and universal trust computation mechanism of WSN of IoT. According to the characteristics of IoT WSN and comprehensively considering the basic properties of trust calculation, design principle of trust calculation, this section proposes...
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An Overview of Vortex Extraction and Visualization in Flow Field

Huaihui Wang, Jianliang Cheng, Fei Wang, He Zhang
Vortex visualization in flow field plays an important role in scientific research and engineering practice. In recent years, many research achievements have been fulfilled, but there are still several crucial problems to solve. This paper summarized the methods of vortex extraction and visualization...
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Study on the prediction method of Off-Road Speed of Tracked Vehicles on Uneven Road

Yu Duan, Xin-yong Qiao, Huan Xie
Based on the multi-body dynamics model of tracked vehicle which has been tested and verified, the mathematical relationship between road roughness and speed is obtained by using the method of experiment design, approximation model and goal seeking, and the calculation method of off-road speed under the...
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Based on BIM Technology of Refined Construction Research on the Construction Application

Jifu Lu
BIM technology is a kind of simulation imaging technology, which has the characteristics of strong visibility, good coordination, and powerful graphics. Especially in the construction industry, this technology can make the construction of the project more efficient and has rapid results. When BIM technology...
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Research on Sliding Mode Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on MRAS

Suying Zhang, Yuelong Wang, Huixian Liu, Yue Meng, Mingzhao Li
The traditional permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) control system uses a mechanical sensor to detect the speed of the motor and the position of the rotor,the sensor is susceptible to the environment and reduces the reliability of the system.This paper uses a model reference adaptive system (MRAS)...
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Short-term traffic flow forecasting based on SVR

Yuanyuan Li, Weixiang Xu
This paper constructs a short-term traffic flow forecasting model based on SVR. First, the modified KNN algorithm is applied to achieve phase space reconstruction and get the input data of SVR. Then, the short-term traffic flow forecasting model is established. Finally, this model was tested and evaluation...
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Optimization of Robot Inverse Kinematics based on the Multi-joint-drive Speed Coordinated Energy Consumption Method

Enlei Chen, Changjun Liu
For the cascade five-degree-of-freedom inchworm-imitating bipedal climbing robot body mechanism, multiple kinematic inverse solutions maybe generated due to redundancy in the D-H kinematics modeling process. Therefore, an optimal kinematic inverse solution selection method based on energy consumption...
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Library Computer Database Management Application

Yingli Wang
The library is of great significance to the development of education in our country. Its management cannot be ignored. In the management of the library, the library computer database management is currently the most common and practical method. The author conducts research and analysis on the application...
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Research on Recognition Methods of underwater acoustic signal based on higher-order statistics

Zhenyu Li, Zhiqiang Chen, Bo Zhang, Zhihui Zhang, Ziyang Yu
In acoustic signal recognition problem, different analysis methods can extract different characteristics for the same goal. Good feature fusion methods can take advantage of different traits of each feature, complement each other ,remove redundancy, get more robust new features, and improve algorithm...
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IoT-based detection and support technology of surrounding rock in high-stress region

Luo Sun
In order to obtain the stability and stress data of the surrounding rock mass in the deep region of the mine, a reasonable support scheme and support parameters are adopted to reduce the degree of roadway deformation and damage in the deep region and reduce the cost of roadway maintenance. There are...
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A Binocular Display Augmented Reality Smart Helmet

Zehao Zhang, Lin Peng, Xingchuan Bao, Ling Zhu, Yu Xu, Jingwei Xiao
The intelligent dressing equipment, the important development direction of future mobile computing form smart helmet is one of the important equipment of intelligent wear equipment form, it is a multidisciplinary integrated embodiment of cutting-edge technology.This article mainly introduces the design...
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Research on Humanized Concept-based Design of College Apartment Air Drying Articles

Meng Zou, Ming Chen, Jianhua Lyu
In this paper, the research status of air drying articles design in college Apartments is analyzed, and functional impairment and design flaw in use are discussed; through the analysis of drying habit and drying function needs of college students, the college apartment air drying article is re-considered...
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Effect of Metal Ion Exchange Modification of Zeolite on Sulfide Removal Performance

