Proceedings of the 2023 2nd International Conference on Public Service, Economic Management and Sustainable Development (PESD 2023)

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Zhikai Wang, Qiujing Wu, Songsong Liu, Guoliang Wang, Jia Li
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at 2023 2nd International Conference on Public Service, Economic Management and Sustainable Development (PESD 2023) during 27-29 October 2023 in Changsha, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific...
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Investigation on the Implementation Status of the Power List System in Township Governments in China

Hong-ling Guo, Meina Yu
The Power List System is government-led self-revolution of power within administrative agencies in China. Township governments are the last mile to implement the Power List System. This paper uses multi-stage stratified sampling and content analysis methods to investigate the implementation of the Power...
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Research and Application of Competitive Intelligence on Tmall E-commerce Platform Based on SWOT-AHP Model

Hanyang Shen, Nan Xu
[Purpose/Significance] Explore the decisions that Tmall e-commerce platforms should take in the entire e-commerce market, and provide reference for the research and analysis of e-commerce platforms. [Method/Process] Based on the SWOT-AHP analysis method, construct a SWOT-AHP matrix model to analyze the...
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A case study of energy-efficient strategies for substation building in hot and humid climate zone

Dishan Yang, Xiaoyu Huang, Yubin Lin, Jinbo Zhang, Chenyuan Zheng, Feng Shi
Buildings in China account for 45.5% of the country’s total energy consumption. As part of the electric infrastructure, substation buildings house large-scale equipment prone to over-heating, necessitating substantial energy for cooling. In this study, we aimed to investigate the energy-saving potential...
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Study on the Impact of the Emergence of ESG Concept on Corporate Strategy

Ruizi Tang, Guangyu Liu, Yiyang Liu, Jingyu Yang, Ziyi Huang
The concept of ESG has been proposed in 2007 and has become a hot topic in the past two years. The concept of ESG investment refers to that in addition to paying attention to traditional corporate profits and financial status, investors should also consider the corporate and social value reflected in...
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Amplifying Women’s Voices: The Imperative and Impact of Inclusive Development Policies with examples

Yue Wu
Gender equality and women’s empowerment are fundamental principles in contemporary development policies. This essay explores the intrinsic link between developing policies and enhancing women’s voices in the context of gender justice and sustainable development. It traces the evolution from the Women...
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Economic analysis of core competitiveness of Internet finance

Zhang Jiarui
This paper aims to discuss the formation of core competitiveness in the field of Internet finance, its influencing factors and its impact on the financial market and economic system from the perspective of economics. Through in-depth analysis of the internal mechanism, market pattern, regulatory policies...
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Research on PPP Community Infrastructure in Industries with Local Characteristics and Its Financial Environment

Shyng Jyh-Harng
This study aims to explore the contributions of public-private partnership (PPP) community infrastructure to developing industries with local characteristics and analyze its financial environment. It takes the cases in Xiamen City (Fujian Province) and Kaohsiung City (Taiwan Province) as examples to...
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Research on Grassroots Governance Issues from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization

Wuhao Yang
Rural revitalization is one of the current strategic priorities in China, and grassroots governance is a key link in achieving rural revitalization. It plays an important role in promoting the sustainable development of rural economy and society in China and achieving a happy life for farmers. With the...
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Build a new development pattern and the cultivation of new management ideas in the future

Maoye Chen
Under the influence of the construction of a new development pattern, the field theory is the theoretical tool, and the use of literature research, qualitative research and system analysis methods, from the three units of students, schools, and enterprises. Contact the three in groups, guide their respective...
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Digital Ecology-Driven Mechanisms of Urban Management Digital Transformation

Jiankang Li
In the milieu of advancing digital ecological civilization, the pivot towards urban management's digital transformation stands as a cornerstone for contemporary urban progress and evolution. This manuscript delineates the undercurrent logic and paradigms governing such transformations, elaborating...
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Research on Government Data Openness and Citizen Privacy Protection in the Context of Big Data

