Proceedings of the 7th Annual International Conference on Social Science and Contemporary Humanity Development (SSCHD 2021)

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A Study on the Attitudes of Mauritian Political Parties Towards China and Their Responses

Jiahai Yu, Baoxia Xie
Mauritius is a major power in the Indian Ocean, with a combined power and international influence that is second to none among the island nations or regions of the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is strategically located in the Southern Indian Ocean region and is an important pivot point of the 21st Century...
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The Exploration into the Planning of Foreign Language Education in Guangxi Ethnic Areas in the Context of “the Belt and Road Initiative”

Hui Chen, Xianze Wu
In the context of “The Belt and Road Initiative”, in order to conduct language communication smoothly with other countries and build an international gateway to ASEAN, Guangxi ethnic areas need to implement the following foreign language education programs: 1. Foreign language courses should be set up...
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Australian Chinese and Hong Kong Chinese: How Do They Differ in Primary Control and Secondary Control?

Lai Ching-han Lufanna
This study investigated whether the relative use of primary and secondary control varies as a function of cultural difference. It is posited that people who are under the influence of Asian, collectivist culture will be oriented toward secondary control than primary control, but vice versa for those...
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Research on Current Situation and Development of International Student Management

A Case Study of Chengdu University of Information Technology

Jia He, Yijin Qi, Yuan He, Rui Dong
With the improvement of the internationalization level of China’s education, the number of international students in China has grown, and problems in global student management have emerged endlessly. In today’s situation, how to solve the issues in international student management is particularly important....
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Analysis of the Work on International Students Coming to China and Countermeasures in the Post-epidemic Era

Yuan He, Xueyi Yang, Jia He, Lei Lei, Daohua Zhou, Jiang Hong
In the post-epidemic era, the education of international students coming to China is encountering significant challenges. Based on the current situation of international students studying in China, this paper aims to explore the problems that China is facing up and the corresponding countermeasures to...
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Let the Materials Speak for Themselves

Using Archaeological Evidence in History Classes on the Silk Road

Hang Lin
Study of the Silk Road offers a unique means of conveying the significance of global history and intercultural relations. While our understanding of the Silk Road is restricted by the paucity of written records, rich archaeological findings since the past century reveal the remarkable interchanges among...
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Lessons Learned from the Actual USA Response to COVID-19 with Roots in Social Values and Morality, Education and IQ Level

Liviu Popa-Simil
Few days ago USA reached a grim milestone, of reaching over 700,000 deaths, 45 Million people infected from which 7 Million children, and 6 Million COVID “Long Haulers”, being the champions in COVID, because with 4% of world’s population, recording more than 25% of world’s causalities. This undisputable...
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The International Communication Strategy of Root Culture Under the Background of New Media

Yaqiong Liu
Culture is a social phenomenon and the product of people’s long-term practice. At the same time, it is a kind of historical phenomenon. In recent years, the practice activities of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots from the Central Plains and overseas Chinese who have returned to the Central Plains...
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Study on the Construction of Digital Humanities Group Portraits

Tingting Duan, Ping Qin, Ping Jiang
Digital humanities research has received great attention from scholars in recent years, and its research field has been expanding with the advancement of technology, and the team of digital humanities scholars has gradually grown. In this paper, through the study of user portrait construction, we deeply...
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Study on Fujian Wood Carving Art

Haiming Jin, Shanshan Jiang, Yilei Chen
Fujian wood carving art is one of the important schools of Chinese wood carving,and deconstructing its artistic characteristics has important theoretical and practical value. Through the methods of literature review and field investigation, the history of Fujian wood carving art’s development was combed,...
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An Ecofeminist Reading of Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Chong Kuai
Lady Chatterley’s Lover is a controversial and also one of the most important works of D.H. Lawrence. Lawrence lived in an era when the industrialization gained complete triumph. Lawrence witnessed the environmental degradation, alienation of human nature and the suffering of women. This paper attempts...
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A Bibliometric Analysis of Culture Dimensions with Visualisation Approach

Zhouyang Gu, Shang Gao
The academic interest in cross cultural management has grown in recent years significantly, especially for culture dimension theory as the representative theory. However, bibliometric and visualisation researches on this subject are still insufficient. The purpose of this research is to perform a review...
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The Psychological Transition from Acting as “Myself” to “Himself”