LiJun Zhu, Chao Huang, Yongjie Wang, Xin-Feng Lv, Jia-Wei Huang, Yan Bai, Jinfeng Li, Xiao-Jin Huang
Copper-modified 13X Zeolite was prepared by impregnation of metal nitrate solution with ion exchange and combined with calcination, and its application in desulfurization of fuel oil was investigated. Different anions have a great influence on the performance of modified adsorbents. Chloride ions are...
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Parametric Design and Comparing Analysis of Mechanical Behavior of Circular Spherical Reticulated Shells

Xiaoyang Lu, Hao Zhang, Yaru Wang, Xiaoxiao Wang, Silu Xie
Taking the Jinan National Games Stadium as an example, according to the characteristics of the hoop-shaped spherical reticulated shell, the APDL language (Ansys Parametric Design Language) was used to program the parametric macro design of the single-layer reticulated shell, and the ANSYS software was...
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Research on Commercial Vehicle Electronic Stability Control

Changlu Zhang, Jingming Zhang, Hao Zhang, Chengqiang Zong, Hongwei Zhang
Based on the application of Electronic Stability Control in commercial vehicles, this paper proposes a control strategy on account of fuzzy PID control algorithm, and designs upper and lower double-layer controllers. The upper controller takes the error and change error of vehicle yaw rate as the input...
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Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation Strategy Based on Task Classification in Data Center

Hongjian Li, Shiwang Ding, Pengfei Zhang, Jun Lai
In view of the fact that the research on energy efficiency in data centers has not fully considered the heterogeneity of workload tasks, a data center resource allocation scheme based on task classification is proposed. Through cluster analysis, tasks are classified into subsets of similar resources...
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An Improved Method to Build a Circuit of Tor Hidden Service

Jiawei Liang, Yi Liu
Tor hidden service allows the hidden service provider to provide TCP service without revealing its location, protecting the anonymity of both client and server at the same time. The length of the hidden service circuit is one time longer than normal Tor circuit. Although tor hidden service ensures the...
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Automatic Test Case Generation for Simulation Training Software

Chunsheng Sun, Xiang Wei, Yanhong Dong
In the virtual training simulation software, users through graphical interfaces to fullfill in-formation exchange. By adopting the method of black box testing, treating the virtual training simula-tion software as a black box and input data to drive the software running, could test the interaction of...
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An Improved Anonymous Communication Forwarding Strategy

Jie Ling, Daxiang Zheng
Tor is one of the most widely used anonymous communication systems and has been studied by many researchers in recently years. Aiming at the disadvantages of the entry node and exit node of Tor anonymous communication circuit, this paper proposed a pseudo sender and pseudo receiver forwarding strategy...
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Salt Rock Underground Gas Caverns Risk Assessment Based on Fuzzy Math

Baoqun Wang, Lili Tao, Bi He
Use salt rock underground caverns to store gas is an important storage mode in China, effective risk management is the key to the success of this method. Aimed to risk management, the foundation work is risk assessment. Fuzzy math is an effective method for solve uncertainty problem just like risk assessment....
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Development of Salt Rock Underground Gas Caverns Risk Management Information System

Bi He, Baoqun Wang, Lili Tao
Use salt rock underground caverns to store gas is an important storage mode in China, effective risk management is the key to the success of this method. Aimed to risk management, a risk management system was designed and developed, at first, overall framework of the system was designed, and then, each...
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Modeling and Optimization for Maintenance Support Human Unit based on Multi-objective Constraint

Qiaoran Ran, Qiang Wang, Zheng Sun, Sheng Pang
Aiming at the personnel optimization problem exist in equipment maintenance support unit, the personnel optimization problem of support unit is studied in this paper. Firstly, the relation between the maintenance time and personnel quantity is analyzed, the multi-objective model of maintenance time and...
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Interference and Conflict Simulation of Left-turning Vehicle and Pedestrian Based on Cellular Automation

Xueyuan Wang, Xingqiang Zhang, Pan Chen
In order to analyze microscopic operating law of intersection mixed traffic flow, a coupled cellular model of the vehicle VDR model and the one-way pedestrian Blue model was presented. Based on the definition of pedestrian ??'vehicle interference area, vehicle ??'pedestrian interference area and the...
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The Analysis and Design of Data Sharing Platform for Universities Based on Blockchain Technology

Shengnan Wang, Xiyan Lv
With the developing of information technology, a large proportion of universities have accumulated lots of data, and individual data centers have been built. However, the data standards are inconsistent and formed lots of information islands objectively. So, the problem of data integration and data sharing...
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Research on Enterprise Network Topology Anomaly Detection Techniques