Tianlong Wu
Data is a strategic resource for a country, and in the context of the advent of the big data era, government data openness has become a focus of international attention. The openness of government data is of great significance for promoting interaction between the government and the people, improving...
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On the transformation of digital government governance

Haotian Yang
The construction of digital government is an inevitable requirement to promote the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity, but also a practical need to give full play to the potential of digital development and solve the new problems caused by the development of digital economy;...
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Exploration of Multi-Level Geological Survey Project Management Information System Construction

Liu Peng
The construction direction of a multi-level geological survey project management information system encompasses system hierarchy, data sharing and integration, unified standards, multi-level data management and analysis, collaboration, risk management, and training. These recommendations aim to ensure...
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Analyzing the Existing Problems in the Operation and Management of Green Public Buildings

Jie Wang, Dong Chen, Zilin Yang, Yingang Feng, Liping Geng, Yunfu Zhang, Xiaoling Zhang, Fang Yu, Haochen Mu
This thesis aims to analyze and solve the problems faced by green public buildings in sustainable operation and management, and propose a series of comprehensive solutions. Firstly, the paper introduces the importance of green public buildings in the rapid development of urbanization in China as well...
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Research on the Value and Implementation Path of “Power-Economy” Bidirectional Data-Driven Decision Support

Shanshan Wu, Xiang Wang
Data has become a fundamental strategic resource, and the power system is highly coupled with the economic system. The value of bidirectional data in the “power-economic” interaction remains to be further explored. This paper first defines the content of “power-economic” data, analyzes their coupling...
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Comparison of International Low-Carbon Park Operation and Management Modes

Yunbo Zhang, Xiaobin Li, Shuo Shi, Lu Gao, Dong Chen, Xiaoling Zhang, Yunfu Zhang, Qiongqiong Li, Peng Hou, Haochen Mu
This paper analyses the formation, development and governance of international low-carbon parks, and innovatively summarizes three operation and management modes of international low-carbon parks: “Industrial Symbiosis” operation and management mode, “Industry-City Integration” operation and management...
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Can green technology innovation improve corporate environmental social governance performance?

---Mediating effects based on product differentiation

Huayu He
In the context of the strategic objectives of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, the ESG performance system has become one of the important indicators for enterprises to realize high-quality development. In the new development stage, whether green technological innovation can promote enterprises’ ESG...
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Research: Assessment of the Environmental Impact of Zero Carbon Property Management

Qiang Wang, Kun Yang, Jiahui Zhang, Haiyang Du, Xiaoling Zhang, Dong Chen, Fang Yu, Yunfu Zhang, Haochen Mu
As the issue of climate change attracts more and more attention, how to achieve the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality” in the property management industry has become an urgent task to be solved. However, the property management industry has not yet formed a unified zero carbon management system....
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Leading Xi’an’s Urban Development: Challenges and Suggestions for Xi’an’s Urban Infrastructures

Ayuan Zhang, Zurinawati Mohi, Mohd Hafiz Hanafiah, Hafizah Che Hassan
Xi’an, the starting point of the “Silk Road”, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China with the world famous Qin Terracotta Army, Han and Tang Dynasty tombs and other cultural relics. In 2008, there were 32.3 million tourists to Xi’an. Xi’an has experienced rapid growth in recent years....
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Research on the Implementation of Talent Policy in Hegang City Based on Smith Model

Sitong Lu
With the continuous reduction of mineral resources, the economy of Hegang, a city with coal as the leading industry, has been declining, and the problem of brain drain has become more serious Hegang has fallen into a situation of “no one can be retained, no one can be attracted” Theoretical, Hegang Municipal...
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Green Fiscal and Tax Effects are Analyzed From the Perspective of Green Input-output

Yingying Zhang
Based on the relevant data of 31 provinces and cities from 2016 to 2020, this paper adopts the green GDP accounting model, establishes a model from the perspective of green input-output, discusses the relationship between green fiscal and tax input and green GDP output, analyzes the impact mechanism...
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How can digital government governance creates public value in the new era