Yuxin Peng, Zhihai Ye
From “oneself” to “character”, the transition is an ineluctable process for an actor changing from fitting in to naturally performing. Adjusting oneself from having his own lifestyle to getting into the background confined by scripts is a fundamental benchmark for evaluating a sophisticated actor. This...
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Rethinking and Perfecting the Appointment System of Civil Servants in My Country

Zhiya Huang
The appointment system of civil servants is an important part of our country’s civil servant management system, which enables the development and innovation of the traditional civil servant system. In recent years, various local governments have actively explored and piloted the appointment system for...
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Sacco Trial and Legal Justice

Xuehe Chen
Sacco trial is a case about an Italian laborers and anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were charged of murder in Dedham, Massachusetts. The unfair trial process and the the jury’s prejudice against immigrants caused this unjust case, and this has caused the whole world to pay attention to...
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Research on the Burden of Proof in Litigation of Abuse of Dominant Market Position

Jiyin Chen, Lanfang Fei
From the empirical analysis, we can learn that there are many problems in the judicial practice of litigation of abuse of dominant market position, such as the difficulties of plaintiffs in proving their case, the heavy burden of proof and the extremely low success rate. However, the main reasons for...
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Research on the Influence of Science and Technology Competition on the Cultivation of Innovation Ability of Engineering College Students

Hongbo Shi, Dong Yan, Xinsheng Wang
The extracurricular science and technology (S&T) competition, as an important means of cultivating students’ innovative ability, has a special educational function, and plays an increasingly positive role in cultivating compound and innovative talents and promoting the combination involving production,...
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Strategies for Integrating Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture into College English Teaching

Jingwen Ma
In the context of accelerating globalization, the integration of Chinese traditional culture into college English teaching is not only necessary for the cultivation of college students’ intercultural communication ability, but also conducive to the inheritance and promotion of Chinese traditional culture...
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Discussion on the Course Construction of “Financial Business Education” from the Perspective of Financial Literacy Cultivation

Zengjun Gu, Jingwen Ma
In today’s society, FQ (Financial Intelligence Quotient), along with IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient), has been called the necessary “three intelligence” for the survival and development of modern people. It has also become the knowledge and skills necessary for the compound talents....
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Study on the Protection of Sports Star’s Name Right from the Perspective of Trademark Law

Taking “Qiaodan Trademark” as an Example

Xiaowen Xiao, Feiya Xiao
The case related to the trademark “Qiaodan” heard by the Supreme People’s Court has attracted the world-wide attention. The fast development of sports business has made the sports stars’ name of vital importance with great commercial value. The name right is an important personality right, the trademark...
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Research on the Construction of College English Follow-up Curriculum Based on Needs Assessment

Yanli Huang
Based on the theoretical framework of Needs Assessment, this article takes non-English major students from CCDUT as research sample and adopts questionnaire and interviews as research method to discuss the situation for opening the follow-up English curriculum in Chinese universities and colleges. Meanwhile,...
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Research on College English Teaching Reform from the Perspective of Ideological and Political Education

Yiping Tang
With the convening of the 2016 National Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities, the idea of “Ideological and Political Education” has gradually been integrated into the teaching of various courses. College English is a basic and compulsory course with long hours of...
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The Exploration and Practice of College English Teaching Model Under the Goal of Lide Shuren

Yingjun Gou, Min Liu
Lide Shuren morality cultivation in “College English” ask for a renewing of the philosophy of university education, course model, teacher qualifications, etc., to fulfill the goal of holistic education.In practice, teachers should make full use of the characteristics of English curriculum to explore...
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Research on the Effects of Task Repetition in TBLT and Its Recycling Use in EFL Learners’ Oral Production

Shuzhen Fang
This paper reports on a study that was primarily aimed at exploring the benefits of using TR for two times in English teaching for non-English major freshmen in a specific higher vocational college. It investigates the effect of applying an intermediate TR in TBLT procedure, and a second TR in one week’s...
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Establishment and Disclosure of Training Objective for Printing Engineering Under the Background of Professional Certification