Yanxia Li, Kaikun Dong, Li Guo
At present,the enterprise network management system presents the network connections between nodes in the form of network topology,so that the network topology can be visualized.However,the enterprise network itself is complex.With the increase of enterprise business,the number of network nodes increases,resulting...
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Optimal application of unmanned aerial vehicle in disaster relief

Tianying Xie, Yantao Li
Based on the theory of optimization, this paper researches the route planning of multi unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) cooperative task and the task planning problem of multi UAV scheduling. In this paper, we set up a feature point location model based on the traditional base station location model, which...
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Similarity calculation based on Mongolian news corpus

Yaowen Gao, Feilong Bao, Guanglai Gao
Similarity calculation is an important part of new event detection and effective computation of text similarity can remove redundant information and improve the efficiency of users' query. The paper mainly studies the calculation of the similarity between the Mongolian news materials. Because of the...
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Research on the design of freeway toll station

Bo Sun, Fuchang Huo
With the increase of traffic flow, in order to improve capacity, the shape of the toll plaza, the size of the design has become particularly important, the toll plaza that can improve the capacity of toll booths, ease the congestion situation and reduce the traffic accident is more and more favored by...
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Scene Theme Extraction Based on Scene Lexicon

Fuping Yang, Yuke Bai
With the advent of the era of big data, the computing efficiency of computers has become higher and higher, and the artificial intelligence technology has been booming. These technologies have continuously developed to provide technical support for the text-to-scene conversion and brought new challenges...
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Design of Port Unattended Weighbridge System Based on Internet of Things

Weikeng Lin, Lei Huang
Trucks are one of the most important tools for port transportation. However, at present, many ports companies in China have a lower level of intelligence, even some port companies still use the on-site guidance methods of weighman to weigh. This kind of manual intervention has low efficiency, high error...
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Research and Design of Enterprise Data Resource System Architecture

Yuanhu Pan
The emergence of a new generation of information infrastructure, information technology and software technology platforms has provided a revolutionary driving force for the transformation of modern enterprise organizations, business process changes and service model innovation. Based on the theory of...
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Big data analysis based on the hotel online reviews

Haifei Qin, Xiaobo Ye
With the rapid development of network technology, self-service travel has already became more and more. Booking hotels with online reviews has become the choice of people. The paper takes the hotel's online review as the research object. From the research status of online reviews, according to the problem...
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A Review of Visual Salient Object Detection

Hai-shui Xu, Lin-yue Xia
Vision saliency detection has been applied in image preprocessing steps. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the research direction of image saliency detection and introduce the performance evaluation criteria and datasets of the model. Then investigated a variety of methods, introduced various...
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Research on Remote Monitoring System of Locomotive Signal Based on 4G Network

Jianhui Zhang
The railway locomotive signal is a signal installed in the locomotive driver's room to automatically reflect the operating conditions of the front of the train and instruct the driver's operation. It is very important to ensure the safety of the train. The traditional locomotive signal monitoring system...
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Research on the motion location of a substation inspection robot

Qiqi Zhao, Rong Liu, Ziwei Guo, Hao Zheng
A kind of inspection robot which can be applied to smart substation is introduced. Starting from the mechanical structure of mobile robot, the kinematics analysis model is established. Aiming at the characteristics of smart substation, a magnetic navigation system is designed, and the optimal path planning...
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“FOLO”: A Vision-Based Human-Following Robot

Evan Chen
The main challenge in following robot is solving the real-time user localization problem. In this paper we introduce our solution for it together with our whole robot system called “FOLO”. Using extra-tool (such as Bluetooth) may cause inconvenience in interaction; 3D detector plus tracker ID approaches...
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An Anti-collision Structure for Bridge Piers Made by Waste Container

Jinlong Liu, Jiequn Liu, Lei Zhu
An anti-collision structure for bridge piers made by waste containers is proposed in this article, which including waste containers and filling. The top of container is cut and removed, a number of containers arranged with different styles on the main route of rolling stones and in front of the bridge...
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Recommendation Algorithm Based on Restricted Boltzmann Machine and Item Type

Fan He, Na Li, Zhi-gang Zhang
Because of the sparsity of the ratings in the recommendation system, the calculation of the neighbors will be affected. The common method is to predict the missing ratings and calculate the neighbors with the prediction ratings. However, due to the deviation between prediction ratings and true ratings,...
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Recommended Algorithm of Latent Factor Model Fused with User Clustering