Haojie Wang
Digital government governance is an important strategy to achieve a new leap in the national governance system and governance capacity. With the attention of the national top level to digital construction, the attention of local governments to government digitalization and information construction, and...
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Analysis of Business Strategies of Vulnerable Automobile Enterprises under Market Competition

Xinyue Yang, Qi Liu, Tingyin Sheng
In recent years, the market competition in the automobile has become more and more intense, accelerating and upgrading the competition between enterprises, strong enterprises and weak enterprises coexist. Weak enterprises are not clearly defined in the text refers to the general relative to the strong...
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The Unintended Consequences of the Yangtze River Fishing Ban: A Deep Dive into the Economy and Culture of Hongze Lake

Suya Xiong
This paper investigates the comprehensive effects of the Yangtze River’s fishing ban policy on Hongze Lake’s ecology, economy, and cultural heritage. We explore the policy’s unintended ecological and socio-economic repercussions. Our analysis underscores the economic challenges faced by local fishing...
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Research on the relationship between capital markets and the global economic recovery

Xiaolin Gou
The capital market has a crucial role in contemporary finance, which is closely intertwined with a country’s economic growth. To utilize the capital market more effectively in fostering economic recovery and development, we must amplify its functions. Several factors, including government policies, central...
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Analysis of the Current Situation of Foreign Trade in Central and Western China - A Case Study of Dazhou

Rujia Chen
This article analyzes the current state of foreign trade in Dazhou, identifying the characteristics of Dazhou’s current foreign trade as well as the barriers it faces. Drawing on the foreign trade development experiences of other inland cities, this article proposes recommendations and measures conducive...
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Study on the relationship between tourists’ interaction, experience value and revisiting intention

--The perspective of sojourn for the aged

Weiyi Zhao, Changtai Lu, Zhiping Zheng
Sojourning has gradually become a method for the elderly in the new era. It not only provides a high-quality lifestyle for the active elderly but also opens a new road for national economic growth. Taking the sojourn for the aged as the research object, this paper builds a theoretical model of “interaction...
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Analysis of the Development Path of China’s Hotel and Lodging Industry in the Post-Epidemic Era

Ping Huang, ShiGuo Miao, XiangHe Zhang, Xue Shi
The public crisis, which has lasted for nearly three years, has brought unprecedented impact to China’s hotel and lodging industry, with tourism, lodging and other industries in an overall state of stagnation under the impact of the epidemic. The hotel and lodging industry has faced many problems during...
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Research on the Performance Evaluation Index System of Forest Management in Northeast China

Ye Guo
Based on the two main lines of international forest sustainable management evaluation and the theory of process based performance evaluation, the article establishes a three-level forest management performance evaluation index system that is “oriented towards business effectiveness, based on business...
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Research on China’s Green GDP Based on VAR Model

Chuzhe Chen, Yusheng Wang
This paper aims to address the traditional GDP’s inability to reflect environmental protection and sustainable development concerns. A new GGDP evaluation system is constructed, which complements and modifies the traditional GDP. The entropy weight method is utilized in constructing the climate composite...
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Civil Aircraft Flight Test and Airworthiness Management Mode Research

Junliang Ding
Flight testing is a comprehensive engineering endeavor that combines scientific, practical, and risk aspects, involving significant investment and technological complexity, playing a pivotal role in the airworthiness certification process of aircraft. China’s aviation industry started late and faces...
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Exploration of Design Strategies for International Public Logistics Product Services in the Context of Sustainable Development: A Case Study of the “The China Railway Express”

Tao Wang, JianFei Chen
The objective of this article is to propose design strategies for advancing the high-quality development of the China Railway Express (CR) from a service design perspective within the context of global sustainable development. This proposal is based on an exploration of the green policies and practices...
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Analysis of influencing factors of rural labor force participation in new employment patterns——Based on the empirical research of Harbin

Wenhui Gou, Yonghui Deng
Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in late 2019, the global economy has experienced sluggish growth and downward pressure on our economy has increased. This has not only had a huge impact on traditional contact consumption, but has also had a serious impact on employment in our economy. For...
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Study on Sustainable evaluation for Ecological Park Renewal

