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Response of Insects to the Light and Coloured Sticky Traps

A. Kardinan, P. Maris
Research regarding response of insects to the light and coloured sticky traps have been done in fruit and red chili garden in Sumedang and Lembang area. The coloured sticky traps consisted of transparent, grey, brown, black, red, yellow, green, blue, and white were placed at fruit and red chili garden,...
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Biodiversity Support and Ecotourism for Local Economic Development of Margasari Village – East Lampung District - Indonesia

Endang L. Widiastuti, Henni W. Maharani, Harnes Abrini
Mangrove is known to be a greenbelt of the coast with its function not only for the physical and chemical processes along the coast line affected by sea-and fresh-water current but also functioning as habitat for many animals, including migratory birds. Mangrove in Margasari village or Lampung Mangrove...

Wedding Procession of Sasak Ethnic Group as Presented in the Cilokaq Text Titled ‘Ngiring Penganten’ (The Bridal Parade): A Review Based on Dilthey’s Hermeneutics

Rapi Renda, Sumaryadi, Hanifa Sa’diyah
This research is aimed at describing the marriage custom procession of Sasak Ethnic group in Lombok, Indonesia which is represented in the modern cilokaq text titled ‘Ngiring Penganten’ (The Bridal Parade). The data on the ethnic wedding procession of Sasak ethnic group in Lombok island which are represented...

Inputs Acquisition Process in Spiritual-Based MCS

A Study in a Chinese Indonesian Company in Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia

Charoline Cheisviyanny, Sany Dwita, Herlina Helmy
This research aims to explore the inputs acquisition process in spiritual-based MCS. It was an interpretive case study in a Chinese Indonesia company in Padang which produces cassava chips and pure coconut milk. The data collection methods were interviews, observations, and documentations. We interviewed...

Digital-Era Government (DEG): Policy Analysis in Government West Bandung Regency, Indonesia

The main problem of implementing e-government in West Bandung Regency: technically the website through its features cannot be accessed perfectly; Human resource competence is still limited, and community response is still limited. The purpose of this study is to identify and explain the implementation,...
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Research On Credit Guarantee Problems In Small And Micro Enterprises’ Credit Financing

Xiaoyan Guo, Jing Wang, Fang Wang
Development of small and micro enterprises plays an important role in solving problems of employment and promoting economic development. However, in development process of small and micro enterprises, there are still many problems. First of all, financing difficulty stands in the breach. Since small...
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Application Of Humanity Idea To Foreign Language Teaching

Ting Han
Via analyzing ideas related to humanity, this thesis makes reflection of humanity in our foreign language teaching clear, proposes the new thought that humanity idea is introduced to practice of foreign language teaching and discusses implementation strategies by which humanity idea is applied to foreign...
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Bottleneck for Rural Enterprises to Implement Intelligent Management and its Breakthrough

Shengjun Li
In the modern society, the enterprise mode is changing greatly, and the enterprise management has stepped toward the intelligent management, in some sense, the enterprise intelligent management is an inevitable trend for the enterprises to achieve self-perfection and update. In recent years, the rural...
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Analysis on Dispute of Sovereignty of the Diaoyu Island in the Horizon of International Law

Zhi Li
Although Diaoyu Island is just a small island, it arises the sovereignty dispute between China and Japan, and both sides claim for that they have sovereignty to Diaoyu Island. Until 2012 when the issue on sovereignty of the Diaoyu Island became out of hand due to the so-called island purchase by Japan,...
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Sense of Times and Aesthetic Characteristics of Modern Book Decoration Design

Dan Liu
The modern book decoration design is a comprehensive category of art, which is an important part in the books and expresses the creation connotation of books in an artistic form, and strengthen the original artistic flavor in the books through the modern decoration design, making the readers can feel...
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Humanistic Care in Ideological and Political Education of College Students and Its Realization Path

Lei Lu
The ideological and political education of college students is a focus issue concerned by colleges and the colleges should comprehensively strengthen the cultivation of the humanistic quality of college students to make their overall scientific and cultural quality develop freely. This development concept...
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Research on Effectiveness of Digital Multimedia Technology to the Improving of Artistic Design Teaching