Junwei Ge, Chun Yang, Yiqiu Fang
To solve the problems of partial implicit feature information loss and long-time model training caused by matrix factorization on recommended algorithm of latent factor model (LFM), a recommended algorithm of user clustering fused with latent factor model is put forward. Firstly, the users’ preference...
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Mammogram classification method based on GMM and GLCM-PSO-PNN

Xiaojian Zhang, Chengjian Wei, Xili Wan
Facing the condition that the inefficient training of traditional classifiers in the classification process of mammography, a classification method is proposed combining image processing and supervised learning. Firstly, the improved adaptive median filter enhances the image contrast. Then, according...
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The Master Control System Design of Desalination

Hui Huang, Ruhe Zhao
This design uses a PLC-based control scheme and uses industrial Ethernet, modbus fieldbus, and distributed control hybrid networking techniques to complete the desalination master control system design.
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An evaluation system for urban growth

Wenjie Zheng
The paper focuses on establishing an effective evaluation system for smart urban growth plans. The system is subdivided into three subsystems which are Economically prosperous, socially Equitable, and Environmentally Sustainable. The paper sets up eleven indicators to reflect the subsystems. We make...
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Construction of Virtual Ship Simulation Practical Training Platform

Rukai Zhang
Under the influence of current education mode for maritime majors of china, it is a prevalent problem for vocational college that the deficiency of teaching-training vessel. In order that the problems of teaching and learning caused by the lack of teaching-training vessel was solved, the method of building...
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FPGA Implementations of 3D-SIMD Processor Architecture for Deep Neural Networks Using Relative Indexed Compressed Sparse Filter Encoding Format and Stacked Filters Stationary Flow

Yuechao Gao, Nianhong Liu, Sheng Zhang
It is a challenging task to deploy computationally and memory intensive State-of-the-art deep neural networks (DNNs) on embedded systems with limited hardware resources and power budgets. Recently developed techniques like Deep Compression make it possible to fit large DNNs, such as AlexNet and VGGNet,...
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Modeling of Turbine-Boiler Coordinated System Based on Online Support Vector Machine

Meihua Li, Changliang Liu
The simplified non-linear unit model not only can provide the inherent rules by control system design, but also can be use as a simulation process to evaluate the performance of the control algorithms. Using the nonlinear mapping characteristics of Online Support Vector Machine (Online SVM), the dynamic...
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Atomistic Modeling of Graphene/PANI Nanocomposite

Zhi Guo, Minhui Pan, Miao Zhang, Ningbo Liao
Understanding the structure properties of Graphene/PANI are important in developing polyaniline-based materials for different fields. In this study, the electronic property of Graphene/PANI are investigated by density functional theory. Analyses of the band structure and density of states indicated that...
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Research on Stiffness of Hydraulic Pad in Hydraulic Overload Protection System

Zhulin Zhang, Shuke Zhang, Jianhua Zhang, Zhigang Zhang, Qinhe Zhang
The hydraulic overload protection system is widely utilized with the advantages of high precision control, suitable for multi-point press and automatic reset. The stiffness of the hydraulic pad is a key factor affecting the corresponding performance. In contrast, the stiffness value of the hydraulic...
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Wagner model correction under stress

Xiaoqian Nie, Xian-Cheng Zhang
For components that work at high temperatures, the final failure of the components is caused by the complex conditions. Most of the existing life prediction models are based on the failure of the material to withstand creep damage, fatigue damage, and the interaction between the two. In fact, many engineering...
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Growth behavior of IMCs layer between Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu solder and Cu substrate during aging

Min Qu, Tianze Cao, Yan Cui, Fengbin Liu, Zhiwei Jiao
Growth behavior of intermetallic compounds (IMCs) layer between Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu solder and Cu substrate were studied during aging at 150 ?"? for 1 day, 3 days, 6 days, 8 days and 10 days, respectively. Results shows that the IMCs layer is scallop shape at aging stage, and the aspect ratio of scallop shape...
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Design of Wide Voltage and High Efficiency Equalization Charging Control System

Suping Li, Zaiwu Zhu, Huijiong Li
A dissipative equalization circuit system is designed in order to ensure battery performance and prolong battery life.The equalization circuit system has wide voltage and high efficiency performance. It achieved intelligent equalizing charging by comparing battery terminal voltage and the setting threshold...
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Visual Inertial SLAM System Based on Embedded Parallel Processing