Yonggang Yang, Tingyu Feng, Qiaozhuo Gao
In order to cultivate innovative talents for engineering practice, the printing engineering major of our school has participated in the engineering education professional certification. The thesis first introduces the basis of the revision of the training objectives of the printing engineering specialty...
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Analysis on the Strategy of Rural Revitalization in China in the Perspective of Intellectual Property Right

Zhixiao Wu, Yifan Wen
It was proposed clearly in China’s 14th Five-Year Plan to promote comprehensively rural revitalization, implement fully the strategy of rural revitalization, improve continuously the core competitiveness of agricultural products, accelerate the implementation of rural construction, and take the road...
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Research on the Role of Curriculum Ideological and Political Education in Promoting the Professional Quality of Science and Engineering Students in Colleges and Universities

Yucun Wang, Hongxiang Yang
Science and engineering students generally have the characteristics of strong logical thinking, rigorous style of study, down-to-earth attitude and strong practical ability, but they also often have the problem of relatively low humanistic quality. Therefore, combined with the professional characteristics...
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Characteristics of the Mathematics Textbook Language

Takes the PEP Version Primary School Mathematics Textbook as an Example

Zezhi Zheng, Bowen Song
Due to it being a specialized language, which has both scientific and universal applications, the language of mathematics has received general attention within the field of linguistics and within educational circles. The language used within math textbooks is at the “forefront” of learning the language...
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Research on the Teaching Methods of English Idiom Chunks in College English

Liuchun Wen
There are a great number of English idioms in College English teaching. An English idiom can be viewed as a chunk with a fixed meaning instead of a simple combination of literal meanings of several single words. It is not easy for Chinese students to learn English idioms. For Chinese college students,...
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Study and Practice of First-class Course Construction

Hengwu Li
The theoretical basis of creating first-class lessons is expounded, and the challenges and innovative opportunities of creating first-class lessons are discussed from ideological consensus, teachers’ quality, professional system, curriculum class, technical means, assessment mechanism and cooperation...
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Unheard Voices of Victims of Workplace Sexual Harassment

An Empirical Investigation in China

Fang Gao, Xia Li
Article 1010 of the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China regulates sexual harassment and provides for prevention and intervention mechanisms. However, workplace sexual harassment is still prevalent and has various negative consequences for victims, particularly for young women. Drawing on data...
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Theory and Practice of Ideological and Political Teaching Methods of Professional Courses for Postgraduates

Based on the Course of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics and Mass Transfer

Ping Wang, Bo Dong, Xi Wu, Luyuan Gong, Ying Li
Guided by the integration of the teaching content system of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics and Mass Transfer, a basic course for postgraduates, and the ideological and political content of the course, and for the purpose of solving the practical problems of ideological and political teaching and...
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Power Direct Trade Reform in China and the Role of the Competition Law

Lanfang Fei, Sen Liang
China is in a new round of reform and is pushing ahead with freeing its power sector to cut prices and boost efficiency. In the face of the new round of reforms, the Development and Reform Commission of China delivered the first anti-monopoly decision on a monopoly agreement entered into by electricity...
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Inequality in the Choice of Majors Among University Students of Different Economic Levels in the Context of the Expansion of Higher Education in China

Zishan Liu
The expansion of higher education in China has increased access to a large number of universities, but it has brought inequality in the choice of majors for university students. To examine the relationship between the choice of majors of Chinese higher education students and the level of economic development...
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Inequality in High Education: Family Income and People’s Choices of School

Jingru Tan
The purpose of this study is to examine how family income affects the people’s choices of schools—for example, how far in the education they go into (such as high schools, undergraduates, master’s degrees or so on)—by researching different family income groups and how family income and educational background...
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Determine the Impacts of Uneven Distribution of Resources on Major Choosing of Students from Different Regions in US

Qianyun Yao
The distribution of resources in the US for minority students and African-American students has been substantially unequal and separate. Many people do not know that the education system of the US is one of the most unfair in the world. Many students in the US face challenges in choosing a major because...
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The Development and Utilization of Chinese Curriculum Resources Under the Sense of Community: Co-construction, Sharing and Using-together

