Proceedings of the 1st Nusa Tenggara International Conference on Chemistry (NITRIC 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Saprizal Hadisaputra, Agus Abhi Purwoko, Yusran, Pravin Dudhagara, Erin Ryantin Gunawan, Antonius R. B. Ola
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A Cotton Bud Coated with Chitosan/N-Carbon Dot Composite as SPE Sorbent for Extraction of Steroid Hormones from Fish Farm Water

Deki, Panote Thavarungkul, Proespichaya Kanatharana, Chongdee Thammakhet Buranachai
17-β Estradiol (E2), estrone (E1), and testosterone (T) are steroid hormones formed naturally by humans and animals or derived from synthetic sources. These steroid hormones are frequently used in aquaculture farms to increase production and treat diseases. However, there are concerns about the presence...
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Lichen Dirinaria Applanata Microwave Assisted Extraction Using Deep Eutectic Solvents and Binary Solvents

Misbahu Said Ahmad, Zaharraddeen Muhammed
Ionic liquids and volatile organic solvents are both intended to be replaced with deep eutectic solvents (DES) in industrial and laboratory procedures. Low cost, simple manufacturing, biodegradability, strong solubilization strength, and low toxicity are a few advantages of using DES. One of the most...
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Characterization of Organic Solvent Tolerance Lipase from Compost Indigenous Bacteria

Nurhasanah, Aspita Laila, Heri Satria, Ni Luh G. R. Juliasih, Qonita Nurul Husna
Lipases are a group of hydrolase enzymes that play an important role in industry and biotechnology. In addition, lipase has the ability as a catalyst in ester hydrolysis, transesterifications, alcoholysis, and acydolysis reactions. This study aims to obtains the character of the tolerant lipase of organic...
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Segmentation on Electrode Surface: Enhancement of Electroflotation on Laboratory of Wastewater Treatment

Siti Jumrah, Rudy Syah Putra
Performance of the electroflotation process is strongly influenced by the size and number of the hydrogen and oxygen gas bubbles that form during the electrolysis of water. In this study, the analysis of the size distribution of gas bubbles by the segmentation of the electrode surface was evaluated....
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Effect of Rapid-Mixing Duration on Floc Growth in the Coagulation of Peat Water with Sesbania grandiflora Seed as Measured by DinoCapture 2.0

Rudy Syah Putra, Farikhatul Fitria
The coagulation treatment was applied to the synthetic peat water using Sesbania grandiflora seed. One of the factors to enhance coagulation is rapid and slow mixing. Rapid mixing is crucial to promote the interaction of coagulant with suspended particles and the formation of micro flocs. While slow...
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The Use of Complexing Agent 1-5Diphenylthiocarbazone in the Analysis of Heavy Metals Cu, Pb, Zn, Mn and Ni in Seawater Samples: Application of Solvent Extraction Learning in Analysis Separation Subject

Muti’ah, Jackson Siahaan, I. Nyoman Loka
This research investigates the use of 1-5diphenylthyocarbazone in the analysis of heavy metals Cu, Pb, Zn, Mn, and Ni in seawater samples collected from Alas Strait Waters. The aim of this research is to find out the optimum conditions in analyzing heavy metals, such as optimum pH, extraction time, recovery...
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Kinetics of Gas and Liquid Smoke from Catalytic Pyrolysis of Human Hair Cut Waste and Its Characterization

I Dewe K. Anom, Marianus, J. Z. Lombok, Lalu Rudyat Telly Savalas
Human haircut waste (HHW) is categorized as waste that is difficult to decompose by microorganisms in water and soil and has high stability to temperature. HHW disposal carelessly will cause environmental pollution problems. Incineration of HHW produces gas with a pungent odor that can interfere with...
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Synthesis and Antioxidant Activity of Calix[4]resorcinarene Derivatives Compounds

Emmy Yuanita, Maria Ulfa, Rizky Annisa Ramadhini, Ni Komang Tri Dharmayani, Aris Riyaldi, Sudirman
Synthesis of calix[4]resorcinarene derivatives and their activity as an antioxidant has been carried out. The calix[4]resorcinarene was synthesized through a condensation reaction of resorcinol, valeraldehyde, and benzaldehyde using HCl as a catalyst with ethanol as a solvent (73 ℃, 24 h). Two synthesized...
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DFT Study of Selectivity of 12-Crown-4 Derivatives on Alkali Metal Ions

Saprizal Hadisaputra, Husnul Khotimah, Aliefman Hakim
A theoretical study of alkaline earth extraction using 12-crown-4 derivative has been carried out. The capability of the crown ether derivative to extract alkaline metal cations (Li+, Na+, K+) is studied by Density Functional Theory (DFT) Method. The DFT calculations uses 6-311G(dp) basis set at the...
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Alkaline Earth Extraction by Derivatives of 15-Crown-5: A Theoretical Study

Maria Aloysia Cyntia Medho, Rahmawati, Saprizal Hadisaputra
A theoretical study of alkaline earth extraction using a 15-crown-5 derivative has been carried out. The selectivity of the crown ether derivatives to extract alkaline earth metal cations (Be2+, Mg2+, Ca2+) is studied by Density Functional Theory (DFT). The DFT calculations use 6-31G(d) and LANL2DZ basis...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Lantanum Metal Organic Frameworks and Their Potential as Metal Cations and Oxo-Anions Sensor