Jianyue Zhang, Ge Li, Xuehe Zhang
Based on the embedded computing platform, we propose a visual inertial fusion SLAM system. The software algorithm combines the matching of monocular visual feature recognition and IMU measurement pre-integration algorithms. And the back-end uses tightly-integrated nonlinear optimization algorithms to...
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A weighted centroid localization algorithm based on RSSI adaptive value coupled with two norm improvements

Chao Cheng, Zhi-yang Jiang
This paper proposes an improved localization algorithm based on signal strength (RSSI) adaptive value and two norm. In the localization process of the algorithm, the RSSI values as a direction vector, meet is qualitative, additivity is homogeneous and times, the RSSI values as a function with the concept...
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Simulation Analysis of Absorptive Chaff Cloud Jamming Performance on Radar Wave

Jinheng Yang, Xing Wang, Xiaotian Wu, Xiaoxuan Dong
Absorptive chaff is a light and high-efficiency kind of passive jamming material, which can decline echo amplitude enemy detection that equipment receives largely scattered in the air, thus reducing the probability of being found and tracked by radar equipment. In this paper, the jamming performance...
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An Algorithm to Determine Driver’s Fatigue Driving According to Characteristic Parameters Based on the Theory of Rough Set Importance

Hongxu Chen, Yifeng Xue, Chen Xu, Xiaofan Wang, Longtao Pei, Yanhui Han
The driver's fatigue driving accounts for lots of traffic accidents. Through the study of the driver's behavior characteristics,we collect the steering wheel angle, angular velocity in real time, grip force and pluse through indoor simulation experiments.After calculation, we can get these parameters...
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The influence mechanism of UAV group on the detection performance of air defense radar

Zhiyu Zhou, Bin Rao, Xiaoxia Xie
This paper investigates the detection performance of densely unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) group on the air defense radar. The keystone is that multiple UAVs frequently fly in adjacent range resolution cell and usually locate in the same beam cell that inevitably has influence on the angle resolution...
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Construction of Data Parsing System Based on DGN File

Weiya Zhao, Jinghua Liu, Shicai Li
A efficient data sharing system can not only accelerate the process of software development, the software itself will also be able to compensate for possible vulnerabilities which can greatly improve the quality of software. This paper analyses the storage characteristics and encoding principle of ISFF...
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A Novel Flow Control Valve for POCT Chip based on Micro Rectangular Groove Array

Yang Xie, Zhiyuan Gao, Weiqing Cheng, Ming Li, Wei Han, Hui You
A novel flow control valve for point-of-care testing (POCT) chip, a micro rectangular groove array structure with capillary force as driving force, was proposed in this paper for the purposes of flowing controllable, spontaneous filling, low cost, and biological compatibility. The chip comprises two...
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A Moving Object Extraction Algorithm Based on Hybrid Background Subtraction and Pixel Mean Technique

Junxiang Chen, Xinghua Lu, Mingming Ye, Zhong Ming, Fang Zhou, Yulin Luo
In this paper, a moving object extraction algorithm based on hybrid background subtraction and pixel mean is proposed to solve the problem that the existing object extraction algorithm can not adapt to the moving environment. The algorithm operation process includes target location identification, domain...
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Research Progress of Cloud Computing Task Scheduling Technology

Xiuhuan Zang, Jin Sun, Jiantao Zhao, Wenjing Zeng
Cloud computing is a distributed computing model that enables developers to automatically deploy applications during task allocation and storage allocation. Cloud computing is the sharing of a virtual computer resource pool and the storage, storage and computing power of the device. In cloud computing...
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An Improved Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization Algorithm for Sphericity Error Evaluation

Yang Yang, Ming Li, JingJun Gu
In order to improve the accuracy and the convergence speed of the sphericity error, an improved teaching and learning algorithm is proposed to evaluate the sphericity error. Based on the basic teaching-learning-based optimization, the initial solution quality is improved by logistic chaotic initialization;...
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Optimization of Sandblasting Process of Complex 3D Surface Polishing Using Variable Viscoelastic Diamond Abrasive Particles