Rong Ye, Junxue Zhang, Miyan Zhang, Jiaxin Deng, Shanshui Wang
In the face of the spreading urban heat island effect in the city center, the design of urban pocket parks presents a viable solution. This study takes pocket parks in the central area of Shenyang City as an example and conducts quantitative sustainability analysis using the emergy method. Three parameters,...
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Characterization of the Spatial Distribution of the Urban Poor in Chongqing

Mengni Yu, Yue Tian, Yunyang Zhao
The challenge of urban poverty is a far-reaching social and economic obstacle that persists as cities progress worldwide. In China, the swift pace of urbanization and the continued advance of socialist development have elevated urban poverty to a central focus for scholars in diverse fields. To investigate...
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Research on a Nonlinear Dynamic Model Support Vector Machine Based for Rock Mass Evolution

Jing Wang
This article is based on time series and applies support vector machine to establish a nonlinear dynamic model of rock mass evolution. The longest predictable time is given based on the Lyapunov index, and a nonlinear dynamic model prediction model based on support vector machine is proposed through...
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Research on the lining and Equipment Layout of Passenger-to-Freighter Conversion in Civil Aircraft Main Cargo Compartment

Lu Tiancheng, Tang Xiaoliang
Passenger-to-freighter conversion is the prevailing disposal method for numerous older civil aircraft currently in service after completing their passenger transport missions. It significantly enhances the economic benefits throughout the aircraft's life-cycle, saving costs for airlines and generating...
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Study on the impact of carbon quota trading on the motivation of low-carbon transformation of construction enterprises

Chunli Wang, Zhijiao Chu, An Wang
Under the background of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, construction enterprises, as the main responsibility of energy saving and emission reduction in our country's construction market, how to effectively promote their choice of low-carbon transition has become an urgent practical problem...
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Analysis of Construction Green Logistics in Urban Cities

Xiaoyi Yuan, Yu Chen
The promotion and application of green logistics has gradually become a common consensus in modern society. This paper comprehensively discusses various aspects and evaluation methods related to the implementation and impact of construction green logistics in urban cities. Based on the research of some...
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Research on the carbon finance innovation to promote high-quality development of green buildings

Chu Zhijiao, Wang Chunli, Wang An
On September 22, 2020, China made a solemn commitment to achieve carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. As one of the three major areas of energy consumption, the building sector is one of the main areas of responsibility for direct and indirect carbon emissions. According to relevant data,...
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Study on the Impact of the Establishment of Made-in-China National Demonstration Zones on the Green Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry

Wei Dang, Xiaorong Li
High-quality development requires a profound change in the mode of industrial production and development, and the green transformation of the manufacturing industry is precisely an important shift in high-quality development in line with the requirements of the construction of ecological civilization....
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From Financial Crisis to Supply Chain Advantage: An Analysis of Luckin Coffee’s Strategic Transformation

Yu Muyang
This paper delves into how Luckin Coffee, in the face of a financial crisis, achieved a strategic brand transformation by optimizing its supply chain management strategies. The study reveals that supply chain management played a pivotal role in ensuring the quality of raw materials, production efficiency,...
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Analysis of compensation for the execution of third party liability insurance for rider’s damage to others

Xueying Zhao
In order to further protect the legitimate rights and interests of the infringed and reduce the difficulty of safeguarding the rights of the infringed. Based on the rapid development of platform economy, this paper understands the contents of third party liability insurance, including the amount of insurance...
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Has Local Financial Capacity Raised the Level of Basic Public Services? --Empirical Evidence from 291 Cities in China

Chenghao Xu
Providing basic public services accessible to all is the main responsibility of local governments. This paper focuses on the city level, and based on the panel data of 291 cities in China from 2011 to 2020, we select two core capabilities, namely, fiscal extraction capacity and fiscal allocation capacity,...
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Research on Distributed Power Market Trading Mechanism Considering Distributed Power Sources

Jing Liu, Haifeng Li, Zhiyuan Pan, Wenhai Wang, Jing Wang, Xiaohan Ren
This article analyzes the current situation of distributed power generation construction and participation in the power market, sorts out the problems faced by distributed power generation participation in the centralized power market, and proposes a distributed power market trading framework based on...
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Research on the Current Situation of Data Governance in the Wind Power Industry