Yingying Ma
The artistic design teaching does not only have the affective thinking, but is also creative, with quite a high requirement for the vision and consciousness of human beings. The digital multimedia technology has a great effect to improve the effectiveness of artistic design, which can stimulate various...
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Discussion on Method of Improving the Accuracy of Electric Energy Metering

Yanhua Ning, Xinru Cai
With the progress of electric power technology in China, the electric power enterprises pay more and more attention to the accuracy of electric energy metering because it cannot only affect the efficient utilization of electric power resources, but also affect the economic benefits of electric power...
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Development and Research of Investment Financing Demand based on National Investment Boom

Li Peng
As most urban households in China lack of in-depth understanding of financial market, they cannot complete the stock and futures investment independently. Thus, more and more people choose to invest in the financing product developed by the bank because such financial product is of less risks compared...
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Translation of French Commentaries From the Aspect of Functional Translation Theory-Taking Jingjiang Seignior's Tomb in Guilin as an example

Qiongfang Qin
As an international tourism resort, Guilin is always a preferred choice for French tourists. They not just greatly admire the beautiful landscapes in Guilin, but also speak highly of the historical cultural relics here. The Jingjiang Seignior’s Tomb in the suburb of Guilin is not just the representative...
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Artistic Expression of Urban Community Landscape Color

Hongxia Wang, Huijing Wang, Xiaomin Hu
Many people are fond of and appreciate dwelling environment with simple colors. At the same time, the research on urban community color and landscape is of important significance for the present urban community development and construction practices in China. Based on the statement on significance of...
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Research on Landscape Design from the Perspective of Regional Culture

Huijing Wang, Hongxia Wang
Regional culture is creation source of landscape design. We should have a correct understanding of connotation of regional culture and landscape design, specify relations between regional culture and landscape design, combine development characteristics of landscape design in China, adhere to the principle...
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How Do Basic Computer Courses In Colleges Improve Students’ Interest

Xin Wang, Lei Guo
Information era makes computer be popularized largely and its related knowledge must be mastered for students. Therefore, basic education of computer is a required course for all colleges and all majors. However, such courses do not receive ideal effect. Besides, most students lack interest and initiative...
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Cause Analysis on Deficiency of Humanistic Education in English Teaching

Xin Wang
In essence, the English teaching process in colleges and universities is a learning process of foreign language culture. Teachers in colleges and universities just use this learning process to penetrate humanistic education into English teaching and to integrate with it, so as to help students to improve...
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Research on Core Strength Training Practice in Basketball Sports

Xiangyang Xie
The core strength training in basketball sports is an important and key training task and relates to many technical action levels. Therefore, the core strength should be trained specially and effectively in basketball sports, so as to make basketball players have solid body posture, do the coordination...
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Officials Training Trend and Corresponding Enlightenment in Late Qing Dynasty

Baoan Xu
The officials training trend in late Qing Dynasty was started in the westernization movement period, and primarily developed in Wuxu Reform period, culminated in the earlier stage of new policies movement in latter Qing Dynasty, and gradually declined after 1906. It is necessary to think about the relations...
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Brief Analysis on the Financing Structure of the Listed Companies

Xia Yue
There are lots of legal financing channels for listed companies, and the financing structure of the listed companies varies from their corresponding operations. However, internal financing, bond financing, and equity financing account for certain proportion in the better financing structure combination....
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Selection Of Paths Improving College English Teachers’ Humanistic Quality

Wei Zhang
In colleges’ English teaching, teachers play a critical role and their humanistic quality has significant impacts on students’ growth and the whole teaching activity. Currently, overall situation of Chinese college English teachers’ humanistic quality is good, while there are some parts that need be...
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Application and Prospect of Digital Technology in Animation Production

Yan Zhang
As a unique artistic category in film art, animation undergoes history of development from silent to sound, from black & white to color, from film to digital and from two-dimension to three-dimension. In its development course, animation production technology opens up a wide expression stage for animation...
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Research on Financial Ecological Environmental Assessment Index System of Technical Innovation Investment and Financing

