International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

Volume 8, Issue Supplement 2, December 2015

Hybrid Systems for Analytics


1. Editorial

Pavel Anselmo Alvarez, Rafael Bello Perez
Pages: 1 - 2
Review Article

2. Feature Selection for Multi-label Learning: A Systematic Literature Review and Some Experimental Evaluations

Newton Spolaôr, Huei Diana Lee, Weber Shoity Resende Takaki, Feng Chung Wu
Pages: 3 - 15
Feature selection can remove non-important features from the data and promote better classifiers. This task, when applied to multi-label data where each instance is associated with a set of labels, supports emerging applications. Although multi-label data usually exhibit label relations, label dependence...
Research Article

3. Gray Scale Edge Detection using Interval-Valued Fuzzy Relations

Agustina Bouchet, Pelayo Quirós, Pedro Alonso, Virginia Ballarin, Irene Díaz, Susana Montes
Pages: 16 - 27
Gray scale edge detection can be modeled using Fuzzy Sets and, in particular, Interval-Valued Fuzzy Sets. This work is focused on studying the performance of several Interval-Valued Fuzzy Sets construction methods for detecting edges in a gray scale image. These construction methods are based on considering...
Research Article

4. Signal Feature Extraction Using Granular Computing. Comparative Analysis with Frequency and Time Descriptors Applied to Dynamic Laser Speckle Patterns

Ana L. Dai Pra, Lucia I. Passoni, G. Hernan Sendra, Marcelo Trivi, Hector J. Rabal
Pages: 28 - 40
The laser dynamic speckle is a phenomenon caused by the fluctuant interference of the laser light reflected from an illuminated surface where some kind of activity is taking place. Signals generated by the intensity changes in each pixel through the sequence are processed with the finality of identifying...
Research Article

5. Portfolio Optimization From a Set of Preference Ordered Projects Using an Ant Colony Based Multi-objective Approach

S. Samantha Bastiani, Laura Cruz-Reyes, Eduardo Fernandez, Claudia Gomez
Pages: 41 - 53
In this paper, a good portfolio is found through an ant colony algorithm (including a local search) that approximates the Pareto front regarding some kind of project categorization, cardinalities, discrepancies with priorities given by the ranking, and the average rank of supported projects; this approach...
Research Article

6. Archimedean-Compensatory Fuzzy Logic Systems

Rafael A. Espin-Andrade, Erick González Caballero, Witold Pedrycz, Eduardo R. Fernández González
Pages: 54 - 62
The paper aims to define a new kind of logic, referred to as Archimedean-Compensatory Logic, which is constructed from the unification of two different fuzzy logic systems, namely a continuous Archimedean fuzzy logic and a compensatory fuzzy logic. The paper introduces basic definitions and properties...
Research Article

7. Bootstrap Kuiper Testing of the Identity of 1D Continuous Distributions using Fuzzy Samples

Natalia Nikolova, Shuhong Chai, Snejana D. Ivanova, Krasimir Kolev, Kiril Tenekedjiev
Pages: 63 - 75
This paper aims to statistically test the null hypothesis for identity of the probability distribution of one-dimensional (1D) continuous parameters in two different populations, presented by fuzzy samples of i.i.d. observations. A degree of membership to the corresponding population is assigned to any...