Jidong Wang, He Xu, Yufan Yang, Lei Zhang, Wenyan Yue
Digital transformation is currently at the forefront of China's wind power industry and even the entire manufacturing industry. Comprehensive research on data governance in the wind power industry, is of significant theoretical guidance importance for the digital transformation of the wind power...
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The Role of Ethical Leadership in Enhancing Organizational Performance

Zien Sheng, Yuan Peng, Wangling Jiang
Ethical leadership is a critical aspect of modern management, playing a pivotal role in shaping organizational culture, fostering employee engagement, and ultimately, enhancing overall performance. This article explores the significance of ethical leadership in the business context, shedding light on...
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The Implication of Japan’s Combined Medical and Elderly Care Model for the Elderly Care Industry in Meizhou City

Wenyan Cui, Lili Feng, Huali Liang, Ying Lin, Tingting Lu, Rongyong Wu
The issue of population aging is becoming increasingly severe, underscoring the importance of improving healthcare services for the elderly. Japan, being one of the most severely aging countries globally, boasts a well-developed system for elderly care. Using Japan as a case study, this research investigates...
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Exploring the Influencing Factors and Paths of College Students’ Willingness to Start Their Own Business after the Epidemic

Zhenyuan Yang
With the help of SPSS and Amos software, this study conducted an in-depth investigation of the factors influencing the entrepreneurial intention of potential independent entrepreneurs of college students in the post epidemic era by using questionnaires and mathematical analysis. The analysis of sample...
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A tentative sustainable management plan for Annapurna Conservation Area (ACA) based on evaluations of existing optimal management schemes in mountainous national parks and methodological analysis

Qiao Jiang
Synthesizing a sustainable management scheme for a mountainous national park or alpine conservation zone involves analyzing existing and optimal strategies and proposing newborn methods adaptive to the given region. While present methods can be extracted from a variety of reserves located in different...
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A Comparative Study on the Influencing Factors and Coping Strategies of Employee Turnover in Different Age Groups

-Company A as an example

SiJia Fang
Aiming at the new changes in the current labour market and the problems and challenges faced by the enterprise's employment mechanism policy, taking Company A as an example, we sort out and summarize its human resource characteristics and employee turnover, identify the reasons leading to employee...
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The Balance Between Historical-Cultural Preservation and Sustainable Urban Development: A Case Study of Perth

Beining Hu
As urbanization continues to reshape cities worldwide, the need to drive a harmonious balance between preserving cultural heritage and fostering sustainable growth has become increasingly paramount. This paper explores the intricate interplay between historical-cultural preservation and sustainable urban...
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The Sustainable Development Pattern in Poor Areas: A Case Study of Las Gaviotas, Colombia

Shaojia Yuan
The eleventh target of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to build sustainable cities and communities. This requires a load of basic facilities and economic investment, which suggests that the implementation of the target will be extremely difficult for the area with poor financial conditions. Meanwhile,...
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Sustainable Rural Development under the Background of Rural Contraction

Binyu Zhao
At present, with the continuous advancement of urbanization, many problems emerge in cities, such as labor loss, low production efficiency, a backward technical level, and a lack of rural resources. On the other hand, due to the rapid economic growth of cities, a large number of rural people are attracted...
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Research on the Change Trend of Economic Development in Shandong Province under the “Dual Carbon” Goal

Ying Mu, Wanlei Xue, Xin Zhao, Dongliang Zhang
With the proposal of a “dual carbon” goal and the demand for addressing climate change, Shandong Province is facing the challenge of promoting economic transformation and upgrading and promoting the development of the low-carbon economy. An accurate and reasonable economic forecast is helpful to provide...
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A Comparative Case Study on Eco-Cities Among Chinese Failures/Cases and International Experiences

Sijia Qiu
Creating an ecological environment is one of the sustainable paths along with burgeoning significance. Ecological cities (eco-cities) are prevailing to be embodied with the potential to transform urban landscapes into sustainable, human-centered, and ecological environments. However, the significant...
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Impact and management of rooftop garden - An example from China

