Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Modern Management, Education Technology, and Social Science (MMETSS 2018)

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The Enlightenments and Perplexities of Research on Legal Pluralism Theory in China

Yanhong Qu
Legal pluralism theory is the core proposition of social science research on law. Different disciplines have demonstrated legal pluralism with their unique disciplinary perspectives and research methods. In general, although legal pluralism still has some theoretical dilemmas, the empirical research...
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Design of an Open Practice Teaching Platform for Microcomputer Based on “the Internet Plus”

Lijun Hao, Yan Wang
In the paper, a practical teaching platform for the course of principle and application of microcomputer is developed based on the "Internet plus”. The course of principle and application of microcomputer is a professional course that is equal to the theory and practice. But most of experimental site...
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Research on training difficulties and breakthrough path of high skilled talents in China's manufacturing industry

Weijuan Li
The goal of China's "manufacturing power" can not be realized without the support of high skilled personnel. There is a interaction relationship between them. Through the analysis of the current situation of high skilled personnel in China's manufacturing industry and the difficulties in training, three...
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Analysis of system response and postgraduate entrance examination questions

Li-hong Lian
Response solution; Classical method; Convolution method;Transform domain method.
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From In-itself to For-itself:Modern Reconstruction of Rural Culture in the Field of Rural Revitalization

Yin Jian
In a new era of rapid economic and social development, the traditional rural culture is facing the problem of reshaping. It is necessary and urgent to renovate the modernity of rural culture. The process of reshaping should be based on a deep historical foundation with openness, innovation and distinctive...
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Application of task-driven teaching approach in the course of product bionic design ——Taking the bionic design project of tea set as an example.

Binbin Sun
Aiming at the problems existing in the teaching of product bionic design in universities, combining with the bionic design project of tea sets, this paper puts forward the task-driven teaching approach, divides the teaching activity into four rounds of tasks, discusses and practices it from four aspects:...
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Construction and Practice of Medical Imaging Simulation Laboratory

Ronghua Ling, Hong Liu, Chengcheng Fan, Zhexu Li
Laboratory construction is very important for the teaching of applied undergraduate professional, is also the essential condition of scientific research work. As a newly established undergraduate university, how to construct teaching laboratory and research is facing a new professional problem. For this,...
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Application of proteus in Experimental Teaching and Research of Medical Electronic Circuit

Chengcheng Fan, Xiang Liu, Ronghua Ling, Boyu Si
The difficulties in teaching and experiment of medical electronics lie in the abstract and difficult understanding of the teaching contents, the lack of a good single-chip microcomputer software teaching platform support, we must innovate experimental means, combined with the actual needs of medical...
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Mentoring for Teachers’ Competencies Development in the 21st Century

Wenhui Li
Mentoring plays an important role on developing teacher competencies in the 21st century. Through mentoring practice, teachers can not only gain knowledge, skill and attitude competencies, but also acquire professional development in the career path. The purpose of this article is to show how mentoring...
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Can a Kurd be a Turk? Clashing National Identities in Anatolia

Shengpeng Shi
This paper aims to explore the clash of national identities between Kurds and Turks. Essentially, the author argues that, in this enduring clash of the national identities, the official Turkish nationalist policies separated the Kurds from Turkey ideologically, culturally and politically and even destroyed...
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United or Autonomous: Can Scotland Eventually Achieve Independence?

Chenyu Song
This article mainly recalls the history of the two independence wars of Scotland. The author discusses the reasons, the processes and the influences of each independence war, as well as the facts Scotland nowadays faces including the fact of losing economy independence. Although disadvantages exist,...
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To Abolish or to Retain: Debating the Death Penalty in the United States

Tianlan Wei
This article gives an overview of the movement to abolish death penalty around the world. The author recalls the history of the death penalty and talks the current status of the death penalty in the US. In order to discuss whether penalty should be abolished or not, the author shows the case of Furman...
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The Influences of Cognitive Psychology of Interpreting on Interpreter Training: An Empirical Study on Interpreting Anxiety of Student Interpreters

Lu Wang, Ming-Tsang Hsieh
Based on self-schema and flow theory, this study investigates the relationship among self-schema of interpreting anxiety (SIA), interpreting flow (IF) and interpreting quality (IQ). Hybrid research methods are adopted is this study, including questionnaire and semi-structured interview. A structural...
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Application of Infiltrative Moral Quality Education In The Cultivation Of Journalism Talents In Colleges and Universities

Hongyan Xu
In the moral education of journalism talents in universities, infiltrative education can play an active role. The methods of infiltration moral quality education are various, and its contents are flexible, furthermore, it has good imperceptible education effect, it will enable educators to have a stable...
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Infusing Cultural “genetic codes” into Contemporary Design Education with Chinese pattern as the Medium

Lisha Li
This study analyzes the evolution of Chinese pattern’s artistic style, and illustrates the cultural connotations contained in traditional pattern with examples, which under the background of the cultural development of contemporary design education in China. Then, it is concluded that colleges should...
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The Exploration and Analysis of College Students' Emotional Experience Practice Based on Mask Art

Ying Zhao
College students' level of emotional intelligence will directly affect their ability of academic, interpersonal communication and social adaptability, etc. This article aims to make college students to perform the practice of emotional experience by guiding them to make their own "emotional masks", to...
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Teaching exploration and practice of medical laboratory instrument course in Biomedical Engineering

Baodan Bai, Xuan Wang, Qingyun Meng, Jiayong Yan, Yutong Zha
Medical laboratory instruments have become an important means of clinical diagnosis in modern medicine. They play an important role in disease diagnosis, disease monitoring, health evaluation and so on. Therefore, there are more and more employees in medical laboratory equipment, and the requirements...
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The Tree of Character — An analysis of the character of college students based on sculpture art

Ying Zhao
Through the design topic: creating a sculpture -- "The Tree of My Character", this article guides college students to make corresponding thoughts and appropriate choices when facing self-exploration, interpersonal communication, social adaptation, employment and entrepreneurship, etc. Research is an...