Proceedings of the Soedirman International Conference on Mathematics and Applied Sciences (SICOMAS 2021)

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Photocatalytic and Kinetics Study of Copper Oxide on the Degradation of Methylene Blue Dye

Anung Riapanitra, Kapti Riyani, Tien Setyaningtyas
Methylene blue dyes in is widely used various industries in Indonesia, especially in the textile industry. Methylene blue in waters is toxic and difficult to degrade. One of the methods used is to overcome this problem is photocatalysis under visible light. CuO photocatalyst was prepared using an easy...
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Prediction of Enantioseparation of Econazole on the Cyclodextrin Derivatives as Chiral Selectors by Molecular Docking Approach

Dadan Hermawan, Cacu Cacu, Nurul Alif Septiorini, Ponco Iswanto, Uyi Sulaeman, Hassan Y Aboul-Enein
Molecular docking approach has been successfully developed for prediction of enantioseparation of econazole on the cyclodextrin derivatives namely sulfated-β-cyclodextrin (S-β-CD) and hydroxypropyl-γ-cyclodextrin (HP-γ-CD) as chiral selectors. Molecular docking was performed using AutoDock Vina software...
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Development of Ketorolac Analysis in Water Samples using Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography

Dadan Hermawan, Cacu Cacu, Amin Fatoni, Suwandri, Wan Aini Wan Ibrahim, Hassan Y Aboul-Enein
Quantitative determination of ketorolac, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) in water samples was reported using the micellar electrokinetic chromatography (MEKC) method. The on-line preconcentration technique at MEKC was then investigated to increase the detection sensitivity of ketorolac....
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Reducing Levels of Methyl Orange Dye using Crosslinked Chitosan–Tripolyphosphate

Mardiyah Kurniasih, Anung Riapanitra, Riyanti Riyanti, Dwi Kartika, Dena Rositasari
Chitosan in acid was polycationic and can react with negative charges like tripolyphosphate. Tripolyphosphate was a crosslinking agent with low toxicity. This study was to review the ability of crosslinked chitosan-tripolyphosphate (Cs–TPP) in reducing the color levels of methyl orange. Synthesizing...
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Estimation of Neonatal Jaundice from the Chest Images Captured with a Smartphone

Mekar Dwi Anggraeni, Amin Fatoni, Eni Rahmawati, Ismei Nartiningsih
Hyperbilirubinemia is a common problem in neonatal for contact with the healthcare facilities. Several methods have been used to determine the bilirubin concentration. However, it is not easy to find the healthcare with the instrument to detect bilirubin, mainly in rural area. This research was aimed...
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The Graphs of the CDF, Power and Its Interpretation on Several Types of Binomial Probability Distribution

Budi Pratikno, Evita Luaria Wulandari, Jajang Jajang, Junita Sage Sianipar, Mashuri Mashuri
The research discussed the graphically analyzed of the cumulative distribution function (cdf), and the power function of hypothesis testing on the binomial distribution. In this research, we also showed (derived) the formula of the power function on special case of binomial such us Negative Binomial...
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The Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Modeling in Banyumas Regency by Using CAR-BYM, Generalized Poisson, and Negative Binomial

Jajang Jajang, Budi Pratikno, Mashuri Mashuri, Indriani Eko Cahyarini
The research studied disease mapping of dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF) in Banyumas Regency. The generalized Poisson (GP), negative binomial (NB), and CAR-BYM models are then used to modelling the DHF. The predictor variables used in this research are the number of health worker, altitude, and population...
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Coefficient Estimates in the Class of Bazilevic Functions ℬ1(α) Related to the Lemniscate Bernoulli

Ni Made Asih, Marjono Marjono, Sa’adatul Fitri, Ratno Bagus E.W
In this research, we estimate the coefficient in the class of Bazilevic functions ℬ1(α) related to the Lemniscate Bernoulli on the unit disk 𝔻={z:|z| < 1}, satisfying subordination condition [f′(z)(f(z)z)α−1]≺1+z, for z ∈ 𝔻. The upper bound of the modulus of a2 and a3 are determined.
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Solution Formula of the Half-Space Model Problem for Incompressible Fluid Flow

Maria Leonids Berlian Candra Dewi, Sri Maryani, Ari Wardayani, Bambang Hendriya Guswanto
In this paper we determine a slightly detailed the solution formula of the incompressible fluid flows by using Fourier transform in N-dimensional Euclidean space (N≥ 2) for the linearized equations. For further research, from this result we can estimate the boundedness of the operator families. This...
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Stability Analysis of Biological Wastewater Treatment in Facultative Stabilization Ponds: Mathematical Model

Mia Nur Islami, Sunarsih Sunarsih, R Heru Tjahjana
Wastewater stabilization pond is a very large pond where wastewater is stored for a long time, in that pond there is a biological process of organic matter in the sludge produced from primary deposition, and it’s resulting in stable biological treatment of wastewater. Wastewater treatment is used to...
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Analysis of Mathematical Connection Abilities in the Seventh Grade Students of SMP Muhammadiyah Pakem in Solving Line and Angle Question

Ririn Adi Nurhudha, Riyadi Riyadi, Sri Subanti
Currently, the development of the quality of human resources will determine the progress of a nation. The era of the industrial revolution 4.0 requires someone to master several skills, one of which is the ability of students’ mathematical connections. By having mathematical connection skills, students...
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Hadamard Matrix on Cryptographic Problems

Salman Al Farizi, Mashuri Mashuri, Bambang Hendriya Guswanto
The application of matrices to cryptographic problems, especially with Hill Chiper algorithm, needs an invertible matrix as a key and a plaintext’s difuser. One of the invertible matrices is a Hadamard matrix (H). The Hadamard matrix is applied to cryptographic problems with Hill Chiper algorithm by...
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The Existence of the Moore-Penrose Inverse in Symmetrized Max-Plus Algebraic Matrix