Junhong He, Kan Wen
Environmental protection in urban areas has already become one of the core issues of city building. Rooftop gardens presented a potential solution to these problems, providing ecological and social benefits. This essay aims to analyze the impact and management of rooftop gardens. Rooftop gardens are...
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The Impact of Road and Railway Transportation Networks on Suzhou’s Urban Accessibility and Agglomeration Economy

Dongyan Zou
In the year 2000, Guangzhou proposed the urban spatial development strategy of “Eastern Expansion, Western Integration, Southern Extension, and Northern Excellence.” By 2010, the initial framework of the “Two Cores, Four Cities” urban spatial pattern was established. Subsequently, the strategy incorporated...
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A Study on the Motivation for Implementing Employee Stock Ownership Plan in Goodix

Zhuo Cai, Jingmei Ren, Xinrui Bu, Tianqi Zhang
Employee stock ownership plan as a company's internal incentive mechanism was first implemented in the United States in the 1960s and then received the attention and research of scholars from various countries. In China, despite the early implementation of the employee stock ownership plan, which...
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The Impact of Irrational Behavior on Decision-Making in Personal Finance

The Role of Emotion Attachment in Installment Debt

Chang LIU
Emotions play a significant role in debt-driven consumption made by individuals leading them into irrational behavior that can result in substantial financial issues if not appropriately controlled. There exists a correlation between emotional attachment towards product/service purchases via loans &...
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Focus on the sustainable development of innovation and entrepreneurship- scientometric analysis

Chung-Lien Pan, Man-Qiao Zhong, Su-Yi Zheng, Ya-Qin Yuan, Yue-Ying Lin
The concept and actions of sustainable development are very important. Be it from the national, corporate, and individual levels, the innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities of enterprises represent a country's national strength. Given this, sustainable development has a profound impact on...
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The Application of Management Accounting in Cost Management of Industrial Enterprises

Fengrui Liu
This article explores the application of management accounting in cost management of industrial enterprises. Management accounting is a discipline that provides information and data support for enterprise management and decision-making. This article first introduces the basic concepts and characteristics...
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An empirical analysis of community co-governance participation intention and its influencing factors in public space construction: A case study of community participation among residents in Chengmai County, Hainan Province

Ruxu Li, Xueyan Yang, Ranqi Han, Shijin Cheng
This study takes Chengmai County, Hainan Province as an example, and analyzes the problems of community participation in the county through a questionnaire survey of residents. Based on these problems, the research puts forward the community participation strategy of public space construction and community...
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Merger and Acquisition Analysis: a case of Meituan and Dianping

Enming ZhAng
The purpose of this article is to find some methods that other companies can learn from when merging by analyzing the successful case of Meituan-Dianping merger. Starting from the perspectives of the merger process and merger risks, it studies the methods of market occupation and mitigation of internal...
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Study on the Government’s Main Responsibility Based on the Whole Process of Public Service Purchasing

Wenjie Cai, Zhifang Xiao, Xiaoning Zhu
The clear definition of the responsibility of the main body of the government’s purchase of public services plays an important role in promoting the development of this policy instrument. From the perspective of policy analysis, the process of government purchase of public services includes four stages:...
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Evaluation and Improvement Path of the Economic Green Development of the Regions in Jiangsu Province

Shijie Zhu
Based on the requirements of green development, this paper takes the overall development of Jiangsu Province as the foundation and the green development of regional economy in the province as the core, searching for applicable methods for general evaluation of the level of the green development of regional...
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The impact of pilot carbon emission trading policy on energy efficiency and energy structure

Wu Zhaobin
In July 2021, China’s national carbon market was officially launched, after years of carbon pilots laid the institutional foundation for the establishment of the market. The study of the impact of carbon pilot on energy efficiency and energy structure can provide important reference for China’s energy...
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Research on the Information Technology Innovation Path of Natural Resources in the Digital Era