Sura Menda Ginting, Dewi Handayani, Rina Elvia, Intan Dwi Lestari, Uli Rosidah
This research investigates the synthesis and characterization of La-NDC/La-BDC MOF using FTIR, XRD, SEM, and the electronic response of those MOFs to metal ions and oxoanions at the UV-Vis range. This research was conducted in February-June 2022 at the Laboratory of Basic Science, Faculty of Education...
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Effect of Edible Coating Based on Chitosan as Polyelectrolyte Complex Film on Vitamin C Loss at Pineapple Fruit During Storage

Dhony Hermanto, Murniati, Harmiati, Nurul Ismillayli, Erin Ryantin Gunawan, Hirnani Julianti, Sri Seno Handayani, Dedy Suhendra, Vici Lestari Hasim
The high consumption of fresh fruit encourages the development of studies on safe food coatings, such as hydrocolloid-based edible coatings. In this study, a complex polyelectrolyte based on chitosan (chi) was synthesized and applied as a coating for fresh pineapple. As a cationic polymer, chitosan interacts...
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Approach Toward Natural Dyes for Coloring Songket Ikat Woven Using Hanjuang (Cordyline fruticosa) Extract

Dhony Hermanto, Baiq Handayani Rinuastuti, Nurul Ismillayli, Handa Muliasari, Ulul Khairi Zuryati, Rochmad Kris Sanjaya
Sukarara Village is a woven fabric tourism village on Lombok Island with featured songket and ikat weaving products. Natural dyes in woven fabrics are popular because they are more environmentally friendly, and the colours are more natural than synthetic dyes. However, natural dyes fade quickly, colour...
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Prevention of Progression and Remission in Public Health Sectors: Bangladesh Perspectives

Mohammad Nasir Uddin, Talha Bin Emran
In South Asia, the prevalence of health problems is increasing day by day. Over 11.9% of the 167.85 million people in Bangladesh live in poverty with no safety net. Moreover, communicable diseases (vaccine-preventable diseases, tuberculosis, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and neglected tropical disease) and non-communicable...
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The Adequacy of Antioxidant Intake of Pregnant Women in Artisanal Small-Scale Gold Mining in Encountering Pandemic Condition

Ardiana Ekawanti, Suryani As’ad, Rosdiana Natsir, Husaini Umar, Deasy Irawati, Ima Arum Lestarini, Lina Nurbaiti
Background: The antioxidant is a nutrient that is needed to encounter free radicals produced by internal metabolism and also from the environment. In artisanal small-scale gold mining areas, environmental pollution, particularly mercury, could be the source of the free radical agents. Besides pollution,...
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Ethnopedagogy Approach in Chemistry Learning as an Effort to Strengthen Students’ Cultural Identity

Yayuk Andayani, Yunita Arian Sani Anwar, Aliefman Hakim, Ermia Hidayanti
The purpose of this study is to describe the application of the ethnopedagogy approach in chemistry learning as an effort to strengthen the cultural identity of students. This qualitative research involved 122 students of eleventh grade at SMAN 1 and SMAN 2 Pujut, Central Lombok. The cultural identity...
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Analysis of the Application of STEM with an Ethnoscience Approach by Chemistry Teachers in West Nusa Tenggara

Yayuk Andayani, Yunita Arian Sani Anwar
This study aims to analyze the application of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with an ethnoscience approach to chemistry learning in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). It is qualitative research using a questionnaire technique to assist in obtaining relevant information. The total sample...
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Profile of Chemistry Students’ Laboratory Activities: Pre-lab, Lab-Work, and Post-lab Overview

Agus Abhi Purwoko, Saprizal Hadisaputra, Burhanuddin Burhanuddin, Yunita Arian Sani Anwar
To be able to design optimal laboratory activities at the university, it is necessary to first carry out an assessment of the profile of laboratory activities that have been conducted by students. This study aims to analyze the laboratory activity profile of chemistry students in pre-lab, lab work, and...
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Development of Augmented Reality-Based Online Learning Media to Improve Students’ Mental Models on the Topic of Environmental Pollution

Wildan, Saprizal Hadisaputra, Lalu Rudyat Telly Savalas, Baiq Dwi Laksmiwati, Supriadi
The purpose of this study was to develop online learning based on augmented reality (AR) technology related to environmental pollution and its effect on the mental model of students of the Chemistry Education Study Program, FKIP University of Mataram. The results of this study are expected as a first...
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Analysis of the Level of Metacognitive Awareness and Students’ Character Education Values of Eleventh-Grade Science in the Chemistry Learning Process

Aruna Akbar Zhafransyah, Supriadi, Yunita Arian Sani Anwar, Muti`ah
Chemistry learning is characterized by the study at the submicroscopic level, which includes structure, dynamics, and particle transformation, such as atoms, ions, and molecules. In addition, chemical concepts tend to be related to one another, making it difficult for students to understand. Metacognitive...