Junghua Tung, Chengshun Chen, Wenyu Zhao, Cher-Ming Tan
This paper reports a type of abrasive polish method. Controlling the environmental aqueous rust inhibitor content can change its viscoelasticity to adhere diamond particles on polymer materials. Using the sandblasting mechanism, the elastic abrasive with fine diamond particles adhered to them collides...
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Helicopter Flight Dynamics Modeling and Visual Simulation

Yuan Su, Yuanyuan Huang, Shuai Nie, Jinling Wang, Yihua Cao, Huanyue Wang
The flight dynamics modeling for helicopter is playing an important role in helicopter design and flight performance analysis. This paper presents aerodynamic models for helicopter components, and the process of constructing aerodynamic model for main rotor is described in detail. When establishing the...
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Study on Ejecting Characteristics of Gas Gun Gas-Gas Super-ejector Combustor

Yijun Dong, Qingping Wang, Yali Zhou
Aiming at the low success rate of gun firing with gas gun in the airport, the launch characteristics of gas-gas ejector were studied based on Fluent software to improve the ejection performance. Through the multivariate statistical analysis model, the single-value influence curve of each structural parameter...
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A New Cleaning Robot for Glass Curtain Wall of City

Junyi Lu, Dong Zhu
To solve the problem of artificial scrubbing the glass curtain wall, such as large investment, high risk, high difficulty, based on the structure of telescopic fence, this paper has designed a new glass curtain wall cleaning robot, with a simple structure, convenient operation, safe, reliable and high...
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Numerical Simulation of Laser Welding of Thin-wall Aluminum Alloy

Wei Duan, Ting Jiang, Lihong Zhou
The simulation of thin-walled aluminum alloy laser welding was carried out in this paper. It is analyzed for the temperature field of thin-walled aluminum alloy laser welding in various laser power and scan speed. The simulation results show that with the increase of laser power, the area of heat affected...
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A research on the security of wisdom campus based on geospatial big data

Haiying Wang
There are some difficulties in wisdom campus, such as geospatial big data sharing, function expansion, data management, analysis and mining geospatial big data for a characteristic, especially the problem of data security can't guarantee cause prominent attention increasingly. In this article we put...
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Remote multi-function fire alarm system based on Internet of things

Lihui Wang, Shuai Zhao, Jianqing Huang, Jianyu Ji
This project uses MCU STC15W408AS (stable, energy saving, high speed), temperature sensor DS18B20 (cheap, high efficiency, stable), MQ2 resistance type semiconductor smog sensor (high stability, fast response and economy) and NRF24L01 wireless transmitting and receiving module (energy saving, small volume,...
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A Multi-Layer Steganographic method Based on Audio Time Domain Segmented and Network Steganography

Pengfei Xue, Hanlin Liu, Jingsong Hu, Ronggui Hu
Both audio steganography and network steganography are belong to modern steganography. Audio steganography has a large capacity. Network steganography is difficult to detect or track. In this paper, a multi-layer steganographic method based on the collaboration of them (MLS-ATDSS&NS) is proposed. MLS-ATDSS&NS...
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A Test of Performance Comparison of Multifunctional High-speed Highway Condition Monitors

Nan Chen, Yongyan Yu, Huayange He
This paper is involed in a test of performance comparison of multifunctional high-speed highway condition monitors. Data of rut, IRI and crackings has been collected and analysis of variation coefficient and correlation has also been analyzed. A significant difference of all samples is revealed in the...
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Application and Research of Recyclable Cables in Foundation Pit Support Engineering

Suping Zheng
Anchoring cables are widely used in the construction of foundation pit as a temporary support structure. After the construction is completed, the anchor cables left in the ground will not only cause environmental pollution but also cause a great waste of resources. The emergence of recyclable cable technology,...
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Prediction of welding shrinkage deformation of bridge steel box girder based on Wavelet Neural Network

Yulong Tao, Yunshui Miao, Jiaqi Han, Feiyun Yan
Aiming at the low accuracy of traditional forecasting methods such as linear regression method, this paper presents a prediction method for predicting the relationship between bridge steel box girder and its displacement with wavelet neural network. Compared with traditional forecasting methods, this...
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Simulation and Analysis of Main Steam Control System Based on Heat Transfer Calculation

Zhenqun Huang, Ruyan Li, Zhongbao Feng, Songhan Wang, Wenbo Li, Jiwei Cheng, Yingai JIN
In this paper, after thermal power plant 300MW boiler was studied, matlab was used to write calculation program about heat transfer process between the main steam and boiler flue gas and a mount of water was calculated to ensure the main steam temperature keeping in target temperature. Then heat transfer...
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Frame Prediction Using Recurrent Convolutional Encoder with Residual Learning