Lei Yang, Lijun Yang
The view of Chinese curriculum resources has gone through three stages: germination, development and clarification, and its connotation and extension have been gradually clarified and enriched in this process. Since the new century, with the deepening of the Chinese curriculum reform, the influence of...
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Creative Accounting: A Short Literature Review

Lenka Strakova, Katarina Zvarikova
In the professional literature, creative accounting is understood as legitimate, which means that it is not illegal to the extent that it does not violate the legislation of the country. Although it is a numbers game that can mislead internal or external users of financial statements, in some cases it...
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Development of a Model for Assessing the Quality of Translation Services: A SERVQUAL Approach

Yazhi Yao, Yipeng Yang
The quality of translation services is highly relevant to the implementation of China’s national development strategies. Quality management (QM) has become the core competence of translation services organizations to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales volumes and revenue, reduce risks, and...
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Research on the Benign Interactive Development Between Industrial Structure Adjustment and Greenization in Heilongjiang Province

Yanhua Li
Adjusting the industrial structure according to the greenization requirements can improve the content of science and technology, reduce resource consumption, reduce environmental pollution, and form a new growth point of economic and social development. Based on the theory of the industrial structure,...
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“Divergence, Similarity, or Both”: An Empirical Study on the Influence of eWOM on College Students’ Purchasing Intention

Chunyuan Fan, Sitan Li
Consumers’ purchase intention is a hot topic of research by many scholars. However, few scholars have conducted research on the unique group of “college students” in the consumer group. This article analyzes the unique buying habits and psychology of the college student group, then explores the mechanism...
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Discussion on Financing Risks and Countermeasures of Small and Micro Enterprises under Internet Finance

Mingyun Chi
Small and micro enterprises are the important factors to promote the healthy development of China’s macro economy, and also the main body of the economy at the present stage. However, due to the inherent limitations of small and micro enterprises, financing has become an important factor restricting...
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The Study of Just-in-time Inventory Management Based on the Perspective of the Internet of Things

Fengfu Xu
Inventory management is an important basis for production management and cost control in manufacturing enterprises. The timely management method of inventory timely system is the scientific and efficient inventory management mode with remarkable advantages in inventory management. How to use The Internet...
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Research of the Blended Teaching Method Under SPOC

A Case study of Business Intelligence Curriculum

Jian Chen
Blended teaching method develops rapidly in teaching revolution in many universities. Online teaching and studying becomes a vital component in modern education system. But, in many experiment cases, teachers find it is quite hard for each student with different background, and how to provide a effective...
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Research on the Development of Jinan’s Convention and Exhibition Industry

Ying Lian
The conversion of old and new kinetic energy is a major strategy for Jinan to achieve economic and social development by leaps and bounds. As a rising star in the tertiary industry, the Convention and Exhibition Industry plays a significant role in driving the economy. As a component of the cultural...
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Research on Ecological Compensation Standard of Dalian Jinshitan National Marine Park Based on CVM

Huijie Gao
National marine parks play an important role in protecting the marine ecological environment and resources. Based on the related theories of welfare economics and environmental economics, taking Dalian Jinshitan National Marine Park as the research object and adopting CVM from the perspective of ecological...
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Research on Convertible Bond Financing in China

Ting Wang
Convertible bonds are bonds with stock options, which have advantages that traditional debt financing and equity financing do not have. This article mainly uses The New Steel as the research object to analyze the clause design, motivation and reasons for the failure of convertible bonds issued by listed...
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Addressing Capacity Building of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation in Tourism Resilience

Wen Bao, Tao Dai
Reducing vulnerability and enhancing resilience have unique value implications in capacity-building for disaster prevention and mitigation in tourism. To strengthen resilience in the tourism sector, this study aims to better understand the current disaster prevention and mitigation capacities and needs...
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Research on Multi-user Growth Strategy of Pinduoduo Based on AARRR Model

Lin Zhang
Based on the rapid development of Internet technology, e-commerce platforms have risen rapidly. As a latecomer in the e-commerce industry, Pinduoduo has achieved explosive growth of users in a short period of time by virtue of the innovative business model of “social + e-commerce”. And quickly achieve...
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The Financial Precision Poverty Alleviation in Heilongjiang Province

