International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

Volume 1, Issue 2, May 2008
Research Article

1. New Vector Ordering in the RedGreenBlue Colour Model with Application to Morphological Image Magnification

Valérie de Witte, Stefan Schulte, Etienne E. Kerre
Pages: 103 - 115
In this paper we present a new vector ordering ≤RGB for colours modelled in the RedGreenBlue colour model. The RedGreenBlue colour model becomes with this new ordering and associated minimum and maximum operators a complete lattice. We also have defined a complement co for colours in the RedGreenBlue...
Research Article

2. Language Identification of Kannada, Hindi and English Text Words Through Visual Discriminating Features

M.C. Padma, P.A. Vijaya
Pages: 116 - 126
In a multilingual country like India, a document may contain text words in more than one language. For a multilingual environment, multi lingual Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system is needed to read the multilingual documents. So, it is necessary to identify different language regions of the document...
Research Article

3. Online Feature Selection for Classifying Emphysema in HRCT Images

M. Prasad
Pages: 127 - 133
Feature subset selection, applied as a pre- processing step to machine learning, is valuable in dimensionality reduction, eliminating irrelevant data and improving classifier performance. In the classic formulation of the feature selection problem, it is assumed that all the features are available at...
Research Article

4. An application of effective genetic algorithms for Solving Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problems

Cengiz Kahraman, Orhan Engin, Ihsan Kaya, Mustafa Kerim Yilmaz
Pages: 134 - 147
This paper addresses the Hybrid Flow Shop (HFS) scheduling problems to minimize the makespan value. In recent years, much attention is given to heuristic and search techniques. Genetic algorithms (GAs) are also known as efficient heuristic and search techniques. This paper proposes an efficient genetic...
Research Article

5. A Linguistic Multigranular Sensory Evaluation Model for Olive Oil

Luis Martinez, Macarena Espinilla, Luis G. Perez
Pages: 148 - 158
Evaluation is a process that analyzes elements in order to achieve different objectives such as quality inspection, marketing and other fields in industrial companies. This paper focuses on sensory evaluation where the evaluated items are assessed by a panel of experts according to the knowledge acquired...
Review Article

6. Clinical Decision Support Systems: a Review of Knowledge Representation and Inference under Uncertainties

Guilan Kong, Dong-Ling Xu, Jian-Bo Yang
Pages: 159 - 167
This paper provides a literature review in clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) with a focus on the way knowledge bases are constructed, and how inference mechanisms and group decision making methods are used in CDSSs. Particular attention is paid to the uncertainty handling capability of the commonly...
Research Article

7. Artificial Immune Networks: Models and Applications

Xian Shen, X.Z. Gao, Roufang Bie
Pages: 168 - 176
Artificial Immune Systems (AIS), which is inspired by the nature immune system, has been applied for solving complex computational problems in classification, pattern rec- ognition, and optimization. In this paper, the theory of the natural immune system is first briefly introduced. Next, we compare...
Research Article

8. Set-Valued Stochastic Lebesque Integral and Representation Theorems

Jungang Li, Shoumei Li
Pages: 177 - 187
In this paper, we shall firstly illustrate why we should introduce set-valued stochastic integrals, and then we shall discuss some properties of set-valued stochastic processes and the relation between a set-valued stochastic process and its selection set. After recalling the Aumann type definition of...
Research Article

9. A Comparative Study of Various Probability Density Estimation Methods for Data Analysis

Alex Assenza, Maurizio Valle, Michel Verleysen
Pages: 188 - 201
Probability density estimation (PDF) is a task of primary importance in many contexts, including Bayesian learning and novelty detection. Despite the wide variety of methods at disposal to estimate PDF, only a few of them are widely used in practice by data analysts. Among the most used methods are the...