Yan Feng
With the advent of the digital era, the management and conservation of natural resources face new challenges and opportunities. This paper aims to delve into the information technology innovation path of natural resources, exploring its key directions and applications in the context of the digital era....
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Exploring the Strategic Transformation of Geological Exploration Enterprises based on Ecological Civilization Construction

Maohua Yan
The strategic transformation of geological exploration enterprises is crucial for their participation in ecological civilization construction. In the process of strategic transformation, these enterprises effectively manage resources, avoid excessive development, and achieve sustainable utilization of...
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Analysis and Countermeasures of China’s National and International Regional Economic Integration

Ranqi Han
After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, my country’s economy has developed rapidly and people’s living standards have improved significantly. However, the economic development of different regions in my country is unbalanced, and drought and water shortage limit the development of my country’s...
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The impact of digital technology on economic growth and social development in developing countries

Yabo Cui
The impact of digital technology on economic growth and social development in developing countries is an important research field. This article first introduces the definition and scope of digital technology, and then analyzes the current situation of digital technology popularization in developing countries....
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Comparative study of domestic and foreign hydrographic surveying specifications

Liu Guoqing, Jin Shaohua, Gan Wei
In view of the problems such as GB 1212327–2022, which has just been released and implemented but still has not been interpreted and analyzed in a timely and comprehensive manner, the main contents and changes of the latest version of the international hydrographic standard are comparatively studied...
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Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Affecting the Logistics Service Quality of JD Fresh Cold Chain

Li Yang, Lai Sijin, Zeng Chaojun
Fresh cold chain logistics plays a unique role in effectively ensuring the freshness and safety of food. However, the service quality of fresh cold chain logistics is often criticized by consumers. Especially for well-known logistics enterprises such as JD Group in mainland China, the quality of logistics...
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Prediction of New York taxi tip behavior based on machine learning classification and regression methods

Hejingyu Huang
In the context of machine learning, this study employs a learning method to process big data and predict and analyze taxi tip behavior. Basic variables such as trip time, trip distance, and number of passengers are added to the dataset, as well as special variables related to geographic location. Using...
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A case study on the planning and design of the pastoral complex -- Taking Tony’s Farm in Chengdu as an example

Xinwen Cui, Zihan Liu, Yunyang Han
The No. 1 central document of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed that the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy should follow the general requirements of industrial prosperity, ecological livability, rural civilization, effective governance, and affluent life,...
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An empirical study of the impact of stock market volatility on fund size

Hao Zhang
Compared with mature foreign markets, China’s securities market is more volatile and fund size has grown very rapidly in recent years, so does stock market volatility affect fund size? Based on this, this paper analyzes the impact of China’s stock market volatility on fund size by constructing a VAR...
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Chemical Enterprises Social Responsibility

-from the perspective of Stakeholders

Yu Yinghua, Zeng Congcong
Faced with the unprecedented changes and challenges of global economic recovery, CSR (CSR) is becoming an important contribution force and path choice. The chemical enterprise social responsibility performance is related to various stakeholders, this paper analyzes the performance characteristics of...
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Research on data-driven risk prevention and control system of recycled metal raw materials

Hou Ziyu, Wang Fengyan, Huang Huiliang, Ronaldo Juanatas, Jasmin Niguidula
the risk management of the supply chain of recycled metal raw materials is very important to ensure the sustainability of modern industry. However, the risks involved in the supply chain, such as supply chain interruption, price fluctuation and environmental sustainability, make the supply chain complex...
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Public participation in the government purchase of public services research

Feiyang Li, Li Ma
In the process of government purchase of public services, the public, as the main participant, is playing an increasingly important role. At present, the government is faced with the dilemma of low public participation willingness, the government service concept has not been completely changed, the public...
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Trends and Styles in the Fashion Industry: A Market Analysis of Consumer Behavior, Second-Hand Market, and Luxury Segment

Yuan Hao
The fashion industry is characterized by its dynamic nature, constantly evolving trends, and the interplay of consumer behavior and consumer psychology. This paper conducts a comprehensive market analysis focusing on trends and styles in the fashion industry, considering the growing importance of the...