Juan Zhao
We should take investment and financing subjects of technical innovation (i.e. the government, financial institutions and technologically innovative enterprises) as the starting point, take technologically innovative enterprises as the center of the investment and financing financial ecological environmental...
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Multiple Themes under the First-person’s Perspective - On Roland’s Green House

Fagen Zhong
Taking Roland’s Green House as the object of study, this paper has an intensive reading of the text of this work to analyze its theme. From three perspectives, this paper thoughts it contains the themes in three aspects. First are the contradictions between the nature and artificiality, natural instincts...
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Research on Vehicle Scheduling Optimization Problem of Dangerous Goods Transportation under Single Distribution Center based on Security

Kun Zou, Jin Du
Since the 21st century, with the continuous economic growth, the demand for dangerous chemicals has been growing and its safe transportation problem has drawn close attention of the society and government. This paper systematically elaborates the research status of vehicle scheduling optimization problem...
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Analysis of Chemical Kinetics Simulation of the Removal of Formaldehyde in Dielectric Barrier Discharge

Yaping Li
This paper mainly analyzes chemical kinetics simulation of the removal of formaldehyde (HCHO) in atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge, builds a time-space average model, and verifies relevant results through experiment. Changes in concentration of various substances with discharge time are analyzed...
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Inspiration of Gordon Music Teaching Theory on China’s Current Music Education

Enzhe Guo
Gordon is a well-known American music educator and psychologist, and is a music master who enjoys equal popularity with Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze and Suzuki, and has great impacts on international music education field. Based on this, this paper discusses about the inspiration of Gordon music teaching theory...
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A Research on Job Burnout of Archives Management Personnel in Colleges and Universities

Xiaohui Dai
The questionnaire method, statistical method and interviewing method are mainly used for a research on job burnout conditions of archives management personnel in colleges and universities. According to the research results, job burnout is an objective issue for archives management personnel in colleges...
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On Status and Authority of Constitution in China’s Legal System

Jianwei Liu, Liya Su
The fundamental law in the legal system of a country is constitution which has sovereign legal status and legal force. It is a core law in national legal system. So, it should own supreme legal authority. Other laws, regulations and policies in a country should not conflict with the constitution, or...
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Study on Wuliangye microblog marketing strategy based on 5W model

Kui Yu
As microblog is widely applied, large quantities of liquor enterprises also adopt this platform for marketing, in the hope of helping liquor enterprises walk out of the plight. This paper discusses Wuliangye microblog marketing strategy under such background, analyzes the necessity and current situation...
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Exploration and Practice of Promotion of School Affairs Disclosure System in Secondary Schools of Colleges

Chunya Xu
The secondary schools are an important part of colleges and of important realistic significance in universities. The promotion of school affairs disclosure system reform in secondary schools of colleges is an important measure of promoting the “rule of law and democratic management” policy and also an...
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Discussions on Improvement Strategies of Performance Management of Teachers in Universities and Colleges

Pinhong Zeng
Performance management of teachers in universities and colleges is the core work of performance management in colleges and universities, while performance management is the basic work of human resource management in colleges and universities. Currently, the most important issue in university management...
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Establishment and Implementation Approach of Full-course Developmental Employment Guidance Mode in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Yali Dai
This paper establishes a full-course developmental employment guidance mode focusing on the integrated development of students under the guidance of career guidance theory, which is phased, highlights key points, connection and process and runs through the college life. It aims at excavating subjective...
Proceedings Article

Analysis on Educational Function of Tourism Development

Yali Dai
With the development of Chinese economy, the living standard of people has constantly improved. Therefore, tourism becomes an indispensable activity in the life of modern people. In the traveling process, both the mind and body of people enjoy beauty; meanwhile, they also receive certain education due...
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Discussions on Introduction of Abstract Painting in Apparel Design

Ying Dai
The combination of painting art and apparel design has a long history. More artistic thinking methods are added in the current apparel design so as to render personal feelings. Various artistic concepts of abstract painting play an important role in promoting the development of apparel design. In terms...
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Role of Ideological and Political Education in Career Education of College Students

Min Fan
Currently, more and more people pay high attention to career education of college students. Ideological and political education becomes a vital constituent part of career planning education and plays a vital role in the implementation of career education of college students. This paper analyzes the status...