Bo-xuan Yue, Jun Liang
The prediction for the frame of a video is difficult but in urgent need in auto-driving. Conventional methods can only predict some abstract trends of the region of interest. The boom of deep learning makes the prediction for frames possible. In this paper, we propose a novel recurrent convolutional...
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Study on Text Mining Algorithm for Ultrasound Examination of Chronic Liver Diseases Based on Spectral Clustering

Bingguo Chang, Xiaofei Chen
Ultrasonography is an important examination for the diagnosis of chronic liver disease. The doctor gives the liver indicators and suggests the patient’s condition according to the description of ultrasound report. With the rapid increase in the amount of data of ultrasound report, the workload of professional...
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Comparative Research of Redundant Strapdown Inertial Navigation System Based on Different Configuration Schemes

Yuting Yu, Ming Cheng
Aiming at various configuration scheme and inertial measurement units of Strapdown Inertial Navigation System, selected tetrahedron skew configuration and coaxial orthogonal configuration by nine low cost IMU to build system. Calculation and simulation the performance index, reliability and fault diagnosis...
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Study on Chemical Reactions of Ions and Neutral Particles on the Wall with DSMC Method

Yongyuan Su, Jie Li, Zhenglei Fan
Plasma plumes exist widely in the electric propulsion systems. Neutral particles, ions, and metal particles are included in the flow field. Complex collisions occur between the particles. Particles will collide with the wall surface when they move towards the wall, then some particles will reflect back,...
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Quantitative Evaluation Research of Value for Money of PPP Projects for Logistics Parks in Ethnic Areas

Yifan Zhang, Lei Jiang, Luzi Zhang, Huining Hu, Jie Zhang, Haoran Zhou
The PPP model, a new financing model emerged after the 1990s, refers to jointly provide public products or services to the public sector through the establishment of partnerships between the public sector and the private sector. However, the PPP model is only one of the choices for supply of infrastructure...
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Research on the Operation Mode of PPP Project for Logistics Park in the Ethnic Regions

Qiushi Zhao, Lei Jiang, Zhi Zhao, Yaqi Liu, Bin Yi, Yadong Liu
The PPP is just the mode of public-private partnership, referring to the long-term partnership established between the government and the social capital to provide the public products or services, with typical form of organizing a special project company by the government and the social capital based...
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Design of Teaching Resource Management Platform Based on MVC

Hao Rao, Yonglun Gu
The teaching resource management platform based on MVC mode was designed by PHP and MySQL to combine Internet technology with traditional teaching. The platform includes three modules: online learning, resource management and user management. It realizes user online video learning and information exchange,...
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On the Safety Assessment for the Collision Risk Between the Civilian and Military Airplanes

Jiacheng Ma, Jianbo Wang
This paper is mainly aimed at making an assessment of the flying collision risks between the military and civilian flights. The collision risk model of military training airspace and civil flight route was constructed based on the study and research of the collision risk of civil flight Event model....
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Research on Planning Methods of Three-dimensional tactical airspace

Jianbo Wang, Jiacheng Ma
Three-dimensional tactical training Airspace planning is a complex combinatorial optimization problem. It is very important to construct the corresponding model and design the efficient and fast algorithm to improve the efficiency of airspace utilization and training. Aiming at the characteristics of...
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Networked Bridge Deflection Monitor Platform Design

Dandan Zhang, Hongwei Zhao, Yunfeng Song
To facilitate bridge managers to monitor real time bridge safety level and then conduct in-time handling and reporting, this study utilized real time bridge deflection data from MCU and informational circumstance of a combination of mobile terminals and computers to establish a database of basic bridge...
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Discrete System Modeling for Large Ship Subsection Welding Workshop Based on Plant Simulation

Peng Xu, Wei Fu, Qi Liu, Yunshan Cui, Qiong Wu
Discrete System Modeling for Large Ship Subsection Welding Workshop Based on Plant Simulation, Plant Simulation software was used to simulate the discrete system. This paper introduces in detail the process flow of the production line in a shipyard for substation welding and intelligent transformation...
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Simulation of 3D Cutting Process of SiCp/Al Composites