Suroto Suroto, Najmah Istikaanah, Renny Renny
In this paper we discusses Moore-Penrose inverse in symmetrized max-plus algebraic matrix. The existence of Moore-Penrose inverse is shown using a link among symmetrized max-plus algebra and conventional algebra. The result is a Moore-Penrose inverse in symmetrized max-plus algebraic matrix exists. Furthermore,...
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The Properties of the Rn Module over the Matrix Ring Mn×n(R)

Triyani Triyani, Ari Wardayani, Alfalfa Amruhasanah
This paper discusses the properties of the Rn module over the matrix ring Mn×n(R) related to the torsion module, prime module, multiplication module, and faithful module. The study results concluded that the Rn module over the matrix ring Mn×n(R) is a torsion module because each element of Rn is a torsion...
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A Short Note on the Complex Conjugate for Derivatives

Abdul Manan
The complex conjugate approach could be used easily to solve derivatives analytically for some simple cases in calculus. These cases are common topics in calculus which are functions of trigonometry, hyperbole, exponential and logarithm. In general, the derivative obtained from the component v is rearranged...
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Design of Radiography Film Dryer Machine Using Timer

Efita Pratiwi Adi, Anita Nur Mayani, Hendri Ermawan
Drying is the final step of the film processing cycle which aims to remove the water present in the emulsion layer. The result of the film processing is an undamaged emulsion, free from dust particles, crystal deposits, stains, and artifacts. This research aims to make radiography film dryer with a timer....
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Identification of the Existence of Inferred Menanga Fault based on Gravity Anomaly, Pesawaran, Lampung

Izaina Nurfitriana, Purwaditya Nugraha, Rizki Wulandari, Erlangga Ibrahim F, Adhi Wibowo
Inferred Menanga fault is one of fault that is still questionable whether it exists or not. It is located in Pesawaran regency, Lampung, exactly near Ratai Mountain with SE-W orientation and almost crosses the summit of Mount Ratai. The existence is sticking out and needs to be studied since there were...
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Development and Testing of Artificial Neural Network with Backpropagation Algorithm to Predict the Power Ratio of Savonius Wind Turbine

Jamrud Aminuddin, Bilalodin Bilalodin
A power ratio of Savonius as a vertical wind type has been predicted using an artificial neural network (ANN) with a backpropagation algorithm. The ANN is a method for processing information that is adapted from a biological neuron. This method is developed from the principle of a human being’s brain...
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Detection and Characterization of Lung Cancer using CT Scan Technology

Lilik Lestari, Susilo Susilo
Today, lung cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world, with an early sign of Lung Nodule. One of the standard procedures to detect it is a radiological examination using Computed Tomography (CT) Scan technology. This study aims to describe the use of CT Scan to detect the presence of lung...
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Characteristics of Rock Minerals of the Camba Formation

Muhammad Altin Massinai, Muh. Rexy Syam, Muhammad Fawzy Ismullah Massinai
The Camba Formation (Tmcv) of Tertiary age is spread over the southern part of South Sulawesi, especially in Gowa and Maros Regencies. The Camba Formation, which consists of igneous rocks from the ancient Camba volcano, has different mineral characteristics. Analysis of mineral characteristics using...
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Design of Corrugated Diaphragm-Based MEMS Pressure Sensor for Biomedical Applications

P Rinihaa Sibishree, G Gnanasangeetha
In this work we present the simulation analysis of a Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) based capacitive pressure sensor for the measurement of blood pressure in the range 0 - 40kPa. We consider a circular corrugated silicon diaphragm and simulate the diaphragm’s response to the applied pressure....
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Power Spectrum Analysis of the Satellite Gravity Anomalies Data to Estimate the Thickness of Sediment Deposits in the Purwokerto-Purbalingga Groundwater Basin

Sehah, Urip Nurwijayanto Prabowo, Sukmaji Anom Raharjo, Laila Ariska
Analysis of power spectrum of the satellite gravity anomalies data has been carried out to estimate the thickness of sediment deposits in the Purwokerto-Purbalingga Groundwater Basin. Power spectrum analysis uses the Fourier transform principle by converting data from the space domain to the frequency...
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Calculations of the Potential Energy Surface for a Water Molecule Dissociation on the Pt (111) Surface

Siti Zulaehah, Diska Nirmala Wahyu Dinasty, Allan Abraham Bustria Padama, Wahyu Tri Cahyanto
We present a density functional theory (DFT) study of the dissociation pathway of monomeric H2O into adsorbed hydroxyl (OHads) and hydrogen (Hads) on the Pt(111) surface. Here we consider the Langmuir-Hinshelwood process of adsorbed monomeric H2O, which is then dissociated on the surface model. By calculating...
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Application of the Conjugate-Gradient Method for Analysing the Optimum Thrust Force for the Pico-Hydropower

Sunardi Sunardi, Jamrud Aminuddin, Wuryatmo Akhmad Sidik, Akmal Ferdiyan, Urip Nurwijayanto Prabowo, Zulkaida Akbar
A water thrust from the nozzle is the main factor for the optimizing of the pico-hydropower system. The previous study indicated that the optimal water trust resulting from the balance between the forebay tank and penstock pipe. The study of the balances has been conducted by governing of Bernoulli equation...
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Was the Pesawaran Swarm Induced by Magmatic Fluids? Insight from Magnetic Method Analysis

Yudha Styawan, Izaina Nurfitriana, Rizky Wulandari
An earthquake swarm in January 2021 triggered research related to adjacent geological structures, mainly inferred Menanga fault having predicted in the previous studies. This study is focused on investigating the fault and volcanic -related activity in terms of magnetic field anomalies due to sensitivity...