Vahid Seydi Ghomsheh, Mohamad Teshnehlab, Mahdi Aliyari Shoorehdeli, Mojtaba Ahmadieh Khanesar
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(WITHDRAWN) Literature Review of International Service Trade Barriers

Yanping Zhao
This article review the selection of service trade barriers, quantitative method, the estimation method and the economic impact modeling of the barriers eliminating. Exploring the barriers index construction, the influence of the economic growth of the benefits and costs,when eliminate service trade...

Research on Purchase Order Allocation under Uncertainty of Supply

Li Yan
Supply uncertainty has a significant impact on the overall supply chain. In this paper, we study the supply chain model of one producer and two suppliers, and establish the expected cost function of the producer and supplier. The change of the total cost of procurement supply chain and the optimal order...

Cross - shareholding Analysis of China 's Listed Companies by Sector based on Social Network Perspective

Huifang Fei, Canzhong Yao
Taking the cross shareholdings(CSH) A-share firms from Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets from 2006 to 2014 as research samples, this study constructs corporate network and industrial network of CSH from the perspective of social network. QAP analysis is used to explore the influence factors of industry...

A Case Study on the Spatial Panel Data Model : Factors of China Marine Economy Development

Mianmian Hong
Entering the 21st century, China's marine economy has been experiencing rapid development, and the spatial structure of coastal city's marine economy has also changed significantly. This paper, introducing the term "geospatial", chooses a selection of index, with consideration of spatial effects, regarding...

Construction of Innovative Teaching System and Mode for Mechanical Principle Course Facing Ability Target of International Engineering Education

Yong Yang, Jing-liang Jiang, De-xiang Wang, Xia Jin
Aiming at the exist teaching problems of mechanical principle course, facing ability target of international engineering education, a further exploration and practice of teaching reform for mechanical principle course are carried out. The effective constructions are obtained in the following aspects:...

Big Data and the Development of Regional Economy

Aoyun Chen
Big data has promoted the integration of Internet and industrial innovation, and further promotes traditional industrial upgrading and the emergence of emerging industry, has resulting in a huge social and economic impact. This paper demonstrate the mechanism of industrial structure optimization promoted...

Design and Development of Computer Aided Teaching Software for Mechanical Principle Course

Yong Yang, Jing-liang Jiang, Xia Jin, Xin-fu Liu
For the current teaching of mechanical principle course, there is a lack of a set of applicative software which is helpful to carry out the design and optimization of mechanical products. To solve this problem, according to the actual requirements of mechanism analysis and project design during teaching,...

Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Industrial Overcapacity in Chinese Provinces

Pan Wu
In recent years, excess production capacity has been plagued by China's economic development, especially under the background of the new normal, excess capacity in the short term and long term will cause certain negative influence to our country economy, destroy the healthy development of the industrial...

Research on the Internal Control of Guarantee Company

Liuyang Fu
Guarantee companies, as emerging non-bank financial entities under the international economic development, are recognized as a high-risk industry. As a platform for financing guarantee company, Guarantee companies connect firms and banks.It has a far-reaching impact on social and economic development,...

The Research on Innovation-Driven Paths of High-tech Zone Under the New Normal in China

Xiang Fei, Qinghao Bu
Talent aggregation of high level is good for high-tech zone of one country's economic pattern to achieve new dynamics of innovation-driven development, and then to push forward regional industrial restructure and economic transformation and upgrading. From that, how to recognize the driving force of...

Land Urbanization Level of Core Cities in the Silk Road Economic Belt

Zhe Li, Dangchen Sui
With the construction and development of the Silk Road Economic Belt, it is of great significance to analyze the land urbanization level of cities along the route. This paper established a new evaluation system, consisting of 11 indexes from 6 aspects, to measure the land urbanization level of 71 core...