Kai Yang, Qingfei Jiang, Xueyan Ma, Xiaodong Xia
Considering that it is difficult to obtain accurate results for 2D cutting simulation of SiCp/Al composites, a 3D cutting simulation model for SiCp/Al composites was established by using finite element analysis software ABAQUS. In this paper, material properties are assigned to Al-based and SIC particles...
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A Hierarchical Neural Abstractive Summarization with Self-Attention Mechanism

WeiJun Yang, ZhiCheng Tang, XinHuai Tang
Recently, the attentional seq2seq model had made a remarkable progress on the abstractive summarization. But most of these models do not considers the relation between original sentences, which is the important feature in extractive method. In this work, we proposed a Hierarchical Neural model to address...
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Genetic Algorithm Theory and Its Application

Shaojun Yi, Shengliang Zou
Genetic Algorithm (GA) is a very effective optimization solution method. It can provide faster and better results than some traditional optimization methods for the control structures and control functions in the control field. It can be said that the intelligent connection of GA and CAD software packages...
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Research and Analysis of Mathematical Model for photo voltaic Power Generation Network

Longsong Duan, Delong Wan
With the development of solar power generation, the research of high-power photo voltaic grid-connected systems has become a hot topic. The establishment of mathematical models for photo voltaic arrays and photo voltaic grid-connected converters has important research on photo voltaic grid-connected...
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Research on Finite Element Method Based on Point Model

Shengliang Zou, Shaojun Yi
This paper mainly introduces the application of nonlinear finite element method in dynamic simulation based on point model. In this paper, based on the traditional nonlinear finite method, the method of optimizing the tetrahedral mesh is proposed, and the mathematical model and calculation method that...
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Multi-role collaborative fire drill simulation with smoke risk evaluation

Chen Lin, Xiaobin Lin
Fire is one of the major disasters that often happen in the cities. It causes serious economic losses and casualties. Smoke is the main cause of death in fire and it is difficult to be simulated in the traditional way of fire drill. A multi-role collaborative fire drill simulation system was developed...
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Research on Integration Mechanism of High-end Manufacturing Industry and High-end Service Industry

Jun Xu, Xingcheng Ge
At present, the global industrial structure begins to shift from industrial economy to service-oriented economy, and gradually develop high-end service industry into an important pillar industry of a country. Due to the relationship between high-end service industry and high-end manufacturing industry,...
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Design of Remote Virtual Experiment System of SCM Based on C/S

Guangfeng Chen, Linxia Wang, Xiangping Yang, Siyuan Cheng
Due to the limitation of laboratory equipment in SCM experiment teaching, this paper designs a C/S based remote virtual experiment system for SCM education. The user enters the experimental information on the client experiment page. The virtual experiment server receives the experimental information...
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An Adaptive Chinese Word Segmentation Method

Zhi Yuan
Due to the limitations of the field of training corpus, the Chinese word segmentation based on statistic results in poor self-adaptability in the field. In view of the difficulty of obtaining large-scale annotation corpus in the target area, this paper proposes an area adaptation method that combines...
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Chinese Font Recognition Based on Convolution Neural Network

Yifan Chang
In the traditional OCR text recognition system, recognition rate is low with many errors.Also, it can not effectively identify the different text fonts. It’s a long-standing problem. Modern text recognition system should be for different fonts within accuracy to identify the text and font information....
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Emotional Analysis Oriented to Short Texts

Jiewei Luo
With the development of the mobile Internet, short subjective information such as Weibo comments and product reviews has been rapidly increasing, and massive textual information makes manual management more and more difficult. This paper takes the short text as the research object to analyze the emotion....
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A FP-CNN method for aircraft fault prognostics

Zhiyu Chen, Lihong Shang, Mi Zhou
Predicting the status of flight vehicle in advance can have huge advantages in maintenance and early warning areas. Accurate forecast helps reduce maintenance costs and improve safety during the aircraft's life cycle. Combining the ability of convolutional neural network to extract features of different...
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Variation of Compressive Strength of Fresh and Precast Concrete in 3 Years in Sulfate

Xiaoxu Yu, Jingshu Zhang, Xinmian Li, Qingyou Dong, Yinhua Zhang
We conducted an immersion test for fresh and precast concrete in Na2SO4 solution of 5 g/L over 3 years. The water-to-binder ratio is 0.50 and the proportions of fly ash are 0-35%. The descent rate of compressive strength curve is regarded as the criterion, and the conclusions are as follows: (1) For...