Yutian Yang
In 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping first proposed the concept of “precise poverty alleviation” during an investigation in Xiangxi, Hunan. After that, China successively introduced many relevant policies, coordinated arrangements and gradually carried out targeted poverty alleviation work in order...
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The Influence of Brand Story Types on Consumers’ Brand Attitude

Yu Xie
Brands play a key role in corporate competition. The emergence of brand stories helps build brands and enhance brand value. In addition, as a crucial way and channel for brands to communicate with consumers, brand stories have increasingly become an important means for companies to shape their competitive...
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Strategic Difference Degree, Industry Competition Degree and Enterprise Performance

Sunlei Yang, Qian Li, Qi Zhou
Strategic difference degree and industry competition degree are two essential factors to be considered in enterprise operation. In a highly competitive market, there are many ways for enterprises to improve their performance. However, there is no conclusion on the influence of strategic difference degree...
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Equity Pledge, Property Right Character and Real Earnings Management

Based on the Data of Textile Industry

Sunlei Yang, Xiaojun Tan, Shixin Zhao
In recent years, with the discovery of the capital market and the improvement of related systems, more and more listed companies have pledge of equity. However, the equity pledge is a double-edged sword.This article will take the listed companies in the textile industry with equity pledge in 2013-2017...
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System Reliability Optimization Model Based on Cost Effectiveness Analysis

Shang Gao, Cungen Cao
System reliability optimization involves the selection of components and system architecture to maximize reliability. The fixed reliability optimization model and fixed cost optimization model are established, the search direction function is improved and simplified, and the algorithm of the optimization...
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Modeling and Forecasting Gross Domestic Product in Different Regions of China

Lingyun Duan, Ziyuan Liu, Wen Yu, Wei Chen, Dongyan Jin, Jiajia Liu, Han Zhou, Suhua Sun, Ruixi Dai
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is an important indicator to measure a country’s economic operation in a certain period. By understanding the speed and quality of economic development, it plays a guiding role in policy formulation and infrastructure planning. This article selects sample data of fixed asset...
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Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty in the B2B Background Based Neural Network Model

Jian Chen
Customer loyalty is macroscopically important for all aspects of life. It is related to the continuous development of the company and the creation of the brand images. However, specific to different industries, each industry has its own issues. Industry’s unique key factors affecting customer loyalty,...
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Morphological Analysis on Electric Vehicles’ Operating Model: Cases of Beijing Taxi Area

Suxiu Li, Xingtong Chen, Zeyuan Song
Since the launch of the “Ten Cities, One Thousand Vehicles” demonstration project in 2009, the application and promotion of electric vehicles in China has been effective, especially in the field of public transport, where electric vehicles have gradually become an important part of public transport operations....
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Game Analysis of Industry Chain Cluster Reconfiguration Mechanism

Huiting Hua, Lingle Wang
Based on the behavioral choice conditions of enterprises and governments in the transferring and taking over places of industries to achieve industry chain cluster reconfiguration in two economic environments of freedom and intervention, this paper contrasts and analyzes the dynamic mechanisms to complete...
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Research on the Functions of the State-Owned Economy in China and Abroad Under the New Circumstances

Jianfei Lu, Jin Liu, Suxiu Li
At the first meeting of the state-owned enterprise reform leading group of the State Council, vice premier Liu he clearly pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the research on the functions of the state-owned economy under the new situation. Nowadays the international political and economic...
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Theoretical Exploration and Realization Path of Double Cycle New Development Pattern

Yuantao Jiang, He Yang
the new development pattern of domestic and international double cycle strategy is an important strategic measure of the new development pattern put forward by China under the background of over reliance on the international large cycle model. However, at present, there are different understandings about...
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Contents and Methods: The Reference and Enlightenment of ACCA Professional Ethics Education to China

Jinjian Yang, Zhedong Hu
Although Accounting Professional Ethics has become a core course in the training of accounting professionals, the professional ethics education of accounting professionals in Chinese universities started relatively late, relative to the social development is a little behind. How to implement the new...
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Scheme Design of Railway Predictive Maintenance Based on IOT and AI Technology

Cheng Zhang, Xiang Xie, Xiaochun Guo
With the rapid development of railway, the predictive maintenance of railway is more and more worthy of study. This paper analyses the development process of railway maintenance in China, evaluates the traditional application of corrective maintenance, analyses the mature application of preventive maintenance,...
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Research on the Fluctuation Characteristics of China’s Urban Economy Under the Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19)

Aili Du, Lei Wang
The novel coronavirus pneumonia characterized by affecting widely and spreading quickly brings a significant impact on the economy in China. In order to avoid a substantial economic downturn, we should pay attention to its shock on economic activities as well as controlling the pandemic effectively....
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Influence of Electric Power Generation Capacity on Regional Distribution of Bitcoin Mining in China

Shengqiu Ma
Bitcoin is a newly emerged digital currency. It was first proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto on 2008 November 1, and officially born on 2009 January 3. The attitudes of different countries towards Bitcoin are largely different. Recently, China has become the major country in Bitcoin mining. However, Bitcoin...
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Exploration and Practice on the Construction of Institutional Repository

Jiali Luo, Xiaoling Li, Wei Li
This paper expounds the significance of the construction of the academic achievement database of university institutions, the main academic information contained, as well as the key points and difficulties in the construction process. Taking the construction of the academic achievement database of Beijing...
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Exploration and Practice of Practice Teaching System of Vocational Undergraduate Education

Lijun Zhou, Ying Jiang
Vocational undergraduate education is a higher level of vocational education than higher vocational education, and it is a supplement to the undergraduate level of vocational education in our country. Since the establishment of vocational undergraduate education is relatively short, its practical teaching...
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The Influence of Evaluation on the Flow of Professional Teaching Talents and the Development of Teacher at Higher Vocational Education

Guanli Huang, Jiangyi Lv, Yezun Qu, Haige Shi, Hongli Zhou
In view of the differences in economic development, social development and cultural environment in different countries, experts have different research perspectives and applied theories. Through the influence of classroom evaluation on the flow of professional teaching talents and the development of...
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Increased Urinary L-Histidine Concentrations in Children with Obesity

Li Xie, Wei Xie, Xuejun Kang, Zexin Cheng
L-histidine plays an important role in the growth of infants and young children as well as positively improves insulin resistance through suppressed inflammation. The study aimed to investigate the relationship between L-histidine levels and obesity and evaluate the feasibility of L-histidine as an important...
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Science and Technology Will Help Promote Rural Revitalization

Neijiang National Agricultural Science and Technology Park Practice Report

Jie Chen, Yuan He
The construction and development of the national agricultural science and technology park is an important stage to show the science and technology to help the rural revitalization, and is an effective carrier to promote the scientific and technological innovation and the transformation of achievements.Based...
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On Social Behavior From the Perspective of Meme

Xianze Wu, Hui Chen
Meme is a cultural information unit. memes can be divided into good and bad, right and wrong. A good meme likes a gene that can be inherited generation by generation. Pro-social behavior, just like gene, can be replicated, imitated, and spread, so as to promote interpersonal relationship and the harmonious...
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Research on Effectively Promoting Rural Revitalization in the New Era and New Journey

Lishan Xu, Li Dai
To revitalize the nation, the countryside must be revitalized. The contradiction of unbalanced and insufficient social development is becoming increasingly prominent. The urgent reality of gradually moving towards the goal of common prosperity and the urgent requirement of realizing the Chinese dream...
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Factors Influencing Public Attention to Media Convergence: Evidence from the Big Data Analysis of Baidu Index

Xiangkai Qiu
People currently spend many hours a day surfing the internet to obtain information they are interested in. Internet search behavior reflects the public’s opinion on issues, namely, public attention. Its application in various fields has become extensive, and the analysis of its influencing factors has...
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The Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Environmental Accounting Information Disclosure in Chinese Coal Industry

Li Xiao, Siying Zhang, Jiaxin Shen
The ‘14th Five-Year Plan’ specifically mentioned the promotion of green development and the harmonious coexistence of human and nature. This shows that with our country is pursuing economic development, we are paying more and more attention to environmental issues. In the process of profit-seeking, enterprises...
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Family Structure in the Academic Performance of Chinese Junior High School Students

Yanwenjun Liu
Education is particularly important, both individually and collectively. As an essential part of a student’s education, family education is worthy of attention and study. This study aims to find effective ways to address home education issues and improve student achievement by examining the impact of...